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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ raids in brussels, belgium police arrest six people this connection with the airport and metro attacks last tuesday. ♪ you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha and also coming up, the french authorities say they foiled a plot to carry out a major attack. two prominent turkish journalists on trial for revealing state secrets. the "rolling stones" are in cuba to give a free concert where
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their music was once silenced. ♪ six people have been arrested in a series of police raids across brussels as the investigation into tuesday's attacks continues. the brussels' suburb was in lock down on friday as police searched an apartment there. boxes of evidence were earlier seized as part of the probe into the i.s.i.l. suicide bombings that killed at least 31 people and wounded hundreds of others. and najim laachraoul has spoke out about his sadness after the attacks and gave no sign of being radicalized in 2013 but his family warned authorities after he traveled and the police raided the family home after the november attacks in paris and he
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requested for his face not to be shown. >> translator: he was a nice boy, clever, there you are, that is how i will remember him. i'm sad, overwhelmed and touched by what happened. i couldn't believe it was him but well there you are. as my lawyer said we don't choose our family. it is us who had to tell the police, they didn't know, after the paris attacks our house was searched and it's over and i'll turn the page and what is done is done. >> reporter: crossing to brussels and speaking to our correspondent paul brennan who will tell us about the ongoing investigation and the latest on that, paul? >> reporter: yeah, it's been busy overnight, i have to say there have been more arrests and total of seven now because the total from last night was six and we hear this morning there has been an additional arrest in the district of forest so that brings it to seven by my count and awaiting for official
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confirmation from the prosecutors office and do not entertain telephone calls but has press release and waiting for that. with regard to six arrests last night and three of them curiously appear to be outside the federal prosecutor's office and it's not clear whether that was a cast up in the streets or whether these were people that were actually there and subsequently arrested. there was another arrest that took place two in yeta and one in the brussels district named brussels so a total of six and one more in forest. in all of these the police went in taking precautions, sorry taking every precaution and fully armed and an armed operation conducted directly in connection with brussels and indeed the paris attacks too. there were no shots fired and the prosecutors will decide if there is enough evidence to hold these people further later on today so there will be a
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decision made on that. the only other thing i can say is that through media reports a new name has come forward as a potential suspect a 28-year-old syrian suspected of involvement in the paris and the brussels attacks. it's reported today in dh which is a belgium tabloid who picked up on reports from spain and we will follow that up during the course of the day. but you can see that the operation, the security operation and police investigation is continuing at a pace. >> and with the u.s. secretary of state, paul, john kerry in brussels himself, what is he hoping to achieve there, what message is he bringing from the united states? >> well, it will be a clear message of solidarity and before the bomb blasts that happened here in brussels. , in fact, a couple days before when salah abdeslam was arrested there was a lot of crowing about
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the cooperation that had taken place between the belgium authorities, belgium security forces and the u.s. and uk security forces. it was said that the u.s. and uk had brought very specific capabilities to the table and lent those capabilities to the belgiums and we can only imagine this is the kind of electronic eavesdropping and surveillance capabilities the u.s. and uk specialize in and then we had the bomb blast and john kerry is going to come here and i think the expectation is that first of all he is going to express his sadness and america's continued commitment to belgium but there is also going to be a visit by him with the belgium prime minister to the airport where they are going to look at the scene of damage in the aftermath of that bomb blast back on thursday so a poignant visit and a powerful political one. >> paul brennan in brussels thank you.
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a man arrested in france suspected of being involved in planning another major attack, the french national was taken into custody on thursday in one of paris' northern suburbs. the interior minister says preparations for the next attack were in the final stages. >> translator: this raid followed important information issued by the interior security general which allowed us to conduct advance mission, this individual is a french national and suspected of being an accomplice in a terrorist plan and believe the arrest has no link to previous attacks in paris and brussels, interrogation will close in on this criminal organization and people who are accomplices. >> reporter: meanwhile i.s.i.l. fighters are losing ground in two countries, iraq and syria, the iraqi army says it begun offensive of the group in mosul as a part of a wider plan to take it and i.s.i.l. fell to
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forces in june 2014 and syrian forces backed by russian air strikes are battling to retake palym ashga and took over last and it would be a victory for president assad's forces and we report. >> reporter: these pictures on syrian state television are said to show a significant advance. syrian government forces fighting to recapture the historic city of palmyr from i.s.i.l. and state media showed planes and helicopters flying overhead as soldiers were on the ground and human rights said many civilians fled after i.s.i.l. told them loudspeakers that fighting was drawing near but i.s.i.l. is resisting claims it's losing control of palmyra and the video shows the fighters driving around parts of the city as syrian government troops advance. some believe the syrian advance will be a moral booster.
