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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> solidarity in the sent of brussels, as the city mourns, three more suspects are taken into custody. very good to have your company, i'm david foster, you're watching al jazeera, live from london. also coming up in the next 30 minutes. two turkish journalists are taken into custody, defending they say the freedom of the press. transporting refugees to camps, many say they don't want to go.
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and the band has been banned there for half a century, the rolling stones get satisfaction in cuba. nor raids in belgium and in france, as police try to break up the network of attacks in both brussels and paris. two of those arrested were shot in the leg, during the raids. france's, officials say, one man was arrest with the t identities of the 31 is still be established. they include u.s., british, chinese, french and dutch citizens as well as belgians. dominic cain reports from brussels. >> reporter: police move no to
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parenthesis apprehend a suspect. he did not remove his rucksack so they shot him. those who witnessed the incident gave their reactions. >> translator: we heard a boom, we thought it might be a car accident. we then heard a second boom and saw a load of heavily armed police. whether we tried oget close, they told us to get out of the way. >> translator: we were asked to stay indoors tall time it was going on. police were worried there might are another shooter. >> reporter: on thursday, the belgian authorities reduced the threat level suggesting the level had abated somewhat but as these incidents show, the level is still very high.
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the incident at schaerbeek. one of the be person traits was najim laachraoui. >> why did you stop contact with him? >> because he was in syria. >> did you try to get in contact with him? >> he was in increase. it's hard to get a number. >> it was his choice, there were no more contacts. >> reporter: friday is the last of three days of national mourning for belgium. condolence is coming to an end. the official search for answer he goes on. dominic cain, al jazeera, brussels. >> i'm going to take you to the center of brussels to see the crowds that have gathered there around the floral tributes and candles on open defiance to
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those who have decided to inflict terror on the population. they have decided to not stay indoors. you can see the solidarity. paul brennan on the edge of that crowd. paul i know i can see behind you, you have people in fluorescent jackets, crosses on their backs, first responders i imagine. responsible for clearing up after the events earlier this week? >> reporter: that's right, david. there was a facebook idea put around friday, today, around 6:30.gmt, that they should do a minute silence. it's not just tourists or well wishers or mourners, just general people from brussels. all the fluorescent jackets are members of the his majesty's
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service. police officers. all of whom were involved in one way or another in the dreadful aftermath of the incidents. obviously since tuesday there has been candle lit expressions of grief, almost a healing process for the people of brussels and particularly for these emergency service workers all gathered together in this way four days on in order to get together and share their experiences. >> paul, the extraordinary thing about it in many ways is not so much the singing, but the silence as well. it is a powerful thing when you are in those situations. and of course as these people stand there, the police operation, security operation is continuing. we saw in dominic answer package pictures of at least one arrest. what are they telling you? what are authorities letting you
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know at the moment? >> reporter: the kind of tranquility that we have experienced here at place de la borse, the frenetic police activity that has been happening elsewhere in the city, the people are very intensively pursuing suspects in relation to not just the brussels attacks but also the paris attacks. in be realization that the two incidents were inextricably linked. talking about links between two cells, the prosecutor those finally came out and confirmed that for example, al bakraoui, the leader of the airport cell, a man by the name of najim
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laachraoui, his dna has been found, was found a while back on the explosives vests used on the attackers at the bataclan and the sta dfertiot stade de franc. they are inextricably linked. >> leave it there for now, thank you very much, paul brennan in the center of brussels. mentioning events in france last november and the authorities in that country say they have managed to avoid another major attack after police raided a parisian apartment and found explosives and weapons. there is concern about public safety concerns. nadim baba reports from paris. >> the day an attack in
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brussels, paris officials wonder how long it would have been before another attack. they raided a apartment in be argenteuille. >> be enabled us to defeat a prospective terrorist attack in france that was at an advanced stage. >> this is the suspect, 34-year-old reda cricket. being part of a network sending fighters to syria as was suspected attacker, abdel hamid abaod. how can they escape capture and keep on planning attacks? after the brussels bombings, president hollande called for better information-sharing with
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the states. >> if we have this shared intelligence strategy knowing where they might be, knowing how they ask use their, quote, skills, learned, interior, learned in yemen, better we have the capability of preventing these attacks. >> reporter: in belgium, this week's events led to justice and interior minister's offer to resign, although the be president rm l declined. >> translator: we did not do enough, did not act quickly enough. there have been a number of measures that have been planned for some:00 that needed the european union's approval. we can keep track of people's moofts. people's movements. >> hours before thursday's raid there was an outpouring of anger
