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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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thank you for your stories. that's it for "techknow". >> go blind the scenes at follow expert contributeers on twitter, instagram, google+ and more. this is al jazeera america. here are today's top stories. protesters in arizona blocking a road leading to a donald trump rally but it did not stop the republican frontrunner from speaking to his supporters. cuba is preparing for the rival of president obama tomorrow. the first time a u.s. president visited the island nation since 1928. a suicide attack in istanbul's
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main pedestrian shopping district killing five people and injuring dozens more. among the dead, two americans. the french president threprepar for the accused to be extradited to france. ♪ >> we begin tonight with the race for the white house. in arizona, three people were arrested as protesters shut down a highway where donald trump was holding a rally and in new york, hundreds of demonstrators marched from central park to trump tower, all raising their voices against the controversial republican frontrunner. al jazeera's randall pinkston has the details. >> donald trump gets closer to clenching the republican nomination, the anti-trump movement across the country is also gathering steam.
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in new york city, santa fe, about 1,000 anti-trump demonstrators marked from central park to a rally in mid town. >> trump, we don't want him. a we don't want a conservative, indented, anything. >> in arizona, dozens blocked traffic for miles near trump's rally where the g.o.p. frontrunner arrested with january brewer and maricopa county sheriff, joe arpao. >> some demonstrators trying to disrupt -- disrupt. because of them, you had to get a little more sunshine. but we made it. three of them are in jail. >> they chained themselves to
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their cars. there were about 50 of them. but listen to this: what sheriff joe did, he said, get up. get out. they didn't. they cut the chains and took about two minutes. they cut the chains. they arrested three people, and ankles left. right? >> the tension that has marked trump rallies in recent weekend continued friday in salt lake city where protesters clavrnling clavpd clashed with police when demonstrators tried to breach the doors. trump seemed unfazed? >> i expected a couple of protesters. i mean i am sure a couple -- did any protesters sneak in tonight? anybody? hum? >> so, i was seeing it coming in. i was seeing that there was some
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protesters coming outside. they don't show the 2000 people trying to get in with us. >> reporter: the "new york times" reports a republican establishment is trying to put a 100 day plan to deny trump the gop nomination. the 2012 presidential candidate mitt no romney has concluded te cruz, john kasich, has the best chance of beating trump. so romney said he will vote for cruz at the upcoming utah primary although he went out to the say that announcement is not a formal endorsement. >> we are seeing the 60, 65% of republicans who recognize that donald trump would be a disaster, that we nominate donald trump, hillary clinton wins. >> the arizona primary will be tuesday. trump continues to lead in the polls. >> it's important to note the establishment effort to organ anti-trump campaign is at anna early stage and of course, if trump gets to the magic number
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of 1,237 delegates before the convention, none of the anti-trump businesses come to much. is trump simply forb refusing to condemn it? >> his critics argued he refuses to condemn it but he encourages people for example n one rally we heard urged some supporters to smackem in the face. he has been criticized by the leaders of the republican party, the speaker, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell said to him do not encourage your supporters to move to violence. trump said it was a nice chat and the next day, he predicted riots if he didn't get the nomination. >> so much for that chat. the device's rhetoric coming
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from trump to that black lives matter. those movements, those kind of, you know, verbiage coming out of that movement. do you find that bear legal? >> certainly hateful speech coming from anyone is hateful speech. we have to make it. no one in black lives matter is running for president. >> there you go. the republican size, donald trump live in tucson speaking to his supporters. thank you so much. the other republican candidates were also busy on the campaign trail senate ted cruz and governor john kasich in utah. >> donald said, ted, when it comes to the supreme court, you have to learn to cut deals with the democrats and go along to get along.
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i will not compromise away your religious liberty. >> some people never realized you were made for a purpose. we all were. and the lord gave us these gifts that we are supposed to use. in my opinion, to live a life bigger than ourselves and to -- and to try to heel the world in which we live. i know you all of strong faith know that. >> tomorrow, president obama will become the only u.s. president since calfin coolage to visit cuba. al jazeera's melissa chan is live for us in havana for more on this historic visit. good evening to you. how are cubans reacting to the upcoming visit?
