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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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well you may have seen the pictures we want to beach and had there we rode together in a jeep outfitted with a portable desalination device that some thriving israeli entrepreneur invented we took off our shoes waded into the mediterranean and drank sea water that had been purified only a few minutes earlier we imagined the endless possibilities for israel for india for all of humanity in the past year israel has hosted so many world leaders and i had the honor of representing my country on six different continents one year six continents i went to africa where i saw israeli innovators increasing crop yields turning air into water fighting aids
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i went to asia where we deepened our relations with china and with singapore and expanded our cooperation with our muslim friends in azerbaijan and kazakhstan i went to europe we're in london and paris saloniki in budapest we enhance our security and economic ties i went to australia becoming the first israeli prime minister to visit our great allies down under and just last week i went to south america visiting argentina and colombia and then i went on to mexico becoming if you can believe it the first israeli prime minister ever to visit latin america after seventy years the world isn't bracing israel and israel is embracing the world. one
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year. wait. one year six continents now it's true i haven't yet visited on tartar. but one day i have to go there i want to go there too because i've heard that penguins are also enthusiastic supporters of israel and you laugh but penguins have no difficulty recognizing that some things are black and white are right and wrong and unfortunately when it comes to un decisions about israel that simple recognition is too often absent it was absent last december when the security council passed an anti israel
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resolution that set back the course of peace it was absent last may when the world health organization adopt it you have to listen to this the world health organization adopted a syrian sponsored resolution that criticized israel for health conditions on the golan heights as the great john mcenroe would say you cannot be serious i mean this is preposterous syria has barrel bombs starved gassed and murdered hundreds of thousands of its own citizens and wounded millions war while israel has provided life saving medical care to thousands of syrian victims of that very same carnage yet who does the world health organization criticize israel so is there no limit
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to the un's absurdities when it comes to israel well apparently not because in july. unesco declared the tomb of the patriarchs in hebron a palestinian world heritage site that's worse than fake news that's fake history mind you it's true that abraham the father of both ishmael and isaac is buried there but so too are isaac jacob sara rebecca sarah is a jewish name by the way sarah rebecca and linda who just happen to be patriarchs and matriarchs of the jewish people well you will read about that in the latest unesco report but if you want to you
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can read about it in a somewhat weighty or publication it's called the bible. i highly recommend it i hear it even got four and a half out of five stars on amazon and it's a great read i read it every week ladies and gentlemen a moment to be serious despite the absurdities despite the repetition of these farcical events there is change slowly but surely there are signs of positive change even at the united nations mr secretary-general. i very much appreciate your statement that
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denying israel's right to exist is anti semitism pure and simple now that's important because for too long the epicenter of global anti semitism has been right here at the un and while it may take many years i'm absolutely confident that the revolution in israel's ties with individual days will ultimately be reflected here in this hall of nations. i say that because there is also a market change in the position of some arky friends thanks to president trump's unequivocal support for israel in this body that positive change is gathering force so thank you president trump
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thank you for supporting israel at the u.n. and thank you for your support and basser nikki haley's thank you for speaking the truth about israel. being. but ladies and gentleman here at the u.n. we must also speak the truth about iran as president did so powerfully this morning now you know i've been and bastard to the u.n. and i'm a long serving israeli prime minister so i've listened to countless speeches in this hall but i can say this none were bolder none were more courageous and forthright than the one delivered by president trump today president trump rightly called the nuclear deal with iran
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he called it an embarrassment well i couldn't agree with a more and here's why iran vows to destroy my country every day including by its chief of staff the other day iran is conducting a campaign of conquest across the middle east and iran is developing ballistic missiles to threaten the entire world two years ago. i stood here and explained why the iranian nuclear deal not only doesn't block iran's path to the bomb but actually paves it. because the restrictions placed on iran's nuclear program have what's called a sunset clause now let me explain what that term means it means that in
