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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2016 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ a gun attack at a hotel on the ivory coast. police say at least .12 are >> you are watching aingsz live from london. also coming up. >> those bombings must stop. >> syrian's government is accused of breaking the seats fire and trying to disrupt the peace process on the eve of new talks. angela merkel's open-door policy for refugees is put is put to the test
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>> a popular weekend destination for many ivori a. in. s and locals as well. it's thought four gunmen could potentially be involved. some reports suggest it could be as many as 10. it's a little bit unclear at this moment. rioters is quoting police sources who say at least 12 people have been killed. you are looking right now at footage that we have received of people running away during the time of the attack, itself. let's get more on this now from yvonne who joins us from abu gentleman. what do we know about the situation therejah. what do we know about the
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situation there? >> reporter: that's what we are hearing, it is unfolding, speaking to go eye witnesses on the ground. the security services, the ivorian security sources are on the scene and obviously are trying to deescalate the situation, bring as many people to safety as possible. as you were saying. this is a very population destination not just among ivoria in. s, u.n. workers. it's a place i have been to often, a very popular weekend destination at this time of year. it will come as a tremendous shock to go ivorians that this is going on. to set the scene a little, this is the third such attack we are seeing in the west africa region on hotels, hoses frequented as they say by westerns. we saw a deadlay tack in november, 2015, in the nijer republic. there was also that attack in
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bikinafasa where many were killed earlier this year. nobody expected, nobody anticipated that you might see this kind of thing happening in the ivory coast. it would be the first such attack in ivory coast and really bad news because the country has been on the path of trying to rebuild itself following the 2010/2011 post election violence and semi civil war. very bad news for ivory coast. as i say, many people listening to this news taking it in and waiting to see really what happens. >> all right, yvonne, thank you very much. bringing us the latest there. yvonne following the story closely for us. i am joined by roberto on the phone from grand basan can you clai clarify where you are in the town and what you are seeing and hearing? >> hello. i am away from bassan, around twenty minutes away from it.
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there are army lories overtaking me on the highway. >> so you are about twenty minutes away from grand basal. i know you are on the road. maybe communication not so straightforward. but what are you hearing about the situation there are local media present there. eye with. but it is still very clear, don't guess how many casualties are there.
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talking about, there is a little fog. >> roberto, can you tell us about the city, itself? we know it's not far from the commercial capitol, so you will have a lot of locals, a lot of ivorians who will take the opportunity to use this resort as a retreat for themselves, but, also, a place that's popular with foreigners and tourists apologies for that. we will try to reestablish a connection. he was bringing us up to speed with what he is hearing. he is on the road twenty minutes outside the popular town where a gun attack has been unfolding. we understand that that
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situation is still going on. reports suggest at least .12 people have been killed. that's just the latest we are hearing at this, the third major attack on a tourism center in a west african country since november. these are just some of the latest pictures we were getting a bit earlier from the witness who filmed the attack. security forces, military vehicles, ambulances are on the scene. of course, the casualty number could potentially rise saying a hotel hotel, the southern star hotel has been under attack by gunmen. reports go all the way up to 10 gunmen. we don't know who is behind the attack or if they are affiliated with any particular group. we will keep on top of that story. breaking news this hour out of
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turkey, reports of an explosion in ankara. at the moment, a senior security officer has said the cause of this blast is not yet known. we will bring you more details on this as we get it. some trouble there will until ankara. the war in syria heads toward the 6th year, the u.s. secretary of state has accused the syrian government trying to end the conflict. john kerry was talking at a day before the government and opposition are due to meet in geneva. he was referring to the syrian foreign minister's statement on saturday that the removal of the assad will not be up for discussion at these talks. >> with this, the comments made just yesterday by the foreign min officer of syria clearly trying to disrupt the process.
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trying to send a message of deterrence to others. but the fact is that his strongest sponsors, iran and russia have both adopted at the united nations in support of the united nations and in the vienna communiques and the communic meetings an approach that dictates there must be a political transition and that we must move toward a presidential election at some point in time. >> john kerry also said in the last three weeks, the so-called islamic state of iraq in the levant has lost 3,000 square kilometers of territory it controlled in syria and 600 group fighters were killed in that area. following the story from geneva. tough comments from the u.s.
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secretary of state, criticizing those comments by if the syrian deputy prime minister and foreign minister, now i think what mr. carey is doing at this stage is trying to show support to the main opposition block, the high negotiations committee ahead of these crucial talks we think they will start with a discussion about syria. when they last had two years ago, never got to talk about who is going to govern syria in a transitional government. these talks starting on monday going to get to that central issue of the role of president hassan and those around him. having said that, that is a deep lee controversial issue. it doesn't look like with any x compromise on either side.