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this is a popular president. some have said in the last few days that they have seen the potholes being fixed, paint jobs that have needed to be done have suddenly been painted. buildings have been painted . roads have been fixed after the announcement so they welcome president obama in two ways for fixing up their city and, also, of course, because he is very popular, for breaking that status quo after so many decades. in all seriousness, though, this is a very intense month for cubans. first of all, you have the president coming but there is also going to be that major league baseball game on tuesday that the president is going to attend, against the cubal national team and the rolling stones are giving a free concert. it's angintense week. >> melissa, we have learned a little bit more about the
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president's eye tinkerae today. where is he going to be going? >>? >> well, i am just going to focus on monday. a packed schedule too far in advance. he arrives but the state visit starts on monday. he is going to jose martin memorial and hold a bilateral with raoul castro. he is not going to immediate if i had he will castro. after the bilateral, they will hold a joint press conference later in the afternoon. president obama is going to attend a session, a discussing with cubans and american entrepreneurs for that session. he tops off monday with a state dinner. >> all right, melissa. this trip carries with it a fair amount of controversy. tell us about that.
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>> you can well imagine the controversy in the united states. let's back up and talk a little bit employ cuba. according to a washington post, one of the few polls conducted on this island, 97% of cubans support normalization. this country as i have said, et cetera very, very popular here so there is little controversy about the visit here in cuba. now, in the united states, of course, there is the embargo. congress needs to change the embargo and, of course, politically speak can, this has been a defendant hot potato issue. over the last few years, it has become more of a bi-partisan issue in terms of support to end the embargo. republicans even saying that they feel that the embargo needs to be ended. other business interests including the u.s. chamber of commerce saying they would like to see the embargo ended. >> doesn't change as some critics, including marco rubio h said this wivisit was disgracef and critics are concerned about
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what has over the last 12 months, 16 months in terms of normalization. concern of the is giving cuba too much in terms of concessions and cuba is not getting enough in return. critics, of course, always concerned about human rights as that big issue. melissa chin live for us in havana. thank you so much. as the president prepares for his trip, the center for disease control have a new warning for travelers because of the virus. the c.d.c. is expanding the travel notice to include cuba. travelers are warned to protect against mosquitos and practice safe sex. the zika virus has not been a defendant decisifactor. a bomber killed himself and four others including two americans according to the white
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house. on the heels of a bomb in the country's capital much ankara. a report. >> another bomb goes off in turkey. this time in the heart of istanbul in the middle of the city's biggiest shopping district. it's the streets also a major tourist destination. the streets would have been packed with shoppers and visitors. witnesses say hundreds of people ran the moment a loud explosion was heard. the governor was at the scene shortly after the blast. >> a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the district governorship building around noon and killed three people and wounded 21 others. three that were in a critical condition. one of them has just died in hospital. a detailed investigation is being carried out by our colleagues. >> paramedics were quick to arrive and took people to the nearby hospitals. although no one has claimed responsibility, two government officials have implicated kurdish separatists linked to
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the armed pkk, who has been at war with the state for decades. >> several months ago, pkk announced fighting will be spread all over turkey. a clash of violence. so turkish authorities, against possible terrorist attacks in turkey all over the country. >> since talks between the government and the pkk broke down in july last year, there have been several bomb attacks across the country. three alone in the capitol arrangeara. in total, they have killed almost 300 people. the most recent was less than a week ago. the kurdib freedom folks which is linked to the pkk claimed responsibility for that attack which also targeted a busy sthoping street.
