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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:33pm AST

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a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. where every. the death toll at a truck bombing in mogadishu rises to at least eighty people the search for survivors is underway.
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hello i'm adrian forget this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up some i saw fighters leave russia as part of a deal but others vows a fight on the battle for the syrian city enters its final stages. and i and this no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of the headscarf or what they are wearing immigration and islam become major issues as voters go to the polls in austria snap election also. down there inside the crater. a multi-mission we get up close to one of the world's most active volcanoes. two bomb attacks in somalia's capital mogadishu have killed at least eighty five people the first explosion was a powerful truck bomb that targeted area with many government offices hotels and
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restaurants police say the people are still trapped under the rubble of the hotel and they fear that the casualty numbers could rise paul brennan reports. when the truck arrived at the busy intersection and locally is k. five it was a traffic jam dozens of motorists stuck in their cars hundreds of bystanders too and so the explosion caused. by cover couldn't have come a lot this was the biggest explosion i have ever heard the car exploded at the center of the busiest junction in mogadishu it caused huge destruction and some more than twenty dead people around the street and there may be more than that in the collapsed buildings. much of it i've never seen a scene like this ever before all the buildings are. around here have collapsed there were close to two hundred people in these buildings i hope everyone is ok ok five is in a bustling commercial district of mogadishu with many shops hotels and businesses
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the blast happened outside the safari hotel not normally used by government workers and so it's not clear whether the hotel itself was the intended target or possibly the somali foreign ministry nearby it's emerged too that the police were actually following the truck at the time of the explosion. two hours after the truck bomb blast a car bomb detonated in the city's medina district two people were killed there and the driver arrested. the group al-shabaab frequently launches gun grenade or bomb attacks in mogadishu despite being forced from the capital six years ago by african union and somali troops the ongoing threat is a constant worry for many somalis paul brennan al-jazeera. has a journalist in mogadishu he's on the line for us right now mo eighty five people at least eighty five people dead in this attack but that number is likely to rise
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is that right here and. it's going to be. really. should be. no we were hearing in that report just a few moments ago that would seem the most likely group to been behind an attack such as this what is said about it. should be made into. the big. thing today and one of the leading babies in mitigation and to the moment. they mourn him and given to. the ocean of the. state of life. and i'm going.
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to carry out such an attack. completely to be demoted has claimed responsibility and completely unusual. somalia's president has been to the site of this attack i understand what was he doing that. we've been able to sort of give a statement. to make and then you're trying. to piece together and. be able to visit the site. and be able to because this is the region. that police and their military are sort of like. trying to. teach us to talk. to people. like people acting on the development. of the child. and politan like
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a really good stop too many thanks for to hear the independent journalist live in mogadishu. i saw appears to be on the verge of being pushed out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria local officials say that some myself fighters have been allowed to leave the city of raka after a deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday it's not clear how many fighters are still inside dhaka kurdish backed syrian rebels have said that the battle could take hours or days let's take you live now to the border between turkey and syria al jazeera. is following developments for us action what's the latest on the fighting there in the city. the. fighters fighters are trying to can binns their remaining. quiet as to leave there were those who left yesterday an early warning today and local officials say that they left with billions which they were using
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a human shield we don't know what was their destination but most likely because now i say he's losing ground they could have decided to move south to words. now there are still foreign fighter. areas of the very center. but the. fighters are moving slowly because as you know these tiny alleyways that lead to the center of this is it could be. that it's still presence of snipers in the area which slows the advance of the wife as you but many officials have been gathering today and they have been meeting and we're expecting an announcement today which will say that there might and now is that iraq is fully under their control in the coming hours i should most just remind people that iceland to the city of twenty fourteen it's control soon spread to areas of iraq of the armed groups east control of large swathes of both countries three years later its
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territories been reduced to this the iraqi government launching an offensive to push it from its last stronghold in that country as well as being on the brink of losing market in syria isis just lost the town of mayor dean syrian government forces and their allies also trying to drive the armed group from the last pocket it holds. the city so what is the significance for i sort of. capture what happens to the group now. rocca was there self-proclaimed capital of the years to say that they were very expensive were left to live there with conquest further territories and they would make what they called the islamic caliphate stronger more powerful and i feeling to muslims and those who have been oppressed as well as the world rhetoric that narrative. suffers a major setback with the major losses particularly now in iraq which is no longer