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>> back in syria, the al-qaeda linked group al-nusra group has attacked u.s. backed rebels. the fighters seized basis and weapons from a sdichindivision free syrian army in northwestern i had lib province. al-nusra front accused the group of attacking them first. a cessation of hostilities in syria which has been in place for just over two weeks does not include the he will nus are a front. returning to our top story now, the shooting at the town of grand basal in the ivory coast. i am joined on the phone now by a whitness to the attack, dorothy cooper. she was at the beach near the resort. can you tell us what you saw?
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>> ins the place, on the beach, so we were there. and then we saw two guys, two guys. >> reaction they then they took the person before they fired. something like that. after that, we saw people led to run away somewhere in there et french t the local police t they
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finally, reach after they fired one t just the hotel where they shot three guys. wearing white. i saw them. we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about it. very difficult to recount what it is you have witnessed. my apologize if i am asking you to repeat anything. can you clarify when the attack started, were you inside the building, inside the hotel, itself? >> no.
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>> on the beach? and you saw -- and so you were on the beach and you saw two gunmen? >> two guys. i saw one. >> you saw one gunman. okay. you saw one gunman and what -- take me through what he then did. could you just -- you -- if you just go back over what happened, you were on the beach. >> yeah. >> and you saw one -- you saw one gunman approach and tell me what happened ne then. >> yes. the first .1 we saw is what all of the people, because they were traveling on the beach that day. the first thing we saw, people
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running. >> you also ran. cower just, when you read away, when you ran away from the beach, you were inside the hotel. were you safe there? >> yes. >> did the gunman penetrate the hotel? >> yes under -- how can i say? i was there. .1 young boy had been shot. dorothy, thank you very much. very difficult to recount that.
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very difficult experience. we very much appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and do keep safe. now, hundreds of refugees in the border camp have held a protest in the rain. >> chanting name of the german chancellor angela america heel demanded macedonia open borders so they can travel through the bullcans to western europe. there are still at least 12,000 wretch up ease stup at the camp. the group is hoping to relocate them to better facilities within a week. the german chancellor angela americaels conservatives have lost in two out of three state elections on sunday. polls closed at 17 gmt. so just 15 minutes ago and the first results have already started to come through. state contests were held
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sunday's vote was seen as a big test for merkel's open-door policy to refugees. live now to dominic kane, from the state capitol. dominic, take us through what we know. it doesn't look good for merkel at the moment. >> results are coming in provisionally. first projected vote results. the cdu has emerged at the launchest party with 29 per of the vote. surprisingly, the right-wing populist party, the afd appears to have got around 23% of the vote. almost a quarter. people who turned out appear to have voted for the alternative for german party. a statement from a broad section of society about the policy, the asylum policy, the refugee openness. coalition government dominating
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and in the other states as you say, they note. >> in hineland, it is work making the point they were not the governor be party in either of those two states. those two states were governed by red/green coalitions between the social democratic party and the green party in both of those states. clearly here it is clear that there would appear to be nearly one in four of the voters here in this state who have endorsed the party of right-wing poplism if these are correct that is anti-refugee the. >> what are the implications for angela merkel and her coalition?
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we had until election day today we had a grand coalition. mirroring the federal government's grand coalition, as they call it in german. the question will be given the fact that the main parties, established parties have said have ruled out entirely coalition with the alternative from germany, the a if. d, the question will be how they go about forming a coalition in this state there will be discussions about forming coalliingz. there have been suggestions that the major parties will have to form some other kind of coalition where you might see in germany they talk about the traffic light coalition between the green party, between the liberal, free democrats rather which are the care bean yellow and the social democrats, the red party, the question will be whether these sorts of coalitions can be arrived at. at the federal level, sirius questions will need to be posed,
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being posed to the grand coalition about whether there is still appetite for the openness that angela merkel has continuesly stressed she believes needs to be used insofar as the refugees she has repeatedly referred to integration being the solution to the refugee crisis. it appears the alternative party is doing well. the question will be whether the performance they have shown today in these projections is enough to affect a change of policy. we will have to wait and see what happens insofar as that is concerned. playerium. >> thank you very much, dominic cane bringing us all of the latest as early results that angela merkel's conservatives lost. the anti-immigration party gaining popularity there more on
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the program. in senegal finding out whether the government's decision to cut the price of petrol is premature. why there has been a defendant small victory for this man competing against a computer in a board game contest. ontest.
