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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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south africa's highest court finds the president guilty of violating of constitution after using public money to renovate his home. you're watching al jazeera live from our doha headquarters. also ahead, one of the longest running war crimes trial in the hague comes to an end with the a kwilt acquitt acquittal.
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flashing on the streets of pair as thousands protest over proposed labor reforms. we begin in south africa where opposition parties are calling for the president to be impeached. the country's highest court found jacob zuma and the national assembly violated the country's constitution when zuma didn't repay some of the taxpayers money spent on upgrades to his private home. tanya page has this update. >> reporter: this was a stunningly damning judgment delivered by the constitutional court unanimously. 11 constitutional court judges, this country's highest court, finding that president zuma failed in his obligation to uphold, protect and defend the constitution and so did the national assembly in failing to implement the findings of the public protector's report that
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president zuma should pay back a portion of the millions of dollars in taxpayers' money that was spent upgrading his personal home on things that have nothing to do with security, like a swimming pool, a chicken coop and visitors center and ampitheater. this is a huge victory for the two opposition parties that took this case to the constitutional court. the freedom fighters and democratic alliance. the da has already on this day launched an application to impeach the president. that makes for a good headline, and the fact of the matter is, it will need a two-thirds majority in the national assembly for the impeachment to happen. the relate is that the opposition parties, even with their powers combined, do not have the numbers. so it would take dogs of anc members crossing the floor, and in the past they have always supported their president. however, this country is heading towards local body elections. if the voters punish the anc, the party could see that as some
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sort of message from voters that they are unhappy with how the party has handled its president and how it's dealt with the issue of the president in the national assembly. after that we could see some serious ramifications for president jacob zuma. >> the editor at-large for city press. he says it's not only the people of south africa fed up with corruption. >> it is a massive day in south africa, because what you have had thus far is a very arrogant governing party and arrogant president zuma who felt untouchable. throughout this entire saga and throughout the scandals he's faced since becoming president, he has basically protected himself using the majority of the anc. they're having all sorts of calls. now what this has basically done it has said the highest court in the land has laid the mark saying that the institutions of
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accountability are powerful, they are strong, they are binding. the importance of it as well is that it comes in the midst of a great onslaught on president ju jacob zuma right now relating to what a lot of people believe to be a corrupt relationship he has with a very powerful business family in the country. so it's coming at a very important time, and i think it's a marker in terms of south africa's stand on corruption and whether south africa will allow itself to become a fake state or not. ai bridge collapse in eastern india killed 16 people. it showed the moment the flyover came crashing down on top of the cars. many appear to be trapped beneath the rubble. rescue teams and firefighters are still on the scene. we have more from new delhi. >> reporter: the main concern is that this has happened in a very busy area of commercial and residential complexes nearby. there's also a metro station and a market in the surrounding
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areas. now, the construction area should have been cordoned off, but locals say there were no barricades. they often pass freely under the construction, and vehicles were also parked under the bridge. many people fear that there are people trapped in those vehicles under the debris. heavy machinery is needed for the search and rescue operation to lift heavy concrete and iron structures. they are on the way. the army, though, has arrived at scene to help with the mission. there have been many questions about the bridge even before the accident. it has been in construction for over six years with delays time and time again, and the builders were under pressure toe finish it off quickly. now, politicians are also taking advantage of the situation. the chief minister is there. she's stopped her campaigning to be at the scene of the accident, but the politicians are pointing fingers at each other and playing the blame game saying
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it's irresponsibility and corruption that is behind the accident. iraq's prime minister has submitted a list of new ministers to parliament for approval. they will discuss the nominations next week. he's under pressure to choose a new team committed to fighting corruption. that's even as the iraqi army faces isil fighters on several fronts. we're live now from baghdad. first of all, do we know who the candidates are, and how much of a break they represent from the established powerful political forces in pat ronnage network? >> reporter: it's very difficult now to talk about the names of the new candidates. right now they're not declared publicly, but the parliament said that the active prime minister put a new list that included 14 ministers. this means that he excluded two from the new from the ministry.
