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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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separate in origin. they share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany cafe vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you is iraq. this is al jazeera.
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everyone i've won the war welcome to this live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea on precedented language from the u.s. president in his debut speech at the u.n. plus. i'm scott either a neighbor or myanmar on song suchi delivered her first speech dedicated to the situation for the ranger many feel she didn't go far enough also ahead syrian warplanes bombed three hospitals in provinces rebels launch an offensive against government held areas. and caught on camera students in south africa turn to mobile phones to protect themselves from my teachers.
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u.s. president donald trump has threatened to totally destroy north korea in a highly combative speech the u.n. general assembly using unprecedented language he warned the u.s. would be forced to confront kim jong un if he continued what trance said was reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons describing north korea as a dupré very he said it showed contempt for other nations and the well being of its own people no nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the united states is ready
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willing and able but hopefully this will not be necessary that's what the united nations is all about. that's what the united nations is for let's see how they do well our u.n. correspondent roselyn jordan has been monitoring those speeches and joins us live now from the headquarters in new york no speech by donald trump was expected to be boring but this was something else. this was because this is the united nations this is an organization that is built on the promise that it's supposed to prevent or that it's supposed to promote peace it was born out of the world war two and to have a world leader the leader of the host country for the delegates and. another sovereign state even though there are ongoing diplomatic efforts to try to get
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north korea to give up its nuclear weapons program that's simply unprecedented we have to know cool to be. prime ministers and with. other countries in fact. said. but there's a. television interview that he did not. to make this sort of. north korea that ministration focus on diplomacy it was the administration of george w. bush as you might expect felicity the reaction here has been ferocious. nikki haley told reporters briefly this was a strong speech much more of a horror frankly from other delegates saying that this is not the forum to make threats it's unseemly it's not helpful and it may harden north korea's ambitions to become a fully nuclear power south korea and japan you could say might appreciate position
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by donald trump but how much concern will they be in the region just how provocative this. well certainly if you look at the comments that have been made by the army. during the recent meetings in the un security council a lot of there was a real desire. to see. worked out in fact let's not forget the new president of south korea. actually came in on a promise of trying to reconcile with north korea even though he has stepped up his military rhetoric in light of north korea's nuclear test that said neither south korea north of japan wants to see any sort of war because the prospects for hundreds of thousands of civilians to be killed the prospect of refugees fleeing
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the prospect of environmental degradation as well as economic damage is simply too much to bear they are really counting on the international community's efforts to enforce the new sets of sanctions that have just been imposed in the last five to six weeks even though they very much appreciate that the u.s. is willing to come to their defense if it were necessary. ok rosa jordan live there at the united nations in new york let's just set the scene for you here at the u.n. general assembly in new york we know that the president. has just finished speaking and next up it is due to be the a man tom had been how much. he's now getting up and about to take his place at the podium. monitor him in the name of god gracious most masterful and honorable audience it gives me great pleasure to congratulate exacts and see mr america's love life strike and its uming the presidency of the
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seventy second session of the general assembly wishing him every success in his mission. and i wish also to express my appreciation to his excellency mr peter thomson for his valuable efforts in managing the affairs of the seventy thousand session of the general assembly in i take this opportunity to commend the efforts of these excellence of the secretary general mr antonio get terrorists to strengthen the role of the united nations mr president mentoring at the regional and international peace and security is a priority in the state of qatar as foreign policy whose principles and practices are based on the united nations charter and the rules of international legitimacy which calls for constructive corp among states mutual respect and non interference in the internal affairs as well as good neighborliness and promoting peaceful coexistence while pursuing peaceful means to settle disputes. the issue of settling
