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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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some tap water which could provide a solution to the problem global water gas tank know this time. determined to live life to the full. i have very limited sight. but i can distinguish objects big and small and realize their ambitions. but also. because i'm married. i still. follows for inspiring people in istanbul as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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this is the new life from doha coming up in the show. the spanish government insists the planned catalonia secession vote will not go ahead we'll have live reaction from the streets. just two hours international flights to iraq's kurdish region are said to stop as baghdad piles on the pressure after this week's referendum plus. i appealed to the leaders of myanmar including military leaders condemning racial it's of the violence and. the u.n. says their anger crisis is the world's fastest developing refugee emergency with more than half a million people fleeing to bangladesh but eventually you've got to get off the planet if we're going to continue as a as a as a human race to boldly go where no one has ever gone before get ready to book your ticket to mama.
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it seems that neither way neither side has given way in the run up to the referendum in the catalonia region of catalonia on sunday the spanish government has insisted there will be no independence on october the first a spokesman repeated the government position that this is session vote is illegal meanwhile the catalan government says preparations for the breakaway ballots are in high gear it says more than two thousand three hundred voting stations already farmers supporting the separatist government say they'll use their tractors to guard the voting sites at barcelona's port dozens of spanish police vans are lined up prepared to prevent any votes being cast john hendren is following events in barcelona john spain's spokesman says there will be no referendum does that mean the vote is off how are both sides preparing for this. well jane it seems like both
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sides are a little delusional the government of spain on the one hand seems to think they can shut down the vote. you know million or so people there one point seven five million people live in this region and on the other hand the catalonia side seems to think that it can carry off an election when there are about sixteen thousand federal troops here police and civil guard troops and about seventeen thousand local police but no one knows exactly what they are going to do in this but it seems very clear that police are going to be shutting down polling stations there have been regional meetings of neighbors and of students some of the students want to occupy those polling stations the police intend to close down and some of these neighborhood groups seem to be looking for ways to hold the vote alternatives
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they just unveiled a ballot box today for example and they have been printing ballots despite the fact that the government is confiscated ten million on one occasion and four million on another so both sides are preparing for this confrontation and as you say this banish government insists that there will not be a vote but it seems almost impossible jane that they'll be able to shut down all of the voting places here and on the other hand the catalonian officials the cattle on officials seem to believe that they can come off with a vote that will approach legitimacy when clearly many of those polling places will be shut down and a number of the people who are against independence have vowed to boycott this election so it's not clear exactly what is going to happen on sunday probably some voting will take place but probably not anything like the amount of voting that catalan officials would like and i'm intrigued to know what happens.
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well that's the big question first of all the government of catalonia has said that . the president of catalonia has said that within forty eight hours that is on tuesday they would declare themselves an independent republic if they get the votes for a yes vote and he has been asked what happens every what is the threshold of votes that you need in order to clear this legitimate and the answer was there is no threshold so theoretically that means if there are a handful of votes and they end up in the yes category that they will declare independence now spain on the other side has to make some choices it can crack down hard on this area as it seems to be prepared to do or it can try to get together with the leaders of catalonia and come up with some kind of compromise one of the issues here is taxation the issue in so many uprisings and people here
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give about twenty percent of the taxes of spain and they claim to get about fourteen percent in return they want to better share of that they want to better deal at least like the basque country nearby has they're able to tax people themselves in to spend most of that money in their region they're not able to do that here in catalonia and that is one potential compromise but if the government of catalonia wants to go ahead with independence it's going to seek recognition from the united nations it's got to try to negotiate trade deals really the trouble just begins then jane and it would be months likely years as we've seen with briggs it before the outcome was final to be the case and let's leave it there john because coming up on his foreign minister is scheduled to join us live here on al-jazeera will. the government's reaction to spain's latest move not scheduled within the next fifteen minutes here. the kurdish leadership in northern iraq is preparing for international flights to cease landing in the region baghdad has
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ordered foreign airlines to stop flying into the region's airports from fifteen hundred g.m.t. that's in the less than two hours time domestic flights will still be permitted to fly into ed bill and solomon here the move follows monday's kurdish to session referendum where ninety two percent voted in favor of splitting from iraq baghdad is demanding the kurdish regional government cancel result the central government also wants control of oil revenue and border crossings it says that the vote was unconstitutional joins us now from erbil international airport for the latest on the story and i'm wondering how it's playing out there at the airport. well the last flight. international due to take off will departed about fifteen minutes to turkey and after that all international flights are suspended only humanitarian and emergency and military flights will be allowed here but with prior
