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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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[ explosion ] >> the u.n. panel of experts accuse iran of breach security council resolution when it tes tested a missile. coming up, saudi arabia announced a new alliance to fight isil. a week's talk in
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switzerland, and los angeles closes all of its schools to a threat. new york is treating the same threat as a hoax. iran has been accused of viola violating a u.n. resolution when it test fired a missile capable of carrying a warhead. reported by u.n. panel of experts which concluded it could lead to sanctions. iran denied the claim saying that the missile was not designed to carry nuclear war heads. let's get more on this now with gabriel elizondo. what do we expect from the united security council. will they meet within an hour's from now? >> the security council is meeting in an open briefing about 60 minutes an hour were right now. it's a highly anticipated bleat
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we expect to get more thoughts on security councils think about this report by the u.n. panel of experts. the highlight of this report, as you stated is a panel the panel of experts concluded that the october 10th about a his tim missile test was in violation. this potentially could open up iranian official owe u.n. sanctions. it's unlikely that's 'cause then russia and cline would not go along with such sanctions.
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here domestically in the u.s. there is blow back here on the obama administration. the idea will washington based thon report put new sanctions against iran, the white house spokesperson today was asked about that. he said that barack obama would not stand in the way if u.s. officials deemed such measures useful. however, that puts the white house in a very complicated spot because iran said if there were more sanctions they could potentially put in jeopardy the iran nuclear deal they signed with six world powers a few months ago. but if barack obama does not pursue sanctions based on this report, he could also catch some heat here at home from his critics who have long criticized the iran deal making probably that obama looks weak. we should expect to to hear more
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from samantha power. she's expected to make very strong comments about the report. >> right, so iran is facing pressure from one side. meanwhile the atomic agency strikes a very different note regarding iran's nuclear program and it's activities. >> that's right. earlier on tuesday the iaea, the u.n. watchdog, met and they decided they were going to close their decade-long investigation into the atomic weapon build up by iran. that will be closed basically what they're say something that their report overall conclusion remain incomplete. but we heard from the iaea that repeated what we heard last
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month, that he said that there are reports that indicate that there were, quote, a range of activities relevant tenuring weapons in iran from 2003 to 2009. nevertheless, though, the 35-nation board of the iaea conclude by closing the report that they want to move forward with the iranian deal, an extension of the deal, rather than focus on iran's past activities. clearly iran very happy with this news. the u.s. also happen but it's important to point out that john kerry and his statement, he did say that this is not necessarily preclude the iaea from opening up another investigation in the future if deemed necessary. >> thank you very much. gabriel elizondo live for us i
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in the united nations for us in new york. >> saudi arabia has announced the new formation of a coalition that will not only confront isil but any group threatening its members. jonah hull reports. >> it was a rare news conference from the saudi crowned presence and defense minister, and the announcement of unprecedented alliance. 34 islamic nations drown together with a single aid. there should be a coordinated every to fight isil from all over the islamic world so we can become a partner in fighting this disease. >> the disease, so-called, crosses many borders but the new
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alliance is expected to focus on isil with its growing food hold in iran and iraq. >> nothing is off the table. i think it depends on the request to come. it depends on the need, and the willingness of countries to provide the support necessary. there is a time that the islamic world took a stand, and they've done so by bringing this coalition in order to push back and confront the terrorists and those who promote those violent ideologies. >> the new coalition also aims to combat groups in mali, libya, pakistan, afghanistan all fighting in the name of islam. 34 nations club established military powers like pakistan and egypt and qatar and the uae.
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iran is absent from the list. it's saudi arabia's main regional rival. iraq and syria both at the heart of the conflict also not taking part. how strong is the new aalliance. >> i think turkey is also significant. they are a very significant military power. they're a member of nato. it sends a crucial signal that the sunni muslim world is united against this sunni group isil. >> the saudi government is leading a separate military campaign in yemen. it's been engaged in nine months of warfare against houthi rebels there. the united states, among others, believe that firepower might be better served in defeating the isil threat. this coalition could be the first step. jonah hull, al jazeera. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has met with president
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vladimir putin to resolve the syrian cries. kerry said he hopes to make real progress in narrowing the differences over how to end the conflict. the biggest two sticking points is the role of bashar al-assad in the country's future as russia conducted airstrikes on the regime's behalf. >> meanwhile the cease-fire is coming to force in yemen although there was violence in some areas hours before it game. it comes as u.n. brokered peace talks from switzerland. we have this report. >> it is progress in itself. they're talking for the first time. the u.n. brought them together in the hope that the internationally recognized government and the houthi rebels and their allies will reach an agreement to end the conflict.
