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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was it was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the benefits which are in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera i really feel liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth as i would that's what this job. conservative sebas incurs a win this election in australia he's set to become the world's youngest leader.
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austria has swung to the right in his general election voting in the thirty one year old conservatively to sébastien carus with almost all votes counted because his right wing people's fasi has won thirty one point seven percent christian kearns social democrat party has scraped into second place one twenty six point nine percent is now really ahead of christian stocks far right freedom twenty six percent the stock may end up forming a coalition with still some of us on the by talking tough on immigration david schaper reports vienna. and i'm phatic victory for sebastian kurtz just thirty one years old i don't already the chancellor of austria in waiting. his first call to party headquarters and i thank you to supporters he
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described as making the impossible possible. today the voters men and women in this country gave us a great mandate we must be aware of this opportunity the women and men are putting their hopes into this movement we will use all our strength and all of our fight to bring about change in this country i invite you to go on this path with us there is much to do to establish a new style a new culture a politics political analysts say his victory makes it clear the turbulent rise of right wing populism is far from over of course this is of course. so. this would be. labeled the whiz kid joining the campaign the leader of the conservative people's party achieved his ambition by being tough on what he called illegal migration kurtz's been accused of ruthless opportunism by his former coalition partners stealing the clothes and the policies of the hard right.
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no one party has an absolute majority in the national parliament sir coalition will have to be formed but who will kurtz now choose as his partner. most bets are on the hard right freedom party led by heinz christian straka it's been more than a decade since they've been in the governing coalition but tonight they were celebrating a significant surge in support although it's a little before called particular people see this shows the tree as it looks who will be able to celebrate the best result in the history of the party and it also shows that the wish for change is strong in austria. that feeling might not be shared by austria's muslim community the card of islamophobia has been successfully played in this election leaving them more isolated and vulnerable david chaytor al-jazeera vienna. a massive bomb attack in the center of somalia's capital on
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saturday has now killed two hundred seventy six people according to the information minister hundreds of people have been protesting on the streets of mogadishu voicing their anger at what's happened it was the most powerful bomb blast ever hit the city which suffers regular attacks a residential district was also hit by a smaller car bomb somalia's declared three days of national mourning. well it's still not clear who carried out the bombing as senior members denied responsibility catherine so reports from nairobi in neighboring kenya. when people in somalia's capital mogadishu are trying to come to terms with one of the worst car bomb attacks ever a truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at an intersection lined with government offices restaurants and shops hours later a second blast struck another business district in the city most of the buildings in those areas have been destroyed still being pulled out of the rubble president
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mohammed up to live from a jew visited the scene his government has declared three days of mourning and they said you are the. target of these terrorist is not government officials but civilians as you see here there are no government buildings only civilians who are going about their daily life we have to come together and fight these monsters until we eradicate them from our country and speaking to our jazeera the united nations deputy special envoy to somalia say despite such attacks the security situation around the country has improved a great efforts have been made by the government to particularly secure the city but also other areas in in the country but nevertheless when one is desperate enough to get through these kind of things do happen and we've seen it yet again into mali and fortunately doctors are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the many people who have been injured dozens are in critical condition several have lost limbs so. what happened yesterday was incredible i have never
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seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable corpses were burned and no one could recognize them. attacks on soft targets like markets and restaurants have become common in somalia says this in a part is just how large it was and the devastation it has caused her. right now people are in shock hospital supplies like blood are i did he needed many are wondering how someone is able to drive have you called packed with explosives into the heart of the city cathy zoi al jazeera nairobi kenya kenya's opposition leader raul dingoes held a rally in the city of mombassa where users just supporters to boycott the presidential election he says they will continue demonstrating for electoral changes despite a government ban on protest a rerun of august and all the election is set for october twenty sixth but there's a lot of confusion as for me to explain stuff from mumbai. thousands of people
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came out to hear opposition leader raila odinga speaking with. his supporters say they are prepared to continue protests against kenya's electoral commission demanding its reform very very we have already said that we will not go for election if thieves are in charge we want to go for election on a level field we will root all the foreigners we will remove all the tree stumps we'll remove all the stones we will cover all the holes and we will enter that failed and see other man to man. but the commission says it will go ahead with presidential elections in ten days that's despite a dinger withdrawing he says the rerun will not be free and fair after claiming the august vote which he lost was rigged with a nod. on a fishing expeditions where we put a down a document which was a good basis for carrying out this the decisions we call the mighty disavowal