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and with baghdad domestic flights are scheduled as usual now joining me is. is the director of your beer international airport thank you very much for joining me now did this move from baghdad come as a surprise. surprise because this is not. many times. the. russian. region which wasn't true so i'm not surprised ok no the reasons i understand is that they want to take over the airport and bring in border guards and passport control. from baghdad but isn't that already dickies i don't can you please explain how it's working at the moment well to. be honest i don't understand that that the
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how can it be made we all know i know you know that you know that's not possible i mean technically that's not possible handover what does it mean handover. i mean exchanging people who actually because we are still one country we talked ali binded to and committed to i say i mean our license our i mean a traffic controller everything is done for the nation and after approval go back there but i mean handed over the airport we couldn't understand how in reality that can be done and how where does it meet and have there been any communication with baghdad did they give you a timeframe for this that's true i mean. they gave us three days to implement. but unfortunately there is nobody even to communicate with we've been trying to assume any airport and our minister of just what they should you could just to get told on anyone from back that. we were unsuccessful noted that before
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those three days we were on daily contact with the minister or back that and also i say eight and all of them all of sudden that instruction came out and everybody disappeared now. send a letter yesterday officially asking for a meeting so we can sit together and agree on whatever is required from us. as you can see since now i mean until now there is no reply from baghdad so actually even if you want to hand over there is no ready to hand over the airport to and no idea also how long with the suspension of international flight last well according to the no time that they have already issued is supposed to be up to the twenty ninth of december this year i believe because that decision is not a right decision implemented in that decision. it is not an easy thing because many people and many sector will be affected by that decision i mean it's not only these
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people you have a lot of other people you know traveling through this airport you have humanitarian aid coming through this airport and you have a big number of refugees. right now that they're seeking safe haven through this airport so i mean let along the international community that are available in every right now i mean we have a large number of consulates and you have many international lawyer company working in. the alternative that back the ports that people should go to baghdad and then from there to go outside that's also difficult because first of all back that they don't have chance at light second i mean the size of the airport or capability they cannot. cope with the increased number of passengers there are many people actually banned by baghdad to go to baghdad so that's not possible thank you very much so there you have it at least officially for now the airport of. air will be shut for
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three months that's until the twenty ninth of december what will that hold for old times is something we simply don't know but i can tell you that throughout the day we have seen people who have been earlier day departure day simply because they were scared to be blocked here and also because many not feel safe or comfortable to transit through baghdad airport to catch an international flight thank you for that. a suicide bomber has killed at least four people and injured seventeen others in afghanistan it happened near share a mosque in the capital kabul worshipers were leaving friday prayers the latest attack to target minority. at least twenty three rangar refugees have died and forty are missing when their boat capsized in waters off bangladesh hundreds continue to cross the border from
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miramar felt told al-jazeera they have been warned of an imminent army crackdown in rakhine state a diplomatic editor james bays has more. they died at sea men women and children fleeing bloodshed. and the torching of homes in myanmar they made it onto a boat taking them across the water to bangladesh only for the vessel to sink this tragedy the un security council was told a result of a massive flow of people over half a million in about a month the situation is spittles into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency and the humanitarian and human rights nightmare the trumpet ministrations policy towards me and my change sharply jury in this meeting with u.s. ambassador nikki haley demanding the prosecution of members of the meon mom military
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and the suspension of all arms sales to the country we cannot be afraid to call the actions of the burmese authorities what they appear to be a brutal sustained campaign to cleanse the country of an ethnic minority having heard those scathing comments as national security adviser gave his response there is no ethnic cleansing and no genocide in. and nick cleansing and genocide are serious charges and they should not be used lately human rights groups have been critical of the security council they say slow response has failed dismally to keep up with the scale and speed of this crisis both in terms of the ongoing human rights abuses and the resulting humanitarian emergency this meeting and in particular ambassador haley's comments increase the
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pressure on me but the council remains divided with some notably china suggesting quiet diplomacy may be the best way forward james pays out zero of the united nations and russia went a step further defying multiple reports from investigators on the ground and blaming rigging armed groups for many of the attacks on civilians in recent days we have received illustration of the fact that the our account ranges celebration army was involved with the killing of civilians what was also found were caches of improvised explosive devices there is information that the extremists forced members of the hindu community in border villages to leave their homes and to migrate to neighboring bangladesh together with the muslims can be a child has more from cox's bazar in bangladesh. first of all let me give you any context you can see the boat that was wrecked you know last night around five pm actually in the evening on my right side there's still rescue operation going on we know for sure at least twenty bodies were recovered most of them are women and
