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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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breaks. the one blanket coverage follows experts and politicians often. sound bites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today is the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. a mosque says it is dissolving its government and gaza shaking up the palestinian political landscape. i'm richelle carey this is out there live from doha also coming up turkey says a planned referendum in iraq's sunni autonomy's kurdish region would be
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a historic mistake live reaction. a second or a us following friday's attack on the london underground the u.k. threat level remains critical. and the hands are crisis bangladesh imposes a new restrictions on the growing number of refugees from me and more. palestinian movement has cautiously welcomed the pledge from its rival hamas to hold talks and a general election mosque released a statement saying it is willing to end its feud with fatah which controls the occupied west bank hamas has also vowed to dissolve its administrative committee which controls gaza at a step you later has called it positive and promising. we were joined earlier by new bill shaath who advises palestinian president mahmoud abbas the settle actions are important for a future unified government. once the consensus government
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a government the pamirs have accepted every one of its ministers it's not been chaperoned by egypt also once this government really starts ruling gaza and the west bank start developing problem. konami clee start solving the economic problems of the gazans and then that first step will set real optimism for the second step which is the elections a step that we have called for for a very long time and now hamas accepts it they just they do it and presidential elections will bring back our elective democracy and will bring back more support from the people to a unified government very trying to us live now from gaza where you have been gathering more information and more reaction. that's right it is quite an important moment as far as hamas is concerned now the question is exactly
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how fatah will react beyond those expressions of general positivity that you saw from that bill south will there be agreement on the very serious obstacles which of for so long prevented a reconciliation to talk about some of that i'm joined by. a political analyst here in gaza. why now after what we've seen over recent months and indeed years we see all this pressure coming from fatah. squeezing electricity squeezing pay we've seen egypt negotiating with hamas on the basis of an alternative figure mohammad dahlan as a potential power sharing now over the last few days and now we see this much broader potential agreement why is this coming about now. well that is a very good question and i believe the number of events that happened over the past six months probably pushed both. been taken by president. starting from april of this year.
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one thing and the other thing is the understanding. between. also. to. come forward. and i have. this time under the leadership. to try to open a new page on palestinian reconciliation between the main two factions hamas.
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had similar territory before in terms of conciliation but obstacles always got in the way they've collapsed. remain to be solved. well that is the. magic of the palestinians are the palestinian division has been going on for more than ten years now and over the past ten years we have seen a number of initiatives a number of agreements between hamas and fatah. and other other capitals and unfortunately all of these have failed to put an end to palestinian division understood palestinian national unity and i have to say that the palestinians right now are skeptical about the success of this new initiative by the egyptians and as we always have been saying that the devil is in the details so yes there is a new understanding between hamas and for that between hamas and egyptians but
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probably once they get in once they dig deep into the details of their consideration we might see a new obstacles in the coming in you days and weeks with regard to how to get together how to put an end to division that has been going on for ten years and a new facts have been created on the ground both in the gaza strip and the west bank thank you very much for joining us with that insight and indeed those facts on the ground include the tens of thousands of employees of hamas that are having to do. previously thousand or thirty jobs security issues much remains to be settled in any discussions going forward nonetheless we do have this important announcement from hamas that at least there is some momentum potentially to go. thank you harry. turkey has called the plan for kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security prime minister ivanov says the vote
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scheduled for september twenty fifth is a grave mistake the kurds control a large area of iraq along the turkish border arcus president typer to want to plan to discuss that with iraqi prime minister hyderabadi during his visit to the un general assembly and racan joins us live from our field that will be quite a conversation there seems to be a lot of pushback against this september fifteenth vote emraan. but that's absolutely right the vote on september twenty fifth it looks like it's going ahead certainly that's what the kurds believe but what can the international community actually do to try and stop it what can the iraqis do to try and stop it certainly there are political moves that are taking place with a ring and we're seeing a lot of political strong words coming out from politicians rather in iraq and there's been an awful lot of kind of diplomatic activity in the last twenty four hours let's take a look at what some of the key players have been saying. the iraqi prime minister
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hydrilla body reacted with strong words to the kurdish part of his decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth if you challenge the quote situation and if you challenge the board cuts off you know on the border of the region then there will not be this is a public and vacation to that countries in the region to violate your right people to israel which is very dangerous condition. of bodies were to admit with a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spoke at a rally north of erbil in the city of devil. rejected our partnership not us if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept. partnership no they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want except our partnership we won't be their servants turkey's president also voiced his
