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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. the u.n. secretary general and its military action against the range of people and says the situation for the refugees is catastrophic. this is the country's leader council's plans to attend next week's un general assembly.
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hall you're watching al-jazeera life from london and so coming up. the most to. do with you know six the president of the european commission says britain will soon were great to voting for bracks it during our state of the european union speech. people returned to find out what's left of their hopes of the horrors of devastated the islands plus. red. cross. activists turned to social media and osce to protest against a four day arms fire in london. and i we begin with the developing story of the red refugees in the last hour the
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u.n. secretary general has described the situation for the rich as catastrophic around three hundred seventy thousand to fled to bangladesh since august the twenty fifth antone could perish during the government and its military action in rakhine state i call on the myanmar also to suspend its military action and the violence uphold the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all girls were to leave the country and i urge them to ensure the delivery of vital humanitarian aid by united nations agencies non-governmental organizations and other. i repeat my call for an effective action plan to address the root causes of the crisis the muslims of rocky and state must be granted nationality or at least for now illegal startles that allows them to lead
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a normal life including freedom of movement and the excess to liberty markets education and else. our u.n. correspondent was in jordan joins us live now from the u.n. headquarters in new york and really strong words there from the u.n. secretary general was felicity was extremely extremely strong language from the u.n. secretary general there's been a lot of mounting concern here at u.n. headquarters and there's been concern about whether there's been enough pressure coming from the u.n. on the government of me and maher and more particularly on the state council or on sun suchi to try to do right by the raw injured people my colleague james bays was in the press briefing with antonio good terrorists secretary general and he put this question to antonio good tallish about the situation in myanmar i asked you this question last week and it's about how you term the violence that's
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being carried out right now in myanmar your high commissioner for human rights said it seems to be a textbook example of ethnic cleansing given the situation has got so much worse in the last week do you believe this is ethnic cleansing well i would answer your question with another question when one third of the growing a population had to flee the country can you find a better word to describe it. and also in the last column as well as we were hearing that on sunset she herself has counseled her trip to the u.n. next week. that's right and it's certainly because of the fact that the crisis is mounting and it's not unusual that world leaders will stay home rather than attend some sort of high level summit or the u.n. general assembly opening session in this case because it's more important for them to be seen dealing with the crisis there's also some speculation that she might run
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into a lot of face to face criticism of her leadership or lock of leadership with some critics would argue as the crisis with the hedge of people has increased in the past several months now certainly there's also the fact that the u.n. security council is now in a closed door consultation about the crisis in me amar and certainly there would be perhaps more of our professions if she were to be here in new york engaging with the ambassadors and possibly being told her directly what they think of her leadership on this issue but that said antonio good terrace did say in response to a question that he found out that she wasn't coming to the u.n. general assembly high level session next week through the media and he has not yet spoken with her but also stressed to reporters that he is prepared to continue
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direct talks with her about the crisis but he very much wants to see the crisis resolved as quickly as possible given what he's called the catastrophic level of humanitarian suffering that the range of people are now suffering while still in life that the u.n. in new york thanks false. well the u.n. secretary general's comments come after the government in mammals said one hundred and seventy six were completely empty as residents fled the recent upsurge in violence and it is said revenge of muslims have begun leaving at least thirty four other villages as that military crackdown continues. government a military of course has been heavily criticized for driving the minority muslim or hindu off the country or condemnation from the international community has been swift many in the country itself have rallied behind the military crackdown. way reports from. the sign reads collecting donations for the displaced in rakhine
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state this charity drive is being run by a monastery in yangon six hundred kilometers from the fighting in northern rakhine state but it's mainly for the rakhine the ethnic majority in the state who are mostly buddhists some thirty thousand of whom have been displaced. if there was fighting here among. could be killed but a monastery will save all who shelter their our religion forbids us from killing but i'm not afraid to walk past a monastery a church or a hindu or sikh temple but i'm scared of walking past a mosque there are a few in myanmar who will speak out publicly in support of the ranger the muslim minority remain stateless and are largely regarded as illegal migrants from bangladesh the military crackdown which has been condemned for its brutality around the world hasn't drawn the same sort of criticism from people here. yes they should carry out a security operation to eradicate terrorism if not they'll be no peace so that's
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why we support the military but the operation should only target terrorists not the whole muslim community. i support the military operation because terrorism is not good it's good to fight terrorism everyone should live within the law. the military and the government say the operation is a legitimate exercise targeting what it considers a terrorist organization the crisis in rakhine and the exodus of ranger refugees into bangladesh are being widely covered by the international media and yet here they don't get much attention in the local press and when they do that's usually a government that this article for example promotes a press release that people in northern recalling have started to go back home because peace and stability have started to return to the area. but there's no mention of the hundreds of thousands who fled to bangladesh in under three weeks who now face an uncertain future and a daily struggle for survival florence li al jazeera yangon. chadri has more now
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from coaxes bazaar where the ranger are trying to seek refuge. southeastern bangladesh hundreds of people who lined up here in the official registered camp for the refugees this people are to be identified by the government they're issuing identity most of these refugees i recent the government wants them to be identified with the biometrics i.d. card so that the country but stay within the cost. a lot of this people have been lining up in the rain for hours they need to be identified who they are when they came i see a gentleman. what is your name. and why are you here. saying five days ago from the trust that is there. to get.