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children now we spoke to some of the survive out of this boat wreckage we asked them that what is going on on the other side we also update their mobile for dates through our sources and me on my side showing stranded wreckage is stuck in an island trying to cross into bangladesh the me and my refugees that we were entering told us that a lot of the people are stranded and trying to come across bangladesh but they didn't say that border guards are preventing them we heard this from u.s. human rights watch and i am that saying that border guards and coast guards i preventing the refugees during daytime to come into bangladesh no one reason could be is a clear danger you know a boat carrying this passenger going into the intercoastal waterway is in that they are doing all that which is very stormy during yesterday was very stormy the so the clear danger to people friending by boat into the intercostal waterway and the strange out of boat. sinking in this waterways that could be one particular reason
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but what they're writing to the refugees are telling us they were in the central region and people from there not this corroborates what antonia good care to say on the u.n. last night that people from the not that telling in the central region that get away from there the army's going to crack down very soon even that but this friendly villagers told them that you're going to the army is going to crack down there and this is the big rush again refugees from central zone coming into bangladesh. we tell you a lot about the crisis and show you plenty of pictures of the suffering particularly in bangladesh of course to truly understand a situation there's no substitute for actually being there but the team of the dot com have created the closest thing explains. this is. she is just one of thousands of muslim or hindu persecuted in maine mar
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and now living in a camp and bangladesh put yourself in her shoes. i am ranger is the world's first three hundred sixty degree documentary on the region it was filmed back in may by al-jazeera virtual reality team contrasts v.o.r. . they thought they were documenting the peak of the crisis but since then as we know around half a million more ranger refugees have crossed into bangladesh. the stories can seem overwhelming mostly because they are putting yourself in the place of just one person makes it that much more understandable. for them. you can view the film for yourself at al-jazeera dot com before its premiere at the vancouver international film festival on october fifth. and more ahead on the news including the tell you both a country of estonia already has one of the internet's most recognizable brands but
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how do you replicate success. keep watching to find out how this country is putting tech innovation. but it weakens devastated by hurricane maria say from the u.s. is moving too slowly. taking a united stand the latest action from n.f.l. teams in a race with the u.s. president. let's go back now to our top story the spanish government announced about an hour ago they will not let sunday's planned independence vote go forward as catalonia is pharmacy joins us now live from boston on a very good to see you what is your response to that. well excuse me well my response is that it is impossible to stop that in the sense that
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first of all this is not an illegal act second these some think that. absolutely necessary in the sense that providing a political solution to a political problem and third would each should concern actually it turtle equal sure now that you've got everyone east why the repressive response by the state east going that far they are shutting down websites they are arresting people they are impeding and burning the people to have political debates they are violating the fundamental rights like the freedom of expression the freedom of press so this is something that obviously has not to do with the independence of catalonia eat it really has to do with the democratic structures and principles of the spanish state ok let's talk about what you've just raised there what the spanish government is doing in order to prevent this from happening we've seen tractors coming in in order to protect the voting booth so that the voting can take place i mean how can you guarantee that this is not going to turn violent. well basically because
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if you have followed all the demonstrations that are taking place in catalonia not only along all those years but also on the recent in the recent days you will see that it's in the d.n.a. of the cattle and where your behave that always peaceful even when you have a repressive measures taken by the police when they go on to the printing houses when they have confiscated published material on the elections the response from the people has always been absolutely peaceful they have even provided with carnations they have given permissions to the police which means that there is no wheel and obviously it's an interest that these would be a violent situation there is not a single reason to believe that there is a risk of violence or of there the question there is why somebody is trying to provoke their situations but obviously from that perspective i have to be very
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clear neither from the from the government nor for from the civil society the message is to respond to those provocations on the contrary i will response has always been going to be always a peaceful respond ok you can see why the spanish government and spain doesn't want to lose you being as successful as you are but if you look at polls in the lead up to the vote on sunday some like forty percent say that they will vote for independence i'm just wondering if this is worth it considering the fallout whether you win or lose. you know basically because this is not about independence i insist the eighty percent of the couple on population in the stands that given the current situation dissolution passes through voting. part of these want to vote yes to independence part of it wanted to vote no which means that basically the eighty percent is the man the let that situation by democracy by voting by listening to
