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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 276  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 3:32am-4:01am AST

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cars trying to contain an outbreak of the highly contagious plague at least thirty people have died in the past two months and almost two hundred suspected cases have been reported the government has banned public gatherings in the capital in an attempt to stop the disease from spreading the u.n. has asked for four hundred thirty million dollars to scale up relief efforts for a huge refugees who fled myanmar a military crackdown in rakhine state has forced more than half a million ranger to seek safety in neighboring bangladesh myanmar has denied allegations of crimes against humanity and genocide but the u.n. human rights chief has called the crisis a textbook example of ethnic cleansing the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve a standoff with the central government but the central government in madrid says for that to happen the region must respect the law and russia says it's investigating and i saw a video which apparently shows two of his soldiers captured by the group in dairies
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or the russian foreign ministry says it's working to establish details about the men it's defense ministry has previously denied any of its soldiers have been captured those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next here it's inside story to stay with us. yeah with iran and turkey. and the bank but yes. with the beyond the economic and. could be done and as military intervention and action as and story.
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with and welcome to the program on it is a peron i'm iran and turkey may seem like on likely partners following events of the past few years especially in syria but they all saying the same thing about the recent yes vote and the kurdish referendum neither want could his people living in northern iraq to secede took his president visited head on on wednesday regift five and the one met with iran's supreme leader and president to discuss ways to cut the kurds dream of their own homeland turkey is threatening to stop buying oil from the kurdish regional government in iraq while iran has mobilized troops on its border with the region well iran and turkey have said they stand behind vox national government here is what everyone said at a press conference on wednesday. we correspond
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with the iraqi central government as far as we're concerned this referendum is illegitimate we have already taken certain steps but from this moment onwards more decisive steps will be taken well that was after his meeting with iranian president hassan rouhani there had been a similar one between turkish and iranian military leaders and tear down on monday it was the first visit to iran by a top turkish commander since one nine hundred seventy nine rani said afterwards the armed forces of iran and turkey can develop constructive relations in addressing regional threats through development of cooperation and transfer of experiences in various sectors iranian and turkish leaders are both concerned the push for kurdish independence in iraq could motivate similar movements with then their own borders most iraqi kurds who voted to secede live here in northern iraq across the border and iran kurds make up about ten percent of the population and turkey's kurds live mainly in the south east their independence movement has been
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active for decades the kurdistan workers' party or p k k is a kurdish rebel group which has fought for autonomy from turkey since the line nine hundred eighty s. when our let's bring in our guest joining us in arabic do that neuer inc journalist and founder of the independent media center in kurdistan and as foreign ball and kanada turkey based political analyst and also in ed really. mean for the minister in the kurdistan regional government welcome to you all can i let me start with you the first visit by turkish military chief of staff to head on since mine teen seventy nine just how worried is to be right now about the kurds and what's happening in the region. yeah i mean turkey percy observed her around them as a security threat but i don't think that any turkish military intervention into the iraqi kurdistan is likely the main reason why turkey perceives this referendum
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as a security threat is main needed to its own kurdish problem as you all know that turkey has been struggling against a kurdish insurgency for more than three decades therefore this referendum the turkish government things that this referendum can hamper that insurgency and any possible peace settlement. regarding that insurgency in turkey and as in bermuda i think that ng iraq's territory interesting that you don't think that turkey will resort to any kind of military intervention here because they have dealt militarily with the kurds in their own country that's true but it's in the air own country so yes the turkish parliament had an extraordinary session to grant a motion to the government for that kind of a military intervention so the government has the means the legal means for that
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intervention but i don't think it's likely to happen mr loring turkey has. intervened in iraq at times against the kurds we know that iran doesn't have the same problems with the kurds in their country that turkey does nevertheless we heard from president hassan rouhani today that they will not let the territorial integrity of syria or iraq be compromised what is iran willing to do right now do you think about this issue. well up to now the sanctions seem to be very mild iran stopped the flights of iranian airplanes to our air bill and so the money added two airports here in iraqi kurdistan and they stopped the flow of petrol by stopping the the tankers that go across the border but those are the two main
