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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome of this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the history. in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. of battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. war in the sahara at this time. spain's government holds an emergency cabinet meeting up to council in years leaders signs and in symbolic declaration of secession but calls for.
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them fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead kenya in political limbo the palm and is expected to debate the upcoming presidential election rerun after opposition candidate right loading up pulled out at least fifteen people a day after three days of wildfires in the u.s. state of california we'll tell you the story of one family's narrow escape and with national honor on the line argentina qualifies for the world cup in the final moments of their parlor fi against ecuador. an extraordinary cabinet meeting is underway in spain's capital madrid it comes just hours after a constant news leader called for talks to resolve the country's worst bullet.
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crisis in decades late tuesday guys put them on put catalonian independence bit on hold but spy suspending the decoration from boston and i join a home reports. he arrived to the parliament building bristling with expectation a heavy police presence into the weighty announcement to come but carlos demobbed president of catalonia has regional government stopped short of a full declaration of independence. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a public. should become the words greeted with browsing applause in the chamber before the independent state party was put on hold. we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people the reaction in
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the dritte came swiftly and this course not kato your present day and age that the speech that the catalan president has made today is a speech by a person who doesn't know where he is where he's going or with whom he wants to go the government cannot accept that the catalan referendum be validated because it's been suspended by the constitutional court. having consistently refused to talk one centrist politician suggested the time may have come for the government to compromise i think the better way they can solve the problem is with that negotiation some kind as i said of mediation a disappointment perhaps to some staunch secessionist to take tonight would be their night but sweet relief to many who fear the consequences of an upright declaration of independence after threats from madrid and the flight of top companies from catalonia since the referendum on october the first. face it you
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don't regret it was his last alone or the faithful who gathered to watch the speech on the big screens left deflated but accepted that all was not lost i'm happy that he's given us time in or the for people things we really don't understand what's the situation we can say what does it mean what the president just said so assigned declaration but independence deferred which demands speech stipulated no timeline for talks with madrid the drama of catalonia is independence that has played out in this parliament building for nearly one hundred years isn't over yet jonah hill al jazeera barcelona. we have correspondents covering both sides of this story so. this extraordinary cabinet meeting is now underway what can we expect. next likely to be. well i think the point fully is this that it's true that
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jonah said that it was independence deferred here the government doesn't see it that at all they regard it as a declaration of independence because they sign the dotted line and so consequently they're incensed by what the catalan government did last night what i think they also see potentially is a weakness and a split inside the capital an independence movement because clearly the far left wanted it done immediately and the more conservative elements were more cautious because they fear very much catalonia falling outside the european union they try to bridge that and they want to try to exploit what they potentially see as a split inside the independence movement and so consequently i think they want to go into the attack having said last night that there are no grounds for negotiation in that regard it is outrageous what the council on government did their options now i think basically probably only one it doesn't look like they're going to try
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to arrest him which had been a threat what i think they may easily do is to infocom siegel one five five of the constitution and take back power as from council lonia on the grounds that is they would say the catalan government doesn't know what it's doing is making up and inventing laws as it goes along when it's incompetent and then capable of running its own affairs obviously that would be seen in catalonia as an enormous provocation but at the moment the spanish government seems in absolutely no mood to try to negotiate at all so no negotiations. as we heard in the speech yesterday. very conciliatory and it felt at times that he was communicating launch me to the international community going out of his way to project an image of moderation and inclusiveness can we expect now some sort of external mediation in this crisis to kick in or is this a pretty much domestic affair. now i think i think once spain has said its piece
