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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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others to define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and didn't fight us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon. tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but. i'll drive a wedge between the village and. crack jazz part three of a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. glamour shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea this scourge of our planet that's how donald trump described north korea and iran in his first address to the united nations. it was a busy day at the u.n. beyond trump's speech made a plea on climate change benjamin netanyahu denounce the iran nuclear deal and qatar's amir addressed the blockade of his country we have complete coverage of day one of the general assembly also. including more than ninety people killed as a powerful earthquake hit central mexico. as
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president donald trump made an explosive debut at the u.n. general assembly stepping up pressure on north korea trying to threaten to totally destroy the country if it threatens the u.s. or its allies also took aim at the iran nuclear deal accusing tehran of funding terrorism and stabilizing the middle east for this he received praise from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but trump faced opposition from france president manuel mccall defended the nuclear deal he also stood up for the international climate accord despite trump's decision to withdraw from the agreement for the coolness of the when he goes he that agreement is not up for negotiation it binds us together taking it apart would mean taking apart a pact but it is not just between states but also between generation yes i fully respect the decision of the united states but the door will always be open or diplomatic editor james space has more from the united nations.
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donald trump is the thirteenth u.s. president to come here to address the u.n. and with the north korea crisis to tear rating he knew the world would be hanging on his every word the the message is really. it's a message of coming together but once he headed to the general assembly chamber he's excellent see donald trump he had a very different message delivering a speech that astonished many diplomats spying clue among precedented threat to another late another un member state the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or it's our lives we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the words were just the sort of
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language that earlier the u.n. secretary general had warned against fiery talk can lead to fatal misunderstandings the solution must be political and this is a time for statesmanship we must not sleepwalk our way into war president trumps foreign policy challenges a growing his critics say it's only of his own making he doesn't now just face possible confrontation with one nuclear power north korea but with a second one iran too as he continues to suggest he's likely to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me that receive strong support from israel's prime minister
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but only tepid applause from those in the general assembly so i've listened to countless speeches in this hall but i can say that none were born or none were more courageous and forthright. then the one delivered by president trump to do the un is normally a place of nuance and compromise but president trump sees things in starkly black and white even some of the countries that are normally friendly to the u.s. are alarmed one western foreign minister told me that president trumps comments on north korea was unhelpful and a senior security council diplomat said to me why does he want to provoke to simple taney is nuclear crises jamesburg zero of the united nations. threats to north korea dominated discussions at the united nations the political response elsewhere has been to see the state department correspondent headache i
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reports. but hopefully this will not be necessary you might think that the u.s. president openly threatening to destroy another nation at the united nations might be all the talk in washington about macaire is failing for a reason it isn't instead the focus once again on changing health insurance in the u.s. and republicans when we tried to ask just didn't want to talk about it so i want to comment on the opposition party was more willing to weigh in and my concern is that he's very bellicose rhetoric his name calling and his threatening approach towards north korea may in fact have defeated our core goal which was to bring the rest of the world to our side and experts say the kind of language the president used has real world implications the north koreans take demonization of their leader personally and that can actually be a big obstacle to being able to move forward in the event that there is an
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opportunity for diplomacy shortly after the president's heated rhetoric his secretary of defense jim mattis made clear the focus is still on diplomacy dealing with. north korea if you wait for the internet process to. continue to go back and forth and the effort and we will. get it resolved through diplomatic means so far the trump administration's overall strategy continues to be one of putting pressure on north korea hoping it leads to dialogue even if the president's own words and this world stage may make that much harder now pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. go now to the un or mike hanna joins us live in my guess the majority of the talk is about the u.s. president donald trump and his comments but there were other things that also happened at the u.n. today and in particular there the qatar the emir of qatar rather had his first
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opportunity really to address the world about what's been going on with the blockade what did he say yes indeed speaking against a backdrop off an ongoing diplomatic crisis with four other arab nations that launched a buck blockade against qatar on the fifth of june and he made very clear that the reasons given by these nations for the blockade are unacceptable but he did stress in his speech that he was ready for unconditional dialogue dialogue that he insists must be based on the mutual respect of sovereignty so making very clear that qatar is willing to talk but in no way is willing to concede to any of the many demands that have been made by the four blockading states he denied as he has throughout that qatar has any hand in funding terror groups as some of these blockading states of course have claimed and said instead that some of these states should look to
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themselves this is what he had to say if you. look at the damage to do in the countries who imposed just look areas of qatar have intervened in the internal affairs of the state by bringing pressure on citizens through food and medicine shortages cutting family ties to force them to change their political affiliations does destabilizing a sovereign country is decide not a definition of terrorism ok mike let's pivot now to the to benjamin netanyahu prime minister of israel who. only praised donald trump's speech called a courageous he also has a pretty strong words for iran and the nuclear deal. well indeed yes see if you severely praised president tram speech and he applauded loudly when earlier president trump addressed the u.n. general assembly however on the issue of iran he made very clear israel's view that iran is an enemy that is intent on israel's destruction he was critical to off