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disputes by peaceful means is still being addressed isn't at this hard a can nonbinding proposal perhaps the time has come to impose darren again negotiations as a basis for resolving disputes through concluding an international convention on settling disputes between states by peaceful means. in this context and after a major event such as world war two room wall and room d. in the balkans over the last century the danger of the impunity after perpetrators of crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide has come dark again to threaten humanity. it has become the rule and not an exception. because the international legitimacy is subjected to political leverage to the interests of the axioms and the dictations of the force on the ground which pretends that the long
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course may supersede the force of law in our view the major powers should not adopt one of two extreme positions either the direct occupation of countries to impose their will in policy or standing ideally on turning a blind eye to war as a genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated by a fascist despotic regime or they ignore in the continuous repression of people on their occupation by the occupying state. lately there is a growing standards people on the repression are facing their fate alone as if the international arena is governed by the law of jungle as if that country under threat will have to stand on their own relying on their alliances and relations in the absence of the system to implement the provisions of international
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law and the binding conventions and charters mr president we commend the theme of this session focusing on people striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet. in this context i call upon the government of the republic of the union of myanmar and the international community to assume their legal and moral responsibility and take the necessary measures to stop the violence against their hunger minority providing them with protection and repatriating the displaced to their homeland preventing sic tarion or ethnic discrimination against this minority and ensuring that they have their full legitimate rights as full fledged. citizens we urge all states to provide humanitarian assistance to their hair mr president every time i stand here i speak in favor of constructive international
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cooperation just beside the rights of people and their occupation as well as those who are subjected to crimes against humanity or those under siege this time i stand before you while my country and my people are subjected to a continuing and unjust blockade imposed since june the fifth by the neighboring countries the bloke eight involves all aspects of life including severing family ties qatar is currently managing successfully its livelihood economy development plans and its outreach to the outside world thanks to sea and air routes that are not under the control of these countries. the blockade was imposed abruptly and without warning prompting counter race to considerate kind of betrayal it seems that those who have planned and implemented
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it had envisaged that their move would cause a shocking in direct impact that will bring the state of qatar takes nina on to capital a to a total guardianship imposed upon it and what is worse the blockade schemers found it necessary to rely on fabricated cords attributed to me which they posted on the website of qatar news agency after hacking it the. contract media of these countries was ready to loan share an all out campaign of incitement prepared in advance in which all values morals and norms were breach. the truth was infringed upon by a torrent of line as farms are still being spent on sparingly on the machine faking and disseminating fabrications in the hope of fooling people by
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distorting the truth with mere lines this time the exposure of the hacking and falsification of coal to their mirror of a sovereign state the blockade in countries did not that now nor apologize for lying but rather intensified their campaign in the hope that the blockade would code a cumulative effect on the economy and the society of my country after it failed to bring about any direct impact on. the perpetrators of the hacking and the falsification of the courts have committed an assault against a submarine state that the crime was deliberately committed for political aims and was followed by a list of political dictations which prejudice sovereignty they called worldwide astonishment. this disgraceful act has once again raised international cleary's about digital security and the unruliness in cyber crime and electronic
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piracy it also revealed the anxiety of a lot of public and official circles in the world over the absence of clear cut international legislations and institutions that govern this dangerous and volatile field or punish the perpetrators of transnational crime. it is high time to take steps in this vein we are ready to mobilize our potential to serve such joint effort. the current trees who imposed the unjust located on qatar have intervened in the internal affairs of the state by bringing pressure to bear on the citizens through foodstuff of madison cutting family ties. to force them to change their political affiliation thus destabilizing a sovereign country isn't this one of the definitions of terrorism that this illegal located was not confined to the economic aspect of the breach of the w.t.