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ration as well as been identified to move around within their cocks was already since like this are all around the number of volume of new and i will is just it's just unimaginable you know there is no room no shelter at least this is an official register of government. to identify some of this and this is going to take a long time because there are over three hundred seventy thousand people that has to be registered who just recently arrived from me and mom. who was. at least three people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up a cricket stadium in the afghan capital it happened outside the kabul international cricket stadium meant. to police offices and. talk countries cricket. the president of the european commission says the
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block is back on track after britain's though to leave the e.u. in his annual state of the union address shown for younger set economic recovery and unity between the members means europe is now ready to move forward all of this leads me to believe to wind back in europe six we have now a window of opportunity but it will not stay open for i've let us make the most of the moment catch the wind you know six. i doubt if there is poor brennan was following that speech from paris he has more details this was a relatively upbeat address spies on to junker the president of the european commission he said that europe had had a rather bruising past couple of years but he looked forward with optimism despite the fact that is on the horizon for example he was visiting a european future with streamline bureaucracy he even spoke about potentially doing
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away with his own job he thought about the merging of the presidents of the european commission and the european council currently donald tusk job he said potentially europe could just do with one president doing both roles other areas where he spoke about the potential for closer integration included the idea of a european economy and finance minister it would necessarily be a new job it could be a role that was filled by an existing vice president of the european commission and other areas where he spoke about the cooperation that there is has been within europe and appears to be wanting to move forward is on areas such as migration and security in migration for example and refugees he said that seven hundred twenty thousand people had been granted asylum within the e.u. so far as a result of the most recent refugee crises and that that would continue however he
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said strengthening the policy towards returning those who are not entitled to asylum would also be a priority for the european union on bret's it he had to say that he regretted the decision that the britons had made but he pointed out when he was heckled by the british euro skeptic breakfast supporter nigel faraj he said listen you will probably come to regret it soon too he said that there would be a summit in romania pretty much on the day that britain departs from the european union and the twenty seven will move forward with new vigor i still had the private life sloan. returns to a nigerian town destroyed by the on group boko haram we have one woman's story of hope for the future plus. of a boss named yumi makes its conducting debut in tuscany but what happens when it teamed up with the world renowned and are undeniable check.
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hello there we've got a fair amount of cloud this drifting its way through the middle east at the moment on the satellite picture you can see the system hey it's gradually edging its way eastward and as it does say it could bring us a few more showers particularly around all day twenty seven degrees that will still be our maximum temperature and as we head through into friday well looks like it should be more or less draw with a bit less cloud around as well towards the west the temperatures will be easing for us in kuwait there on friday it has been again very very hot but finally the temperatures are beginning to edge off a little bit but further towards the south and here in doha the winds will be a little bit more brisk as we head through the next couple of days and they will still be coming in from the east so still hot and humid but this time with more of a breeze towards the south the south coast of salalah twenty nine degrees is the
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best we can hope for here thanks to a bit more cloud and generally fall more moisture in the air as well to with the southern parts of africa we've got lots of very sharp showers in the northern parts of at the moment but for the south we've also got quite a bit of cloud that's with us around cape town as well trying to educate towards the east there as we had three days so hopefully we'll see a little bit more in the way of sunshine in cape town and seventeen degrees will be our maximum here i think they'll still be a fair amount of cloud around in there and here we'll get to twenty.