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sanctions really. how worried is the. regional government about the steps that are being taken by turkey and iran so far. well of course there are a lot of. reactions that much of what we see were expected. but if they do cause inconveniences they are causing worries people are worried about escalation into military action although this is increasingly unlikely given the statements made and given the complexity of the dynamics on the ground but that doesn't stop these countries to gradually incrementally impose sanctions that will go into economy into politics and diplomatic diplomacy and international connections and the kurdish government and the political parties do not wish to see that because at the end of the day they have been engaging all sides to to reassure
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them to say that their independence will not affect these neighboring countries and is actually going to be based on good neighborly relations even with baghdad but of course of course we all know that these countries are have their own reasons to react in the way they did and the matter from now or the near term is that how much the kurds can engage all sides to into negotiation into confidence building and into getting them to accept certain compromises on the other hand the kurds are making it clear that they do not want to declare independence now they do not want to translate this result of the referendum into a process that is leading to independence any time soon they are more than happy to negotiate ways of managing this crisis and gradually reaching terms that are agreeable by all sides but of course not everything is dependent on how the kurds are thinking much will depend on the dynamics of regional international and
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bilateral relations between these countries and this cannot just how much of turkey seeking better cooperation with iran right now on this issue do you think has to do with their ally america's support for the kurds elsewhere in the region namely in syria. and this is a very good question actually turkey and iran agree to disagree on many regional issues but this is one area that they seem to agree on they seem to agree on keeping. the territorial integrity of syria so both parties are very of a possible the possibility of a formation of a syrian of a kurdish state in north syria and they are also very much committed
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to the national integrity of iraq so in that sense when it comes to the kurdish issue turkey and iran are on the same page right now however that being said iran's relations with p.k. k. for example is also complicated it's no secret that iran had connections with. commanders and there that had been regular meetings between iranian intelligence officers and p.k. k. high commanders. and in the past iran used p.k. k. as a leverage against turkey but today as iran is visiting iran it seems that both countries share a common purse take them when it comes to the territorial integrity in both syria and iraq and must warrant that doesn't mean that these countries will keep on with more and if i can bring you in here now if they can be on the same page about the
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kurds what about the issue of syrian president bashar al assad which they've been on opposing sides of you know have the military successes of the kurds and syria which have greatly worried turkey and with crucial support from the u.s. have they pushed turkey to re-evaluate their priorities and syria were pushing back against kurdish gains you know is more important now than regime. change which they have been very silent on recently i think there is an issue to address before that which is the one that inside iraqi kurdistan. business is divided between the arraign ians and the turks so in this in this case it's very difficult to have them on one line because in iraqi kurdistan one goes with the main party k d p and barzani and the other one goes with this smaller parties in somalia which is. ok and a change movement for instance now that's also
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a reason why people out here don't really see all these sanctions really taking hold what we see here at the moment is mainly the sanctions from iran going through iraq because iran has a big influence on barked out and that means that airports are closed for international traffic that there is a monetary problem because dollars won't be sent to iraqi. banks the turkish sanctions at the moment are ardley anything the borders are open so it is to us a big question what will really come out of this meeting for this region here for the kurdistan region it might even be dangerous if the moment that the pressure becomes too big and here we get back to the p.k. k. and a p.y.t. in syria it's very well possible that the courts unite and in that case turkey will have barzani on the side of p.k. and he doesn't want that so it's very difficult what the gentlemen are doing at
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this moment in tehran let me bring you back in here stay with syria do you think iran would be able to convince turkey you know to support assad in exchange for their cooperation on the kurdish issue. well i don't think that iran can convince turkey to support assad but i think it's safe to say that turkey's priority in syria has shifted long time ago more than a year turkey's main priority in syria is not topple. assad turkey's main priority is to prevent the expansion of isis and pew i.d.p. k.-k. all its border so in that sense turkey and iran as well as the syrian regime can have a common ground to prevent the kurdish expansion along the turkish border of course