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agreement but it went beyond that article in violated human rights conventions by the arbitrary measures that have closed social economic. harm. and religious harm to thousands of citizens and residents of the g.c.c. countries they violated basic human rights to walk educate get education are the freedom of movement and the right to dispose of private property things did not stop at this point of the blockade in countries and went beyond that to persecute their own citizens and residents of their territory and imposing penalties of imprisonment and fines on them for the mare expiration of their sympathy with qatar even if that was on the social media in a precedence never seen by the world in violation of the human rights conventions. and agreements that guarantee the right to
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freedom of opinion and expression. there are some countries that permit to themselves not only to attack and neighboring country to dictate their own foreign policy and policy. undertaken in the media but also believe that their possession of funds qualify them to put pressure on blackmail other countries to participate in their aggression while they are supposed to be held accountable internationally for what they have limited. their countries who have imposed a blockade on the state of qatar interfere in the internal affairs of many countries and accuse all those who oppose them domestically or abroad with terrorism thus they are inflicting damage on the war on terror while at the same time opposing reform and supporting the tyrannical regimes in our region the prisons which harbor terrorists we were not alone to be taken by surprise by the
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imposition of the blockade as many countries leaders have also questioned its motives and reasons the blockade in countries have promised all those who asked about reasons of the blockade to provide evidence of their qatar absolute allegations and fabrications which kept changing according to the identity of the addressee. everyone is still awaiting and evidence that never materialized because it does not exist in contrast these allegations contradict a lot of that the dense about qatar's contribution to the fight against terrorism which was recognized by the entire international community let's date of qatar has thought terrorism the whole international community bears witness to that and it is still fighting it will continue to do that it stands in the camp of those who are fighting by security means qatar believes that it is necessary to fight it ideologically it goes beyond that to participate in draining it salsas through
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providing education to seven million children around the world so that they do not fall prey to ignorance and radical ideas we have refused to yield to dictations by pressure and siege and our people will accept nothing less and the same time we have taken an open attitude towards dialogue without dictations and we have expressed our readiness to resolve differences through compromises based on common undertakings resolving conflicts by peaceful means is actually one of the priorities of our foreign policy and from this podium we are a new the call for an unconditional dialogue based on mutual respect and full sovereignty and i highly value the sincere and appreciated mediation that the state of qatar hassle since the start of the crisis initiated by my brother his highness share. but also by the emir of the sisterly state of kuwait i also thank all those countries that have supported this mediation. allow me on this occasion and from
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this podium to express my pride in my qatari people and along with the multinational and multicultural residents of qatar. and the people have with stood the conditions a siege and rejected the dictations with resolve and pride the. insisted on the independence of qatar's solver indecision and strengthen its unity and solidarity maintaining their great fine manners and their progress despite the fierceness of the campaign launched against them and their country i reiterate my findings to the sisterly and friendly countries which recognize the significance of respecting the sovereignty of states and the rules of international loam we appreciate their positions which were and remains supportive of the cattery people during this crisis mr president terrorism extremism are among the most serious challenges facing the world countering them require us all to carry out
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a concerted action against terrorist organizations and other extremist ideology in order to maintain security for humanity and stability for the world the governments of the world have no choice but to cooperate in the security confrontation with terrorism but holding the initiation of terrorism and extremism to be achieved by addressing its social political and cultural root causes we also must be careful not to make the fight against terrorism an umbrella for uprising or shelling civilians. in the fight against terrorism and extremism wars and will remain a top priority for qatar this is exemplified by the effective participation of the state of qatar in regional and international efforts through the implementation of the measures included in the united nations strategy adopted back in two thousand and six as well as the implementation of all security council resolutions in
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measures related to countering terrorism or financing it. with also participated in international coalitions regional organizations and nurtured bilateral relations with the united states and many countries of the world to that they know the state of qatar will continue its regional and international efforts in this regard and. well developed them and while reaffirming our condemnation of all forms of extremism and terrorism we reject tackling this phenomenon with double standards according to the identity of the perpetrators or linking it with any particular religion braze civilization culture or society mr president. the issues facing the middle east continue to pose the greatest threat to international peace and security due to the vital importance of this region and to the world israel still stands in the way of achieving a lasting just and comprehensive peace and rejects the arab peace initiative the