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>> germany announced it was closing the consulate, siciting credibility information another act of violence was imminent. it is a few minutes walk away from saturday's bomb blast. tourism is one of turkey's major sources of income. 35 million foreigners visit every year. the increased number of attacks could flatten its economy. for now, the government insists turkey is safe it will have to do a lot more to ensure safety of citizens and visitedors. al jazeera. >> earlier, al jazeera spoke to andrew finkel, a foreign corb respondent inestan bul for more than 20 years. we asked if turkey should have seen this coming? >> the government will be criticized. they are replying and saying that the intelligen which has t german shut down their schools was different from today's attack. it was not they had no warning
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of it. i, myself walked down that street where the bomb took place not too long ago, and i have to say even i was looking to my left and right two days ago because there is a sense of anxiety. >> the turkish foreign minister to join turkey in the fight against terrorism. dozens of people are dead in the northern syrian town of raqqa after airstrikes hit the town today. initially reports point to syrian or russian planes being behind the airstrike. the strike comes on the heels of russia's announcement to pull back aircraft and just meet most parties to agree to a cease-fire. the death toll could grow higher than 39. an american is dead after an
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attack from isil in northernrage. the enemy group is responsible for wounding several others who were providing fire support protection at a coalition base near makmor. this marks the second combat death since the u.s. went to war with isil in june of 2014. there are new details about the major suspect in last year's paris attack. prosecutors say he was planning to be one of the suicide bombers but backed out at the very last minute in the hand belgian officials now. francois hollande said he wants him extradited. his lawyer said he would why that. more from brulingss. >> reporter: a police convoy is carrying him arrived at bru prison was a he was charged with participation in start rift
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murders. the main suspect was captured on friday and was likely injured in his arrest. he is creating with bell jan legal authorities i can tell you that we refuse extradition. >> reporter: french authorities have issued a new european arrest warrant against him. the french prosecutor warns it could take up to three months to extradite him to france. >> it had as become more true he is a key player in the paris attack. at this stage, in november. the logistical preparation and finally, by himself being present on the 13th of november. >> reporter: there is still tension in the neighborhood 4 other people were arrested at
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the same time. three of them are members of a family that is suspected of sheltering him during his time as a fugitive. >> he is from this neighborhood so it's not surprising he has friends and relatives, potential supporters who are willing to shelter him. >> we are very, very relieved and happy we finally stopped this not only for brussels but for europe and the rest of the wor world. >> it was this raid earlier in the week in a flat in a different part of brussels that gave police the vital clues on the whereabouts of europe's most wanted man. shortly thereafter after the raid, a call was made from a mobile phone linked to him police found his fingerprint in the flat sflfrn he had been on the run for more than four months. friends of his had driven through the night after the paris attacks to pick him up and bring him to brussels you see.
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as he ran out of opinions and hiding places. 130 people were killed and more than 300 injured in coordinated attacks on cafes, a concert hall and a football stadium on november the 13th. the main surviving the investigation is far from how. more arrests can be expected. al jazeera. sri lankan investigators are attempting to find out the cause of a plane crash saturday morning. it took off from dubai and was scheduled to land before it went down. the latest from the protests in brazil as a justice halts the nomination of the country's former president and our next hour, a deeper look at a public
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health crisis that claims more american lives last year than car accidents. the prescription painkiller epidemic in the u.s. coming up at 8 eastern, five:00 pacific. stay with us.
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>> investigators are on the scene of a plane plane crash in russia that killed everyone on board. 62 passengers and crew were killed. four children are among the dead. it crashed in a southern russian city. hoda amid has the latest. >> it was making a second
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attempt to land in bad weather when the flight crashed. it took off on friday evening bound for southern russia. it made one failed attempt to land at the scheduled target. then the plane circumstances the airport for more than two hours. russian investigators say there were strong gusting winds at the time peaking at 19 meters per second. while it was in a mid-air holding pattern, another russian airliner attempted to land three times before diverting to the nearby airport they did not say why the dubai pilot did not choose to change course. the aircraft crashed off of the
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runway it's for the clear whether the wing or tail of the plane lifted or whether it nose dived at high speeds into the ground. the force of the impact caused the plane to break into small pieces scattered across the a large area. russian investigators discovered two black boxes intact. they learned all 55 passengers and 7 crew on board were killed. it has a strong safety record. the airline says its staff are in shock. we do not know all of the details of the incidents but we are working with the authorities to establish what happened. we are making every effort to care for those affected and will provide assistance to the
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families and friends from those on board. >> russia's in1re69 investigative committee says it's looking into two possibilities: terrorism has been ruled out. two main versions of the plane crash due to the harsh weather conditions or a malfunction in the plane. >> reporter: now that the data recorders were found, investigators will try to find out what happened in the last moments. they will know why they wanted to make that decision. is it will take a month if not more for the full picture to emerge. family and friends of the victims would want to know sooner rather than later. al jazeera, motion co. >> . in brazil, thousands of pro-government demonstrators turned up to support embattled president delma rousseff.
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protesters called for her impeachment. daniel excuse schweimler repor >> fort worth they weren't heard here, they risked the rallies here, we even have people who don't completely know what she is doing but can he don't want to see a coup. >> reporter: many have rumors that the former president lula will address the crowd. >> it should be enough to legitmize the government.
