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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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the strength here is that because we have extensive network people with us and actually shannon with. them. these are by far the strongest measures ever and post on north korea being united nations security council approves a new sanctions targeting north korea and its nuclear program. about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the search for
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survivors begins in the florida keys where officials fear a humanitarian crisis and the aftermath of hurricane. britain's parliament not only votes in favor of key legislation to start its brags it from the european union. britain and sweden to seek a u.n. meeting on the rohingya crisis a day after its human rights chief denounced me in modern. united nations security council has approved a new set of sanctions aimed at north korea's nuclear program the sanctions include a ban on all countries hiring north korean workers and importing textiles from the country to major sources of foreign currency but the u.s. has had to water down its draft resolution to win support from russia and china it had wanted to ban all oil and natural gas exports to north korea but it's had to
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settle for a reduction in fuel supplies the original draft included a freeze on all foreign financial assets of the government and its leader kim jong un as well as a travel ban. well the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said the new sanctions mark a big increase in pressure on north korea previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we're done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop that from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing with china's urged the u.s. to reduce its presence in the region. the strengthening of military deployment
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on the korean peninsula and the goal of denuclearization and peace and stability run counter to each other the deployment of the fat anti missile system severely undermines the regional strategic balance it undermines the strategic security interests of many countries china included china strongly urge is relevant parties to hold its deployment and remove related equipment when he's going to be joining us from seoul with the south korean perspective in adrian brown's in dandong that china's border with north korea but first let's go to our diplomatic editor james bays of the united nations james as we were hearing there of course is a unanimous vote but still a lot of ground separating the u.s. view of how these sanctions and china and russia's view as well very keen that there should still be some negotiation. yeah the u.s. ambassador nikki haley got what she wanted a unanimous vote but she had to weaken her resolution in order to get the u.s.
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had an original draft of this resolution which had tougher language tougher measures in it and they knew in the end that they're not going to get it passed the chinese and the russians and even though they supported this resolution china and russia made it very clear that they don't believe that everything is being done that should be done yes there's some tougher sanctions now but both countries and they're pretty much on the same page here believe there are other things that have to happen some that the trumpet ministration won't like removing that fired missile defense system stopping any military exercises involving the u.s. and south korea stopping any talk of regime change and starting fresh talks worth noting that ambassador hailey at the end of her speech did what diplomats call off for an off ramp for the north koreans saying that north korea had not popped past the point of no return and suggesting there could be some sort
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of talks and james of course is worth noting that although the vote on the sanctions has gone ahead it doesn't mean to say they're going to kick in tomorrow it's going to take a long period of time for these sanctions to get put into place. yes it takes time to actually put them into place and start them operating and then it takes some time considerable time perhaps for the sanctions to have an effect on north korea now it's worth noting that sanctions on north korea have been in place for years and these are cumulative sanctions you add more and more and more but they've not changed north korea's behavior and you just look back a couple of years ago when i was covering this situation and there would be a provocation from north korea the security council after some time of deliberation would act and then north korea would go quiet for weeks maybe months well that's not been the pattern since it seems about the start of the trumpet ministration
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you've had north korean action security council reaction and then almost immediately more defiant north korean action and the pace has been speeding up james for now thanks very much indeed while we're in the hague has the latest south korea reaction from seoul and of course. north korea had warned of repercussions of these sanctions when their head how is that being interpreted in south korea. well i think in south korea certainly the government the defense ministry has been on heightened alert for some time now just a few days ago they released some information through their intelligence sources that seemed to indicate that north korea was preparing for another ballistic missile launch at any moment quite possibly an internet intercontinental ballistic missile which of course causes great concern there was some expectation that that may happen on saturday which was foundation in a day in north korea that did not happen so there will be
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a concern that given these united nations security council resolutions have been adopted that perhaps north korea will respond with some sort of action like a missile test and it did certainly threaten to respond yesterday on monday we saw another strongly worded statement full of fiery rhetoric coming out from pyongyang from the korean central news agency the official news agency warning that there will be a response should the united states continue to push for tougher sanctions through the united nations security council so as james mentioned we seem to be stuck in this seemingly endless cycle of provocation condemnation and really there is no sign of either side the united states and south korea combined or north korea backing down from their stated positions we're in for now thanks very much indeed let's talk to adrian brown he's dong on china's border with north korea and adrian it seems as though the key to all of this is how china is going to support these
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sanctions. yes once more the burden of sanctions falls on china's shoulders of course in the past there have been accusations of china backsliding not doing enough to enforce sanctions against north korea because china's role is so key it accounts for the bulk of north korea's trade and most of that trade passes through the same. dandong now on monday it was very much business as usual empty trucks were coming across the border into china from north korea those trucks were returning fully laden we managed to look inside the customs yard here in dun dong and we saw lorries laden with really of a variety an eclectic array of cargoes proof that these sanctions don't cover a lot of what china is able to continue sending to north korea things like you know building materials and food now china of course has been against the idea of
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cutting off the oil to north korea so it will be relieved but that is not going to happen now the oil will continue to be pumped underground into north korea they'll only be a slight reduction and also a slight reduction in refined petroleum products now china has always insisted that you know sanctions in themselves will not work it favors negotiation and diplomacy and i think essentially the u.n. security council said fine you take the lead now you try and resolve this crisis if you don't feel sanctions are working now a short time ago the ministry of foreign affairs issued a brief statement saying that it hopes that sanctions can be fully implemented without in a sense is china talking to itself because as i say the onus is on china to generally enforce most of these sanctions and it also wants more restated its opposition to the third anti missile defense system that of course is something in many ways that china fears more than even what north korea has been doing in recent weeks and adrian you je the chinese ambassador to the u.n.