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the self-proclaimed capital they're no longer there and also in the us always was a major life line for the islamic state because of the oil fields there were some estimates that in two thousand and fourteen fifteen i said was generating something like four hundred million dollars from its always prayed in with that money it was able to finance its war machine in syria and iraq to recruit fourteen fighters from everywhere in the world and continue its propaganda now short of those resources and it will definitely face huge problems as usual this explains why if you look at the map now most of the isis fighters are not put it up and the resistance is pulling through three things toward the book. and i was on the very border with iraq actually many thanks. in and talking. iran has closed its border with north of iraq's kurdish region tensions been rising between the
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kurdish regional government and its neighbors iran and turkey after it held a referendum on session session last month iran is the second largest trading partner of the kurdish region after turkey northern iraq relies heavily on imports well the kurdish regional government is also under increasing pressure from baghdad peshmerga forces have rejected a warning from iraqi troops to withdraw from an area south of the disputed province of kirkuk charles traffic reports from west of kirkuk two weeks ago these iraqi government forces were fighting eisel in this area now after their victory they are advancing towards kurdish peshmerga positions the vehicles you can see there in the distance are shia militia vehicles they have moved closer to that burn to that modern wall in the last few minutes the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga are telling us are actually tanks they say there are at least fifty tanks
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in that convoy the situation on this defensive position with the peshmerga is increasingly tense it was a similar situation to the southwest of this peshmerga position more shia militia and iraqi army that closed in the peshmerga say they will not withdraw. before the iraqi army were fighting isis on and they didn't pay attention to us but now i still have been beaten they have moved towards our position here we will not withdraw we will defend this position to the last we will not leave our position. the peshmerga took control of the disputed or oil rich city of kirkuk in the surrounding area in two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army fled and isolate fence if shia militia groups under the command of iraqi prime minister hyderabadi have threatened to take control of the oil fields peshmerga reinforcements arrived soon after the government troops advanced towards this position some of the more than six thousand patients deployed here in the last few days l.-a body denies he's
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four seats have moved into the area to fight the peshmerga but he has warned the kurdish regional government not to obstruct iraqi military operations in the area the kurdish governor of kirkuk says there is only one way to prevent a potential conflict here for the iraqi army and has decided to go back to their places to go back to where they say they will go either way. it will not be escalating but it's the only way these kurdish fighters fulton defeated i still in northern iraq in cooperation with the iraqi military and shia militia now they say they're having to defend their positions against them. charles is now in a bill in northern iraq and is with us live such as we've heard rumors about deadlines threats against the kurdish forces what's what's really going on. well according to the spokes person for the iraqi prime minister saddam had the thirty
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he says that they are the government is flatly denied any kind of deadline full withdrawal all of those iraqi forces and shia militia groups in those disputed areas west and south of kirkuk we've heard as you say a lot of rumors a lot of lines being put out from some very nervous pace murtha commanders in that area and as you saw in that report there has been a serious build up of iraqi government troops in that area the iraqi government saying that this is all a standard redeployment following victory over eisel in that area in the last couple of weeks however we spoke to the head of the kurdish peshmerga western command of west of kirkuk command center yesterday and he was basically saying that . the shia militia groups should withdraw to the positions that they were in
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he said that they should go back to the hungry mountains the hungry mountains is what the kurdish all sorts you say is the historical boundary for iraqi kurdistan and what they describe is a rocky start and they said that the kurdish peshmerga would refuse to withdrawal but so despite these kind of statements from the iraqi government denying any deadline i was told it's certainly not allaying the fears of the kurdish authorities here chance many thanks for the life in. we're going to weather update thanks to you and i was here at that point would produce a harvey weinstein expelled from the organization that hands out the oscars after allegations of sexual assault and the ancient city of venice is shrinking its citizens are leaving in droves chased out by millions of tourists but now that fighting back.
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how i went in place aside we have got some dry weather now making its way into thailand but still a fair amount of shallow right across southeast asia there you go just around the gulf of thailand you can see they were sky started to just poke their way through but in the last twenty four hours bangkok has still see another twenty four millimeters of right adding to the flooding problems that we already have in place you can see how that west the weather is making its way to the west of bangkok we will see tri skies coming three thirty celsius here for what it's worth so very wet weather to still affecting the philippines and again a flood risk remains in place elsewhere across southeast asia the usual rash of showers in the way from the south and west of weather coming through some weather to into the eastern side of australia over the next day i'll say particularly around the brisbane seeing some violent weather a few showers along the spells of rain to just pushing up that's a lot of queensland just around the cape york peninsula townsville at around twenty
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six degrees central areas looking fine dry and sunny while the wet and while the windy down towards the southwest perth will see temperatures of around nineteen decreased meanwhile we're looking at some of the wet weather pake pushing its way towards nice data but when it doesn't flare out too badly we get up to around thirty degrees celsius in christchurch and sixteen and. in the final part of a six part series filmed of the five beings. the people of new can still fight for their land. the village chief is in prison. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the saga. crackdown the concluding part of the china's democracy experiment at this time does iraq.