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the iran deal the nuclear deal that has been struck him some eighteen months ago by the obama administration with iran he said about that deal that you've either got to fix it or nix it he compared the iran deal to that that was reached with north korea a number of years ago. intending to indicate that you could have iran as a rogue nuclear state down the line despite the this deal that has been signed with the united states and other countries as to president trumps views on that deal well he said in his speech it's the worst deal he has ever seen however president trump still has to decide whether or not to certify compliance with the deal that should be happening in a couple of weeks time it's not known whether in their private conversations benjamin netanyahu urged president trump to tear up their deal and throw it away
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mike had a campaign just a moment ago i talked about where their reaction or refusal to react as it may be of president ronald tram speech by some members of congress what was the reaction in the hall on the floor there. well there was a degree of confusion and stunt among some of the members the threat to destroy a sovereign state is something not taken lightly in the united nations and something that the the u.n. secretary general himself referred to earlier when you said that harsh words were fiery words do not help diplomatic situations so certainly the bluntness of president trumps statement on north korea was met with a great deal of astonishment and in some cases a real in the interpretation because this is the kind of language that many in the
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united nations believe will not help solve the ongoing diplomatic crisis it's important to note though that in his speech president trump refrain from any direct criticism of china or russia china in particular who he said is essential in terms of getting north korea to try to stop its missile testing program he picked up his normal villains but he did refrain from any direct criticism of china or russia obviously keeping those diplomatic channels open down the road for dealing with north korea ok i can i live for us at the u.n. mike thank you for joining us now from the u.s. city of south bend indiana is george lopez per fessor america's of peace studies at the crack institute for international peace studies and we appreciate your time so yeah let's let's talk about that moment that speech that is getting all of the attention perhaps can you try to put in some sort of perspective for us. the
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president of the united states saying taking that type of tone and saying those sort of things at the u.n. does it is a go all the way back to curse jeff in one nine hundred sixty minutes and it's how shocking it is. well it certainly is not the kind of language we often hear there many presidents even those who have been skeptical of the utility of the u.n. have often sketched out a way that american foreign policy is enhanced by work with the u.n. and often used as a bully pulpit for for diplomatic ways of solving disputes when in their normal foreign policy talk in washington that's when they're more bellicose we have again no surprise from donald trump that he's consistent what he says but i do think this was an octave above you've not heard any u.s. leaders stand at the podium and say with another country in their seat in the general assembly we will destroy you and it comes from the administration's view
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that economic strangulation a military threat will move this regime and i think most of the people that security council voted sanctions very clearly hoping there would be now an opening for political dialogue because we've been very strong on the economic and the military threat dynamic but we missed an opportunity mr trump missed an opportunity today to really sketch out the possibility of a diplomatic hand and to put in a sense the north korean regime on diplomatic defensive and let's see what they can adjust in their own rhetoric to this did only heard just further escalation and i'm afraid that's not helpful actually that's what i was going to say which you classify this is an escalation and even still you have you have secretary mabus trying to say we're still talking we still prefer diplomacy but how can you possibly have a member of the cabinet saying we're talking about diplomacy with the president himself says we will destroy you how how damaging might that be in addition to the
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fact that he continues to criticize the iran nuclear deal saying that i'll tear it up what incentive does a country have to talk with you if you're just going to rip up agreements. yeah i believe that mr trump doesn't believe in incentives he believes only in coercion and as i think you indicate he also believes in confused messages so it's well orchestrated by the administration that mr madison or mr tillerson will say something quite different from the president because they believe they had to keep north korea and iran guessing the surprise about iran was that on friday was a deadline for the president to ask congress to re invoke sanctions and he passed on that that led many in washington to believe that maybe we still have a chance to save this deal and he was much more in phatic at the u.n. today than he's been even with american audiences about this deal at least of late so what so why is that ad at realize that's
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a difficult question but the point being if he could actually do something about it you know it's a difficult question actually. i think what you saw here was a very important foreign policy speech for two audiences one was the president's base where he's had a lot of victories domestically over the last couple of weeks partly because of his good behavior and outreach and sincere human expression of emotion to the victims of floods in the u.s. his numbers are up in the u.s. in ways they haven't been three successive weeks so there was a domestic message here not for the people in the room but for a wider audience but the second message i think was for our allies that despite some inklings that we might be willing to go along with iran deal that in fact we're not and i think that puts the brits the french the others that negotiated with us in a very very difficult position and we're going to see some real jockeying for position on that the big surprise i think of today was the amount of time devoted
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to venezuela and rather than talk about asking the u.n. for help in that or mobilizing the organization of american states we had a little bit of a soliloquy about the damage that socialism does to countries throughout the world which harks back to message of thirty years ago. george lopez a really really insightful good conversation thank you very much we'll be calling on you again i'm sure thank you thanks so much good to be with you plenty more head on the news hour including as iraq's kurds prepare for an independence referendum a stark warning from turkey's president. and yet another hurricane bears down on the caribbean. and it's for a little messy helps barcelona extend their lead in spain so we'll have all the details.
