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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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kong to work illegally. the hong kong and chinese police enjoyed a joint operation in february, and hong kong said most were residents of pakistan and vietnam. aljazeera for all of the news. >> world leaders converge on washington today with a goal of keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of isil. clinton's emails, the fbi is close to wrapping up its investigation and making a decision on whether to file criminal charges. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> the republican frontrunner quickly changing course after saying women who get abortions should be punished.
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this is aljazeera america, live from new york city, i'm roxana. dozens of world leaders are in washington today, attending president obama's fourth and final nuclear summit. the summit will focus on how to keep groups like is ill from getting their hands on radioactive material. and they will discuss the nuclear threat by north korea. but noticeably absent is russia, one of the world's biggest autumnic powers. jamie mcintyre is joining me, and what will president obama achieve and will it be his last time talking about this as president? >> reporter: the focus as you said is preventing nuclear materialsing from getting into the wrong hands, but in advance of the formal sessions of the summit, which kickoff tonight and most of the say tomorrow,
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president obama has been meeting with the leaders of south korea and japan this morning, and the focus there is the increasing nuclear threat from north korea. later this afternoon, the president will also meet with the president of china, president xi, and the question is what can be done about north korea. it was not that long ago that the u.s. could pretty much brush aside the bellicose statements coming out of this, but now as north korea continues to test nuclear devices and develop new lallistic missiles, its getting seen that it's to the point where they could threaten it's neighbors, and possibly even the united states. that has been the focus of a lot of talks this morning, the u.s., japan, south korea and south korea. japan is thought to be the country that has the most influence on north korea,
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though it has had limited ability to deter the nuclear ambitions of north korea and kim jong il. >kim jongandkim jong un. >> have the talks had anything on the proliferation? >> they have. each country comes with a volunteer contribution, pledge that's they made to better secure nuclear material. and there's no doubt that there has been improvement over the four years, but the problem is the risk of terrorism has increased, and some of the easy steps that could be taken are already taken, and there's still a large amount of unsecured nuclear material, particularly things like highly enriched uranium, and even radiological material that's used in medical and other scientific applications that could fall into the hands of terrorists.
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and that's one of the things that they will be war gaming at the sessions on how to handle it. there's not so much a threat of a device that could explode, but more a dirty bomb or radiological bomb that would have a conventional explosive that would disburse contaminated material in an urban center. >> given russia's vast nuclear stockpile, what is the absence in the meeting? >> . >> president putin, because of the state of the united states and russia, and continuing to work with russia on these types of materials. even though president putin is not here, russia is essentially
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isolating itself from a problem that it faces as well. so working with russia, but just not present. >> jamie mcintyre at the pentagon, thank you. meanwhile, vice president joe biden met with turkish president today. in washington at the nuclear summit. officials say that the talks were about syria and the evolving refugee crisis. having a conversation with president barack obama. the u.s. dollar, the ban has been for years. and it's another sign that the u.s. is beginning to ease restraints on teheran. it would provide a boost to iran's battered economy. and it still needs to be sanctioned by the department.
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and we're going to -- sorry about the mixup here, aljazeera america has learned that the fbi has finished examining hillary clinton's email server, and that dates back to the time of her being secretary of state. the investigation has lasted a year, and telling us that the federal investigators are close to a decision on whether to seek criminal charges against the presidential candidate. aljazeera's david schuster reports. >> thank you, my goodness, wow! >> reporter: while hillary clinton fights for the presidential nomination, law enforcement forces tell aljazeera that the investigation into her personal email system while she was secretary of state has reached a critical stage. >> i want to say thanks to the men and women of the fbi. >> they have now finished examining her private emails and home server, and they have
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been joined by the justice department prosecutors. today they're examining the evidence, analyzing laws, and attempting to arrange interviews. they will include the former clinton chief of staff, sheryl mills, and clinton herself. soon after the interviews, in the next days and weeks, the investigators expect comey to make his recommendation to attorney general loretta lynch about potential criminal charges. >> mr. director? >> thank you, attorney general lynch. >> the two appeared together last week for an apparent unrelated matter. the only public acknowledge of it, the progress that is deeply involved in the case. >> this is one that i'm following very closely. we have the people and the resources to do it.
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and the way that we do all of our work is independently. >> and the fbi officials, 50 agents assigned to the clinton investigation. they have cooperation and testimony of brian pagliano, apparently in exchange for immunity of prosecution. he set up clinton's home server. clinton has admitted that using her private email system was a mistake, but insists that she did nothing ill local. >> i did not send nor receive any emails marked classified at the time. >> meanwhile, clinton's campaign is focusing on building up her nomination delegate count. starting donald trump. >> when some say that we can build walls, banning people based on their religion and turning on each other. well, this is new york, and we know better.