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concerns referring to his country's national security so. we will have a meeting with the iraqi prime minister mr a body in the united states and from what we can see our goal is the same our goal is not dividing iraq but now the northern iraqi authority is taking a step towards the separation of iraq. one source of tension is the disputed territory of coke cook which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take place in per cook and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi shia led militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression the international community also reacted the u.s. special representative to the anti eisel coalition said that the u.s. would not support any referendum and in fact said that the iraqis should get together and concentrate on the fight against and that's also
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a view echoed by the british foreign office across the kurdish region flags have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is the fever pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as they moment a chance for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for the navy a century however some party saying time is not now but they may back the popular movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of iraq the united states and opposition across the region. on assuming that this goes forward on september twenty fifth and the vote is for independence it's still such a long way from actually happening regardless of what that vote is right. that's absolutely true there are so many issues that need to be figured out the what the referendum actually does. is gave president brazil only a mandate to then take it to the international community and cite why people have voted yes with therefore we want to negotiate
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a way into the nation states of the world but that could take up to a decade according to some analysts and it's really at that stage that the international community the iraqis the turks the syrians iranians old can put pressure on kurdistan and that will kurdistan the states to be and that what does this kind of pressure mean what it means where are the borders going to be what happens with that disputed territory of where does the or who but. where does the oil go to who does that belong to other reparations that need to be paid back to baghdad there's an awful lot of questions so this won't happen overnight what it does do though for the kids is give the momentum and that's really what president lawsuit was looking for he's looking for the men to hold this kurdish state and rank on life for us and our appeal emraan thank you at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed in an attack by eisel fighters that happened in the western province of andar here the border with jordan several towns and are still held by.
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place in london and made a second arrest in connection with a bomb attack on an underground train on friday the twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb of hounslow on saturday night earlier an eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of dover that's the main ferry link to france the attack on the london two entered thirty people. a half more outside scotland yard in london. well police are not saying much about this latest arrest we do know the counter terrorism officers of the met police arrested a twenty one year old man around shortly before midnight local time on saturday and that was in a house which is southwest of where i am in central london it's also very near to sunbury on thames that's a suburb where armed police carried out a raid on a residential property on saturday and they also evacuated scores of people from
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around that area telling some local residents they had just one or two minutes to get out of their homes and scaring quite a lot of people and the speculation amongst those residents was that they could have been looking for explosives police have made it clear that raid came as a result of the arrest early on saturday in dover of an eighteen year old man now we don't know much about him either but that was also under the terrorism act that money like the twenty one year old who's been arrested on sunday was taken to a south london police station police are keeping tight lipped they're still appealing to the public for information and for video images of the incident to parsons' green t.v. station which might help them now on friday president trump put out a tweet saying that the people who put the device in the train were known were in the sights of the metropolitan police prime minister to resume a suggested that was unhelpful britain's interior minister has now done the same so
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they're clearly suggesting that people should not speculate until we know a bit more about the investigation still out on al-jazeera. start its mass cleanup operation after hurricane battering the caribbean island plus rebuilding a kingdom in nigeria three years after a devastating attack. welcome back as we look at asia in northeastern areas the main talking point is tropical storm towel and now this particular storm system has got potential to really give some flooding rain it's racing across japan as we speak fortunately it is not a typhoon at one stage it did look as though it strikes southern japan as a category two equivalent storm but never says going to give some very strong winds
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and some restring the wet weather so flooding and mudslides certainly a potential before this storm system then begins to clear away as we head on through into monday so still northern parts of japan like you've seen some really heavy rain from that so some disruption that is likely in terms of flights as well as we head on through into choose that system moving away to far east of russia much of japan fine korean peninsula looking good beijing look at sunshine and twenty nine warm in shanghai that further towards the south where we've got the remnants of tropical storm doc sury which has been giving some very heavy rain across parts of thailand and through into meum are still heavy showers are likely across this region but we've got a gap further towards the east so largely dry conditions for hong kong and up towards taiwan heading on through into tuesday again plenty of sunshine expected in taipei and it should remain fine in hong kong and here expecting a top temperature of thirty three degrees celsius.