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according to the sources from the prime minister's office is because iraq is still involved in a very big and wide way against isil, and it's important to keep those two in their posts. anyway, the iraqi president -- prime minister has it on the table for the pa parliament. the new cabinet is a marriage. the current cabinet has 22 posts. the cabinet that you're occupied minister delivered means that six ministries have been counseled or narrowing with each other. the ball is in the court of parliament. everybody is waiting. what will the parliament do? now they say they should say its word, and in ten days they must accept this new list delivered by the prime minister or not. also, everybody is expecting what he'll say to this new list
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delivered today. some sources are talking about these agreements have been made and have been agreed to beforehand, before he has the new list. we're facing a solution or an exit for this current crisis that has lasted for almost two months. >> i guess time will tell. thanks so much for now. thousands of protesters have hit the streets of france in anger over proposed labor reforms. in paris demonstrators clashed with police. the protests are part of a nationwide strike against changes that could prompt a 35-hour working week. let's go straight now to jacky rowland live in paris for us. what are people upset about there? >> reporter: people are upset about a law which they think is favoring big business and making
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it easier for them to be fired, and it's expecting them to work longer hours for less pay. that's why people are protesting against this labor reform. all the young people who are demonstrating, as they say, it's their future at stake, their careers, their jobs. they say they want to enjoy the kinds of job security that their parents and grandparents enjoyed. >> it sounds quite noisy and lively behind you, jacky. is this protest picking up moment momentum? >> reporter: yes, there are thousands of people that have come out, and that's just in paris. there are as many as 100 -- i'm sorry. 200 demonstrations taking place across france today it towns and cities. also, there are a number of strikes going as well. some civil servants, transport workers, airport workers,
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workers th workers for big businesses, some of those people are also striking today. students and high school students as well. many schools have been forced to close. high school students have blocked the entrance to school. so it's not just the demonstrations but the strike is indicating that workers and unemployed students and high school students are all opposed to anything that would change the kind of working traditions and the kinds of labor laws that france has known for decades. >> thanks so much, jacky rowland there in a lively situation in paris. the leader of libya's new unity government wants to work toward reunification. libya has been unstable since gaffdy was overthrow in 2011. since 2014 it's had two
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competing administrations. one in tripoli banked by powerful mershas and the other in an eastern port city. martin is the special representative of the u.n. secretary-general in libya. earlier he told us he's appeal be for all libyans to come together. >> i would say there are for government. there are two governments in p tripoli, which do not deserve the name of government because they don't deliver services to the people. my idea of the government is they're responsible for hospitals and schools and security for their people. they are not doing this. the serf government is the government of national court on paper, and the fourth government is the government of gaish. it's the clear wish of the international community but more importantly of the people of libya to immediately, orderly and peacefully hand over power. i emphasize peacefully. there should be no fighting. this must go on in peace now.
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the people of libya deserve it. the international criminal tribunal for the former jug slav ra as acquitted a leader for war crimes. he's accused of enticing hatred in the 1990s. he was not in court to hear the judgment. he returned to belgrade in 2014 for cancer treatment. the presiding judge said the prosecution failed to show he was personally responsible. >> translator: with this acquittal on all nine counts of the indictment, the arrest warrants issued by the appeals chamber on the 17th of june, 2015, is hereby rendered moot. he's now a free man following this verdict. still to come on the show, myanmar's government creates a senior role in government for sue chi.
