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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am AST

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destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. a long time to california and little girl's journey through adversity. that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera this time. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we'll address the country as international pressure mounts over their head to crisis the
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u.s. demands an end to the military operation in rakhine state. u.s. president donald trump called for u.n. reforms as he attends his first general assembly and criticizes the global body for not living up to its potential. and caribbean islands prepare for yet another hurricane a category five maria strike. out of isolation and that's a research team emerges from an eight relation of life on mars. we begin in manama where the state's chancellor angela merkel is to make her first public speech on the violence in rakhine state a former political prisoner has come under widespread criticism from world leaders from failing to condemn the ethnic cleansing against they were henge of muslims and the united states has also called on man march to end military operations against
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her agenda and to allow access for humanitarian support. when on songs to choose party the national league for democracy enjoyed a sweeping victory in two thousand and fifteen selection it was welcomed as a new chapter in myanmar's history a more democratic one after fifty years of governments controlled by the military. but just over a year in office on song suchi is facing serious international criticism over the army's violent crackdown on the muslim writing a minority in recovery state for the most part she's remained silent. this latest violence began after a hint of fighters who want to taunt me attacked multiple myanmar police posts in an army base on august twenty fifth. since then four hundred thousand rohingya have fled across the border into bangladesh amnesty international called it a scorched earth policy by the army dozens of raping of villages were burned to the ground. on song suchi called some of the media coverage of fake news and that there
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was an iceberg of misinformation. to take the funds disillusioned by her recent actions some international observers feel she's not the same leader she was when fighting for democracy she entered essentially an informal compact whether she realizes or not when she asked for the world community to use your freedom and promote ours someone who believed in human dignity and the importance of every person and i think that now has been a real major letdown for the world community that perhaps she's not the person they thought she was perhaps you know she's we're negative on this compact. a united states state department officials expected to attend televised address to the nation on tuesday the u.s. has called for more access to the conflict area for humanitarian workers and the press on some suchi is skipping the world's largest annual diplomatic gathering
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this week the united nations general assembly she says because of pressing issues at home many are eagerly anticipating her speech hoping she'll finally break her silence and fully address the rang a crisis but don't expect her to call them ring go that's a term the government does not recognize scott hodler al-jazeera. well let's take a look at the scale of the crisis since the late one nine hundred seventy s. nearly one million revenger have fled to me and more due to widespread persecution the united nations says the most recent violence amounts to ethnic cleansing bangladesh authorities say there are seventy thousand pregnant and breastfeeding mothers among the hundreds of thousands of the hinge of the refugees who have entered the country and its government is now looking to import about one hundred thousand tons of rice to feed the growing number of revenge arriving at the border marsa torah pours out from a shop or a drip in a south east bangladesh. a month after renewed violence began in myanmar's rakhine
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state of rohingya are making the journey to the border with bangladesh every day they're escaping ethnic cleansing by the myanmar military. we were six people in our family now there are just three of us left they killed my father one of the girls and my husband. this man is a volunteer with the regional center. he's one of. the i guess. this is a disaster it's a manmade disaster what's happening in myanmar is inhumane and we are proud that bangladeshis are showing their humanity but the volunteers are being overwhelmed every time a food truck arrives. russian these are some of the quotes that refugees leaving behind the new ones by relief workers but residents here have been getting upset about this they say that the situation is out of control. aid workers say they are
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struggling to scale up operations quickly enough they want more help to take care of health issues provide shelter and other basic needs i think international donors have to step up to the plate and that is not just the traditional donors of the united states europe but also nontraditional donors in particular countries in the middle east and countries in the region. particularly those on the ground say this is now a global crisis and needs a sustained global response until that happens these refugees will have to make do with what little comes here when my star. bangladesh. an associate editor. review he joins us on skype from bangkok thanks for being with so what are you expecting from. address to the nation. well i wouldn't want to put
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words into her mouth but obviously it's a keenly anticipated speech two things i think i would be looking for firstly whether she gets distracted with the issue of the ice issue of false news because that is really not the issue we have false news all over the world the issue is the accurate news that's coming out of this area and the enormous number of people who are being displaced. at the moment the second thing that i would be looking for is whether she is capable of returning to strength so if you think about it she historically she's a lightning rod for moral situations moral positions this is how she became the person that we know knew her to be how she won her nobel prize. she has been remarkably qualms about the problems in state