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and i get the top stories this hour on al-jazeera at least eighty five people have been killed in two bomb attacks in somalia's capital mogadishu the first explosion was a powerful truck bomb that targeted an area that has many government offices hotels restaurants islip is to be on the verge of being pushed out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria local officials say that sun i saw fighters have been allowed to leave rocka after a deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday it's not clear how many ice will melt there's a still in the city and iran has closed its border with all the iraq's kurdish region tensions been rising between the kurdish regional government and its
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neighbors iran and turkey since last month's referendum on secession. austria is voting today in a snap election that could see the far right freedom party enter into government as part of a coalition government the election is a year early after rather current government fell apart in may al-jazeera as david chase is with us now live in vienna david this being seen as a crucial election for austria one of voters been concerned with in the campaign in the run up to polling day. let me first explain where i am i'm just outside the polling station where sebastian the leader of the new people's party will put his votes in about ten minutes time now he's been playing a very clever strategy in this election you asked about the issues well he's been steering it very much towards a fight between the center right and the hard right and the freedom party and he's
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been using terms like austria for the austrians he's been looking at cutting benefits of refugees making sure that those who have not contributed to the national insurance system don't get the same payments as everyone else who spent a lifetime contributing those payments and these are very much the clothes of christian straka who leads the hard right freedom party so this is what the debates been all about not many other issues apart from immigration and islamization inside austria i've been taking the temperature of the campaign at some of the last rallies and speaking to the people who were there. called the austrian politics. at thirty one he may be short on years but he's long on and vision this t.v. broadcast with you people's party shows his eyes are set firmly on the chancellor.
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the polls put it well ahead but he's done it by poaching some of the policies of the far right. i can also promise today that we will end illegal migration to achieve and security in austria. it's the freedom party led by heinz christian striker that could be drawn into a new right wing coalition with the chancellor they draw their support from a working class eighty later by the waves of immigration. struck has said his near nazi links and hughes could now be dismissed he described himself then as stupid and naive and there is no islam does not belong in austria and we do not want an islamic nation of our own homeland. i think something needs to change in australia it's either very strong to left off very strong to the right and the middle needs
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to come back the middle class is missing a ban on face veils came into effect here this month but opinion was divided amongst worshippers at friday prayers at the the end of mosque about what life might be like i don't you right wing coalition. this no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of the headscarf or what they are wearing their exteriors and i am afraid of that as i want to become a doctor. the muslim or the muslims or mature voters in vienna and we do not feel vulnerable or less protected them before austria has been largely successful in integrating its muslim minority but islamophobia card is being played in this election and it's winning votes. the changing political landscape in australia is likely to add to the problems of the german chancellor angela merkel she'll no longer find natural allies in government here so david how is all of this likely to
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impact on other issues like further reforms. we'll have to wait and see age when exactly whether this right wing coalition does take shape in the way we expect there might be a few surprises and a lot of the polls have been saying that it is definitely going to happen but some of the scientists that we've been talking to of vienna university have said it's very unusual at all the polls are saying the same thing this just isn't right there could be a surprise later on in the day but having said that the impact on the european union is that suddenly angela merkel will have as a neighbor somebody who does not support her policies not only does she have the right wing the hard right wing inside the bundestag to cope with during her coalition talks but also now her new neighbor looks set to be a very difficult neighbor politically because he has very much moved his stance
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towards the visit great group towards the east towards poland and hungary those troubles some twins for the european union and so i think what we can expect is that those are fresh reinvigorated ideas that we got after. the election very much under threat because austria will not be if this right wing coalition does develop will not be on the side of those reforms is very very carefully all the policies the new reforms that and then your mark has said that he wants to push forward with angela merkel so i think we're going to get more trouble some times ahead for the european union more trouble and more headaches after break it for brussels david many thanks david chaytor live in vienna. police in guatemala say they've captured a leader of the powerful m.s. thirteen street gang angle gabrielle as matter keene was arrested for a gun attack on a hospital in guatemala city and seven people were killed m s thirteen began in los
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angeles in the one nine hundred eighty s. and the since spread through central america. film mogul harvey weinstein has been expelled from the body that's responsible for the also because the academy of motion picture arts and sciences says that more than two thirds of its board voted to reject him weinstein has been accused of rape and sexual harassment by more than two dozen women matheson reports girlfriend this could be one of the last times harvey weinstein will be seen in an oscars red carpet the academy as it's known which hands out the film industries highest award says it doesn't want him as a member anymore this is the first time i've seen them do something like this and it does set a precedent and i ask other questions about you know other members that have had scandals or different pains in their personal lives and things like roman polanski like mel gibson like bill cosby none of them ever never came up but it did with