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everybody and by respecting what the majorities want to have i insist this vote isa not something against a constitution is not only alive and very difficult to understand is why somebody tries to repress these. are the measures that the spanish government is doing so at the end is not a question of how many people is going to vote for the independence how is even more easier or more dramatic than these it has to do with the democratic principles of the spanish state and i mean i believe that is going to undermine can any change in the constitution which i catalonia and signed up to so therefore i believe that the referendum is considered illegal i know that you have been picked appealing in brussels and you know to european leaders to help you through the situation to help with the dialogue what sort of dialogue are you expecting if you know that the government says it is illegal and it doesn't want to go ahead. but i insist it is not illegal and would be because addition of the constitution does not ban at
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all to hold the referendum it's simply a question of political will i have to be very clear with this this is why is so dramatic the response given by the spanish state and what i call clearly opinion is that they have to choose whether they choose for democracy whether they choose for political solutions to political problems or the truth on the other side for repression for taking repressive measures to something that in fact is not illegal and that violates fundamental rights there are two options here there are two projects there we need to be very clear out and their opinion both institutions and the member states should decide which side they are in that is basically we are demanding i insist this is not against a constitution this is not against the law this is something that simply requires to be a tool to solve a political problem and if you have followed all those years how to cut the law behave has been you there is no reason to believe that there is no margin for willing of negotiation the catalan side has always been keen to negotiate the
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problem is the to negotiate you need to have somebody take an idea other side i mean very brief and if you found there is nobody what is it that you are prepared to accept you mean the losing you mean lose that means that no side got to go yeah what do you what do you what i do you understand i mean what do you what where does the conversation go now with the government i mean surely you have to talk about this making yourself known how unhappy you are. well that's exactly what we have been doing for years we have demanded the spanish government to sit on the tail want to talk about those issues the problem is that this belgian government doesn't want to talk about this they are denying any talks any dialogue on this subject matter that there is a demand in catalonia to vote not necessarily all of them to vote yes there is a huge there is a huge part that wants to vote yes but there is also a part of their wants to vote no they say there is no majority in catalonia for
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independence then the solution is very easy let the people vote and if the no side wins we accept the result obviously though that will lead us to a new autonomy elections that is what i understand should be debated for a dialogue but unfortunately the response we give you from the phone from the spanish that it is no to everything and this makes any to goshen very difficult but still i insist we are keen to negotiate we want to go to a negotiation table obviously right now. our proposal is to negotiate how to hold the referendum but. sunday we will see what the result is going to afternoon which is the result of the referendum ok we're very good to talk to roll remember you said he made everyone sit up and taking note u.s. president donald trump has huevos shipping restrictions to puerto rico to allow more aid to be sent to the island drone footage shows the devastation caused by
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a hurricane last week at least sixteen people died in the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. territory in nearly ninety years food and water supplies are running low and three million people are without power because governor says emergency aid is beginning to reach communities in need. we've been able to create access to these about these important so whether it's limited access. complete actions. certainly some areas still limited access but. very few have been able to get to the areas important we go. and our correspondent has an update on the situation. this emergency center in queen goes about forty kilometers away from the capital is about to run out of fuel it's been without electricity since hurricane marty hit port authority and right now people's lives
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here depend on a generator. brought her grandmother here a few days ago. the hospital is helping us but they are worried because they have no water and they are running out of diesel they have told us that we may have to go many of the hospitals in the area had to shut down and people were brought to this is have caused as a hospital in home course. says that so far they have not received any help. the generator hears on c.p.r. we are trying to keep it alive to keep their emergency area going if i don't have diesel people i have to shut down and i don't know where these people will go there is no water no food you know air conditioning no oxygen. what authority god is struggling to recover from a category four hurricane but for many help is not coming fast enough fuel is cars and so is drinking water the hurricane destroyed the island electrical grid people
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here are desperate for drinking water they're using this stream to clean themselves all together some water to take back home to wash their clothes but they cannot drink it because they've been told it contaminated rafael torres so. in the u.s. military for over twenty years he says puerto ricans are not being treated as u.s. citizens. so they have served the army and for what to be forced to drink water that has excrement this stream has human waste among other things i'm not a second class citizen i'm a third class citizen. rico is part of the u.s. territory but is not a state and many feel they're being discriminated the government says it has sent ships with aid and fuel u.s. president donald trump lifted what is known as the jones act that prevents following vessels from bringing goods to the island understand the coverage in some
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cases is giving the appearance that we're not moving fast enough but what i will tell you is that we are mobilizing marshalling the resources of the united states of america in a way that is absolutely. professional vast and adequate but there are those who cannot wait much longer fuel and water are crucial to save their lives. and who cost puerto rico. it's time for the way that he has richard with news of the retreat of the summer monsoon across asia yes you get a end of september june and september. unless you're used to the asian mon so you tend to think our and the summer it must be we can but it's often not the case because when we look at the weather map you see we still got quite a monsoon across some parts of india the shots from bangalore a day or so ago and the flooding there are quite extensive well this is where the sort of northern edge of the monsoon should be the green that still the monsoon rains at this time of year but the dotted line is where it is at the moment so it