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state about what's going on there she seems to dispute these issues and her reputation has taken an enormous battering as a result right so if today she can somehow and its around and regain that position of moral authority it will be interesting there is them all of them but also how much has he really control the military because some would argue that the military are the ones that are operating this in a natural fight against several hundred. well that's absolutely correct she has no control of the military she has no control of the security forces the burmese military has one of the most appalling records with regard to ethnic minorities in the world we've had things going on since the end of the second more war with korea and we have refugees along with tidewater so she does not control these people the
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problem is that people recognize that she has failed to stand up and say this is wrong this should not be happening and spined a better way forward and that's why she's torn down very badly and i'm not sure why that's happened her relations with the press of the very. since she came into office. she's she may not want to repeal. and is actually not that strong but i don't think you should you can dispute the idea that she is looking for peace with the ethnic minorities she has pushed an agenda she's revived the pung long process which is something of a bother to try to rekindle the spirit and get into the very destructive not set minorities back on side kuchins the qur'an we have the right wing those who are different and they weren't previously in rebellion the the terrorism
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that they're accused of is a recent activity and they have been a basically a put upon benighted people for a very long time we now have a problem with somewhere in the region one point three million people who are straightness in the region who absolutely nobody wants the indians don't want them under actually. they've called problems for the indonesians the malaysians the thais so that they are a regional problem and that's really where the pressure should not be coming from and should be coming from. and south asia. you can look to the americans possibly to. to take a lead but the real pressure needs to come from the countries that are going to be affected by what is becoming an increasing serious problem ok folder thank you so much for your analysis on the situation. now their anger crisis has also come up for discussions on the sidelines of the un general assembly that speaks to mike hanna whose life right at u.n. headquarters so mike as you just said there is that there was this meeting that
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took place between a host of foreign dignitaries on me and maher and this was held by the united kingdom what came out of that meeting. well indeed yes it was hosted by the united kingdom's foreign secretary barra's johnson and included as well the u.s. ambassador to the united nations also present at that meeting with very senior leaders from burma from my arm are and they include the foreign minister senior military officials as well they were told in no week terms at all that both the u.s. and the u.k. insisted that the military suspended operations that they allow access to the ring go refugees and that they allow the provision of humanitarian supplies now this a very significant move in that it moves the u.s. and the u.k. from seeing what is happening in my am i in burma as a humanitarian crisis it is seen very specifically now by the u.s. and u.k.
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in particular as a military induced crisis this was just one of the meetings taking place on the sidelines at the united nations in the course of the day diplomatic editor james bays looks back at the day. diplomats will wary about this transfer strip to the united nations as president. trump has railed against the u.n. many times in the past suggesting it's inefficient and bloated at times this transactional america first president would seem to question the entire international system the system since the un was set up at the end of world war two ahead of the meeting there was some unease about what this unpredictable president might say but he only seemed concerned about how the microphones worked his read the woodward saw. when trump finally spoke there would have been
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a big sigh of relief felt across the united nations he now seems to be a fan of the organization. mr secretary general of the united states and the member states presenter support this great reform vision we pledge to be partners in your work and i am confident that if we work together and champion truly baldry forms the united nations will emerge as a stronger more effective more just and greater force for peace and harmony in the world so instead of declaring war on the un trump seems already to be declaring a victory this turnabout it seems the result of an unlikely partnership between the us ambassador nikki haley and the u.n. secretary general who like the president took up his post in january and tonio good terrorists is a canny political operator who knows how all this needs to be presented someone
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recently asked what keeps me up at night and my answer was simple bureaucracy. fragmented structures byzantine procedures and endless red tape at the beginning of the year in washington d.c. i spoke with a senior white house official who said it was the administration's intent to gut the united nations that hasn't happened so for now the u.n. may feel it's dodged a bullet but this is an issue that will be revisited and it's possible down the line that president trump may feel that the changes that we made are not bold enough the president will be staying in new york for most of the week he gives his longer formal address to the u.n. on choose day as well as holding meetings with other world leaders with north korea high on the agenda james spays al-jazeera of the united nations now looking forward to tomorrow james there are many individuals that have not interacted with president trump so what would be the goal then for trump when it comes to