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israeli government continues its intransigence approach and strategy to create facts on the ground threats pounding settlement construction in the occupied territories should die as in jerusalem in a strict thing that all forms of religious rituals in an ox a mosque or. which is a serious provocative act it also continues to impose its blockade on the gaza strip the international community must give high priority to the resumption of peace negotiations on the basis of ending the israeli occupation of the arab territories within a specified time frame and reaching it just comprehensive and final settlement in accordance with a two state solution agreed upon by the international community based on the resolutions of international legitimacy the arab peace initiative this will
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only be achieved through the establishment of an independent palestinian state on the basis of the one hundred sixty seven borders with jerusalem as its capital r. and you my appeal to the palestinian brothers to complete national reconciliation and unify positions and words in confronting the dangers and challenges facing the palestinian question. on the future of the palestinian people mr president the international community remains unable to find a solution to the syrian crisis despite its consequences and serious repercussions on the region and the world political efforts continue to falter due to the conflicting international and regional interests the conflict in is conducive to protect those against whom we're supposed to stand united the international community relinquishes its legal and moral responsibility using clued in the implementation of its decisions in submission to the logic of force what's required
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is to seriously work to reach a political solution to the syrian crisis in a way that meets the aspirations of the syrian people for justice dignity and freedom and maintain the unity and sovereignty of syria in accordance with the geneva one decisions qatar will spare no effort in providing support and assistance to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of our syrian brothers and to implement our humanitarian pledges within the framework of the united nations the international community has given up the task of protecting civilians will it also has attained to hold war criminals accountable for their impunity would have a dire consequences on the situation in syria and the region which would affect the behavior of future dictatorships towards their peoples in the absence of any deterrents or. turning to the libyan question. libya has
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a national consensus which would preserve libya's unity sovereignty and social fabric and restore its stability could be achieved by means of combining domestic and international effort to must all intensify ather and support a government of national accord which has been established with the support of the united. nations in its effort to restore stability counterterrorism and its grave consequences the state of qatar has supported international mediation efforts and will support them in the future to meet the aspirations of the libyan people concerning the brotherly country iraq we support the efforts of the iraqi government and its endeavor to achieve security stability and unity of the territory and people of iraq we command their treatment of this people in their fight against terrorism we have. our necessary support to the compliment their victories by realizing the aspirations of the people of iraq. to
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equality among all citizens and restore its rule of the regional and international evidence concerning yemen now we have the importance of maintaining yemen's unity security and stability and i am doing the state of infighting and war while adopting dialogue political solution and national reconciliation as a basis for ending this crisis and implementing security council resolution twenty two sixteen. we call upon the international community to facilitate the access of humanitarian assistance to various yemeni regions the state of qatar supports the efforts of the un envoy to end this crisis and realize the aspirations of the brotherly yemeni people in unity security and stability. in order to achieve security and stability in the gulf region and we ran you our call has already been loaned from this podium for conducting a constructive dialogue between the g.c.c.
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countries and iran on the basis of common interests the principle of good neighborliness respect for state sovereignty and the noninterference in the internal affairs of other states mr president when the framework of international efforts to face up to humanitarian crises the city of qatar has continued to contribute. in the international response to the growing humanitarian needs in the world at large we have increased our financial contributions to the united nations office for the called an issue of human tarion affairs they are charged to enable the united nations to implement you and programs and provide humanitarian relief to those in need worldwide today restated qatar ranks on the list of major donors in the twenty seventeen to the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs we have continued to provide support to countries facing
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challenges to help them implemented their development plans it's worth mentioning here that the state of qatar ranked fast in the arab world and thirty third in the world in the field of human and human development this proves the effectiveness of our humanitarian and development policy we look forward to achieving the goals of the united nations' south trainable development agenda which we have all committed to achieve them. in conclusion we reiterate that the state of qatar will spare no effort in strengthening the role and efforts of the united nations to achieve what the international community sees. bringing in peace and security and promoting human rights and advancing development katara. will remain as is always the case a safe haven for the oppressed and we look continue its mediation efforts to find