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deadly attack destroyed her family and left her. a long time to california and. i was very timid when she came. to become our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around. this time. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour the movement has
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cautiously welcomed a pledge from its rival hamas to hold talks and the general election released a statement saying it is willing to end its speed with which controls the occupied west bank. turkey has called the independence referendum planned by the kurdish regional government in northern iraq an issue of national security iraq says the kurdish leadership is playing with fire turkish president. planning to discuss the upcoming vote with iraqi prime minister hyder on the body during his visit to the u.n. general assembly. place in london have made a second arrest in connection with the bomb attack on an underground train on friday twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb of hounslow on saturday night earlier an eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of dover. bangladesh has announced tough restrictions on the movement of her head to refugees crossing over from me and mar they have been barred from using public transport and looking for accommodations outside of us cramped refugee camps near
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the border and the prime minister is traveling to the united nations general assembly to ask for more enter national help. bangladeshis living near the border with me and maher are being injured by landmines which they made me and my army is accused of planting and most international says the explosives targeted were hendra trying to escape to bangladesh or sitar reports from southeast bangladesh. on the bangladesh side of the north river a rustic like shattered by events in a foreign land mama caution remembers how proud his younger brother was when he bought his first. so when the animal wandered off his brother went to find it. suddenly i heard this huge explosion and i saw people come running they were running away from something i went to see what happened and saw some people carrying him he was in pieces. brother had chased the cow over the
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poorest border into myanmar and stepped on a landmine he lost a leg and is in hospital fighting for his life just behind me beyond that dirt path is the enough river border between me and maher in bangladesh just a few thousand feet away from the home of mohammad hussian over there you can see several cows crossing back and forth between the river as they graze the myanmar army has been accused of planting the mines to stop growing your refugees fleeing what the united nations has called ethnic cleansing about half a million rohingya are estimated to have entered bangladesh in the past month some of them are fighting back and this bangladeshi man witnessed a strange sight in the head of the. i was walking along here for the border when i saw a writing a man with something in his hand what it was he said. the developments
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across the border have caught many villagers here off guard. once a setting that provided a scenic view for mama caution the mountains of myanmar are now a source of dread mars with our zero bangladesh former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif seat is being contested in a parliamentary by election in lahore trace wife call some new laws as the front runner and of a seen as a test of support for her husband is p. and l. in party and his political heartland the seat became vacant in july when sharif was disqualified and dismissed from office by the supreme court over corruption allegations place in the us city of st louis have fired tear gas during a second night of protests against the acquittal of a white former policeman accused of murdering a black man at least thirty people were arrested jason stokley was cleared of shooting dead anthony omar smith six years ago prosecutors have rejected calls for
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a new civil rights investigation protesters targeted the mayor's home unfortunately we did have incidents of sporadic violence and vandalism and that will be the lasting images written about in the newspaper and played over and over on t.v. . as i've said over the past several days we will protect the rights of people who protest demonstrate and have their opinions heard we draw the line though of violence we understand the desire to disrupt but we do not understand and will not understand the does that desire to for destruction or for harming people we will protect all of our residents. keep us government has released video of what it says is looting in the wake of hurricane irma and says people carrying goods like rum and cigars from a government owned store i don't to the store for windows that had been broken by a tidal surge during the storm at least ten people died in cuba when our devastated
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parts of the island last week. julia colorado reports from cuba on the long and expensive rebuilding process. the night hurricane body in the town baker richard kept making bread and through the storm became too strong to continue within hours your men had destroyed his baker and with it the only livelihood he's ever known probably on the little bit we have to start slowly rebuilding now first i have to fix the oven which is the main part of the bakery now comes a lot of work and sacrifice so that we can start over. others lost even more. a few blocks away us money shows us where his house used to be the only things to salvage before the roof blew away with fridge in a washing machine. is overwhelmed by the power of the storm the strongest on record to form in the atlantic thousands of homes here lost their roofs and several
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hundred collapsed entirely people fear their lives will never fully recover from the impact of this vast storm and given cuba's already struggling economy there are potentially more serious problems ahead and every day without doubt the tourism industry in this area is vital for the economy of the province and of the whole country there are already specialized teams working to start recovering and repairing and we hope to be ready to face the tourist high season very soon as we do every year how quickly the local economy and body and is able to get back on its feet will depend largely on what happens here this road leads back to one of the most important tourist centers in cuba a range of pleas that dot the northern coast of the island no one except officials has been allowed back there since the whole area was evacuated before the storm hit in fact as you can see the road there is still closed but reports point very serious damage in the tourism infrastructure there. are now the most urgent needs include securing you know food the agricultural sector was also hit hard prompting
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fears of food shortages in the months ahead. who may have seen those says he was some two thousand of a car goes nearly his entire crop. across the province hundreds of thousands of hectares have been damaged or destroyed. the government has begun the recovery effort and local say they have done what they can to. was just a matter of doing work we. had nothing to come from the government. but a week gone many are still without power and running water and the outlook in the small town is grim. most have little choice but to wait for the state to reach them . people living in a historic hell top settlement in northern nigeria fear and i was a status as you know sco world heritage site wrong came three years ago they
