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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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you think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and. to use some of the latest new camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be if you don't manage it is not just within the home because it's about giving. with the theme whenever needed. as a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera has a space for the. exit polls show austria moving to the right. course to be the world's youngest leader. two hundred people. civilians and syrian eisel fighters escaped rock under
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a negotiated deal is us by syrian forces begin a final assault to take back the city also. making a difference one may miss a time the man who set up a lost and found booth to reunite separated ranger family. and wish you weren't here and its residents fight back against the tourists they say a ruining their beautiful city. but we begin in austria where exit polls put thirty one year old conservative sebastian coats on course to become the youngest leader in the world early indications show his center right people's party in the lead with thirty point two percent is pledged to go tough on immigration and easy on taxes it appears likely
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to form a coalition with hines question strikes far right freedom party which has twenty six point eight percent of the vote of been reports that you have already held behind the scene talks in third place the once mighty social democrat party which is on course for twenty six point three percent after a series of blunders and scandals during its campaign. let's get more now from david chase who's at the people's party h.q. in vienna and david it looks as the coalition horsetrading and talks have already started. it has indeed but at the moment to remember these are projections and the initial projections have already changed they were based on something like forty seven percent of the votes being counted the laces i have. the largest share behind me when you figures came through showing that sebastian and now capture something like thirty one point five percent of the vote
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so his vote is going up and the other news is that according to the latest count of the social democrats have just overtaken the freedom party on the hard right so a bit early to say exactly how these figures donna pan out with a lot of postal votes as well as some official results coming through the mix of the projections they're trying to get it right but essentially it is a very clear victory for one man and that is that thirty one year old sebastian curtis an extraordinary career for him a rapid rise in the politics of austria and a clear decision at this very important crossroads in politics in austria turn to the right and the near terms of the right because i think even even the hard right this in the freedom party end up in third place is still so close that it looks likely that their leader hands the christian rock will be called upon to form a coalition with this young chancellor thirty one year old.
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sebastian so the cheering still going on the little changes and the results are still going on what happened to the green party what happened to the other minor parties is still does very active here it's a moment but a very clear victory for. the thirty one year old. chancellor in waiting with i think we can call him now and success for his politics which were to try to steal the right wing clothing of the hard right party the freedom party that does work that's gone on him more votes and those votes are still going up as more and more results come in but remember there are something like marion seven hundred fifty thousand or so i think a record number of posts all voters and so in the end we're going to get the official official results at the end of the month but it's pretty clear even now the sebastian. has reached his ambition he's reached the summit of awesome politics
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. a big turn to the right and it means a lot of problems for anglo merkel in germany and ungrammatical in germany and emanuel back from. france because they were hoping very much to have a reliable partner in austria but now the government the coalition government might be formed here well essentially be heard all those versions to try and reform and revive the european union instead brussels will find that vienna is a problem much as poland and hungary of being so a lot of trouble a lot of turbulence ahead that will have to wait to see what policies come out and what the coalition talks i should a venture decide will be the policy of the next government but it is a severe swing to the right it is and as you say david sebastian kurtz is managed to do it by impact drawing on policy from the far right age and gender and adapting it to his own manifesto but
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a lot of the themes that we see in this election the scene play out in a sort of general shift to the right across the region what is it specifically about sebastian kurtz that captured people's imagination and support. american take a look at him he looks to the remind you a bit of trudeau in canada. he's young he's very young we've not seen a leader this young in such an important post also when he decided to break with the coalition back in in may he decided to reshape the whole movement if you created sort of you know like a presidential candidate he would hold the party around himself does that sound familiar yes it does it sounds like emanuel macro maybe he learned some lessons by watching the elections in france and he's shown that in the terms of the social democrats his former coalition partners that he's got an aggressive and ruthless streak and he's clearly shown that he'll he'll do anything it seems to garner the
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votes he needs to change the image of austria to change the place of austria within europe and when that within the world he's shown himself to be highly capable is ambition has been achieved it appears but of course as many people have pointed out he's got very little experience in international politics but i think he's going to make a great impact much as a man your mark wrong in the first few weeks i think we'll find exactly the same with this young man this thirty one year old who knows exactly what he wants to do and nice to. have that's right thank you very much david. and i says projections come in of course as we expect to get that final results a bit later on. the death toll from the powerful truck and car bombs that exploded in the capital
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of somalia on saturday's reported more than two hundred hundreds more people were injured in the blasts which hit the center of mogadishu and a residential district somalia has now declared three days of national mourning catherine so has more from nairobi. when people in somalia's capital mogadishu are trying to come to terms with one of the worst car bomb attacks ever a truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at an intersection lined with government offices restaurants and shops hours later a second blast struck another business district in the city most of the buildings in those areas have been destroyed still being pulled out of the rubble president mohammed up to live visited the scene his government has declared three days of mourning and you know. the target of these terrorist is not government officials but civilians as you see here there are no government buildings only civilians who