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the negotiations are being held behind closed doors, away from the media. whack in yemen there have been violence in some areas, but the cease-fire appears to be holding. the agreement by all sides to cease hostilities appears to be having a positive effect on the ground. the "world health organization" announced that desperately needed aid and medical supplies have started to be sent to yemen. officials say they received guarantees of unfettered access. >> there is need of support in different areas. >> the needs are huge. the u.n. said millions of yemenis are on the break of famine. the cease-fire is expected to take in effect. the yemeni government delegation at the talks say it will be
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ready to extend the cruise beyond negotiations but they're demanding houthi rebels comply with the cease-fire as well as list the siege on cities and open humanitarian corridors. the u.n. wants a cease-fire without a time limit. >> it is not enough to get things that are needed in to the country. there. >> there will be hard bargaining before they can achieve their aim. there seems to be a will from both sides to make progress that we didn't see before. but u.n. officials have said that talks are expected to be difficult and complex. the additionally recognized
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government in yemen wants the houthi rebels to comply with the u.n. resolution and withdraw from areas they have captured. that is unlikely to happen. for now the houthies and their allies remain in capital of the sanaa and much of the north. they don't want to give up power and demand power-sharing deal. the talks in switzerland has had a positive start but it is just the beginning of what is expected to be a long process. >> los angeles public schools have been closed due to an undisclosed threat. new york received a similar threat but they perceived it as a threat. the chief of the police department said that the message came electron comply and authorities decided to error on the side of caution.
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los angeles mayor said he's fully supporting the decision. >> continue to hope that this is nothing and our children are back at school tomorrow. but as parents and mayor i'm certainly here to support this school district as it seeks our help to insure that we can look at each one of these campuses and make sure that they are safe for all of our children. abundance of caution is something that our children were appreciate. >> donald trump surges ahead in the polls. colombia's government and farc take another step towards final peace deals for agreements on the compensation of victims.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. our break at the top story, iran has been accused of violating an u.n. agreement when itfied a missile. saudi arabia forming the islamic alliance to fight isil as well as other groups that threaten their state. peace talks get under way in switzerland. now in the united states, two early front runners for the
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republican nomination will go head to head on tuesday. donald trump will face ted cruz. alan fisher was at trump's latest rally in las vegas. >> he is the u.s. republican presidential frontrunner, donald trump has a huge lead and dominates the headlines and attracts bigger and bigger crowds this one in las vegas. >> i heard today when they announced the poll, 41-14, i like cruz, good guy, but this is how they announced, cruz surging. so when i heard--this was on television--cruz surging, i don't know if that sounds bad to me. coming up, cruz surge. and then trump 41 and cruz 14.
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wait a minute. what's going on. >> trump has changed the political playbook in the u.s. he has criticized hispanic and his numbers went up. he called for complete ban of muslims coming into the u.s. and he was widely criticized and his numbers went up. >> i'm one of the biggest supporters of donald trump. i didn't think he had a chance. i didn't consider him as a real politician. but the more that he talked the more he was connected with what the american people want. >> i'm not sure if he's telling the truth, by i think he's trying to tell the truth and saying how he feels about things. >> he was interrupted by protesters on gun control, immigration and the stances on muslims. he excites republicans. but those who don't like him really don't like him. >> it was all hatemongering and
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trying to get people excited. >> why did you come? >> i'm a troll. i came to troll. >> he came in to cheers and yells of support. >> he speaks from the heart. he's not a politician. this country does not need another politician. he is a leader. >> i love him. i'm a latina, and i support him 100%. everything that he said is just wonderful. >> this campaign was expected to clean out in weeks. but he's still there. still fighting, still the man to beat. alan fisher, al jazeera, las vegas. >> let's get more on this now via skype from philadelphia is joe watkins. he is a political strategist and former aid to the u.s. president george bush senior. how dihow do you feel about donald trump's continued wave of support? >> well, donald trump has tapped into the anger and the fears of
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so many american people. as long as terror is a challenge for the united states, and as long as immigration is a challenge for the united states, his numbers are going to stay strong. he's very unscripted, and he's not very politically correct in terms of what he says, but that's precisely what is resonating with the voters. so many american voters are angry, especially in the republican primaries. >> two latest polls from iowa are interesting. they show texas senator ted cruz in first place, and not donald trump. how do you explain that? >> well, what really matters in all the individual states where the primaries and caucuses are held are ground game, having people on the ground who are working hard to change the minds of the voters who are going to vote. the iowa caucuses are not a primary, so they're fluid. up until the day that people come to the iowa caucuses they can change their mind it's important to have people on the ground who are supporting you,
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pushing your policies and asking folks to commit to you. when it comes to the primes and all the other states you need people to get on the ground and each one of those states to make sure that your voters show up at the polls to vote for you. while polls are important, and while donald trump leads at the polls, he'll need to make sure that the voters show up at the polls to vote for him and there are enough people on the ground in the iowa caucuses to do well in the iowa caucuses. >> trump's demise has been pregnan predicted a number of times. but he continues. >> i've said this in the united states on national television that he's a candidate to be taken seriously. he has really struck a chord with the american voters. anybody who does not take him seriously does so at their own peril. i think he has a chance to win the nomination and i think he has a chance to win the