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whom we heard speaking after that unanimous vote at the security council also talked about the fears that china has of regime change in north korea why is china so concerned about regime change there. well i think it has to be said that i think kim jong un knows full well that china's leaders do not want his regime to collapse because. what would happen you could have hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across this border swimming across this very river into china creating all sorts of instability and then you have the prospect of a united democratic south korea and also the possibility of u.s. military bases right on china's border and that really would be the doomsday scenario for china's leaders. adrian brown live for us in diamond dong on the china north korea border thank you very much indeed. what has been known as hurricane has
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now weakened to a tropical storm as it made landfall in the u.s. mainland at least eight people have died in the u.s. and dozens more in the caribbean along this destructive path people in the state of florida are beginning to assess the damage. reports from tampa. the search for survivors begins in the florida keys where fishes fear a humanitarian crisis and untold number of people defied evacuation orders ahead of him as a rival despite warnings and staying would be suicide. was lifted by the storm surge and carried across the highway one and posited about one hundred meters from where ridge line came from as the florida death toll rises in other parts of the state have begun to clean up the storm a category four hurricane at its first u.s. landfall left a trail of destruction from miami to naples further to the north the city of tampa
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is breathing a huge sigh of relief the extent of irma's damage here some downed walls some trees and power lines now this is the best case scenario for this vulnerable region of bays and more drainage that had originally been forecast to be in the bull's eye of the storm but instead east. but the sheer mass of the storm meant no florida city was safe police in orlando had to quickly evacuate some neighborhoods and life threatening flooding continues in jacksonville a disaster declaration covers the entire state of florida you say that everybody is going to work hard think about it is we got to keep everybody safe we've got to get we've got to get our hospitals back open we got to get our fuel back here we've got to get our roads open. their electricity back and i can't tell you it's not working with the majority of the state still without power life in florida may not return
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to normal for days or weeks meanwhile still look how awful tropical storm continues to churn north causing flooding in south carolina and beyond i did your castro al-jazeera tampa florida. well before hitting florida cut a path of devastation across the caribbean john holeman is in the island of antigua he's joining us now live joining give us some indication of what the situation is like then. well since hurricane it i'm a hit and there's been lots of people evacuated from here on the island the venti were at the moment people are actually just registering for a meeting really with the prime minister with lots of different people to try and tell them what they can do next but people on this island suffered horrifying losses many of them their houses their livelihoods we're here now with frances and
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i just want to thank you karl for speaking to us at this point thank you karl also lost his son in the hurricane along with the only casualty here in. this thank you so much for talking to us can you give us a sense of what the plan is now and how you're feeling after all of this. i expressed my feelings. i would think me were. the prime minister. which i. mean with certain things. so i just what they are going to us is my weight loss to almost one. hundred. twelve and the next one is. my twenty. i have my life. which is close to me very close to me.
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nobody know what we are doing to stop. fucking. nobody. but we over here yes we back away from. yes but. how we got this of i will be yes you will give us to. put us up. and so but. you cannot know it with the money because you need money to help you. i have love the one of my good friend give me. the money. but. to make sure that everything will work properly for me and my family and the rest of us in love you know because it's.
