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tv   Fractures  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm AST

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jail. i can see the border is the most of the crap you think and they can't believe it's legal to close web pages for people's referendum you can't silence the people's voice the closure of those web pages has prompted independence activists to go back to low tech methods that is meant simply setting up tables on the street to hand out campaign material and also telling voters where they can go to cast their ballot on the day media also under scrutiny radio catalunya presenter monica hosts the morning debate show state prosecutors are threatening to charge her with obstructing police business after she broadcast this message. by once young women and the voters that i want to see really though. a call to taxi drivers and truckers to phone in reports of police maneuvers and operations. the crisis may have been triggered by calls for independence but the dribs reaction is now raising
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fears of a crackdown on civil rights and freedom of expression. and all al-jazeera barcelona spain. indonesia's disaster agency is warning the eruption of the mt volcano in bali is imminent with the island on its highest alert while the seventy five thousand people have been evacuated from a twelve kilometer exclusion zone president has been meeting many of them at a sports center which is serving as a temporary accommodation is urging people to obey evacuation instructions for their own safety. last erupted in one nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people. that's all from done for now back to philly and lauren thank you very much for that coming up on the news great concert goers arrested in one of the most popular music acts in the arab world is banned in egypt we'll explain why in just a moment but first a look at the world by the. tensions
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are high little has changed. village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among. his life. but really it will drive a wedge between the villagers fractures part three of a six part series filmed over a five year plan china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back as story that's off the great and out of egypt and but it's got a knot of people in the arab world talking it is certainly right folly police have arrested seven people on monday on charges of inciting immorality after they unfurled a rainbow flag at a rock concert last week egypt's artists union says the lebanese alternative rock band whose concert they were attending is now banned from performing in the country . is one of the most popular acts in the arab world and one of the first to gain a major audience in the west following performances like this one over the past few
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weeks in egypt and lebanon the band that is about to kick off a u.s. tour in the coming days now doesn't shy away from singing about issues of equality and other topics considered to be taboo their lead singer is openly gay and during the concert in cairo several fans were snapped raising the rainbow flag photos quickly spread online triggering a heated conversation about homosexuality in egypt and arrests that the police make for quotes in decent behavior now much of that debate has taken place on the group's facebook page but as mona eltahawy pointed out to her followers egypt doesn't actually have laws which criminalize same sex relations like many countries do in the middle east it instead uses umbrella terms such as debauchery and indecency now the deputy head of the official musician's union phoned into this program to say quote we are against gay arts it is deprived art now his organization actually has some judicial powers here to arrest people and to issue
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fines for people who work in the performing arts so it's his organization that has banned from performing in egypt now the arrests and the ban have set off a controversy online arbor has lived in egypt most of his life and is now studying in vienna he has a popular post about this controversy an earlier he told me about the challenge facing society. in egypt it is absolutely unacceptable to support homosexual rights whatsoever and i understand that because it comes it is outside of the norm of the egyptian culture and of the egyptian society however when the norm is based and built around discrimination and hatred when the norm is actually death threats being passed by on the streets casually and on social networks and being greeted with hundreds and thousands of likes when it's when the norm is these death threats being greeted with chairs and these death threats being
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seen as what should be done and what should be followed then we have to question if we are actually doing something wrong now the band received death threats a few months ago after some politicians objected to their lyrics and opinions in another country that was banned from jordan in june for a second time actually despite the fact that the ministry of tourism was sponsoring one of their shows this is how they responded at the time. which it no doubt is more the on machine input was with them i know and can it come out that if a deal with. them i didn't even go into show to stay. it was yet i b m a e n n n you know i don't you hate them all of the from a few minutes of but in no he did mostly on that night and i didn't know that i didn't know him as a kid if i did something i did numbers yet in a few. minutes to fit riband criticized jordan's government and media saying it was
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supporting fanatical conservatism which has contributed to making the region increasingly toxic over the last decade and now we're curious to hear what you think about the story you can share your views using the has tag it in usenet. andrew thank you very much we're going to end with a story from colombia which has spent years trying to shake its reputation as a world's cocaine producing capital with help from the us the government has been trying to stop farmers growing the plant that the drug comes from coca and switch to other crops like coffee but colombia is reducing local cane than ever before and that's getting washington very upset and it's on the run kitty has our report. this area in southern colombia used to be covered with coca plants but most are gone thanks to a program trying to persuade where we farmers to switch crops this part of the country's peace effort by families signing up to receive subsidies of eight