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are going about their daily life we have to come together and fight these monsters until we eradicate them from our country. speaking to our jazeera the united nations deputy special envoy to somalia say despite such attacks the security situation around the country has improved a great efforts have been made by the government to particularly secure the city but also other areas in in the country but nevertheless when one is desperate enough to get through these kind of things do happen and we've seen it yet again into mali unfortunately doctors are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the many people who have been injured dozens are in critical condition several have lost limbs so. what happened yesterday was incredible i have never seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable corpses were burned and no one could recognize them. attacks on soft targets like markets and restaurants have
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become common in somalia says this in a part is just how large it was and the devastation it has caused right now people are in hospital supplies like blood are i did he needed many are wondering how someone was able to drive a year called packed with explosives into the heart of the city catherine. aerobic kenya. u.s. bank syrian forces of launched a final assault to root out i still fight to still hold up in pockets of the northern syrian city of raka they say almost all the civilians in about two hundred seventy five syrian i still fighters have left rucka under a deal that was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday between two and three hundred mostly foreign fighters a still inside the city meanwhile syrian government forces celebrate we take in the town of may had seen an east in syria after intense fighting with my sil it's a major game in the race for territories previously held by the armed group over the past months my idea had become
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a refuge for myself i choose from syria and iraq as itself became a caliphate crumbled syrian army units are now in control of several strategic roads leading to i still controlled neighborhoods within darrow's or province of more let's go to who's in antakya in turkey and first of all how close are we to seeing the conclusion to the operation and rocco. we're talking about quieting which is now confined to five or six small areas in the center of. which is a coalition of coalition forces backed by the united states of america making gains that it has to kill today about five i still fighters and it's just a matter of a few hours before they can control the area their only concern is moving into the tiny alleyways of the city where you concerned about potential for booby trap
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cause building sniper or suicide bombers this is why they are very careful about moving into the very heart of the area we're talking about small neighborhood which are still under the control of some foreign fighters are with i said there was this attempt backed by some tribesmen to try to negotiate a settlement at least free passage for the i.c. of fighters to go but apparently it is that some of the foreign fighters said that they would rather stay and fight to the death. and so then what about the picture elsewhere in syria who just speaking about the situation in the east of the country in the town of may i deem it seems as though the overall trend is that that territory i still control territory is shrinking the whole time. indeed in two thousand and fourteen when i still swept through use waves of land in syria established their self-proclaimed capital in iraq and they were hoping to use iraq as a platform to expand further north and west was. also
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the border with turkey that narrative has been. losing ground and the only problem now they face is other cannot further pull out towards the south because as you said the syrian army is launching this push to recapture territory india was quite a vital lifeline for i still the used to generate something like four hundred million dollars in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen out of the revenues from the oil field they're controlled with that money of the good of fighters their war machine recruit fighters from all over the world and also work all their propaganda to tell the well that i sort of provide they're going to target it which is that islamic caliphate that's no longer the case the resources are drained no longer territory the international coalition is tightening the noose around them and they're left with one option which is basically to withdraw towards the massive desert areas or the border with iraq thank you very much with the latest from
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antakya. rejected baghdad's demand and it cancels the outcome of last month's secession referendum as a precondition for talks to resolve the dispute iraqi president fired mass sume an iraqi kurdish president massoud barzani have met in solomon nia to discuss the recent military standoff between their forces in the disputed city of kirkuk or which coke is claimed by both governments tensions have risen since the kurdish secession vote on september twenty fifth as you are saying baghdad has said that vote is illegal. telecon for you on the program. present on as a previous essay he was executed by franco on the eve of spain's deadline trying to clarify whether he's declared independence or not. venezuelans vote in regional elections which could have the opposition and not a victory of the president and their right.
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we have a typhoon making its way towards high nanau as it pushed across the fast out of china it did bring some very very wet weather as you can see been taping down winds not too bad at this stage but those winds really have picked up now and we are looking at damaging winds making their way towards the gulf of tonkin as we go on through the next couple of days or so so there we go sustained winds around one hundred sixty five clumps of power that is the position of typhoon and it will continue to make its way further west which dive down as we go on into the next twenty four to thirty six hours the equivalent to a category two hurricane on the surface simpson's galus one moving fairly quickly though around thirty one kilometers per hour the flooding rains they will make their way in across vietnam then central and northern parts of vietnam as we go
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through monday the winds then starting to ease off but still in a way and windy feature this one over the next twenty four to thirty six hours and played a cloud of rain in place to across central and southern parts of the north it is somewhat dry we'll see temperatures getting up to around thirty six celsius in new delhi not quite as warm in that for the south because of the cloud because of the rains to chennai gets up to around thirty three degrees but what makes this all the way into northern parts of kerala. the cambodian circus is on a mission to help the children break the poverty cycle one of the least follows their journey of sacrifice become top class performers. when used at this time and how does it.
