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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ hello,, this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes an explosion rocks the turkish capital ankara killing 15 people. gunmen storm a beach resort in the ivory coast and at least 12 dead. exit polls show angela merkel's party has lost two areas. a report in to last year's german wings plane crash calls for the medical confidentiality to be relaxed for pilots.
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i am robin adams with the sport in doha. more fa quarter finals and we have already had our first shock on sunday. arsenal are out. instead it's watford that was celebrating a trip to wembley for the semifinals. details coming up. ♪ ♪ we begin with breaking news out of turkey this hour. a massive explosion in the turkish capital ankara. a major tourist area. at least 15 people have been killed. the cause of the blast is not clear. let's get the latest on this now from istanbul. mohamed jamjoon joins us, what more do we know about the circumstances surrounding this? >> reporter: maryam officials here are not giving too many details at this hour. we have heard from eyewitnesses
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on the scene saying there was a loud explosion close to a bus station. to give you some idea, this is a very hayley-populated area in the certainty of ankara, a lot of people there at any given time. just very densely populated. so the fear at this hour is that the casualty toll could grow higher. official, interior ministry officials, not giving an official death toll yet at this hour to us. but, again, there are forensic teams that are on the scene. ago of now there has been no cause given for the explosion. a lot of speculation in the turkish media that perhaps it was a car bomb. there has been no claim of responsibility. but this is a real concern for turkey. this happens in the capital. and this happens now this is the third explosion to have happened since october. there was an explosion in ankara in october that was blamed on isil, that killed over 100 people. there was an explosion that happened in february in ankara
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that killed around 28, 29 people, that was blamed on a kurdish separatist group. now enough this explosion at a time when security measures are really have gone in to full effect across the country especially in the capital at a time when there is so much concern about turkey because turk is a involved in a war on two front a wore against isil and a war against the p.k.k., the kurdish militant party. this is something that will really have shock waves in turkey. at a time when there is so much current about the overall state of the security in the country. the fact that some group or individual penetrated the heart of the capital a very densely populated area, this is really going to cause a lot more concern. at this hour we know the prime minister is meeting with security officials and members of his capital in ankara, we are expecting a statement with more detail within the next couple of hours, but really right at the moment we are hearing a lot of
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concern and worry about what this means about the general state of security throughout this country. maryam. >> and we have to treat this with cautioner because there is still a great deal we don't know. and we don't know what the cause of the explosion was, mohamed, but as you right are you point out it comes as a tense time in the country. this has to be the third or fourth major explosion we have seen in turkey in just the last six months. we know that the president, the prime minister they will be consulting security officials. what about people there? i know that you are in us stan bull. but what is the general mood. atmosphere like these days given the recent unrest in the country? >> reporter: you know, you speak to turks throughout the country and there is a growing sense of worry hear. it is a palpable sense of concern because there have been soma at. because the government is involved in a war on two front. because security is front and center. now, a lot of turk that his you speak with, whether it's in
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istanbul or ankara or other parts of the country we are in, the last few days, they will tell you that they believe the government is doing the most that it can, that turkey, you know, is a little bit more vulnerable because it has more enemies really targeting. but, again, you speak to other turks in other stays, and they wonder if the government is, in fact, doing enough. the government will tell you that it has raised security measures, that it is on high alert constantly right now. it's top priority is to protect turkish citizens no matter where they be throughout this country. but the fact this is the third time this has happened in the capital of turkey and this has happened at a time where there are heightened security measures and at a time when the government mass repeatedly stressed they are taking extra precautionary measures is bound to raids more concerns throughout the general population here. >> mohamed, thank you very much. now moving to our other breaking news story this hour, the attack at a beach resort in
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ivory coast. gunmen stormed the hotel in a popular weekend destination for many locals there, also a popular place for foreigners and tourist, the reuters news agency is quoting police services saying at least 12 people killed and the government now says the security forces have neutralized, that's what they say, they have tackled six armed men. and it says that they attacked three toe hotels not one building. >> the gunshots. so we saw running spots, other gunshots, and then we saw guys, guys they shot one guy.