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a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake mexico killing dozens and trapping many more under toppled buildings more than one hundred people are confirmed dead several buildings collapsed in and around mexico city and rescue workers are sifting through the rubble in search of survivors it is the second powerful quake to mexico in over two weeks and comes on the thirty second anniversary of the one nine hundred eighty five earthquake in the capital that killed five thousand people earthquake occurred shortly after one p.m. local time in public city it was left felt rather in the city of mexico which is about one hundred twenty kilometers away and joins us live now from mexico so what is the latest has happened there in the end the aftermath. because he could be on his way. but. it wasn't
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even. eight point two. one hundred. so. i don't know whether you can. reach. most of. the neighborhood people and. the patient. so anything. like.
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that. people. he asked people to say. that. people. think. they were. people nine but they're. trying to pull people from and it probably. ok. the latest on that seven point one magnitude earthquake. thank you. to the connection to the london underground. crane last week a twenty five year old man was arrested in wales on tuesday police are questioning two other men who were arrested over the weekend but neither has been charged
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thirty people were injured when a homemade explosive device partially detonated during morning rush hour on friday the train was stopped at the parson's green tube station when that device went off . tensions are rising on the periphery of iraq's kurdish region ahead of a vote on kurdish independence on september twenty fifth the town of two. where kurdish control and iraqi gets its population is a mix of kurds and turkmen. paramilitary groups and kurdish peshmerga have fought there before the show churchmen reject the referendum and have been making threats military commanders were worried the tensions might lead to violence. since the referendum was announced by the presidency of the kurdistan region we have been seeing the parties including the arabs in the. making threats that if the kurds hold a referendum they will attack our forces we are fully prepared to react to any
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unwanted incident but we will not initiate anything but we will try our best to avoid war but if it happens and if it comes to our doors that. these areas apostle subletting governorates and the governor has completely rejected the referendum the city council including the arabs and the turkmen also rejected it they didn't even vote on it therefore we are rejecting the referendum here in this coke and other disputed areas in fact we don't want to held in kurdistan either. out as there is hold up tell me more from northern iraq. one of the biggest bones of contention between the central government in baghdad and the kurds have been so this. ever since the fall of saddam hussein back in two thousand and three and the writing of the constitution in two thousand and five now since two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army pulled out and i said.
