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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 161  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 5:32pm-6:01pm AST

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i'm going to do it and learning made for the pleasure lucian. should you. do under seventeen you hear the drawer kind of that you're really. fit well in spain pressure is mounting on the cattle and president of. two who is meeting his team at parliament in barcelona ahead of what could be his historic speech there's speculation that he could announce catalonia independence but the spanish government insists the country will not be divided turkey's president reza day by the un says his government no longer recognizes the american ambassador there is the latest twist in the diplomatic dispute that began when a u.s. consular employee was arrested in istanbul liberians are casting their votes to elect a new president to replace ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female leader twenty candidates are in the race to succeed the nobel peace prize winner president sirleaf is stepping down after serving two terms in office wildfires in the u.s.
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state of california left ten people dead and more than one hundred missing six thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed the governor of the state of california has declared a state of emergency in seven counties those were the headlines the newsgroup is on in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera is the story do stay with us. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. hi anthony ok and join the strong live when al jazeera and. what happened to catalonia lady declared its independence from spain it's been ten days of violence
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protests and firing debate has been a push for dial composts sites with all she remains tense on today's program. and separatist impossible before us has make it without following the conversation online that's right that me and the opinions have been as divided online as they are in the streets here's a taste two people with very different views i mean it's evident that from the institutions from the government of catalonia they are labeling you as a member of the far right as a fascist for the sole reason of defending the territorial unit this creates a climate of hostility that makes you not express your opinion or not be able to express yourself with. this. most likely. will declare independence tomorrow. so as a matter of fact credibility. credibility because it has evolved to do so because
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the law of the referendum says it will be declared after proclaiming the results of the referendum. because after seeing how even the king of spain they don't even have a word for the victims of the spanish police. it is pretty clear that this final state doesn't even consider the continent i think some citizens. well the points they raised have been the theme of conversations online for more than ten days here's a snapshot of it all from the referendum on october first until today under harsh i think that's of the new as this heat map shows discussions intensified as events on the ground heat up from the vote to the police crackdown to protest for and against independence but those rallying for secession are also using cotton on hashtags like independent. and what translates to madrid it robs us on the other side pro unity voices are calling for a dialogue using the spanish hash tag us and let's recover our common sense
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of the events and got to know me i have also caught the attention of people outside of the region boughs of residence in the city of bilbao in the north of spain filled the streets in support of cuts alone as independence lawmakers in ireland also showed their support did residents of greece switzerland and scotland i'll be bringing in your comments to today's program so tweet us with hash tag i mean now joining us in boston area. it's a student and spokesperson for universities for public or also in boston and i say is our rubio it's a student unionist and john a whole senior correspondent for al-jazeera hello everybody good to have you here and say i'm really curious about all different experiences of students on either side of this debate. when you're going around you all day if you came from your student life are you getting any pushback from your views that cattle and should be
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independent from space. well we've been realizing all these weeks and and all these fires and now we see more than ever before that it is time to reclaim the republic therefore it is our role to be in the streets and to show we get and people that we have to be with now whenever they need us so it's all for you if you feel very strongly that catalonia should remain part of spain are you getting any pushback is your daily life change are people reacting to you in any specific way. so these are what i'm told. in my university when he was quite public school when i was spending with or close to. so i'm going to. go out because. sometimes he's going. to want to i was still in school
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when i was a child you i'm just looking at some reporting journey that you did from just twenty four hours ago and the session is catalan state to the streets after a referendum this idea of the silent majority you were saying they were silent no longer what were they telling you. we had been going to use the red led to the rest of this was going to start today haha titus is a journey carol. this was a rally that took place in barcelona on sunday anything between three hundred and nine hundred thousand by the very conflicting reports of the numbers on the streets it was pretty extraordinary because this was the session as you say a mix of of of unionist five spanish flags on the streets and the cattle insignia it's the sort of thing that people haven't seen here in barcelona and in catalonia
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for for decades really and you got a sense that this was a really quite genuine out pouring of feeling from people who have not felt able to say how they feel about this independence issue up to now because they feel that their views are not welcome that their views are actively suppressed in the media here one young woman said we're tired of being the majority but being told that we're not the majority there is this expression there just the five or six which seems to come up in the media here there were only five or six of them or three hundred or four hundred or what have you on sunday they finally had the opportunity openly to give voice to their sense of very strong sense that this country should remain united and i think it was remarkable though i suspect it must have had some impact on catalonia as leaders just to see the scale of opinion that is not in fact behind them and martin let me show you some of the images that ses are shared with
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us that his head is on sunday total so must get alluna and then his vantage point of where he was protesting that catalonia should stay part of spain when you see all of those people out there in the streets will he what jonah said about this silent majority how do you react what would you say to them. but it led to them that. much full of freedom of expression so it is totally their right to demonstrate industry it i was you have to doubt and they had a space tool to speak up which was the referendum that happened in defers to look to what they could have set told their own opinion in this referendum and and of course. i would suggest them till to give expressing them but also the you've got that in people who have been going massively in the streets or
