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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> the u.s. secretary of state urgion the world to hit isil as its core after attacks in paris. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, russia says a plane that crashed over the sinai in egypt was brought down by a bomb. president vladimir putin vow that is those responsible will be punished. yemen's president leaves his several imposed exile in saudi arabia and returns to the port city of aden. >> strict visa rules for children traveling to south
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africa are being relaxed. >> hello, france is intensifying airstrikes against isil, positions in syria, the group claimed responsibility for friday's coordinate attacks in paris, which killed at least 129 people. french fighter jets bombarded the syrian city of raqqa for a second night. meanwhile, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry melt with the french in the francois hollande in paris, discussing how to strengthen cooperation in the fight against isil. several governors in the u.s. have said they don't want syrian refugees entering the country. the u.n. refugee agency urged the international community not to demonize refugees. more on that in a moment. >> first, this report from jonah hall. >> as the immediate impact recedes after friday's attack, the strategy of vengeance and
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deterrence begins to take shape. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met french president francois hollande to describe a grand coalition against isil or daish as it's better known in france. >> we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core, where they're planning these things and obviously to do more on borders and in terms of the movement of people, but the level of cooperation could not be higher. we've agreed even to exchange more information, and i'm convince that had over the course of the next weeks, daish will feel even greater pressure. they're feeling it today. they tell the it yesterday, they if he would it in the past weeks. we've gained more territory, daish has less territory. >> french war planes carried out a second night of bombing raids against targets in raqqa, syria, hitting isil without mercy as the president had promised, but the french will know there is
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little common ground between the many players in this deadly drama between the u.s. and russia, the gulf states and iran and other regional neighbors. heavily stretched from north africa to the middle east and now also at home, france called on its neighbors for help, in vogueing for the first time the e.u. says mutualual assistance clause. >> it's a political act first and foremost and it's the very first time it's been used. i feel that's an important point to make. now, what's this actually going to mean in practice? well, either taking part in france's operations in syria or iraq, or by easing the load or providing support for france in other operations, so, lightening our load elsewhere. what i've said to my colleagues is that france can't do everything. >> closer to home, police have continued to search addresses across france, almost 300 separate raids carried out from the french border in the north
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to the south, seizing weapons and making arrests. meanwhile, life in the french capital is being revived. the eiffel tower dark over the weekend, defiantly lit, the city motto proudly painted on buildings. >> it refers to a ship at sea, she's in heavy waters, but unsinkable, and so is paris herself, still very much afloat. >> paris is the city of light, is the city of the brightest philosophers in the city of liberty, of freedom and paris is a multi-cultural city, where we are all grieving, but we are all uniting in front of the threat of daish. >> and on social media, hash tag calling those of paris to mark the end of three days of official mourning by returning to the bars and restaurants on tuesday night. al jazeera, paris.
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>> let's cross over to jacky rowland from paris to tell us about the calls made by the french on more international cooperation. >> yes, the french feel that the attacks have really thrown open the lack of a coordinated response to the threat from isil, and also to the violence in syria. at the moment, this response really is quite fragmented with the russians on one side doing their things in alliance with the iranians and on the other side, the americans and french and other western powers. france says now that there really is a much greater need for international coordination and to be working in a coordinated way, rather than a fragment way. there are suggestions the elements may be coming into place, for example, president francois hollande and his iranian counter part spoke on the phone.
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they said they need to fight with all their might against isil and those remarks by john kerry and he also invoked the possibility of russia and iran joining into talks on the future of syria, now which should make a major development, bearing in mind for the last four or so years, they haven't been directly involved. kerry spoke about he said we are conceivably a few weeks away, possible from a big transition for syria. a lot of transitionals in that sentence, but nevertheless feeling that there may be the possibility of some kind of breakthrough if in fact there can be more of a coordinated response, but obviously still a lot of differences fundamentally in the views of the russians and iranians versus the views of the americans and the french. >> what's the latest on the investigation when it comes to the paris attacks?
