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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> hello, and welcome to the news hour. here's what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. belgium hold as memorial for tuesday's blast victims. and prosecutors charge mor --file more charges. isil said this teenager carried out an attack in iraq that killed dozens of people. yemen one year on, the fighting continues as the warring sides look towards an april cease-fire agreement.
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and japan gets a new bullet train that connects the country's north. we're getting sports that belgium prosecutors have charged some suspect in connection with the attacks in brussels. thousands of people have been coming to the heart of belgium's capital to lay floral tributes to the victims of tuesday's attacks. 31 people were killed when suicide-bombers detonated explosives at the international airport and the metro station. go to where thousands of people have been coming with flowers, laying them down for the victims off those attacks. jacky rowland joining us live. tell us the latest news regarding the investigation.
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>> we're aware of raids and arrests in recent days, the number of arrests made in brussels both on thursday and on friday. we're now learning that three of those people have been charged accused of participating in the activities of the terrorist group. i want to focus on one of them, described as an independent journalist or maybe bogus journalist who is suspected of having been the third man in that cctv image release from the airport. you may recall on the left there were two mean who we now know were bombers who blew themselves up at the airport on tuesday, then there was a third man wearing a light jacket and a hat, who fled the scene and police now are understanding and suspect he may have been that third man in the photograph.
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>> more information coming out about the victims of the attacks. what can you tell us about that? >> it's been an extremely difficult time for families who have had loved ones they have not heard from since thursday. we have heard of families driving around looking for information about loved ones who have disappeared. officials are telling us that 11 nationalities were among the dead. at least 31 people were killed in the attacks, and of the several hundred injured, apparently 19 nationalities represented now there are plans to hold solidarity here in the city on sunday partly in honor and remembrance of the dead, but also to send a message that people are not afraid and will not be bowed by these attacks. however, the authorities are apparently asking people to
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delay the march because there are fears if thousands of people are crowded together in a space in the center of the city, it could present a huge security threat and there are still attackers out there. obviously this could be very dangerous for all these people gathered in a small space. we're not to forget sure whether that march will continue. >> jacky rowland reporting from brussels, thank you. and in his weekly address u.s. president barack obama offered condolences to the people of belgium and say they have a team of fbi agents on the ground supporting th belgium. >> i've offered the president of belgium and offered our full array of resources in aiding investigation on this attack. belgium is a friend and ally of the united states. when it comes to friends, america has it's back.
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especially in the scourge of terrorism. we're going to root out and defeat isil. this year we removed one of their top leaders from the battlefield permanently. >> now to iraq where there have been two major attacks. one occurred at a baseball stadium where 30 people were killed, and another happened at the air base where 10 suicide-bombers stormed that base in anbar province. eight attackers were reportedly killed, and the other two blew themselves up. an assad air force base is located in anbar province 120 kilometers from ramadi. hundreds of u.s. military advisers and trainers use the base to support iraqi troops. however, the u.s. military said that there were no attacks near or in its side of the base. iraqi forces launched an offensive last week to retake anbar province up to 70% is controlled by isil. so as we said earlier, the attack comes after a blast at a football stadium and that
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happened in a town south of baghdad. at least 30 people were killed when a bomber blew himself up. isil said it was behind that attack. bernard smith reports. >> the end of a friday football game. and it's time to present the trophy. [ explosion ] but among the crowd a suicide-bomber. the explosion killed dozens of people and injured more than 100. it happened 50 kilometers south of baghdad. isil has claimed responsibility for the attack, identifying a 17-year-old as the bomber iraqi government officials believe it could be isil's losses on the bat field that may be provoking an increase in attacks like th this. the u.s. secretary general arrived in baghdad. ban ki-moon said that isil is exploiting sectarian divisions. again it called on iraq's
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government to encourage reconciliation between shia and sunni communities. they began to surround the isil-held city of mosul in preparation for an offensive to retake the city sometime this year. mosul is already cut off on three sides by kurdish peshmerga forces. the u.s. defense department said that it's looking to increase the number of troops in iraq to support the country's ground fight against isil. bernard smith, al jazeera. >> earlier i spoke with a special assistant to five u.s. ambassadors in iraq, and he said isil is trying to exploit sectarian divisions in the country. >> isis is the latest reincarnation that was previously known as al-qaeda and iraq. and al qaeda signature attacks were sectarian-based attacks primarily car bombs against innocent shia marketplaces and
