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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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with every. north korea says it may carry out a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean as donald trump ups the pressure with new sanctions. coming up robbed of their childhood with children stranded in refugee camps after fleeing violence and. people in puerto rico up picking up the pieces after
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hurricane maria swept through devastating plus. more protests in catalonia spain's government stepped up its attempts to stop an independence referendum the region's president says the vote will go ahead. north korea's foreign minister says his country may consider a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean follows new sanctions imposed by u.s. president donald trump on top of those passed by the u.n. north korea responded to those sanctions a speech at the u.n. early this week with the rest statement from leader kim jong il who said his remarks which describe the u.s. options have convinced me that the path i chose is correct and that it is the one i have to follow to the last we will consider it with seriousness exercising a corresponding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history i would make
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the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the us pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the deep. kathy novak has more now on the threat. this was the north korean foreign minister speaking to reporters in new york after that statement issued by the leader kim jong un talking about the highest level of countermeasure and what that could possibly mean the foreign minister says he's not sure what it would mean but it could mean the detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the pacific so this would indeed represent an even higher escalation of tensions that are already extremely high here on the korean peninsula the unification ministry was asked about this comment here then seoul this morning and said that once again this is an example of provocations followed by sanctions followed by more provocations and that south korea is calling on north korea to stop those provocations now of course simply calling on north korea to stop hasn't
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had any effect in the past and we've heard from kim jong un today saying that this latest language in the latest sanctions coming from donald trump the united states and the united nations only reaffirms to him he says that the path north korea is taking is the correct one as far as south korea is concerned it is continuing to urge for a peaceful solution well the u.s. is not the only country putting the pressure on north korea china is also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york days after he threatened to destroy north korea militarily now a fresh attempt by president trump economic destruction for them announcing a new executive order just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies for there to institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. he was flanked by the leaders of the two
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countries most at risk from north korea the prime minister of japan and the president of south korea not present the nation which will probably be most affected by the new sanctions china but it appears there was some coordination before this move was taken china their central bank has told their other banks it's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea in his speech to the general assembly china's foreign minister wang ye made no mention of that and again stressed dialogue was the only way to solve the crisis so if you want to. we urge the d.p. r. k. not to continue in this dangerous direction we call upon the u.s. to honor its former commitment and we call upon all parties to play a constructive role in easing tensions there is still hope for peace and we must
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not give up negotiation is the only way out which deserves every effort. in a special security council session on nuclear weapons the us secretary of state rex tillerson cited south africa. and ukraine as examples of countries that have thrived after giving up the bomb parts in its official statements north korea often quotes another example libya gave up its nuclear and chemical weapons program in two thousand and three eight years later its leader colonel gadhafi was toppled with the help of the u.s. and its allies james. at the united nations the prime minister of bangladesh has made a plea to the united nations to help the range of refugees return home to me and shake a scene or call for the un and the international community to take action to stop what she called ethnic cleansing i see no one safe zone set up in myanmar which the un would police she also wants a second general to conduct
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a fact finding mission in me about. we are horrified to see that the million americans already are laying landmines along their stretch of the border to prevent the road from returning to me. these people must be able to return to their homeland in safety security and dignity. at the same time i condemn all kinds of terrorism and violent extremism to. by the end of the year more than six hundred thousand range of children could be refugees in bangladesh save the children says many of them will likely be orphans who will need assistance the reports. asking for money from strangers is no easy task when you have never done it before it's especially difficult when you are a child just a week ago fatima began was playing in the fields near her home in myanmar is
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reckoned state i know where of the dangers to come but then masked men set her house on fire killing her parents. she traveled alone to bangladesh here a former neighbor took her under a care. home i miss my mother had such i miss her cooking i miss the way my parents made me feel she is not alone according to the agency save the children a thousand running to children have either been separated from their parents or orphaned and what the un describes as textbook ethnic cleansing by mean more security forces. for decades now myanmar's government refuses to allow ring of children in state run schools. are denied access to government run medical facilities they live in poor conditions segregated from others and their recent experience appears to have brought the ring get closer they look after each other.