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every. welcome back let's update you on the top stories this hour exit polls in austria put thirty one year old sebastian puts his conservative policy in the lead with just over thirty percent of the vote he could form a coalition government with the far right freedom party which is neck and neck with the social democrats around twenty six percent of the vote. the death toll from the twin bomb attacks in the somali capital mogadishu on saturday is reported to have jumped to more than two hundred. and u.s. backed syrian forces say almost all civilians and about two hundred seventy five
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myself isis have left the northern syrian city of raka under a deal brokered by tribal leaders on saturday. and on other stories we're following closely care just on the pro-government hand that there appears to have scored a majority in that country's presidential election by jim beckwith defied predictions of a second round of voting taking fifty four percent of the vote against just over a third for his main rival all and three million characters residents were eligible to vote in the central asian states. voting also underway in venezuela as all twenty three states elect new governors regional vote is the first since a new super body was created by president nicolas maduro that some opposition m.p.'s see as a challenge to them in parliament his vice president tariq sami voted earlier in the state of our polls have put the opposition on course to win many of the same votes but the president sworn any elected governors will have to swear allegiance to a controversial new constituent assembly to raise a boat has the latest from
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a polling station in the capital caracas. well people have been coming for the four hours. previous elections where there were. already. around the country. broken and many people here are. doing everything possible to hurt. no major in. that. country. kenya's opposition leader has held
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a rally in the city of mombasa where he's urged his supporters to boycott the presidential election this follows days of violent protests despite the government ban two protesters were killed during clashes with police on friday as anger over an increasingly uncertain rerun which is scheduled to take place later this month. now myanmar is holding a ceremony to mark two years since the signing of a cease fire with several armed groups eight of myanmar's twenty one ethnic group signed up to a peace accord in two thousand and fifteen but many didn't participate including russian jet fighters a crackdown on the ranger has prompted accusations of ethnic cleansing against me and most army over an eight hundred thousand range you have now fled across the board it to bangladesh or the camps housing ranjoor refugees in bangladesh have become overcrowded making it easy for families to get separated and for children to get lost more than half a million ranger fled myanmar's rack and state since august after the army began a crackdown. june met one refugee at the could do pile on camp and cox's bazaar is
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started a lost and found service but i want you i want to have the money for commom sane the time had come to try and make a difference. one day the morning i was going to work i saw one lady who was sitting in front of the gate and crying when i asked what happened she said my baby's been missing since last night and i can't find him after opening the office or day i was thinking about it and i was feeling very bad i was thinking how can i help her that was in late august just as the massive exodus of refugees fleeing violence in me and more was beginning since then more than five hundred thousand people have arrived in bangladesh. i'm gonna. come all himself or hinder refugee who's lived here for years noticed that more and more families were getting separated in overcrowded camps so he set up a lost and found booth from behind this microphone at the could to prolong camp he
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makes announcements about unaccompanied children that have been brought to him as well as individuals who have been reported missing by their relatives he says that there have been more than fourteen hundred people reported missing and estimates that more than seven hundred families have so far been reunited and. i have family too i have kids too if i lost my own kids then i would feel very bad so until i'm able to give the lost children back to their parents i remain distressed when i can return children to their parents then i feel a pace come on those the chances of children being found increases when people can continue to communicate with each other that's why he's also set up a charging station where refugees can charge their mobile phones for free come out had been working as a security guard for an aid organization when he first got the idea for this initiative to use the money from his own savings to run a microphone and start calling out the names of the missing and the lost now he is doing this full time. normal hamad was frantic when he couldn't find his two and
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a half year old son. people told me that i should go to the booth with a microphone where a person named kemal will announce my baby's name i searched all over for my son and still couldn't find him when i was about half of the way to the booth i heard that they were announcing that they had found a child then when i arrived i found my son with kemal now reunited with his son mohamed tells us he's not just relieved but also extremely grateful to come out but for every happy parent we find there is a distraught one. my son has been missing since last night i search for him yesterday all day and night as she waits for news alongside her other son mohammed aziz al more regis. desperation only deepens come all is all too familiar with this kind of suffering it's why he sits in this booth despite the heat it's why he works from early in the morning until late at night finding children helping adults
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making a difference one name at a time. but the key to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh. forty people and now known to have died in some of california's worst wildfires on record thousands of firefighters are working with special aircraft to tackle sixteen major blazes in areas north of san francisco and said to have turned a corner in battling several of the fires ninety thousand people have now been displaced in five and a half thousand homes and buildings have been destroyed. bush police have announced that they're investigating three further allegations of sexual assault made against the film producer harvey weinstein that date back to london in two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven and twenty fifteen. officers were already looking into claims of two other sexual assaults a multi award winning producer was expelled from the oscars academy on saturday following allegations made by several women on both sides of the atlantic the
