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tv   World News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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striking back - russian cruise missiles join french air attacks on i.s.i.l. syrian strongholds and the kremlin blames the group for last month's destruction of a russian airliner in egypt global cushion. >> we need to get in the gamal the united states calls for more countries to join the fight against i.s.i.l. a new clue as police hunt for suspects in the paris
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attacks. another abandoned car the focus for the investigation. and a new threat, german police shut down a soccer match and a concert after discovering concrete evidence of bomb threats. good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. we begin with new targets, leads and threadts emerging in the wake. paris attacks. france aeroplanes pummelled syria, the kremlin launched an attack on i.s.i.l. after determining that a bomb drought down the russian airliner over the sinai peninsula. the search for the suspects expanded. another gunman shown at another location, his identity unknown
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and his whereabouts. reports say some of the attackers were known to u.s. intelligence, with all but one identified on the federal no fly list. >> in hanover germany, a soccer match between german and national teams was called off. police uncovered concrete evidence of a plot to bomb the 49-seat stadium. jamie mcintyre has more on i.s.i.l.'s list of enemies. >> reporter: having declared a terrorist bomb brought down its airliner, russia launched retaliatory strikes against i.s.i.l. in syria, deploying 3 dozen additional bombers and firing off cruise missiles. the cruise missile, a weapon reserved for attacks against heavily offended targets, were used against i.s.i.l. positions where there's no air defenses. in what seemed to be a showy
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display designed to underscore the military might. vladimir putin toured a theatrically large high tech command center in moscow and made a point of while the cameras were rolling, ordering the navy to join up a joint plan of action with france, as a ship moved into the mediterranean. french president francis hollande called for the u.s., russia and france to join forces against i.s.i.l. in what he calls a unique coalition, something the pentagon ruled out. >> we are not coordinating or cooperating with the russians. >> at the same time the u.s. is looking for partners. at a forum, defense secretary ash carter said he hoped the paris attacks would galvanize others to join the fight. >> we need others to join in the game. >> the u.s. is committed to the counter strategy, insisting it
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will succeed. there's a strategy in place, and step by step i'm confident that the momentum will pick up. >> in the battling of perception, vladimir putin is seeking to inject an image of steely resolve, and president obama is under fire from his critics for appearing week. >> a couple of hundred thousands syrians dead and the president of the united states still won't act. still believes, as he stated in his press conference yesterday that somehow everything is fine. what delusion. >> the pentagon disputes the idea that vladimir putin outmanoeuvred the u.s. by seizing the military. the. >> the notion na we are behind the curve is wrong. we are looking at a range of issues, and that's what we'll
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continue to do let's go to al jazeera's adam raney, in paris, where it's after 4:00am an wednesday. adam, more than four days passed since the attacks. now we learnt another attacker may be at large. how somed is that information? >> it seems pretty solid. we have more than one news agencies having seen the video. we have not been able to independently confirm it, but we have a.p. and amp reporting this. the video has been reported. many of us have a chance to seat the video ourselves. this has been coming out other past 24 pours. officials saying there's half a million suspects. it's pretty reliable. and an interesting development. two men were arrested in
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belgium. he has picked up, and taken from france into belgium, saying they only give him a ride. but there's evidence that there was bomb-making explosive residue found in a resident at least. it seems french and belgium investigators are trying to close the net. find all the people involved in this and they are trying to do it as fast as possible. in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" attacks in january, there was more violence after the fires attack, and a lot of people tell us on the streets in paris, that they are worried in the man hunt if someone is cornered, it could lead to an attack that is more unpredictable and leads to more death and injuries, people are rattled. they watch this closely. they want to make sure the developments lead the police to
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apprehend these people. and that there's not an unpredictable explosion here. in the light of those fears, light in the city will return to normal. >> it is. we went out and filmed tuesday night. at bistros around the city. the french restaurant can get out. some of the bistros had a full house, many, many others didn't. it's a sign that it's not business as usual in this city where many people live the social life in cafes and restaurants. the homes are small. we are an extension of people's living room. it shows that we are worried. most of the people we spoke to said the numbers of people