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four years and and they showed it in a very democratic way on sunday that there is actually a majority which used or in the end of the march i hear you're saying we of course saw pictures of people who are pro independence and those who are against it but what of those in the middle who are running for the undecided so take a look here i'm going to read a couple of tweets and then i'll throw this over to you states are bertie on twitter says it's not the vote results that count it's the pictures of police against ballot boxes choreographed this person says by the catalonian government that's a scar another person dirty ways and that the response by police seem very heavy handed and not at all what's expected of western democracies and are only get more legitimacy to the cuts alone in cars so there is a sense that that police violence some would say are pushing people towards one way or the other i want to give you one more view here your thoughts on that this is
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shave year from barcelona and this is what he had to say about that. you know most . of. you know what if you. want if you. love to. be close to your hands yeah. yeah. so there. are some of your. mom and i. know them well. enough so says our has seen the the reaction from the police caused people to push one or the other. well i mean what i meant by over and not about is whether it was even me i mean i didn't i wouldn't have thought that i was ripping on little girls
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i've heard i might have been worth a reply and it was are not bad news i didn't i was. mad by remembering to do by now i doubt. it's mean doing what sometimes we've been demonstrating your students and lots of people who are rad not just reading different rides but. when they're met with this gratitude what is from god only or use it and used elsewhere the buttons against that i didn't see that would move men . and i. do or something i. guess i'll get someone to bring in a little piece of video this is from king philippe of spain he very rarely makes national t.v. addresses but i'll type a said he said this have a listen. there's a at the at the in bomb did that i mean ourselves they got that onya you don't want it they did out on to the n.t. they leave it other i'm going to go in can be undone like honestly to see an issue
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is stuck on me i'm against the laid get or nothing but of different. solutions to to finish the study cus you sure door beatin. was a fish you know somebody did either of them nominate a system of the ego that's not my supper the last little bitty moment that they must on no one knows enough of me ceiling i feel a spoiler has been a star or a lot of you have got that are not your stuff brother your friend either is old buddy or this i'm a nurse but i feel those are fake does she recently mean does a saudi that get only the uni down i've gone both of us are spying on us you're going to look better sponsor haven't improved with imported and years of their stuff together going on we go short the island they got i don't you know either told espana jonah since the march of the silent majority what's been happening in catalonia embassador now that you can report on for us what's the latest. well
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there's a sense that everybody sort of holding their breath now because the next big moment comes on tuesday at six pm local time here when the regional president karzai demand delivers an address to parliament it's billed as a report back to parliament on the referendum but many people believe and certainly people within his own alliance the pro independence alliance believe that he may use this opportunity to unilaterally declare independence from spain on the basis of the results of the referendum on the first of october so in a sense there's a so the sense of a sense of status at the moment everybody waiting for that big moment to arrive of course that would be an enormous development if it were to come and madrid the government of madrid the prime minister and again on monday the deputy prime minister promising effectively a furious response they have the possibility at least of invoking
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a never before used clause of the constitution in response to a declaration of independence that would effectively revoke the autonomy of catalonia that would plunge this place into a deep deep and very dangerous constitutional crisis motta and you may remember when many costing is round about conversations that were happening online one of the has tax was let's talk how much conversation is happening between independence and staying as part of spain the nationalist argument how much conversation is happening across that divide mati start. well we got to learn government has been vaguely about it. got our government is open to any dialogue or mediation there's been many proposals on mediation and at the counter and government has accepted and because the woman has accepted all kind of table was open to dialogue but the only one that is not responding to this day and is spanish government at the moment
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also if you allow me to look to speak about one thing that was mentioned before but i would like to be the repression received in the first looked over was actually repression that ended we've almost nine hundred people being injured so or i find no you surprising the relation that. says i beat before. it really doesn't have anything to do and also even when we get to hear the speech of the kink the king didn't even mention the impression that was happening to go to narnia how was he going to replace and go to the nia if he doesn't even care about him as it is and of course get an answer and be asking for a proclamation of the garden republic run home to ball to be represented they are
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comes from the letter and the gun has those aboard the bus and over but the notion that he was able to go i mean i'm a shame on the barrier islands but there's a friend in the lab and. you know the good schools were supposed to be crossed. so what i've been doing there nor does i mean think i don't think when the model or the referendum is an egg i'm looking through hours of work instead of the constitution i'm all for so i mean we're going to be honest we're going tomorrow god has. been abandoned democracy means giving the power to people i don't know monday that you try to use and to the people and you implemented a referendum and you hold this referendum and try to do it as more with the morse guarantees us passable but then you see how you i repressed by the spanish government doing their week's people had no i don't think. the the white
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kid is to do that and then they're searching for by loads you know that the referendum doesn't happen and in the end the first act over everything happens you know no no wait until the moment that the spanish police ascend to look to take all the ballot boxes from from all the polling stations and so it's repressing people and i'm saying it's. the heart people who read children and old people they heard it more than that more than eight hundred people this is not a joke these are you saying no you are great and this is the way to vote in the barrel and a lot of people have said and you're going to get i'm going to have something to lose we're just. didn't. something that you see having.