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addressing a range of issues like iran north korea as well as man more clearly there is this credibility test that a lot of people are very skeptical towards him. well it's going to be interesting to see whether the compliant the generous president trump who we saw in the course of the day praising the united nations pledging to work together with that to make it a more efficient organization whether that same president arrives on the podium of the general assembly when he speaks in the course of the morning and we have been briefed by a senior administration official who has pointed out some of the themes that president trump will explore top of the list it would appear north korea the current crisis being faced by the united states and indeed the entire asia region however the administration official says that china and russia may not necessarily be called out by the president this is important because president trump has relied on china to bring pressure to bear on north korea to end its ongoing missile
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testing processes another issue that is likely to be explored that of iran we heard on the subject of iran from both the president and the prime minister of israel during their meeting in the course of the day that will be one of the themes the senior administration official says as well that the issue of venezuela may come up in president trump speech he has just held a meeting in the course of the evening with the latin american leaders minus of course the president of venezuela who has been described by the trumpet ministration as a dictator so a large number of themes to be explored by a president but the key issue really is what will be the tone of the speeches are going to be a confrontational president or is it going to be a president trump seeking global unity to fight what he sees as a primary fight of his administration and that is the fight against terror mike hanna thank you so much life rice at u.n.
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headquarters. the president tom pallium met with latin american leaders on the sidelines of the un general assembly and he was critical of the venezuelan government for its crackdown on opposition protesters. are economic bonds form a critical foundation for advancing peace and prosperity for all of our people and all of our neighbors i ask every country represented here to be prepared to do more to address this unbelievably serious crisis we call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in venezuela and we wanted to happen very very soon. and trump also met with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu they discussed the stalled middle east peace process as well as the iran nuclear deal our u.n. correspondents rawson jordan has the latest on that. as you'd expect donald trump
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and benjamin netanyahu were very happy to see each other on monday on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly both men agreed that in their view the iran nuclear deal was a bad deal and should be renegotiated and at the very least that iran can't be trusted to hold up its end of the deal as for the trumpet ministrations efforts to try to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians the president had this to say. with the capability. and frankly we think we have it is that if you would like to see it i think the palestinians would like to see it and i can tell you that the ministration would like to see it so will work enjoy the energy as you would have. it's likely that both men will try to touch on the issue of the iran nuclear deal during their addresses to the u.n. general assembly on tuesday it's also very likely that they will try to talk about the mideast peace process but their first concern is international peace and
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security namely that of israel and so of course expect repeated references to iran in both men's addresses now the u.n. general assembly as one of the vast the phatic events all of the year but despite that there will be several high profile absences as well the cea list has more on who will and who won't take the podium. the u.n. general assembly is the ultimate stage for world diplomacy and this year there will be some high profile first timers among them of course the u.s. president a central player in some of the major issues confronting the world the north korean crisis in iran's nuclear deal middle eastern conflict and immigration before he was elected donald trump called the u.n. an underperformer and his vision for america is one of less cooperation with international bodies like the u.n. he is perhaps somewhat ironically going to be giving his america first vision for
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america's role in the world at the very heart of international multilateralism and i think everybody will have their eyes turned to him to hear quite what america first means certainly for america but for america's allies and indeed for the united nations those as the very home of global multilateralism or trump is already pushing his agenda for u.n. reform he and the u.s. ambassador nikki haley hosted a meeting with the u.n. secretary general on monday and this week we'll see antonio good terraces first general assembly address he has conceded that for too long the un's role has been to respond to conflicts rather than playing a role in preventing it at his first general assembly the french president is expected to present a global patch for the environment if adopted it will give environmental rights legal and binding power at national and international levels and security is expected to dominate the first addressed by pakistan's caretaker prime minister
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shahid karna bussy his government is under u.s. pressure to do more to crack down on armed groups baying for attacks in neighboring afghanistan other leaders though are no support for their absence from the meeting among them mere miles de facto leader aung san suu kyi she is under intense pressure over the hinge of crisis last year in her first u.n. address. she defended her government's efforts to resolve the situation but one year on that crisis has only deepened other big names who won't take the podium this year include the russian president vladimir putin and the german chancellor angela merkel she is in the middle of a crucial reelection campaign venezuela's nicolas maduro is also a no show his country is in political turmoil with people suffering extreme food shortages a recent u.n. report detailed human rights violations by security forces despite missouri's defiance the u.n. says that in venezuela democracy is barely alive. and plenty more ahead on the news