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before they fired, they asked him to repeat [ inaudible ] or something like that. >> this is the third attack on a place popular with tourists in west africa since november. in november, gunmen stormed the raddison blue thole in mali's capital shooting guests in the lobby then going room to room. 20 people died there. most of them foreigners. two months ago, gunmen attacked the splendid hotel in the cappuccino cafe opposite of the capital killing 30 people. let's get more on this now from eye von in abuja. so certain not the first such attack in the region, ivan, we don't know who these gunmen were exactly, but it looks as though it wasn't just one hotel, that was attacked, but three. >> reporter: well, that's right. we have the government saying as you just said in the intro there, that they have managed to
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neutralize at least six assailants. if this was accurate, it would indicate that the government are in control, the security forces are in control. some of the reports i have been reading suggest that there is still evacuation of individuals who are staying in hotels, taking place. obviously the question now is, and many are asking, who is behind this attack. from what we understand again these are eyewitness reports that these gunmen were apparently roaming around on the beach. it's not clear how they were able to penetrate the hotels whether they walked in, whether it was a planned event. it's just simply not clear. these are the questions obviously that many will be asking of the government and of the security services. maryam, this does, of course, come as a shock. as a surprise. you did point to the whole issue of seeing these attacks in the region in the last few months, you said november we saw that attack in mali and in january, in burkina faso, many people were not expecting something like this in the ivory koefrbgts
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evening though the ivory coast does share a border with those two countries. simply because the ivory coast has managed to rebuild its image since the 2010-2011 post election violence semi civil war. we have seen a huge return of ivorian people to the ivory coast. people coming back, going back to the ivory coast. just last week ivory coast was named as the best investment destination in west africa. of course as we know from this attack, it's a popular destination, a popular tourist destination in the region. so people will be asking about what was the repairedness of these hotels given the geographical location of countries like mali, like burkina faso who have seen similar attacks, were the security services on alert for something like this or not. these are the questions people will be asking. so it's a really a huge concern obviously to many people not just in ivory coast but the
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region and people wondering whether they can expect similar attacks in other cities in the region. >> yes, not the first such attack in west africa. there have been several since november as you point out eye von. what do we know about the situation around the area at the moment. three hotels were attacked, we don't know who these gunmen were affiliated with. is that situation now under some control? has it reached its conclusion? >> reporter: if the information we were getting acura action ace it would suggest they have control. getting reports at least six of the gunmen involved in this attack have apparently been neutralized, not clear whether that means shot dead by the security services or being held by the security services it's not clear. we don't have that information. but, of course, if the government do have the situation under control, what we
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understand, again speaking to some witnesses in the area, is that evacuations are taking place of some of the hotels in the area, obviously they want to be sure that there are no other assailants, no other gunmen in the area that there isn't a second attack planned like we have seen in some situations in the region over the last few years. you know, one would say it's still slightly fluid situation. and until we ghetto visual confirmation, that the situation has been closed down by the authority, of course they will then start the investigation, there an investigation as to how exactly the attackers were able to penetrate the hotels and ultimately what the motives are, lots of speculation on the internet, many saying is this connected to al qaeda in the islamic ma agai greb we saw in e attacks in mali and burkina faso groups claim ago legiance to the
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extremist organizations, is there a connection there what is the role of france? france is a big player in the region and it has been supportive of certain situations that have been going on globally and many are wondering, well, were foreigners being attacked or what was the exact motive. the u.s. embassy say some of its citizens were there during the time of the attack. but it's not clear whether they were the target. they don't think that u.s. citizens were a target, but clearly these attackers wanted to cause maximum impact and make this an international affair. still many questions yet to be answered by the security services. >> thank you very much for watching the developments in the ivory coast for us. there is more to come for you on the news hour. ♪ thousands rally in brazil calling for their president to go. also demands to get protesters
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out at another one of donald trump's rallies 60 results some in sport, paris st. german secure at league title clinching it in style. ♪ ♪ let's turn to syria now. and effort to his end the five-year war. the effects of which have reverberated across the middle east and europe. the u.s. second of state john kerry and his european counterparts have met in paris. ahead of the new round of talks set to start on monday in geneva. five years of war have now displaced more than 12 million syrians. we'll bring you the latest from greece where many thousands of them are currently stranded. a search for safety in a better life prompted german chancellor angela merkel to open the doors of her country to refugees. support for that policy is testified. as germans vote in three regional lexes. our diplomatic editor james bays
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reports first on the talks set to begin in gentleman neave 56789 just hours before the syria talks were due to that are the in geneva. u.s. second of state john kerry was in paris meeting with some of his european counterparts. he told reporters the cessation of hostilities now in place for over two weeks had significantly reduced violence but one side was not fully complying. >> the syrian people strongly support the cessation of hostilities because it has made their lives better. and to date the single biggest violator of that, by allegations, is the assad regime. >> reporter: he also hit out at the syrian deputy prime minister, who at a news conference in duh mass can you go 'cuz said there could be no negotiation about the role of president assad. >> a witness the comments made just yesterday by the foreign minister of syria, clearly trying to disrupt the process.
