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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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this particular soldier saying an investigation is now on going but following a preliminary investigation they say it appears a grave breach of values have taken place and this is not what they expect of their soldiers and commanders. plenty more on our website, al ♪ the former bosnia leader -- fifth suspect in the brussels bombing. secretary of state john kerry presses his russian counterpart on political transition in syria. >> attacks were relentless and systematic and widespread. >> reporter: department of justice announces one of the highest profile indictments ever against iran. ♪
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city, police in belgium are trying to hunt down a possible fifth suspect in attacks in brussels and look for the man who left the bomb at the airport and media report that surveillance camera in brussels metro caught another person walking with the man identified as the suicide bomber there. it is unclear if this possible fifth suspect was killed in tuesday's bombings and all comes as i.s.i.l. releases a new video celebrating attacks so let's take a look at what we know so far about the other four people believed to have been involved. police say najim laachraoul appears to have died when he blew up a bomb at the airport ap he was born in morocco and grew up in brussels and a suspect in last year's paris attacks and bra heme el bakraoui set off a bomb and was born in belgium and
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deported to turkey last year and brother set off a bomb at a metro station killing himself and 12 others and a suspect in the paris attacks and police still looking for this man, it is not clear who he is but the explosives he had with him at the airport went off without injuring anyone and dominick cane is live in brussels with the latest and how are people reacting to the word there is still possibly someone else authorities are looking for? >> reporter: well, rochelle as you can imagine the thought that perhaps two people who may have been planning responsible for the attacks on tuesday may be at large in this city, in this country. it's one that many people are greeting with great concern and very worried perhaps these two people may try to do a repeat of what happened on tuesday. and of course the question will be also for the authorities of how can they apprehend these two people if indeed two people are
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at large. let's remind ourselves who these two people we are talking about are. we know that one of the people who is seen on the cctv footage on the airport on tuesday, the man wearing the hat, glasses and blue and white circuit shirt and jacket and his device did not explode the way it was planned we believe and fled the scene and talking about this second individual who was seen on cctv footage in the maalbeek metro station and as they left the station killing people and wounding many more. as i say there are those here who are very concerned about that and then of course there is also the sense of the sorrow and the condolence that people have been showing today at this square behind me where so many floral tributes laid and candles
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lift and a moment of silence across belgium was here where thousands of people turned up to show their solidarity and what was meant to be one minute silence was four or five minutes of reflection. >> so the prime paris attack suspect he is not fighting extradition to france, has there been a break down with his cooperation with belgium authorities? >> well, salah abdeslam is perhaps a fundamental element of what has happened in brussels and belgium in paris in recent months. until today it was suggested that he had been cooperating with the authorities in belgium but was resisting extradition to paris. and then when his lawyer turned up in court today at the first hearing of the proceedings against salah abdeslam in brussels his lawyer asked for a
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postponement of the case and given and said mr. salah abdeslam was keen to return to paris. the problem with this whole situation is that there has been ambiguity about it because at one point we were told salah abdeslam was not cooperating and then perhaps he was cooperating and then again perhaps not and there is a great deal of ambiguity here but one thing is absolutely clear rochelle that salah abdeslam is a seriously fundamental element of the investigation, the lines the investigators are pursuing is how and what links there may have been between salah abdeslam and paris attacks and what happened here in brussels, that is clearly the line they are exploring as far as possible. certainly we are, we believe, they are looking into this right now. >> all right, dominick cane live with the latest in brussels for us, thank you. secretary of state john kerry heads to brussels tomorrow but today he is in moscow meeting russian president vladimir putin and top officials over a political transition in syria. he and foreign minister sergei
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fedorov will hold a press conference shortly. earlier he told president putin they hope it will bring an end to the fighting. >> syria and the people of the region as a result have literally been able to taste and smell the possibilities of what it means to have a huge reduction in violence and to receive humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: and in syria today russian air strikes have helped syrian government forces reenter the ancient city of palmyra and al jazeera has more on that and on secretary kerry's plans while in moscow. >> reporter: for the past few days the russians have been saying they were carrying out area strikes in and around palmyra. we also show russian television reporters on the reporting from the hill surrounding palmyra,
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they have been announcing for a few days that soon the syrian government forces will be able to enter palmyra. now, that news broke out to us a few hours ago. however, it is very possible that when john kerry met with sergei fedorov earlier today they -- the two men already knew that piece of information. probably john kerry would want to see more involvement from the russians this the sense they would like to see russia put its weight again putting pressure on president bashar al-assad. >> in moscow. cou courtney is live in the studio to talk about this who has the upper hand? >> russia had the upper hand for quite a while and could say throughout the whole syrian war. a long time former cold war ally with syria with a strong relationship and u.s. had to react to what russia does.