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turkey as never walk. said that its priority in syria has shifted and i don't expect the turkish government to recognize the assad government any time soon however the fuck the situation is turkey has already already shifted its priority on its security security and they are sending in syria and more focused on the kurdish expansion in all its border rather than a regime change mr al-deen. is turkey losing as turkey fighting a losing battle in regards to what mr canady saying because the kurds already have a lot of territory now in northern syria what it what is the kurdish and goal in that region and have they all but achieved it. well first of all back to the earlier point the reason why i personally am not so worried about the iran
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turkish meeting is because it's not that the kurdish question is unifying them they inherently because of the tough dynamics in the region and their own policies they will find it very difficult to sustain any agreement agree on a overall strategy in the region and then keep to it because they don't trust each other. they are at war through proxies in syria in iraq turkey cannot relax in the front of or in face of all these paramilitaries that are iranian backed and they are of the well meaning iraq and the overwhelming syria and there is too much at stake for turkey to just give into that turkey to your question turkish policies in iraq and in in syria have failed over the years the policy towards the kurds is also not successful on one hand they are very
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clear what they do not want what it comes to iraqi kurds when it comes to syria but actually they don't know exactly what they want simply because they they know their policies towards k r g o p k k they know they have to say they want to fight but they don't have an answer to the overall question of saying what should we do for them to the kurdish issue inside turkey how to solve the kurdish problem how to make invest in the citizenship and make them forever happy when within the boundaries of turkey altena words they have not been able to come up with a bet but that the same thing goes to iran iran has failed to deal with its own kurdish issue and its policies in baghdad that lead to marginalization of iraqi kurds iraqi sunnis have been backfiring so is why when i mean the ground there. brantley which is why we haven't heard much so very dense you know you're saying
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that the the problem with turkey's it's not noise but it doesn't want it's not sure what it does one does the kurdish regional government know what it wants i mean do you does a want independence does it just want greater autonomy now are the kurds in syria going to get their own territory in the north and what price to pay for that in a region where all of their neighbors are against it. ok well the the kurds in iraq they know exactly what they want and they will want nothing short of independence but they also know it's not now this cannot be achieved now the dynamics are too complex that nobody is ready the regional and global powers are not ready there is isis to fire there as too many issues result but the kurdish train towards independence has already taken off it reached many stages at many stations it picked up more speed like during two thousand one hundred ninety one one the kurds elected their own government parliament and then in two thousand and three after the fall of regime one they had
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a federal entity with greater powers than even that the constitution allows the next step is to get probably into a confederal arrangement or something and then evolve to mostly iraqi kurds will become independent but that doesn't apply necessarily on iraq and sunni and kurds syrian kurds are not demanding that and they may never get it if they do and that also doesn't necessarily apply to iran and turkey is occurs because they are nowhere near ready in near iraqi kurds status the iraqi kurds are almost there they this recent referendum maybe provoked a reaction that is over reaction from the neighboring states but it is a matter of time they know they will get there because iraq has gone to weed beyond the its ability to ream brace the curves to solve the kurdish problem to satisfy the kurds and actually iraq has gone beyond being able to sell even if sunni arabs and even a chance in your out even bashar may one day are for the same thing so the and even
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if none of you see how he's going to go then route you go where he and it can be might do now mr noir inc do you think that the u.s. let's bring in the united states now wouldn't they be worried at all about this these ties between turkey and iran or that this issue. i think the united states look at it us as many of us here in the region do this is. two countries that are as the hours also saying they're fighting proxy fights we have turkey that wants to unite the sunni's we have iran that once the united states shiites how can you be afraid that they will actually be able to do this in a in a way that's going to work so what but what is very important days when will the americans come back to help the courts because the courts are really counting on that and because of president barzani refusing an offer.
