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tv   Third Rail  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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turbulent global finance-- point you can find out much more on many of our stories over on our website. that is what our front page is looking like at the moment. the address is today the attacks in paris launch a debate over refugees coming to america. what is the u.s. doing to stop violent extremism already here. in our panel hiv isn't the death sentence it used to be, but are more people becoming infected because the government dropped the ball? my final thought have we already forgotten about this boy.
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welcome to third rail. the world is still reeling after the attack in paris had left at least 130 dead. the reaction from america has been swift. at least when it comes to refugees. fob concerns about i.s.i.l. using the refugee program as a way to infiltrate america led to a land slide vote in the house of representatives, the bill to bar syrian and iraqi refugees from entering the country. >> we know that i.s.i.s. is trying to come and attack us and other western nations. it just is commonsense that we pause, reevaluate and make sure we have the proper standards in place to make sure what happens in paris doesn't happen here congress isn't the only ones concerned. more half of the governor nor says they would not allow
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refugees to be located in their states. president obama is going to veto the legislation and defend his decision to allow in 10,000 syrian refugees in the next year. >> when candidates say we won't let in three year old orphans. we don't make decisions if it's based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks let's bring in democratic ondre carson, one of two muslim members of congress, of the intelligence committee. good to have you on third rail. let's talk about what's happening in your home state. this week the governor of your state turned away a syrian family that was scheduled for settlement. they had been waiting three years to move there. of the nine representatives in your state, seven of them
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automatic republicans voted for the bill that would-- all voted for the bill. they also look at the polls right to you where most americans say they don't want the u.s. to accept syrian refugees. it seems like you are in the minority when it comes to this issue. >> yeah. i was very saddened to watch the governor at his press conference say what he had to say. even more saddened and troubled by the votes that my colleagues cast. it's very clear we're living in a time where both leadership is rare. a time where political leaders gain points if they want to raise their national profiles or solidify what they think to be their position in public office. now is the time for those people who purport to love the constitution must be reminded constantly that one of the first
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clause of the constitution says congress shall not establish any law that respects a particular religion or prohibit the free exercise there of. so i think that they need a history lesson, but more importantly than that, what they're doing is undermining the very principles that our nation was built on and it was built on immigrants these republicans say they're looking out for homeland security. there are some gaps in the data that is available to us. your governor, the members voting in favor of this, they're asking for more oversight and transparency. what's wrong with that? >> i'm the only member that i have acted in security. i was a former police officer. we have to look at the threats that are brought each and every day, that folks attempt to harm americans in our country. it is serious that we have
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security gaps. however, this syrian refugee crisis should not be covered for elected officials to herber in a xenophobic agenda that simply undermines the principles that we stand for as american isn't it xenophobic when you do not see widespread problems. however in 2011 in your neighbouring stake kentucky there was a case where there were two iraqi refugees who pled guilty to sending money and weapons to al-qaeda. >> we have to support our agencies as well as state and local agencies, but to that end we cannot use our support as cover to demonstrate acts of racism and b arcs gotry. if we were to apply the same
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test decades ago, when we saw members of the kkk, bomb african american churchs, lynch black people, no one in their right mind would say we should shut down all churches and put a limitation on who is and isn't a christian. here you have groups and organizations and a mindset that claims to use the language of religion, to use the language of islam, but, in fact, they don't represent muslims nor the faith i want to talk about your work with the fusion center before you became a congress man, you washing for the department of homeland security in their anti terrorism unit. you worked with the fusion center which they kind of worked to gather intelligence and share this amongst government. considering the fact that we
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have seen 200 americans that have tried to join i.s.i.l., doesn't it show that we already have a problem here on the home front with this? >> we certainly have a problem. it is saddening that there are individuals who are attempting to align themselves up with some of these extremist groups, but these groups work the same way cut work and they're capitalising on dissolutionment, pockets of hopelessness and they're trying to inject an agenda and give these folks, trying to meet their basic human need of wanting to belong and wanting to have some greater purpose and misdirecting that need for a wicked agenda you told the star recently that we want to see relationships where trusts can be built and that relationship isn't purely transactional. how are these communities
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supposed to trust these, when there have been abuses by these centers when groups like care road accident raising concerns? >> i think care has raised some legitimate concerns. i just spoke at a care luncheon a few weeks ago. i was harassed daily if not weekly by law enforcement. i was arrested and held over night at a juvenile center for being african american and so i have been on both sides of the law. it is clear that a lot of the bigotry and animosity that some of these officers hold, it is reinforced in police academiey academies. the community are very well aware of the abuses that have taken place. there is hope. we're seeing a different kind of leadership in the f.b.i. and dare i say even the c.i.a. and
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some local police agencies, but that does not mean that they should not be held accountable because still you have agents in those organizations, police officers in local agencies who hold bi freaks eted views and using the cover of law enforcement and the apparatus of the government to enact their racism and bigotry on law-abiding citizens. so there has to be a counter balance on the broader issue, it appears to me that you are losing in the eye of public opinion. the man currently leading in the republican polls has been using some rhetoric calling for closing down mosques, establishing a registration system for muslims in this country. what do you do to try to get more people to see this issue your way? >> i encourage them to look at
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what our jewish friends have gone through, the black and latino community have gone through. we have a reference point. all of god's creation, whatever color, we have to know that anyone who is seeking the highest office in the land, who is seeking to become the commander in chief, the ceo of this great nation cannot and should not be allowed to purport a racist and bigoted agenda. we should use other voting block to make sure that they don't become president of the united states and vote someone in who cares about the diverse society we live in thanks so much for your time. >> hann honor. thank you the third rail panel is up next. >> the percentage of people in syria. >> we are predominantly a christian country.
