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tv   America Tonight  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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fighting jet by turkish force. lavrov lavrov says there are issues. president erdogan has warned moscow not to play with fire. police in colorado say one police officer and two other people of been killed in a shooting at a family planning center. several people were wounded during this five-hour stand off. police say the suspects surrendered and is now in custody. french president francois hollande has led a memorial for the 130 people killed in the paris attacks two weeks ago now. he pledged to destroy what he called the army of fanatics behind the violence. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for the attacks. belgium police have charged a sixth person over the assault on paris two weeks ago. prosecutors accused the man of being part of a terrorist group. questions are being asked about whether local politics in
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belgium are getting national and european security. >> reporter: personnel carriers on the streets of brussels, a sign that things are far from normal here. alerts like thursday's scare at the mosque, mean extra work for the police. incidents like this are a reminder of the demands being put on emergency services here in brussels, but for many years there has been another problem and that's multiple layers of administration. for this city alone there are six police forces. in molenbeek, where some of the attackers lived, people are particularly aware of the ongoing security threats, but the mayor here for the last three years says it's not fair only to blame local police with their limited budget for failing to stop the attackers. >> translation: we didn't do enough to fight the phenomenon of road accidented railisation,
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the-- radicalization, all areas didn't do enough. >> reporter: adding to the complexity in belgium is the country's unique political set up. this place is the national parliament, but it is just just one of five parliaments in brussels. apart from a european parliament, there is one for the dutch speaking region, one for the french community and one for the brussels region. some fl earrings mmish who want to split into two parts, they say they're too slack for tackle terrorism. it kept its money and at the same time the problems in brussels grow and grow. it is another strange situation is it is 5 kilometres here, from molenbeek, so you can't say we're not responsible for molenbeek. molenbeek is in our country and
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is part of us. >> reporter: for the opposition greens, part of the problem is deep road accident invitation and a lock-- depravation. they are also calling for better security. these people were known in belgium by different security forces, but the data, we didn't have the manpower to analyse the data and at the same time there was difficulties getting the data from one service to another >> reporter: the threat level has been lowered the u.s. presidential hopeful donald trump support among republicans has dropped by 1 points in less than a week according to a new poll. i don't remember. he's going like i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years ago it follows a series of
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controversial issues by donald trump. a video of a killing was released on tuesday. a rally blocked the shopping centers on one of the busiest days of the year >> reporter: it was a sure strength of defiance and anger that target the busiest streets on the busiest day a year. they were demanding change after the killing of a 17-year-old by a white police officer. at the front civil rights leader. the man who watched it didn't try to stop him. he didn't try to stop him. also they did not report it
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happened. that's the culture, code of silence that protect each other and makes them less able to be credible. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was shot 16 times by one police officer. video of his death was released the date the officer was charged with murder. that was this week. 13 months after the incident. demonstrators were on the magnificent mile. it is a sign of the deep-seated anger in the communities in and around chicago, but on a cold wet day there is normally hundreds and hundreds of people come out to the street to demand change in the police services of chicago and the way that their complaints are being handled. we want justice. simple as that. they're killing innocent people and they don't have to. that doesn't make sense for everybody. we're marching for justice
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on the police terror that has been shooting young people. >> reporter: people find human chains over their doors. they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. we're going to stop the revenue to hurt the city and state to show them that this is going to hurt in the long run. >> reporter: in places managers tried to keep doors open, but had to allow defeat. those behind the show of political and economic strength say there will be more protests and there has to be change in the culture of police in chicago and across america hundreds of people have turned out to show their support for two journalists being held
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in a turkish prison. the demonstration was held outside theise istanbul newspaper. two people have been charged with spying. in may the paper published images that showed turkish trucks smuggling arms to syrian rebels. two palestinians have been killed after ramming their cars into israeli soldiers. one was shot dead near an israeli settlement north-east of jerusalem. he was identified as the brother of the man killed on sunday after carrying out a similar attack. several hours later another palestinian man was shot dead after injurying six soldiers with his car.
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the security minister says a large scale attack has been foiled in the run up to the elections aimed at settling a year long political crisis. 13 people have been arrested and weapons seized in an operation west of the country. chaos unfolded in october last year when the people rose up against the long time ruler there who then fled to the neighbouring ivory coast. just before elections were to be held, army leaders tried to take power back in a coup. people again took to the streets helping to stop it. that delayed the elections until this weekend when voters will cast their ballots for the first time in almost 30 years. reporting from the capital now. >> reporter: annex bigs on the-- an exhibition on the streets.