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just amazing into. israel we had that. you've lost something and all of our sympathies from the channel about this that can't be replaced but you also you were telling me that you work with an electrician many people on the island as well working as fishermen are working the tourism industry will be looking as well for what they're going to do you know in terms of their. because. the boss. asked. the board's. head. with. everything. you know with nobody no one. to. thank you so much for speaking to us we appreciate it so very real sense from paul
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about what's been lost in this current kind of. have to be made trying. something that can't be replaced but there will be others that the government is now in this meeting going to try and work out the strategy after trying to get back . john thanks very much and. still ahead on. prime minister makes his first visit to argentina we take a closer look at the issues facing the jewish community there. from the sky. to the french. for hong kong over the next couple of days accounts a the same for good parts of southern china. from the southwest. of the
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country some live possibility here that getting up to thirty five degrees thirty three with the possibility of some of that what's weather just sinking in to the far south east of china is going to meet up with tropical storm it'll be a typhoon by the states. mind you this is tally minutes making its way towards taiwan and that will bring some very wet and windy weather in across the region through the second half of the week but a wet and windy weather also making its way into the philippines big massive cloud coming in across the islands here that we will see some rather lively showers extending across a good part of the region as we go on through tuesday as lively showers staying in place then through tuesday on into wednesday and certainly across lose on it looks particularly wet joining up with the heavy showers that we can also expect to see across the good parts of northern borneo the wet weather meanwhile continues across central and southern parts of india still plenty of cloud in the forecast here lots
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of cloud to into bangladesh the far north east of india where the possibility of flooding too for me and my. the weather sponsored by cateye mace. a clandestine world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors are selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings must use in the middle east don't sell don't that's one quick solution trafficking at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching i'll just say well here's a quick reminder of our top stories the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea they severely restrict fuel supplies and blocks north korea textile exports and also ban foreign countries from hiring north korean workers what's been known as hurrican has now weakened to a tropical storm after it ravaged through the florida keys in the u.s. northeastern florida is now facing flash floods as the storm heads out of the state towards georgia. the british parliament has passed a controversial bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create new laws the government says it's essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly critics say it will dramatically undermine a parliamentary democracy in britain lawrence live reports from westminster.
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there are still those who demand the u.k. remains in the european union but judging by these tiny protests outside parliament increasingly few believe it's actually possible. that the basin votes were just one stage of an enormous process albeit an extremely important one the government's wants to hand power to ministers to be able to change e.u. laws into british ones without consulting parliaments many opposition politicians say that is a threat to democracy but a notable number who support breck's it voted not with their party but with the government's they said must be made to happen i knew it would become precocious and i knew it would be difficult and i knew we would see something of what we're seeing now which is a real reaction from those people who prefer the european union to make our laws rather than the people of the united kingdom and there will be i find i'm sure turn this bill into one the ruling conservatives ordered every single m.p.
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to toe the line even the most passionate pro europeans for me there's no two more fundamental british values than democracy and the rule of law and this bill strikes at the heart of both democracy and the rule of law because it prevents parliament from scrutinizing laws and it prevents the courts from ensuring that ministers any abuse that powers this country will leave the european union that back of the government lost the vote it probably would have collapse it didn't so the process moves on it's all enormously difficult for supporters of the whole point is to make the country more democratic to increase parliamentary solver. and yet the complaints is they're doing something profoundly anti-democratic to get there and that's very uncomfortable for many m.p.'s it's also procedural as of yet there is nobody in the offering any clear vision as to what britain is supposed to look like after bricks it in twenty nine seen. the al-jazeera in london bergen and sweden
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requesting a un security council meeting on the deteriorating situation in. the united nations is describing the treatment of the ranking minority in the rocking state as nothing short of ethnic cleansing the bangladesh government says three thousand rohingya have been killed in recent weeks prompting an exodus of refugees across the border . reports from. where the knowledge number of refugees arriving daily is putting a strain on resources the un human rights chief has condemned the violence against their will hinge a muslim's. hussein is demanding an end to me in my eyes military operation situation remains or seem it's a. textbook example of ethnic cleansing the myanmar government should stop pretending that setting fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages this complete reality is doing great damage to the international standing
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of a government which recently benefited from immense goodwill. i call on the government to its current crew a military operation with accountability for violations that have occurred and to reverse the pattern of severe and widespread discrimination against the population . the u.n. says more than three hundred thousand people have fled to bangladesh in the past three weeks joining the four hundred thousand that were already in the country. almost everyone at this makeshift camp has a story of how they survived an attack on how they lost a member of the family. in front of my paddy field the military shot my uncle and killed him. both her sons were also shot by security forces but she says they made it across the border alive you know. like this man but