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>> the investigation is taking place on an international and national level. the investigation is very important, because the cars used in the attacks were rented by a french national, french nationals based in belgium, who were renting the cars from a belgian car rental firm. in fact now, french police are saying that they have now found a third car connected to the attacks. this car was found in the 18 hour hour to the north of paris against parts of that area can be a bit rough, let us say. it was found in one of the streets there, a third car. the other latest angle to the investigation, which police have announced they believe they've found what they are describing as a safe house in a poor suburb to the north of paris. police say that may have been used by the attackers in the run up to the events on friday
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night. little by little, piece by piece, we're starting to get a picture of how the french investigation is developing. >> all right, thank you for that update from paris. >> well, britons prime minister david cameron has been speaking to the parliament and responding to the paris attacks a short time ago. he said a full spectrum approach is needed. >> this requires a strong security response, that means continuing our efforts to degrade and destroy isil in syria and iraq and where necessary, it means working with our allies to strike against those who pose a direct threat to the safety of british people around the world. >> the european union's foreign policy chief said finding a political solution in syria is the key to fighting isil. >> putting be a end to the war in syria would definitely create the conditions to defeat daish on the ground, starting from
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syria and obviously also iraq and elsewhere. >> president vladimir putin has vowed to find and punish those responsible for bringing down the russian plane in egypt. we have this report. >> this was a carefully prepared television event, recorded the day before its broadcast on russian t.v. vladimir putin was briefed by security service chief, russia's fortune and defense ministers listened attentively. >> according to nationals by our specialist, a homemade bomb containing one kilogram of t.n.t. caused the plane to break up in midair, which explained why parts of the fuselage were
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spread over such a large area. we can say it was a terrorist attack. >> putin delivered a prepared address. >> we should not apply any tournaments. we should know them all by name. we will search for them anywhere, wherever they are hiding. we will punish them. >> isil's early claim that it killed total 24 people inside this plane was initially scorned, a technical fault was considered more likely, but in the days following the disaster, more and more countries started to doubt the malfunction theory. >> the u.k. suspended flights to sinai. the u.s. said it was pretty much certain that the plane was brought down by a bomb. although russia, too, suspended flights to egypt, giving every impression that it was working to the same assumption, it still publicly insisted that there might be other explanation. >> no longer following the attacks on paris at the weekend,
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french president francois hollande is now calling for the very thing vladimir putin has been requesting for sometime, a grand coalition to take on isil. on syria, at least, geopolitical stars starting to align. >> i think he had the opportunity to improve russia's international standing here. he's already got himself a seat at the table over the future of syria by going into syria, but he was rewarded priority certainly priority the downing of the jet and airliner in sinai as something of a pariah because of the way he'd gone into syria and because of what he was doing in there. >> of course, confirming the plane was bombed mean domestic matter need addressing, too, the russian interior ministry will strengthen security in public places, airports, shopping areas, the very sites that have recently proven to vulnerable. al jazeera, moscow.
