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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ >> bombings must stop. >> syria's government accused of breaking the cease-fire and trying to disrupt the peace process on the eve of new talks. ♪ hello. this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, angela merkel's open-door policy for refugees is put to the test as germans vote in three regional
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elections. >> we begin with reports of an ongoing gun attack at a beach resort in ivory coast. at least .7 people are dead. shots were reported at the hotel in grand basan, a popular weekend destination for locals and, also, for foreigners. let's get more on this now from yvonne tracking the story for us from abujah. what more do we know? >> reporter: well, maryland, the details are still a little bit sketchy. what we are hearing -- coming from eyewitnesses who are around the place where this ongoing attack is happening, they are
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talking about 2003 four to ten gunmen attacking a hotel in grand basan. just as you said, it's a popular tourist destination in the ivory coast, about 40 kilometers roughly from the capitol. i have been there quite a few times, myself. now, what we understand from the reports is that witnesses heard bursts of gunfire as they were relaxing, as it were, on the beach front and obviously, there was up and down moan i can't as many tried to rush to shelter and protect themselves, as it were, from these attackers. now, according to one website, the hotel called the coral beach hotel where most of the firing took place there have been attempts by the security services to try to contact. this will ongoing attack particularly on the phone to the
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hotels, very, very terrible news because ivory coast was very much on the path to rebuilding itself following the civil war crisis, as it were and some years ago, back to 2011, 2010, 2011, tourism is a major part of the economy. it's a major part of the building, the image of the country. this is going to come as a serious blow but obviously many, many, unanswered questions. but the situation is ongoing as we speak. >> thank you very much, yvonne, bringing us the latest on that story. just to recap: there has been a defendant gun attack at a beach resort in the ivory coast, an ongoing situation there that continues to unfold. reports we are getting suggests there has been casualties. at least .7 people are dead all of this in a popular beach resort where you get a lot of residents, but, also, tourists and foreignes.
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so we will continue to keep that story bringing you more information as it comes in to us. let's move on to our other top story, syria, the war in that country heading towards its 6th year. the u.s. secretary state has hit out at the syrian government. john kerry talking in paris a day before the government and opposition are due to meet in geneva. he was referring to the syrian foreign minister's statement on saturday that the removal of bashar al-assad will not be up to discussion. >> the comments made yesterday by the foreign minister of syria clearly trying to disrupt the process, clearly trying to esen a message of deterrence to others his strongests sponsors have both adopted at the united
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nations in support of the united nations and from the communications and meanic meetings an approach which dictates that there must be a political transition and we must move toward a presidential election at some point in time. >> john kerry also said in the last three weeks, the islamic state of iraq in the levant has lost territory it controlled in syria and that 600 of the group's fighters were filed in that period. details days is following us live from. it would appear degrees talks are facing serious challenges before they have begin they are going to get to the central issue, the role of president we had talks a few weeks ago here they never really got started.
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we had talks two years ago they argued over the agenda. the syrian government wanted to discuss other things. this time, the special envoy said that is what it's going to start with, the substantive issues when these talks take place here in general eve aeon monday. i think the comments from the u.s. secretary of state was supporting that process but trying to give a little bit of a boost to the main opposition block, the high negotiations committee by criticizing the assad regime it's worked noting, i think, some are a little skeptical of the u.s. attitude and don't believe the u.s. has been given the full support. just listen to the words from one of the prominent figures. >> it's not even clear to the alleys in their statements, the americans are speaking of geneva as a foundation and territory
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y'all on syria. on the ground, they are supporting separatists movements by the ypg. does there fall in harmony? >> saying that a transitional government, possible e ruingsz, the removal of asset not up for discussion. >> it shouldn't be on the agenda. the intern envoy made it clear he has an agenda and the agenda is laid out in the security council resolution you see, 2258 past the ends of last year that lays out this timetable. it's not his timetable. it's the timetable of the u.n. security council and of the international community the
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resolution came out of international talks that not only involved russia but president assad's closest amlie, iran. so lots of questions both sides are going to go to the u.n. bog sides will meet him and we understand by video conference he will brief the members of the u.n. security council. thanks, james, glodiplomatic edr following talks for us. the al-qaeda life group has attacked u.s.-backed rebels. fighters seized weapons from a division of the free syrian army in northwestern i had lib province, accusing the group, rebels, of attacking them first. a cessation of hostilities in syria been in place for just over two weeks does not include nusra fronts or is for that
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matter. a shooting at a popular beach resort in the ivory coast you can see this is the state of play in the beach resort, perhaps a little bit more deserted than it would be usually some people running around presumably running for cover trying to run to some sort of safety as the situation continues to unfold speernl are dead. we don't know how many gunmen are involved. reports suggests there have been 10 gunmen. there could be up to 10 gunmen involved. hundreds of refugees in grease's border camp have held a protest in the rain. refugees once again demanding macedonia opitz borders to them so they can travel on through the balkans to western europe.