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hour including u.s. back to kurdish forces say they're ready to fight syrian government troops if they enter the territory. and the peace crackdown begins in spain where cats lionel parties are pushing ahead with plans for a controversial independence referendum. and in sports peter will have the details as this cyclist completes a record breaking. with. korea has dismissed new sanctions against it as a hostile act and warned they will force the country to move fausta towards completing its nuclear meanwhile u.s. bombers and fighter jets have taken part in joint military drills with south korea and japan in a show of force against pyongyang separately china and russia holding joint
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military exercises a chinese able fleet arrived in the russian port city of the fall stock near the border with north korea the exercises involve a thirteen russian and chinese warships let's bring in asian brown who's live for us in beijing hi adrian so all of these military exercises by russia and china one of the main responses to these rising tensions on the korean peninsula. well the timing of these naval exercises are certainly interesting to say the least but i think possibly they're taking place and they began on monday for this reason monday marks the eighty sixth anniversary of japan's invasion of northeast china that's a very important anniversary here in china now a times like this that the defense ministries in both russia and china are always careful to point out that these exercises not aimed at any third country but analysts here say actually there is
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a target and that target is japan so it really underscores once more just how complicated tensions are in northeast asia right now now these military exercises as you point out will involve naval ships and submarines these exercises will last until the twenty six of september now russia and china have no formal military alliance but they have been conducting these exercises annually since two thousand and twelve and of course both these countries have very long coast lines which make them vulnerable at time of attack sheeting ping of course has grown very close to president vladimir putin since he became president more than five years ago but i think it's fair to say that many russians remain deeply wary about what china's true intentions are. and president xi also spoke to our president about north korea what so what is state media saying about what was discussed.
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well this is interesting this is the second time the two leaders have spoken in the last two weeks so their phone conversations are becoming more and more frequent they did discuss north korea and both leaders agreed that according to state media that they would maximize pressure through vigorous enforcement of sanctions although president xi jinping also told mr trump that the latest resolution against north korea included that sort of provision that diplomacy and negotiation should also be given a chance the two leaders also discussed mr trump's forthcoming visit to china he's due to visit beijing sometime in november although dates have yet to be confirmed and mr she told president from the china places great importance on his visit to china in the next few weeks of course this is going to be one of the diplomatic highlights of the year for president xi jinping ok agent brown thank you now
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commanders from the u.s. backed kurdish forces in syria say they are ready to fight government troops if they enter their territory syrian regime forces crossed the euphrates river while encircling a pocket of i saw fighters indias or regime troops have been fighting ice on the west side of the river while the s.d.f. is battling the armed groups on the east. and the s.d.f. commodities have also said that one of their positions was attacked on sunday by russian aircraft supporting the regime it released this for tips for perching to be the aftermath of the attack. has more. the syrian army and the. competing to take over territory that was under the control of in particular in areas in the us or and also. but now the situation might change because a syrian army by crossing the eastern riverbank of the euphrates sends a message that is committed to control all those areas which puts it on
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a collision course with the. likely to see clashes between the and the syrian army in the coming days but now the problem with this is that the seen by the americans as a key ally in the fight against isis while the russians provide significant military assistance the syrian army and and the clashes between the i.d.f. and the syrian army this could lead to more tension between the americans and russians so this is quite a significant development in syria and. more protests in the u.s. over the course of white former police officer for killing a black man when live in st louis. and angry scenes in haiti way unions are posing on new texas. i don't. benefit from hosting the
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biggest event ever and it's history. from i mean i mean when it's to an enchanting desert breeze. welcome back we look at weather conditions across eastern china and taiwan is quite down little bit here we've lost a lot of tropical depressions out in the east china sea we've lost the remnants of a storm docks story across indochina still plenty of showers around there but for much of vietnam for last weather conditions are looking dry and fine still some showers more coastal parts of me among those are really heavy at the moment we've got this frontal system developing across parts of china bringing up towards the river valley you know says hong kong should be largely dry and the same goes for much of taiwan heading down southeastern parts of asia and we have the usual scattering the showers for the philippines borneo likewise much of java badly
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though is dry as you see is this time of the year and then up through the may pensions and also for so much real some pretty heavy showers those continue as we had on through into wednesday further north some showers are likely across much of thailand now into south asia we've got some pretty heavy rain showing up still from the monsoon across parts of the western ghats was across more eastern areas is still looking fairly wet so kolkata could see some heavy downpours still some showers across parts of the poll but you'll notice that weather conditions across northern parts of india looking dry and fine the same goes across in pakistan and respect a temperature of thirty five in crunchy. the weather sponsored by qatar and race.