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innocent civilians. they intentionally wanted to ignite a soony shia war which it successfully did. and what we clearly see now is that isis wants to do the same thing. and the main beneficiary of such attacks both against innocent shia civilians and sunni civilians. >> as a special assistant to five u.s. ambassadors in iraq. let me ask you about u.s.' plan. the americans saying that they stationed 200 marines in mahmo mahmood, and the u.s. saying this is to provide security for iraqi forces and send advisers
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for those who are preparing to liberate mosul from isil. to what extent is this an expanded michigan by the u.s.? does it sound like the beginning of more presence for u.s. forces in the country? >> unfortunately, what we're seeing repeatedly out of this white house over the last several years is all tactics and no strategy in that absent broader political framework, obviously the united states has the best intelligence, reconnaissance, capabilities and special operations forces in the world. all those resources could, expended into iraq by the bush administration. but absent a political framework, again, u.s. military involvement is not going to achieve anything. if anything it will be counter productive because those resources are going to only advance an emboldened isis strategy, which is to pull them back into iraq and bleed us
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solely as they did before and also embolden the iraq backed shia militias because they reject american involvement in the country. if anything, absent a broader political framework, which is getting all the iraqi communities to be equally and fairly represented in baghdad and for all to feel like first class citizens in the country. absent that i feel this is the beginning of a slippery slope and many more young men and women are going to die in vain as extremist forces become emboldened and become more and more powerful. >> government forces have taken the ancient city of palmyra from isil. it has been report that the citadel area has been recaptured by the government, but the city itself is still contested. >> activists claim that the government forces are in control of the city. and there is only one kilometer
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away from the city center. so without control of that, that gives them the vantage point, and also probably in military terms they will be in control of the city itself. we have reports that isil is still in a number of areas. but we know that the government forces are clearing a number of areas. to the east there is an isil stronghold that will cut the supply roots from them. >> in egypt the army has killed 60 fighters affiliated to isil in the northern sinai. a military spokesman said another 40th group was injured in raids on ammunition depos the latest follows the deadly mortar attack by isil which killed 15
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policemen in the sinai. at least 12,000 refugees still remain at the makeshift camp hoping macedonia will soon let them in. some have relocated to camps run by the greek government in different parts of the country. aid agencies have reduced their presence due to security concerns. >> some refugees and migrants who have been stuck at the border with macedonia have been moved to camps. 450 people boarded buses on friday. the buss are here as well. they're hoping that they can relocate more people. but they're also facing other problems, not just persuading to leave here. but the fact that there is not enough space and they cannot house all these refugees. there are now 50,000 migrants and refugees across the country.
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of course, there are those who do not want to leave. there are hopes that the border will open even though many that you talk will are resigned to the fact that they may be stuck here. they can pressure the authorities and right now they have to apply for asylum. they have to apply for the euro relocation program, and this will take months. many are growing desperate, especially those who want to be reunited with their families. they told us that it is going to take a long time for these people to get appointments. they're hoping to employ more staff members in order to speed up the process. >> coming up in the al jazeera news hour, a metro project that critics say will destroy a historic pakistani city. >> why ethnic groups feel
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persecuted. there is another big win. we'll have the details a little later. >> first, according to estimate afghan security services suffered a 30% increase in casualties last year. the u.s. saying those numbers are not sustainable. with the taliban gaining ground and provinces including helmands there are fears that a spring offensive could hit government offenses even harder. now the afghan army calls it simply brigade. they pulled out 18 months ago and took their technology with them including vital air cor. >> if they supply us and pay attention to our air force we could show to the world that
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we're brave and we can defend our country independently. >> it's a different picture being shown these days nestled behind the hills where american suffered their heaviest casualty. of a damagafghan soldiers have suffered more. they're up against experts in guerrilla warfare. they control more territory than at any time in the last 14 years. the afghan military does not have high-tech equipment. since the u.s. scaled down its operations the afghan army can no longer completely rely on the use of american firepower. that has made a difference in its capabilities to take and hold territory. that air support is no longer there to remove the wounded from the conflict zones. and that means chances for survival are considerably reduced.
