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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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there is optimism things will bounce back. al jazeera, sierra leone. >> if you want to get more on that that story as well as all the others, just head to you will see our front page there with the campaign against isil. >> the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. >> president obama calls on the u.s. to come together to defeat the threats facing america, but is he able to bridge the partisan divide? connecting the clues in san bernardino, the shooters colleagues return to work as investigators search the home of a person who may have provided the couple with guns yes when i went this week, they didn't find any cancer at all, so i have good news. former president jimmy carter's recovery after months of cancer treatment.
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>> president obama called on muslims to do more to combat isil. many republican presidential hopefuls said the oval office speech was simply more of the same with no new plans. mike viqueira is in the nation's capitol this morning. the president did propose changes during his speech, but was anything new? >> not really, stephanie. what was new was of the setting and the timing of sunday night, the oval office sort of a traditional playing to the camera addressed to the nation, and you're absolutely right, the point was to reassure americans in the wake of the paris attacks and wake of what happened in san
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bernardino and also to answer critics who say he has been behind the curve and that isil is gaining ground on his watch. the president doing what he has done consistently over the past year or year and a half when it comes to the battle against isil, preaching prudence and patience in the fight, once again saying that to get americans involved sending combat troops into harm's way in this area is the wrong way to go. >> we should not be drawn once more into a long and costly ground war in iraq or syria. that's what groups like isil want. they know they can't defeat us on the battlefield. isil fighters were part of the insurgency we faced in rack. they know if we occupy foreign lands, they can maintain insurgencies for years, kill thousands of our troops, draining our resources and using our presence to draw new
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recruits. >> stephanie, as we know, the president, the f.b.i. leading a terrorism investigation after the shooting in san bernardino. the president says that that couple, the suspect had been radicalized or influenced by groups like isil overseas if they were not in direct contact per se with those groups. the president in the wake of the san bernardino shootings also had another item on the agenda and that is gun legislation on capitol hill. the president calling for a ban for those who are on the so-called no fly terror watch list from being able to buy guns. they can do that now. here's more of what the president had to say. >> congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun. what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? some reject any gun safety measures, but the fact is that our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, no matter
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how effective they are cannot identify every would be mat shooter, whether that shooter is motivated by isil or other hateful ideology. what we can and must do is make it harder for them to kill. >> another item on the president's agenda in this rare address last night was the anti muslim rhetoric heard from some quarters within the united states, even political quarters and some republican presidential candidates. >> he also talked about be visas. the house of representatives votes tomorrow on new restrictions on visas, explain what this is and whether the president is likely to sign off on it. >> it's interesting, the house is going to vote on a measure that tightens the so-called visa waiver program that potentially affects millions of individuals who hold passports from friendly countries, countries friendly to
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the united states. there's a program where they do not have to ayou ply for a visa, obtain a visa. the house of representatives will vote on that tomorrow. the senate is expected to take that up. the white house says they are open to new legislation and ways are looking at this. the president specifically spoke last night of something different. the individual, the female as part of that couple that allegedly carried out the heinous acts in san bernardino, she entered this country, tashfeen malik, there she is, entered this country on a so-called k1 or fiancee visa. the president said it's time to look at that program, as well. >> thank you, mike. neil short land for the center for terrorism and security studies at the university of massachusetts said fighting isil abroad won't necessarily stop attacks at home. as we saw in the case, there is no evidence of tangible links between leaders and the attacks in san bernardino.
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the question could be whether countering the overseas effort affects the united states. the communication tool as a pocket allows them to inspire actions independent of their existence in iraq and syria. >> the f.b.i. says it is still searching for a direct communication link between isil and the suspect in last week's san bernardino attack. >> in a few hours, most san bernardino employees will be back to work after the mass shooting that left 14 dead. investigators are pouring over the backgrounds of the shooters, sayed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik. what is the latest in the investigation? >> the shooters amassed an arsenal of weapons,
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semiautomatic handgun to say long rivals. over the weekend, police started to focus in on where did they get those weapons. their investigation led them to the house of a former neighbor of sayed farook, enrique marquez. twice police searched his home looking for evidence related to those long guns. they believe perhaps marquez bought those two rifles. we don't know if police have had an opportunity to interview marquez. it's been report that had immediately following the attacks, he self checked himself into a mental health facility, so he was not present during the two raids and we don't know if police have had an opportunity to speak with him, but we do understand that they are not charging him criminally at least at this point. >> farook's father was quoted over the weekend with that what was he reported as saying about his son? >> farook's father was
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interviewed by an italian newspaper and during this interview, he gave a little background on his son. he described him as an obedient young man, an obedient son. he said that he was good in school. he did say that his son was very shy and conservative and at some point during his teenage years sort of took this sharp turn and became obsessed, that was the word his father used, with islam. he also said that he was shocked when he first discovered that his son owned a gun. i also want to point out that the l.a. times is reporting that the council on american islamic relations is now saying that they've spoken with farook's father and farook's father is saying i don't remember giving this interview to this italian newspaper, saying farook's father is under a lot of stress and now he is backtracking on that interview he gave over the weekend. >> also a big day for county workers, returning to work in
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san bernardino. i imagine it is not exactly life as normal, business as usual. >> no, it certainly isn't. i don't think it will be business at usual, gun, getting back to any sense of normalcy for a very long time for the people of san bernardino, but one step is county offices will be open again today, stephanie. >> jennifer london in los angeles, thank you. >> there will be a vigil this evening for the 14 victims of last week's attack. residents hope people can come together at least to mourn. al jazeera's melissa chan has more. >> church services at the out reach center. it served as an evacuation center during wednesdays attack. >> how scary and yet look what he says, even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil. >> the local islamic center opted for a more somber affair
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at its interfaith memorial service. >> only in death are we able to celebrate humanity. >> some fear backlash against the community. >> when we found the person who allegedly did the shooting was a muslim, it even raised our fear and, you know, concern for the community. >> even as the national conversation shifts to washington, politics and policy remain far from people's minds here. congressman pete aguilar made passing mention of it sunday morning. >> it's unfortunate that we are on this list now, lists like newtown, aurora, and others where such tragic events occurred. it's not how i want san bernardino remembered. >> at another event, friends came together to share stories and memories of a quirky, wonderful friend, daniel.