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welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. our top stories, at least 12 people have reportedly been killed in the ivory coast. shots were fired at the grand basal hotel, a popular weekend
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destination for ivorians and foreigners. a deadly explosion has taken place in ankara in one of the busiest parts of a city. a senior security official says a number of people have been killed and wounded. there are reports of gunfire being heard in the aftermath of the explosion. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has accused the syrian government of trying to disrupt talks due to start in geneva on monday. >> french investigators called for medical confidentiality to be relaxed for pilots following last year's german wings disaster. the recommendations are included in a final report into last year's plane crash. the co-pilot who had a long history of depression steered the aircraft into a mountainside killing himself and the other one 49 people on board. now, protesters have interrupted the latest rally of donald
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trump, the republican frontrunner of the presidential election. he attends to more rallies on sunday despite growing tension at his events. the presidential hopeful was forced to call off an appearance on friday when braulz broke out between his supporters and protesters. on saturday, in ohio, a protester tried to climb on stage with the real estate mogul. this is what happened in bloomington in the last hour. >> get him out of here, please. get him out. get him out. you can get him out. thank you. thank you. get him out! >> there were angry demonstrations at a trump rally in kansas on saturday. police used what appeared to be pepper spray to break up the violence between trump supporters and protesters. >> speaking at a democratic fundraiser in dallas, president obama criticized the candidate
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saying instead of fighting am g amongst themselves, they should do more for the american people. >> what the folks who are running for office should be focused on is how we can make it even better, not insults and school yard tauntses and manufacturing facts. not divisiveness along the lines of race or faith. certainly not violence against other americans or excluding them. we are a better country than that. >> to a million people are expected to take to the streets of brazil on sunday to call for the resignation of the dilm dilma roussef. she is facing impeachment. she is deeply unpopular. bruce el's supreme court will rule on wednesday over whether rousseff should be impeached over claims whether she doctored
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accounts during her reelection campation. she is under pressure over the widening corruption scandal at petro brass. she was head of the company when alleged bribes and kickbacks first began. her chief mentor, the former president has also been linked to the scandal and has been charged with money laundering. despite all of this, rousseff said she had be proud to have lula in her government. 20 people have been killed and 5 others missing after floods and mudslides have caused devastation in parts of brazil. in rio de jainero were stranded. president rousseff said emergency funds will be made available to help those affected. south korea ian man billed as one of the best players of the ancient board game "go" won his first victory against appear computer program. he is taking part in a 5-match
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series. the alpha go program has already won claiming three in the best of 5, but on sunday, lee denied the machine a clean sweep winning the fourth match much to his after blaming himself for the first three matches, you can imagine how happy he was. >> i am so much happier because i got to win after the previous losses. this one victory is priceless and cannot be replaced by anything. i did think i could win at least one game t thanks to many of you supporting and encouraging me, thank you. >> now, the senegalese is cutting the price of petrol. while it's boosting hopes, it's prompting heated debate in the country's parliament. from the capitol, nicholas hatt reports. >> a peanut farmer who prides himself on being thrifty. every week, he drives to the
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outskirts of the car, searching for the cheapest petrol he can find. he never fills the tank completely but besides just enough for what he needs. seneg senegalths government says with global prices falling and the recent off-shore oil and gas discoveries, it can afford to drop prices at the pump to $1.15 a liter. but it's still expensive for a country where almost half of the population lives on less than $2 a day. >> sure, it's cheaper, but mark my words. having oil leads to complications. we might be better off paying more at the pump rather than having people fight over our natural resources. >> reporter: u.s. and british companies announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in record africa. 5 trillion cubic meters of it straddled between the coasts of senegal and moritania and they have found oil near the border. the exploration hasn't been completed but what to do with
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these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate in parliament. the 7aggal has yet to address ownership neighboring countries and they say they need to improve the economy itself. >> chances are it will escalate tensions. the challenge is not to be over dependent on oil and gas but to, to continue diversifying its economy and exports. >> the biggest source of income is the export of fish and peanuts. output from the aging oil refineries has been poor because of bad management and corruption. the government plans to invest in it and promises new jobs in the sector. >> reducing the price of petrol at the pump makes the government look good. how much is down to the discovery of oil and gas is uncertain. >> despite the prospects of more oil and gas, sarr wonders if it's worth it. he says 40 years of peanut
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farming has taught him that sometimes having just enough is plenty. nick lawsuit hull, senegal. >> plenty going on. catch up with it all right here the address: >> this week on talk to al jazeera--lawyer and executive director of the equal justice initiative, bryan stevenson. >> we have to stop telling the lies that we tell about who we are. we celebrate our history of slavery. we celebrate our era of terrorism. >> stevenson has spent his career fighting racism in the criminal justice system--the legacy of slavery and times of "racial terror" continue to impact the lives of african americans today. >> what we did to african americans between the end of


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