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>> the bad news in europe and focus on i.s.i.l., this focuses on i.s.i.l. as a military operation as a failed state at this point in time and the u.s. and russia are working closely together in terms of air strikes and diplomatic channels of geneva and this is a setback for i.s.i.s., not the end yet but seems to me to be the beginning of the end. >> reporter: it includes a unesco world heritage site and i.s.i.l. captured the historic city in may and began mass executions and destroying sites. it's strategically located between damascus and the i.s.i.l. stronghold. government control of palmyra would help it cutoff a supply root and ceasefire between rebel factions significantly reduced violence but it excludes el nusra and i.s.i.l. considered terrorist groups by the syrian
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government and they withdrew most fores from syria after area strikes after six months. but this is evidence that the government of syrian president bashar al-assad is still making advanc advances, al jazeera. ending the fighting in syria ended in geneva and the special envoy to the u.n. staffan de mistura wrapped up indirect talks with the syrian government and the opposition but both sides are still in disagreement over the transition of power. staffan de mistura is pushing for a political solution and says there will be further talks in two weeks. >> the next round of talks will be not focusing on principles again. we have had enough of that and i think many valid common points there but to start focusing on the political process and to us political process based on the
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security council resolution adopted by everyone is political resolution. >> u.n. estimates almost 3,000 lives have been saved since the pause in fighting in syria and while diplomates struggle to find a political solution the reduction in violence is being felt in aleppo and we report on life for residents there and talks to syrians and neighboring turkey about what they think of the talks in geneva. >> reporter: it's almost a month since the start of the truce which appears to be holding leaving the market in the city of aleppo bustling with people and scenes of relative ease and calm. talks in geneva to find a political solution have adjourned without major breakthrough and he is not convinced it will work at all. >> translator: we hope god brings piece but if we wait for geneva and europeans it will take us long. >> reporter: others think the negotiations should have one
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outcome. >> translator: if there is some humanity left in the leaders in geneva they need to do something and should lead to return of refugees and won't happen unless bashar al-assad and his gang leaves. >> reporter: neighboring turkey there are over 2.5 million syrian refugees and none have plans to return any time soon. this restaurant and cafe is where syrians gather, opposition activists have different political views but all share deep miss trust to the international community. >> translator: if the international community hadn't left the assad regime killing syrians until today there would be no i.s.i.l. or other factions. >> translator: if you ask any young syrian man in the street is america able to remove bashar al-assad and they will say yes in one phone call, we hope the international community wakes
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up, it's in their hands to stop the blood bath. >> reporter: the truce reduced the level of violence and bombardment but crucially it's also restored regular peace hopefuls. >> translator: the revolution's anniversary came at a time where the civil activity of the revolution was restored after we lost it, the truce gave it a little lifeline. i fear it won't last long. >> reporter: the war of the truce and the talks are likely to drag on. most syrians are watching through the haze and know their future will ultimately be decided by politicians in a distant land. al jazeera. two turkish journalists are on trial in istanbul in what campaigners are calling a test case for press flee from in the country. the journalists published a story alleging that turkey was arming rebel groups in syria and now they are being charged with
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trying to over throw the government and revealing state secrets, harry faucet reports from istanbul. >> reporter: it was a shipment of arms destined for syria civil war but is at home in turkey, published last year by the newspaper this shows intelligence officers trying to transport ammunition to what the paper called jihad fighters in syria and it was bound for ethic turkmans and called the story an act of espionage and editor and chief faces giving state secrets and aiding a terrorist organization. >> my responsibility is not to the government but to the public and if an intelligence service is trafficking illegally arms to a neighboring country who is in civil war so this is a crime.