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argentina approving a deal after years of financial isolation.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. welcome back. let's recap the headlines here at al jazeera now. south africa's main opposition party is calling for the ruling anc to impeach president jacob zuma. the highest court found he violated the constitution when he didn't repay public funds used to renovate his home. international criminal tribunal for the former jug slava acquitted a man of war
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crimes. a bridge collapsed in eastern india and killed at least 15 people. many are believed to be under the rubble in calcutta. an israeli military court is meeting to decide whether to release a soldier accused of killing a palestinian who had been injured. he have shot in the head and killed. he'd been wounded after allegedly attacking an israeli. the u.n. human rights chief is extremely concerned about what he calls an apparent execution. stephanie dekker has the latest from west jerusalem. >> reporter: the session opened with the military prosecutor downgrading the potential charge from murder to manslaughter. another few thing that we heard from the prosecutor saying the soldier told the xhnder after the shooting that he killed the terrorist because he sdefshed to die. another account we heard the soldier told another soldier on the spot that he stabbed my friend, tried to kill him, and
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he deserved to die. we heard from the prosecutors that the soldier told his commander his worry of the explosive. his commander didn't actually believe him. this goes against the soldier's defense, which is that he believed that the victim who was already shot, wounded and lying on the ground, posed a threat to the soldier and his colleagues by potentially having explosives on him. we have gone through the video extensively with the man this filmed it. he says that it is clear that no one thought that the 21-year-old palestinian had any explosives on him. you can see it in the video for minutes up to the shooting, soldiers, settlers and ambulance workers milling around in close proximity. certainly dramatic video in a case closely watched here, and the prosecution has asked for the soldier's detention to be extended for another seven days. many of the 50,000 refugees stranded in greece have become separated from family members who were able to take the
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migrant trail before the borders closed. we have the report from northern greece. >> reporter: day 33 and waiting. living out in the open just a few hundred meters from a border that is separating them from their families. abdul is from a syrian city on his way to germany before the balkan migrant route closed. >> translator: we all made this journey because we thought we could reach germany. we sold everything we owned. they can't do this to us. >> reporter: his sister hasn't seen her husband and four children for six months. she was left behind when turkish police arrested her before she managed to get on the boat to reach greece's shores. now all she has are the pictures of her family in a refugee center in germany. >> translator: i die every day, she says. laila has little hope of being reunited with them anytime soon. >> reporter: many of the 50,000
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stranded in greece share a similar story. they arrived weeks ago, only to find a different europe. europe's response to the refugee crisis has been criticized. the united nations says erecting fences is not the answer. people here are still hopeful that policy will change, even though they've been repeatedly told by the authorities the borders will not open. their only options now with either to apply for asylum or greece or apply to the eu's relocation program, which has accepted only a few hundred applications in the past six months. for some, time is not on their side. nasim has been here for a month. he says his family lived through conflict, and he struggled to find work to feed his family. now he finds himself in an even more difficult situation. >> translator: my wife and her younger brother arrived in germany. she's alone now. she has cancer. i just want to be with her.
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>> reporter: nasim is worried it will take months before migration officials begin to look into his case. that's why he's sharing his story on the plastic sheets of his new home in the hope that those who are to decide his future may be aware of his situation. and possibly make an exception. mayyanmamyanmar's governmen creating a powerful new position for sue cheu kyi, the woman who symbolized the movement in myanmar at the center of decision-making. we have a report from the capital. >> reporter: a new bill gives aung san suu kyi's friend was sworn in as president on wednesday. the new role of state counselor would function similar to those of a prime minister has been created especially for her.
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it will allow her to work on all government issues. the military, which still has significant political power, has yet to respond to the new bill. in an exclusive interview with al jazeera, the new information minister says he believes the military will cooperate. >> i'm quite optimistic, because so far they have relaxed up to this degree. then we foresee that they will have to relax more >> reporter: the first working days is about increasing the power of suu kyi, she will share power with the president inmy january march's political system. the next step on the government's agenda is constitutional change. >> this moment marked the success of the people's struggles for democracy, but this is not the ultimate goal.
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we have to go further. we have to proceed. >> reporter: the information minister says amending the constitution will take time. meanwhile, urge the issues like the plight of the minority who are facing persecution has yet to be mentioned as a government priority. >> it's clearly an issue. there's clearly discriminatory practices throughout government and aimed at muslim populations. we do hope they'll be addressed. >> reporter: president kyaw and suu kyi have a lot on their plate. as visitors arrived, she herself was busy elsewhere. well, the future of britain's once proud steel industry is hanging in the balance. prime minister david cameron says there's no guarantee 15,000 jobs can be saved. the indian giant tatar steel is
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selling off the business. they have held emergency meetings but the government has ruled out buying the business. >> we're going to work very hard with the company to do everything we can, but it is a difficult situation. there can be no guarantees for success because the problems that the steel industry faces worldwide, but the government will do everything it can to help and work with the company and communities to try and secure the future of this vital steel-making import and elsewhere in the uk. argentina is taking a big step towards re-entering the global financial system. the senate approved a deal to repay u.s. creditors putting an end to a long dispute over the country's debt. we have the report from buenos aires. >> reporter: one significant step towards leaving financial default behind. on thursday argentina's senate passed a law to allow argentina to a back its creditors.