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they will not take away from us the best pest brazil has had. >> this is the biggest proceed government gathering. similar scenes across brazil serious opposition rally last sunday was something like 3 million people demonstrated. it's a large showing. the biggest in history. the car wars scandal indicating busy leaders and major fliingsz including the former president lula. ? >> i am not going in to the government. i am helping my colleague to do what she needs to do for this
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country. >> as he spoke, the supreme court was blocking his appointment to the cabinet. coming up in many parts of california, el nino has eased the devastating drought. there are areas of southern california where the rains never came. today's explosion marks noire day of violence. what the country is doing to prevent another attack. that's next.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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welcome back. a look at your top stories. donald trump's campaign for president continues to straka protesters. i in, three people were arrested and in new york, hundreds marched to trump tower saying no to the republican frontrunner. a main suspect in the paris attack after four months on the run is in the hands of belgian hands. francois holocaust is asking he be extra indicated to to france. the final suspect that killed 13 people back in november. in turkey, two mens are dead after a suicide bomber killed himself and five other people in the shopping district in istanbul. at least 36 were wounded in the attack.
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no one has claimed responsibility but turkey's prime minister insists that attack was carried out by centers of terrorism. before today's deadly attack, turkish authorities had been on high alert after a string of recent attacks they blame on kurdish forces. al jazeera's lawrence lee is in the city of diarbakr. he has more on precautions. security forces have taken including the details of a thwarted attack. they have been concerned the party might use the occasion of nourus, kurdish new year, sunday to monday, as an excuse to launch attacks on turkish cities and istanbul, they had already announced before the suicide bomb that there would be no celebrations and it was banned. this suicide attack, the idea it might be a reason for the attack was obviously there.
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they announced today because of the same security concerns, they were telling people, kurdish civilians they would have to go out into a field way outside the edge of town friday, they discovered a care laden with 150 kilos. if that would have gone off, it would have caused carnage. since december, the first new year since the cease-fire collapsed last july since december, the turkish military have been conducting investigations. they have killed fighters
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kurdish simplians feeling very much under threat. civilians feeling under threat by the pkk. more than 300 refugees have been intercepted by turkish authorities. among thousands of refugees trying to reach europe. today, greece began evacuating so-called hot spot centers on le sp os. this put into place the c controversial eutie deal. the eu will resettle one syrian refugee currently in turkey for each refugee it takes back. opponents including amnesty international have called the deal a quote historic blow to human rights.
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one congressional district, the issue could affect many states grappling with what some call rachel jerrimandering, in an effort to disenfranchise. lisa stark has a preview. >> it involves village's third district from richmond to norfolk about 10 miles away. the district outlines were drawn by the republican legislature in virginia back in 2010 two are challenging the lines of the district. they say they were drawn based mainly on race. they argue that violates the voting rights act and the equal protection clause there say they packed black voters infl
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ininfluencing virginia's republican representatives in congress have now appealed to the u.s. supreme court and one of the issues the justices -- remember, there are just eight of them -- have to decide is whether these lawmakers who don't live in the district, don't represent it, actually can even bring this case. what the court has to decide is whether the lower court was right in tossing out the district and designed mainly based on race or whether the old map and the district are just final village is holding its primary on june 14th. >> lisa stark, thank you. the third and fourth districts are being contested and here is why: more than 50% of the voters in the third district are african-americans who mostly vote democrats. in the fourth district,
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african-american voters may up 31%. one of district has the greatest chance of the leadership. the third district dropped but they remain the largest voting block there. the fourth district redrawing the lines raises the percentage of black voters there it 41%, giving that district a slightly better chance of electing a democrat. joining me from washington, d.c., spencer overton at george washington, president for the joint center for political and economic studies. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. radio drawing the lines can impact elections. >> that's nothing new.
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we are seeing cases possibly in texas and north carolina and arizona and in virginia. what'snique and all these cases have in common is the situation of elected officials choosing voters. it's one of the issues and the problems with our system, the fact that outcomes are determined by elected officials what's important is the question: is race the predominant question or was this just politics?
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rachel purposes is strictly illegal. how do you prove that differentiation there? >> well, i think it's a contested issue. i don't know that the supreme court has dealt with it really well. they have basically said when race is the predominant factor, then it's basically unconstitutional. is court is a little more divided. the court has been divided when partisan politics is the pre dominant factor. >> issue is up in the air. the question here is: the republicans argue: we are concerned about this. one, we wanted to comply with the voting rights act to ensure there were enough black voters here more important, they are going to argue we were doing this for political purposes. we didn't want these democratic voters in our district and as your intro talked about, that's the injury.