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>> reporter: last month he and his chief were released from pretrial detention, the constitutional court ruled that their rights to personal liberty and freedom of expression have been violated, now comes their criminal trial. less than a week ago the street a suicide bomber believed to be i.s.i.l. member killed four people, days earlier 38 people died in a suicide attack in ankara claimed by kurdish separatist and the government sees itself battling a twin threat one that has justified the kurds and the government says it's also in a parallel state one that effects law enforcement, bureaucracy and media organizations. >> translator: turkey considers the parallel state a security threat, turkey is against it through the framework of democracy and rule of law and most of the cases are on going and the courts will decide. . >> reporter: at the beginning of march they struck a blow against the movement which says
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operates this parallel state taking over its main newspaper. >> translator: there is no difference between the terrorists who have guns and bombs and the ones who use pens and titles to help the terrorists achieve win. >> reporter: journalists and campaigners say all of this is simply intimidation designed to quash decent. >> they cannot solve the terror problem and impending terror threats against turkey and why they want to stifle and muzzle the press and, you know, silence the critical voices. >> reporter: for turkey's people there are two narratives to choose from the government and national security trumps certain political libertitys or critics that say democracy is being eroded under increasingly authoritarian rule, harry faucet, istanbul. still to come in the program an israeli soldier killed a palestinian man lied injured on the ground in the occupied west
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bank. and with love from pyongyang and find out why north korea spent millions of dollars to pay to cambodia's civilization. ♪
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♪ hello again the top stories on al jazeera belgium police arrested seven people in brussels during raids in response to tuesday's attack. two key suspects are still on the run after bombings at brussels airport and metro station killed 31 people and injured hundreds more. meanwhile a man has been arrested in france on suspicion
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of planning another major attack there, the french national was taken into custody on thursday in one of paris' suburbs and interior minister says preparations for an attack were in the final stages. two journalists charged with revealing state secrets and published an article and the trial is a test of media freedom in the country. now tens of thousands of refugees remain stranded on the greece-macedonia border and refusing to move. there are increased calls for refugees to relocate to government-run shelters throughout the country. several aid organizations have followed the u.n. refugee agency and refusing to work in the centers in protests of the recent eu-turkey deal and dana is live from the refugee camp that is on the greek-macedonia border and we will talk about the eu-turkey deal in a moment
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but tell us what the situation is like at the camp where you are. >> reporter: well, people are frustrated, they are desperate, they are asking questions. they don't know anything really about their fate. they come and ask journalists did you hear anything, did you know what is going to happen to us so a lot of frustration, what people want is for the border behind me to open so that they can continue on the migrant trail to northern europe but as we know the balkin route closed and imposed tighter restrictions and people are stuck here and what the authorities are trying to do is convince and persuade them to go to government run camps where it's much better but people refuse to do that and believe by staying here they can pressure the authorities and eu to let them through and have little faith in the eu relocation program and were told to apply for the program but
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they say we will be here for months and some of us have our family members in some countries and if they relocate us to another country and we will not be able to reunite with our family members so a lot of demonstrations and have been a lot of desperation and there have been a lot of protests so increasingly frustrated not knowing what they are going to do, greece is now home to 50,000 migrants and refugees. >> where do things stand on the eu-turkey deal then? >> reporter: well, these people, the 50,000 migrants and refugees are excluded from the deal and known as the old arrivals, new arrivals are being taken to a refugee camp which are now closed to detention centers and those people arrive on greece's islands illegally and taken to these centers, these people will be able to apply for asylum but there is a chance their applications are going to be rejected and they are going to be deported back to turkey. now there are a few hundred
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people who arrived after the eu-turkey deal came into force, a deal that is controversial and has been criticized by international aid organizations including the u.n., the u.n. saying they are refusing to work inside those detention facilities because this is not in line with their policy, for them people should be able to move around freely and not be locked up but there have been no deportations and greece as well as the eu and turkey are in the process of laying the framework really of how this deal is going to be implemented but according to greek authorities the numbers of those who are arriving on greece's shores have decreased since that deal came into effect. we don't know whether this is the result of the weather but according to greek authorities the number has fallen. >> okay, zaina thank you for the update tomorrow the camp. now egypt has released images of personal items that belong to a murdered italian student.