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the military came to my village and burned down my house they shot me when i was running away he tells us it's a miracle he's standing here his relatives carried him throughout the twelve day journey to bangladesh. muhammad ali arrived here nearly a year ago after his village was attacked his family rely on food and supplies from international aid agencies and local n.g.o.s but that help has now dried up since the new bangor carry mace being very hard to get supplies some of my relatives of all survived but even we can't survive as we have nothing so i can't help. the balotelli camp set up last year after a military crackdown and me and maher sent hundreds of thousands across the border . on the edge of a camp a new settlement is forming the workers here tell us they're building homes for the new arrivals who managed to escape but some valuables refugees pay around one hundred twenty five dollars to secure a piece of land and have
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a shelter like this belt it's all part of a new economy that's forming around the hundreds of thousands of right here in just that are in the area. with demand for building materials and basic necessities growing daily prices have nearly doubled in the past two weeks. as the number of ranger grows daily it is now a fight for food water and other necessities and at the relief of having made it to safety wears off and the refugees say they now have to face a new reality and struggle to get through each day if you go palin. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in argentina and it's the first visit by an israeli leader to the country is expected to meet president tomorrow so mark pay homage to victims of attacks on the israeli embassy at a jewish community center in the one nine hundred ninety s. . reports forgot to say this. there was tight security in some
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disruption for the visit to argentina by benjamin netanyahu the first by a sitting israeli prime minister it was welcomed by argentina's jewish community the largest in latin america. the girls. many israeli diplomats and ministers have visited argentina during the best worst moments of the jewish community that's why we have such strong ties with israel they've always been there to help. but they will also be protests including from within argentina's jewish community against the government which we believe these racists is. supporting the. it's a government that. ok it's. it's very close to big government. who is also in the early word and they are a little conservative government and they are very good friends. very good business
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i think. netanyahu was also criticized at home for escaping corruption investigations into himself and his family. the prime minister traveling with a delegation of thirty business leaders will meet arjun time president machree and pay homage to the victims of two attacks in one of cyrus on israeli and jewish sites in the one nine hundred ninety is the jewish communities relationship with argentina has been a long and sometimes troubled one it was at this site in one thousand nine hundred two that the bomb exploded in what was then the israeli embassy killing twenty nine two years later a similar attack at the jewish community center in one of cyrus killed eighty five the perpetrators have still not been found and fry. the political repercussions of that failure a still being felt here more than twenty years later the visit also marks the return of the israeli airline el-al which last touched down in one osiris in may
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nine hundred sixty that's when israeli agents angered the argentine north or it is by bundling aboard an el al flight the fugitive nazi out of eichmann who had sought refuge in argentina they took him to israel where he was tried in hanged for war crimes netanyahu flies on to colombia or mexico on route to the united nations general assembly in new york and. one of cyrus u.k. media is reporting that three qatari citizens are asking british police to investigate alleged torture and illegal imprisonment by united arab emirates officials the lawyers claim as many as ten senior officials were involved. law allows police to investigate and arrest foreign nationals for suspected war crimes or torture that took place anywhere in the world. guatemala's congress has protected president jimmy medallists from facing criminal proceedings over campaign finance allegations congress voted for medallist to keep immunity from prosecution
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despite a congressional committee arguing the immunity be lifted the committee found evidence of unregistered money in campaign funds last month got him out of began a corruption trial against the brother and son of president what on this. the number of refugees and migrants arriving in europe through spain has more than doubled this year the head of the european union's border agency says it's registered almost fourteen thousand arrivals in spain from morocco it's not clear if the rise is due to tougher controls around libya forcing refugees to take alternative routes. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the united nations security council has agreed to impose new sanctions on north korea they severely restrict fuel supplies and block a north korean textile exploits they also banned following countries from hiring
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north korean workers the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the new sanctions mark a big increase in pressure on north korea. previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made today the security council has acted in a different way today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime we're done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing we are now acting to stop that from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing. what's been known as hurricane has weakened to a tropical storm off to read ravaged through followed in the u.s. northeastern florida is now facing flash floods as the storm heads out of the state towards georgia cuba has confirmed that ten people were
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killed by hurricane over the weekend it takes the total death toll from this destruction in the caribbean to thirty eight rescuers say some were killed after ignoring evacuation orders britain's parliament has passed a bill that would give ministers power to bypass parliament and create a new laws the government says it's essential to allow the u.k. to leave the european union smoothly critics say it will dramatically undermine parliamentary democracy u.k. media reporting that three categories are asking british police to investigate alleged torture and illegal imprisonment by united arab emirates officials lawyers claim as many as ten senior officials were involved u.k. law allows police to investigate and arrest foreign nationals in britain for suspected war crimes or torture that took place anywhere in the world.


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