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a few years those restrictions will be automatically removed not by a change in iran's behavior not by lessening of its terror or its aggression they'll just be removed by a mere change in the calendar and i warned that when that sunset comes a dark shadow will be cast over the entire middle east and the world because iran will then be free to enrich uranium on an industrial scale placing it on the threshold of a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons that's why i said two years ago that the greater jane. is not that iran will rush to a single bomb by breaking the deal but that iran will be able to build many bombs
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by keeping. now in the last few months we've all seen how dangerous even a few nuclear weapons can be in the hands of a small rogue regime now imagine the danger of hundreds of nuclear weapons in the hands of a vast raney an islamist empire with the missiles to deliver them anywhere on earth i know there are those who still defend the dangerous deal with iran arguing that it will block iran's path to the bomb ladies and gentlemen that's exactly what they said about the nuclear deal with north korea and we all know that turned
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out unfortunately if nothing changes. this deal will turn out exactly the same way that's why israel's policy toward regarding the nuclear deal with iran is very simple change it or cancel it fix it or nix nixon the deal means restoring massive pressure on iran including crippling sanctions until you run fully dismantle its nuclear weapons capability fixing the deal requires many things among them inspecting military and any other site that is a suspect and peelers in iran for every violation but above all
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fixing the due means getting rid of the sunset clause. and beyond fixing this bad deal we must also stop iran's development of ballistic missiles and roll back its glowing aggression in the region. i remember we had these debates as you know. took a fairly active role in them and many supporters of the deal now usually believed that it would somehow moderate iran it would make it a responsible member so they said of the international community well you know i strongly disagreed i warned that when the sanctions on iran would be removed iran would behave like
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a hungry tiger on least not joining the community of nations but devouring nations one after the other and that's precisely what iran is doing today from the caspian sea to the mediterranean from tehran to tart to see. an iranian curtain is descending across the middle east iran spreads this curtain of tyranny and terror over iraq syria lebanon and elsewhere and it pledges to extinguish the light of israel today i have a simple message for. the dictator of iraq. the light of this world will never be extinguished. way.
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neta he saw in law your shakun. those who struck us with annihilation put themselves in mortal peril israel will defend itself with the full force of our arms and the full power of our convictions we will act to prevent iran from establishing permanent military bases in syria for its air sea and ground forces we will act to prevent iran from producing deadly weapons in syria or in lebanon for use against us and we will act to prevent iran from opening a new terror fronts against israel along our northern border as long as iran is regime seeks the destruction of israel iran will face no fiercer enemy
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then israel but i also have a message today for the people of iran you are not our enemy you are our friends. has studied one day my iranian friends. you'll be free from the evil regime that terrorizes you hangs gays jails journalists tortures political prisoners and shoots innocent women like you need assault on leave your choking on your own blood on the streets of tehran i have not forgotten it i'm sure you haven't too and so the people of iran when you were a day of liberation finally comes the friendship between our two engine peoples
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will surely floors once again ladies and gentleman israel knows that in confronting the iranian regime we are not alone we stand shoulder to shoulder with those in the arab world who share our hopes for a brighter future we've made peace with jordan and egypt whose courageous president abdel-fattah. i made here last night i appreciate president r.c.c. support for peace and i hope to work closely with him and other regions and other leaders in the region to advance peace israel is committed to achieving peace with all our arab neighbors including the palestinians yesterday president crump and i discussed this all of this at great length i appreciate president trumps leadership
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his commitment to stand by israel side his commitment to advance a peaceful future for all together we can seize the opportunities for peace and together we can confront the great dangers of iran the remarkable alliance between the united states and israel has never been stronger never been deeper and israel is deeply grateful for the support of the trumpet ministration the american congress and the american people ladies and gentleman. in this year of historic visits and historic on a verse or ease israel has so much to be grateful for one hundred twenty years ago theodore hertz will convene the first sinus congress to transform our tragic past into a brilliant future by
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a stablish in the jewish state one hundred years ago the balfour declaration advanced her to the vision by recognizing the right of the jewish people to our national home in our ancestral homeland seventy years ago the united nations further advanced that vision by adopting a resolution supporting the establishment of a jewish state and fifty years ago we reunited our eternal capital jerusalem achieving a miraculous victory against those who sought to destroy our state theater heard was our modern moses and his dream has come true we have returned to the promised land revived our language in gathered our exhaust and built a modern thriving democracy tomorrow evening jews around