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police say they found a bag with julia's student id and passport during a raid on a gang that had been posing as police officers. his badly tortured body found on a street after he disappeared in january. he had been in the country carrying out research on trade unions. on the family of egyptian man arrested for wearing a t-shirt with an antitorture slogan has been released from prison and he was 18 when he was arrested in january, 2014, his lawyer says he was never formerly charged and was tortured during his two-year detention. israeli soldier being questioned after he shot dead an injured palestinian in the occupied west bank and shooting followed another stabbing attack and 206 palestinians and 26 israelis killed in shootings and stabbings since last october and
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stephanie decker reports from west jerusalem. >> reporter: 21-year-old palestinian man is shot and lies injured on the ground, israeli army says he and another man attempted to stab a soldier who was likely injured. other soldiers stand around and suddenly one soldier takes aim and appears to shoot the injured palestinian in the head. video recorded by the israeli human rights group will probably do little to calm a tense situation and it's a micro causm in the west bank where 1,000 israeli settlers live around 170,000 palestinians and israeli army has a strong presence here and they complain of constant harassment by settlers. many incidents in the last six months of unrest have taken place in hebron and 40 palestinians shot dead after allegedly stabbing israelis and palestinians dispute the stabbings happened at all, videos such as this one will
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strengthen the belief of palestinians and it's shoot to kill, no questions asked. in a statement the israeli army views the incident as a grave breach of army values, conduct and military operations, the soldier involved has been detained and military investigation is underway, stephanie decker, al jazeera, west jerusalem. a museum with art and artifacts with the civilian opened in cambodia and building and collection cost $24 million but the surprising thing is that it wasn't cambodia that funded it. the money came from north korea. and we report from there. >> reporter: with 45,000 figurines the sweeping painting is the main attraction at the new panorama museum. through art and artifacts the center pays homage to the ancient civilization that built the famous complex. but the most remarkable thing
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about this $24 million museum is that it is entirely built and funded by north korea. the museum certainly has some interesting features but the question is why would the north korean government spend millions of dollars building a museum in cambodia about cambodia. the management here says the project reflects the close ties between the two countries. north korea even sent more than 60 of its top artists to paint the panorama. >> translator: i think they spend $24 million to spend good will and see the potential for tourism and secondly they have a culture in history. >> reporter: but some analysts have a different theory. for the next decade all revenue from the museum will go directly to north korea and observers say this is a new way for pyongyang
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to circumvent sanctions and bring in needed funds. >> this is a business venture and i think it's one of those things where they are experim t experimenting and in need of hard currency and this is one way of doing it. >> reporter: the museum certainly isn't advising its north korea connection to visitors. when we talked to tourists where their dollars were going they were not impressed. >> it's not fair for cambodia, it's on cambodia land so cambodia should benefit in terms of developing our country. >> wouldn't be a government that we would be supporting really and that might be a question. >> reporter: it's unclear how lucrative the museum will be. right now business is slow and at this rate the north korean government will have to wait a long time to get a return on their investment.
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al jazeera, cambodia. "rolling stones" arrived in cuba to play a free concert where a country where music like theirs was once ban and it's three days after the u.s. president historic visit and we have more. >> reporter: until recently this was the closest that a legendary british rock star had ever come to cuba, now the count down has started for what promises to be the most exciting rock concert in the country's history, the "rolling stones" are coming and no one wants to miss them. >> translator: when i was her age i dreamed of going to a concert like this but it was never within our reach. >> translator: it is the first time we will see something like this and maybe the last. we want to travel abroad to see them. >> reporter: the famous british rock band has brought in some 500 tons of equipment and playing before an estimated crowd of hundreds of thousands.
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this will will be the grand finale of the latin american tour and here they are performing for free. ♪ hola cuba. >> reporter: the stones sent a message on youtube to the cuban people with manyic jagger speaking in pretty good spanish saying this was a historic concert and hopes the cuban people will see it that way too but practically no one has seen the video because internet access here is so limited. still it will be an extraordinary event in so h many ways. >> translator: cuba is not on the circuit of major tours so you can imagine and the stones span three generations of fans. >> reporter: also worth remembering for decades the beetles and "rolling stones" music was ban by the communist government and called it
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ideological deviation and president obama's visit was also historic but this concert is less institution and cuba being embraced by a rock band that is a living legend which would seem to indicate culturally cuba is coming full circle. >> read more about the concert on our website al and to find the other top stories. on target tonight maximum mum focus on minimum wage, the fight for $15 an hour and why some call it a job killer here is one thing most americans support raising the federal minimum wage from its current level of $7.25 where it has been since 209. no wonder both democrats and republicans see the wisdom of boosting pay for the lowest paid workers. the en