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today and on all national day tomorrow which is a public holiday then there will be a lot of behind the scenes work over the coming weeks to try to figure out exactly how they go forward clearly everybody is looking at the european union and the european commission as the primary in all of this i think though there may be a problem with that because the european commission and the european union's leading players of all saves the day they gain scotland independence and they want things to be done by the rule of law which is effectively the spanish position and if they did end up being the mediator in any future negotiations if spain actually pulls back very slightly then the council and side might see them as being potentially biased towards the spanish side but certainly from the european union's perspective having said. the president the european commission said in the speech only a couple of weeks ago that having seen off nationalist movements in the last twelve months all strayer the netherlands france and merkel and restored in germany as
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well the sense it was back in charge and we said we must move forward together in unity and so the very last thing that the european commission wants right to the end the twenty seventeen is yet another fracture and so i think whatever negotiations the european union might be involved with it would have the end goal of stopping kathlyn independence for them that's absolutely a red line laurin sydney in madrid thank you very much for that let's get the view now from. sonia last night was a big climb down for there's no denying that i think what's the feeling this morning in boston and throughout the cotton on your region. well as you mentioned big climb down but certainly not one that many people had gathered to hear mr preacher once address were necessarily surprised even reflecting on the papers today looking at a left wing daily here pause for a dialogue is the is the headline on one of them compared to a national
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a spanish national daily here which has been quite reflective of the government's voice is saying here that perhaps what is happening here is a new trap for the spanish government but people here are disappointed the feeling is very much that what mr preacher monty's done has been in effect a good tactical move the fact that he has reflected this by engaging in the dialogue whilst giving that symbolic example of. apologies for that we've lost connection to in boston are there who was bringing a reaction to calmest ridgemont speech last night in which he symbolically declared the independence of catalonia but. short of outright declaration of independence and said calling for dialogue with the central government in madrid let's go back to go in boston and sonia so what next then for the council on your government in light of the response we've heard so far from madrid.
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well really they've the sense is now is that the ball is in madrid's court is that after so much pressure especially from brussels as well to proceed through this whole thing with dialogue rather than using actions which could have irrepairable consequences very much they are seeing madrid as having to react next now course madrid's reaction as lawrence has said is to remain its tough stance but at least this could be perceived as a public relations win for the capsule and government and for the session its movement of course many people who had gathered to him mr preacher once address didn't necessarily want independence to be declared right now now is not the right time and of course the flight from barcelona to other cities as well maintaining that economic pressure or blackmail as it was perceived here really also did give people some food for thought as to how they wanted to proceed and
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a lot of the voices within mr preachments own party the ruling coalition had already said that perhaps now was not the right time right but certainly one tactical step further for there to proceed forward with a dialogue going by through and i think you very much for that we're also following big developments in kenya the parliament there is expected to discuss a proposal lecture an amendment concerning the upcoming presidential election rerun on tuesday opposition leader rhino dingo withdrew his candidacy saying electoral officials had failed to make necessary changes and he called for country wide nationwide countrywide protest reforms now back in august the supreme court in kenya declared the results of the presidential election which gave a victory invalid now president kenyatta says the vote will still go ahead in just over two weeks catherine sawyer has our report from nairobi. well into.