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is there an injury in having more black voters in your district an injury that you can bring a lawsuit based on? you mentioned justice scalia's absence. if there is a tie, what happens and who does that help or hurt? that is going to help the voters who originally brought this because the lower court found race was a predominant factor and basically struck down this district as i am permissible. so, it could be 4-4, but based upon this alabama case from last yearmpermissible. so, it could be 4-4, but based upon this alabama case from last y r year, kennedy could vote with the liberals and it cower 4-4 or 5-3 possibly. >> let's talk about the voting rights act here it has been
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altered a bit. the court rolled back an important part of the voting rights act the question is will congress update to ensure that preclearance applies to different parts of the country. it did apply to virginia, which is why in this particular case, republicans argued that they could hack the african-american voters into this district. but again, it is contested. now that we have got a 4-4 court, it's unclear. it's actually much more likely that the supreme court will defer to circuit courts around the country and will often defer to kind of pro-voting rights decisions because justice scalia was not a big pro-voting rights justice in terms of his voting
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record. >>. >> how strong do you feel the case is against rachel geerrymandering if that is what the court finds happened here? >> in this case action i think it's a strong case that race is a predominant factor or that at the very least, the court will defer to the lower court in terms of the finding of predominant factor. you know, erica, this is one big issue. another big issue is: how do we count people for the purposes of redistricting? do we use a total population of the measurement or eligible voters, commune i did that have younger populations are going to lose political power spencer
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overton, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> in parts of california, e el nino has eased the devastating drought reis forking the sierra nevada snowpack. look at lake shasta north of sacramento. this was a year ago. and now, this is the lake today. wow. in towns like east porterville, rains never came. al jazeera reports. >> reporter: dust, drought and dry well did have become a way of life for the residents in the small community of east porterville in california's central valley. in j. c.'s bathroom, in her kitchen. >> we don't have water for washing clothes, dishes or bathing. >> and deborah madrig a. l's background, her water lifeline is a tank in a tree. >> this is one of the extreme
7:44 pm
measures you have had to take? >> oh, yeah. >> this tank in this tree? >> more than half of the people who live here haven't had running water for two years. >> do you have barrels to put water in? >> no. >> when we first met donna johnson, she spent much of her day delivering bottled water to her neighbors. she is businessier than ever. now, she i want just helping out residents. >> there are businesses in east porterville that are also out of water. rodriguez and other gentleman down there that has a tire shop there are out of water. there is a couple of businesses farther down springville drive that they actually closed because they had no running water. >> there is no s tral water stem. the majority of the town ruelie on wells that have one dry.
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>> we are like many third-world countries. we haven't resolved this issue. >> many consider it a disaster when houses are crashing, when wisee hurricanes. this is a flow disaster. for many, he wiel nino rains ha been largely a noshow? >> el nino has turned the grats green but not the drenching needed to end the drought. >> here we are in march. everybody's been waiting on e el nino. you have a pick-up full of bottled water. >> yes. i will probably be delivering water for quite a while. >> right now, we would expect to receive 5 inches of rain through the calendar day. they have only received about three to four inches. >> an inch below average in an
7:46 pm
el nino year. time is running out to make any real difference according to scott rowe, a climate scientist with the national weather service. >> what we would normally expect to receive. it is only half filled. even if we get precipitation in the next three to four months, it's not likely we will see the bucket filled. >> without much help from mother nature. officials have stepped in but only with short-term solutions. from these large above-ground tanks to mobile showers and now, a drought resource center. >> it seems like it's getting shorter, and sometimes it gets a little bit longer. >> resource coordinator carolina says 30 to fest people come to the center in desperate need of help. how hard has it been on this community, do you think? >> hard, you know, people, we get -- we hear stories from people all the time, especially like the elderly people. they are not ing toilets at night, not able to do their
7:47 pm
laundry because they don't have water. we are doing our best to provide immediate assistance at the drought center. there is only so much we can do. >> donna johnson says she is one of the fortunate sfu. they could afford to drill a new deeper we will. that's come with a price. >> i also felt like a survivor's guilt, lie, oh, my god, i have a well. they don't. i felt very bad. but that's good. it's so we will work harder to help the other people. >> long-term solutions like connecting residents to public water systems to a maintaining center or drill a new well take time and money, two things east porterville doesn't have and as the elusive el nino leaves residents in the dust, hope is also running dry. jennifer london, al jazeera, east porterville, california. >> still ahead, more on the decision executives at sea world have made they hope will ressers the steady decline in the park's attendance. >> a young boy who lost his entire family in a fire bomb
7:48 pm
will get his wish to meet his favorite athletes. >> i am meteorologist nicole mitchell. spring, five hours away, we are going to be handling the season with snow and freezing temperatures well into the south. i will have that unusual forecast coming up.
