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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 6:00am-6:33am AST

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in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember in the absence of justice. people in power chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting that foreign teams had failed to conduct a full and proper investigation that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. partial just at this time on al-jazeera. referendum the government in iraq's kurdish region refuses to under the airports to baghdad.
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alone down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president trump plans to cut the number of refugees entering the u.s. to the lowest level in nearly four decades plus. the president. and a ride down money laundering lane in the london bus toll that takes and properties legend brought by crooked and high profile nigerians. after winning a landslide in the succession referendum the government of iraq kurdish region has rejected baghdad's demand to hand over control of its airports ninety two percent of kurds who posted a ballot voted yes the results been announced despite a last minute appeal to cancel it by the iraqi prime minister john stratford reports from ever built. celebrations on the streets of appeal up to ninety two
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percent of voters said yes to secession from the kurdish region of northern iraq. the referendum is very important it will for my future and i hope at least that baghdad will eventually to be independent. with the federal government in baghdad has called the referendum on constitutional and he's refusing to even recognize the result that alone start negotiations with the kurdish regional government ok allergy of the future independence for iraq. events of the last few days here can only be described as some of the most momentous in these regions history but the political ramifications are massive the threats continue from the baghdad governments and neighboring countries and there's a sense here of great uncertainty as to what could happen next. the federal government has threatened to close the region's international airspace it could
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heal thora g.'s don't hand over control of the two main airports by a friday deadline turkey is threatening to cut off the kayleigh g.'s oil pipeline and close the land border turkey is the biggest supplier of goods and food to the k r j we can not feed ourselves. we don't have that much power. and threats that a body is making of the same is going to damage a man but the kurds don't have a life if they stay with baghdad. they may be determination among the people who have wanted a country of their own for generations but the celebrations here may not last long john stop it al jazeera has built catalonia says it will go ahead with an independence referendum on sunday despite spain declaring it illegal the government in madrid is planning to deploy police at polling stations to prevent people from voting call penhall reports from barcelona. last thing at night activists stay up
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late campaigning for catalonia to break away. the first thing in the morning there are get up early morning for spain to stay. in. the spanish government has declared the secession ballot illegal but catalan interior minister forn explained why regional authorities were pressing ahead. i mean the. government is not just trying to stop the referendum and stop. the citing its political future things have gone beyond a simple call for self-determination and what we're also debating here is the defense of democracy and of the most fundamental freedoms. the dritte is stepping up efforts to stop the referendum many schools are going to be potential.
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into the area. madrid has also said it will take command of the capital police force that is the. capital an authority is a resisting that order from. the security force of catalonia and they're responsible for law and order their role should be to permit people to vote in peace we don't want a confrontation but we will defend our rights and responsibilities as. the referendum is planned for this sunday. see. thing would have been like in the scottish referendum sides to debate the alternatives that's been impossible in spain. on the streets of boston alone
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this group is small loud and not in the mood to haul measures they would like to see spain remain united and for the cattle and government to be completely shut down. the. pen or al-jazeera basile overspend. senior officials in the trumpet ministration have briefed congress on the president's plans to cut refugee numbers donald trump wants to cap the numbers next year at an all time low of forty five thousand white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports donald trump first announced he would seek to permanently reduce the number of refugees entering the united states as he addressed the united nations we offer financial assistance to hosting countries that will seek to host refugees as close to their home countries as possible. this is the safe responsible and humanitarian approach now
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trump's secretary of state is meeting with lawmakers to formalize the goal of capping the number of refugees entering the u.s. to around forty five thousand this is an historic reduction in two thousand and seven more than forty eight thousand word mid under president bush under barack obama almost seventy thousand refugees settled in the united states but this year under donald trump the refugee cap is set to fall to around fifty four thousand and by twenty eight thousand the president hopes to reduce that number even further its fury ating activists the drug administration says the lower cap on refugees is for national security and safety it's just based on fear and on facts and because of that we're turning away people that could die if we don't let them in and the white house claims that even with the lower number of refugees being admitted to the
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united states it says it still takes in more refugees than any other nation kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington nato says a u.s. airstrike on the afghan capital kabul has cause civilian casualties the strike came hours after an attack on the kabul airport during a visit by u.s. defense secretary james mattis the taliban's as much as was the target of the failed rocket attack in the bombing which left at least five civilians injured occurred after he and nato chief u.n. stoltenberg left the airport the trip follows u.s. president donald trump's pledge to send more american troops to afghanistan. the u.s. government has sent navy ships to puerto rico to help with the growing humanitarian crisis caused by hurricane maria more than a week on the u.s. territory still without power food and water supplies are running low trees about reports from san juan. it. is still trying to recover her belongings from the damages caused by hurricane madea she lives in san juan puerto rico's