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the. unprecedented times in kenya right loading and his not opposition coalition say they will not participate in a poll they feel is predetermined one where the same individuals and companies that oversaw the last election are still in place. almost foldable. going to have to. have a deliberate. decision. in the coming election. in place with the people ok. with the new world of hurt. believe that all reversed. but judging from the tension hundred villages
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did you hope to. achieve. supporters have been staging demonstrations against the electoral commission. and calling for electoral reforms commission officials say some of the opposition demands are and reasonable and there is simply no time to implement them the political situation in the country is worrying many i'm afraid of what fellas i think have moved on i am a strong feeling that kenyans not really moved on but they've accepted that species . this and that. in order to conflict that. people would accept that and. already. everywhere everywhere kenya is in uncharted territory politically and constitutionally the law isn't clear on what happens in a situation like this the constitution does not envision an eventuality where no
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reelection is held within a sixty day legal timeline which expires at the end of the month lawyer save no election is held by the deadline there will be a constitutional crisis president who has been busy campaigning he says he's ready for an election with all without trial. should he be declared the winner and induced anyway then the legitimacy of his presidency will inevitably be questioned many kenyans are feel full about what the political grandstanding between the two sides is doing to the country tensions are high the economy is struggling the country is very much in limbo cathy zoi al-jazeera nairobi kenya and live. in the kenyan capital nairobi from a so kenya's appears to be in a political and constitutional limbo right now what exactly are we expecting to hear from the parliament today will they actually be an election at the end of the month. will follow at this point there are
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a number of issues. to this uncertainty at this point in parliament waiting to hear more about a debate that began on tuesday around new. amendments to the existing electoral law which ultimately would allow for a remaining candidates in the election to be declared the winner in the case of one of the other candidates in this case withdrawing but where we are now is in the middle of nairobi. has officially withdrawn from these upcoming elections his political battle certainly has not ended for his supporters at the very least expecting thousands of people to gather here in protest against the electoral commission and this is where. the elections are. said that
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he doesn't have any faith based on what happened that the upcoming elections these fresh elections would be free and fair and this is why he withdrew and of course this uncertainty does lead to a certain amount of tension in the country people don't know what could happen next there are a number of scenarios one of course would be that these elections. october twenty sixth could take place he. could be declared the winner because he's the only contender but what's important is that. other contenders can participate initially these in new elections. and to work in the top two contenders when all those they can be other contenders and if this is the case take place it would at least lend some legitimacy to this new election. has called for protests nationwide protests to demand reforms and i see his supporters there behind you but are they heeding this call to protest throughout
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the country and what is the mood like in kenya right now in light of this political crisis this ongoing political drama. position are still seems to be in various parts of the country especially. but what is worth noting that many kenyans are straighter than exhausted by this ongoing process which at times seems to be very mucky when there's so much uncertainty around the way forward a lot is resting on want be electional commission will say in terms of the way for their meeting with their legal team to determine exactly what should happen based on what the constitution says from my colleagues. is that the constitution doesn't necessarily say you want to make. certainty we do see some. direction. thank you very much for that and we
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say with african counting is underway in liberia's elections to determine who will take over from president ellen johnson sirleaf the vote is seen as a crucial test of stability in the country marking the first democratic transfer of power in more than seventy years voters at twenty. to choose from to replace africa's first elected female leader i am told though the government has banned all make mid week marches as protests gather steam against. a family present. by. forty years the government is proposing two presidential terms. this won't be applied until after the next elections in two thousand and twenty this means that. power until twenty fifth. still ahead i knew refugees from myanmar. and starvation.
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pink skies by the time. there is the sun sets in the city of angels. the season has changed it's still nice and warm if you're in spain and portugal you expect nothing from the sky and satellite reveals big hole so blue sky and temps is the order of twenty eight degrees thereabouts in madrid since we're still in the southwest corner but of course the everywhere else in europe is a different story we've had wind and rain fairly frequently have for all the north countries it has plunged dance all the way to the g. and to turkey for the time being were pushed back up again so the wednesday and thursday is really going to be germany is the lower limit even austria the sun's out a good twenty degrees is the forecast in vienna and rome still far behind all this time it's still pretty woman sunday in madrid and the rest of spain portugal in
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southern france it also means that the recent windy weather in the east and meds more or less disappeared as a thing of the past that is it in the forecast is a bit of a breeze at miss lee and it's a northerly chance of a few showers to the gulf of sit where there is a chance quite likely to cause or come on land further east sunshine karo twenty nine and look at the wind direction bringing the warm sun through morocco thirty degrees in rivet well more clouds the size but i think is just cloud the top course of course shot in the tropics is still pretty big concentrating recently in southern nigeria. the weather sponsored by cats. is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sat. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j.