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iraq the kurds have actually stepped in and taken hold for a lot of. estimates but one that crap about forty percent. and what we're seeing at the moment is this this. this contempt from the central government in baghdad about this referendum that as we speak is still going ahead and september september twenty fifth now some would say the kurds can carry out this referendum in their own territories meaning the three provinces. silliman they air base and the whole but not the so called this view to territories well at the moment the referendum is also being carried out in those territories and that's where you see being you're seeing a new sort of sectarian tension emerging whereas in the past those so called a disputed territory have come under attack by groups like al qaida and then i so
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now you see. forces that are under the direct command of prime minister and the kurdish peshmerga forces face to face and i think some of the people here the kurds who are against their timing of the referendum not the idea of a referendum are worried exactly about this that you see i knew for about thick tarion river emerging in the country. turkish president recha typer go on his toes address to the united nations to criticize the plant independence vote and iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region he said it could spark new conflicts. but. steps such as demands for independence that can cause new crises on conflicts in the region must be avoided we hear cool on the iraqi kurdish regional government to abort the initiative that they have launched in the direction ignoring the clear undetermined songs of turkey in this matter may lead to
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a process that shall deprive the iraqi kurdish regional government even the opportunities they currently enjoy we all should work on building tranquility peace security and stability. in the region he stood up sparking new conflicts. syrian government airstrikes have hit three hospitals and province activists say they were all struck within an hour medical center and premises used by a rescue service and rebel held the liver also targeted killing civilians and emergency workers syrian military sources tonight targeting the hospitals saying only rebel convoys and positions have been hit. more than five hundred people have died in a cholera outbreak in the democratic republic of congo the epidemic has hit at least ten urban areas including the capital kinshasa violence and as high a province has been has made getting treatment to people more difficult more than a million people have been displaced there more than forty five people have also
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died in nigeria work a major vaccination campaign is happening this week. at least one person has been killed and the second category five storm to hit the caribbean a month r.-k. maria has made landfall over several islands within two and a kilometer is an hour the french island by maria overnight neighboring dominican was also hit and the country's prime minister describes the destruction as mind boggling as heading towards puerto rico from where andy gallacher reports. as hurricane maria bore down on the caribbean island of dominic its prime minister said we dare not look out maria hit as a category five with sustained winds of two hundred sixty kilometers per hour mudslides and widespread damage and now a major concern for prime minister roosevelt skerritt described the effects of the hurricane as hallucinating and was himself rescued as the storm plowed across the island taking to social media he said his people have lost what money can buy and
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replace and now fears that people may have been killed north of dominic at the french charge of guadalupe was also pounded by the powerful storm it's still recovering from hurricane but officials say the scale of the damage is hard to quantify and. we have limited contact at the moment it's really very patchy we're in contact with our forces the firemen the military police and the police who are giving us some information but we have very little information at this stage across the region hurricane alerts have now been issued as maria continues its track towards the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico high winds tidal surges and power outages and now a potentially deadly threat as officials warned residents to take to shelters or stay in their homes here in puerto rico more than five hundred shelters a vote and as this island braces for the most powerful storm to hit since nine hundred twenty eight hurricane graced puerto rico two weeks ago leading to the loss of power for a million residents some still don't have electricity but with
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a direct hit and now facing potentially far more serious consequences and again like al-jazeera san juan puerto. still ahead on al-jazeera and the us new revelations about former campaign manager paul mann afford and his contacts with russia. campaigning intensifies for examinees election some small parties have had to make tough choices to be heard. and switching from the pitch to the rain but rio ferdinand's move into boxing could be a fight for credibility of all the details in sport. welcome back we'll look at the weather across the americas you still see hurricane jose sparring around close to the eastern seaboard enough to give some really quite
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nasty surf conditions make your very messy really the sea conditions a moment treacherous best avoided even for teens surfers i would have thought so there's a situation through the course of wednesday a lot of heavy rain across parts of canada we've got a few showers towards the middle eastern seaboard generally not looking too bad probably rather cloudy at times in new york and across into new england as you head on through into thursday looking largely dry here with highs of thirty one in both atlanta and miami now heading down into the caribbean hurricane maria continues to barrel its way across the caribbean heading towards puerto rico and then on to awards the on of hispaniola so we're still looking at a category four system devastating to catastrophic winds vast amounts of rain coming down in a few spots we could be seeing how far meter of rain for hopefully just begins to curve away and doesn't cause too many problems for bahamas but still a great risk from the storm system in south america is rather to be quite a few showers in northern areas further south to me looking dry and fine heading on
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through into choose a chance of some rain northern parts of argentina fifty in the mix so what is aries . russian filmmaker under a neck yourself continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told the locals in the southeast. when i arrive i don't do something completely different someone to leave russia but for other russian possible means hope and the challenge of happens in search of putin's russia at this time onal jazeera when the news breaks more than a million people have already lost or not number will grow it's conditions were good and the story builds fast fears and sometimes fatal. jockeys are risking their lives when people need to be hand in hand i dream about gambling in numbers i don't
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feel comfortable with don't think i'll gamble until i die al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and nine news on air and online. you're watching out to zero let's recap the top stories this hour and the u.s. president made his debut at the united nations taking aim at north korea donald trump said he destroy the country if they threaten the u.s. or its allies he also had strong words for iran accusing him of sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing the region it was a busy day at the u.n. beyond trump speech and president bedwell back on stood up for the international
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climate accord despite the u.s. withdrawal earlier this year israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu denounce the iran nuclear deal qataris and their call for dial. this country. more than one hundred people are confirmed dead after a powerful earthquake struck central mexico with the seven point one magnitude quake hit. just after one. quake in mexico and over two weeks. we are. on grillo is joining us now on the phone from mexico city. bring you there did you experience as it happened. i. mean it's horrific. been building sort.
