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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> dilma rousseff's survival in doubt. hello there i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera live from london. hijacked code tro paris, the hijacker gave himself up. sieges of government for three days, given a deadline to
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disperse. and accused of shooting a wounded palestinian. we speak to the man who filmed the incident. hello there, thank you for joining us. brazilian pe dilma rousseff's government, has been dealt a blow, first member of the db party is stepping down. dilma rousseff is wrapped in accusations that she manipulated government regulations, all she denies. gabriel elizondo is in brasilia for us. obviously this terrible news for
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dilma rousseff, how much of a set back will this be to her if this breaks down. judge. >> reporter: it is aabsolutely . the pmdb party is the biggest party in brazil, now this was her key ally party in her coalition and with the entire party now saying they're breaking away, from rousseff's ruling coalition, it basically signals that her coalition is crumbling. what that means for her on a very practical level is assuming this goes to a full vote of congress which everybody expects that this impeachment vote will go to that, in perhaps as early as a week and a half or two weeks from now, it is very difficult for dilma rousseff to have the number of votes she needs, 171, to block impeachment. so right now her people are huddled ar arnold, literally
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counting votes. even before this party broke from her coalition, it was going to be a very tight impeachment battle and tight vote in congress. now it's not with total certainty but ready close that she's going -- persuade close that she's going to have a very, very difficult time trying to overcome this impeachment at this time. >> even before this time there have been calls for dilma rousseff to resign before the impeachment vote concludes. doesn't look like she's going to be doing so. what reasons does she and her party have for hanging in there? >> reporter: yeah, barbara, it is clear her and her government is crumbling. this city brasilia the capital is in crisis on multiple levels. she's said from the beginning and as recently as a couple of days ago she will not step down.
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the reasons are several-fold. number 1 she rightly points out she has not been convictof any crime. that's number one. number two, she reminds people just a little over year and a half ago she was democratically elected the president of this country in free and fair elections. and number 3, the impeachment process hasn't reached its end yet. for those reasons she thinks she's on strong footing and she's calling this and her supporters are calling this nothing more than a coup. using constitutional means to try to impeach her and trying to figure out after the fact a motivation for it. she said in her opinion that's a definition of a coup. the opposition clearly disagrees with that. going through the constitutional avenues to get the unpopular president impeached.
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this crisis in brazil was bad yesterday and now it's even worse because it really sets into motion a whole new phase in impeachment process now with dilma rousseff facing an even higher and harder uphill battle to try and save her presidency. >> gab >> gagabriel elizondo with the latest from brasilia, thank you. a man wearing a fake suicide belt trying to hijack a plane to scypress has given himself up to police. jerald tan reports. >> reporter: one had to escape out of the foot path and the
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rhett escaped down the normal channel. >> translator: this is what we worked from the very beginning. all facts are being analyzed from forensic experts.the hijacker is now in police custody. >> reporter: egypt air flight 181 was flying from alexandria to.cairo. the cypriot media said he demanded the release of female prisoners in egypt and a meeting with his former wife who lives if cypress. but his motivation is still in dispute. >> at some point the hijacker demanded to meet with the eu representative. at other points he demanded to
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depart from the airport and head to another destination. he rose no specific demands. >> reporter: also in dispute was whether the hijacker was armed. he claimed he was wearing an explosive belt. the team had to treat it as credible threat. >> no explosives were found on the 59-year-old suspect or the aircraft himself. we must know if the specific person is being arrested for criminal acts. we suspect tomorrow he will be led to the court for indictment. >> reporter: at one point, egyptian officials mistakenly be identified another passenger as the hijacker. for now it's parking a small victory however, the release of everyone on board egypt air flight 181. jerald tan, al jazeera.
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>> harry fawcett has been following the developments from larnica airport and sent us this update. >> reporter: this evening, all is quiet at the airport, the owner aircraft has been cleared and authorities here in cypress are saying no explosives were found on the hijacker or the aircraft itself. the airport is approaching normal operations. those who began their journey in laimed now have to completalexae it. they need to make their way to cairo. as for the investigation itself, this was a criminal act, doesn't appear to be an act of terror and the man involved will face court and a likely charge on wednesday. they say the authorities here that they did everything by the book, putting the safety of those 81 people on board this aircraft up as their highest
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priority. similarly the crew of the flight had to act. whether they believed this was a genuine suicide belt or not, as if it were a real, clear threat to the safety of the people on board that aircraft. it was a terrifying few hours for everyone but now it is over. now the investigation gets underway. much of it will be about the motives, police sayings they will examine the contents of the letter, apparently for the suspect's estranged wife, justification for him to do what he did. >> a staged sit-in on the capital streets, of islamabad's constitution avenue since sunday. supporters of executed assassin,
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after killing a punjab for security reform. be authorities will move in if the area isn't cleared by the deadline. latest from this developing story, kamal hyder joins us now. i guess a deadline of sorts has now been pushed back to wednesday morning but what's the latest on the sit in right now? >> reporter: well, the sit in is continuing. and the interior minister who spoke earlier had already given another hour, which was a deadline.. after he said he expected the crowd to go away by first light, in morning. he is in essence giving an opportunity for some of those people the go back while they still ask. otherwise the interior minister said they have a very large crowd that will overpower these people.