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clearly trying to sends a message of deterrence to others. it's comments were cleared aimed at support for the main opposition block the high negotiating committee whose members have been arriving for the talks. >> we want to see an end to this bloodshed in syria. we hope that we see a serious partner. >> reporter: what's different about these talks is that the u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura says he is straightaway going to get to the substantive issues. who is going to be in a new transitional government taking syria towards new elections. that, of course, takes us to the key issue of president assad and those around him. and on that, it seems right now no one is prepared to compromise. james bays, al jazeera, geneva. hundreds of refugees in
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greece's border camp have held a protest in the rain. chanting the name of the german chancellor angela merkel, the refugees once again demanded macedonia open its borders to them so they can travel through the balkans to western europe. there are still at least 12,000 refugees stuck at the camp but the greek government is hoping to relocate them to better facilities within a week. mohamed adow is there and sent us an update on the harsh conditions the refugees are living in. >> reporter: days of continuous rain is add on the ground to the misery of the refugees, most of them are living in flimsy tents like this one surrounded by stagnant pools of water and some are falling sick. medical workers at the camp say they have treated 70 children for respiratory problems as well as digestive diseases. they have also confirmed that a nine-year-old girl has been confirmed to have hepatitis-a, a
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very contagious disease and they are now looking in to how to vaccinate the rest of the children population in the camp. now, this bottleneck that has marooned 13,000 refugees is a source of concern for the greek government. they have been trying to urge the refugees to go out of this camp and in to camps that are more hospitable and warmer that they have set up for them in other places but only 800 refugees have so far heeded that call. the rest of them are here waiting with the hope that the macedonian border might reopen for them. so far, we are not seeing any sign of that. >> the refugee crisis has been a big issue in germany's regional elections. the polls have now closed and they show that chancellor angela merkel's conservatives have lost in 2 out of 3 state votes. state parliamentary contests were held.
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sunday's vote was seen as a big test for merkel's open-door policy to refugees. let's go live now to dominic kane who has been following events for us from the state capital. dominic, we were just looking at pictures of refugees on the greek border with macedonia chanting chance her merkel's name. but her policy doesn't appear to have done her any favors at home. >> reporter: well, maryam, here at c.d.u. party headquarters here there is a feeling that they have emerged as the largest party in this state, but the latest exit poll projections from the result here suggest that the alternative for germany party the r.f.d., may have gained almost 25% of the vote which is a very considerable gain from their perspective. to discuss this from the point of view of the christian democrats, i am joined by a
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parliamentary group representative. your party has emerged as the largest party here. but the r.f.d. seems to be doing very well indeed. what's your reaction to this? >> good evening. first we have made a successful policy in the last five years and we are collapsed about the fact that many people placed trust in us. but we are very concerned about the results for the rise of the party. and it's very clear the controversial debate about to deal, how to deal with a great number of riff gee. ofrefugees was very important for this election. >> reporter: what does this mean for germany at large? because you appear to be gaining something like 43, 44 seats in
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this, but the r.f.d. has 33, 34 if the projections are correct. how will you form a coalition to govern this state? >> we have a very difficult situation now here. but i think our par los angelesy grecrew stands for stability he, that's why they have the duty to form a stable government as soon as possible. >> reporter: thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: much appreciated. so the question will be now, how do the main parties deal with the rise of this right wing populous party the r.f.d. they have said they will not form coalition ar or even enterd in to negotiation about his coalitions the main parties say that, but now they are faced with the rise of this party. what will they do in terms of coalitions at a state level and then on a federal level. what will they do for the asylum
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polpolicy. the refugee policy the openness that angela merkel has viewed the government with in the last year. these are the questions that will definitely be asked following what happens to be happening here. >> thank you very much, dominic kane following those regional elections for us in germany. now aircraft investigators have called for new global rules obliging medical professional to his warn authorities if a pilot option mental health is a risk to passengers. the recommends are included in a final report in to the german wings plane crash. the co pie let who had a long history of did he friction steered the plane in to all mountain killing everyone on board. >> reporter: no one could have survived what happened on march 24th, 2015. german wings flight 9525 disintegrate oded on impact.