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just solutions in conflict zones thank you and they are last piece massive lessons be upon. they've been listening to the amir of qatar telling bin hamad alfon a speaking there at the united nations general assembly he began by calling on the government of myanmar and the international community to stop violence against the range of minority muslims but then moved on and surprisingly to the blockades by saudi arabia and several other gulf nation countries against castro saying there is even pose an unjust war chaos seeking to destabilize a sovereign state he asked at one point if this is not a definition of terrorism he says it's an assault against a sovereign state and a violation of basic human rights with me now in the studio as our political analyst marwan bashar amman what did you make of the speech well look certainly he didn't mention words today i mean we i was looking to see two things from the speech today one how much of a focus there would be on the gulf crisis and to what would be the term. on the
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first question i think there wasn't that much focus on the gulf crisis i think he addressed the regional issues the global issues of international relations of in advance as he addressed. the gulf crisis which for me tells me that they mean of course that is not as as preoccupied with the gulf crisis as you was over the last three months and that is their problem or at liberty not to think about those greater regional issues and so on in terms of tone as i said i heard words like blockade betrayal well i'm so sorry i'm going to be the reason being that we're now going to hear from the turkish president rhetoric talk about a one. so you. honorable president honorable secretary general distinguished heads of state and government esteemed delegates. with respect on behold wolf my own soften my
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country. well. i would like to assign mr peter thompson for his successful work over the past year as he was the president of the seventy four session of the un general assembly and i also would like to congress relate to mr merrill shock taken over the presidency of the general assembly this year. i hope. this year's short session of the general assembly code meaning with the theme of focusing on people striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet will bring goodness to all of the world's peoples. honorable president. esteemed delegates. fortunately global peace and stay but it did time regressed further since our
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meeting in this whole last year. we continue to see the face of terrorism and war in different corners of. terrorists who are fed why the and monument conflicts continue their acts spreading them across different regions. we are anxiously observateur the violent actions of radical currents. cultural racism and any most city against islam the most effective way of bursting this negative would be to engage in a sincere cooperation here under this roof. we need to do a new perspective to promote world peace. not crisis mode
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threat can possibly be resolved by leaving it to play out on its own. we all have to shoulder the responsibility for a safer more prosperity is who old. it is with this understanding that turkey is pursuing and enterprising and humanitarian foreign policy honorable mr president that gets the syrian conflict and its seventh year this conflict has created deep wounds in the country the region the whole world has lost in syria whole civilization is being and he laid it together with so really innocent children. destroying this country and being paid by him stable oppression terrorism spreads like a cancer across borders. the people of syria who took action demanding
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democracy freedom justice and a bright future fortunately left alone by the international community. turkey. could not remain indifferent to this tragedy of these people. as our brothers and sisters regardless of their original creed to whom we are connected with deep historical ties. since the outbreak of the conflict in syria in this being of two thousand and eleven we have exerted every kind of humanitarian and political effort to solve the problem and we will continue to do so. we are currently hosting more than three million syrians and more than two hundred thousand iraqis in our country. we have launched together with russia and iran the us town of meetings with the participation of all
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conflicting parties in an attempt to establish a permanent cease fire and peace in the country. following our initiatives also the geneva a process which was blocked for a long time has been revived. we are putting into practice now a new plan to ensure the security off the region in syria within the framework of the agreement reached in astana. turkey would be supportive of every step towards the construction of a stable and prosperous syria based on the territorial integrity of the country and respect for democratic demands of its people dear friends we have taken we will continue to take all kinds of measures for those who came to our country with the outbreak of the syrian crisis to stem the influx of refugees into europe we made all the needs of these people from shelter to food and clothing from health
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care to education standards that are appreciated by everyone who is it our country . but i would like to underscore that we have not received socially support from the international community especially from the european union for the efforts that we have been carrying out. the expenditure. public institutions of our civil society organizations and people in order to meet the needs of those living in the camps and cities in turkey have so far exceeded thirty billion us dollars. in turn the european union has sent only eight hundred twenty million euros out of the three billion plus three billion euros that they in fact promised. total assistance from the international community through the united
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nations remains around five hundred twenty million dollars these do not come into our budget mind you. this money goes and they are intended for to serious are should point out. they are intended for the serious goes to none of them none of this money goes into turkey's budget this money is given to those in need by the relief agencies through development institutions of the united nations mind you. before the whole world here i hear called on the countries and international organizations which have put all their boards on all of the three point two million people on turkish shoulders i call on them to fulfill the promises they have might in fact turkey is a country that carries on to monetary and development assistance activities around