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presidency in a three-way race between democrat, republican, and donald trump. >> what will it take to beat donald trump? >> organization, money and message is important. what you can see what is keeping him ahead of the polls is message. his message is i'll fix the problems with terror. i'll fix the problems with immigration. i'll fix the problems with the u.s. economy. those are three things that the american voters want to hear. they want a clear answer as to how to get that done. they don't have a lot of confidence in the past elected officials. this is a year when americans are considering an outsider and donald trump is a consummate outsider. >> what will his nomination mean for your party? >> it will mean quite a challenge for the republican party. the republican establishment would rather have an established candidate run for presidency. there are a number of candidates
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who could be considered an established candidate including my former boss' son, jeb bush, and marco rubio. if donald trump chooses to get out of the republican party because he's not treated well and form a third party run he'll be someone to be reckoned with. it's really up to the voters, and donald trump is sitting with he wants to be sitting right now. >> thanks for share area views with us. >> thank you, maryam. >> the e.u. has announced plans to plug gaps in its external borders by establishing a controversial border agency and coast guard. it's aim is to stem the flow of refugees to europe which has seen more than a million cross its borders. the proposal will give executive powers to send guards, ships and planes to countries who unable or unwilling to enforce laws. and it will have more than
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double the staff. it's expected to meet a backlash from some countries because they'll have to relinquish some sovereignty for this to work. the president of the think tank in europe. >> this is really a leap of what they can do. but we need to understand this thanksgiving this is only a proposal. it's really at the earliest stages. it has not been discussed. we know who is behind it. we expect that germany in the lead, but assisted by a number of rather committed europeans want the commission to have these additional sports. as to whether there will be a case in which these forces are going to be sent to a country over its objections this will
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have to be glean brazilian police have searched the proposal of the chamber of deputies as part of an investigation. the police also searched homes of top political figures. the raid took place this morning, facing charges for accepting $5 million in bribes linked to a kickback scandal at petr petrobras. now columbia's government has each an historical agreement to compensate victims of the civil war. one of the most sensitive elements of peace talks which are taking place in cuba. both sides are trying to sign a peace deal by the end of march but still need to discuss disarmament as part of a final accord. farc fighters have been part of the campaign against the government since 1964.
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we're in bogota to explain the level of support farc has across colombia. >> what is clear that they do have support in the most remote regions where they have played an often huge influence for decades. when you talk about colombia there is often the sense that the government was present in these remote locations and then all of a sudden farc and other groups have been empower there had. they have been solving issues between people and working as sort of alternative state. so definitely they do have some support there, and they'll have to try and win it through the legal elections. the rest of the country is very wary of them. also they have huge enemies.
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they're very afraid of the possibility as it has happened in the past in colombia. once the peace deal is designed those who give up their weapons could be killed by their former enemies as acts of paramilitary groups or criminal gangs who are interested in continuing business like the drug trafficking that the farc were involved in. >> britain's first official astronaut has launched into space on a russian rocket. they blasted off in kazakhstan along with russian and american crew mates. rory challands was watching on and sends this report. >> carefully the rocket is pointed to the stars. now its mission is clear as the sky. this rocket's job is to safely blast three men into space.
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it has been refined, modified and updated. despite all the technical excellence inside at its heart a rocket is a fairly simple thing. the wide section, that's where the astronauts are, and it's the only bit that will reach the international separation station. everything below it in gray that's the engine, the means by which the capsule gets into space. a religious blessing has become a regular part of these launches. holy water for the rocket, and sometimes for the media, too. from left-to-right a britain, a russian, and an american. only the first person the u.k.
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has sent into orbit. what is he looking forward to? >> the view of planet earth. as much as i've spoken with astronauts, and as much advice they've given me, i don't think anything prepares you for that moment. >> the suit is on, tested, and farewell to family and friends before blast off. >> and lift off. [ explosion ] >> thunderously loud, dazzlingly bright, the power of kerr row seen and liquid oxygen lift it away from earth's gravitational pull. in a couple of minutes it's just a twinkle in the sky like the first of the evening stars. >> absolutely magnificent. >> and soon the real work will begin. this is science not simply
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spectacle. 265 experiments will be completed in the six months spent out of this world. rory challands, al jazeera, kazakhstan. >> you can explore our website, is the address. grab >> welcome to 101 east, i'm steve chao. after giving birth in china, many new mothers and their babies spend weeks behind closed doors in an age old tradition known as confinement. strict rules govern this ns


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