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harvey and there was tremendous pressure as his power in the movie business has grown weinstein has been surrounded by beautiful people but there's been a series of sexual harassment allegations against him recently more actresses have been coming forward weinstein has apologized blaming his behavior parking on growing up in the sixty's and seventy's when he says the rules about behavior on workplaces were different but the academy of motion picture arts and sciences says the conduct described in the allegations is repugnant appalling and unethical and weinstein must leave i think this is a watershed for hollywood it's never gotten to this point before and that house casting couch as it were are those kinds of pain second of behavior has been going on as long as hollywood's been around quite frankly and it's been kept as all the woods dirty little secret in some cases some very open secret the great moguls of
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hollywood founders. had one way or another you just read the history of ali wood but this time it's a different. and for the academy to take notice like this. eighty one films linked to weinstein's company helped won an oscar those and many others have earned millions of dollars but he's been sacked from the company which bears his name the no formal charges have been brought against him the hollywood star of harvey weinstein continues to fall rob matheson al-jazeera at least forty people are now known to have died in wildfires in the u.s. state of california more than ten thousand firefighters are battling blazes and what is the worst outbreak of wildfire the state's history more than ninety thousand people have been forced to leave their homes as many as six thousand houses have been destroyed since the fires began last sunday. the ancient city of venice is sinking but it's also shrinking it's fifty four thousand citizens
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steadily leaving complaining that the city's been overrun by tourists past fed up locals are hoping to change that with an empty tourist campaign as charley absalom reports. venice the timeless city that tourists seem to have little time for twenty million visit each year three quarters of them only stay for twenty four hours they follow the same routes see the same sights the impact is devastating fed up residents and leaving for ever one thousand each year for them house prices are astronomically high the crowd unbearable italian city no longer caters for them they say they're here to wear one you know who you are called to fly in the life food and now you can buy only bags. became immediately like how is it possible to appreciate the.
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shops only for. the craft are not working in their shops. residents are protesting against the visiting cruise ships that dwarf the city and damage the environment you know is threatening to blacklist the world heritage site unless action is taken a campaign to enjoy and respect venice is under way police move on to us to sit on steps and encourage them to visit less popular attractions but there are no plans to reduce tourist numbers only we. we agree cruise ships shouldn't pass by sand marks but we need to keep five thousand jobs we are looking into a different road regarding day trippers we are working on a possible experimental closure of sun miles square tourists would have to book a free visit to try and encourage the right type of business in the city has also introduced by putting up these posters all over venice terrorists can be fined two
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hundred forty dollars for a picnic on a bridge like this one hundred twenty dollars for littering they can also be charged for holding too long which many of these birds would be guilty of generally . piero dream is one of few remaining artist making it steer the gondolas which helped make venice famous so if they want a lot of challenges to show them the real venice not because we want to create a museum there because we think that this is the most intelligent way to visit here and the only way to keep the nancy alive but hoping for tourists who go with the flow is like venice battling against the tide charlie under al-jazeera that is. one of the world's most active volcanoes has been opened up for adventurous hikers. in the democratic republic of congo is home to the largest larger lake on earth the
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area has been affected by conflict but tourists are slowly returning as malcolm webb reports. perched on the rim of the crater of mount. just outside the congolese city of goma and now now inside the crater is a larger lake he lost the rock did in two thousand and two and destroyed much of the city of goma has interrupted since then well the act death has been affected over the years by eastern congo as many conflicts but this area has been safe since about twenty fourteen after the government flushed out the rebel group known as then twenty three and since then been coming up almost daily the popularity is growing yeah yeah the people who want to walk up here and witness this extraordinary sight.
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it is good to have you with us adrian for good here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera at least eighty five people have been killed in two bomb attacks in somalia's capital mogadishu a truck bomb targeted an area that has many government offices hotels and restaurants armed men that attacked a hotel and fought a gun battle with police a second blast hit the city's medina district. i saw appears to be on the verge of being pushed out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria local officials say that some i saw fighters have been allowed to leave rocker after a deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday it's not clear how many of the armed groups members are still inside the city. reports. as the fighters in iraq say that those who left took with them civilians as human shields and downed some very few remaining occupying two or three buildings at the very center of however i've just spoken with some people in iraq and they
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say that they are confident in the two or three hours from now they will make a final announcement saying that russia is finally and control iran has closed its border with north of iraq's kurdish region tension has been rising between the kurdish regional government and its neighbors iran and turkey after it held a referendum on to session last month iran is the second largest trading partner of the kurdish region after turkey people in austria are voting today in a snap election that could see the far right freedom party enter a coalition government the incumbent chancellor and social democratic party leader christian has cast his vote in the past our opinion polls suggest that the conservative people's party has the strongest support which means that austria could today elect the world's youngest leader. phil mogul of the weinstein has been expelled from the body that responsible for the oscars the academy of motion
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picture arts and sciences says that more than two thirds of its board voted to reject him weinstein has been accused of rape and sexual harassment by more than two dozen women. here with these are for you and i'm just here at about twenty five minutes after walk on china's democracy experiment. yes so where ever you are. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village.


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