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>> it is weird to hear that we live in i christian country. i think we live in america.
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welcome back. paris attacks has a concern about syrian refugees entering america. >> reporter: people say earn refugees are not welcome. >> we're not going to allow that to happen. we have little or no security information about those refugees. >> they are parents, children,
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orphans, slamming the door in their faces would be i betrayal of our beliefs the chief correspondent and editor at mashable. he is also a former democratic nominee for congress and he was a u.n. icef ambassador for nine years. the news director of the news network. on this issue, i want to start off with you. the governors are leading the charge. should they have a say in blocking refugees? >> absolutely. this country was founded by individual states rights. legally unfortunately this is a federal issue of the the president, the law is on his side. it is a national security issue. >> they're not doing it because maybe they will be up for election and they're thinking about they know it the state sentiment and they want to say the thing that will position
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them best for the election. >> it was initially said she will accept them. the rest said no you're not coming. the govern in tennessee was the same way. it is those governors that they switched they probably didn't want to there are not rates who have moved. one has said he wanted to put a pause on immigrants coming in. it is policy by scaring. the republican have done a good job historically of trying to get people to the polls in a squared position. we're not looking at facts or numbers but what publicly is the most frightening and what is going to get people engaged more. this is one of those things. [ talking at the same time ] the fact that one of the paris attackers did enter through the baltic region and under the guise of being a
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refugee. >> there is a different of getting from france to syrian europe [ talking at the same time ] >> a link to terrorist plane. they came over as refugees seeking asylum. [ talking at the same time ] >> the people who are joining i.s.i.s. are here. i think we've got a better chance of someone attacking the united states who is here. [ talking at the same time ] >> we know it exists in the world today. there is only 8 to 13 involved in france. why are we going to invite-- >> changing policy based on something that might happen when we have the reality of what is happening with people who grew up in america will go there and come back legally. that is the scarey problem. are we focusing our attention on shutting down on or figuring out why people want to join these radical organizations in the
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first place. i hear stories about these are just average people. they're great students, british citizens. what is turning these people into that? >> that's the question. shouldn't we be focusing on both. [ talking at the same time ] >> when you make decisions in policy decisions based on what could happen, why do we want to bring them in when we know these people might be terrorists. we end up with the sayings that we did in 40. [ talking at the same time ] >> you don't have the technology back then. it takes one person coming in with a vest to kill people 11% of americans are saying let's only let in syrian christian right now. is that the thing-- >> the syrians are getting in
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are not christian why does it matter? >> the question 97% are being allowed in. only 3% christians are being led in. >> the majority in syria are muslims. 50% are children and 25 are women. most of the ones beyond that-- >> why are the five countries surrounding - here is another red flag. why are they not accepting refugees themselves? why are they not? >> obviously, there are a lot of countries that have a lot more religion john inside their governments, but america i believe was founded on religious freedom. >> it was to a certain extent is it different from muslims. is that what you're saying? >> no. we are predominantly a christian country. if you want to sit there and say-- [ talking at the same time ]
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>> as someone who is not christian it is weird to hear that we live in a christian country. i think we live in america. i think it has religious freedom and that's what we're based on. >> it does, but we do not use - let's move on. not all of the news this week have been about paris attacks. a major celebrity announce he has hiv. >> reporter: actor charlie sheen says he is hiv positive. the stigma attached to this diagnosis, do you still feel that stigma? >> not any more i don't. i don't have. >> it doesn't have the terror associated with it. it has lingering discrimination associated with it the idea of living with hiv is not as scarey as it used to than be. as a result of the new medications out there and the new treatments, have americans
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become too complacent on the issue of hiv? >> i think they have. we're not afraid of the disease any more, but there is a tieing ma attached to the person who is aflicked. that's the interesting irony here. we're not afraid of - too many people are not afraid of contracting hiv. we have drugs which allow people to go ahead and not practice safe sex and other incidents of stds are going up a new report came out showing that std rates amongst gay and bisexual men are going up. the drug which can prevent hiv has been introduceed on the market and taken by more and more gay men. it is not recommended for heterosexual individuals or women. should the government make a recommendation in order to stop the spread of hiv in the country? >> i think it should be a doctor