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stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera live from doha a recount of the top stories spain's government is holding an emergency cabinet meeting in the capital madrid after catalonia as leader called for talks to resolve the country's worst political crisis in decades. put him on step back from announcing full independence and signed a symbolic declaration instead a move rejected by the spanish government. kenya spahn amended debating the future of the presidential election rerun after the main opposition leader pulled out. as
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called for countrywide protest electoral reforms ahead of a vote expected later this month present or kenyatta says the vote will go ahead and counting is underway in liberia's election to determine who will take over from president ellen johnson said the vote is seen as a crucial test of stability in the country walking the first democratic transfer of power in more than seventy years. to the u.s. now and the death toll from northern california's wildfires continues to rise thousands of people have evacuated their homes and many are returning now to find their houses are no longer that jacob ward met one family who had a narrow escape. adam and lydia gettleman were the last people to get out of their neighborhood i thought that i could attempt to save save our houses which is happening down so i attempted for another fifteen twenty minutes just hosing down the whole the whole fence line everything and everything at the
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touch of the hose and until i couldn't see any more. the disaster in northern california claimed at least fifteen lives and more than two thousand buildings and at this point fire officials offer no predictions as to when they might have the fires here contained it wasn't just the speed of the flames or the incredible heat that devastated this community it was also the fact that in the age of the smart phone people here say that they seem to have almost no warning at all adam and lydia say they got lucky their baby woke up at one of the morning and you could hear explosions in the background we don't know what it was but it was the trees never exploding and you didn't receive any kind of war now a long there is not the siren now of times messy there is nothing now the gammons are telling the cost had a baseball card collection point about twenty thousand dollars worth. of collection by five thousand star wars collection my five thousand and that's all gone all of
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this right here a scene repeated throughout the state today as residents return to sift through the ashes jake aboard al-jazeera santa rosa california. two u.s. b. one bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in a show of force against north korea they were accompanied by planes from the japanese and south korean military this comes amid heightened tensions around north korea's nuclear and missile programs kyung young launched a series of ballistic missiles in late september avowing to destroy the u.s. if provoked iraq's prime minister has formally declared victory over i saw in one of his last remaining strongholds the armed group has been pushed out of her wages and its surrounding areas hyderabadi says a fight against isaw has now shifted to the border with syria the only stretch of land that is still under the group's control really only give me and i'm really happy i. feel that a coup i declare today the end of all military operations and with cook the
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liberation of all intent which are in the liberation of the mountains as well as in the mountains of humbling these mountains were never liberated at all even during the previous regime the tops of these mountains were never fully controlled today no forces minutes to reach the mountain peaks and wiped out these mountains where human rights groups say many of myanmar's were hainje are refugees are fleeing not only violence but hunger as well they say the food shortages are getting worse and aid groups are denied access into myanmar as rakhine state the arab a million reports from young gone this was meant to be an interfaith prayer rally but it quickly became clear it was a show of support for a government facing international condemnation over its handling of the regime to a crisis about thirty thousand people attended this gathering in young gone organized by and sons who cheese national league for democracy. but in iraq and
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state in the country's north a military campaign continues it's already forced more than half a million rohingya to flee to bangladesh in the last six weeks un has described it as ethnic cleansing and all say they're leaving not just due to violence but hunger al-jazeera attained this video from a hinge a community leaders in young gone they say this was filmed on sunday in monk in rockland state here a man says they are moving and they have no food left to eat he asked the children not to cry who say they are sad about leaving their villages. from we meet a real hinge a community leader who says he was sent other videos from rock kinds but he dung township which the u.k. based aid organization burma human rights network says is facing severe food shortages here a woman says they aren't allowed to go to the market and have a shortage of food and medicine she pleads for help. over the last