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>> an i.e.d. bomb exploded. we were ambushed. a soldier next to me was wounded. if we had air support we could have evacuated him. with air support he would have survived. >> there is a 40% unemployment rate and many young men opt to enlist because there are no other options. corruption is common in the military leaving soldiers without sufficient ammunition and leaves many without incentive. >> a soldiers should have a strong faith and physical power. but this enemy is armed to the teeth and has support from its neighboring countries. we need a powerful force with heavy artillery, tanks and air force. >> the afghan security forces are suffering rates that is called unsustainable. the official line is positive. >> our soldiers are from this country and they're muslim and
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they know what they're doing is the right thing. to defend our people, to defend our homeland and we have to fight with everything that we have. >> analysts say that neither the afghan army nor the taliban is strong enough to win the war. but the afghan army believes if the u.s. was still here in force it would be a different story. al jazeera. >> authorities in pakistan say they've arrested a former indian naval officer for suspected spying. they say that the spy agenc agent was captured. on friday islamabad summoned india's ambassador, and new delhi denied any links to the officer. it is feared that the arrest could jeopardize talks between the two states. protests taking place in sanaa. a year to the date since the saudi-led campaign began in the
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country ali abdullah saleh spoke to the crowd. >> on this day the assault on the yemeni people started killing innocent civilians, targeting our women and children. destroying civilian households, and closing down schools, universities, and factories. >> at least 25 people meanwhile have been killed in a suicide-bomb in the southern yemeni port city of aden. one car bomb went off near a military checkpoint. the other two explosions hit check points on a road on a base used by the saudi coalition. since the war began in march last year, the t.t. said that 6.5000 people have been killed half of them civilians. 30,000 yemenis were injured. more than 21 million people
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around 82% of the population need some kind of humanitarian aid or protection. and more than 2.5 million people have been forced from their homes let's cross over to the editor in chief. and joining us from san in a. we were showing moments ago the rally held in sanaa. the former president making an appearance. what i understand, though, there is another protest that has been called on by his allies the houthis in the north of sanaa why are there two separate messages and what are the messages sent? >> antiwar message. saleh's protest is what has raised a lot of eyebrows in yemen and around the world because it is the first time that his party has protests in years. this is a political sign.
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first of all this is the biggest protest in two and a half years. secondly, what happens as well every checkpoint in sanaa in the last two days have been control of the forces. so they took over the houthi check points. this comes line in line with the implementation of the solutio resolution of check points. the party of allied troops and check points, it's a major change in yemen because this is the first time that the houthis are number two in sanaa, and not number one. >> okay, what does this all mean? how does it factor in to the up coming cease-fire and the peace talks set for the 18th.
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what about the coordination when it comes to cease-fire and peace talks. are they on the same page? >> they are on the same page, but there are some differences. the hoties were taking the lead and when the time comes to politics and talks are coming in the next couple of weeks and the cease-fire, they had to take lead because houthis say they lack political in normal. so having the silenced partner, you now have a new face where they were once on the driver's seat. but now they're on the passenger's seat. >> but the houthies themselves have been involved in peace talks in the past. they have not stuck, but they have been involved in peace
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talks and they have taken the lead. it's up year on since the war began in yemen. any kind of peace can't come soon enough. about will the cease-fire hold? what's at stake for the people, for the humanitarian situation, it is very dire. people need to understand that they cannot take more wire. that's why these peace talks need to be better than ever before. they need to deal with the official national community while always wanting a real
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lead. the last weekend-- >> we thank you very much for speaking to us from sanaa. remember. now, mega projects may be easy to under take in new cities. put if our but in pakistan's second largest city of lahor there are real concerns. >> this is pakistan's second largest, home to monuments dating back hundreds of years. there you will find remnants of architecture. intermingling with traces of british colonialism. however, the skit's leadership will be trained forever if a new train lap is go ahead.