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capital because of the holy see i didn't want to leave my house when the hurricane came i stayed inside with my two sons and tried to protect what evil little we have . just like in the rest of the capital in this neighborhood there is still no water or electricity and this is one of frank ones poorest neighborhoods as you can see many of the houses here have been completely destroyed mostly because there were built with metal and wood those who are living here had to seek refuge in a shelter and that's where they remain in days after the category four hurricane hit this u.s. territory in the caribbean the united states government says aid is on the way to address the growing humanitarian crisis in some parts of the island the federal emergency management agency has said badly damaged airports and seaports are making it difficult to get aid in personnel so puerto rico has tremendous problems with
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floods and with damage and collapse we're still looking for people who are still looking for people but i'm going to be going there are tuesday may also stop at the virgin islands the governor there is done a terrific job on the streets of san juan people are lining up for hours to get fuel and cell phone towers have not been fully restored people like my p.s.a. aid is going to slow. it down when i would like i still haven't received any help do you see much going on around the city it's like nobody cares many here feel the same way as they struggle to get by every day. i just see some corn puerto rico. israel is hosting a lavish ceremony marking fifty years of jewish settlements in the occupied west bank and gaza heights prime minister benjamin netanyahu valid but the settlements will never be reversed they are illegal under international law that israel disputes this is how the force that. it
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was branded a state a vent produced as a t.v. special a celebration of fifty years since israel in its government's language liberated the west bank in the golan heights territories it is occupied ever since and the celebration of settlement construction in that land staged inside the illegal settlement block of goo shits young it's a project that israel's prime minister for the second time in a month vowed would never be reversed last year your. i'm saying this very clearly we will never operate settlements in the land of israel it's not only a matter of connection to the homeland it's not the way to make peace. for the palestinians it's a vital part of any future deal and a fading hope for farmers like even him. he turns his crops in the fields around but his family's land has steadily shrunk he says he lost more than
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a this year alone and struggles to access land now behind settlement walls known for with all the best of it when we are prevented from entering our lands it affects the harvest are prepared to lend it cost me around ten thousand dollars but they didn't allow me to plant the saplings. ibrahim's town of our hunter is part of a wider picture nearly six hundred thousand israeli settlers live in the occupied west bank including east jerusalem in a meeting with a representative council earlier on wednesday the prime minister reportedly promised another three thousand three hundred new units would be approved next month which would make more than seven thousand this year the residents about how to talk not just of having lost their land but of continuing to lose it the israeli prime minister recently promised that not a single israeli settlement will ever be uprooted any time in the future the reality is they continue to expand. this and that's what makes this is densely historical commemoration a charged and divisive one israel supreme court declined to send
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a representative to what its president called a political event israel's pro settler right remains at the center of power its prime minister doubling down on his commitment to the settlement project ari force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank lots more still to come here and al-jazeera including the u.s. allies are angry tariff is imposed against a canadian plus. i robot pride in tokyo at the opening of a museum to one of japan's most important living artists eighty eight years old and still as as prolific . by this guy nine if invasion hall but we're off the coast of the italian riviera. how i think we may see the heat a biting across eastern parts of north america over the next couple of days what
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remains of hurricane maria that's in the process of pulling away is where we got the warmer weather that's just across that eastern side of the u.s. as you can see maria still fairly close by that will start to not go away temps are still getting up to around twenty five celsius for d.c. and also for new york further north just fifteen celsius and also a couple of days ago we're getting into the thirty so that really does represent something of a change meanwhile we got some west of weather into new mexico into colorado cold enough in denver at around fourteen degrees celsius it will have to around twenty celsius for friday but the the wet weather that's not too far away today was so right about the west coast here it stays dry that wetter weather that we have just around the disabled as i said pulling away then in the form of tropical storm refine and try their little cola as you can say but generally seeing a good deal of settle weather all a few showers up towards the lake scattering the showers across the caribbean over the next day or so the heaviest of which will be around cuba some really heavy
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downpours coming in here over the next day or two with the possibility of some localized flooding of anna with a high of thirty degrees. the weather sponsored by. water scarcity is a serious problem we use more than probably need to why is your. impact if their plants are demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much. more to talk water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tap water which could provide a solution to the problem water. tank you know at this time on all jazeera.