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my concern is that she doesn't end up being exploited by sex trafficking people trying to use her she's smart and she's now part of my family. there are brief moments of fun but for the most part running the children have to act like adults they work build homes and search for food. this is the hardest part of the day. and all the others here is going to have to compete with adults other children try to get a small bag of rice and lend and that will be their meal for the day. in the chaos she fails to get a ration she returns to her tent empty handed and alone. this is the start of a new life as a ten year old refugee in a foreign land nicholas hawk al jazeera along bangladesh. hurricane maria is picking up strength as it makes its way across the caribbean the storm which began
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as a category five was downgraded on wednesday but is now back up to a category three puerto rico bore the brunt of the area on thursday residents are now returning to find extensive damage there houses as i got going i reports. the mare of four to rico's capital says the san juan he knows is gone and as we left the city it's not hard to see why entire neighborhoods ringgold with floodwaters even as residents patiently wait in traffic jams to head into the city to buy provisions or make contact with loved ones many roads here remain flooded. in nearby louisa the damage is extensive really high. wing came from everywhere oscar ramiro has been through powerful hurricanes before but says maria it was terrifying he took shelter with his family but his home was wrecked and rebuilding isn't something many here can afford. i don't know where they're going to say is they going to need. help whatever so they give us some help will rebuild golly where we
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go we were going all the place to go in last been eunice on puerto rico's coast many have lost everything local resident peterson dollars is one of a few volunteers offering comfort water and transport to safer locations you know i didn't lose anything with just you know water you know got i got one in my house and stuff like that and i my friends got a military truck and came and picked me up when it would just start here you know how about no life has been left untouched by hurricane maria the sheer scale of the damage is almost too much to process and this community is normally a short drive from san juan but right now it feels completely cut off and here's something else to bear in mind there is no power across the entire island no mobile phone coverage so people can't talk to each other and government help the residents here are being told they simply going to have to wait it's a wait that worries many desperately in need of help. the government they went
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for it until. then they. thought everything going back to. puerto rico remains in a state of crisis. all most know is that recovery will be painstakingly slow and to get across zero last puerto rico. the president of spain's catalonia region says a controversial referendum on independence will go ahead protesters in barcelona gathered outside the supreme court to demand the release of several government officials they were arrested by police for planning next month's vote called pennell as the latest from barcelona. synchronized in defiance. or not it's now or never it's impossible to delay this referendum and if the castle and government negotiates we will occupy the streets. the target of pro independence protesters on thursday was
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the supremes court in boston lona. the trigger was the arrested of more than a dozen cattle and government officials are directly responsible for the going izing the referendum. that prompted some older demonstrators here to draw parallels to general franco's dictatorship four decades ago this human to stop this franco style dictatorial regime must explode and we must set up a republic spain central government has vowed to shut down what it declares is an illegal referendum so protesters brought along their own card for ballot boxes. others printed their own voting slips with the kind of potato you know radio earlier spanish security forces confiscated more than ten million ballot papers that were. in there were none of the way or.