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the world will celebrate was. the beginning of our new year it's a time of reflection and we look back with wonder at the remarkable the miraculous we birth of our nation and we look ahead with pride to the remarkable contributions israel will continue to make to all nations you look around you and you will see these contributions every day in the food you eat the water you drink the medicines you take. the cars you drive the cell phones you use and in so many other ways that are tourists forming our world you see it in the smile of an african mother in a remote village who thanks to an israeli innovation no longer must walk eight
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hours a day to bring water to her children you see it in the eyes of an arab child who was flown to israel to undergo a lifesaving heart operation and you see it in the faces of the people in earthquake stricken haiti in nepal who were rescued from the rubble and given new life by israeli doctors. as the prophet isaiah said when it's a. lot you should. i've made you a light unto the nations bringing salvation to the ends of the earth today twenty seven hundred years after isaiah spoke those prophetic words israel is becoming a rising power among the nations and at long last its light is shining across the
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continents. bringing home and so vision to the of the earth. from israel thank you. that was going to be the prime minister of israel addressing the united. there. with the wish of happy new year to russia china but obviously a big focus of his speech was verbal attacks against iran and crucially the rainy and nuclear deal which he said it to be fixed or. a message for ayatollah khomeini who he described as the dictator of the ran he said the light of visual will never be extinguished interestingly he also a name to many of his friends gyptian president. sisi who we described as courageous and admired for his commitment to peace and obviously
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a lot of references to the united states and president trump saying that the alliance between the u.s. and israel had never been deeper or stronger. let's speak now to james bays who's our diplomatic editor he's live for us at the united nations headquarters in new york and was also listening to the speech so i guess no surprise there in his attack towards iran and the iranian nuclear deal he referred to sort of paraphrase churchill with me when he referred to an iranian curtain that was falling from the caspian sea to the mediterranean. absolutely the focus of the speech the vast majority of the spiritual the the real substance of the speech was about iran talking about president. through the countless which is listen here remember he used to be years ago. this was the
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bold. speech we'd ever heard from a u.s. president the speech we heard a few hours ago he said thank you mr president and he said thank you to ambassador nikki haley he said the relations between israel and the u.s. had never been stronger never been deeper and very much the focus on iran on the nuclear deal explain why he agreed with president trump that he thought this was a very bad deal but also talking about iran's role in the region and i think rather cleverly as you might expect toying the iran nuclear deal and north korea together suggesting that the danger from iran was much greater than north korea just they just got a small rogue regime with a few nuclear missiles and he described iran. could have hundreds of missiles so very much focusing on this one subject and the subject
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hardly was mentioned of course was the president to give praising president from his initiatives to transfer restart talks between the israelis and the palestinians that was not the focus of the israeli prime minister. absolutely a gym stay with us we'll come back to you in just a minute let's bring in our chief political editor and marwan bashar i mean james hinted at it and actually we were talking about him we think there was just one mention of the actual word palestinians and it was almost a side mention talking about good links with the with the arab neighbors a sort of the elephant in the room i mean mentioned a lot of things but didn't mention obviously one of the reasons that the u.n. mainly talks about israel yes exactly i mean this is why this speech is quite paradoxical see. he goes through a whole litany of complaints against the united nations for various things that he tries to be funny about it cracking jokes almost speaking to his israeli and american listeners but at the same time of course he would not admit that israel is
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the greatest violators of you and. since its founding no other country has violated as many un resolution as israel he doesn't mention that it is an occupying power for the last five decades that it's illegally expanding jewish settlements in palestinian land but he would talk about a certain unesco decision about a certain location within a palestinian city. by the same token he talks about israel a talks about iran and the iran nuclear deal by which iran will no longer be able to develop nuclear weapons while israel itself is a role. nuclear state. it's almost nose eating if not if you want to be positive fascinating here you have a nuclear state with something like two hundred nuclear weapons it's called the state of israel in violation of international law of an everyday nonproliferation