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with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. we all have stories. some. memories. defining the future. in a breathtaking. al-jazeera staff members. i didn't find to see into that extraordinary. al-jazeera correspondent.
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and again you watch al-jazeera the mind of our top stories at the sala in mars' they. make a first public speech on the violence in rakhine state political prisoner has come under widespread criticism from world leaders for failing to condemn the ethnic cleansing against rwanda muslims. and u.s. bombers and fighter jets are taken part in joint military drills with south korea and japan in another show of force against pyongyang and meanwhile china and the u.s. have committed to maximizing pressure on north korea by forcing new sanctions on the country responds to its latest assault test. and u.s. president trump has made his debut at the united nations for voicing his criticism of the global organization addressing world leaders he said that the u.s. would help with reforming the u.n. to make it stronger and more effective the protesters have marched in new york city
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against president trump's u.n. debut organizers called for an end to what they see as his administration's white supremacist policies but a number of arrests demonstrators descended on to the cities that. protests outside of the united nations during the general assembly are about as common as speeches by world leaders. it's very common to see groups come out to oppose a repressive world leader who's giving a speech or to make a stand against human rights violations around the world what's unusual this year is we're seeing demonstrations against a sitting u.s. president against the united states the host country for the u.n. general assembly this is something that we haven't seen in recent years as attention is focused on other world leaders for the tropics ministration people are finding
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a lot of protest now of course the postseason president really motivated activists and protesters in this country from women's groups to immigrant groups to many left leaning groups we've seen them out on the streets in force so perhaps not surprising that they would come to the u.n. general assembly to protest but it is unusual to see this level of dissent against the united states during this event. and the whole trump says that he's open to further discussions on the paris commerce accord but maintains that the agreement is on fact to his country he made the comments during a meeting with france's president in my name a hall. polls from new york. on the fringe of the united nations general assembly some of the world's top leaders on climate change met there was bewildered mint over the united states' position on the paris climate accord and also mockery we were in we were were in were out first the u.s. was out in june president donald trump said america would withdraw from the paris
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pact saying it was a deal that hurt the american economy but then maybe the u.s. was back in over the weekend a report trump was reconsidering since then a back and forth over just where the white house stood on paris and there's a chance the u.s. can stay in the accord is that right i think under the right conditions the president said he's open to finding those conditions where we can remain engaged with others all what we all agree is still a challenging issue but on monday the u.s. signaling it was back out again as top white house economic adviser michael cone told ministers from several major countries the u.s. position has not changed it white house official issued a statement that read in part consistent with the president's announcement in june we are withdrawing from the paris agreement unless we can reengage on terms more favorable to the united states back at the climate summit exasperate at the uncertainty over the implementation of the paris accord it would be great if the
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president would join the join the movement he's not there yet he believes this whole thing that we're talking about when all the scientists are publishing thousands of papers is all a hoax and is a hoax invented in china he believes that while elsewhere diplomats saying all they can do is take trumpet his word. we have heard the declarations made by president trump and his intention not to respect the agreement and we can only hope to convince him in the long run for now america plans to pull out of the world's leading climate accord at least today but check back tomorrow gabriel isn't oh new york. now a full say of protests is currently underway in the u.s. city of st louis over the acquittal of a white form of police officer for killing a black suspect protesters locked arms as they march through the city's streets