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it is photographs from last october. just day before the country's presidential elections and he says he doesn't want the results of this forgotten >> translation: it's important that people remember what happened in october 2014. the expression by the youth of this country of their desire for a change. true democracy and human rights. >> reporter: the political crisis began when the president who had ruled for 27 years attempted to change the constitution to stay in power. the move was met with anger. thousands of people poured onto the streets. a protest ensued. >> translation: i can't describe my feelings when he left the country. i felt happy and proud that we
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had such a huge task. >> translation: two months ago the country was again planted in a crisis says in a presidential obtained the leaders. quick action was west african government helped restore the administration. the elections on sunday will bring the transition to an end. yet some polls say new change will be brought. >> translation: the people are watching the country closely. there's no one of them who is not worth it in place. the actors are still the same >> reporter: that will not stop young people coming out in support of their preferred candies date in the absence of a sitting president, they believe something good will come out of this election south africa's environment ministry says it will appeal a court ruling to end a seven year ban on the domestic trades of
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rhino horns. conservationists say lifting the ban will encourage poaching. the embargo will remain in place. u.n. icef says africa will sir pass south asia with child brides. cultural traditions are being challenged in a landmark summit on child brides. >> reporter: the girl in this drama is about to be forced into a marriage. she is crying because it is the end of her childhood but soon she is saved. most of the time there is no
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rescue. while marrying someone under 18 is illegal in many african countries, most have customary law where it is allowed, but soon zambia may not have a dual system. for zambia we've decided to have one bill. we have a marriage bill that doesn't allowed for customary marriage >> reporter: u.n. icef says by 205, child brides will double to 10 and a half million. >> reporter: delegates are sharing ideas on how to combat it at every level of society. to include child protection rights and all policies to urging villages in the rural areas to combat it because that's where the problem is gatest. child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships, contrast hiv and to die during childbirth but plan international is trying to teach girls about their rights and to provide a way they can earn
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money. this is the sound of opportunity for these women. these two girls can earn a living selling ground maise. she got married when she was just 15. >> translation: i had no choice because my parents couldn't afford to take us to school. i was just at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married. >> reporter: education is key. she now also wants to teach her daughter about girl power. >> translation: it means girls coming together with energy, not the old ladies, just us because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> reporter: she's trying to take control of our life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school creating a new tradition for her young family.
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tania page > in guatemala one case of sexual abuse against a minor is reported every single hour. while the government has taken some steps to protect children, rights groups say it is not enough. david mercer has more. >> reporter: behind the steel door and razor wire in guatemala city a safe house for young victims of violence. all of the girls here have been sexually assaulted, some as young as 12. now some have babies of their own. we can't show their faces and only with the help of trusted psychologists are the girls able to talk about their past. >> translation: it's really hard to hear the girls' storeys. they aarrive here with low self-essteam. many are depressed and have suicide thoughts. >> reporter: guatemala is one
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of the world's most violent countries. a reality that young people cannot escape. every hour a child in guatemala is beaten and raped and each day 15 children disappear. many turn up dead, some horribly disfigured. brutal acts, deeply rooted in the country's history. a 36-year civil war ripped the society apart and left a culture where violence is an everyday part of life. challenge is to strengthen institutions and reinforce the rule of law. over the past few year guatemalan authorities have tried to stop violence against children, but while a more focused approach has led to more arrests and prosecutions, government advisers insist much more needs to be done. >> translation: as fishs we should not tolerate these kind of things. we need to show congress that stricter laws are meant to protect children. we need to show that we can
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protect kids and whoever hurts a child will go to jail. >> reporter: u.n. icef child protection specialist believes guatemala has reached a crisis point, but guatemalas could make children $rights a priority with help from the international community. >> translation: international pressure could help the government and the people recognise the severity of this violence. every day life here has normalised us and we need people from the outside to show us that it's not normal, that children are murdered and sexually abused. >> reporter: guatemala's attorney-general now wants to specialized team with dedicated prosecutors and investigators to fight crimes against children. for the country's most vulnerable such changes cannot happen soon enough. david mercer brazil's environment minister says the government is planning to sue the owners of a
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dam burst this month. they will be asked to pay more than 5 billion dollars in damage. it killed at least 13 people in a village and dumped toxic waste in one main rivers. anti racism group say there has been a spike in attacks across europe. rallies against lamb has been held. from warsaw lawrence lee reports. >> reporter: having your own restaurant may be a dream come true for many people, but for the owner of this place it is a constant reminder of what he has lost. his career was interrupted after a racest attack left him with a broken arm in abuse. he grave it all up to raise a young family and now his son is getting the abuse as well.