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eating out and going out in this city in the past week dropped. one restaurateur said he had 57 reser reservations and tuesday he had 17. so people are not going out much, many of the attacks took lace at the -- took place at the restaurant. people don't feel safe, they don't feel safe in their own city. >> thank you adam raney in paris. we are joined by paris from the middle east editor for news week. janine, good to have you with us. following your tweets and what you wrote, it's clear you are frustrated with what happened in syria, and how that led to the horror in paris. at one point we asked did we have to let it get here before
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acting. and wrote that soft power is over. do you think the new peace process is doomed? >> antonio, i don't want to be a cynic. i would like to believe there is a political process that could proceed coming out of the talks in vienna and previously geneva 1 and 2. increasingly what i think is a huge gap between what diplomacy sees, and what is happening on the ground. john kerry announced a few hours ago that a ceasefire was within weeks of syria. that there be extraordinary. nothing in the world will make me happier to see an end to the war. a war that killed 250,000 people. 9 million rev bees. i don't see that. my research, work on the ground is inside the people that really
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matter, that you will determine the people of syria are not represented in vienna. behind what is happening inside syria, talking about the war against i.s.i.l. we can continue to a powerful news piece showing 9/11 changed everything and nothing. it ends by saying it's a long war central to our times and times of sons and daughter. do you think aggressive action against i.s.i.l., there and in iraq, as president francis hollande is calling for is the first step to winning the war. >> we are dealing with an enemy. it's an enemy we can't see. we think we can dismantle i.s.i.s. in raqqa. >> maybe not. the fact it yell be able to dismantle an ideology.
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what francis hollande is doing now. and what vladimir putin is eye for an eye policy after the crash. it's basically going to provoke them more. it's what they want. we started something, a war that will not end for a long title. it's the beginning of a process, a process that should go on, something that we can curtail. the most important thing is to focus on the radical retaliation and countering extremism. we start about the youth alienated from society and the united states. >> the news week piece argues that the shadows in france and europe. the question is how significant a step would that be, and won't
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the crisis make that tougher to do? >> i think people have slipped through the net as refugees, who are radicalized. i don't think we as civilians or americans, can put the mantle on desperate people trying to flee a war that's gone on for five years. the bots nian -- bosnian war went on for three years, it was heart-breaking and destroyed o society, this is five years. >> the news week argues that the strain of islam that leads young men to fight has to be eliminated, not just in europe, but around the world and the islamic world needs to reform its educational system. as someone that covered the middle east, do you think there's any willingness to do that? >> i came back from the gulf. for conferences in bahrain and
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qatar. what was obvious to me was the hatred for iran. to me in is 2015, we need to move past regional hate rets and issues to -- hate reds and issues to look to the future. the future is that sunnis and shia'as must live together. there cannot be a divide. if we are going to solve what is happening, education is the key. it's the only key. >> we thank you for your time. >> in germany, at an international soccer match na german chancellor angela merkel was set to attend was called off. the hdi arena was evacuated 90 minutes before the kick off. tight security was in place,
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police received concrete evidence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device. a jazz concert at an arena was cancelled. no arrests have been made, and no explosives found. 32 people were killed today in north-eastern nigeria, when a suicide bomber blew him up in a crowded market. 80 others were injured, hopping in yola. no one took credit for the bombings. the attack coming four days after the president was in yola. >> tunisian authorities prevented an attack on a resort town planned for this month. 17 suspects have been arrested in conjunction with the plopt. the town in question, suez, was the site of an attack this year, where 38 were killed. 30 were the u.k. some of the people arrested in connection with this plat were trained in libya and syria
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still ahead - france defiant. president francis hollande makes it clear that the attacks will not change the spirit of freedom in paris. later, israel takes steps to stop the spread of a group called the islamic movement. movement.
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[♪ ] a crowd of more than 70,000 soccer fans paid tribute to the victims of the paris attacks tuesday nights, singing the french national anthem at london's wembley stadium. british prime minister david cameron and prince william took part. france lost the game secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. france and russia must ramp up their coordination, but not until a cease fire and political transition is away. al jazeera's jonah hull has more on the evolving strategy. >> as the impact of friday's attack reseeds, a strategy of vengeance hopes and deterrence takes place. secretary of state john kerry met francis hollande to discussion what he described as a grand coalition against i.s.i.l.