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many years going into this as the war went on syria russia was part of the vetoing u.n. security resolutions but right now the u.n. and russia are really working together, it's quite extraordinary. they need each other. secretary of state kerry has met many, many times with sergei fedorov. what you will see here now as you are looking at the granular bit is a progression of the meetings they had in new york in december. you will be hearing about more humanitarian aid corridors opening up. they want the fragile ceasefire, the fragile partial truce to be upheld and strengthened and here a little about political transition now and what they set up in december when russia agreed to help pass that unanimous vote at the u.n. security council. >> let's talk about the political transition. there is a wide gap in how they see this, right? russia wants to support bashar
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al-assad no matter what, the u.s. and the rest of the coalition doesn't feel that way, where is there middle ground in that? >> in what they say and a thin gap in what they talk about behind closed doors. so in december you had kerry and sergei fedorov behind doors implements a political transition and president obama at the end of the year press conference saying assad must go and it's like hearing two things in my ear at the same time and saying wait a minute that is not what i would assume that is not what secretary of state john kerry would be insisting on at this point. the ground work laid out a ceasefire and we are seeing that. now obvious wil now obvious wiy you are seeing assad going into towns like palmyra and not fully disengaged militarily and they are still putting their boot on america's neck saying you don't uphold the ceasefire, we will go unilateral. that was beginning of the week and came out of putin's mouth
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and because it comes out of putin's mouth and obama's mouth for domestic audiences and the war has to end and it's horrific and unhuman and secretary kerry secretary of state kerry does minute with sergei fedorov and staffan de mistura special envoy to the u.n. holding talks in geneva and he spoke and said look i have seen ceasefires last 35 minutes in lebanon and we are a month now, let's talk about political transition. so it's very much what they laid out. the thing is when i heard what they laid out in december and assad was implemented in february, january and february, most people said was there is no way this is going to happen. it's been happening slowly. it is still very much baby step after baby step. >> it's something. >> courtney thank you very much. attorney general loretta lynch high profile indictments working
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for a foreign country. >> unsealed indictment against 7 hackers employed by computer security companies working on behalf of the iran government and 7 individuals conspired together and ohthers for attack in the u.s. financial services industry. >> reporter: the charges attacks that happened in 2012 and 13 and cost banks tens of millions of dollars and one is change charged with hacking of a dam in new york. two pieces of plane debris in mozambique are from flight 370. both pieces of debris are consistent with panels of boeing 777 aircraft and the same make as flight 370 and it vanished two years ago to beijing and there were 239 people on board. a look at how the republican presidential nomination could
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come down to the often ignored california primary. plus spring storms bring parts of colorado to a stand still.