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>> translator: we have to set the time and pay back soon because we're building interest. we have been in default for years, and we need to put an end to that. >> reporter: the senate vote paves the way for the government to pay billions of dollars to so-called hold-out creditors, a small handful of very wealthy speculators who rejected argentina's efforts to restructure a debt. it defaulted sa years ago. the solid volunteer funds bought up billions of dollars worth of argentina's soaring debt in the early 2000 when the country's economy was on its knees. since then argentina has managed to renegotiate with around 93% of its creditors. about a handful have sued the country for full payment in the united states plus interest and penalties. this vote is considered a victory for argentina's new president modi who is trying to pay off argentina's debt so they
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can go back to the financial markets. doing this is a precedent that would allow argentina to borrow money once again and get the economy moving. stagnation and inflation have been the main problems in the last four years. >> argentina needs some time to digest those that macri has. the best way was out devaluing the currency or without having to make a very harsh domestic adjustment. it gives access to credit. >> many oppose paying the funds back. people close to christina kwifrj ner shouldn't take on more debt. >> argentina should be crying today and not celebrating. we're paying off a debt that didn't help the country at all. every time we take debt, it's not used to build roads, schools or hospitals. >> reporter: for now argentina has until april 14th to pay its
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debts. ipts not the best deal most people say here, but it is the only one available that will allow this country to leave the past behind. al jazeera, buenos aires. brazil's president is again accused her opponents of plotting a coup against her. dilma rousseff is facing impeachment after being accused of manipulating the budget to hide the extent of the country's recession. gabriel alexander has more. >> reporter: dilma rousseff is fighting for her political survival. rousseff held an event here at the presidential palace where she unveiled new housing projects for the poor. she used the opportunity to push back forcefully against her critics and left in no uncertain terms how she feels about the impeachment process being waged against her. >> translator: impeachment without proof of crime of
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responsibility is what? it's a coup. this is the issue. there's no point pretending that we're discussing a hypothetical impeachment. we're discussing a very concrete impeachment without claim of responsibility. there's no point in discussing whether impeachment is or is not written in the constitution. it is. what is not written is that without crime and responsibility, impeachment can be passed legally and legitimately. the name of that is coup. >> reporter: here at congress a special committee continues their impeachment hearings. they expect to conclude their work by the second week of april. as for rousseff, her popularity continues to plummet as new polls show that 69% of brazilians disapprove of the job she's doing. on thursday more protests are planned in a country that is divided as ever and a president who is trying desperately to hold onto her job.
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u.s. republican front-runner donald trump caused controversy again. during an interview on u.s. television he said if the country bans abortion women who get the procedure should be punished. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some for the of punishment? >> yeah, some form. >> ten years? >> that, i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else? >> i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. snowstorms are wrecking havoc in northwest spain. it caused disruption on a major highway. the bad weather is expected through the weekend. now to a story about videocassettes. remember the beta max, one of the first ever developed is about to disappear into history. sony says it will no longer sell the magnetic tape in japan, the only country where they were still available. robert bryant has more from tokyo. >> reporter: now you see it and
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soon you won't. beta max, one of technology's greater losers. 40 years ago when videocassette recorders were new, the beta max made all the early running produced by sony, supported by the even mightier japanese government. then along comes theup start of vhs produced by sony's rivals. the vhs catches on and the rest is history. to most young people the vhs is still recognizable at the shelves of their parents' or grandparents', but the beta what? sony made the last beta max machine in 2002. in 2013 it stopped producing the tapes. with the shipping out of the last of its tape stock, it marks the death of a format that head the promise of a golden video
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age now relegated to the museum and to the memory of people old enough to remember such a thing ever existed. if you want to get more on that story as well as all the others we've been telling you about, head over to our website, is. there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> trump's reversal, the republican front-runner quickly changing course after saying women that get abortions should be punished. world leaders converge to washington today with the goal of keeping nuclear weapons ouft of the hands of groups like isil.