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why aren't they saying there's a pill there that can stop hiv if they were serious on coming down on this threat? >> anybody in that predicament should be seeing their doctor. >> when somebody disseminates information on line. it's about education. people should know about these drugs and know awhat is it is capable of >> should it be the government or our private health practitioner. >> how many people don't go to the doctor? >> that's what i'm saying. they should teach >> basically, what is wrong with the government putting that information out there and going strong and saying - >> the taxpayer dollars to do it? >> yes the point is not necessarily who decides whether or not we should recommend this drug to someone. the issue is the drug is here and the stigma is going away from the disease. it may work but it doesn't mean
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you have to put a hat on the medication. people are going out and-- >> when charlie sheen came out, i thought they had found-- [ talking at the same time ] >> that's the only good thing about charlie sheen being on tv is it started the conversation again. i do believe that there is a complacency that is happening. i remember the controversy and shock with hiv. 20 years down the line he is healthy. >> people were shocked by it and at the same time now hove many years later, johnson is alive. the disease is not as dangerous any more, but still charlie sheen and others, another one from who is the boss came out
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and there was stigma to that. charlie sheen paid 10 million dollars to keep it quiet. >> if he got it through a transfusion he would have come out, but it proved a loose lifestyle. >> we don't need to be judging people's lifestyles. a disease is out there, whatever people are doing, they can still catch it. it has not been cured. it is still potentially a death sentence depending on if you don't treat it. it costs a lot of money to treat. [ talking at the same time ] the rates are higher among the poor. if you can afford the drug, which for many people it is expensive medicals covered by your insurance, what about the rest of america. >> it's all about the education. let those groups do the
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education >> i want to make sure that people aren't having to pay for these medications and doing it on medicare and medicaid. >> there are lots of issues that are out there. >> if the government is paying for health care in some ways, i want to make sure that they're getting the information. [ talking at the same time ] >> you're bringing in pharmaceutical companies you want the businesses who would potentially make money because you bought their drug instead of a different drug. you want them to be in a position of educating people? >> if you want the government to sit there and pay for this one education, where do you stop? you're opening up pan door a's box. >> it seems like it is getting
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attention because charlie sheen went on tv. [ talking at the same time ] we are going to continue this conversation after the cameras go off. thank you for you all. straight ahead two months ago the image of a dead child forced the world to take notice of the syrian refugee crisis, but do we still care about that little boy. my final thought is next. next.
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now to our final thought. i wonder if we have forgotten the graphic image of the young syrian child whose lifeless body washed ashore in turkey. do you remember two months ago
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when americans were heart broken. we thought he was as innocent as anybody. he was just three years old. he died along with his five-year-old brother and mother. they were trying to escape their syrian town being bombed by i.s.i.l. shortly african-american's grieved for him, president obama nowsd a plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to america. it was a drop in the bucket given the millions that are fleeing this crisis. now, following the attacks in paris by the very people this child died fleeing, many half of governors want to syrians from entering. should we assume that if he survived, christie wouldn't want him here? so much of the rhetoric fuelling this is politics, pure and
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simple. here is a hard fact. since 911 not a single one of the 650,000 refugees admitted into the u.s. has been arrested on domestic terrorism charges, not one. if syrian refugees are truly a danger, why would france remain committed to allowing the resettlement of another 30,000 people. that's because president francois hollande is confident in their vetting process. that process in america is more complex. to get refugee status in the u.s. people can wait up to three years. they have to go through multiple interviews and forced to provide strong documentation to prove that they're not a danger. half of the syrian refuse gees admitted to the u.s. so par are children. law makers need to stop the political grandstanding and look hard at the facts so we all don't have to look at pictures of another little boy like alan.
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that would be third rail. this al jazeera. hello. welcome to the al jazeera news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes. brussels lock down extended for another day. the metro and schools are to remain closed on monday. france deploys an aircraft carer. the mali president tells an


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