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there are still at least 12,000 refugees stuck at the camp. the agreement government is hoping to relocate them to better facilities within a week. mohammed abow sent us this update on the harsh conditions the refugees are living in. >> reporter: days of continuous rain is adding on to the ms. re. most living in flimsy tents like this one surrounding by stagnant pools of water. and some are falling sick medical workers say they have treated seven children for respiratory problems as well as d digestive diseases. there was a confirming of a 9-year-old girl has been con firms to have hepatitis a, looking in to how to vaccinate the children in the camp. there have been 14 refugees.
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it's a source of concern for the greek government. there they have been trying to urge the refugees to go out much this camp and in to camps that are more hospitable and set up for them in other places. only 80 he refugees have so far heeded that call. the rest of them are here waiting with the hope that the border might reopen for them. so far, we are not seeing any sign of that. >> less than an hour to go for people in parts of german to vote in regional elections. state contests have been held. sunday's vote is being seen as a test for angela merkel's open-door policy to refugees. german t.v. channel ard has been tracking the popularity of angela merkel since the influx reached crisis levels. last year she had a solid approval rating of 67%.
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by february, that figure dropped to a low of just 46%. recently, though, the german chancellor has rebounded back with an approval rating of 54%. dominic kane sentence us this update. >> reporter: officials say that the turnout on voters on today's state parliament election is very high, higher than at a similar stage in the elections that took place here five years ago. officials in the other states, the western states that are holding elections today say a similar trend is reported there, that more voters are voting perhaps one factor for that is that the election campaign has been dominated by a few particular factors. notably at a time refugee crisis and the important thing to same is that one party which wasn't here five years ago, the right-wing populist party,
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alternative for germany, they believe they will do well. they believe they will take many seats. >> aircraft, have warned. a final report in the to last year's german wings plane crash. the co-pilot who had a long history of depression veered the plane into a mountainside killing himself and the other one 49 on board. paul brennan reports. >> no one could have sur viechd what happened on march 24th, 2015. general wings flight 9525 disintgrated on garment. d debris spread across the hillside. there is a stone memorial to the victims here the haunting question is whether the strtrag doo could have been avoided in
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the first place. and dre yes, sir, the german wings co-pilot had exhibited suicidal thoughts for years. his private doctors never informed aviation authorities or the airline of the danger he posed issuing their final report into the wider issues of the crash on sunday, the french investigation team has urged global changes in regulation. >> i think clearer rules are necessary to define when one can require to breach medical confidentiality, when we are talking about pilots who are responsible for carrying passengers. the bal afbetween medical and public security. >> there are 11 recommendations in total including a call for medical checks to be made every three or six months instead of annually. pilots with depression would not necessarily be barred from flying but should be more
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cloitsly regulated no recommendation to change the security of cockpit doors relatives want the law changed. it was it was a collapse. it has proven the pilot was ill mvp and should never have sat in the cockpit. >> the family's lawyers remain determined to sue general wing's parent company, lustansa in the u.s. courts. it's with holding, refusing to negotiate with the american lawye lawyers. more than 80 families got together and must litigate because lustansa is not cooperating. that is incomprehensible. >> the question now: how far and how quickly will the recommendations of the french investigators be adopted. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> more to come for you on the program. we will tell you why there has been a defendant small victory this man, competing against a
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computer in a board game contest.
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you are top stories this hour. there are reports of a deadly gun attack at the beach resort in ivory coast. shots were reported at the hotel in grand basan, a popular weekend destination for locals and foreigners. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has accused the syrian government of trying to disrupt talks due to start in geneva on monday. people in parts of germany have spent a day voting in regional
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elections which were a major test of angela merkel's open-door policy for refugees. now, the cost of syria's five-year war is evident in places like alleppo, syria's largest city and economic pow powerhouse at one time. parts of the city were listed as a world heritage sometiite. now alleppo lie ins waste. a battled ground part controlled by government forces, part controlled by renl fighters. the city is now almost completely cut off from supply routesbel fighters. the city is now almost completely cut off from supply rout routes. people don't have access to food, water or electricity. the total u.n. estimates are 250,000 have been killed since the start of the war but stopped counting back in 2014. the war has forced 7.6 million people from their homes, 4.6 million have left syria and are now refugees. >> means close to half of the entire syrian population are either displaced or have left syria all together. meanwhile, businesses in
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southern turkey are reporting a boom in trade with syria. hundreds of companies have sprung up to ship food and other essentials across the border. lawrence lee reports now from g gazian tip. >> the lines of trucks tell their story. almost all carrying food, and they have come from all over turkey. major are these are from the mediterranean coast. there were so many they had to close the border post for a time to process those already through. >> i am carrying chick peas. other times it's flour or baby napkins. mostly food items. we make no profit. just the cost of the truck. >> 50 kilometers up the road, this is one of four huge industrial jones inside the sprawl of gazian gazian tip.
