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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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more than one hundred missing over a thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed in the northern wind producing region in southern parts five thousand homes have been evacuated as fire crews struggle to control the blaze the governor of california has declared a state of emergency in seven counties well rob reynolds has more from los angeles much of california is burning or at risk of going up in flames from north to south in the most populous us state more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly thirty thousand hectors already scorched thousands of homes and other buildings have been destroyed at least twenty thousand people have been evacuated including patients at two hospitals the fire sprang up quickly fanned by winds gusting up to eighty kilometers per hour and aided by extremely low you miltie these kind of conditions the rest is just a stream of new stars and that's what happened last night and this morning the plan
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that's going online to have these explosive conditions in the famous napa and sonoma county wine country home to some of california's finest then years residents were alerted near midnight and told they had only minutes to get out in southern california smoke and flames were visible in a major fire in anaheim the location of disneyland. with the wind driven event this fire changed behavior very rapidly and is moving throughout the area so that's why we've expanded evacuation orders and we just asked people to heed those warnings firefighters are spread thin but meteorologists say the winds should die down soon giving hope they can get the fires under control rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles turkey's president rest of the world has described the u.s. decision to suspend most visa services for turkish citizens as upsetting the
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current standoff began with the arrest of a u.s. employee and its bull accused of links to last year's failed coup but it's particle a report so it all takes place against a backdrop of detailing relationships between the two nato allies. after the arrest of a worker at the u.s. embassy in ankara and a warrant issued for another the u.s. took the unusual step of saying they would stop issuing visas for some turkish nationals traveling to america the first explanation was posted by the u.s. ambassador to turkey on twitter we don't know if these arrests are singular offense or if we should expect other turkish staff members to be arrested turkey quickly followed suit with similar measures the president rich a type one said he did it reluctant lee and i'm kind of this is a very sad decision and the ambassador has taken a decision and started implementing it so it's a source of sadness. this is just the latest in a growing list of diplomatic back and forth the relationship between these two nato
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allies started souring during the syrian civil war turkey upset the us didn't do enough against the assad government even angrier when the u.s. backed kurdish fighters and later armed them. then last year's coup attempt and it got worse blame to cleric for two of the golan who lives in the u.s. they wanted him extradited for his alleged role the obama administration refused and the trump administration hasn't moved on it either that was a big issue when he first met president donald trump but that was overshadowed by what happened when he left the oval office. turkish security officers violently attacked what appeared to be peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence fifteen of them were indicted in u.s. courts and as a result the u.s. stopped a planned sale of small arms to turkey turkey further angered the u.s. when it agreed to buy a russian missile defense system equipment that wouldn't work with a nato has indicated he would be willing to trade americans imprisoned in turkey
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for good lawn but given that would be hard to do within the legal system something he really wants the case thrown out against her citizen reza zurab who is awaiting trial in the u.s. for allegedly helping turkey of aid sanctions against iran and it's less a matter of wanting it back than wanting the case to go away it wanting him not to testify not wanting any of the details about their role in helping iran evade sanctions coming out in the course of a trial it will be yet another chance for the already frosty relationship to cool even more political hane al-jazeera washington. you can our north korea marks the seventy second anniversary of the founding of the country's ruling workers' party there are concerns the regime might use the day for another missile test meanwhile in south korea the military has been putting on a show of its own firepower to bomb the pride reports well for young. it's
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a timely opportunity for south korea to show off its military hardware given the current standoff with north korea and. we are doing our best to show the strength and resolve of the army through this festival we believe it gives the public trust of the army. the equipment is being boosted with the biggest increase in military spending in decades south korea says it wants dialogue with north korea but it must be accompanied by a strong military the aim is to rely so heavily on the u.s. for its security but to develop its own answer to north korea's missile a nuclear threat. south korea is bringing forward plans to strengthen its military it wants the ability to carry out preemptive strikes against north korean missile sites and if it ever comes under missile attack to have the weapons to respond with what it calls a massive punishment and retaliation strike. north korea is marking the
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anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party of korea and there'd been fears of another missile test but it didn't happen. changes in the party leadership ahead of the event have led to speculation that north korean leader kim jong un may be concentrating more on the economy instead of his weapons program. for most of the people at this festival in south korea security comes through strength in the city of gary young is home to the headquarters for all of south korea's armed forces and nearly half the people are employees of the military or their dependents in this area the soldiers are friends old and young men like. north korea she was offered a range of military hardware so i think we can also show our capabilities. i've