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in paris. >> the thing that's bringing the people onto the streets of paris to protest, the change of labels, that many people in france are worried about security and more and more are asking about what politicians can do to make them safer. and that's a question echoing around europe now. nadim baba,l jazeera, par. >> at least 29 have been killed and another 60 wounded in a suicide bombing, at a football stadium in iraq. 50 miles south of baghdad. no immediate claim that someone was behind it but islamic state has been waging a campaign of suicide bombings in and around the capital. the man in charge of i.s.i.l. fest finances is dead according to the u.s. talking to the officials at the pentagon, ash carter refused to
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say how, but that he had been eliminated. >> translator: .orts >> the momentum of this campaign is now clearly on our side. >> reporter: the u.s. claims this is a significant step in the bament against i.s.i.l. the killing of the group's moneyman. >> we are systematically eliminating i.s.i.l.'s cabinet. we believe hoji iman, a senior letter serving as a finance minister and who is also responsible for some external affairs and plots. he was a well-known terrorist within i.s.i.l.'s ranks. >> this is hoji iman. he transferred his allegiance to i.s.i.l. after his release from prison. the americans couldn't confirmed that they had killed him last year. in the days after the attacks in
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brussels, the u.s. believes this is an important victory. >> if they are directed we want to get to the people, that's what we're doing, eliminating the people who are directing them. even if it's only inspiration, the need to eliminate the sources of that inspiration. >> one official says i.s.i.l. is growing in pressure. >> this is a sign of a group in retreat and also a sign of a strategic change and for that end eliminating more of the leadership becomes increasingly more important as the group rethinks its targets and strategy going forward. >> it's also been revealed the fengt will aspentagon will ask t for increase in numbers of troops in iraq. it is unclear how be hojiism an
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wajiji imanwas it is targeted. targeted. >> mosul fell to i.s.i.l. forces in june of 2014, battling to retake palmyra. took over the strategically important city last may. the army is now inside palmyra and is shelling parts of i.s.i.l. held residential areas and it haws captured the ancient -- has captured the ancient citadel there. it would be a significant victory for be the government forces. supporters of iraq's powerful shia cleric muqtada al-sadr, tens of thousands
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showed up to many insist haider al-abadi replace some of his ministers. witnesses in be aden, yemen, at a military checkpoint that led to the death of civilians and soldiers. stay with us if you can on al jazeera, we'll have the latest on the investigation into a killing of an italian student in egypt. and the cambodian museum that honors the ancient civilization, you might be surprised who's helping to pay for it. it.
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is is gep >> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> time ogo through the globalh. hundreds of people are getting together in the center of brussels for a memorial to those who lost their lives in tuesday's suicide attempt. tack. attack. suicide raids across the belgian capital in the last few hours. police say they arrested three, in connection with the attacks, two were shot in the legs. a senior i.s.i.l. official killed in a raid on thursday, the pentagon said this man was in charge of the group's finances. now v there hav there have s emerging of a officer shooting a teenager, stones were thrown,
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setting off tear gas canisters, the reported beating took place on an 18th-refor anti-reform de. one held while the other purchased. idomeni on then be macedonia thn border, be zeina khodr is there to see what's happening. >> reporter: this time the government in greece has been able to convince migrants and refugees to move from i.d.omeni. some people are convinced that the border with macedonia will not be opened. workers be explain to them the conditions in government run camps are better but the
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majority of people are still refusing to go. they prefer to stay here where they have been for weeks. for now they are blocking the railway tracks across the border. they are hoping that this will help persuade the you macedoni d officials to let them in. -- the be macedonian officials to let them about. >> they fear the program to relocate them will take months. we are human beings, they say, it may take some time. is. >> there are some challenges in this relocation program. they are due to be logistic issues. the procession is limited so even the government is now scaling up, we know for instance that they are including more
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people. and so we know for sure that in the next days, the capacity will increase. >> greece is now home to 50,000 migrants and refugees who say they feel trapped. people are confused here. there is a lot of uncertainty and the conditions are only getting worse. according to the be united nations, a population of 12,000 people, 4,000 are children and the tejt tents have done littleo protect them from the rain and the cold. >> even if it means returning to raqqa which is controlled by i.s.i.l, they have no money left. he sold all he owned to move here. now they share a tent with dozens of others. >> translator: going back to syria is better than staying here, even though our house has been destroyed and we sold everything for our journey. here we are dying. send us back!