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welcome back at the mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera hours after winning a secession referendum the government of iraq's kurdish region has rejected baghdad's demand under the control of the airports several airlines are now so suspend flights to thirty cities u.s. congress has been briefed on president donald trump's plans to cut refugee numbers wants to cut them into in twenty at an all time low of forty five thousand numbers following the limit of one hundred ten thousand which president obama had set last year and the u.s. government sent a photo of ships to puerto rico to help with the growing humanitarian crisis caused by hurricane maria ships are bringing thousands of extra minute she personnel to distribute aid six days after the storm hit there out of the still without electricity food and clean water a scarce. tens of thousands of people in south africa street protests against president jacob zuma they say corruption has become endemic under his leadership
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all the marches were organized by the largest workers' union on a page from johannesburg. miners teachers and laborers are among the thousands of workers taking part in a nationwide strike against corruption. and the man they say is to blame for it is president jacob zuma they say he's being compromised by private business leaders have captured control of the state the president has indicated that he's not willing to and we know the reason is because he has been the brain of. the president. since ninety members of the. camp is that. was the demonstrators switched through the city delivering their demands to government the banks and big employers like the mining industry.
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because it was pressure on the president. and then. lions with the african national congress and the south african communist. yesterday not only. tells. it's deeply divided. the a.n.c. says its partners are free to protest but it can't be happy at the level of corruption being uncovered by the opposition democratic alliance which won control of johannesburg at the last election. not far from the dog's protect and almost empty construction site there's supposed to be a new power station here where we. are just one example where almost five million us dollars was paid to a contractor without doing any job i mean if you look around in. you can see that nothing has been done keenan lost his job at the site and now his community south
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has frequent power cuts because the upgrades have stopped. something. keenan is the victim of corruption that cost south africa about two billion dollars a year but it's far from certain that it will cost the president his job no matter how loud the call is from one of the n.c.s. oldest partners for him to go tony a page out of their johanna's. anti-corruption campaign as in london the organized the bus tour designed to expose money laundering by foreigners. has been on the latest trip focusing on nigerian money in london. all aboard the kleptocracy toll our guide russian anti corruption activists roman bodies have it previous tours of focused on russia and the middle east now nigeria is in the spotlight although he has to stop we have a thirty mile of this boring. real estate. to the central.