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demanding justice at least one hundred twenty people were arrested on sunday evening after a demonstration in the city center turned violent two officers were injured by hold bricks before riot police were called in day and night protests have taken case since friday when jason stokley was found not guilty in the twenty eleven shooting of anthony lamar smith let's speak to john hendren who's life for us in university city in st louis hi john so again night for these protests in st louis give us an update of what's happening now. hire a healer that protesters actually moved in we are now in st louis in front of the jail where a number of protesters from the past few nights are being held now the police will tell you that the protest began peacefully as this one is and you can look behind me and you can see that there are hundreds of people braving some pretty
5:37 am
significant rains and they're out there demanding the release of some fifty people or so who remain in the jail now people police say that these protests began peacefully but that they devolved by the end of the night and that what happens is a ragtag crowd grows into a mob and that that mob has turned violent that they vandalized stores and that they have thrown things at least while the protesters of course say it is the police themselves who have been violent and they say the evidence is that there are one hundred people held in this jail behind me. fifty of them remaining one hundred people were arrested on sunday night that is and they say that police have been very forceful they've been dressed in full riot gear and that they had taken down protesters with but tongs so they're out here collecting bail money demanding the release of those fifty people who remain here and they say the protests will remain peaceful tonight but they are still out here despite the rains revealing now and
5:38 am
saying is there another shooting that led to protests in missouri is there any connection. that's right in two thousand and fourteen there was this shooting very near here in ferguson of michael brown he was an unarmed black man and it's still a little unclear as to what exactly happened in that case the officer eventually resigned but according to recent study by the washington post that is one of a thousand cases a year in which police shoot. american citizens or kill american citizens in one way or another overwhelmingly these are shootings that is about double the official number that the f.b.i. gives and here's what really bothers people black men represent about six percent of the american public but they represent one in four of those killed by police now that thousand number that includes all police killings justified or not but it is
5:39 am
a very large number and people here say that happens disproportionately to black men and they point to the case of michael brown in two thousand and fourteen and in the case of anthony smith here in st louis that case you have been in two thousand and eleven but of course the verdict came down on friday and since then these protesters have been in the streets and they say until shootings like this stop happening they will continue to fill the streets here regular paid one hundred life price and say no us thank you john now in the last hour hurricane maria has been upgraded to a category five storm and has made landfall in the caribbean island to many and as a pole it's the storm has has has people throughout the caribbean preparing for the west. hurricane maria barreled towards the eastern caribbean islands packing two hundred sixty kilometer per hour winds it intensified to
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a rare category five hurricane with dominica in its path hurricane warnings were posted for dominica guadalupe st kitts and martin eek you do in your home to cross the storm when you move to something fifty coming. home you know not a bad snow we end this thing you know this storm is heading towards many of the islands that were devastated a little more than a week ago by hurricane on the u.s. virgin islands residents emptied store shelves waited in long lines for fuel loaded up on plywood and began preparing their homes for another possible disaster or. a gift from them. never did like to get you home you can feel when you didn't want to take them down will be. there when you get it from senior people maria is on a track that would put it over the u.s. territory of puerto rico by wednesday and could be the most powerful hurricane to
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hit the island in eighty five years dion us to brook al-jazeera. one man has been killed when shots were fired joining a pro independence event and her cook local authorities are investigating the incident cut a state as have vowed to hold an independence referendum despite a ruling by iraq's supreme court to suspend it polls will open on september twenty fifth and the three provinces that make up the oil rich region of the government of baghdad regional neighbors iran and iraq as well as u.s. states have all called for the vote to be delayed saying it could create instability which would help i still fight as. i have made has more from arab male and iraq's nils and. more pressure to postpone the referendum this time coming from the british government the u.k. defense secretary michael fallon is here in erbil where he is meeting with kurdish