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the. was interior ministry issued and this name was the least reinforcements to keep at least the protest the war hero not yet although it was there are success for now it's more music than muscle but nobody's forgetting that the stakes are high breaking away from the spanish government and its king. to ease calls for independence that to the central government sound like a cry of rebellion. spain. lots more to come here not just here including. i'm alan fischer and in mexico where people
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are counting the cost. of the houses that have been destroyed and the lives to be changed forever. bowing to weeks of pressure facebook agrees to reveal the political ads it sold to russia ahead of the u.s. presidential election more on that stay with us. longer spells of rain pushing across turkey over the next few days course much of the middle east stays fine and dry lots of hazy sunshine hot sunshine too for baghdad temperatures still getting up to around forty celsius forty one celsius there in kuwait city looking at a high of around twenty nine and by route places sunshine across the eastern side of the but it's right in more of the same as we go on a. day without rancor just push across the black sea across northern parts of the
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possibility of a few spots of the right coming through at this stage well maybe getting up to forty three celsius in kuwait city and warm sunshine too right across the arabian peninsula still a chance of a little more cloud into southern areas of amman but nothing much to speak of for the most part. will be the order of the diet chance of a little more cloud just around the gulf of aden and northern parts of the region just pushing down to the southern end of the red sea so the process south africa also seeing a little more classic. a little surprised she won and been. falling back to around nineteen degrees as we go on through sas day the winds coming in from a southerly direction with a chance of some right further north and he still that ferrari thirty one. decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we want to present a positive. for them it's about more than just racing
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yes you can still be. a very talented going off around the world showing everybody. meets the first female in the. sailing at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back to other top stories this hour the prime minister of bangladesh has used her address at the un general assembly to push the tassel community on the range of crisis it wants the u.n. to help establish safe zones for people who fled the violence and rakhine state. is
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picking up strength as it makes its way across the caribbean puerto rico both the brunt of maria on thursday residents are now returning to find extensive damage to their houses. and north korea's foreign minister says his country is considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean comes after president donald trump impose new sanctions on pyongyang on top of those already approved by the un the e.u. and china are also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program . well hydrogen bomb tests were once commonplace but they felt to be ended more than fifty years ago h. bombs are much more powerful than atomic bombs for example north korea's underground test earlier this month was ten times stronger than its previous nuclear tests the u.s. and u.k. tested bombs in the pacific in the one nine hundred fifty s. france followed suit in the early one nine hundred sixty s. but then in thousand one. in sixty three nuclear treaty banning tests in a sea atmosphere and in space only underground tests were permitted more than
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a hundred states are signatories to the treaty but notably north korea is not part of it let's talk to aiden bernese the former dean of science at the australian national university he's now with the university of queensland and joins me from brisbane via skype i mean how worrying is this announcement by north korea that it could carry out an h. bomb test in the pacific and why would they choose the perspective to the pacific where one of the reasons that we choose the pacific it's a little bit off their land mass and if you look at where most of the h. bomb tests have been to date a number of countries have tasted the weapons in the pacific just just talk us briefly through why a hydrogen bomb is so powerful and how does fission or fusion come into play here so with nuclear weapons there are two ways of getting the energy the first one is that in the the fusion bombs which were the first bombs and in those fusion bombs at the fission bombs you have. any material that you can energize so that the
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ukrainian splits apart it releases energy and this releases an enormous amount of energy the hydrogen bomb is crisis we're as well as having that crisis you have another crisis which the fusion prices where you take light isotopes of hydrogen and i think used together to make helium and in that process they release more energy so what you have is each of these a two stage we're in where you've got the the normal nuclear weapon if you like with a blanket of extra energy around it so these bombs are considerably more powerful and is this sort of test able likely to be under water or an air burst over the water what's the difference between the two. well again that makes very little difference with a weapon of this size it really doesn't matter whether it's near the surface on the surface or under the surface now you know if it's deep underground the radioactive material that gets released is contained but actually if it's on the surface or about the surface very little difference what about the danger of radiation fallout
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. if that they split and stays things the signature event tasting extremes around the world that the radiation levels when you dismiss it around the globe the very life that we we still see signatures of the weapons tests that happened in the fifty's in the pacific. thanks very much indeed for your time there john. mexico's search and rescue operation is focusing on ten buildings where authorities have to find people who survived tuesday's seven point one magnitude quake at least two hundred seventy three people died when buildings collapsed and two thousand more engine alan fischer visited the town of one of the most damaged by the quake. market traders felt she had to be here as they pulled apart the place she's called home for more than fifty years. so badly damaged in tuesday's earthquake the building was in such a dangerous condition she could recover anything but a previous life. is what she wears. i've lived here more than fifty years