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hours. welcome back undermines at the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general says the humanitarian situation for mammals for him the people is catastrophic one hundred and seventy six range of energy to be completely. off to all the residents recent violence. a suicide bomber has blown himself up near a cricket stadium in the afghan capital killing at least three people. and that his state of the european union speech the president of the european commission said
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the block is ready to move forward after britain's decision to leave the. islands across the caribbean is still taking stock of the devastation left behind by. the government estimates ninety five percent of the buildings are damaged or destroyed almost all the residents have now be moved to the neighboring island of antigua john heilemann reports from. roger has arrived back home this caribbean island. devastated by hurricane he's heading to his house to find out if it survived. with a population of one thousand six hundred everyone seems to know each other it makes the scars of destruction we see as we pass even more painful for roger you know
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it's. kind of hard to see all this there is my friends all still. in the really think about. this scene and make me feel like. holmes shit open like those houses inside the remnants of lives interrupted a stopped water logged watch clothes and toys tossed around dishes still waiting to be put away there's no knowing when those lives will be resumed everyone's been evacuated to nearby antigua until further notice there's worries about these eases from the stagnant floodwater. road is only allowed to visit a tool because he works on the ferry between the two islands right now the only permanent residents of the animals left behind it's not just people's homes that are gone it's also their livelihoods so many bob unions a fisherman and their badly damaged boat strewn across the coast. even when people
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come back the government says it will take months of work and more than two hundred million dollars to repair buildings and restore electricity and phone lines it's counting on international aid. meanwhile view dence wait in shelters a relative's home. the mood is cheerful stoic but impatient to return some of these people from i'm going to be one of those. i'm going to follow it to put my part in it. after seeing his devastated hometown we arrive at raja's house and find it's one of the few still intact it's a small piece of good news on this small struggling island john home and how does it. has came six more lives in florida as officials confirm the patients died in a nursing home after it lost power during the storm and investigations underway
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after three elderly patients with found dead inside the facility and three others later died in hospital is believed the deaths were hit related off to the facility lost its air conditioning more than one hundred patients have since been placed in other accommodation only while some residents of florida keys have been allowed back to assess the damage to their homes as estimated a quarter of all buildings that have been destroyed. everything. are again. i expect you know maybe some fence lines to be down i expected some debris because we knew. the direction the winds are blowing they're going to carry debris onto our property and it's happened before we were not expecting to find somebody else's sailboat or backyard and somebody else's dock with a fishing station in our backyard this is one of the saddest things you see i mean
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this is paradise down here you know we love it down here we we really like the keys and to see something like this happen it just takes the winds are you still. got to has more from key largo in the florida keys where some of those residents are beginning to return home. well the authorities only just started letting residents return to the florida keys but the scene here at this mobile park is of utter devastation you can see on this mobile home here there are markings which give the date and thankfully reveal that there was no one inside this trailer and that's the picture across this mobile home park but remember these were people's homes yes some of them were affordable holiday homes but we've met plenty of people that actually lived and worked from here and have pretty much lost absolutely everything they are now desperate homeless and you can see some of the personal items that we found just lying around you know a license plate from a car a pair of binoculars but it's those really personal possessions that have people
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deeply upset a lady we just met was trying to get pictures and family heirlooms things that really have deep personal meaning and she really has nowhere to go at this point but look at these breeze blocks just blown away over here we see concrete platforms where mobile homes used to stand they've gone they've gone from there to this mess over here which just shows you the power of hurricane emma but let me just show you one other thing this is the side of a mobile home that was completely blown off the floor here was covered in heavy ceramic tile those tiles are all now scattered and blown over here big heavy concrete tiles and that's the the picture you've got throughout mobile home parks like this because this is basically up in the upper keys and there's a pearl of islands a necklace pearl of violence going all the way out into the florida straits and the picture here is replicated all the way down there you can see people are beginning to turn up now they've been let through by the police having shown that they live here they're beginning to get their possessions together load them into cars but
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lots of them are just waiting for fema they're waiting for official help and it's absolutely baking hot here typical weather for a post hurricane this weather is just pouring off me you can only imagine what these people are going through who are going into their homes or what's left of them to try and find what personal possessions what precious possessions they can. former brazilian president louis in a silver is about to be questioned again by the country's top anti corruption judge lula is facing multiple charges of allegedly accepting bribes the same judge sentenced him to more than nine years in jail in july for receiving bribes on tuesday a supreme court judge authorized a new investigation into the current president michel tema who is also suspected of corruption the u.k.'s multi billion dollar arms sales to saudi arabia have been the focus of protests as an arms fire in london with concerns that british weaponry is being used against civilians in yemen all this money factor is
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a buyers from across the world are attending the four day events anderson he barbara ports activists are increasingly using social media as well as more traditional methods to get their message across. next. it's meant to look like a car advert run to. the air in britain. brought on. but this video by save the children is aimed at getting the u.k. to stop arms exports to saudi arabia over its bombing campaign in yemen joe bloggs on the story doesn't know what's going on in that shameful and so i think what we're really hoping to do is that this isn't just a one off this video. you know more activism going forward and the more people being gauged on this and more people have their voices heard the videos being released on social media to coincide with