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>> yemen's exiled president has returned home from saudi arabia. adou rabbo mansour hadi visited the port of aden. it's his second visit to the city since a saudi-led coalition went to war in yemen in march, forcing the government to take reef final in riyadh. an offensive was launched to retake taiz. taiz is the third largest city in yemen. the editor in chief of the yemen post says the president's visit is a boost to the troops on the ground. >> it's very, very powerful for him to come at this time right now, and he is not coming just to visit aden. he is coming here as a sign that he is willing and is seriously planning to help the uprise in taiz and that's why his aides informed us his goal is to help and aid in the uprising happening, the resistance against the houthis in different areas of the country. the houthis right now are in
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anger, because they did not want him to be part of the political scheme of yemen's future. he is now back in aden, showing that he is the penalty of yemen whether the houthis or allies like it or not. the houthis have four provinces, where a month ago had the entire country. they have within weakened to the extent they could give up fighting. yemen's solution cannot be solved only politically. both sides have realized that. right now, there are talks under the table happening started by the command and u.n. and these talks are quite positive right now, and most likely in a couple of weeks maximum, this will have come to an end and the political solution will start to be implemented. >> still ahead, the philippines clears the way for an economic summit, but many say the government is trying to cover up its failures. >> police in mexico accused of
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>> the top stories on al jazeera, france has officially called for e.u. aid and assistance after friday's attacks in paris. overnight, intensified airstrikes in syria. u secretary of state john kerry pledging to fight isil after france said it carried out the attacks. >> russia says a terrorist bomb caused last month's plane crash
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in egypt. vladimir putin vowed to find and punish those responsible for the deaths of 224 passengers and crew. >> the president of yemen returned home from saudi arabia. adou rabbo mansour hadi saw the refuge in saudi arabia. it's the second time he has returned to the port of aden. >> police searched a dozen offices around the country. we have this update from west jerusalem. >> the decision was taken by the security cabinet about two weeks ago, but only made public on monday evening. the overnight raids targeted 17 offices or premises of n.g.o.'s related to the slack movement in several towns across israel, computers and documents were confiscated and funds frozen. now, according to the israelis, the movement has been using in
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citeful speech. one of its slogans says al aqsa is in danger and from an israel point of view, that has caused a lot of unrest among the palestinians. many now say that squeal wants to change the status quo around al aqsa mosque compound. something the israeli minister has denied several times. the leader remains defiant and says he will continue this
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movement. >> protestors threw rocks, bottles and petrol bombs at police. >> u.s. president barack obama was greeted by protests as he arrived in the philippines capital manila for the summit. activists including labor unions, former otherses and indigenous troops protested against the u.s. president's participation in the meeting. they accused governments of favoring corps receipts and exploiting the world resources. the united states is keen to get more support from a multi-national trade agreement from key allies at the summit. analysts believe the u.s. china rivalry is likely to dominate that agenda. the chinese president arrived in manila amid fears he may boycott the meeting. there's been tension between china and its neighbors over a territorial dispute in the south china sea. we have this report. >> manila's notoriously chaotic
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streets are being cleared for the apec summit. schools and offices will be shut and 20,000 of the capitals homeless people have been temporarily moved. philippine officials say it's to ease traffic and insure the safety of more than 7,000 delegates. many feel the city shut down is hypocritical, a cover up of the countries widening wealth gap and failure to live up to the summit's theme of inclusion. she has worked hard. she runs a woman led business of sustainable fair trade projectses. small companies like herself make up 90% of businesses in asia. only a third of owned by women. excluding women means economies are losing out on billions of dollars in potential growth. >> 89 billion, that's on top because of lack of women participation. what we want is for the leaders to finally say yes, we're going to include this in our agenda,
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too, to lessen the gender gap and give women more access to financing. >> it's not what's on the agenda that needs watching. >> the u.s. and china leaves separate trade, each excluding the other. the economies agreed to work together despite political differences and there are many. >> the largest point of contention that been taken off the agenda. china's controversial construction of artificial islands in disputed portions of the south china sea. the island building is strongly opposed by many of china's neighbors, most vocally by the
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philippines. >> money has no odor. when you talk about gaining wealth, making wealth for your citizens, sometimes you can leave the political differences aside and focus on that. >> as in previous years, leaders are expected to smile and put up a united front at the close of the summit, but it will be difficult to hide strained relations, especially as they're already reflected on the streets of manila. al jazeera, manila. >> police in mexico are accused of secretly dumping bodies in a mass grave. a human rights agency is looking into whether officers in the state of morelos buried corpses instead of investigating how they died. we have this report. >> another mass grave is unearthed in mexico, but this time not drug lords, but authorities in the central state have admit burying more than 100 bodies in this pit.
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they neglected to tell concepcion her son had been dumped there. for the first time, she sees video of him pulled out. [ crying ] >> for months, they assured his family his body was in a morgue awaiting tests to see who kidnapped and killed him. only when the family pressured them did they finally admit the truth. >> now more families wonder if their loved ones could also be in this pit.