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is >> a move in response to animal welfare groups who have long cr criticized sea world's treatment of dolphins. >> they have been making a big splash for more than 50 years. sea world's con vo versial killer whales. they have long delighted awed yensdz and angered animal rights activists. on thursday, the theme park announce add big change: it's orca breeding program will be history. it's phasing out the shows. >> those conduct which our care will be the last generation at sea world. the company will end orca breeding this year and the animals will continue to live out their lives at sea world where they can continue to inspire and educate our guests. >> after the next "blackfish,"
7:52 pm
ethical questions were raise ammed. thursday's move signals how bad the backlash has been foresee world's bottom line since the film came out in 2013. visitor numbers have plummeted. the company's stock price had tanked. animal rights activists applauded the decision. on twitter, people for the ethical treatment of animals said, this win is huge. sea world will no longer breed orcas. this generation will be the last to suffer in their tanks. sea world had earlier announced orca shows would end at the san diego park in 2017. shows in san antonio and orlando will end by 2019. in spite of the changes, the era of captive orcas is far from over. creatures can live as long as 100 years. some activists have called for the orcas to be released into the wild. sea world said they would probably die there. sea world's ceo says for as
7:53 pm
lodge as they live, the orcas at sea world will stay in our parks. sea world's 29 remaining whales will no longer perform tricks. instead, the company says, it will develop new orca encounters, which show case the animal'snal behaviors. on the company's website, ce ceo manvy says sea world is a victim, making the world fall in love with killer whales. >> we have made them among the most beloved marine mammals. as soipt changes, sea world is changing with it. whatever the reason, it is the end of an era for what some called entertainment and what others called cruel. paul beban, al jazeera, new york. >> nicole mitchell is here with the weather, and say it ain't snow. >> i can't, though. >> yeah. this is spring. this is how most people envision spring. i will blame it on the
7:54 pm
groundhog. he lied to you. i did not. we have had this coming across the south. >> has enhansed some of the flooding areas where we already had flooding ongoing. that's one concern. as all of this gets out of the coastline and develops and crawls up the coastline, definitely some areas that we are going to see more of that snow. here is the flood concern that i was talking about, a couple of storms going to florida. most of that portion is clearing ought. as we get to the mid at larntic, a little bit snow, most has been rain. temperatures drop and everything develops, putting this in to motion through the night tonight, already seeing some, one of heavier snow would be virginia into pennsylvania, highhig higher elevation getting possibly four inches or more, mostly lower elevations. right along the coastline, itself, a lot of places, anything from trace amounts to one or two inches but some of the core of places that could get more would be the coastline
7:55 pm
would be of those. the brighter blues that could be some of the more significant woo amount which would be significant. the other thing is temperatures cool well into the south and that means not tonight but tomorrow night, high temperatures drop overnight even places as far south as texas have warnings in effect. winter is here to stay. thank you. the 5-year-old or famine, but one soccer player is hoping to make it a little better at least for a moment. we have that story. >> like many 5-year-olds, akmed is getting into football. cristiano ronaldo. the one he is closest to is his grandfather because he is in the occupied was fire bombed by israeli settlers in july last year. his 18 month old brother was
7:56 pm
killed straightaway. their father died in hospital a week later and in september, their mother had succumbed to her injuries. >> akmed asked me every day about his parents. he asks me, where is heaven? how far is it from our house? she told me where she was. more psychological help. syria's already -- he has had several operations. he makes shoe he feels loved. thanks to planning by well wishers, he is getting a special trip to spain to visit reeled madrid and visit cristiano ronaldo? >> we have pictures of him. we put it ongology. some guys from the association contacted, call him.
7:57 pm
and making it. and so. >> of course, akmed faces a longer journey. but at least here at the hospital, they are trying to give him as much of a normal childhood as thing. that means lots of love. once in a lifetime. his capitol to be his footballing hero. naddeen barber, tel aviv. washington, d.c., america's most patriotic eagle's nest, you are looking live at that nest in washington, d.c. where a baby bird was just born. of isis recruits. teaching the youth on the front lines. working towards a better future. >> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> proudest moment of my life.
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al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston in new york with a look at today's top stories. >> we don't want trump as a candidate of the election in this country. we don't want him. he isn't republican, conservative, independent, anything. >> anti-trump protesters in new york and briefly shut down a highway in arizona. >> in a few


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