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a huge arms fair taking place in london. in the run up to the show peace activists staged a series of protests nearby and made sure it was all along. some close down access roads. are home intrusive i see my grapevine from one of the bridges on the engines. others former members of the armed forces try to get delivery trucks checked for illegal equipment such as landmines which have been sold at previous events it is a great crime cheaper to transport like weapons or a convention if you know taking treaties then obstructed highway in total more than one hundred people girl arrested getting the story into the mainstream media there's been a whole week of activities and direct actions here in ohio many involved will know they won't stop the arms fire from actually happening just down the road they have managed to slow down equipment getting into the site and perhaps just as importantly they've raised awareness not far away a different kind of protest
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a makeshift art gallery highlighting the arms trade with a new work by british artist banksy as topical as ever organizers say only ten percent of londoners know about the arms fair and that needs to change. protesters in campaign is do excellent work and they go out time and time again we thought we'd try it different approach so using perhaps. target a different audience bring new people involved questioning things. ending the events the. boy whose political video mash ups have been seen by millions on you tube while these people may already be on their side they're aiming to reach a new audience on social media. al-jazeera london. left a trail of destruction throughout northeast nigeria three years after fighters were forced out of. locals are finally returning home but as catherine sawyer reports
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many are finding their villages destroyed. the ruined town of me as a reminder of when boko haram controlled this area for several months around two years ago charges were destroyed so what banks. entire neighborhoods were reduced to rubble. or government strikes. government offices that were in this compound are just beginning to be rebuilt nigerians who had fled coming back and the town is starting to thrive again. after the town was taken back by the government we returned but found nothing we had lost so much but now some of us are getting back on our feet. if i do you know sigh and has seven children returned two months ago this is what remains of the home she shared with her husband who she says was killed by. her neighbors helped her resettle in a new home. we had nowhere to stay so neighbors house that has for
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a while then they contributed money to help my family and i many people who were displaced from towns and villages in adama's state eager to get on with their lives but several thousand who remain in camps in the state capital yola aren't so sure. this is one of the few remaining camps in. the nigerian military has taken back most of the areas controlled by a few years back and now the government wants people to go back home but those here villages are still unsafe most of those areas are in neighboring borno state and asked around it by boko haram in their fight for an islamic state the displaced receive help from nonprofit organizations such as the civil society for poverty eradication one of the things we also advocate and government at all levels both at state and on the national level is to say this is first our citizens of this country regardless of what indigenous of this i mean or whatever else that's all
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they find themselves first and foremost julien's gives them the right and privilege to do well in any location wherever they choose to stay in this country the government says the bill to repair the war damage in the northeast is nine billion dollars fadi is confident that she will soon rebuild her home and her life but some scars such as the killing of her husband will never heal catherine. adamawa state in north nigeria. advances in the design of robots have revolutionized many industries but now it appears they've set their sights on the performing arts the echo in the usa this is the swiss designed robot yumi conducting the look at phila monocle in italy is part of the first international festival of robotics being held in the city of pisa humor even managed to upstage the famous tenor andrea bocelli who joined him
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on the stage in the verde theater regular conductor and helped programmers just seem remarkably relaxed about a robot taking over his job. we basically had to find time to understand his movements then when we found the way everything was pretty easy and the flexibility of the arms of human abs unthinkable not even incredible unthinkable for a machine it is absolutely fantastic and the technicians were fantastic just to to make everything perfect especially in the length and in the speed of the direction which is very important. undermines at the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general says the humanitarian situation for mere miles for him to people is catastrophic and is calling on the government there to suspend its military
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action one hundred and seventy six range of villages are now said to be completely empty after all residents fled the recent upsurge in violence there also said to be fleeing at least thirty four other villages as a military crackdown continues overall it's estimated that at least three hundred and seventy thousand have escaped to bangladesh since late august. i call on the myanmar or saudi to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all girls were to leave the country and i urge them to ensure the delivery of vital humanitarian aid by united nations agencies non-governmental organizations and others or be a mass leader aung san suu kyi has canceled a trip to the us for the un general assembly being held next week the nobel peace prize laureate is facing a torrent of criticism over her handling of the range of crisis
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a government spokesperson says city will not travel to new york so she can tackle the crisis at home the president of the european commission says the block is back on track after britain's vote to leave the e.u. in his annual state of the union address younker said economic recovery and unity between the members means europe is now ready to move forward. a suicide bomber has blown himself up near a critical cricket stadium in the afghan capital killing at least three people it happened outside the couple international cricket stadium as a tournament was being played to police officers and one civilian died in the attack the caribbean islands took the brunt of hurricane dennis fury leaving a trail of devastation in its wake in barbuda the government estimates that ninety five percent of its buildings have been damaged or destroyed to the storm also claimed six more lives in the u.s. state of florida patients in a nursing home died after the facility lost power an investigation is underway. and
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those the latest headlines here on al-jazeera inside story is coming next by. u.n. has imposed another round of sanctions against north korea pyongyang conducted its largest new kids test and in this month or two sanctions like his would in north korea elsewhere in the world and is it the people who suffer the most this is inside story.


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