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suggests it's a little bit slow in its retreat now as we look at the satellite imagery that seems to suggest much the monsoon rain is further towards the south and east and that's certainly the case because as monsoon retreats we tend to find it's on more sides of india and bangladesh where we have the. really heavy rain and certainly some heavy rain parts a million marvel so seen some flooding in recent days and it looks as though we're going to see a continuation of rain across those eastern states through the western ghats would like to see some heavy rain continuing well in that sort of a huge part of the world let's move towards what we have seen a frontal system pushing in across this region on the southern side of the caspian sea and it's but use of quite heavy rainfall here and potential for some showers to continue across the southern side of the caspian sea all this stage i have to say that's that tehran should be mainly dry and for the south once again you notice despite the fact is approaching a city still stuck at forty three degrees. still ahead on algis they're off to
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backing opposing sides in the syrian war the leaders of russia and turkey agree to work closely to help end the conflict. with a tweet tweet get out donald trump is changing the way u.s. presidents speak to the world. and right on the mark an australian engineers an eagle at the presidents cup but it's not against the built us. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way we treat. our impeccable service remain. but none come breaking. the news of the screws. the previous next week.
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when the conducting business sharing a special journey with. you when you the first of. this year that. you're trying so much. you'll sanctuary in the sky. to see. listed. as only we're going places together. but you know just there are the top stories spain's government spokesman says there will be no independence vote in the spanish region of catalonia on sunday the
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government is insisting the vote is illegal the cattle and government says more than two thousand three hundred polling stations are ready and farmers will use their tractors to protect the sites. the kurdish leadership in northern iraq is preparing for international flights to cease landing in the region baghdad has ordered foreign airlines to stop flying into the region's airports and less than two hours time it follows monday's vote on to say which passed overwhelmingly. the u.n. says the rangar crisis is the world's fastest developing refugee emergency more than half a million fled to bangladesh since fighting began in myanmar rakhine state last month . the european commission chief john crow junkers says it would take miracles for breaks the talks to make enough progress to begin trade negotiations he made the comments as european leaders arrived in a stone for an e.u. digital summit island's prime minister agreed with you. i think on the rates of
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this definitely a matter of life and a better mood coming out of the negotiations between me and david davis but i think it's still very evidence that there's more work to be done and we're not yet stage so we can say that which progress has been made to talk about a new relationship to trade. it will be able to make that call until much later in the month. and how stony became one of the most network nations making at the venue for the digital summit. these are stony in children haven't started high school yes but already their programming robots really like. people. it's really love to learn. but. the aim is to create a generation with a smarter relationship with technology digital skills for everyone and if all goes
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well someday one of those kids might be able to build another skype this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company allows you to make video and voice calls over the internet and was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven for eight point five billion dollars startup entrepreneurship is a natural fit for a country that spent the past two decades turning itself into one of the most advanced digital societies in the world i'm going to say that that's like a really big influence there because when they start their function for the good camp then it just great that a bunch of wealthy people could invest finally i think it's because it's the newest ball and people know each other so people went like oh i went to high school with these guys if they can do it so can i. jaan is now an investor in new estonian startups here and i'm trying to learn spanish like
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a language learning out linguist i asked its chief operating officer whether being a stone even makes young companies here think differently. so. the mystic market doesn't exist so it means from. startup culture and overcoming the country's diminutive size also inspire the estonian government's the residency program costing one hundred or so dollars and a residency invites business people from anywhere in the world to remotely create a company here and gain access to the country's streamlined digital infrastructure it doesn't bring in much money but it does foster the network's estonia values you need to have a texas birth on they go explosion to have a virtual theists and if you need this kind of services will put you in touch with . companies so it makes a snowball effect and
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a lot of some companies benefit from the services they provide. estonia believes countries will one day compete for the residence based on the quality of their digital services and business environments if that prediction is correct estonia already has a significant lead well it's going to. stall day in the capital. and obviously with the leaders who are they actually imagine that politics is bubbling away all the time what do you hearing about bricks at this seems to be. positive about what's going to happen next. yeah we did hear some cautious optimism didn't we from to resume a earlier when she was saying that the latest round of bricks in negotiations are being conducted in i think what you call a better atmosphere well i think the cold water was poured over that reasonably swiftly. basically when they had the e.u.