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it's terrible i can find no comfort i keep crying i have not eaten it just feels like a nightmare i i just can't. return center of all who didn't fare well in the tremor and just moments buildings which it stood for decades were gone others badly damaged. some people managed to grab what they could others could only watch as diggers pulled apart the remains of ordinary lives changed forever this street which is just reopened gives you an idea of the random nature of the damage caused by earthquakes this house here very little damage a few bricks missing above the galley door but just next door you can see gaping holes in the walls all the way up to the roof a lot of the frontage has fallen into the street the damage here is so bad that this house will probably have to be pulled down. on the edge of the turn they set up a camp for those who have nowhere to go to try to make it comfortable but you wouldn't call home. everyone works together to fill the trucks that regularly pool and this
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takes the two duis and turns further away and those who simply won't leave home. didn't know what to do when the quake hit she's due to give birth any day for the moment that has to be the priority. they helped me with some for me. some diapers and clothes for my baby we left our house with nothing we barely managed to grab important documents i'm afraid to return home it's badly damaged. but turn of a who will rebuild in some ways that's an easy fix and years to come the only scars will be those in the hearts and minds of people who've lost everything alan fischer al-jazeera. mexico the united nations has added its voice to the growing opposition to a controversial referendum in iraq's kurdistan it says the vote planned for monday could destabilize the region so if god demands to call off the poll on independence have not been heeded hundreds turned out for pro independence rally in abilene iraq
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central government has dismissed the vote is illegal the code is delegation said to visit baghdad on saturday to discuss possible alternatives facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg plans to share information about russian linked adverts with the us congress according to facebook some three thousand political ads organized by operatives based in russia ran on the site before last year's presidential election we are actively working with the u.s. government on its ongoing investigations into russian interference we've been investigating this for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of fake accounts link to russian going to russia running ads and when we recently uncovered this activity we provided that information to the special counsel we also briefed congress and this morning i directed our team to provide the ads we've found to congress as well now as a general rule we're going to be limited in what we can discuss publicly about ongoing law enforcement investigations so we may not always be able to share all of
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our findings publicly but we support congress in deciding how to best use this information to inform the public and we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. facebook has announced that it will continue to work with the u.s. government as it continues its probe into russian meddling in election interference it will also continue its own investigation and will be cooperate in sharing the information results of those investigations but it's also taking other steps to to ensure election integrity and to ensure that facebook increases its enforcement in terms of ads that are purchased just closing where those ads came from who paid for them and what their political motivations might be it is going to try and increase transparency and security and share that information with even compact heating tech companies or competitors as well to facebook c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg has announced that it hopes to increase is partnerships with election commissions around the world and increase the effort to get out the vote the goal dr burke says is to not only be a force for good but also to make sure that the elections around the world not just in the united states are free and fair. the kenyan president says a court ruling that an old his election victory last month is a coup and warn that it could throw the country into judicial chaos who are kenyatta says the supreme court has stolen democracy from the people the election board says there will be a rerun of the presidential election on october twenty sixth plain as the electoral commission for its decision to cancel the results saying the poll was not a transparent nor verifiable. by admitting they've got to get a for a little like kenya what has really happened in our country is nothing short of what kenya has so successfully managed to avoid over the last fifty years or so of our independent that has happened in many other countries where we have seen
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military coups overthrowing civilian government but today we have broken our history with a coup in the republic of kenya that has been done by four people in the courts this is a coup and i must call it what it is and i would never be afraid to say that the un is worried that an election planned for next year in south sudan could lead to more violence in the region is calling for a dormant peace process to be revitalized before the vote is held even morgan reports in the northeast. she's lost her children and fled her village with her grandchildren now and you will says she doesn't hold much hope of getting to bury them she says government soldiers attacked her village forcing her to leave. i used to live in new i but got displaced by the army when they came to our area and attacked our village that killed so many people including my children and the father. is one of thousands of civilians who have been displaced in the past few