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been worried but i think if we have a quip in like this we would win against north korea. without nuclear weapons of its own building up formidable conventional forces is seen as a deterrent to conflict but it also ups the stakes should hostilities break out rob mcbride al-jazeera south korea. nato is launching a new multinational force in remaining the move comes following russia's twenty fourteen an extension of crimea from ukraine four thousand remaining troops always supported by personnel from ny and other nato countries moscow has accused nato of trying to encircle and threaten the stability in eastern europe which later denies . the far reaching report that looks at inequality in the united kingdom is set to be unveiled on tuesday by the british government the racial disparity audit was started last year by prime minister tourism
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a examines how people of different ethnicities are treated in areas of health criminal justice and education paul brennan reports on why not everyone is backing the audit. in the eighteen ninety s charles booth's maps of the rich and poor areas of victorian london showed the glaring inequalities of the age more than a century later on her first day as prime minister to race in may chose to make social justice her core priority to. that means fighting against the burning injustice that if you're born poor you will die on average nine years earlier than others if you're black you're treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if your white. inequality is stubbornly endemic in the u.k. in education employment housing health care and the criminal justice system a person's racial and economic background can profoundly affect the opportunities
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and treatment they receive it's not overt racism in vats people are saying i don't want to black person working for me but it's more of a subtle things around ok wovens person have a right communication skills seventy six percent of white people are in employment compared to sixty four percent employment and ethnic minorities black caribbean pupils are three times more likely to be expelled from school than white children and ethnic minority house sorts or almost twice as likely to live in relative poverty teresa mayes racial disparities orders had been due to report its conclusions in july but then in june came a tragedy which turned the widespread concern about equality international outrage . the ground for tough. almost eighty people were killed and in the midst of recriminations about cost cutting and social housing a shocking reality emerged that in one of the u.k.'s richest barra's the numerous
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safety concerns raised by some of its poorest residents had apparently been ignored or dismissed by the authorities to some i didn't need to do an already on rice you're looking at them on compliment look at yourselves and how you treat us and try and work out why you do that rather than constantly coming in and doing all day it's what our lives are like because our lives will only china if you change if you treat us differently. better data should mean better transparency and accountability and reform the childbirth probably also thought that a century ago paul brennan al-jazeera london the american gin saying is the author of a wide range of health benefits but picking the herb is illegal in canada where their affairs poaching is on the rise due to the high prices at gin saying such as in east asia daniel luck has more from ottawa so all of your it's
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a very nice bitter. we can see butternuts on patrol not far from canada's capital city ottawa john francois du bois is looking for wild american gin saying it's an endangered species and record prices for the plant in east asia are attracting poachers if mr dubois finds any gin saying he knows where to focus his surveillance we're using a lot of technologies and that's what the poachers there's no they may be walking in the forest and it may be some cameras live cameras that will receive the live pictures on our cell phones conservation officers across canada seas many kilos of illegal wild gin sing every year poachers can spend five years in jail but with a global market worth more than two billion dollars a year illegal harvesting is getting more organized and difficult to police just like the trade in the world's other endangered species interpol estimates that wildlife crime is the fourth most lucrative crime out there after illegal drugs
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after human trafficking after counterfeiting the fourth most valuable is wildlife this is big time crime canada as well ginseng population is under threat even though farmers in ontario are legally growing what is essentially the same plant in east asia in traditional medicine well ginseng is more desirable and it's domestically grown cousin that's not what scientists in toronto have found though in clinical trials researchers at st michael's hospital have discovered farm jin singh has positive health impacts that the wild plant does not have we have very enthusiastic we continue we're talking to growers who want to make but think of the formula for diabetes may be full of blood but i should and be a very optimistic john francoise dubois even spends many of his weekends combing the woods for a plant that poachers have helped push to the brink of extinction he has his eye firmly on the future especially i would like to someday come here with my son is
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now two and a half years old and maybe come back and say you know you can see here and there's wilds and sing there well while americans in saying and it's here because we did something for it. canada's ginseng protector remains vigilant and committed to what is essentially a passion not just his job then you're lucky your old one well still ahead hill al-jazeera. army welling's and i'm stuck where the netherlands foothold so needs a place where you can buy seven goals to the world cup hundreds alive it's unlikely to happen so when what's gone wrong adoptable. thank you. thank you.
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thank. you you. thank .