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>> reporter: clinton's rival, bernie sanders, has won six of the last seven democratic contests, and he keeps contrasting his populist founded campaign and the wealthy donors of clinton. >> i'm not wasting my time, going to rich people's homes, begging them for campaign contributions. >> soon though, the campaign strategies could be overshadowed, because there's a sign that the clinton email investigation is quickly headed to conclusion, whether it's her exoneration or indictment. david schuster, aljazeera. >> despite the email, clinton is still ahead of bernie sanders. the next is in wisconsin, clinton holds a slight lead,. donald trump is backtracking after controversial comments he made about abortion. during an interview with nbc's
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chris matthews, trump said women should be punished for getting abortions. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? >> the answer that some form. >> for the woman? >> it has to be. >> what? >> that, i don't know. >> he said abortion providers, not women, should be picked. presidential candidates jumped on trump. hillary clinton tweeted, just when you thought it couldn't get worse. ted cruz said once again, donald trump demonstrated that he hasn't seriously thought through the issues. he'll say anything just to get attention. meanwhile, the market law school survey: violence in chicago reaches
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violence unseen in two decades. the statistics, 135 homicides in the first quarter of 2016. that's a 27% jump from last year. it was up 73% last year. >> want city is on course to to 500 homicides this year, for the second time since 2008 proliferation of guns has helped the violence. rohm eman yell has appointed a 27 year veteran and chicago native, interim superintendent, disregarded by the chicago police board. and he called on him to restart the search.
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jason van dyke has been suspended by the department, accused of shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times in 2014. the shooting, captured on video, prompted mass demonstrations and a civil rights probe of the chicago police department. people in oklahoma are assessing damage of severe storms that spawned at least one tornado. seven people were injured in the tulsa area. roofs were ripped off of businesses and trees and power lines are littering the streets. let's bring in nicole mitchell for more. >> reporter: yesterday was a big day for severe weather. and today could be the same. and there's a risk of severe weather. all of the places in green, we have different watches, and the reds, we have actually seen some of the flooding and the warning areas that we have had. all of that moisture from the
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great lakes to the gulf coast will continue to spread to the east through the course of the day, but also the severe weather. hail is a primary threat just like it was yesterday. and we'll see that, and the oranges are some of the best chances for the severe weather. but there will once again be the isolated tornadoes, so watch closely for that and keep an eye on the sky. by tomorrow, it shifts eastward, and the risk lessens a little bit. but still on the west coast is goineast coast is going to be te concern. the moisture hits the east coast tonight, and stays in place by friday, and some of that lingering moisture in the south, the tail end of that boundary lasts for a couple of days, and more flood concerns. by saturday, more clears out and a lot of places will have a pretty quiet weekend, especially in comparison for the next couple of days.
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all you need is the warm temperatures, 70s and 80s, but some of that mild air extends up the coastline, with a lot of 70s, and a 10-20-degree drop behind the system. back to you. >> up next, some of the top female stars are victims of wage discrimination. and plans to develop the grand canyon.
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>> the u.s. women's soccer team has a wage discrimination in place. the women's team has is paid four times less than the men's team. five players have filed on behalf of the whole team. and the federation is disappoint by the complaint. >> . developers want to build a tram on the floor of the grand canyon. jennifer london has the
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reaction. >> leave it as it is. words made famous by president teddy roosevelt when he designated the grand canyon in 1908. it was later declared a national heritage site and one of the wonders of the world. it tracts 5 million visitors a year. the south rim is main the tourist side. but now eyes are turning to the east rim, seen here from the desert view lookout. if developers get their way, the view won't look like this anymore. package a massive commercial center perched across the canyon, it would bring hotels, restaurants, an imax theater, shops, tram, to a pristine area of the canyon, untouched by
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tourists. the canyon belongs to the people of the navajo nation. >> the whole canyon for me is a representation for me of who i am, and where i come from. >> when she first heard about the project, she thought it was a cruel joke. >> development. when i first heard about it through our local newspaper, the drawings, the tram will go down to the bottom. and i looked at it and opened the newspaper and laughed. it's hilarious, somebody is playing a joke. >> you didn't think it was real? >> i didn't think it was real. i thought it was like the onion news, or something laughable. >> why didn't you think it was real? >> because it's unfathomable to dig into the heart of the site of the canyon, to put in towers, to develop an area where i go to pray.