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organizers of this store claim that london is the heart of international money laundering a place to easily hide and spend astronomical sums of cash where there's a lot of that money goes into london's lucrative property market. we passed a three million dollar property recently sees from nigeria's for oil minister design. it's one of several apartments owned by men in london gives allegedly from nigerian businessmen seeking oil production contracts she's under investigation in both nigeria and the u.s. and this property near hyde park owned by a family of a baka interim military leader of nigeria in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he's accused of dodging taxes and siphoning state assets are many of the properties we pass are owned by high profile political and business figures who struggle to
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explain their wealth. most allegedly bought by shell companies based in offshore british tax havens the more let the financial set up the heart of it is to trace exactly where the money comes from there are forty thousand titles in london by companies basis sixty jurisdictions so that means when they bought those titles they didn't even have to speak. the language doesn't know the police doesn't know the local residents don't know or not makes it really easy for corrupt individuals to steal money for i'm talking. on a visit to london nigeria's information minister told us that he believes fifty five people are responsible for stealing six point two billion dollars from the nigerian treasury between two thousand and six and two thousand and thirteen if insert of that money was returned three treasury. built six under collimator soft roads. hospitals twenty thousand housing units
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and it would have been able to train four thousand children from primary school to university it's a side of london few will ever see a tall organizers hope will dissuade others some choosing the u.k. to stash like cash back al-jazeera london but been brought in uganda parliament for a second day. was. the latest ones happened during a debate over changes to noise about the upper age limit for presidents at the moment presidents have to quit when they reach seventy five hundred meter you're in a seventy or seventy three million who seek an amendment to the law so that he can run for six term. south korea is marking its sixty ninth foresees day with a show of military might some of its strategic weapons were on display including ballistic missiles tensions have been the hole in the korean peninsula for months as north korea ramps up missile
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a nuclear weapons test let's get more from kathy know that she joins us from the south korean capital seoul cathy so the south korean president we understand has been addressing the troops what do you have to say well he says there and that those who have lived through war know that there is nothing more precious than peace and of course we've seen recently the ramping up of rhetoric between the u.s. president donald trump and the north korean government trump saying that the leader in north korea kim jong un was a rocket man on a suicide mission and the north korean foreign minister saying that the words that donald trump spoke at the u.n. general assembly were tantamount to a declaration of war in contrast mungy and the president of south korea tends to push forward this message of peace but as he was addressing the troops today he stressed that peace must be achieved through strong defenses that it is important for south korea and its ally the united states to display that it has the capability to have strong defenses a strong deterrent against north korean provocation and he says indeed that south
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korea and the united states have the power to overwhelm north korea's power derren and kathy against that backdrop what's the significance then of forces day for south korea and the hardware on display today. well armed forces day is an annual event it commemorates a day back in one nine hundred fifty when the south korean military crossed the border into north korea during the korean war but it falls of course during this time of heightened tensions and it's an opportunity for south korea to show what it has at its disposal if it were to have to defend itself against a north korean attack it unveiled for the first time to the public strategic weapons including missiles that hadn't been seen before these missiles were used recently in what's called a show of force when north korea launched a missile over japan south korea it responded by launching a missile of its own into the sea but the message to north korea at the time was
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that south korea have the capacity to attack the launch site in north korea if necessary and south korea remains on high alert if the presidential office here says that it is expecting more provocations perhaps next month particularly as north korea marks an important anniversary on october the tenth or perhaps to coincide with an important day at the communist party congress in china on october the eighteenth in the past north korea has tried to stage events in china with provocations that tend to grab ahold of the news cycle and there are fears that north korea may be looking to wards those dates for its next provocation daryn thank you now the u.s. and two of its closest allies are in the middle of a trade row washington is threaten the canadian aircraft make a bomb body a with a heavy tire if this measure may cost the jobs of many workers and canada the
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united kingdom doesn't look reports in toronto. several years behind schedule and more than a billion dollars over budget bombard the series passenger jet is finally flying a modest number of planes have been ordered including by the u.s. airline delta but this u.s. commerce department ruling in support of a complaint by rival boeing could trouble the price of the bombard planes and this government is holding crisis meetings obviously were disappointed by the decision and i will continue to play hard for the canadian jobs canada's not standing alone in the u.k. bombarded is a major employer in northern ireland where the largest political party props up prime minister to resign may's government she's expressed bitter disappointment so have workers at the bombarded a factory in belfast who want britain to take action of its own against boeing that's we're going to lose weight and i need to speak that's what the politicians me the railings that. we sell for. one of our cars commercials this week.