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what is about to happe it today is a put city. >> it is in danger of irreversebly being gone. >> there will be conjunction of bumper to bumper traffic. >> this has about 26 stations. and it will be 250,000 people on daily basis so start with. and ultimately this this-facilig 500,000 people on a dale by basidaily basis. >> it is not integrated with
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anything. >> the menu cost of this project will effect tens of thousands of people. they have lift her since. this family moved to pakistan. she said they needed to take the money or it would be demolished. >> if they gave us at alter any of this their in this will cut a wound to the earth of the is it by. rob that they need to realize before they embark on a such a project. >> okay millions of locals and
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tour "us" are did. >> japan has long been known for its love affair with trains. this is it's latest effort. a $5 billion project with a new bullet trip that connection honshu to o can i do,. >> automate' going more i woke up at 1:00 a.m. and was tossing and turning in bed and woke the kids up. >> the life was planned in 1972, nearly keg. >> it will now take travelers four hours to reach from to be toe th the new line stretches
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150 kilometer. >> it is finally completed. it is a moment that will help to increase tourism and boosting the local economies there. iit is the dupest operation pal . japanese officials say they hope to. >> plus in sport after a week of controversy, world number one
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djokovic dazzled the miami crowd with a trip. we have details later in the program with sana.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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>> top stories on the al jazeera news hour one of the suspects arrests following the brussels bombing has been charged with terrorist activities. the police believe he might be the man caught on cctv foot angle from the airport. he's suspected to have fled when his bomb did not detonate. iraqi security forces say ten fighters wearing suicide vests stormed anbar province. two managed to detonate their belts. also in iraq isil said one of its fighters blew himself up in a football match south of baghdad. the explosion killed 30 people and many more were injured. the oroma people may be one of ethiopia's largest ethnic groups, but they say they're being ignored and targeted by
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their own government. there was killing at recent protests. >> six-year-old abandon and her nine-year-old brother have not been attending classes. the government closed their school as start of a crackdown on protests. we were here in january days after the children's mother had been shot through the neck during a demonstration. despite eventually receiving medical treatment she died a couple of weeks ago. the little girl crisis and keeps asking where her mother is. we feel her pain. the older boy now understands that his mother is now gone. >> the oroma is ethiopia's largest ethnic group. they have ethnically based federal system that gives it a degree of self room to the oroma people. but the opposition, some of whose members have been arrested and detained say that the system
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has been erupted by the ruling party. the plan aims at spreading development and infrastructure into the surrounding oroma region. but the oroma people have had long-standing issues with the government for decades now, and cultural and economic. it is these issues that are not being daysed. >> this oroma politician says that his community deserves equal opportunity. in terms of culture arising including language, marginalized.
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people are resisting to be ruled in the old way. >> the protests have come at a time when ethiopia has enjoyed stability and sustained economic growth in recent years. analysts say that civil unrest may be coming from neighboring somalia and they have accused the eritrean government of unrest. there is a need for public forums for consultation, for debate on public political issues, for different views. >> the government said it's listening. >> of course, concessions will be made. we are the people. not only the master plan, which is only a smoke screen. >> for this people, their daughter and mother was victory
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of a government that has broken many promises before. charles stratford if ethiopia. >> over the last six months there has been a wave of violence in israel in the occupied and has become a hot spot of unrest. stephanie dekker with more on how this is affecting life in the city. >> damascus gate, an integral part of life in east jerusalem and known to be the busiest brass into the old cit city--entrance into the old city, not any more. the street markets are gone and there is an eerie silence here. >> these days they're suspicious of everything. the situation is really difficult. >> damascus gate has become a hot spot. it has made the israel
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government beef up security here. they now stand behind bar years, the trees have been cut so there is a clear view. we're told we can no longer film freedomly here as we used to. we can now only stand in certain locations. these steps used to be full of people sitting around and enjoying their day. now that is no longer allowed. there is security all around this evening, and there are positions opposite either side. >> many say this amounts to collective punishment, and many tell that's they are scared of any wrong move that will get them shot. the area has been evacuation against security and has been increased. this shop owner has been here for 40 years. he said the situation has never been so bad. >> this is the worst.