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>> we have to step up the efforts to get hit by the core, where he's planning these things, and obviously to do more on borders and in terms of the movement of people. the level of cooperation should not be higher. at home, the president continued to strike a court. they thought by targetting a cambodian restaurant, a rock concert. a football match. 19 different nationalities were in the area. among the victim, they thought they'd weaken the passion of the world. they have already lost, and today, by standing upright we want to mark the attachment. overnight french war planes
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carried out a second night of raids against target. hitting i.s.i.l. without mercy. france is heavily stretched in operations from north africa to the middle east. and now at home. the country called on its neighbour for help. >> what will this mean in practice? taking part in france's operations in syria or iraq, or by easing the load or providing support. lightening the load elsewhere. what i said to the colleagues is france can't do everything. >> police in paris discovered a third car believed to have been used in friday's attack. searches continued at the addresses across france.
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300 raids. seizing weapons and making arrests. meanwhile life in the french capital is being revived. the motto painted on hordings and buildings. >> it refers to a ship at sea. she is in heavy waters, but unsinkable. and so is paris, very much afloat. >> paris is the city of light. the city of the brightest philosophers, the city of liberty and freedom and is a multicultural city. we are all grieving but are uniting in front of the threat of d.a.e.s.h. and with that the stay prepares to end three days of official mourning we are joined from washington d.c. from ambass da are door james woolsey, former -- ambassador james woolsey, former director of the
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c.i.a., let's start with francis hollande hoping for a groond coalition against -- grand coalition against i.s.i.l. and travelling to the u.s. next week. the president was not interested in coordinating with i.s.i.l., but he said if the focus is on i.s.i.l., he can say an expanding of relations. >> it's a bit of jockeying. the american government did not support the people of syria when bashar al-assad used chemical weapons against them. i think they have done it again. the long-term strategic consequences of that could be negative. on the other hand, the russians, our allies during world war ii, are good fighters, and they -
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they are beginning to move effectively against i.s.i.s., more so than we have. it's a mixed bag. it's a complicated pact, trying to plan joint operations between americans, russians and french. could be a challenge for any team of military leaders, but it may be undertaken if so. those others interested in these matters will certainly be glued to the gran. >> secretary kerry expects a framework to be in place for a few weeks, have we reached a critical state in which the u.s. must choose between bashar al-assad and i.s.i.l. >> i don't know if we are there. i'm surprised by the forecast of a few weeks, i think the bitterness and the hatred and
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the level of violence in syria is terrible, particularly for the population, and the refugees who get generated by the conflict. but i think that we are probably not yet in the ballpark of a few weeks away. >> secretary of state john kerry has been talking about that. you've been vocal that your believe is the u.s. has no strategy in syria, and senator mccain argued that 10,000 troops needed to go into the region to get rid of i.s.i.l., do you agree? >> i don't know if 10,000 is the rite number. we ought to have special forces officers accompanying each bat ammion, not just -- battalion, not just each division as is the case today. we are to be executing effective air strikes back when desert storm started, the first qualify
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war. we were flying thousands of assortees, aircraft delivering ammunitions. when we went to war against serbia in '99, to keep them from massacring the kosovo's. that raises a question. france, the day after the paris attacks bombed a bunch of sites, based on u.s. intelligence. yesterday the u.s. bombed more than 100 trucks that i.s.i.l. uses. if that were the case, we must have known about the sites and the trucks for a mile, so why haven't they been attacked? >> that's a good question. i think they were laying off them. i'm told when the trucks were hit this time, we drop pam let's
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and truck drivers, and they were not hit, that could have been done months ago. i don't know why it was not. by the way, the trucks are not just trucks, they are the tanker trucks for oil's oil, bringing them about a million a day. laying off it was an unwise decision, and we should a hit them earlier. >> ambassador, former c.i.a. director. good to have your perspective. thank you, sir the closing of guantanamo bay is delayed again. a pentagon official sells al jazeera america a plan to close the camp has been put off for weeks, possibly longer. for weeks the white house said it was in the final stages of shutting it down, even though congress passed legislation designed to block detainees.
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president obama planned to send a bill to congress, it may not happen now until the new year the investigation into the paris attack zeros in on belgium, a specific brussels neighbourhood. and we have described the scrutiny and fear frenchly live with every day.