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>> reporter: idomeni is the latest flash point. this is not their intended final destination but it has become that, with more and more losing elosinghope. zeina khodr, al jazeera, idomeni. >> be newspaper editor in chief leaves the istanbul chorus. last may their paper released pictures claiming to prove that be turkey was smuggling arms to turkmen fighters in syria. simply carrying aid. the case was adjourned because occupation fighters refused to leave the hearing, failing to believe that the trial should be held behind closed doors. >> translator: there is a catch 22 situation and there is a political power that is caught in front of the world. they tried and did everything to discover up their situation and to date, the trial we said we
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came here to judge not to be judged. and they didn't want this judgment to be seen and they decided to make it a closed session. >> translator: the decision of the constitutional court is clear and obvious. this is an act of yo journalism. we will come here on the 1st of april and defend the decision of the constitutional court together. which is turkey's highest court. we will defend our freedoms. >> italian student in january was tortured. italy is denying this claim, admitting security forces were involved in the death. >> jeep's interior ministry says gang members pose ed as police officers and this is what they say they found at the scene. identity cards a passport and a bag bearing the italian flag,
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all belonging to julio regeni. the 21-year-old went missing in cairo, on the 25th of january, the student's body was found on a ditch in the outskirts of cairo ten days later. autopsy confirmed he had been tortured, his body beaten burned and electrocuted. his family and friends have been holding vigils ever since, to keep up the investigation into regeni's spearntion ani's disapd death. egyptian and international rights groups blame egypt's security forces saying torture marks on his body were consistent with other forced services, the government has consistently denied the allegations. >> translator: it's very
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annoying and frustrating to hear accusations and rumors. the egyptian agencies are known for honesty and transparency. >> i believe this has to do with the way the police force and policemen are being trade right when they are cadets. they are trained to disrespect human rights. >> reporter: an exchange on egyptian state tv two weeks ago dogs very lil to dampen suspicions. speaking here on egyptian tv. he says, we haven't found a scapegoat yet. tv host responds: this is funny and sad at the same time. egypt's interior ministry says all four members of the alleged
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criminal gang were shot dead on thursday. the same men now being blamed for his murder. miriam nahond, al jazeera. government in pyongyang has given millions of dollars to a museum in cambodia that celebrates the kmer civilization. >> reporter: with 45,000 figurines this sweeping painting is the main attraction at the new museum. the center pace homage to the ancient kmer civilization that built cambodia's angar wat complex. it's entirely built and funded by north korea. the nooum certainly has some interesting -- museum certainly
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has some internetting features, but why would the north korean government spend money to display be ca cambodian culturen cambodia? >> i think that they spent $24 million to show goodwill and because they see the potential for tourism in this area, secondly they appreciate the culture and history in ankor wat. >> reporter: but some analysts have a different theory. for next decade all revenue from this museum will go directly to north korea. observers believe this is a new way for poa pyongyang to circumt international observation.
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>> their intrit "desperate journeys: a global crisistheir. >> when we told tourists where their dollars were going they weren't impressed. >> i don't think it's fair for cambodians. it is on cambodian land. cam bodans should benefit. >> it wouldn't be a government we would be supporting really, but that might be a question. >> reporter: it's unclear how lucrative the museum would be. right now, business is slow and at this rate the north korean government will have to wait a long time to get a return on their investment. karishma vas, al jazeera. >> only a few hours now before
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the rolling stones go on stage for cubans. our latin american editor lucia newman has her ear plugs. >> reporter: until recently this was the closest that a legendary british rock star had ever come to cuba. now the count down has started, for what promises to be the most exciting rock concert in this country's history. the rolling stones are coming and no one wants to miss them. >> when i was her age i dreamed of going to a concert like this. but it was never within our reach. >> this is first time we will see something like this and maybe the last. we want to travel abroad to see them. >> if famous british rock band has brought in some 500 tons of equipment and will be playing before an estimated crowds of hundreds of thousands. this will be the grand finale of the rolling stones latin
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american tour but only here are they performing for free. >> hola cuba! >> reporter: the stones sent a message to the cuban people, with mic jagger speaking in pretty good spanish. but very few saw the message because internet access is so limited. >> translator: cuba is not on the circuit of major music tours, you can imagine. also, the stones span three generations of fans. >> it also was remembering that for decades the beatles and rolling stones music was banned by the communist government which called it ideologic deviation. president barack obama's visit here earlier in the week was also historic. but this concert is less
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institutional, culturally, cuba is coming full circle, it would seem to be. >> with regard to times and that perhaps is the place to be,.at be >> it sounds like a robot. >> researchers creating sounds that capture individual pers personality giving a face. >> what about your speech. >> my tongue. >> for those in need, new voice technologies that over the sweet sounds of success. >> it is funky. >> yeah. like you. >> this is