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>> he's just such a funny, awesome, beautiful guy and we have our little inside jokes and he was just great to be around, and we became really close. >> despite the loss, you could still hear the laughter. [ laughter ] >> people here remembering moments with their friend, some even decked out in costume. he helped run a renaissance fair in southern california. >> he could not keep a smile off of his face. it was so infectious and so contagious that whenever he smiled, it not only lit up a room, but everybody's face that was around him, anybody that saw it just couldn't help but smile. >> ryan reyes was daniel coffman's boyfriend. >> we all need to be more like daniel. we all need to be so open and vibrant and love life and loving towards one another, and if you see someone sad or crying or whatever, even if you don't know
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them, check on them. be a human, be a decent human being, and that will make the world a much better place. >> members of sayed farook's mosque showed up to give their condolences, an example of that kindness and reconciliation reyes so clearly wanted the message to be. >> it must be hell what they're going through, because unfortunately, unlike with christianity like with the westboro baptist church, people don't start going after all the other christians, but whenever it's radical islam, everybody starts going after all the other muslims. i don't think that's fair. that's not what i would want. that is not what daniel would want. >> the government is now calling it a terrorist attack. just days after the tragedy, people here have taken their first steps toward healing. al jazeera, san bernardino, california.
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>> the international coalition is denying an air strike hit an army base. if true, this is the first time an army position has been hit. the coalition is investigating. >> a series of airstrikes in syria over the weekend killed 32 isil fighters. 15 explosions hit raqqa, isil's self declared capital. russia reportedly carried out airstrikes in palmyra, as well. >> a dozen syrian refugees are arriving in texas today despite the legal steps to keep them out. aid groups have been are preparation for the arrives for weeks now. a lawsuit is still pending challenging the obama administration's authority to bring refugees to this country. lawmakers fear security risks after the paris attacks. >> bringing down the affordable care act, the president vows a veto but obamacare may already
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be on the chopping block in one state. >> the big changes coming to kentucky this week. a county clerk could get new backing in her effort to avoid handing out marriage licenses to gay couples.
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>> vice president joe biden is in ukraine today where he met the country's president and pledged u.s. support. >> we also have become your ally around the world, making ukraine's case for an
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opportunity for a new day, and today, i'm announcing another $190 million, almost $190 million in new assistance to support ukraine's progress. >> biden said the funds will be used to fight corruption in ukraine and reform the justice system there. the u.s. has backed the kiev government in its fight with rebel groups in the east. >> the justice department is reportedly ready to announce a formal investigation into chicago's police department. attorney general loretta lynch scheduled a news conference for next hour. the chicago p.d. has faced intense scrutiny following the shooting of an unarmed black teen by white officer last year. reports say colleague's backed up his story of what led up to the shooting, despite dash cam video showing otherwise. >> the f.b.i. is now investigating a deadly police shooting in miami. a bystander recorded what happened. police say the shirtless man
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identified as 51-year-old david winestad held up a bank. he ran into a barbershop and stole a straight razor. >> after a period of time, he took his shift off and came out. he was challenged by the officers in the street, and at some point during that confrontation, he did raise his hand with a straight edge razor in it and he was shot. >> pleas say he just escaped from a prison rehabilitation center. he was finishing a 12 and a half year sentence for bank robberies committed in florida. >> today is the deadline for senior citizens who want to enroll or change their medicare plan. the only enrollment period began in mid october and anyone who doesn't make thanks by today won't be ail to until next fall. >> congress is moving closer to repealing the affordable care act. the house vote is expected soon on a bill already approved by the senate.