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they will not use any weapons during the operation and also the fact that the media would be allowed to come in and witness the whole thing. so we are expecting this to be cleared by wednesday. the government is determined that they will remove these protesters, one way or another. the interior minister also saying that they had footage from cctv cameras showing the people who were involved in destroying government property. so although there was an expectation that the operation would get underway tonight, the government has now given them more time till wednesday. >> kamal hyder with the latest from islamabad, kamal, thank you. staying in pakistan police there have arrested more than 200 people and questioned more than 5,000 since sunday's park bombing in lahor which killed 73 people. the arrests come as the army launched a military crack down with prime minister nawaz sharif
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prompting, punishment for those responsible. people have been calling for security to be improved. >> translator: something must be done for this. some solid steps must be taken. like terrorists should be applied the befitting answer, they should be caught. we're being tyrannized. >> our government should beef up security and look after people. this was a sad incident. how awful is it that many people who came here for amusement were killed. >> former inspector general of police in lahor. spoke to us earlier. >> taking place anywhere in any part of the world, there would be a large number of people who would be under police radar and would be treated as suspects to say the least.
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and so has happened here, around 200 people have been formally questioned, there are a large number of people like 4,000, 5,000 which are being questioned and who are being investigated and that is probably the only way the police forces all around the world know how to react to this kind of a large scale investigation, major incident happening. this is what is happening in lahor even. >> still to come. on al jazeera, donald trump's campaign manager is charged with assaulting a journalist. plus. how the sufi branch o is returng
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to power.
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crk tv, crk tvreturning.
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>> welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. dilma rousseff has just been dealt a major blow with the part of her coalition quitting. a hijacker of an egyptian plane was arrested after giving himself up. and pakistan's government has given supporters of khadri,
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executed assassin, until wednesday before sending in security forces. the death toll in the brussels attacks have been revised down to 32. after thorough verification after lifting the number to 35 on monday. jacky rowland reports now from the brussels suburb of molenbeek, where the ring leader of the paris attacks was arrested. apologies, we can't bring you that report from jacky rowland, we'll try obring it to you a little later in the program. the trial of seven alleged somali pirates have started in paris. they are charged with hijacking a french yacht. after it left yemen's port city
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of aden in september 2011. they allegedly quild th allegede skipper christian colombo and kept his wife hostage. the defense will argue the leaders of the plot were killed in a gun fight with the spanish military who then rescued mrs. colombo at sea. hundreds of people have demonstrated in favor of an israeli soldier appearing in a military court over the murder of a palestinian. they shouted "we love you" outside the court in kiriat malachi, in footage that sparked condemnation around the world. stefanie dekker spoke toll man who spoke to the man in hebron in occupied west bank. >> reporter: ahmad takes us through the sequence of events. starts moments after
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palestinians were shot after stabbing an israeli soldier. injured and laying on the ground. fast-forward and a second soldier appears to be talking to a settler here in the back of the frame. he then makes his way to a colleague. they appear to have a conversation. the soldier then coks his weapon. cocks his weapon and shoots abu in the head, instantly killing hip. >> i'm still surprised by the killing. i've taken hundreds of photographs and this one is the most are shocking. >> the front door has been shot out. he says every member of his family has been hurt or harassed in an attempt to get them to leave their home. now new threats after the public works of his video. but he says documenting of life
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in hebron is what his life is about. >> translator: i hope this video will reduce the violence between israelis and palestinians, do widely with the punishing of this soldier. >> she wants her younger brothers to get out of the living room. the soldier is asking about our car parked outside. he does not want us to be here. >> this is a closed military zone. >> reporter: he tells you if we don't leave we will be arrested. since the video was published, the army doesn't want anybody here. investigated for murder which in itself is rare. hold the army in high regard, the u.n. special coordinator for middle east peace process has condemned what he calls an apparent extra judicial execution calling it immoral and unjust. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, hebron in the occupied west
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bank. the u.n. children's fund say children are bearing the brunt of the suffering in yemen. anyone 34 children have been killed and more than 1300 injured. there were 848 documented cases of child soldiers with children as young as 10 being forced to fight. it's estimated that nearly 10 million kids require humanitarian aid. and the cases of severe acute malnutrition, that's where the body starts to waste away has riz frrisen from 160,000 this yo double that. the problem won't be solved unless the conflict ends. >> the challenge is not delivering assistance, the challenge is that the amount of people needing assistance is so big, the only way we're able to