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minimum and then the commission didn't even attempt to respond to those demands of the supreme court and now the results of that election last month saying they were neither transparent no verifiable with so much uncertainty already clouding the upcoming vote kenyans are waiting for president hu or kenyatta to sign the amended election laws and those laws would allow kenyatta to be named the winner after his withdrawal but it's not clear if indeed these laws would apply to this month's rerun by the way people here are saying as long as a thing as not taking part they won't be any election. one and several opposition protests have so far turned violent with looting and police using tear gas to disperse protesters police are accused of killing at least three demonstrators meanwhile kenyatta is campaigning across the country he says the election should go ahead and expects his governing jubilee party. to get more than the fifty four
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percent of votes it got in august but there's still uncertainty about exactly who will take part after a court ruled more candidates can't participate the rest of the presidential candidates don't have the kind of support that very low highs in a very low doesn't participate that means half of the country is not going to participate in them actions and that would put us in a very difficult situation because. the jubilee government can continue and then half of the country will still be rolling. the political battle looks it to continue on kenyan streets and even the courts and with a dinner not adhering to commission requirements to properly withdraw from the election many kenyans watching say anything is possible for me to al-jazeera mombasa it is of iraq's kurdish region of rejected baghdad's demand for the outcome of last month's secession referendum to be cancelled iraq's president who had masoom an iraqi kurdish president must have barzani have met in so many a to
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discuss the recent military standoff between their forces in the disputed city of kirkuk which coke is claimed by both governments tensions have risen since the kurdish secession vote in september the twenty fifth the baghdad sees as illegal. israeli army is concerned that at least two rockets were fired from egypt's sinai peninsula towards the esko we generic gaza on sunday a code red missile warning was sounded after the rockets were detected but the army reported the misawa paranoids builded in gaza airspace and investigations been started by israeli authorities but it's not known at this stage if there are any casualties i staying in sinai on the egyptian army says it's foiled an attack to the north east of the region killing twenty four members of an armed group six egyptian soldiers also died in a tempted assault by the isolated group on the alkaloid to syria and other checkpoints to the west of rafa egyptian security forces say they're carrying out a sort of glow of the location. the final assault has begun to roost i was so i
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still find is still holed up in pockets of northern syria in the northern syrian city of raka u.s. backed syrian forces say almost all civilians and about two hundred and seventy five i still find it have left iraq under a deal that was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday between two and three hundred mostly foreign fighters are still inside the city meanwhile syrian government forces have retaken the time of may day in and eastern syria after intense fighting with deisel this is a major gain in the race for territories previously held by the armed groups over the past months maidan had become a refuge for eisel fighters from syria and iraq and its self-proclaimed caliphate crumbled syrian army units and i won control of several strategic rules leading to i saw control neighborhoods within their us or province hashim a whole bara sent this update from untucked in turkey's take province. fighting in
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iraq is confined to a few areas in the center of the city which is a coalition of. fighters backed by the united states of america shelling those areas where they hope to try to evict fighters from from their towns back to buy time for a deal backed by tribes. how to can. withdraw that didn't work some of the foreign fighters would like to stay and fight to the death but this is significant development in the sense that. the. capital in iraq. but also. suffering some setbacks the lost city of. pulling out towards areas on the border with iraq in two thousand and fourteen or fifteen i was hoping to use iraq as a platform to expand. and. that narrative is now
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being with us so to come on al-jazeera venezuelan. president. former prime minister. hello again across australia we're still seeing some pretty heavy rain affecting parts of the east coast really from brisbane northwards all through new south wales so it's also looking fairly wet and as i move the forecast into choose to you can see the rain becoming more stubborn certainly some localized flooding is possible temperatures nothing special for sydney at twenty two but winds coming in from the east could be some big surf along the coast here. looking pretty warm meanwhile
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further west we've lost the showers across western australia but no particular person temperatures dropping to twenty degrees celsius how do you across into new zealand weather conditions here gerri not looking too bad through much of monday so the north on is looking draw and bright with highs of sixteen expected in auckland but as we move on into chews they will see more the way of showers pushing up across the south on and eventually wanted to those working their way further north let's move into northeastern parts of asia and here we've got this frontal system across southern parts of japan incorporating tokyo into that risk of rain as well heavy rain for shanghai you'll notice further north not too bad across the korean peninsula dry and bright in beijing cloudy up late on tuesday they should stay dry as of sixteen in tokyo.