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months of the conflict south sudan has been at war for much of its time since it gained independence in twenty eleven fighting between government and opposition rebels in the past few months has forced many south sudanese from their homes several have ended up here in a couple one of the last few areas controlled by opposition rebels led by the former vice president riek machar but there are problems here too including shortages of food and medicine many rely on fishing but the conflict has made it hard for them to access parts of the river. if there are areas where the government soldiers and i get close to them i stay hidden and drew away so they don't see me if they see me then it's a problem for me a problem made worse by the large number of people who have fled to this region at least twenty five thousand people have lost their homes since april because of fighting between government and opposition forces some of those displaced have crossed the border into if you add into the refugee crisis described as the fastest
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growing in the world a quarter of the country's twelve million population is now displaced and the u.n. says seven point six million are in need of aid but delivering that aid has challenges we do have into what we call localized from him so actually the from is not widespread but actually has been it has affected actually particular areas of the country of course being one of the american arses is one of the main issues with everything starts with on not only not go but overall in the country as fighting and displacement continues and despite warnings from the international community and the u.n. south sudan's government has announced it plans to hold a presidential election next year as part of the twenty fifteen peace deal it's fine with the opposition we are implementing that demand as it came when i went in for i mean you got and they are you and the u.n. security council to tell us what do we do for them yes. for as we say we are going for elections but for many thousands who have been displaced like nubile the
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presidential election is the last thing on their minds he will morgan al-jazeera coble south sudan the leader of france's far right national front as valid to rebuild the party after its deputy quit the last of throwing awfully pose a blow to marine le pen whose party has suffered from infighting filippo quit over policy differences after being demoted by le pen on wednesday he was responsible for drafting the manifesto for this year's presidential election and was behind the proposal for france to leave the eurozone natasha buckley has more from paris. well it's not been a good year for marine le pen five months ago she had a good chance of winning the presidential election but she lost and now the cracks are really starting to show in a national front party now there's always been a lot of infighting in the party but that's all become a lot more public since the resignation of le pen's right hand man. was something of a golden boy for the national front he was tasked with dragging the party into the
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mainstream making it seem more acceptable he tried to clean clean up its extreme image he tried to shift the focus away from issues like immigration and more on things like sovereignty and protectionism but when the pen lost the election many in the party turned around and said it was his fault that he simply had the wrong strategy and that he had. the base supporters what will happen to the national front now remains to be seen by many though all wondering whether or not it will actually slide back to its more halid right origins. of the top stories here on al-jazeera north korea's foreign minister says his country is considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean it follows new sanctions imposed by u.s. president donald trump the european union and china are also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program the prime minister of bangladesh has
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used her address at the u.n. general assembly to push. for the international community on the range a crisis shake a senior wants the u.n. to help establish safe zones of people who fled violence in myanmar rakhine state she says four hundred thirty thousand range of muslims have fled to her country since the military crackdown began last month. we are horrified to see that the million maurice already are laying mines along their stretch of the border to prevent the road from returning to me on march. these people must be able to return to their homeland in safety security. and dignity. at the same time i condemn all kinds of terrorism and violent extremism too but death toll from mexico's earthquake has risen to two hundred seventy three mexico's president believe there still could be people alive in ten buildings that collapsed
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in tuesday's quake rescue crews are working around the clock to reach an adult trapped under the rubble of a school in mexico city hurricane maria has been upgraded to a category three storm as it makes its way to the turks and caicos islands and the bahamas puerto rico bore the brunt of the rio on thursday residents are now returning to find extensive damage to their houses the northeastern part of the island was hardest hit parts of the u.s. territory are expected to be without power for months. protests are showing no sign of letting up in spain's catalonia region where thousands of independent supporters are rallying outside a courthouse in barcelona. they're demanding the release of cattle and government officials detained over next month's independence referendum spain's prime minister money out of the holy has called the vote illegal and says they'll be consequences if it goes ahead. and government says it's terminal to hold the post anyway but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera
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after signs on a golden age statement that supported by foot. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic when i went east meets the women who crossed the world for love and stayed to change a community. at this time on al jazeera. modern high tech advances in medicine and health are of course the result of many centuries of development research and experimentation much of which took place in the islamic world between the ninth and fourteenth centuries a golden age of science during this time scholars in the islamic world made huge contributions to medicine and created a body of knowledge that was tremendously important and influential all round the world for many hundreds of years i'm jim alkalinity which is professor of theoretical physics but born in baghdad and i'll be exploring states.


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