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there is no future for the children. every day it becomes worse than the day before. >> israeli officials say that the security situation is difficult to control considering the nature of the attacks often by palestinians acting alone. israeli police tell us that various units have. deployed in the area to maintains receipt densecy. what is clear life has been taken from this once bustling place. >> president erdogan condemned the envoy's appearance in court on friday claiming it was not in line with democrati diplomatic
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protocol. journalists are accused of trying to topple the government. the e.u.'s enlargement chief has described the trial as a test case. >> diplomacy has a certain propriety and manners. this is not your country. this is not your country. this is turkey. >> the governments of bangladesh is now not banning facebook. it had restricted access to social networking sites for nearly a month for what it calls security concerns. but small business who is rely on those sites say that the ban cost them dearly. >> this woman's website is an online marketplace that does most of its business on facebook. but the ban of the social
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networking site has cost him money. >> there are while facebook is done we have to sales, but we have to keep paying our employees and other costs. worth an estimated $8 million a month in bangladesh. according to the government. the ban now lifted hit many small businesses very hard. the government defends blocking the site. after the arrest, the facebook page was one of the most popular in the country even though to control the country's internet gateways is worried. >> the government trying to block content, the good and the bad, instead, they block everything. indoes tree insiders tell us
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that the government is putting in serious effort to control the online traffic. the turkey government is now making a third assessment. the government said that the country's security needs outweigh the state interference and internet use. >> yes, people's businesses can be hurt when facebook is shut down. but when decisions make action lie these. they'll accuse and they have signed a petition urging the company not to supply. it was a business owners may have a watching uniform ahead. al jazeera, tak.
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>> cambodia's killed 200 people. among them were musicians and many are trying to revive their art. >> a tough teacher. he has been a traditional wedding musician in cambodia for more than a half yurt. and he expect nothing but excellence from his students. >> traditional wedding music is my life. i won't stop playing it until i die. if i continue teaching it to the younger generation. [singing] >> but his love of music almost cost him his life.
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musicians like master mark im were killed in the 1970s, they murdered more than 2 million people and banned all forms of art to uncorrupted by any creativcry creativity. >> a cultural organization saw cambodia living on is now working with old musicians and dancers to teach a new generation. but they are facing new challenges.
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increasingly young cambodians are turning away from traditional music. most are listening to korean pop and american hip-hop. but without an audience these artists say they'll struggle to survive. [ music ] >> not many people understand my music. this pairing. [ music ] for now its tourists who are keeping art forms alive. these performer artists admit that it won't be easy to compete against the influx of western music. but then again what they have is well worth playing. al jazeera, cambodia. >> the global markets in 2016 face an uncertain future. there is a renewed interest in
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the technology behind bitcoin. in the past the virtual currency has been associated with drug dealers and hackers. but the number of users are up and even big banks are investigating. we have reports from miami. >> the win ward cafe holds an unique place in florida. it is home to the only bit window that we have. of course it does not offer paper money. it. >> bitcoin is becoming a teenager. that would be a good analogy for it. the industry is maturing, the services that are needed such as infrastructure to help the next wave of start ups is built and continues to be improved. >> the virtual currency is only seven years old but it is beginning to pique the interest
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of big corporations and investors. some see it as a way of trading stocks. others see it as music online. but it was once associated with drawing bills. he said that he has not booked hotels on anything but bitcoin for the last two years. he told us that it a global currency. >> if you have your own bitcoin wallet, that gives people a good understanding of how they can store their valuables. >> over the years bitcoin has been written off as a failed project. but there are some issues. as the number of users increase, transactions can be unpredictable. perhaps more serious is the fall
11:46 am
out that some call a toxic community. >> bitcoin is a long way from replacing traditional banking. there are still regulation issues and for many people there remains a steep leap concerns. >> it is risky. particularly if your' counting on it come to go widespread use it is a difficult thing. >> 2016 is shaping up to be a turbulent year in the markets. it's that uncertainty that may see bitcoin emerge in an entirely new way of thinking about money. >> still ahead. >> this little bird does not know it. [applause] >> the bird, the ceiling, and
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feeling the burn. in sports details coming up with sana.
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>> hello again. time for sports news with sa na. >> new zealand has made it four wins out of four at the world twenty20 championships. they beat bangladesh by 75 runs to top group two. new zealand had rested opening bats as they had already qualified for the semifinals. then came williamson.