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that was made by the americans and the united nations and the brits and a couple of other countries to help start a negotiation with doubts about the way to words independence. because he didn't cancel the referendum as the americans wanted it might take a while before these hard feelings that that that yeah that b.k. that that big. that there are now that before they will be soft and yeah i would think in the next month probably they will only see something behind the scenes i don't think we will see anything really. at at the cameras the americans will be very careful misc and i will at the moment they are only. their. only communicating anger. how do you see the americans reacting to all of this other you're going to keep supporting the kurds are they going to
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abandon them as the done in the past what a change in u.s. policy do you think towards the syrian kurds have a direct impact on his relationship with fit all. well it's very difficult to answer this question because the united states does not have a coherent and sustainable policy regarding iraq and syria for a while so we don't actually know how the new administration will handle this issue of course barzani is an ally of the united states and barzani used to be an ally of turkey as well but the united states actually doesn't want to be in the position to be the conduit wades in iraq and divides the country and you know they see this referendum as a threat to the constitution which was written by themselves and they don't want to
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actually enhance figures like mali key like these you know like more hardliners in badat and they see that kind of a move. as a actually step two to two and hence hardliners like mali so in that sense i think it's very difficult to forecast the united states reaction how it will develop but i think eventually the american polls see will be more sympathetic to the kurdish demands in iraq mr al then one country that seems to be sympathetic to kurdish demands as israel. which kurds accept any form of support from israel world one you have no one supporting somebody supporting israel nothing but actually israel and just regime whatever house of moment means very very little on one hand
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. on one hand they are in no position to physically support the kurds they themselves don't have much say in the world's events or the more likely used to be and the word israel or the the israeli flags can only provoke arab and islamic countries but what israel can do if they want to do it is to lobby in washington for the kurds but i don't see any sign of that either so apart from the rhetoric i don't see really much else but i want to come back to your question about america the american friends obviously disappointed because they are worried about their plans might be a ruin their plan is to defeat isis and to get our body reelected and peel him away from iran but in the same time they know they cannot give the kurds up they can all see the cause suffering through sanctions or military and america and turkey have this thing in common they do see that iran overwhelm both iraq and syria and they
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if they lose the kurds as our allies they lose everything in iraq there's too much a fake for both america and to few to watch events and see the curse descending into chaos all being strangled and then losing at iran localizers been instrumental in fighting isis or at no i think the americans will not allow a situation to deteriorate enough to see the cause becoming ultimate victims of a regional power conspiracy and mr not miss noir let me just bring you in here for the final word how do you see this playing out the cooperation between turkey and iran just how detrimental do you think it will be to kurdish aspirations . i don't think it's going to be a big problem to be quite honest because if you look at turkey. it's it's it's the third partner in trade is iraq and most of that trade goes to the region.
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if they lose that they will have an economic crisis at home so for the turks there is a no go and x.x. li as allow are saying they do have more influence over iran in the in iraq and especially in in the court is an area that's not accepted or so we think i think it will blow over well thank you all i guess you just cannot and. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to a facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at story from the whole team here by finale with. with with with.
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with . in the heart of the amazon the libyan family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital in an even more dangerous challenge. risking it to believe via. at this time on al-jazeera. sugar the ingredient that bring smiles but it's also the number one culprit in a global health crisis cardiovascular disease that's our number one killer already
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i would say the hardest part is just the discipline we think of the fact that they have is that all the same if we prove that sugar in place those risk factors this is a problem techno i visit time on all disease. the nature news as it breaks we're going to be going ahead and on again and wait for that hour which they destroyed during the hurricane with detailed coverage this is what it means when you go to find a raid by the nigerian on hundreds like these i think it's forty in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing the ice or they feel very let down by the baghdad government. controlled capital the capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes
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a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a businessman crossing the planet at this time on al jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was doing that was getting to the truth as i would say that's what his job. well i'm fully back to bo with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. president has commended the efforts of medical staff and police following sunday night's mass shooting in la.


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