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leaders meet again in late october the nineteenth and twentieth of october they're expected to decide at that point on whether enough progress has been made in settling the u.k. divorce bill to be able to then move on with working out what the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. is going to be the u.k. has always maintained that those two processes can be conducted similar taney asli the e.u. says they can't the expectation is that in october when e.u. leaders meet again they are going to decide that not enough progress has been made on the u.k.'s divorce bill and therefore they can't start talking about what the future relationship is going to be that was what. we're saying i think you read a quote from him earlier on basically he believes if the even though there has been
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progress at the latest round of talks it's been too little too late and i'm wondering how other european leaders there at the summit will stake out their positions now going forward. well it's interesting isn't it comparing the mood in the e.u. as a whole at the moment with what's going on in in the brics in negotiations the e.u. as a whole seems to have a fresh. air of dynamism about it and you can maybe think. on for that his speech earlier on in the week where he set out a sort of new vision for how the e.u. can both protect the sovereignty of nations and knit itself further together with combined security and military force budgets and that sort of thing that has galvanized thinkers here and leaders to starts working out how that can actually be put into practice donald because essentially been tasked with coming up with
4:41 pm
a kind of policy framework for the suggestions i think after the last decade or so of crisis management and stagnation we have a situation now where. the bump around of european elections has finished the dust is starting to settle e.u. economies are picking up. has certainly given everyone a slight kick up the backside and things are starting to move again hopefully the european union can put a fairly worrying and pour decade behind it now challenges for that update from talent thank you. russia and turkey have agreed to work more closely in an effort to end the conflict in syria president vladimir putin has been in ankara for talks with the turkish leader rigid tired no one they've backed opposing sides in the syrian conflict now the two leaders have agreed to push for deescalation zones in
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syria's province. the russian opposition leader saying of only has been the tane in moscow and yvonne is one of the most prominent critics of russian president vladimir putin he's organized mass demonstrations against corruption and called for democracy. at least thirty two people have been killed and another twenty seven injured in a stampede on a crowded railway bridge in india's commercial capital. and its most reports. i crushed against the steps of this railway overpass or the bodies of commuters flattened as a stampede of passengers pushed them to the floor i. told by police a foreman concrete part of the and people panicked thinking the bridge was collapsing a monsoon downpour made things worse as they were also people sheltering from the rain. the stampede happened because there were too many members of the public on the bridge and the people were in
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a hurry and wanted to get out there was no one helping they were suffocating a felony i commute to film the crowded bridge minutes before the stampede. it was the bomb by friday morning rush hour and the world's second most densely populated city this is typical. as soon as the bodies have been moved the bridge was open again a few blood spots the only indication of what happened. with the injured who probably been on my way to work we're now on our way to hospital it is railway minister says he's ordered a high level inquiry. with al-jazeera. here as defense secretary james mattis has made an unannounced visit to cata he's held talks with the emir and the defense minister the other day the air base where at least ten thousand u.s. troops are stationed being under diplomatic blockade by saudi arabia the united
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arab emirates egypt and bahrain for almost four months they say qatar gives money to terrorist groups which are strongly denies u.s. president don trances he's willing to act as a mediator to resolve the crisis. still ahead on al-jazeera. it's the driver of the ben stein play and the net russia. battles between two of the best top borgen mcenroe helped inspire another tennis great. to have. a high.
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with. with. with.