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the debris, the bodies spread across two square kilometers of alpine hillside. the village is near he felt to the site. there is a stern memorial to the victims here. but the haunting question is whether the tragedy could have been avoided in the first place. andreas lubitz the german wings copilot exhibited depression and suicide the thoughts for years. but his private doctors never informed aviation authorities or the airline of the danger he posed. issuing their final report in to the wider issues. crash on sunday, the french investigation team has urged global changes in regulation. >> translator: we recommend clearer roles that require healthcare providers to inform authorities when a specific patient's health is very lick likely to impact public safety. >> reporter: there are 11 recommendations in total including a call for medical checks to be made every three or six months instead of annually. pilots with depression would not
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necessarily be barred from flying, but should be more closely regulated and supported. but there is no recommendation to change the security of cockpit doors. victims' relatives want the law changed. >> translator: it wasn't only an accident, it was a collapse where the safety advice did not work. it was proven that the pilot was ill and should never have sat in the cockpit. >> reporter: the families' lawyers remain determined to sue german wings parent company in the german courts. >> translator: they are withholding and refuse to go negotiate with the american lawyers, more than 80 families got together and must litigate because they are not cooperating. that is innin incomprehensible. >> reporter: the question now, how far and how quickly will the recommendations of the french investigators be adopted. paul brennan, al jazeera.
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let's get more on this now, joining me in the studio is a doctor that has worked for u.k. our lines, traffic kee control d now right here in london. thank you so much for speaking to us, so andre an lubitz was told actually by a doctor not long before the plane crashed that he ought to be to go a psychiatric hospital, obviously that didn't happen. but does it raise questions about whether or not the german wings plane crash could have been prevented? >> yes, i think so it's and articulated quite clearly in the documents. his family doctor recommended he had to a psychiatric hospital and about a month before the incident he was referred to a psychiatric hospital. he didn't do that. and he didn't disclose that information with the airline. and it was practically
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impossible for the doctor to raise that issue with the german same areaaviation civil authorie could be ground the reason for that the german legal institution tuesday to patients confident shalt you cannot pass any information to the aviation authorities. >> iis is it the right thing tht those rules be relaxed? the french investigators call for a change what would that involve? >> definitely it's right that these rules need to be relaxed and much more transparent for the airline and civil aviation authority. the one person who knows the best information about you in terms of physical and mental history is your doctor and it's your doctor not allowed to tell the civil aviation authority of that country that this is an issue and you raise it. you know, if, for example, you are trading pilot and you realize that something is not right, you can go to the civil aviation authority and say, look, this person doesn't seem
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fit to be able to fly. can you do an assessment? and it seems strange that in certain countries that the -- your own family doctor cannot do that. >> just to be clear about this, even under these new rules, the -- you are calling for less confidentiality and more disclosure on the part of the doctor. >> that's right. >> nevertheless, the doctor is depending on the person that he is seeing, the pilot to actually reveal, disclose any potential problems. that might not happen. >> the doctor is probably the best person to be able to do that. and often if it's much more specialized situation than they can refer them to a specialist. so it's quite often the case that family doctor will refer to you a psychiatrist and your family doctor will then receive a report from the psychiatrist about what the assessment is made. so there is, you know, at the end of the day, you are the person that if you require mental health assistance, you have to go out and get it. if you can't -- if you don't
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what do that. dyou don't have do that. >> that's precisely the case with andreas lubitz, what do you do with those that don't want to reveal it and keep it quiet and choose to keep it hidden. >> i wouldn't say andréas kept it quiet. he was trying to get help. he went to the doctor on his back and said, you know, i have a mental health issue. or his behavior in the past reveals that. the only thing he did was keep it quiet from the airlines and the german civil aviation authority and other regulatory authorities, and that's wrong. it's legally his requirement to declare that. but the issue you here is that he decided not to. and there is a very good reason for that. there is a significant supply of pilots in the industry and, you know, the airlines are recruiting those pilots, that they have plenty of opportunities and people to consider. and so if you are a pilot who is trained up, you have invested, a
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six-figure sum in your flight training and you can't find a job. where if you do find a job you don't want to lose your job. >> no incentive to reveal that sort of information. >> exactly that. >> well, thank you very much. good to get your reports on this. there is more to come for you on the news hour, looking at why there has been a small victory this man who has been competing against a computer in a board game contest. it's tougher than it looks. and in sport, french open champion stan cruises in to the next ran. ran.