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the world not only do we welcome those who come to our own our country bot. through. which is a turkish cooperation and coordination agency through the disaster and management authority of turkey through the turkish red crescent and various other civil society organizations we rush to the help of all those who are suffering and who are under oppression regardless of which part of the world they may be for example through its awfully institutions and say it was suicide organizations turkey has spent a billion u.s. dollars for the reconstruction of so my self are the work that we carry out under exults that we have achieved in so maybe i would indeed so done example for similar efforts according to confirmed o.e.c.d. statistics with six billion dollars so humanitarian aid in two thousand and sixteen turkey around as the world's second largest donor top contributors
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in terms of. yet turkey is the seventeenth largest economy of the world. having expand. point eight percent of its national income for humanitarian assistance turkey is one of the six countries that could meet the un target so as you see turkey is working real hard towards its sus dana world which is the main message of this general assembly and we will continue in the coming days with the same concentration in mind. honorable mr president as. turkey is engaged in an intensified to against the bloody terrorist organizations of the region such as. and p k k norrish by the instability in syria and
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iraq additionally our fight against the. terrorist organization which attempt to change the legitimate democratic regime of turkey by a bloody coup is also ongoing. we have recovered two hundred forty three residential areas and the land which is larger than two thousand square kilometers thanks to the operation euphrates shield. initiated in syria following the attacks of on our borders we have neutralized almost three thousand militants during that operation. around long hundred thousand syrians returned resettled in the region that we cleaned up from the terrorists the operation you afraid to share is the single greatest accomplishment against since its ok patient off the region i
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must highlight the following fact in your presence most of the groups and forces claiming that to fight against dietician the region in fact have no such real purpose these groups and forces used as a pretext to just realize their own agenda us the efforts by p u y d p g to change the demographic structure in the region it has captured to seize the property of the people to kill or exile the ones who stand against it all of these things form a crime against humanity. if the fight against guys is not conducted on a digital much basis it would be and i won't double for the world to come on their death threat of a new like entity similar approaches exist in iran as well. iraq also needs the compromises to be reached on the basis of territorial integrity underlies ation of the ideals to build
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a common future. steps such as the mounts for independence that can cause new crises and conflicts in the region must be avoided. we here call on the iraqi kurdish regional government to abort the initiative that they have launched in that direction. ignoring the clear undetermined songs of turkey in this matter may lead to a process that shall deprive the iraqi kurdish regional government the opportunities they currently enjoy. we all should work on building tranquility peace security and stable data in the region instead of sparking new york conflicts . esteemed mr president your delegates beside syria and iraq we are also close we are following the regions such as libya and yemen where terrorist organizations are trying to establish influence the international community's
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support to the legitimate government in libya shall contribute significantly to the stable hitty of the country. it should be kept in mind that if the mistakes made in syria and iraq are repeated in libya then that will expose the whole world particularly europe to a much greater threats. and under issues that turkey. placed delegates on is the immediate resolution off the conflict which has erupted in the gulf region. we believe that the sanctions negatively affecting the living conditions off the qatari people should first of all be lifted. the support for the mediation efforts of the emir of kuwait. for the resolution of the crisis our hope is that these efforts would yield
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a positive result. we also that saudi arabia whom we see as the elder brother of the gulf region would show is sincere willing for the resolution of this issue. another important problem is the issue of palestine which we consider to be the gaping wound of the world and by extension the preservation of the historical status. and. should if i either the temple mount. the grasses in her amish if in july has demonstrated that the sensitivity off the issue of. the continuation off the peace process there can only be possible on the conversation that is right immediately stops illegal settlement activities and take steps towards a two state solution. so in this context i call on the international community to support our palestinian brothers sons sisters in eastern jerusalem the west bank
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and gaza. as their struggle for an independent. palestinian state. despite the current absence of conflict the balkans is another potential crisis another potential crisis which still faces serious challenges. and for this reason we attach great importance to the integration of balkan countries with the tick institutions. turkey will continue to do its part for peace stable. to prevail in this exceptional part of the world. the territorial integrity of john and. for regional stable it in southern caucasus. so we need to work harder for the resolution off the conflicts in the. up. and solve. we should never forget that each crisis that we ignore