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>> ask any of them what happens to it all when it crosses in to syria, you can't get an answer. >> that's because once the goods cross the border, they are transferred to syrian trucks and it could all just as easily end up in isil controlled raqqa. some sold to aid agencies and some. outside places like madia where it was impossible for anyone to enter. people starved. the trade according to gazian tip's business leaders offers a life line. >> yes, i do think that the aid
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and food items do avert a bigger crisis. if people are starving, they will come to turkey notwithstanding boarders or bombs. >> those profiting from the war, the syrian truck drivers who transport food face huge dangers. this convoy was attacked from the air by a russian fighter plane plumebly on the assumption it was carrying weapons rather than flour. this happens with terrible regularity. as the war enters the sixth year, traders believe they are making money while keeping people from hunger. lawrence lee, southern turkey. >> indefinite curfews into kurdish towns in turkey have prompted large numbers of residents to flee. authorities have announced restrictions for areas ahead of kurdib armed fighters in the area. a cease-fire between turkey and the kurdish pkk broke down in the middle of last year. authorities imposed several
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curfews in the southeast where most of the conflict has been unfolding. at least 2 people have been killed in fighting between yemeni security fors and fighters affiliated with isil. yemeni officials say the fighting happened in the port city of aden. fighting broke out on saturday night when the government forces tried to drive suspected fighters from parts of the city. security officials say airstrikes for a second stage to freeing the area. aden was retaken by yemeni forces in july backed by a saudi-led coalition but armed groups still occupied parts of it. security officials say 17 of the dead are suspected fighters. >> up to a million people are expected to take to the streets of brazil's major cities on sunday to call for the resignation of the president those have been proceed festing. russefh is embroiled in a
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corruption schedule. she is deeply unpopular because of the country's facilitiering economy. >> at least 20 people have been killed in five others missing after floods and mudslides have caused devastation in parts of brazil. a state of emergency has been declared after some residents were stranded when heavy rainfall flooded parts of the city. president delmarusef says funds will be available to help those affected. mosquitos have been called the latest threat to humanity by experts who say they arer cape alan of taking viruss around the globe at speed. sign accidents say invasive species already introduce tropical diseases like zika and dhenghy in to previously unknown territory. in the future, it could spread even dead lear diseases. >> it is a major concern because with the introduction of species which we know are capable of
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transmitting viruses and other acts as well, they are adapting to new environments such as southern europe and one has been introduced into europe and if it is there, there is a threat that it could corrector or transmit different viral diseases. those same diseases which we might find until native areas much its existence. >> the republican frontrunner donald's trump is appearing at the first of a handful of rallies amid growing tension. in bloomington, illinois, and plans to attend more in ohio and florida on sunday. presidential hopeful was forced to call off an appearance? friday when braulz broke out between his supporters and protesters. on saturday, a protester tried to climb on stage. knowing angry demonstrations.
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they used pepper spray. speaking at a democratic fundraiser in dallas, obama criticize would donald trump and the other candidates saying instead of fighting amongst themselves, they should do more for americans. >> the folks who are running for office should be focused on is how we could make it even better, not insults and school yard taunts and manufacturing facts. not deviciveness along the lines of race or faith, certainly not violence against other americans or excluding them. we are a better country than that. >> florida, a traditional battleground in u.s. politics is a must-win state for any candidate. on tuesday, the state, along
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with four others will decide who it wants running for president. andy gallagher in florida and asks why the area is so important in the game of politics. >> reporter: we are building up the black and brown community. >> on a mission to register new voters but not just anyone. this organization target did miami's marginalized constituencies. ♪ >> the aim of giving the city's diverse population a voice. >> in the community to see if people need to register to vote. >> they have signed up a thousand new voters. their aim is to hit 5,000 when organizers say it's vital work. >> what's happened in florida determines the future of the country. we have gone through the traumatic experiences. we are aware of how important it is we make sure votes are the counted. >> miami has large black and hispanic communities steadily growing influencing and changing
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theling landscape. in essence, this city like much of the tate is a mething points of ethnicity, political diversity. >> i think it will be a brokered convention. >> that's what makes the sunshine state so important. >> you have a microcosm of the entire country right here. florida has been a defendant battle ground state in the last presidential elections particularly if you look at 2000. so how florida goes, the rest of the country goes. >> so that's miami but just to show you how truly diverse this state is, we have traveled a thousand kilometers north into a different time zone to the florida panhandle, the redneck rivera. >> it's solidly republican, part of the bible belt and according to local businessman merrill, unlikely to change any time soon. >> you know, when you look at the panhandle, what you are looking at is a very conservative. we are 10 minutes away from
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alabama. ga is just to the north of us. but it's a very conservative voter. half of them have military roots, and a very relillingous voter. >> those in pension:a in the panhandle of florida may place greater faith in the republican party. >> it will win one of the most diverse states is never entirely predictable. al jazeera, pensacola florida. >> a south korea ian man billed as one of the world's best players of the ancients board game "go" has won his first victory against a computer program. he is taking part in a 5-match series. the alpha go program has already won claiming three but on sunday, tdenied the machine a i clean sweep winning the fourth match. after blaming himself for the first three losses, lee was elated with his victory at last. >> i am so much happier because i got to win after the previous
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losses. this one victims occur is priceless and cannot be replaced by anything. i did think i could win at least one game. thanks to many of you supporting and encouraging me. thank you. >> more on everything we are covering right here hello. i'm richard gizbert and this is "the listening post." the media war in turkey, the


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