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it would displanting major parts of obamacare, including the individual mandate. president obama has pledged to veto the bill when it reached his desk. >> republicans say the only way to repeal it is to elect a a republican president next year. >> problems will arise for republicans who want to repeal it without having something in place for 2017 or 2018. you'll have more enruled and for any president, whether republican or democratic to tell over 10 million people you're going to lose your insurance without backup is unrealistic. >> other presidential can tenders have come up with alternative plans, including jeb bush. are any of vile, given that so many millions have already signed up through affordable care act? >> i think they need more details. they are going to have to be flushed out by congress to tell you what its effect on the
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deficit will be, but replacement bills will be feasible if a republican president does take the white house. >> the affordable care act and gay rights will be big topics in kentucky this week. the new governor takes office tuesday. he has pledged to roll back health law changes there and also give a controversial clerk what she asks for when denying marriage licenses. robert ray has the story. >> any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, my title or my authority on it. >> county clerk kim davis, jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. defiant after her release. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> matt bevin visited her in
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jail to show his support he says he will issue an executive order to remove the clerk's name, a victory for davis who lives in a city with an anti discrimination law on the books. >> it was inevitable that someone was going to become kim davis. if not in tennessee, then the accident, but somewhere in the nation. >> chris matter man is on the other side of the fight. his fairness campaign is traveling all over the state and has already logged one victory, passage of a an anti discrimination ordinance in kim davis' hometown. >> we had not had grassroots movement of local supporters really fighting for lgbt rights after that passage and they coalesced around the kim davis incidents to look, this isn't our kentucky. >> his team created the kentucky competitive workforce coalition.
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companies already complying, but they want more. >> the corporate sector knows fairness is good for business. it attracts the best and brightest workforce and says to all employees regardless lgbt or not that you're going to be treated with dignity and respect here and based on your quality of performance on the job. >> here in kentucky, the groups say that the new governor is a wildcard. they're not quite sure what to expect from him but in the coming months plan on having some big conversations. >> i think there will definitely be areas where we can find common ground. i look forward to working with the governor. >> the aclu hopes the governor elect will compromise. >> we are preparing to battle some potential unconstitutional practices from the new administration, waiting to see what types of legislation the governor pushes, what the general assembly puts forward.
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>> i'm a kentuckian and i support fairness. >> the aclu and campaign say they just want those in government to uphold the law. >> i believe that governor elect bevin could support a statewide fairness law and could do so even from a conservative standpoint. >> hartman and others hope governor elect bevin, a man who ran a manufacturing company can be convinced that same sex fairness is good for business. >> some folks are never going to change their hearts or minds and that's ok, because that's what the fabric of america is built on, the diversity of people and our beliefs and thoughts. >> their mission, to persuade more businesses that tolerance is a recipe for economic success. robert ray, al jazeera, louisville, kentucky. >> climbs talks heat up. how the obama administration is making the case for american leadership on climate change opinion
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>> good health news from jimmy carter, saying he is in remission from cancer. he surprised his georgia church with the news that new tests showed there is no evidence of cancer on his brain. >> i want to tell you the good news. >> former president ji jimmy car said his cancer is gone. now 91, he announced in august that he hat a melanoma broke the news to his sunday school class
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at his church in plains, georgia. he said a recent mri didn't show any cancerous areas. >> when i went this week, they couldn't find any cancer at all, so i have good news. >> just last month, carter completed four rounds of radio they are speak sessions and said he was feeling good. president carter has put a brief face on his illness even when announcing his diagnosis. >> i've had a wonderful life. i've had thousands of friends, and i've had an exciting and adventurous and gratifying exitance, so i was surprisingly at ease. >> jimmy carter has had arguably the best post presidency of anyone occupying the white house in modern prize, winning a noble peace prize in 2002. after losing to ronald reagan, he returned home to plains, georgia to form an organization dedicated to promoting health
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care, democracy, human rights and other key global issues. he's been active all over the planet, helping to cure river blindness in africa and other illnesses and championing the cause of fair and free elections the world over. >> >> carter's unlikely to target a drug that tipped the balance in favor of the immune system, helping patients fight their own disease. >> by blocking these molecular breaks which normally maintain a state of equilibrium. >> carter says he's going to continue with the treatment for the time being, just to be sure. january turret, al jazeera. >> a mag he letter is in effect in beijing this morning. it is at its highest level red
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for the first time. it comes as world leaders are in final week of claims talks in paris. >> we should recognize having 184 countries come in with targets is really a tremendous platform for the final discussions that will address important issues, differentiation, transparency, reporting on progress, of course finance. these are all critical issues, but i think there's a strong will to converge and to have a strong agreement coming out of paris. >> delegates in paris now have just five days to turn a draft agreement into a deal. nearly 200 nations will have to sign off. >> officials in colombia are planning to recover the holy grail of ship wrecks. divers found a spanish ship filled with treasure deep underwater, believed to be a spanish galleon which sank 300 years ago.
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the news continues next live from doha. >> welcome to the news hour. syria accuses the u.s. of heinous aggression after three of its soldiers are killed in a coalition airstrike. germany says a million refugees have sought asylum this year. venezuela to beat the socialists in parliamentary elections for the third time in two decades. to