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with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. our mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera a conservative a disability and kurds has claimed victory and also his general election but he will need to form a coalition with thirty one year old politicians peoples party one third to one
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point five percent of the folks. the death toll from the powerful truck and car bombs that exploded in the somali capital mogadishu on saturday has risen to two hundred and seventy six the government has declared three days of mourning. u.s. backed syrian forces say almost all civilians in about two hundred seventy five ice and finances have left the northern syrian city of raka under a deal brokered by tribal leaders today. polls have closed to men as well with people voting in all twenty three states to elect a new governor regional vote is the first since a new super body was created by president nicolas maduro that has powers to overrule opposition m.p.'s and amend the constitution also put the opposition on course to win many of the state votes to resemble has the latest now from the city of atari and east of the capital caracas. we're here in a polling station in baghdad it is a little neighborhood of about two million people seven thousand of them i'm expecting to come here to vote with been told that turnout has been pretty low here
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compared to previous elections where you could see long lines of people coming here and this mostly affects the opposition because many are disenchanted after months and months of violent protests that they were not able to achieve what they were expecting which was presidential elections and national presidential elections venezuelan have been struggling with a deep political and economic crisis with shortages of forms of medicine and among other things. i'm a single mother i have three children and my daughter can't find work we have to find a solution and will to find a solution to venezuela's problems. in the last election that happened here in venezuela last july smartmatic the company in charge of the electronic voting system denounced that the turnout had been manipulated by the government but the opposition is some vince the baby able to control this because they fully quit if the previous election and their money tours were not arrested well that's not the
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situation this sunday their monitors from the opposition press and in this voting center and that's what makes a big big difference this election for the government is a way of seeing whether their support base them to need to be strong to see what travis took office the governorship where the bastions of chevy's most of the socialist party and if they lose in some crucial areas this was suddenly show that the economic crisis has in a way affected the popularity of the precedent and off the party for the opposition however this is a way of showing that their strength on the streets during the protests is also happening in the violence and it's definitely a preview for the presidential elections that could happen next year. preliminary results in kurdistan presidential elections show a surprise first round for victory for the former prime minister sold in by jay big kill as he trailed a young and charismatic oil tycoon for much of the electoral campaign. going
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president has pledged a peaceful and democratic transition a first for the central asia region well been for a walk. this presidential election has been a test for democracy not just for kyrgyzstan but for a region typically governed by straw men who cling to power voters used an electronic voting system designed to eliminate fraud and had a genuine choice eleven candidates with the two front runners almost back but panel of a youthful charismatic oligarch promised to kickstart a chronically ill overaged economy. we will have the name of a new president and this name will be bob another pseudonym by the echo of the incumbent presidents chosen candidate promised continuities today i voted for consistency in power for the development of our country for the future of our
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country. incumbent president almas back at him by a wants to be remembered as a leader who delivered the democratic first in the region a peaceful legitimate handover of power. that legacy however risks being undermined by the jailing of political opponents using state bureaucracy to influence the outcome of the election and attacks against the media this election boils down to new power versus old power between a man who has spent millions of dollars of his own money on this campaign against an outgoing president term means to make sure his chosen successor and his office. early results indicate a first round jim bianco when that was unexpected groups of volunteers on sunday night pledged to keep the peace time tested results not so long ago have led to revolutions democracy in kyrgyzstan is fragile and first you will come out
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easier for the scandal. liberia is heading for a run on full in its presidential election form a footballer george weah and vice president joseph book i will progress to the second round after both failed to win more than half of the vote almost all the votes came to where to thirty nine percent with bill cry on twenty nine point one percent iberia's economies growing rapidly in the last decade but many complain of poor public services and corruption the south african president jacob zuma is holding talks in democratic republic of congo with his counterpart jewels of kabir the latest disaster regional stability in the great lakes countries but in particular the security situation in congo itself where than a million people have been the plague displaced in the castle for several armed groups are waging attacks against state and international institutions it's been confirmed that the bodies of in front of twenty six people believed to have been