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i laughed in disbelief but the more i read, i got angry. don't they know, this is the heart of our sacred places? >> the developers say that the projects will bring jobs and prosperity to an area in desperate need of economic rescue. two past navajo presidents have thrown their support behind the project. but the current tribal leadership won't talk to aljazeera. on the project website, you can hear testimonials from tribe members. >> i am ten, i like the grand canyon project because it means a better life. >> this project directly effects our people, and it will bring people from all over the world to experience the navajo culture. >> what is that? >> but opposition among many tribe members, like renee yellowhorse is fierce.
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they accuse developers of misleading promises. >> they came in, opened the door and came in, and said we're going to do this and cram it down your throat, whether you like it or not. you don't desecrate your most sacred places and expect the people to be appreciative of that. you don't go to the sistine chapel and set up a ferris wheel, and then only give 8 cents on the dollar to the pope. >> we were hoping to speak with the developers about the controversy and the criticism that the escalade project will forever alter the natural beauty of the canyon and the river, but they declined to make themselves available while we were here. we did have the chance to talk with the park superintendent, dave uraga. >> our fundamental concern is that it degrades the overall experience.
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the views will be impaired with the development within sight of 30% of the park where the visitors come. the night sky will be jeopardized. there's no water in this place that they have designated in the place for the development. >> how do you balance the need to protect something like the grand canyon, but also with the need to develop it, and make it accessible to people? how do you balance those two things? >> other than a few parking lots and a transportation system, this place is, and you can look around, this place is what it is in the early 1900s, so what they have seen for the last 85 to 100 years, is what people will come to experience, and it's what's behind us that's the most important. >> the timeline for the escalade project is unclear, but one of the biggest points of contention is the proposed tram. the canyon is sacred to the tribes, and special for visitors because it's so remote and isolated. if you want to journey to the
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canyon, you have a couple of have a couple of options, by mule, four or five hours or hike down, and that takes a day one way. the proposed tram would take 10,000 people per day from the rim to the river in a matter of minutes. >> not everybody can go to the bottom of the grand canyon, to those places, and we tried to provide a full spectrum, and what was proposed by the developers in the escalade project was an angle to get this many people down to the bottom of the grand canyon. >> it should not be built. not because we say so, but because it's our mother, it's the grand canyon. >> aljazeera, grand canyon, arizona. >> a music mecca singing its swan song. why the legendary studio, foo
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fighters and coldplay and david bowie, is shutting it's doors. and sony sells the last of the tapes that pioneered the era of home video.
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>> the beta max tape, you could call it a video dinosaur, and now it's becoming extinct. >> now you see it, and soon you won't. beta max, one of technology's greatest losers. 40 years ago, when video cass he want recorders were new, and they were looking for a standard tape size, beta max, produced by sony, and the even mightier japanese government. and then along comes the up start, vhs, pronounce bid all of sony's rivals. the vhs catches on, and the rest is history. vhs is still recognizable, on
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the shelves of their parents or even grandparents. sony made its last beta max machine in 2002. in 2013, it stopped produce being the tapes, and now it marks the death after a format that has held in a golden video age. now relegated to the museum and the memory of people old enough to remember. >> the new york music studio, where david bowie recorded his final two albums before his death is shutting down today. other art visits have recorded at the magic shop in soho, the good times and the bad. >> hi, i'm steve rosenthal.
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and i'm the owner of music shop in new york city. when i started, and i built the studio in '87, the whole concept was that people would play in a room. and what comes out of the interaction is the record. this wall is kind of representative of the kind of records that gotten made over the years. one of the highlights was doing a james bond here, two lou reed, two suzanne vega, two natalie merchant records, and it has been very eclectic and really fun. ♪ having david bowie in the magic shop was an amazing experience. the thing was, he really wanted to be able to go to work without being bothered, and he
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wanted to be able to be here and concentrate. none of us said boo about it. and it's something that i'm really really proud of, that we were able to keep the secret, to be able to sort of deal with your own mortality and create art, it's pretty extraordinary. well, i think that the music industry itself is obviously very troubled. the climate of the music business has impacted very seriously my studio business, and the budgets have really declined. also, the way technology allows people to make music in their house and all of that stuff. >> nice to see you, how's it going? >> nice to have you. >> my pleasure, they're coming into work now. i have to be out at the end of march, but i have to learn to deal with it. i've been coming here for 28 years, and that's a long time. >> thank you for joining us, the news continues next live from
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>> a car bomb in south eastern turkey targets security forces killing at least seven people. ♪ good to have your company. watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in this program, iraq's leader calls off a sit in by his supporters. after the country's prime minister names new ministers for his cabin. a bridge billion built collapses killing at least 21 and trapping many more. south africa's president zuma found guilty of