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today has the potential to spark a regional and he wanted global crisis tomorrow in this framework. i would also like to underline that we are against all sorts of nuclear weapons which have come to increasingly the world agenda in recent days. it's obvious that we could not overcome such problems on this we completely cleans the world from the scorch of nuclear weapons. we are saddened by the fact that the comprehensive negotiation process started in two thousand and eight has ended due to the incomprehensible snows of the greek cypriots. we will do our best to ensure that the natural resources discovered in the eastern
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mediterranean in recent years will serve to peace stable. the region. we are ready to consider proposals for a solution that respect the rights of turkish cypriots. is deemed to mr president to your delegates. while struggling with all these global and regional problems our world was shocked once again by decide new stuff from myanmar if you weeks ago the muslim community in the racan region off me on mark is being subjected to almost nichkhun i'm single with probably good to terrorist acts as a predicts. the religious off the ruling go muslims who have already been there being in extreme poverty and misery and deprived of their citizenship rights are burnt down as hundreds of thousands of people are forced to migrate from the region
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and the country. the camps in bangladesh to which the people migrating from the region are diverted those camps are not in a position to fulfill even the minimum humanitarian needs as it is the case in syria the international community has not given a good account of itself regarding the humanitarian plight which muslims have been exposed to. if this strategy in myanmar is not stopped the history of humanity will face the embarrassment of another darks day. what is most important is to ensure that they are growing up people who have taken refuge outside their country especially in bangladesh maintain their lives in safety peace and welfare on their own land where they have lived for centuries. turkey is and every dissolution of this crisis as well recently on the occasion of a meeting on i see the organization of islamic cooperation we had
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a special session on that matter in astana the capital of because i can stand with the participating countries. my wife my song and ministers who visited the camps in bangladesh immediately after the latest crisis personally witnessed the humanitarian plight. and the clothing food and other humanitarian aid was provided and we are now looking into the second phase of such eight. we will today hold the meeting of the organization of. the islamic cooperation contact group on royal at the premises of the united nations this afternoon in fact. as i said my vive my son and our ministers and some other n.g.o.s of turkey. want there
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to come which is the official aid organization of turkey went there for eight to go is the only officially aiding organization. the turkish red crescent and other n.g.o.s they continue their activities to the lower humanitarian aid to the raw kind muslims in myanmar if concerned countries provide the necessary means we would like to continue assistance activities in a more comprehensive way. and. i discussed these issues with the secretary general of the united nations is excellent. we are not preparing ourselves for further steps is deemed to mr president there that it gets all the is that while moments under humanitarian tragedies. the relevance of far it pealed for the restructuring of the un especially the security council symbolized. the world is
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bigger than five. gathered. here under this rule of three needs to understand that it is really late for us to reform the security council so under this roof we are representing the whole world. if we can not display the will to prevent the murders spark terrorist organizations and humanitarian crisis and cravings. everyone will search for their own ways to help themselves on their own. if this on their standing prevails then the world will be dragged into a new storm of cruelty. if western countries do not prevent tendencies such as. racism and in lawsuit against islam. if the country is in the crisis ridden regions do not demonstrate the decisive will to fight terrorist organizations and poverty. if you do not cooperate all of us with one another on
9:52 pm
all of these fronts. how can we possibly reach our ideals of peace and a decent life on a sustainable planet. we support the war conducted towards dissent by the honorable secretary general with whom we cooperated in the past closely during his tenure as do you on h.c.r. . it is not to the benefit of anyone to insist on the continuation of this distorted system which no longer has the capacity to take concrete steps towards the good of humanity under its current form we want the u.n. security council to have a democratic transparent fair and effective structure we proposed that the security council consist of twenty members with the same rights and competencies to serve for two years and a half of which are replaced every year. as such all countries in the world will
9:53 pm
have a say in this important institution when it is their turn. it is imperative that we transform the un into a different body because the world is changing the world has changed it is not the same world. the un was established after the second world war. really should be talking about the year one which is being administered by representatives from the entire world and this such it will be the end bottoming embodiment of the humanities common conscience the belief. before i. let me remind you that regardless of the color of our faces and eyes our tears are the same. i urge you to take action immediately to stop the tears flowing in different parts of the world. i hope that the work after
9:54 pm
seven to second session after general assembly will contribute to our efforts to that and with those thoughts. with amity and respect all countries and peoples represented under this roof at this joint parliament of humanity on my own behalf and on behalf of my country my greetings to you all god bless you . you've been listening to the turkish president speaking at the un general assembly he began his address by saying the world needs a new perspective to promote world peace and we can't leave crises to play out on their own he then went through several of the world's crisis including syria libya yemen the gulf crisis and palestine and ended by saying that the u.n. security council should be enlarged to consist of twenty members he said that there is a need to transform the united nations the world has changed the u.n.