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ten days what we're hearing from people is that the reason they are flaying is that they have run out of food there are only two raisins in security and food a lack of food is exacerbating the situation for the mostly poor communities in northern iraq i'm reliant on aid they say is just not reaching them service say that up to eleven thousand rohingya fled neymar to bangladesh on monday alone and that many more refugees are on the way the united nations has been urging all for eighty's to allow humanitarian aid access to the conflict zone people are running out of food this is the lean season at the moment and people don't have access to their fields or have a sufficient don't have access to markets and they're simply running out of food and we're getting reports now people are fleeing not from violence but from extremely difficult circumstances in extreme isolation in their villages and they're taking a very desperate decision to leave. the international organization for migration
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and so made that up to one hundred thousand really injured maybe at or heading to the border to cross into bangladesh and it's clear the hope doesn't arrive for him to communities who remain in meanwhile they'll have no choice but to leave to. al-jazeera yang gone a brazilian congressional report has recommended president michel to marry or not face trial for obstruction of justice and membership to a criminal organization arguing the charges against him are unfounded the report by congressman barney foster day and iran are lie of present time air also recommended the shelving of charges against two other cabinet ministers the charges stem from the same corruption case involving bribes paid by a meat packing company. now it was a dramatic world cup qualifying night for argentina with a three one win over ecuador it didn't start well but ended with the oh no messi is
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hat trick guaranteeing a spot for argentina in the twenty eighteen world cup in russia daniel met with fans in buenos aires. well it really shouldn't have been that difficult but the whole of argentina now happy with things the way they feel they always should have been argentina qualifying for the world cup next year in russia more so i'm very happy it's beautiful we're in the world cup. all the best in the world were going to the world got my heart in my mouth it was a relatively easy victory and three in one way to ecuador although they did fall behind in the first minute with an ecuadoran goal but then the man the only hopes and expectations rested a little messy scored the first equaliser and then two more goals the result also went argentina's way with chile losing with colombia and growing so everything really went their way to now the process begins of argentina planning perhaps
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perform better than they have done in the qualifying campaign in russia next year so the last world cups runners up now in the world cup in russia with growing confidence despite what has been a very difficult qualifying campaign. so again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera spain's government is holding an emergency cabinet meeting in madrid after catalonia as leader called for talks to resolve the country's worst political crisis in decades on tuesday callus put him on stepped back from announcing full independence for catalonia and signed a symbolic declaration instead a move rejected by the spanish government. in kenya the parliament is debating the future of the presidential election rerun after the main opposition leader pulled out. called for countrywide protest urge electoral reforms ahead of the vote expected later this month present says the election will go ahead. counting is
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underway in liberia to determine who will take over for from president ellen johnson sirleaf the election was seen as a crucial test of the stability of the country marking the first democratic transfer of power in more than seventy years voters had twenty candidates to choose from to replace a left africa's first elected female leader. iraq's prime minister has formally declared victory over eisold in one of its last remaining strongholds the armed group has been pushed out of how we and its surrounding areas are body says the fight against isaw has now shifted to the border with syria the only stretch of land that is still under the control of the armed groups and you don't get me and i'm going to. feel that a coup i declared today the end of all military operations and with some clear cook the liberation of all into which i'm in the liberation of the mountains as well. in
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the mountains of humbly in these mountains were never liberated even during the previous regime the tops of these mountains were never fully controlled today no forces minutes to reach the mountain peaks and wiped out these mountains the u.s. government has defended its ambassador to turkey after the turkish president said his government no longer recognizes the envoy present a ship tired read on blamed ambassador john bass for the diplomatic dispute between the two countries he suggested boss acted unilaterally in suspending visa services in turkey at least fifteen people are dead in the usa to california as wildfires continue to spread for a third day the fires have scorched the state's famous wine country and forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes california's forestry authorities say about two thousand buildings have been destroyed the state's governor has declared a state of emergency and one of the world's biggest cholera immunisations campaigns
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is underway in bangladesh to prevent a major outbreak nine hundred thousand doses of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities and. refugees fleeing the violence in neighboring myanmar you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next here it's a stream i hope you do stay with us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. we'll bring you the news and current affairs. it's world mental health day and today on this train we were talking about a growing mental health crisis among syrian refugees but first what people are discussing online.


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