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i think two countries are nations biting their nails us where they may get well cup qualification yet it's not just the two countries we're in the newsroom biting our nails australia and syria are approaching full time in a tense world cup play off in sydney now this match finished one one after the first leg to school on remains the same in the second leg after goals in the first fifteen minutes there are just a few minutes remaining which would mean that this time would head to thirty minutes of extra time our correspondent andrew thomas joins us now live from the stadium in sydney and andrew regardless of what happens next in this match most people hadn't expected the syrian team to even get this far. couldn't they score up one one at virtually full time it's the same score that took them a full ninety minutes in malaysia to achieve on the one want to go here it was
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achieved within and it was syria that went ahead in the seven minutes. he scored in the seven minutes and it was a very quiet stadium i can tell you i was in there the australians who dominate the spectator and as you can imagine ninety five percent of the things taken by australians they went very quiet while the five percent of troops or forty thousand of them in there they went wild but just the six minutes because then that long time start you're saying hey that's up with an incredible header and equalise and i was in a thirty minute and i haven't been a goal since but. the five things australian certainly had the better of the match but they have been denied and then are you and tonight again by syria and syria have had their fair share of chances as well as you say i'm just getting a message now it's over we're into extra time one one the score after full ninety minutes but now we've got half an hour of actual time and then potentially penalties and whoever loses are you out of the world now and i. absolutely caldera
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i'm sure there's many fans who feel the same way but what kind of support have the syrian team had they in sydney. well the syrian same lie it's an interesting one because the vast majority of the fans in there are a fully behind series of syrian people who live here in australia and there are many of them more since the war because many syrian refugees have come to australia but the reason i group of syrians in australia who do not support the syrian scene because they see it as a wing of bashar al assad's regime they say he has planted lots of money into the syrian scene but lots of support behind it because he wants to show that syria is a functioning society with a good football team a very i mean they're supporting australia but it has to be said that the protest outside the ground before the match was very small and the protesters were totally outnumbered by they if you like the syrian support is there to support syria rather than the home team here in trying leigh as well some of the players in the syrian say i don't support the assad regime in fact one of the strong syrian players when
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it cools our chests he gives one of the big players in the first leg and was again here tonight has been again has not he boycotted the syrian saying for four years before deciding reluctantly to get involved again in this world cup campaign he came on as a substitute early in the second half and he's already been pretty pivotable pivotal in keeping syria in it but as you say one one went to extra time this could go to penalties it really is going to a nail biter all right and you tell us keep those nails on i will come back to you later on but thanks very much i simply is and fans have been celebrating after they've won in typical style after reaching their first ever world cup. but these are the scenes in reykjavik care as players and fans joined in a rendition is a fighting class following attain a win over kosovo iceland celebrations became famous when they made a surprise once the quarter finals of euro twenty sixteen with a population of just three hundred thirty five thousand. i'll be the smallest
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country to ever take part in a world cup. the republic of ireland world cup playoffs thanks to a one know when i will wells in cardiff in what was a dramatic end to group day the victory in short they finished second to serbia qualified automatically for next year's tournament while wales were eliminated the netherlands need any a miracle later if they are to qualify for next year's tournament despite finishing third at the last world cup theater and you need to beat sweden by seven goals to reach the playoffs lee wellings reports from amsterdam the future was bright the future was only when the netherlands finished third in the last world cup in brazil robin van persie is famous header in a five one humiliation of spain gave them lift off but three years of misery have followed a failure to reach the expanded european championships now that looks to miss out on next year's world cup. you need to beat sweden by seven player goals what do you think has gone wrong over these past four years well we all here. thinking about
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that how we can improve everything also but the federation. still got some good young players coming up so hopefully they can fill the gap. well we need but the young talent is not there now for an assistant route while it whose team were beaten for nell by france in august nor was it there. and thirty three year old are you robin is shouldered the burden but not given up or talked about international retirement yet. it isn't about me it's about the squad it's about the team and together we have to get a good result i really hope the stadium will be packed and then we have to present ourselves in a really good manner it won't be long before next it's the international stage and he'll be hard to replace like legends before him in the one nine hundred seventy s. the netherlands brand of total football mesmerised and influence generations to
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come with a great course at the center of it. in the world had a better reputation for producing young talent than i x. here and always so closely linked with the national like the national have gone backwards where have the darts legends gone for it's parent has been watching and reporting on them since the glorious seventy's era they still think we are. from buster reichardt and we don't have those players like iceland why like. norway so play like iceland and don't play like italy or spain there was a subdued atmosphere not the disappointment not anger.


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