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>> everyone has a story... and the only way to see all of america, is to see the human stories... one at a time. get to know the people, their struggles, their hardships and their triumphs. >> it gives me a lot of pride. >> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. seattle archdiocese will pay 9 million after settling with eight women who say they were abused by a priest. settlement m cos after comes after a letter which had previously been ignored
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documenting his obsession with young girls. >> some individual settlements are the largest archdiocese have paid so it's a very significant and meaningful settlement to all eight women. >> reporter: cody removed as a priest in 1979 and in 2005 and died last year. north carolina governor approved a bill that cuts gay and transgender rights and overturns a law in charlotte to allow the rest rooms based on gender identity and the law passed overwhelmingly in the legislature and call it discriminatory and stigmatizing. a spring snowstorm in the northeast after sleeping and boulder colorado got hit hard and two feet of snow fell in less than 24 hours making travel extremely dangerous as you can imagine. at the airport in denver people were standed and 1300 flights
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were cancelled and things should be up and running normally today and nicole mitchell has the rest of the forecast for us. >> reporter: the same snow that hit colorado measured in feet has today moved through northern parts of the midwest, still dealing with some of that and we started this yesterday and now through the next 24 hours more of this had been funneling into portions of new england and rain on the southern side and that is 24 hour forecast but still the different winter storm warnings are up especially places like michigan and could see a freezing mix into all of this with ice accumulation and watch for slick roads and possibly power lines that come down with that, truly a border on this of the cold air and the warm air and everything in the middle so again for portions of new england this could be the mix of precipitation, watch for the icy spot and northern parts of maine that is more of the pure snow. on the southern edge of all of this it is still going to be quite warm that is why we actually have fire hazards for portions of the mid-atlantic and how we put this in motion
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through the course of the day and see the snow lift and tailing edge and possibility for severe weather and it's going through the day on friday, later friday we finally start to clear this out for most of us and there is a trailing boundary with showers in florida for a couple days. if you look behind this another system so denver that just saw all the snow could see more on friday night measured in inches versus feet still another late season system on our doorstep. now as we get to the next 24 hours the risk for severe weather on the southern side where it's quite warm is portions of the gulf coast and watch that through today and i mentioned that temperature contrast, if you are ahead of the system still temperatures in the 70s and even 80s, back to you. and in california they are closely watching for more rain and el nino may bring as rob reynolds reports that may spell trouble for some in the area. >> reporter: the los angeles river is usually a trickle in a
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concrete ditch but when el nino brings its rain it's a dangerous place for the homeless people who camp along its banks, michael who did not want his last name used or face shown says the river becomes a beast. >> i look down and said please god no, i hope it's not me or my friends floating down that river, it's very bad, it goes very fast. it's no joke. >> we like you to be out of the waterway, okay, would you come on up for me? >> reporter: police officers patrol the river trying to convince homeless people to move to shelters. >> the goal not to allow anyone to come and camp within the waterway just so if a flash flood or a quick rain did come no one would get swept away then. >> reporter: 7 extra emergency shelters have been set up in response to el nino. >> we set these up in conjunction with the county of los angeles to protect as many homeless persons as possible during the el nino rains and the unpredictable winter season.
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>> reporter: shelters have space for 3100 people but more than 40,000 people are homeless in la county, a government oversight body called the county's efforts grossly inadequate. this is a shelter of an entirely different kind, pacific marine mammal beach and sea lions that are stranded, abandon and starving. the warm water out there forced certain type of fish that seals and sea lions like to eat in colder parts of the pacific and it's tough for them to feed themselves let alone nourish their young. thousands of animals rescued but thousands more died at sea. >> we see a lot of them coming in under weight in record numbers and are all coming in with a lot of parasites. >> it's heartbreaking. they are skin and bones. they are extremely lethargic and our effort is spent rehydrating
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them and creating fish smoothies with electrolytes to bring them back. >> reporter: at the mercy of el nino, rob reynolds, al jazeera, santa monica, california. bernie sanders is campaigning today in washington state and will attend rallies in spokane ahead of democratic caucuses on saturday and he intends to stay in the race all the way to the end even though he trails in delegate count and rival hillary clinton will be in california trying to get support there and won the state when she ran against barack obama in 2008 and lost the nomination, the latest polls shows she has a slight edge over sanders in the golden state. california does have the largest number of delegates because the state is often ignored because the primary is held in june as al jazeera jennifer london reports the candidates are not ignoring california this year. >> you have to go through trump.