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>>it's crazy money that you can make here.
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it's a ticking time bomb. >>do you know what chemicals have been in that tank? >> my big brother didn't wake up the next day. al jazeera america's... >> today they will be arrested. >>they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> we have to get out of here. ♪ ♪ welcome back. our top stories this hour. 28 people have been killed in an explosion in the center of the turkish capital ankara, the blast happened in one of the busiest parts of the city. at least 12 people have reportedly been killed in an attack on the resort down in the ivory coast. officials now say three hotels were targeted in the tourist spot. and the u.s. second of state john kerry is accused the syrian
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government of trying to disrupt talks due to start in geneva on monday. the five-year war is evident in places like aleppo syria's largest city, parts of which are listed as a world hair time site. it now lays to waste. the city is almost completely cut off from supply routes leaving its people with no access to food, water, or electricity. in total, the u.n. estimates that more than 250,000 have been killed since the start of the war. but it stopped counting back in 2014. five years of fighting have officered 7.6 million people from their homes. and another 4.6 million have left syria. that means close to half of the entire syrian population have been displaced. meanwhile, businesses in southern turkey are reported a boom in trade with syria. hundreds of companies have sprung up to ship food and other sensuals across the border.
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laurence lee reports. >> reporter: as you drive to the the syrian border the lines of trucks tell their own story. almost all of these are carrying food, rice, wheat, pasta and other durables and have come from all over turkey. many of these are from the mediterranean coast of the country. there were so many they had to close the border post for a time to process those already through. >> translator: i am carrying chick peas they are going to syria. other times flower baby nappies but mostly food items. we make no profit just the cost of the petrol. >> reporter: 50-kilometers back up the road this is one of four huge industrial zones inside the sprawl. almost every building here is a warehouse, this one is full of wheat from the capital ankara. they are absolutely vast which surely reflects the huge market that's opened up in the war zone just down the road. aleppo is just 140-kilometer as way. united nations figures show that
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trade between turkey and syria is at prewar levels. so it turns out the war has been good for business. there are now more than 600 syrian companies based here which already food and other things from all over turkey, move them through here and onto the border. if you and any of them what happens to it all when it crosses in to syria, you can't get an answer. that's because once the goods cross the border they are transferred to syrian trucks, and it could all just as easily end up in isil-controlled raqqa as in besieged cities like aleppo. some of it is sold to aid agent@is as and some privately. yet outside places where it was impossible for anyone to enter and people starved, the trade, artinging to the business leaders offers a lifeline. >> translator: yes, i do think that the aid and food items that cross from turkey do avert a bigger crisis if people are starving they will come to turkey not withstanding borders
2:35 pm
or bombs. >> reporter: businesses are prophettinprofiting from the wa. they face huge dangers this convoy was taxed from the air by irish an fighter plane presumably on the assumption it was carrying weapons rather than flour. this happens with terrible regularity. but as the war enters its sixth year the traders believe they are making money while keeping people from hunger. laurence lee, al jazeera, southern turkey. well in, other developments in definite curfews in two mainly kurdish towns in turkey have prompted large numbers of residents to flee. authorities have a ups nod restrictions. ahead of a tax against kurdish armed fighters in those areas. a ceasefire between the turkey and the kurdish p.k.k. broke down last year. the authorities have imposed several curfews in splash point in the southeast of the country. let's bring you an update now on the attack in a beach resort in the ivory coast. joining me on the line from
2:36 pm
there is journalist roberto, we spoke a little earlier and you told me that you were just 20 minutes outside of grant-bassa in. and i understand you are now next to the hotel where the first attack occurred, can you tell me what you are seeing and what's happening in the area. >> reporter: yes, correct. inning in the small lagoon on the other side of the breach the first attacks were held. just opened the way to the other side of the bridge, in a bit of an unclear way i can see people run back and forth so it's not exactly -- you can probably hear sounds, there is a bit of -- people are running all over the place. but sounds like it's a bit more under control. part of the bridge they shutdown since the attacks took place.
2:37 pm
>> difficult question to answer because from what you are telling me it's still a bit chaotic around that hotel. >> reporter: it is. >> and you won't be getting a lot of information but security forces are saying that they have neutralized, that's the word they have used, six of the attackers. we don't know what that means. but do you get the impression that all of the gunmen involved in this attack have been apprehended, have been caught? >> reporter: i have to say really the only evidence of the situation normalizes is the fact that they opened this bridge as i just said. otherwise saying anything else are would be properly just a guess game. and the situation seems to be quite under control. i have seen quite an impressive number of police vehicles and army vehicles going to this road and this bridge. and that's all i can say really.