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i came to pick my son and one of his friends said to him, alex monday key is here for you - monkey is here for you. my son was so embarrassed. he was seven years old. i was looking at the teacher to do something. she didn't say anything. >> reporter: racism in poland is nothing new but it is getting worse. they shouted about france here which is hardly sympathetic. in this demonstration in a city last week they chanted rape, beaten, murdered by the islamic hoardement. don't let this happen to you. we must stay catholic. >> reporter: this man says the attacks in paris have given the far right all it needs to feel morally justified. they are people who are
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with refugees, feel sew broken, they feel that they invalidated by what happened. all their conversations, all their paints they tried to make that muslims with peaceful people were crushed by a physical incident proving them wrong >> reporter: it isn't only poland. islamphobia road traffic acted around europe at the start of the year and any number of countries have reported similar things. what worries many is that right wing governments which now overtly say that migrants might be terrorists are giving an open goal to violent racists. this cannot be used against any religion because it is political or other that are killing in other countries. >> reporter: mosques have security nowadays to stop people putting pigs heads through the windows. in just the same way anti
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sematism is growing too, the police didn't do anything to stop this. this is exactly the sort of thing that i.s.i.l. wants to see in europe. lawrence lee just ahead find out if england's bowlers could survive an attack from pakistan in just a moment. a moment.
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time for sport with robin. >> reporter: andy murray has won. it has certainly been a
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thrilling days action. britain to land a first title since 1956. belgium trying to get their first cup. a rather short work of the first two sets. sinning six three and six two. belgium pushed murray more in the third, but the two time grand slam winner won. they're in doubles action on saturday before the reverse sing gels on sunday. -- singles. i'm aware that the doubles will be a match. the davis cup is always tough. never easy just because of the way doubles is played and can be, you know, so i believe we can win the tie, obviously, otherwise there would be no point us being here. >> reporter: belgium's win
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against the british to win 3-6, 1-6, 62, 61 and 6 love. i knew i had a chance and i had to take it, but if i can't play three sets like this, okay. no problem. he place unbleuable-- plays unbelievable. it is tough when you are young and playing your first match in the davis cup to play three sets like this. it always tough. >> reporter: indian has beaten pakistan in the united arab emirites. 38 off 21 balls. pakistan collapsed to 124/6. they needed, but 24 runs came
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from pakistan. caught by ian plunkett. england claimed a three one win. it is a great atmosphere to play. you want to play in high games like this and it's great to win these gachlts it was a great night-- it was a great night. >> reporter: the third test defeated india. they are two nil down in the four match series. india spin is having them out for 185 on day three to earn a 124 run victory. it is the bowlers who will win. small contributions are more important in the team winning rather than people having an average of 50 and above.
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i think it is harsh to say that the team has struggled. it has been tough all around. given the quality of spinners that the indians have, it is going to be more tougher for us. >> reporter: on the latest for football news. former f.i.f.a. president remains in a stable condition after being admitted to a hospital for railways respiratory problems. he is responding positively. he led f.i.f.a. between 1974 and 1988. he has faced health problems. in 2014 he was hospitalised for a respiratory infection. americana final for the first time. >> reporter: hosted raining
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champions with a one nil lead to the first leg of this semifinal. they quickly extended their lead. there was an advantage of goal keeper. this encounter appeared to be over for the fifth goal of the campaign. it delighted fans young and old. that put them two up on the night, three nil on aggregate. in the second half the river gave themselves a chance. there was a score to make it two, two, three two on aggregate. as they tried to have one more, an altercation with a ball boy seen one sent off. they reached the final for the first time. they will face santofe for two
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legs of the trophy. >> reporter: the fast test time for rosberg. you might remember he has already sewn up the title. he was on super soft tyres. >> reporter: a pound lighter he will be when he defends his world heavy weight titles. he refused to shake hands. the english man is unbeaten in 24 fights. his opponent shook hands. that's it for now. plenty more later. thank you for watching keep it here on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is straight ahead.
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will be transferred to us, and we'll be the lead agency, and it coming up, a police officer was killed and a suspect taken into custody after a shooting inside a planned parenthood clinic. francois hollande vows to destroy the army of fanatics. university of missouri world canada talks about her ban from china. all that coming up in the next hour.
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this is al jazeera america. a gunman opens fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. the turkish syrian border racism and islamphobia. ms world canada speaks out about being banned fro