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treaty it's occupying another land violating all sorts of you and security council resolutions and u.n. general assembly resolution and at the same time complaining about the un and complaining about the nuclear deal signed by six world powers with iran in order for iran to stop developing you go over so all in all very selective speech a lot of bombast an attempt at humor while at the same time neglecting the very important issues of palestinian rights of regional stability and of course of military occupation one thank you for that obviously stay with us we will be going backwards and forwards as more speeches come up but let's go back to james bays live for us at the united nations we heard benjamin netanyahu sort of praise president trump and his speech and in a way the two leaders both criticize the united nations i mean in some ways they were echoes of of each other speech here. i
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think it was quite deliberate the israeli prime minister was echoing the u.s. president because for the first time for years he's got a u.s. president who's saying what he wants to hear he didn't like the iran deal he didn't like the obama administration's overtures the meetings that took place between secretary of state kerry and the iranian foreign minister zarif that all so i think that is why you heard him echoing the u.s. president really very happy with what the president all iran now what the u.s. president said on iran would be our main headline of the day normally because he's really bought himself in now with his language here the general assembly it looks highly likely. now what he's going to have to pull out of the iran deal because he said so much about how he hates the iran deal now in this very important setting but that is not the headline of the day there was another part of the speech which
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i can tell you really shocked many diplomats. donald trump is the thirteenth u.s. president to come here to address the u.n. and with the north korea crisis to tear orating he knew the world would be hanging on his every word the messages were sent to these messages coming together but once he headed to the general assembly chamber he's excellent see donald trump he had a very different message delivering a speech that astonished many diplomats by including an unprecedented threat to annihilate another u.n. member state the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the words with just the sort of
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language that earlier the u.n. secretary general had warned against fiery talk can lead to fatal misunderstandings the solution must be political and this is a time for statesmanship. we must not sleepwalk our way into war president trumps foreign policy challenges a growing his critics say it's only of his own making he doesn't just face possible confrontation with one nuclear power north korea but with a second one to continues to suggest he's likely to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it but believe me that receive strong support from israel's prime minister but only
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tepid applause in the hall. this is a place the u.s. and that which is normally marked by compromise and nuance donald trump sees things very much in black and white terms diplomats i think very surprised by what he said today on north korea i spoke to one senior security council diplomat from a country that's normally pretty favorable a friend of the u.s. and this person told me they were surprised that the president now is confronting two different countries both of them that have nuclear weapons james bays at the u.n. james that said thank you for now well in the last hour we heard a lot of other speeches including turkey's present threat a paper the one he gave his address to the u.n. general assembly he was critical of kurdistan's independence vote saying it could spark new conflicts in the region if it does go ahead. but.
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steps such as demands for independence that can cause new crises and conflicts in the region must be every bit. we here call on the iraqi kurdish regional government to abort the initiative that they have launched in that direction ignoring the clear undetermined songs of turkey in this matter may lead to a process that shall deprive the iraqi kurdish regional government even the opportunities they currently enjoy we all should work on building tranquility peace security and stability in the region instead of sparking new conflicts. such a type one speaking there back tomorrow one bashar i mean he spoke just before at benjamin netanyahu what did you make of his speech and also the juxtaposition between these two leaders obviously well certainly the turkish president wanted to
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come across as a parent islam ic leader so he did a tour de force from. down to india and men model across to africa talking about somalia talking about development certainly palestine the gulf crisis so all in all this was an all encompassing speech basically and i have to say that i'm sure he took listening to me now would not be very happy what i'm saying but this on the up you know ottoman type of a speech where he really talks about. most of the conflicts on the problems and the challenges facing the islamic world in general and yes as you said there's a contrast between him and what we've heard from prime minister netanyahu or for that matter. the american president you know here today we've heard basically two narratives one narrative in for sizes punitive measures when combating terrorism when dealing with issues of security challenges the other one restored of measures
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meaning justice free of occupation and so and lots more speeches still to come in the next few hours but checking all of them are one thank you very much stay with al-jazeera. where ever you are. for the first time so.


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