2:38 pm
>> so you are saying that you have seen police and army vehicles where you are and reports that we are getting at the moment suggest that 14, one report says 14 civilians and two soldiers have been killed in this attack. what -- are you seeing ambulance crews there as well, have you seen anyone injured or anyone taken away by an ambulance? >> reporter: i have seen an ambulance since i arrived here like 40 minutes ago. and i talked to a few people told me they saw a couple of members of the special forces being taken away on their vehicles, they were injured. and they also seen i believe people being carried away. by now we know that at least inning be people died. there are signs of a fight here.
2:39 pm
>> thank you very much. he was next to one of the hotels where the attacks took place and said there is a heavy police presence in the area but access around that hotel is just starting to loosen a little bit. now at least 22 people have been killed in fighting between yemeni security forces and fighters affiliated with the islamic state of iraq and the levant and al qaeda. yemeni officials say the fighting happened in the port city of aden. fighting broke out on saturday night when the government forces tried to drive suspects fighters from parts of the city. airstrikes were a second stage to freeing the area. aden was retake beanie yemeni forces in july backed by the saudi-led coalition but armed groups still okay spy some parts of it. 17 of the dead are suspected al qaeda fighters.
2:40 pm
well now thousands of people have poured onto the streets of cities around brazil calling for the resignation of president dilma rousseff. these are pictures from rio de janeiro where demonstrations have been peaceful, rousseff is embodied in a corruption scanned and facing impeachment in congress and also deeply unpopular because of the faltering economy. brazil's supreme court will rule on wednesday over whether she should be impeached over claims she doctored count to boost the economy. she was head of the the petrobras when alleged bribes and kickbacks first began. her chief mentor has also been linked with the petrobras scanned and charged with money laundering, despite all of this rousseff said they would be proud to have lula in her government. mar go ortigas is in sao paulo
2:41 pm
and says many are watching the demonstrations and actively consider where their loyalties lie. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of brazilians are take to go the streets all across the country calling for the impeachment of their president dilma rousseff. now rousseff and members of your ruling workers party are struggling to survive through numerous corruption allegations to do with the state-owned oil company petrobras, the largest crowds of gathering in rio de janeiro the city hosting the on games in august. in brasilia. the company's capital city and right here in sao paulo the country's largest. people here are saying they are tired of being lied to. and they are particularly tired of this very deep economic recession that the country is in. and they feel that rousseff and her leadership has just not given them any solutions to potentially getting out of it. also watching the demonstrations here very closely, members of the ruling coalition who say that they could very well break breakaway from rousseff should
2:42 pm
the crowds here be as large as expected. some people putting it to reach 1 million. there are, however, still supporters of rousseff and the workers party, they are now currently gathered just a few kilometers from here outside the sao paulo in front of the house of the former president lula. he himself the mentor of the current president but he has been charged to do with corrupt practices just last week by state prosecutors here in sao paulo. to the u.s. now where republican presidential front runter donald trump has rejected calls to tone down his campaign rhetoric despite growing tension. protesters again interrupted hits latest rally a couple of hours ago in bloomington, illinois. the presidential hopeful was forced to call after an appearance in chicago on friday when brawls broke out between his supporters and protesters. and on saturday, in ohio a protester try to climb the stage with the real estate mogul. this is what happened a bit earlier in bloomington.