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solve this is if there is an end to the conflict. children are suffering because they have been blown up, because they've been killed or injured in bombing, they are terrified as a result of the conflict. they're suffering because of the impact ton health system. we estimate 10,000 children will have died because of that. >> the death toll in the brussels attack has been revised down from 32 to 35. meanwhile the investigation continues. jacky rowland reports from the brussels suburb at the heart of it, molenbeek. >> reporter: the neighborhood of molenbeek is under scrutiny. it started with the paris attacks of last year and has intensified since the bombings in brussels a week ago. the focus is on a small group of radicalized young men, but some belgians are starting to regard the whole muslim community with
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hostility. it's sad it's come to this. i saw they're poster yesterday saying let's expel the terrorists. when they say islamists they mean all muslims but it's wrong to be generalists. >> even 500 people come here there is in one street 500 people living here. we will be here to defend our shops and there will be big trouble here. >> reporter: brussels had a foretaste of trouble on sunday. a few hundred right wing protesters have marched to the square that have become a memorial to the victims of the attacks. their banner was anti-i.s.i.l. but chanting was against immigrants in general. a tense standoff followed which the police guarded against using water cannon. i.s.i.l. wants to drive a wedge between different communities in europe and provoke confrontation
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between muslims and nonmuslims. members of the belgian parliament have been debating new security measures. the far right party has criticized the protesters on sunday but calling for tough new controls on belgian citizens who hatch to be muslim. >> they have to make a choice or they reject sharia. violence. we want official notice of them signing this declaration. if they don't want to sign the declaration they have to be expelled out of our country and out of europe. >> the messages of peace and unity are in stark accuracy. that challenge is not over. jacky rowland, al jazeera, brussels. >> the campaign manager of republican presidential hopeful
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donald trump has been charged over an incident where he allegedly grabbed a female reporter. the incident took place as trump left an event in early march. cory lewandowski is charged with intentional battery, of michelle fields seen wearing the yellow jacket. trump has defended his merk and says he will plead not guilty. >> the curfew imposed in june 2012 after violence broke out after minority rohingya muslims and the majority. step vaessen reports. >> lifting the state of emergency is a surprise move, from the president, just one day before his handing over power to
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the first civilian president in half a century. en aung san suu kyi herself will be sworn in with four ministers historical and crucial moment in the road to democracy here in moirn. myanmar. the situation in rakine no longer poses a threat. the situation heated up in 2012 during a conflict between the buddhists and the rohingya. many thousands fled myanmar and went open very dangerous boat journeys ending up in thailand. rohingya are stateless, have no rights and no freedom of movement. lifting the state of emergency right now one day beforehanding over power makes one wonder if the military is not only willing
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to hand over the presidency but a crucial and sensitive problem to the next government. aung san suu kyi herself has not revealed how she is going to solve one of the most urgent problems here in this country. >> the world health organization has announced that the ebola virus is no longer an international public health emergency. the organization has urged all countries to immediately lift all ebola related restrictions on travel and trade in guinea, liberia and sierra leone. sufism, hansa mohammed reports from mogadishu. >> they are raising their voices once again, and want to be heard, sufis in mogadishu.
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they have been driven underground, their leaders killed or driven out of the cub. even the zed were not spared, more than a thousand sufi graves were december rated in the last -- desecratein the last decade. there is agreement, the security situation has been improving. >> the war in snal yah affected us. there are -- somalia affected united states. they celd the people and desecrated the graves of the dead ones. but thanks to god's mercy they are not here today. we have existinged before any group in somalia and we will remain here. >> reporter: al shabaab which is fighting to overthrow the government, deems them legitimate targets for attacks. while al shabaab fighters control large part of mogadishu, sufi mosques remaining empty. now the call for sufi to return
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is loud and clear. >> the youth must work hard to follow this path, the correct path. they should make time to return to their mosques and support their religion. that is our call to them. >> it may take more than a cause to fill up this mosque. once if majority in somalia now they are only a few left in a few places, rarely seen in public. sufi religious schools are also slowly filling up. this one has more than 100 students of religious studies. the teacher says they can't accept any more children because it's so popular. >> translator: we teach only the koran. we teach each student according to their capacity. we teach them the traditional way, with a woode wooden tabletd charcoal ink. parents who were taught this way
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want their children taught same way. >> reporter: the sufis say all they want is to be left in peace and return to their way of practicing islam. hansa mohammed, al jazeera, mogadishu. >> much more on the website, >> the frustration of a synthetic voice for those who computers? >> it sounds like a robot. >> researchers creating sounds that capture individual pers personality giving a face. >> what about your speech. >> my tongue. >> for those in need, new voice technologies that over the sweet sounds of success. >> it is funky. >> yeah. like you. >> this is "techknow" aho