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thousand u.s. dollars in the first year switching to alternatives such as coke or coffee they also receive help with infrastructure government officials former rebels and farmers strike the deals. if none are reached then the army may come in to uproot the plants by hand. daniel regular says most farmers remain suspicious of the government's ability to deliver but are cautiously optimistic. one of them that they were going up with this is a very good opportunity the government is offering we have never seen anything like it before it's just starting now but the community is happy because we've been receiving payments so we hope the rest of the deal. but last year so i record spiking cocaine production that's angered the u.s. government which is accusing colombe of dropping the ball on fighting drugs the colombian government sees things differently from the same third of all coca fields
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by the end of the year there michael from the old methods only contain the problem this going to achieve sustainable reductions but it will require patience we can't bring it down to zero that's impossible but we can make it a marginal phenomenon in poland. this is one of the fields has been ridden of coca plants in the last couple of months you can see here on the ground what's left of some of those plants but colombia knows it's more in its quick success is to build trust among the farmers and american fears. but in most of the new the problem we always had here is that the subsidies a lot more do the trick the government needs to create the conditions for legal markets to flourish roads electricity aqua docks well we've seen a power projects never materialize arrived too late so unless this infrastructure arrives farmers will go back to coca. colombia seems determined to get rid of the
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plant farm by farm finally gaining the trust of communities long neglected by the state but many also understand that as long as there will be customers for cocaine somebody will find a way to satisfy the demand allison that i'm fifty i'll just leave. and one more thing before we go we have something nice to show you out of the us it can be a risky business being a spectator at a ballgame as he said louis cardinals fan found out when he lost his freshly made nachos and chicago chicago cubs ball player addison russell looked a bit cheesed off as he walked away largely unscathed following the collision but moments later infielder return from the concession stand to make things right and it was not till day at the stadium. never knew there was a nacho day learn something new every day i guess and that would do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media hash tag as ever a.j.
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news grid and all the other ways to connect with us on your screen right now including our whatsapp number process mine seven for final one triple one for nine for me for me back to one the home team here in doha thank you for watching. our team in london with you next to stay with us on.
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it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to mark the island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine descend penguin expert lloyd we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins water scarcity is
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a serious problem when used more than probably you need to know why it is here with impact if there are plants aren't demanding as much water you don't need to your cave as much hines brain is the age old technique of collecting water for bald tires water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tough water which could provide a solution to the problem of global water theft tagg know at this time on all jazeera. sending a message to rocks kurds turkey holds military exercises near iraq's border and issues more threats over its referendum on secession. containers al-jazeera live from london coming up. israeli forces raid the home of
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a palestinian man who shot dead three of their security forces in the occupied west bank. an opposition protests about how the presidential runoff vote is being handled turns violent in kenya. and spain's government sends thousands of police reinforcements into catalonia their orders to block a planned vote on independence. and a regional anger is mounting over monday's kodesh vote on secession in northern iraq iran says that sending new missile equipment to its border with iraq baghdad and i'm correct have signaled their disapproval by holding more joint military exercises the referendum was opposed by iraq iran turkey and syria all of whom have a substantial kurdish minority turkey's president has also sent a stop warning to the kurdish regional government in iraq he said iraqi kurds could
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go hungry as a result of the punitive measures to accuse considering. shouldn't it is up to them little missouri as we begin to impose sanctions iraq's kurds will be left behind when we close the oil tap they'll be done with they will lose all their revenues when you stop cross border traffic into northern iraq they won't have food or clothes this will be a bad situation they'll ask why are we doing this we are obliged to these are sanctions and how and from where will israel send its assistance to them. in abilene northern iraq what would make people saying to you about this kind of threat and the bill minutes you build up as a result of this so referendum. well certainly the people on the street that we've been speaking to paying very little attention to these kind of threats i mean there as we saw last night. after polls close these incredible celebrations on the streets of bill never really we've been speaking to saying that no matter these
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kind of threats they are very happy with the way the k r g kurdish regional government have handled themselves they say that it is time now that more pressure is put on the baghdad government to try and initiate negotiations towards an eventual independence for this region and of course it's very important to remember that this is a non-binding agreement it's indicative of what i'm listening is president barzani attempts to put more pressure on the baghdad government to initiate this process. the people on the streets and the government here say that they've had enough they say that the baghdad government have consistently let them down over the years they feel as if they have not been treated with the kind of respect that they deserve. after battling isola peshmerga kurdish peshmerga forces so instrumental so important in that fight with the coalition in pushing eisel back they feel let down
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of course it was only two three years ago when i saw forces were literally ten fifteen kilometers from the. very city so no matter what seems to be this increase in rhetoric these are incredible threats that are coming not only from the baghdad government from all the regional players certainly the people here on the ground in era bill and the kurdish regional government pushing forward. remain determined and seen thus far relatively on faced by by these threats. we told you this one now why this just drop.


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