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>> get them out of here, please. get them out. get them -- [cheering and applause] >> you can get them out. thank you. thank you. get them out. >> and there were angry demonstrations at a trump rally in kansas city, missouri on saturday. police used what appear to be pepper spray to break up the violence between trump supporters and those who were out on the streets against them. north korea has denied stepping up cyber attacks against south korea which says it hacked the mobile phones of 40 of its security officials. the claims come amid escalating tension between the neighbors as the south engages in a large military operation with the u.s. one of the most powerful american aircraft carriers is docked in the south korean port for the exercises. rob mcbride is there and sent us this update. >> reporter: nothing does power projection quite like the aircraft carrier and the
2:44 pm
accompany battle group is evidence of that. a floating fortress city of well over 5,000 personnel and bristling with airborne fire power. its inclusion in the exercises in korean waters has been planned for months say the u.s. military. it has nothing do with current tensions. but this visit coincides with relations being about as tense as they be be. can be and it's a timely reminder of the type of power america can deploy if it has to. >> our focuses on deterrence, we are trying to deter provocative acts and the presence of this and the carrier strike group is part of that deterrence. >> reporter: this sense a voss strong message. to get heral sailed through the hotly contested south china seize in line with the u.s.' policy. in doing so meeting head on china's military expansions in
2:45 pm
the region. much has been said in the last couple of years about china acquiring its first aircraft carrier joining a small very exclusive club of nations. this is a reminder from america with 10 to its name, this just being one of then, of who is president of that club. a south korean man billed as one of the world's best player of the ancient board game go has won his first victory against a computer program. it's a lot suffer than it sounds he is taking parts in a five-match series. the alpha go program has already won claiming three, but on sunday lee denied the machine a clean sweep winning the fourth match. after blaming himself for the first three losses, you can imagine how pleased he was with this one. >> translator: i am so much happier because i got to win after the previous losses. this one victory is price examples cannot be replaced by anything. a did think i could win at least one game thanks for many of you
2:46 pm
supporting and encouraging me. thank you. a quick update for you on the gun attack in the ivory coast in the resort town of grand bah sam. the president of the country has said that the death toll stands at 14 civilians and two soldiers. so the death toll has increased from 12 to 16, 14 civilians and two soldiers and the president also referralsed six attackers specifically storming the beach resort at three hotels that came under attack and 16 are now killed. there is more to come for you on the news hour. ♪ ♪ while world renowned fest festival of cure true in the uniteculture is missing abeat w. why this woman has just won a million dollars. and in sport, we do now know the identity of this season's sake nations champions. interesting they got a little bit of help from their neighbors.
2:47 pm
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♪ ♪ welcome back. now, one of the world's biggest music, technology and film festivals is getting under way in austin, texas this week,th south by southwest festival and other music events are worth $1.6 billion to austin's economy every year. and the city is growing rapidly. but as rob reynolds reports, a long-time residents whose musical culture who predates the festival are paying a heavy price. >> reporter: danny thompson says god gave him a gift of music. over the decades he played with
2:49 pm
dozens of austin blues and jazz bands. >> man, you have people, musicians all over the place. we used to sit on the corner night and everybody would get together and you would have vocal groups and bands playing all around town. that's how, you know, basically how it started. >> reporter: a rich musical culture flourished in historically black neighborhoods like east austin and that music was a big part of the south by southwest music festival when it launched third years ago. but south by southwest grew in to one of the world's hottest events. commercialized, corporate, and expensive. all-inclusive passes for music it films cost more than $1,800 each. the festival bolstered austin's carefully cultivated image as an ultra cool, hipster haven and wealthier, mostly white newcomers flocked here to live. but community activists say that influx has devastated their neighborhoods. in east austin, big new houses,
2:50 pm
coffee shops and yoga studioses sprouted. seemingly overnight. property taxes soared. and many older residents can't afford to stay. people who have lived here in east austin for many years say the changes have happened so fast, they hardly recognize the place anymore. lisa byrd works on cultural preservation. >> this actually cultural displacement and we actually take a step further and say what has happened in this community is actually cultural genocide. as you go through this neighborhood now what you will see rep nance are very few. and they would be the churches and a couple of barber shops, other than that, everything is gone. >> reporter: the barber shop is a place where african-american men socialize. much of their talk these days is about change. >> now you see a new ethnicity come in and new houses coming up. it's changed dramatically. >> reporter: ronnie jackson has been barbering here for 16
2:51 pm