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of graduated eventually down to twenty years ago out of the i mean seriously the wreckage around the city so what is it that you're saying now. i'm seeing simply devastating slides i just was on the corner from my house a building in apartments has been completely flattened. completely down. to getting down to the outside crying looking for people. leaving with every street you can screw. head injuries i'm so i'm trying. to. strike a major buildings shock to many of. the balcony contemplated the major damage have there been aftershocks.
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have been have there been aftershocks. i he did they say he did it creating a film that kind of left it created when a couple of hours off he didn't really believe it's true i'm totally very caves they get in a daily experience a lot of street a. complete traffic light take electric to get out. i do now so i might have stated i like to leave the cage and not so. good today because if he could change it i would tell people how to do. it block it's. clearly said we. want to help let's keep it inside their lives these pictures that we're saying they're devastating and you can see lots of rescue operations going on thank you so much for joining us from mexico city we'll check back in with you
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thank you very much. a landmark speech on the right hensher crisis by man maurice defacto later has done little to placate the international community united nations investigators are demanding full access to me in march to investigate claims of human rights violations by security forces u.n. staff in bangladesh have started collecting testimonies from hence on muslims who have fled the violence crawford reports. speech was meant to placate the international community house of. the un continues to demand full access to the home of the rich in iraq. and the me i'm all governments treatment of the muslim minority is attracting further outrage from many he fled to bangladesh the woman who was once a beacon of hope is now. told
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how people around the world is a complete lie if what she said is not a lie then let the world media so that they can see whether we have talked at all be a happy let them see the plight of the people. that call for access to rock island state is being reinforced by the un having already demanded that international investigators be allowed in to examine the growing allegations of atrocities u.n. leaders again urge the miramar government to cooperate mass killings excessive use of force torture and ill treatment sexual and gender based violence and the burning and destruction of entire villages it is important for us to see with our own eyes the sides of these alleged violations and abuses access would allow investigators to see what's really happening these satellite photos show one village in iraq and state first in may that in september revealing the near total destruction of buildings and surrounding vegetation human rights watch
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says new data shows more than two hundred villages have been almost completely destroyed and accuses security forces of ethnic cleansing but me a man's leaders continue to protest their innocence while denying international agencies free access to the region we're going on you do believe that instituting such a mission is not a helpful course of action in solving the already integrated rick and issue me a mars leaders have repeatedly blamed much of the violence on what they describe as terrorist groups. maintain strong support in much of me a mark to others her statements seem either out of touch or willfully blind to the actions of the military me amar's generals control those forces pursue cheese accused of not even trying to influence them duncan crawford al-jazeera. or henge
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or whoever scape to bangladesh are having to deal with heavy flooding rain over the past few days has flooded the elsewhere many were had to have set up shelters tender charger he has more. hundreds of recent references f. taken shelter in this camp you can see the condition of this camp it rained here last night there's a need deep water woman with children stranded here and a lot of this people don't know where to go there is no presence of international n.g.o.s government organization or local n.g.o.s to take them in any other shelter some of them are standing by the roadside asking for help a lot of this kids are actually got a high fever i want to the lady told me how giles got lungs problem which possible is a name only they don't have any relief whatever make of that god is washed away by this water. can i give them i don't have any money i'm staying here with three little children in need we even took shelter on the roadside. the aid agencies are
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warning the real threat is the starvation spread of disease like cholera dysentery missiles there's already reports of missiles spreading within this community the local and international n.g.o.s presence on the ground cannot cope with this disaster alone neither can the bangladesh government. as donald trump address world leaders at the united nations back in washington the investigation into possible collusion between the truck campaign and russia has revealed new developments media outlets in united states reporting investigators wiretapped former truck him a campaign manager paul metaphor charolais how cup reports we won't move to the understanding dogs will demand as much as for months the f.b.i. has considered paul mann afford a person of interest now new revelations that the former truck campaign chair has been on the radar of u.s. government investigators since twenty fourteen the surveillance began under secret court orders it was stopped due to
2:40 am
a lack of evidence but resumed again last year and into twenty seventeen those recorded communications are now part of the broad investigation being led by special prosecutor robert muller into whether there was collusion between russia and trump campaign officials. the revelations have emboldened trump supporters who on social media viewed this as vindication for the president and his claim on twitter in march that the previous administration had wiretapped him i have no information that supports those tweets and may contradict claims made by fired f.b.i. director james comey who would have been overseeing that surveillance given manna for it has a home in trump tower and as chair of trump's campaign was likely caught up in that surveillance of matter for. on capitol hill trump advisor and friend michael cohn briefly appeared to ask her questions for senators only for his lawyer to tell reporters the meeting had been cancelled no thank you for getting me to go with