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there are more than 80 disappeared people in the state. human it's activists told us authorities haven't solved a single case. >> there's an attitude of complicity, impunity and corruption. the only thing it provokes is that crimes against the people continue. >> it is legal for mexican authorities to use mass graves to make space in their morgues, but only after families of the dead are informed and deaths are first investigate. that didn't happen here. according to state torn documents, al jazeera had access to, they show that several bodies were dumped in the pit without investigation or identification. more than 100 bodies are still in this mass grave, and it's a potent symbol of how authorities all over the country seek to bury cases rather than to investigate them. >> under pressure, state attorneys office first admit
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there was an illicit grave,en that changed their story. we asked them why and got only this repeated line. >> we're not talking about an illicit grave, just a common one. if there are irregularities, the investigation will take it wherever it needs to go. >> words that ring hollow for the family. at least now they've been able to give them a decent burial. many other relatives of disappeared people are left craving even that consolation. >> in brazil, protestors is a as i am later a flood of muddy water which caused and entirely disaster. they will repair the damage after two dams burst at an iron ore mine 12 days ago. that unleashed must have had. a river, which has also been contaminated will take years to recover. >> m.p.'s in are a within da had given the president the go ahead
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to run for a third term. he won the unanimous support of the upper house of parliament to change the constitution. a national referendum will be held for the final decision, which could mean he remains in power until at least 2024. he is the latest ruler in africa to attempt to extend his time in office and wallace has written extensively about the genocide. he said rwandans want security. >> they want peace, security, they want economic policies that are working. they see that president giving them all of those. from that point of view, you know, liberal democracy can wait as it were. what they need at the minute is peace and stability. they will vote for that, given the history they've had of blood letting not just in 1994, but back in the 1960's, as well.
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outside rwanda, it's a different story and there are a lot of critics, certainly in the west, certainly within europe, the foreign countries especially who see him as a dictator, as a despot, pushing his views on the people. they will be delighted if he was to stand down and this did not pass. >> chirp are now finding it easier to go on holiday to south africa. the government introduced strict series have a rules five months ago to combat child trafficking. we report from cape town. >> traveling with a classmate to the first visit to south africa. before her visit, new immigration laws required to all minors entering or leaving the country have to have written permission from their parents, and a birth certificate stating the names of both their parents.
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>> my trip wasn't easy, i'm not in contact with my dad. i had to track him down. it turns out he works in switzerland, so luckily, he was home for the weekend, so i managed to get him to sign it. >> south african government said the new laws to prevent child trafficking, but the tourism industry is being affect the most. >> we've seen a 44% decline in the number of children under 18 traveling in june, july and august. that equates on on annual base to 850,000 lost international tourists coming in by air and to land, it's over half a million tourists we lose. >> while the government has had to reconsider its stance, amends to the laws are minimal. minors traveling from country that is need visas to enter still have to provide the necessary documentation. for those who don't need visas, carrying a birth certificate is no longer mandatory, but still advised. >> one of cape town's most
9:29 am
visited tourist destinations, while may appear busy, traders here say tourist numbers are lower than what we should be at this time of year. >> any changes to the immigration regulations don't apply to strickens traveling out of the country. the delay meant she's been waiting for a birth certificate for her son for a year. without one, she captain apply for a passport. with her father gravely ill in australia, she chose to stay in south africa with her son. >> to not be able to bury your father as the eldest child, i think the frustration has all come out in my arguments. i'm just head on, i'm pushing forward. i'm not giving up. >> when the no laws were implemented, the department of home affairs had a backlog of 4,000 applications for detailed certificate but was working to clear it.
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for people like geraldine, it's a constant reminder of her loss. al jazeera, cape town. >> just a reminder, you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our website. june for the first time, russia confirms it was a bomb that brought down a passenger jet in egypt. the kremlin is offering $50 million for information. >> this is just to be prudent to make sure that some tourist element is not entering our country. >> closing the door. more than half of u.s. states now say syrian refugees no longer welcome there. >> severe storms threatening millions, blizzard warnings in the rookies and the risk