years. >> for taxes to push out grandpas and nanas that's been here for years and years, i don't really think that's right. >> reporter: thompson played at south by southwest in its early years. but now the festival is dominated by acts from places like london, brooklyn, and los angeles. >> i played with pretty much most of the best that came out of austin. i don't know any of them that actually bee benefited from souy southwest. >> reporter: south by southwest boosted austin's image as a capital of cool. but it helped to displace the very people whose god-given talents made it possible to begin with. rob reynolds al jazeera, east austin, texas. time now for all of your sport with robin. thank you very much. we are going start with football and the 17th of february, 2013 feels like a lifetime ago but it was actually the last time
2:52 pm
arsenal lost an english fa cup tie. that was until sunday when the winners for the past two years lost to wad ford. arsenal's 17-match unbeaten run in this competition. danny walbeck scored late on for the gunners, too little too late. watford in that semifinal draw which takes place on monday. united and west ham will have do it all again after they drew 1-1 at old trafford. both of the scorers were from france that, free kick from dimitry piette. the equalizer from danny martial with seven minutes left on the clock. chelsea striker didiing a owe costa did being backed up by i gareth barry who confirmed the spaniard did not bite him in the quarter final. the incidents happened with costa clashed with barry late in the game which they went to lose 2-0. costa was sent off. he may still face disciplinary action from chelsea being knocked out of fa cup was a
2:53 pm
further float defense of the premier league title was out of reach and also made an exit from the champions league last week. one game to tell you about in the english premier league on sunday, so tottenham closed the kappa leaders lester city to just two points now. two goals from harry kane giving them the victory over bottom side west brom. while lester city also playing newcastle on monday. gare paris st. german has secured a fourth league tight and done so in spectacular fashion. zlatan ibrahimovic scoring two a hat trick. psg are playing the last placed opponent. vanny also scoring twice. psg champions for the fourth time in history and still have eight games to go in this season and lost only one. >> translator: we are very satisfied with this tight. especially eight weeks before the end of the season. it is wonderful for everyone. but we have to stay focused,
2:54 pm
because the season is not over yet. there are two months left for this season. we have to stay focused. tonight we are going to celebrate but tomorrow, we will focus and get our focus back on the competition. because there is still many games left. sleepless nights are a big part i've new [ inaudible ] but they don't seem to be affecting tennis world number two amends i murray. the britain through to the third round at indian wells after battling back from 3-1 down in the opening set to win 6-4-7-6 in his first tour match since the birth of hayes daughter last month. >> french open champion stan wawrinka breezed through the second round taking the swiss third seat just 65 minutes to wrap up this encounter 6-3-6-2. the score he play waylon dry kuznetsov in the third round of the tournament.
2:55 pm
>> the second seed crashing out of the tournament in her second round match again world number 64. the czech going onto win 7-5, 7-5. missing out on a chance to qualify spot world 2020 in india. up against bangladesh for the last available spot in the super 10s stage of the main competition. bangladesh batting first in this group-a match. thanks to a censure they reached two over it was halted when the rain came down. then could only manage 65-9 in their shortened 12 overs. bangladesh winners by 54 runs in this contest the earlier in the
2:56 pm
despite both teams being out of the competition, still thrilling stuff in this contest. netherlands made if if i have 5 in their innings. dutch stood out. four wickets for 11 runs. ireland came up short. netherlandss winners by 12 runs here. the golden state warriors have now won 48 straight games at home he can tells getting their record streak with 123-116 win over the phoenix suns on saturday. steph curry started again there scored 35 points. the raptors domination of the heat continued. demar derozan scoring 38 points but miami pushed the game in to overtime. luol deng tying it at 97 on the three pointer with a three-point with one second left in regulation. england have been confirmed as six nations champions they need scotland or needed scotland to win france on sunday to clinch the tight. scotland eventually 29-18 winners over the french.
2:57 pm
robin, thanks very much. now, a palestinian woman has won a million dollars for being the world's best teacher. she teaches primary school children in the west bank was one of 10 final i haves vying for the top prize. she grew up in a refugee camp near bethlehem and gained acclaim for her focus on teaching ethics and respect. good for her. well, now, just to quickly update on you our breaking news story out of turkey, an explosion in the capital ankara, this in an area that's very popular with tourists. we understand that 28 people have been killed. many have been injured. you can see that there is a fire going on. security services and ambulances also on the scene. this after a military convoy was targeted in the turkish capital just last month. 28 people were killed in that attack. but we'll stay across the story for you, julie mcdonald will be here for you with a full bulletin and analysis at the top
2:58 pm
of the our. ur.
2:59 pm
>> that harmony, that politeness and that equilibrium that japanese people call "wa". at the other side of history, fukushima's heroes were not enough. people have lost their trust, especially in the authorities. the myth of nuclear energy, of it being economic, safe and clean has been swept away. >> "fukushima: a nuclear story," narrated by willem dafoe. >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now.
3:00 pm
>> you're watching al jazeera america. a large explosion hits a busy neighborhood in turkey's capital killing at least 28 people this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. at least 12 people are killed after gunmen target hotels in an ivory coast resort town. french investigators say public safety should have come before a suicidal pilot's right to privacy.


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