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social media giant twitter told u.s. congressional investigators it is suspended at least two dozens accounts that may have been tied to russia but a leading member of congress say that's not enough to suspensions are in reaction to the federal investigation into possible russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections democrat senator warner who's a member of the actions are in i did say is the actions are adequate on almost every level to said in a blog post that it found twenty two accounts corresponding to about four hundred fifty facebook accounts likely operating out of russia that pushed divisive social and political issues during the election campaign. a search has emerged as u.s. president on trans preferred method of communication despite many calling for him to stop he uses it to promote and defend himself and bypass traditional media to speak directly to americans and the world that is only looks at the history of how us presidents choose to communicate. ladies and gentlemen the president of the
4:47 pm
united states when president franklin roosevelt wanted to urgently speak to the american people. he took to the radio we are going to win. the peace but we welcome change and opens in one thousand nine hundred seven president ronald reagan harness the power of television to give a historic speech at the berlin wall mr gorbachev tear down this wall. and when president barack obama wanted to talk to the american people about climate change and everybody he chose to do it on his first ever facebook video post this has been my backyard for the last seven years over the years the ways presidents communicate to people has evolved when the history books are written about donald trump's presidency there will certainly be a chapter dedicated to a little bluebird specifically his political use of twitter the most important role
4:48 pm
for president of communication is not necessarily in swaying opinion but in setting the agenda and dictating what it is that americans in the media are talking about but trump's tweets are a window into his thoughts and were the subject of a recent satirical donald trump presidential twitter library exhibit in new york. the most famous tweets were framed in a jab at the president's love of bling even this puzzling tweet where he typed a word nobody knew how to pronounce let alone what it meant they are being read by so many people across the world their fluency in policy are affected how we see him in other countries. trumps advisors have urged him to slow down with the tweets warning he could be held legally accountable for any that prove to be misleading or false but trump's love of twitter not going away unable to tame trump's twitter finger a top white house official recently said anything trump tweets should now be considered
4:49 pm
an official statement from the leader of the free world gabriels andro. washington and it is time for sports thank you very much general donald trump has accused owners of n.f.l. franchise is being afraid of their players during a race for the u.s. president making the comments ahead of the latest this week after the owners to fire play he says disrespect of the american flag and says tonight's game at the lineups for the green bay packers and the chicago bears stood and locked on a drink the national anthem fans feel that heeding a call to join the players and a moment of unity before the anthem some of the best stars knelt in what's become a symbol of protest against discrimination of african americans. i think they're afraid of their players you want to try this and i think it's disgraceful and they've got to be tough and they've got to be smart because you look at the ratings
4:50 pm
the ratings go way down the stadiums are i've seen a couple of stadiums over the last few weeks they are losing their a lot of empty seats i couldn't even believe it but when it comes to the respect of our nation when it comes to the respect of our anthem and our flag they have no choice. you have to have people. stand with respect. imagine a city in argentina striker said where has been injured in a road accident in the netherlands the twenty nine year old that was reported to be in a taxi on his way to the airport after attending a concert in amsterdam city have yet to disclose the nature of his injuries they say he returned to manchester and be assessed by club doctors before saturday's premier league match against chelsea. arsenal have secured a full two victory over batty boris silva and the european league get their well caught up for arsenal two goals up at the bar arena with rob holdings adding
4:51 pm
a third eye vision is called his one hundredth goal of for the club from a penalty spot to help the gunners take control of group. it's a remarkable achievement. when you play for boys you would do most everything is just go go gently schooltime be trust and. i just congratulated him for back remarkable achievement. in the end our bowling first to end their fifth and final one day against the west indies without one of cricket's square heads the future of all round the bend stokes is in doubt as he's suspended from internationals after being arrested on suspicion of causing bodily harm sports correspondent leigh welling says it's a damaging incident. well the indefinite ban extends to alex high also but undoubtedly in the spotlight here is ben stokes because this is not just an ordinary england cricketer has become a big global sport star largely for being the most expensive player in the indian
4:52 pm
premier league ocean this year but also his achievements with but with both as a filter he's the best filled out also in the england team has been talked about as one of the only time best england all round his knees only twenty six but there's always been an issue with his temperament and now you see how damning this looks the investigation into it continues it's not just damage to his hand it's not just the fact that he's going to be banned from the england same for an indefinite period but when willie's reputation recover after this and he leads the england squad in a complete mess it was already considered a weak squad going into those ashes in australia in november now it's without its best player an england really looking at and thinking how can we cope without ben stokes but what choice did the england cricket bosses have and think of the strain as well on the sport of cricket just as cricket brings in new rules the first new rules for a long time about behavior on the field where