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filmmaker woody allen is poking out and said he feels sad for weinstein and his caution against a witch hunt towards other men in catalonia as president has less than twenty four hours to say whether or not he'll declare independence following the controversial secession referendum start of the month if carlos pushed him on says yes prime minister may take the unprecedented step of removing the region's political autonomy sunnah gager reports from barcelona. facing up to the biggest challenge of his political career all eyes are on catalonia as president cutlass prejudgment the man who could be about to declare europe's newest state here remembering the life of the last man who declared an independent cattle and republic. in one thousand nine hundred forty this was with former castle and president uis combines was executed by firing squad for
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a belling against the military rule of general francisco franco with only hours to go until this depleted what except for defies the order from the dread to end his drive for secession he gave no clue as to his intention. on behalf of the government and myself i want to reiterate our commitment to peace civility serenity and also from the same democracy as the inspiration for the decisions we have to make. on the eve of the day when mr preacher want is expected to confirm or deny his declaration of independence his presence here at the memorial ceremony for a hero of catalan independence is not going unnoticed and many here are drawing parallels with that situation. there has been much emotion stoked here in the past few weeks but the attempt to frame this as a story of oppression of a wealthy region by the central government is not convincing the european union despite the violent crackdown by madrid on any attempt to push ahead with
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self-determination if the spanish government try. to catalonia the army i'm convinced that the cattle and. answered them with a very peaceful. position will never use the balance to defend our arguments. that all of. the catalonia of today is different from the embattled place it was during the spanish civil war but for those gathered here the specter of past heroes of the cause is never far away even if catalonia is pro independence politicians step back there's no guarantee that they will pay the price for their part in spain's current constitutional crisis so now you go out alone or. it's well known that the ancient city of venice is sinking but it's also shrinking its fifty four thousand residents a steadily leaving because it's been overrun by tourists fed up locals hoping to
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change that with an anti tourist campaign charlie angelo reports. venice the timeless city that tourists seem to have little time for twenty million visit each year three quarters of them only stay for twenty four hours they follow the same route see the same sites their impact is devastating fed up residents a living for ever one thing. thousand each year for them house prices are astronomically high the crowd's unbearable italian city no longer caters for them they say here feel i want to call you called to fly in the life food and now you can buy only bags you live you see we see these if we came in beautifully look how was it possible to appreciate a seed round. shops only for. the craftsmen are not working in their shops. residents are protesting
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against the visiting cruise ships that dwarf the city and damage the environment you know is threatening to blacklist the world heritage site unless action is taken a campaign to enjoy and respect venice is under way police move on to us to sit on steps and encourage them to visit less popular attractions but there are no plans to reduce tourist numbers only we. we agree cruise ships shouldn't pass by san marcos but we need to keep five thousand jobs we are looking into a different road regarding day trippers we are working on a possible experimental closure of sun miles square tourists would have to book a free visit to try and encourage the right type of visitor the city has also introduced by putting up these posters all over venice terrorists can be fined two hundred forty dollars for picnicking on a bridge like this one hundred twenty dollars for littering they can also be
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charged for holding too long which many of these. generally annoying. dream is one of few remaining artist making it steer the gondolas which help make venice famous turtle want a lot of challenges to show them the real venice not because we want to create a museum there because we think that this is the most intelligent way to visit here and the only way to keep the nancy alive. but hoping for tourists who go more with the flow is like venice battling against the tide charlie and al jazeera that us. that reminder of the stories making headlines now exit polls in austria thirty one year old sebastian kurtz is conservative party in the lead with thirty point two percent of the vote is likely to lead
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a coalition government with the far right freedom party which is and which is neck and neck with the social democrats on around twenty six percent of the vote. it is a very clear victory for one man and that is that thirty one year old. curtis an extraordinary career for him a rapid rise in the politics of north korea and a clear decision at this very important crossroads in politics in north korea turn to the right the death toll from the powerful truck and car bombs that exploded in the somali capital on saturday's reported to have jumped to two hundred hundreds more people were injured in the blast which hit the center of mogadishu and a residential district somali has now declared three days of national mourning a senior member has denied any responsibility for the attack. the final assault is underway to root out i still fight is still holed up in pockets of the northern syrian city of raka u.s. backed syrian forces say almost all civilians in about two hundred seventy five i
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still fighters of left rucka under a deal that was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday between two and three hundred mostly foreign fighters are still inside the city. iraq's kurdish leadership has rejected baghdad's demand that it cancels the outcome of last month's referendum as a precondition for talks to resolve the dispute iraqi president ford masoom and iraqi kurdish president massoud barzani have met in solomon mia to discuss the recent military standoff between their forces in the disputed city of good cook. and. in the presidential election. headlines i'll have twenty five minutes time.
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