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but it was one of five wicked to fall bangladesh could not manage half the total, and in response they were bowled out with 70 runs inside 16 over. well, england are now facing new delhi now. in the semifinals they move from group one. they have hosted 171 from the 20 overs. earlier in deli in the women's world twenty20, australia gave the fourth and final defeat of the discussion shooting three wickets in australia as they restricted for seven from their 20 over. and in reply they scored 43 runs as australia reached the target. they keep australia in
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contention of qualifying for the semifinals from group a. dutch football has been celebrating the life of johan cruyff. he died on thursday at the age of 68. new in 2016, they would win the match 3-2, scoring two early goals for the french. germany beat cruyff's
11:51 am
netherlands team. the champions will play in berlin later on saturday. germany had been drawn with poland and ukraine for the upcoming final in france. for the friendly both will be wearing black arm bands. >> since his time at barcelona, this particular philosophy probably no other team or club in the world has. with such clear rules and such long-term consequences, and that was initiated by johan cruyff. >> the word legend has been used far, far to flippantly or glibly. in my time i could not name more than five or six people who would come into that category, great footballers, and also in
11:52 am
johan's case a great coach. >> scoring in his first match back of his national team since being banned in the 2014 world cup. he equa brought in the equalizer. >> i thought it was going to be very complicated after so much time away from the national team. there was a reason why i'm the object so much affection. today i came out with the goal. but the important thing is that uruguay did not lose. it's a high-level team. it does not depend on any one person. >> it's hard to deal with. a pain in the butt. very complicated. he wants to do it all, cook and eat by themselves. uruguay's plan was this one 37 we knew about it because they're a very difficult team to play. >> the reigning champion rory mcilroy need to brave moles to reach the world match play championship. the world's number three finally
11:53 am
beat american kevin in austin, texas. now he'll face open's champion zach johnson. >> it's nice to be here over this weekend. and to go into the weekend and do the same thing. it's nice to be through. i feel like my game has gotten better as the days went on, and i know i'll have to play very well to continue. >> number one's jordan spieth made it three wins from three. he beat american justin thomas three and two. there top shots on friday. one of the best south korean eagle on the par four 14th hole. his group match with ricky fowler was later on with a playoff to reach the last 16.
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after dominating discussions in tennis, djokovic made a win, he beat his british opponents in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3, but the stand up moment of the match was when djokovic caught the ball in his pocket. dazzling the miami crowd with his tricks. with less than three weeks remaining in the nba regular season, the miami heat are stepping up their heat and beat the orlando magic on friday. the star of the night the heat center came off the bench to provide the high tying 26 points along with 12 rebounds. they would add 22 points and 8 assists to steal the win from miami. now they remain in the number five spot in the eastern
11:55 am
conference playoff chase. that's all your sport. >> thank you well, the rolling stones have made music history by playing a gig in havana that was decades in the making. for decades the music was banned in cuba and considered subversive. the concert has seen coming change, coming just days after president barack obama's historic visit. >> it was a concert many cubans had been waiting for for almost half a century. the legendary rolling stones in a performance like none this country has ever seen. you. [singing] >> entire families, three generations, even four enjoy a free concert compliments of the british band, which has been around almost as long as the cuban revolution. >> i love it. they're an epic band, and i couldn't miss this, said the
11:56 am
13-year-old jean-michel. from early afternoon people began pouring into havana's open air sports center. >> the news of this concert had been been spreading like wildfire. people coming not only from all over cuba but all over the americas. fans wanted to say that they saw history being made when they saw the rolling stones in cuba. >> people like this irish couple. >> it's a changing time for cuba, and it's the mark of that change, maybe. >> and they say it makes him feel proud. >> when i was young listening to the beatles, led zeppelin and the rolling stones was forbidden. we had to listen to them in secret in the '60s and '70s. >> the concert is a cultural sign that times are changing in communist cuba. >> it comes the obama visit by just a couple of days, so this week is hugely significant and very exciting.
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>> so it was that this historic week was wrapped up by an once banned rock band. that is leaving millions here with a sense that cuba is no longer off the circuit, no longer so isolated. lucia newman, havana. >> before we go let's tell but the u.s. presidential candidate bernie sanders who was interrupted at a rally in oregon when-- >> this little bird doesn't know it. [ cheering ] >> a bird landed on the podium next to him. although it did look like a dove, but he said it was asking for world peace. that moment spread across social media and launched the bernie bird. thank you for watching al jazeera here in doha. we'll hand you over to london.
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they'lling here in just a moment. >> from rural midwest to war-torn mideast. she went for the money and found a greater calling...
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>> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america.
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>> isil suicide attacks in iraq target a football stadium and one of the country's largest military bases. hello there, i'm felicity barr. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, brussels continues to mourn its dead. belgium police charge three suspects with terror offenses. the battle for palmyra, forces have taken control of three parts of the city.


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