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welcome back to al jazeera america i'm antonio mora. coming up in this half hour of international news hackers from the group anonymous take aim at i.s.i.l., first a look at the stories making headlines across the u.s. the police shooting death of an an armed minneapolis man has been ruled a homicide. police were called to a disturbance at a birthday party. authorities say there was a scrugle and clerk was shot in the head. what could be the largest ever lawsuit against the boy south of america, 17 men and two women are suing the organization,
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claiming a former scout master abused them. the allegations date back to the 1960s, and '70s, the scout master died. the organization claims it did not do checks. the final count is in. in utah and salt lake city and elected a mayor. it was too close to call. in the end jacky met the major. a former state representative took office in january. >> returning to the stop story. the search four clues is focused. some of the attackers live. they join from brussels, what is
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the latest from the investigation there. >> that man hunt for salah abdeslam, one of the attackers in paris and fled back to brussels is very much on. and part of that manhunt is focused on the neighbourhood here in molenbeek. a couple of hours ago, 5 minutes walk from where we are now, there was a large police operation there. we saw about 30 police officers in multiple cars and vans, some of those police officers dressed in black balaclavas to conceal their faces, and they staged a raid on an apartment building, we were kept behind a police cordon, and couldn't see whether any people were arrested or property seized. and now police are saying they are not commenting about ongoing police operations, but that certain is a sign that very much
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the hunt for salah abdeslam is on the go. what we don't fully know at this stage in the investigation is what role that young man played in the paris operations. yes, we do know from police and prosecutors that he rented a feek that apparently -- vehicle that apparently ferried one or two of the attackers down to paris and around paris, but we don't know if he was a gunmanar whether he, himself, planned to be a suicide bomber, and whether something failed. essentially when he fled to brussels, is this the plan b. given that he's managed to elute a man hunt for four days, it seems he had a lan in place -- plan in place. >> a brother of salah abdeslam was one of the attackers that died. another spoke out today. >> absolutely. in fact, he was speaking on the
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doorstep of his home. you can see the building where they live, behind me there. that is where the whole abdeslam family lives, it was mohammed, a young man that works in the town hall, and he urged his brother... the full story of his participation could be heard. let's listen no what he had to say. >> translation: the best thing, obviously, would be to surrender so justice can be brought to the story, i refined you that salah abdeslam has not been heard by the authorities and should be presumed innocent. >> of course, yes, one of his brothers, salah abdeslam is on the run. his older brother ibrahim abdeslam ky -- die the -- died
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in the attack. and speaking here in molenbeek, neighbours and friends say ibrahim abdeslam and salah abdeslam were involved in criminal activities with small gans, the petty gangs, pedalling soft drugs, and that then leads us to the question that given their links with the gangs. one of those gangs that salah abdeslam is relying on to keep himself one step ahead of the police. >> carl penhall reporting from brussels. the head of the european company for strategic intelligence, and a military officer joins us from brussels. axel, good to have you with us. brussels is an important part of the story with the alleged master find from there.
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what can you tell us about the efforts to find him. >> what is sure is that attacks have been predicted, but appears to be more european than pure french problems. it seems to be in brussels. what is done is ag a coordination between police in belgium and france. despite the fact that there are reports that air strikes tried to take out the mastermind in syria, the attacks have to be seen as a failure of intelligence in belgium and in france. is there effective intelligence sharing in the e.u., it's difficult to have a judgment about the failure of intelligence, you know what
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happened, and what didn't happen. talking about the intelligence is easy when you only take the events themselves, and not all worked on as part of this. >> more aggressive surveillance is allowed in france than the united states. is the problem that there is not sufficient manpower to track people that may have links to terrorism. >> answer is no. it's one aspect of the problem having enough resources, u.n. resources, that we secured in our streets and country. and process the borders. but the answer is not only a question of manpower, you can be sure. it's larger issue, and it is the latest intervention. it was covering more than this.