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and they need to. say to believe that they need to sell less. canada too is said it will take a serious look at future business dealings with boeing a five billion dollars deal to buy fighter jets from the u.s. company could be scrapped according to the prime minister justin trudeau but the country also says it has legal means to challenge the ruling at the world trade organization and under the terms of the north american free trade agreement nafta with president trump threatening to scrap that agreement the current talks to renegotiate nafta haven't been going well canada says it invests in not subsidizes bombard and as it points out the u.s. has bailed out general motors in the past and gives boeing preferential treatment by some measures canada and the u.s. have the world's largest trading relationship but it's growing more hostile by the day daniel lak al jazeera toronto. the governor of tokyo has launched
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a new political party it adds more uncertainty to next month's general election in japan yuriko high is promising to end nuclear power and freeze a proposed tax hike prime minister shinzo lobby announced the snap election on monday. museum celebrating the works of the japanese artist known as the queen of polka dots has opened in tokyo your career has spanned more than seventy years of work command some of the highest prices of any living female artist is rock right. the opening confirms your kusama status as one of the world's most important living artists and for japan and national treasure good at any other snow this is been a lifelong wish for you to see my where this is the most moving moment of my life on five floors of this space the works mostly paintings but also installations and sculptures celebrating a life dedicated to art the museum is also
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a monument to artistic perseverance although kasama has moved between different means here over the decades she has always remained obsessive need true to an abstract style that's all her own repetitively intricate patterns of dots and lines a theme she has been following from childhood an extremely unhappy time she recalls and when she says she first had hallucinations dominated by dots. it's a style she developed in new york city at the heart of the one nine hundred sixty s. add on guard movement. come the seventy's she returned to japan largely forgotten but she hadn't forgotten her artistic mission. working every day ever since she gradually won worldwide recognition work has never been in more demand. as you go to museums all over the world a calling me wanting to exhibit my luck the number is growing so fast but it's only
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me painting i'm so busy the museum is also meant to inspire suffering much of her life from mental health problems is found in her work a place of solace overcoming she says depression and hopelessness. please love this museum all your life just the way i love it. with this permanent home she wants her work to give visitors the kind of peace she has found in creating it rob mcbride al-jazeera tokyo. look at the top stories here hours after winning as a session referendum the government of iraq's kurdish region has rejected baghdad's demand to hand over control of airports several airlines say they'll suspend flights to counter cities but despite threats from the government in baghdad have
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been jubilant scenes an era built from is that. for several reasons here in erbil off the wall and ninety percent of voters said yes the future of independence for the good is region of northern iraq but despite the sense of joy you get scenes like this in this city the fruits from china came right from iran right from the fact that central government. after this referendum. might the joy that you see many of the people that. will tell you look great for the future and there's a great sense of uncertainty about what could happen next the u.s. congress has been briefed on president plans to cut refugee numbers trump wants to cap them in twenty eighteen at an all time low are for. five thousand that's far lower than the hundred ten thousand limit set by president obama last year the us government sent a flotilla of ships to puerto rico to help with the growing humanitarian crisis caused by our ok maria ships are being thousands of extra military personnel to
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distribute aid south africa's largest workers union has organized marches to protest against president jacob zuma claims corruption has become endemic under his leadership tens of thousands of people took to the streets catalonia says it'll go ahead with an independence referendum on sunday despite spain declaring the vote illegal the spanish government is planning to deploy police at polling stations to prevent people from posting their ballots the regional government has warned of public disorder if that happens ukraine has been russia for a fire at a military ammunition depo which triggered multiple explosions the blast started on tuesday evening the base is around two hundred kilometers southwest of kiev rescue services had to evacuate thousands of people from six nearby villages and south korea is marking its sixty nine forces day with a show of military might some of the strategic weapons were put on display including their ballistic missiles tensions have been high on the korean peninsula
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for months as north korea ramps up missile and nuclear weapons tests but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera other tech news station that's awesome. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. water water everywhere with less and less to drink. in space the us is a big blue planet covered seventy percent in water that close in that reveals the only two and a half percent that is freshwater with only one percent being easily accessible to keep a six point eight billion inhabitants alive and well you know.


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