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your what you write in july the f.b.i. also launched an early morning raid on matter for its home as part of its investigation seizing documents and computer files man of ford has denied he ever knowingly had contact with russian agents he did however register retroactively as a foreign agent with the. u.s. government for consulting work he did for ukraine's former pro russia ruling party this former justice department official says it appears miller's team is putting pressure on trump associates to target the president this would be leverage if you will to say all right if we have information that you may have violated the foreign agents registration act will kind of ignore that will will not prosecute that case but you've got to waive your privileges and disclose everything you know about what happened metaphor was not reportedly under f.b.i. surveillance when donald trump jr invited him to the june twenty sixth trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer it's a gap that could prove critical as investigators continue to probe into possible
2:42 am
ties between the russian government and the u.s. president kimberly how can al-jazeera washington a statement has been released on metaphor its behalf saying if true it is a felony to reveal the existence of a fire as a warrant regardless of the fact that no charges ever emerged and it went on to say the u.s. department of justice inspector general should immediately conduct an investigation into these leaks and to examine the motivations behind a previous administration's efforts to surveil a political opponent rebels have attacked a government forces in south sudan killing twenty five people women elderly people and local police officers were among those who died in the fighting there the town of you south sudan has been and is say the civil war since two thousand and thirteen with troops loyal to president salva kiir fighting those are freaking ashar the vice president that he fired at least twenty people have been killed in
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clashes in the north to south sudan between government and opposition forces the fighting happened in an oil producing region in the north of the country that's frequently changed hands in the four years of the civil war hima morgan has more from khartoum. south sudan's government and opposition have both confirmed that fighting did take place in the early hours of yesterday morning in the northern part of the country in a place called do you now the government says that they lost part of the town to the opposition for a few hours before being able to dislodge them and regaining control by afternoon they also said that twenty people have been killed mostly women and children who are preparing for a community meeting to discuss issues of cattle raiding in the area this is not the first time opposition forces and the ousted former vice president cracked my chair and government forces are clashing a few weeks back they also fought in the south sudan uganda border in an area called area within south sudan where nineteen people were killed including a foreign journalist and eighteen soldiers from both sides now south sudan's conflict is entering its fifth year with thousands killed and hundreds hundreds of
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thousands displaced the u.n. says that at least one point nine seven million are displaced internally and two million displaced around neighboring countries making south sudan's conflict creating the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world and there is the currently no credible peace process on track to try to resolve the fighting between the opposition forces and direct my char and the government seems to be multiple confrontation they seem to be in multiple accusations from both sides of breaching the ceasefire there seems to be some kind of despair that those two sides would actually come down together to try to bring peace to sell to south sudan and there is also so many splinter groups right now in south sudan's conflict that it looks like this country will be suffering for quite some time before it finally sees peace. hamas is calling on palestinian president mahmoud abbas to end his sanctions on the gaza strip after giving up administrate of control a mosque says they will hand over the administration of gaza to abbas as fossil
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faction who run the west bank leading hamas official ismail says he's spoken to abbas on the phone on the reconcile and reconciliation process is now underway u.k. based human rights organization is calling on egypt to provide necessary treatment for detained al jazeera journalists bungler to say he's been in prison for almost nine months and is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos something he and al jazeera strongly deny he needs to be transferred for specialized treatment on his broken arm. as the german general election campaign enters its final phase angle of arkell's christian democrats seem to be holding on to a commanding opinion poll lead over their main rivals the social democrats but the race for smaller parties to finish in third place is much closer more now from
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dominic cain. all macam playing with the green party's lead candidates in round up and down the country. has put combating climate change at the top of the agenda of a strategy to try to make his party relevant to you vote. right along with a grenade and. see who would see if. we argue with our colleagues from the s.p.d. and c.d.u. c.s.u. about what environmental measures should be taken and how quickly such as abandoning coal when how but the goal of fighting climate change is the same as that of mr schultz and mrs merkel. surrounding. members how do you suppose i should. take. your electricity.


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