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president masoud barzani he was earlier in baghdad and he said from there that he was coming here to try to convince the kurds to postpone the vote he also said that the u.k. was firmly against it at this point now this comes after earlier in the day the federal supreme court issued a state order for the suspension of the referendum until it reaches a final ruling now this is actually an order that should be by indeed for do kurds even though shortly after the supreme court expressed itself a statement came out from the regional prime minister's office saying that the referendum was still going ahead but according to the two thousand and five go situation well the federal supreme court is the authority that rules in case of ethnic sectarian and regional political problems in this country and the kurds were
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fully part of the process of writing that constitution so they are at the moment at least publicly showing still that posture of the foreigners whether there are some sort of negotiations going on between erbil and baghdad at the moment is something that one could fairly be confident about. more than one hundred thousand posters promoting a planned referendum on independence in catalonia the controversial vote is planned for next month but the spanish government has ruled that illegal call penholder accords. in the shadow of church spires clay tile roofs a rebellion is brewing. in towns and villages across catalonia mayors are preparing to hold a referendum to break away from spain but state prosecutors are threatening to
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arrest them after ruling the ballot unlawful. never asked for the leftist c.-u. people r.t. . was a left wing pro independent separatists i've always question the spanish state and the capitalist system now as mayor i'm just as rebellious independence will not just be the work of one of two people but of everybody united. over the weekend spain's chief prosecutor said more than seven hundred mayors could face charges ranging from wasting public funds on the referendum to inciting rebellion it's very difficult to say right now whether there will be a meaningful referendum the top but if there is a resoundingly vote in favor of independence what happens next. is. a vote for independence will be a vote to change everything will mark a new beginning and the opportunity to change the things our parents were unable to at the end of the front go dictatorship. nearby. in the
5:45 am
hillside town of berga these pensioners still bear painful memories of general franco's military dictatorship even though it ended thirty years ago. when we used to talk last line language we had to talk in whispers that's why i was so angry now . and they say they're ready to do their bit to protect the mayor is they elected you for thora g.'s make good on threats to arrest them. we will take the streets and won't be armed but we will turn out the planes and civil guard will come and we'll say whether they heaters first or we them for. their bones may creak a little these days but their desire for independence is a strong as ever call peno al-jazeera berocca spain. a transport strikes tax hikes have shut down most of haiti the government says the
5:46 am
money raised will be improve public services but haitians say the consul for the increases they targets in the reports. russia are importing prince and the new money busy streets have been replaced by protesters and burning tires the transport strike called by the unions meant most people couldn't get to work. instead students confronted police who pushed them back with tear gas. stations are struggling to cope with poverty natural disasters disease and corruption at the same time foreign aid on which the country is dependent is decreasing haitians say the tax increases couldn't have come at a worse time i support the strike one hundred percent because the situation is tough for us the world bank says haiti is the poorest country in the americas and one of the poorest in the world its already weak economy was devastated by an earthquake in twenty ten and struggled to recover ever since unemployment is high
5:47 am
in the region of forty percent and the population don't have enough food to eat the government wants to raise money to invest in haiti's failing public services but critics say tax hikes on fuel and cigarettes will push many struggling families to breaking point. we don't want the budget measures to take effect we don't want. the tax increases have led to some of the worst violence since president juvenile movies took office earlier this year but many haitians feel they have nothing left to lose victoria. are. now a nasa factory such team has emerged from isolation off to eight months of being cooped up in a malls like habitat on our boat. the crew of four men and two women a frozen dried fruit and vegetables which they grew. the university of hawaii is going to be giving essential information about how you pick individual astronauts and how you put them together in a crew but also how you support them over these long duration missions we need to
5:48 am
send humans out because it's important for the future of the species i think is actually really important to get off if you look back at the geological record it is just full of mass extinction and coming up al jazeera three months off of the world's taekwondo championships in seoul both korea is holding its own version of the that will have those details.