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than this internal political expect. >> are e.u. countries getting the help they need in the united states? >> well, it sure is that for years, especially 2001, there's a lot of work done to share intelligence at, i would say, u.s. and french level, that are so at e.u. level and a lot of work has been something. is it enough. that's the question. >> two stadiums in han offer germany were evacuated. one was a major soccer game between german and dutch teams, and the other the site of the a concert. do you see i.s.i.s. as an ongoing threat through the european countries as far as we can see. >> after a major event it's
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formal. everything is overstated whatever is the reason. >> it's a poor normal reaction. remember 911 everything about it was very involved. it's normal that in the coming months, we'll have a lot of false alerts. it's part of the - i'm sorry to say - part of the game. part of what they want. >> that is the objective of terrorists. axel, thank you for bringing us your insights concern is growing amongst french muslims about a possible backlash against them after the attacks. one area struggling with islamaphobia - al jazeera had access to the mosque, several members have gone to fight in
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syria. mohammed jamjoom found while the communi community greaves with the rest of entrance, many are frightened. >> reporter: a tiny town, this small crowd with difficulty bridging their differences. >> translation: not outline muslims are terrorists, only a small group of fundamentalists. they want power, they want to flood the planet. i have a problem with migrants. some are trained and have contacts to get weapons. >> at the remembrance ceremony for the victims, attendees were sombre for obvious reasons, many muslims in the crowd were worried about worsening matters before them. they say they are as scared as they are sad. >> every time someone looks at me in the street i feel they
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think we are at fault. we have nothing to do with what happened in paris. we are heart broken for those living this tragedy. 25-year-old malik who was brorn and crew up tells me islamaphobia set in last year, once it was discovered that several young men from here had not just been radicalized they went to raise war in syria. there are many young people from my generation who joined up to fight with terrorists. we don't understand why they did that, and we don't want to be associated with them. we want people to know we are french. >> reporter: towns folk are at pains to comprehend how a community of less than 30,000 people could have become a breeding ground for radicalization. it doesn't diminish the anger.
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>> with the stated aim of expelling mosques and imjnls, housing like -- imjnls, houses like this, which had been under investigation before the "charlie hebdo" attacks, will come under more scrutiny. six men who died in syria attended the mosque. another four tell us they have been instructed by police not to leave and reported to the police station. so many of the faithful continue to pray for guidance, even though the mosque officials are at a loss on how to proceed. >> i'm concerned how to follow convictions. >> during the times of deepening polarization, many here wonder if the one commonality will
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continue to be enough to get them through this tomorrow night we'll look at whether france's proposed emergency measures reduces radicalization, making the situation worse. >> the hacktivist group anonymous launched an attack, declaring war on i.s.i.l. in a video released on the youtube page. they would track down members of the group. on the official up paris twitter page anonymous planned to take down 5500 twitter patients. we reached out to twitter for confirmation and received no response. a wave of anti-refugee sentiment will sweep through. it will make it harder to help those to escape to a better life. >> al jazeera's bernard smith
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reports from turkey. >> turkish authorities are more reticent to talk about military operational matters. the foreign ministry confirmed to us that there will be new steps that they are intent on working with the u.s. to defeat i.s.i.l. we understand that the area that we are talking about is 98 to 100km west of euphrates. it is controlled by i.s.i.l., and it is the weak link. turkey has for a while been working it strengthen the porous border, it's harder to come and go than it used to be, but it is still possible if you are intent on getting across there. the border area that we are talking about has been secured with a mixture of concrete walls, trenches, fencing and patrolling. it's not a particularly order
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use difficult terrain to get through, it's not mountainous. it's flat and hilly in parts. we understand that the work that will be going on will be to strengthen already existing measures that have been taken along there to make it harder for people to come and go across that part of the border. >> bernard smith reporting from turkey house republicans say they are introducing a bill to block syrian refugees to come to the u.s. the bill is expected to come to the floor on thursday. the exact contents have not been released. they want to the stop accepting syrian refugees until tighter security regimes are implemented. >> our nation has been welcoming. this is it a moment where it's benter to be safe than sorry. we think prooutent. responsible things taking a pause in the programme number order to verify that they are not trying to infiltrate the
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refugee population. >> the white house hosted a conference call for governments across the country. they assured that the refugees would face rigorous screening and vetting. syrians made up a small part of the refugee population admitted to the u.s. in the last first call year, they accepted more people from myanmar. people from iraq were the next group followed by somali, and the democratic republic of congo, iran. syria is 7th, with u.s. taking in only 16-00 refugees. >> israel's government banned a group called the islamic movement of israel, saying it is organising people to protectment l.a. galaxy. the government, which targeted the group says members are inciting violence. this report from west jerusalem. >> the overnight raids target 17
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officers of the northern branch of the islamic movement in towns across israel. instituted we are looking for digital material that is inciting. >> computers, documents and funds were confiscated and premise sealed off. security decided on the movement weeks ago. the israeli prime minister says outlawing the northern branch is an essential step in maintaining public security. >> democracy must defend itself and those that undermine it. the movement in cits violence against innocent civilians, and they undermine the state with the aim of replacing it. >> the northern branch of
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islamic movement has grown substantially. the main slogan means they are in danger. a young group is there to protect the mosque and the complex around it. israeli leaders claim the movement is inciting and the government wants to change the status quo. at the core of the wave of killings and unrest and the occupied west bank, is palestinian anger of what they see assist provocation from the jewish groups that increased the access to the compound. >> the leader was summoned for questioning and was released a few hours later. he faced gaol time from a conviction where he was guilty of incitement good business can be green.