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a good lead and as you say i'm going i will read something that i'm supposed to do tomorrow. and i will spend which you have the spanish passport when are you going to do we know you're going to really believe where you were an old school and right now you have as in you would. see do something we. says are i think that is actually a really good question it's one i want to bring our international community in on as well what will happen on october tenth if. government does declare independence what will happen if they don't so here's two views charles on twitter says madrid cannot and will not negotiate with a regional governor who has rebelled against the nation and is leading it insurrection that's one view and this is another this is josep whose video you saw earlier in the show he says the central government has been absent for many years and cuts and onya and this is allowed for the independent tends to think that they are in a separate reality it looks jonah jonah it looks i want to bring you in here because
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it looks like this is intractable it looks like a negotiation is not going to happen so if there is a call for independence on the tenth what do you see happening next more protests. i mean it's incredibly difficult to know what might happen next i mean in the in a totally sort of linear fashion if there is a declaration of independence well then it will be for madrid and the government in madrid to react to that they may choose to take the hardest line possible they threaten to do it the so-called nuclear option try to remove revoke catalonians autonomy that seems to be an extraordinarily hard line approach they may at that point seek somehow to talk some kind of dialogue but the question of what future lies ahead for an independent catalonia if we assume that independence does in fact come to pass and that the minted brand new minted state emerges here is
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a complex one because the european union the european commission has said that that independent catalonia would not automatically be a member of the european union it would have to reapply for membership that would require the the the assent of all existing members of the european union including spain so the spanish parliament itself would have to sign on to that and just in the last twenty four hours or so the french european affairs minister said that france would not even recognize a declaration of independence by catalonia so you know it's incredibly complex and very difficult to know what might happen will there be riots will there be protests conceivably yes although it has to be said that with the exception of the violence on the first of october which i must say both sides of that i have spoken to universally condemn with the exception of that violence this has been a remarkably peaceful process on both sides both the pro independence and anti independence camps they protest they demonstrate they speak out they don't up to
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now at least fight over it let me just share with you what kyung i was referencing and this is from the european commission just look at this last line a whore a referee. don't want to be organizing lie with the spanish constitution it would mean that the terror train leaving would find itself outside of the european union mater if you kind of fast forward a little bit if you get what you want which is independence from the rest of spain what do you think might be the biggest consequence of that. the biggest going to cleanse of business is that there will have to be a brussels that means that all these structured should be created from zero users actually by a bus if there's no way we can make sure that there we have a country that really has as a fundamental value because in the magazine not as the spanish state that we're
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living in today so this means that it will be also tamps to make all i won't fight possible it is our time to. get the republic where. justice where people are at. the garber mare where we can really make sure that people are least heard and not like it's been happening is they are similar to i hear the principals i hear the theories of this i'm just wondering what the potential timeline could be and how this could be practical. well we are as we are waiting for it tomorrow so to see the republic being proclaimed also the battle of government has mean very about the fact that proclamation has to be to get weaved a direct and without mediation so call it what we end for my organization the way
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we see it is that there is only one way we choose and having the republic at this same time that there is a mediation was probably with an international agent that's what i see work but now it is time we also for the spanish government to do it without a look we goes it's not allowing anyone to dialogue and well. being that. the government i mean our brain is not a. good language one man with a gun and things are going to come in moment about it and we're going to go back to spain just a question and was maybe a little slow here so sorry about it and so we must ensure i can answer the question so i'll basically there was a referendum and the oh so tell me now let me read one now what has one lives in
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what it was it was and the legal one it was a referendum that was by the by did act and book relation so the fact an impediment had been recognised by the cattle en population in the election deans who goes in fifteen which way i just remember the little ones with a yes or not but the one so the question and. the dialogue has to be about how to look implement all the results of the referendum but. if we don't even we're going to put you on the road from going for long. because a member of the world inside the bellman is and you have. so what we do is we. look at. and we didn't just let me just also as somebody who's watching from the outside in this is the is the results of the referendum here so ninety percent of people who voted said yes we want a separate catalonia seven percent said no just over seven percent said no but how
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many people voted lower under the lesser so that that is an issue is it not mater not exactly it is not a point silent majority there is a very very you know in going on the abuse that led to the new guns remember it's not exactly because one thing that might be going to you is that many polling station close by the spanish police so similar to. that that that basically cements my point in that if not enough people voted there is a problem there we're going forward with saying that the majority would like to separate from main part of spain hold tight for a moment because we're not really most at the end of this part of the program that we're going to take the conversation online. so i will into this comment via you tube from hunter who says i feel the cause of unionists for reform and unity are being drowned out because of the current independent demonstration but separation
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doesn't guarantee economic improvement which means one liner talking about the economics of this all so much more to talk about martyr sezar jonah hole thank you so much being part of our program today our conversation continues always online at eight a street take everybody. optimism has faded. khans elected leaders are divided. tension grows as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy divide and conquer. part five of the six part series filmed over five years. on china's democracy experiment and this time on al-jazeera. when the news
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