4:53 pm
a player can be sent from the field for bad behavior and what of the top of that list is violence that is a sending off and a player will not return to the match but how can cricket control the behavior of its players off the field of her driver sebastian vettel set the pace in the second practice for formula one's malaysia but the session was brought home when a track of ford cause a dramatic crash. bang into the barriers are two hundred kilometers an hour after clipping train cover you watching. shop shots a former ranger have helped the u.s. a c.z. advantage on the opening day of the gulf president's cup. pumped up by the presence of three former presidents at ricky followers to pen for birdie helped an early surge against the international line up another decisive
4:54 pm
a shot for the home team in jersey city dustin johnson bagging a birdie from the bunker u.s. have a two point lead after the foursomes in the event held once every two years but they didn't hog all the limelight australia's mark eastman engineering an eagle in a similar spectacular fashion. sam saunders is the grandson of the one of the great names arnold palmer now he's made a name for himself saunders achieving the rare feat of a sub sixty round he hit thirteen birdies in the first round fifty nine at the web dot com tour championship in florida. roger federer has one a record nineteen grand slam tennis titles and now he's acknowledging in the past the two greats played in his career a movie on the rivalry between and john mcenroe has premiered to add this year at film festival federer says both players showed rivals can still be friends in the same way he has a good relationship with life on the down it's been unbelievable for tennis you
4:55 pm
know they paved the way for us so i'm forever grateful to what organ marco did for our sport back you know as a player and singles doubles and commentator and boy just as an absolute legend and a mystery to some extent because he wasn't around very much especially after he retired and when he played he was extremely quiet. and that's it from a.j. thanks very much. private companies are leading the way with plans to put humans on mars aerospace giant lockheed martin wants to set up a base camp on the red planet and space x. founder elon musk intends to colonize mars. has more from australia industry heavyweights and space lovers converged on adelaide for this year's international astronautical congress the highlight of the event was without doubt space royalty entrepreneur and billionaire the long musk has long made it known he
4:56 pm
wants to make humans and interplanetary species to make sure we don't go the way of the dinosaurs now he says he'll start a colony on the red planet with the first human flights in twenty twenty four then at the base starting on one ship then most horse eps then circling off the city then written city bigger. yeah and at the time tom foreman was. making it so really nice first of all. lockheed martin to has plans to get humans to the red planet it revealed more about its blueprint for a mars base camp that will orbit the moon and act as a launching pad for human missions to mars it believes it can have it operational in a decade in about five billion years give or take the sun will eventually be going
4:57 pm
to a red giant it will expand and devour the earth so at least in five billion years we need to have somewhere else now how much do you need to worry about it in twenty seventeen fair question but that eventually you've got to get off the planet if we're going to continue as a as a as a human race at the moment all we have on mars two rovers like this replica of the curiosity and while there are many companies here that believe humans will journey to mars within this generation and possibly even colonize it there are doubts about whether mass should be considered a backup plan to. all missions to mars need the hope of one of three nasa deep space command centers this one is new strains capital camera it operates like air traffic control but the space sending commands and receiving signals from spacecraft and all the vital communications for any human missions to mars will also go through here i think one of the things that journey to mars will tell us
4:58 pm
most especially is that really in reality earth has always got we have to look after this planet first and foremost going off to mars going to have to create a whole range of new technologies to survive in an environment that's trying to kill you every second of the day and there's no shortage of companies working on those technologies to keep humans alive in deep space technologies that if nothing else could perhaps be useful to humans on earth to yarber malham al-jazeera adelaide. look into the future ends this bulletin and i'll be back in a moment. on al-jazeera. as the state clamps down on catalans will the struggle pay off and the referendum. for the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the u.s.
4:59 pm
is role in the world liberians are preparing for the third election since a bitter civil war and services are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs . china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. and. until now the coverage of latin america that most of the world was about covering khuda todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's
5:00 pm
what we do we go in with five and a half months of demanding it when education system that was introduced to. latin america as a zero has helped to fill a void that needed to be sealed. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new virtual labor market but can that business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead plus the fact as a play as oil prices enter a bull market counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the spanish government insists the planned catalonia secession vote will not go ahead.


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