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that's the message from president obama at business leaders gathered at the summit in manila trying to survive the paris bistros many empty. >> in the next story, blizzards stranding many passengers and that is heading east. east.
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two air france flights have been diverted because of bomb threats. one from washington d.c. to paris landed in canada, hali factor half hour ago. the other from los angeles it paris was diverted to salt lake city. passengers and crews have been removed from the planes and moved to secure areas. >> five goldminers have been arrested after 41 days being trapped in a nine shaft. 14 escaped. 6 were stuck. one reportedly died. survivors say they ate roots, frogs and cockroaches. >> ireland's first official same-sex marriage was held. they exchanged vows and rings before witnesses. in september, the long-time
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couple had an elaborate civil partnership ceremony. the law was approved last may but went into in effect monday. >> a flag ship and meeting with president abbing -- aquino with president obama. >> my message is your business can do right by your bottom lines and our planet and future generations. the old rules that said we couldn't grow economies and protect the environment are outdated. we can transition to clean energy without squeezing businesses and consumers. >> the president will fly to kuala lumpur for the a.s.e.a.n. andees asian summit and a look at the reaction
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to various events. "guardian" writes: it writes that the world faces a common enemy in i.s.i.l. our newspapers echo the sentiment. the jordan times writes under the headline the need to stay the force, saying that the attacks are a reminder of failing to find a solution to the syrian aware. and tokyo says that it must be used as a rallying cry. the hindu writes "france's war on terrorists", that the only effective strategy is to bring the civil war in syria to an end and support shia militias
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fighting rebels on the ground. days ago paris restaurants from the venue of violence, and parisians are determined to keep that alive. adam raney reports. >> reporter: a site at paris's bistros, empty chairs, the drop in traffic worrieded owners, leading to a social media campaign. everyone to the bistro. five restaurants were attacked friday night. the at of being with friends maled them a target. that's a risk they are willing to live are. >> we like sitting on the terraces drinking. >> some say the return to old ways happen. >> we'll continue to live our lives, but taking our time...
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>> the americans opened this restaurant four years ago. he's seen a drop in business since the attacks. last tuesday he had 57 reservations, now, a week later, only 17. he employs 28 people and buys from farmers. >> we have less people to serve, that's money coming in. all of that is a big factor. >> tuesday we visit a bar that sits across the street from a restaurant that was attacked on friday. the owner promoted the campaign, his regulars were back too, a nearly full house. >> it's important for the owner to have it full of people, life. because four days ago 19 were shot dead. >> hard to believe a gritsly scene played out steps away. >> if we were closed, life
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stopped. they were prepared to make sure that doesn't happen. >> people in paris and around the world are trying to make sense of what happened. in a powerful exchange with french media, a father explained to his son that france is his home and they shouldn't live in fear. psh psh clz
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that's it for this international news hour, i'll be back with more news in 2 minutes. [ ♪ ]
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republicans proposing to stop syrian ref device entering the u.s. wild weather, danger in the skies above the mid section, from tornados to


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