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destroyed centuries old buildings and artifacts altars and later some of them say they're still fearful but they won't let it happen again and now they're trying to rebuild as katherine sawyer parts. the kinda core is high in the mountains which straddled the border between nigeria and cameroon more than one hundred gunmen attacked this village almost three years ago when boko haram controlled much of a demo a state in northeastern nigeria. like his relatives who lived here centuries ago. is a blacksmith he was home sleeping when the ambush began. i was lying on my bed when i heard screaming everyone ran away when i came when i returned after i had left i had burned houses so we started getting out to find the people of socor are still feeling the effects of that to talk. these are the gallery that held important artifacts away you centuries ago traditional clothes
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carrying beds and other household items war on display boko haram fighters burned everything that was in here. kingdom is a unesco world heritage site villages can't afford to have their home lose its historic value and its u.n. status. they recently started repairing what was destroyed along with experts from the national commission of museums and monuments here they are working on a section of the king's palace this is if you would have to say that would order people decide because. of the order to save them so libby had the most so stern was of at the boats and the people in another part of the village the king heads a security meeting every member of the community is welcome to attend he says it wasn't only this heritage site which was destroyed. so many
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things. yet been constructed. churches were burned some wells were contaminated so we have to travel to fetch water or. our own fighters haven't been back since their talk but vigilantism are always on the lookout they may have less sophisticated weapons than. they say there won't be quote i'm prepared or let the heritage be destroyed again catherine saw al-jazeera . in northeastern nigeria a lake and indeed a minister kashmir used to be the largest in asia hundred years ago that sense an a trunk and half that is clogged with silt congressman has been to see whether the latest clean up campaign is working. it's water chestnuts season on the lake at the
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foothills of the himalayas. but the waters are getting harder to navigate all around as a growing mounds of silt this boy is jumping off one of them. and it's because of these willow trees. the water was very clear here it was blue so pondar tells me as we walk over what was once a lake it was a forestry worker in the one nine hundred fifty s. hired by the government to plant willows to later harvest for firewood. planted hundreds of thousands of trees but it was a mistake this has just brought destruction to the lake my heart that i'm responsible for planting. the willows choking the lake. in one thousand eleven will last surface area was two hundred sixteen square kilometers it's now half that. well our is supposed to be a natural flood barrier for the city of srinagar downstream. but the lakes defenses failed with severe consequences in twenty fourteen inundating the city more than
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three hundred people were killed if you look at the data over the and berryman years including the meat you can see their defeat can see of the extreme events including the precipitation cloudburst floods is increasing so whenever we will have this type of a flooding so the little because our produce mass is so dementation is not able to absorb the floodwaters and that will if that is not taken care of that will again lead to the you know massive inundation of the city in a good city. a small section of clear water is the only evidence that anything has been done recently to clean the lake now in recent years there have been attempts to restore light but they have always ended up costing between tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of has never been enough money so this latest project aims to try and persuade private contractors to dredge the water and take part payment of willow trees in return but they're only going to start with one square kilometer we
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are getting tremendous pressure from the public from god would do undertake it as early as possible it is one who gives an idea how people are concerned and it will be taken forward the contractor will get two years to diesel to not route the willow from their one square kilometer if the scheme works the government will extend it it'll take decades to finish perhaps not enough time to beat the next extreme weather event bernard smith al-jazeera. the kashmir valley. let's recap the top stories now on al-jazeera the palestinian fatah movement has cautious a walk on the players from its rival hamas to hold talks and a general election a mass released a statement saying it is willing to end its controls the occupied west bank a mass is also about to dissolve its administrative committee with which controls
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gaza. turkey is called the plan for a kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq and an issue of national security the prime minister says the vote scheduled for september twenty fifth is a grave mistake the kurds control a large area of iraq along the turkish border all the turkish president ratchet type hurdle on explaining to discuss this vote with the iraqi prime minister. a body during the visit to the u.n. general assembly. at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed in an attack by eisel fighters that happened in the western province of on bar near the border with jordan several towns and on bar are still being held by eisel. police in london have made a second arrest in connection with the bomb attack on an underground train on friday twenty one year old man was detained in the west london suburb of hounslow that was on saturday night earlier an eighteen year old man was arrested at the
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port of dover that's the main ferry link to france the attack on the london two injured thirty people bangladesh is restricting the movement of more than four hundred thousand right hander refugees who have crossed over from me in mar they've been barred from using public transport and for looking for accommodations outside of the cramped camps near the border prime minister is travelling to the un general assembly to ask for more help from the international community and to the pressure on me and maher the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for a blast in the northwestern tribal area which are seven people were killed in that explosion. kuwait is giving north korea a month to leave the gulf state and says it will downgrade its diplomatic presence in pyongyang the move could potentially limit ability to make money from workers it sends to the gulf. nations have increased pressure on their allies to cut ties for korea. nuclear and ballistic missile launches. and those are the headlines news
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continues right here on al-jazeera after inside story. muslim women can now marry. the president. is clerics say the controversial decision violates islamic law but how far does it go in the gender equality this is inside story.


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