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>> this is the new normal. >> i will not take the low road. >> reporter: on the road to the nomination here is the date to circle, june 7th, the last primary voting day will actually matter this time around and the state with the most to offer may surprise you. here is a hint. you guessed it, california. the country's most populus state may be rich in delegates offering republicans 172 this year. but it has long been ignored by candidates who instead concentrate on early primary states. but that was then, this is now. >> we are the big enchalata when it comes to delegates. >> reporter: public policy professor at the university of southern california. >> low and be hold this year it looks as though we could be critical at least to the republican nomination and perhaps in terms of delegate totals to the democratic
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nomination. >> reporter: which means candidates will have to start paying attention to california. >> it's going to have to be a ground game now, a significant real ground game on both sides and my sense is we will see more of the candidates than we ever have seen in a long time. >> reporter: if you believe john kasich's ohio victory speech he set his sights on the golden state. >> get ready to rent a covered wagon and have a sale sail and over the mountains to california. >> reporter: ted cruz is said to be the most organized in california, donald trump relationship in the state is a little trickier and hollywood has been a fan of donald trump reality star and good for business and star shines bright on walk of fame but will star power translate into votes in a state as blue as the pacific ocean? even orange county one of the state's few republican strongholds is seeing the tide
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turn, in 2015 the gop share of voter registration fell below 40% for the first time. still resident eric a registered republican is excited. in early primary states every vote matters no matter how big or small the voting block and this year california republicans are happy their vote will finally count. >> i think it's a big deal. i think majority of the people need to look at the primary and the gop and i think trump is a frontrunner and i think everybody needs to lean towards trump and i'm looking forward to it. my vote is finally going to count this time. >> california can no longer be written off with a dramatic shift like we are seeing in this election among the electorate. they are not siding with the establishment like they typically have. voter behaviors are changing and that is creating a much more competitive presidential cycle and i think this election will set the stage for future
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presidential elections that if you want to be a confident tender you better have a strategy in california. announcer: home to nation bread basket and silicon valley and hollywood may be home to something else political clout, jennifer london, al jazeera, los angeles. protennis and why one former player says the recent controversy may be over blown and president obama gets pulled into performing the famous argentina tango. ♪
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>> he received another bullet in the chest. >> former translators are not just refugees, they're veterans. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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for profit college operator ordered to pay more than a billion dollars for misleading students. california attorney general sued corinthian colleges accusing the company of targeting low income students and low placement rates and the money will be used to repay the students who attended a school and corinthian colleges filed for bankruptcy in may. growing questions over just how tennis treats women playing at the top level. but as al jazeera's andy gallagher reports not every player thinks there is a problem. >> reporter: when it comes to the next generation of female tennis players the university of miami prides itself on turning out some of the best new hopefuls. the hurricanes as the team is known put in relentless hours of practice with a statement from a senior tennis official through the courts and throughout the
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sport. >> if if i were a lady player i would get down every night on my knees and thank god that federer and djokovic were there because they carried the sport. >> surprised that a high ranking executive would make the comments comments. >> reporter: as a player and sports marking wendy doesn't think the comments mean there is a problem with sexism in tennis but says the timing has been troubling. >> a bad year for tennis and had difficult discussions about match fixing, about performance-enhancing drugs and now discrimination. so i think this is another good example of why leadership is so important. >> reporter: over the years sexism reared its ugly head plenty of times this the sport of tennis but thanks to the game's female pioneers prize money in tournaments is equal and having said that comments like the ones made in the last few days could be seen to set
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the sport back decades and world number one williams called it offensive and the tennis association stands for the principles of quality and empowerment, world number one djokovic apologized suggesting men should earn more than women and saying the comments were taken out of context but every time players or officials make disparaging remarks about females the sexism in sport remain, andy gallagher, al jazeera, miami, florida. argentina you tango and a lesson president obama learned at the official steak dinner there, look. ♪ so the president first declined, put his hand up no thank you but as you can see he joined in and danced for about a minute. i don't know about you i think he looks a little stiff. we know he can sing and that is the first lady you see right there who is always fantastic on the dance floor, thank you very joining us i'm rochelle carry
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and keep it here the news continues next live from london. this is al jazeera. hello i am lauren taylor. this is the news hour live from london. coming up. guilty of genocide a u.n. court sentences former bosnian serb leader to 40 years prison. pushing back isil syrian forces fight their way to the gates. ancient city of palmyra. police are seeking a second suspect in the brussels metro bombing. the race against time to save indonesia's