9:55 pm
should change i think it's an appropriate moment to bring in our diplomatic editor james base at the u.n. headquarters in new york i was interested in that last remark there by president james talking about the security council should actually consist of twenty members and should change every couple of years. yeah they talked about u.n. reform here twenty four hours ago very limited u.n. reform they're talking about he's talking about much bigger changes changing the u.n. charter he said the world is bigger than five he also talked about other issues in the region and refer to palestine as a gaping wound well i think that. the discussion of the palestinians will continue with the next speaker of the we're expecting to see because the next day he's going to be the prime minister of israel we believe an interesting lead taking the podium on behalf of the president of the general assembly various ambassadors are allowed
9:56 pm
to take the place to do. ties for the president general assembly that is the israeli ambassador looks like he is going to be introducing his own prime minister when he speaks here we'll look at what he says about the ongoing trump initiative to bring peace between the israelis and palestinians but also president trump's call strong comments about north korea and in particular about the iran nuclear deal suggesting that president trump is likely to opt out of that nuclear deal a strong supporter in that speech sitting in the israeli delegation bench was the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu so we'll hear his perspective on the iran nuclear deal and on iran when he addresses the general assembly introduced by his ambassador we think in just a few moments time for the city yes still waiting for that prime minister here in the meantime you're talking there about what donald trump is said about iran in fact we do now have
9:57 pm
a prime minister binyamin netanyahu now taking the podium. mr president ladies and gentlemen we are in the midst of a great revolution a revolution in israel standing among the nations this is happening because so many countries around the world have finally woken up to what israel can do for them those countries now recognize what brilliant investors like warren buffett and great companies like google and into what they recognize the known for years that israel is the innovation nation. the place for cutting edge
9:58 pm
technology in agriculture in water in cyber security in medicine in autonomy vehicles you name it we've got it those countries now also recognize israel's exceptional capabilities in fighting terrorism in recent years israel has provided intelligence that has prevented dozens of bage or terrorists attacks around the world we have saved countless lives now you may not know this but your governments do and their work lee working closely together with israel to keep your country safe and your citizens i stood here last year on this podium and i spoke about this profound change in israel standing around the world
9:59 pm
and just look at what has happened since and one year hundreds of presidents prime ministers foreign ministers and other leaders have visited israel many for the first time of these many visits to were truly historic in may president trump became the first american president to include israel in his first visit abroad president trump stood at the western wall at the foot of the temple mount where the jewish people or rather the jewish peoples temples stood for nearly a thousand years and when the president touched those ancient stones he touched our hearts forever in july prime minister modi
10:00 pm
became the first indian prime minister to visit israel you may have seen the pictures we want to beach and had there. we rode together in a jeep outfitted with a portable desalination device that some thriving israeli entrepreneur invented we took off our shoes waded into the mediterranean and drank sea water that had been purified only a few minutes earlier we imagined the endless possibilities for israel for india for all of humanity in the past year israel has hosted so many world leaders and i had the honor of representing my country on six different continents one
10:01 pm
year six continents i went to africa where i saw israeli innovators increasing crop yields.


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