5:49 am
time for sports has peter. thank you very much
5:50 am
a new record time to cycle around the world has been set by british cyclist mark berman to as completed his routing seventy nine days knocking forty four days of the previous mark al-jazeera as natasha butler was at the finish line in paris. it's been a remarkable journey and his mark beaumont crossed the finish line in paris setting a new world record the look on his face said it all beaumont to cycle twenty nine thousand kilometers in less than seventy nine days smashing the previous record of one hundred twenty three days was a variation. of a serial in a more one finale. days and have many hours and back and we started. the longest my life but. he also broke the record for the furthest distance so i called by a person in one month. on
5:51 am
july second the british cyclist set off from the french capital in a bid to cycle around the world in eighty days inspired by the classic book published by french writer. in eight hundred seventy three first from. russia. all the way to beijing in china then it's across australasia after that across north america from anchorage to halifax and the final stage is been through madrid and all the way over the pier in east palo it's a total of eighteen miles across the globe but naturally it wasn't a journey without hurdles. morning. on top of the it's not just been about distance this is been
5:52 am
a remarkable test of endurance mark as being cycling sixteen hours a day starting at four o'clock in the morning and surviving on as little as five hours sleep a night he's enjoyed. when he had an accident he broke his tooth and nearly broke his nose but he just kept going he's like an absolute machine. after catching up with his children mark says the first thing he's looking forward to is a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed with al-jazeera paris turkmenistan is. just sports events in its history. from about the asian indoor. basting the. campaign to establish itself on the world's sporting map. it's the sporting piece turkmenistan has been waiting years for the biggest ever event seen here more than six thousand athletes or national about for the asian indoor and martial arts games i'm happy because there's a lot of from another country and they are coming. to.
5:53 am
emotion with us. here turkmenistan doesn't have a rich sporting reputation and see the games as a chance to change that. who's already want to gold medal in jujitsu for the hosts is optimistic about the impact they will have. to the fact that the games take place in our motherland is very helpful for to come and stand to be known to the word twenty one sports are featured in the games there are a showcase of sports that pay homage to asian culture such as belt wrestling encourage olympic favorites also here including athletics and swimming but convincing everyone the country wants to develop its reputation as a sporting hobby won't be easy cumin writes what cause turkmenistan one of the world's most repressive countries it's wrong to hundred seventy eight out of one hundred eighty countries in terms of press freedom so these games will improve but that means a boost relations with other countries government leaders are spared no expense in
5:54 am
making sure things run smoothly and are brought in professionals from overseas with the aim of making the best possible impression we have to bring the international standards to the games in the events here which meant bringing forward top international professionals from around the world and also training locals to also operate at an international standard these games are already off to a positive start for the hosts hoping for more success before the games finish on september twenty seventh so hell malik al-jazeera. the cousin of former heavyweight champion tyson fury is about to challenge for a world title him self u.e. fiore will face new zealand's joseph parker this coming saturday in manchester and on monday the war of words were there for all to see both sides unleashed several of seen as he's in the opposite direction there isn't happiness in the new zealanders camp over the choice of officials for this belt he's promoted even
5:55 am
threatened to cancel the fight i don't care who the judges are the reference and i'm here to do my job and i feel confident i can do it. you know especially in new zealand but i think there's a world champion a fighter in the world want to fire so now it's a great opportunity for so you just. don't you know somebody someone is under feed a young hungry for like myself europe's new basketball champion slovenia arrived home on monday following their ninety three eighty five euro basket final win over rival serbia in a standoff tens of thousands of fans greeted their basketball heroes in the capital lujan or into the mania this is being seen as the country's greatest sporting success thousand celebrated in the city center as the team paraded they knew trophy amidst cheers and flag waving. just three months ago south korea hosted the world taekwondo championships now the northern neighbors are holding their own version of
5:56 am
the event sunday saw an opening ceremony in pyongyang for the championships which are run by the international taekwondo federation the i.d.f. headquarters or in north korea and it's a separate organization to the world taekwondo federation which is based in seoul while the south korean events or one hundred seventeen countries take part this one was still a big event sixty nine countries from austria to uganda will compete over the coming days south korea's demonstration team had been considering a visit to the championships but that has not gone ahead. unbelievable if an elmo sports would be coming up again later. l one hundred ninety three well and just fifteen minutes that's how long each one has to make them at the famous podium at the u.n. general assembly of the u.s. yes some of them have resorted to colorful and creative and often controversial ways of grabbing attention.
5:57 am
every nation in this chamber has responsibility yesterday the devil came here.
5:58 am
right here. right here. and it smells of sulfur still today. this is a fuse. the sky what they should be no borders up here we only horizons one as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go with to feel with things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve
5:59 am
to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice all the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. of our ways going places together on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. one hundred days of the gulf crisis will look at how the economy is very. counting the cost at this time. i really feel liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would guess that's what the joke.
6:00 am
right. as international pressure mounts main mosque leader prepares to address the country over the range of crisis. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al-jazeera lawyer from doha.


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