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killed after an ambush last week in congo's west of any territory of course want to malcolm webb has more on that story on the ongoing political uncertainty now from the city of goma. the security situation here in the democratic republic of congo has deteriorated in recent months in the southern cosign province a conflict between local armed groups and government forces killed thousands more than a million people have been displaced the army has been accused of abuses and massacres which it denies here in the east last week attackers killed un peacekeepers and civilians near the town of benny the week before an armed group attacked the town of the vera police comes in an absence of presidential elections which were meant to happen in november last year at the end of president joseph kabila second constitutional. electoral commission says it needs more resources and more find be able to prepare the election for the opposition say president kabila is trying to overstay in power and he's now willing illegally the international community's
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expressed concern that a lack of a democratic process could lead to an escalation of congo's conflicts but all the people hearing called i think it's the other way round a lot of people think the powerful politicians are deliberately escalating conflict at this time to create a state of conflict so bad that it's not possible for elections to get ahead. is holding these ceremonies to mark two years since the signing of the cease fire with several on groups eight of me and was twenty one ethnic group signed up to a peace accord in twenty fifteen but many didn't participate including. a crackdown on the ranges pointed accusations of ethnic cleansing against me and laws are made with an eight hundred thousand behind to have fled across the border to bangladesh . on the ceremony. well we didn't expect any comments
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about the crisis at all from this particular ceremony on thursday on sunset she addressed the nation and remained silent about the remainder issue as well despite all the international condemnation that has been brought to bear on her government for its handling of the crisis but i think what's really interesting to point out here is that this is the first time we've seen. appear in public together with the military chief mean since the rohingya crisis began in late august. the military chief is the architect of the current military campaign in record and state he's seen as arguably the most powerful person in the country in the person who could really bring an end to this conflict and this is because of the way that the constitution has been set up in order to concentrate real power in the hands of the military and so many human rights organizations have been lobbying
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hard for any international pressure or sanctions or the like to be the focus rather to be shifted from unsung suchi to the military and its chief to really bring some pressure to bear in order to end the rohingya crisis. catalonia as president has until monday to say whether or not he'll declare independence following the controversial secession referendum at the start of the month if carla put him on says yes spain's prime minister may take the unprecedented step of removing the region's political autonomy sonia go eagle reports now by us alone. facing up to the biggest challenge of his political career all eyes are on catalonia as president catalyst prejudgment the man who could be about to declare europe's newest state here remembering the life of the last man who declared an independent cattle and republic. in one thousand nine hundred forty
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this was with former castle and president louis combines was executed by firing squad for a belling against the military rule of general francisco franco with only hours to go until just a creature god accept or defies the order from the dread to end his drive for secession he gave no clue as to his intention. on behalf of the government and myself i want to reiterate our commitment to peace civility. and also from the same democracy as the inspiration for the decisions we have to make. on the eve of the day when mr preacher want is expected to confirm or deny his declaration of independence his presence here at the memorial ceremony for a hero of catalan independence is not going unnoticed and many here are drawing parallels with that situation. there has been much emotion stoked here in the past few weeks but the attempt to frame this as a story of oppression of
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a wealthy region by the central government is not convincing the european union despite the violent crackdown by madrid on any attempt to push ahead with self-determination if the spanish government try. to catalonia the army i'm convinced that the cattle and. answered them with a very peaceful. position will never use the balance to defend our arguments. but all of. the catalonia of today is different from the embattled place it was during the spanish civil war but for those gathered here the specter of past heroes of the cause is never far away even if catalonia is pro independence politicians step back there's no guarantee that they will pay the price for their part in spain's current constitutional crisis so now you go out alone or. fire
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officials in california say they've turned a corner in the battle against several of the wildfires that have killed at least forty people thousands of firefighters are working with special aircraft to tackle sixteen major blazes in areas north of san francisco explains. ten thousand firefighters are now battling what have become the deadliest blazes in california history the fires have burned approximately eight hundred sixty square kilometers in the wine country north of san francisco since october the eighth one hundred thousand people have been forced to evacuate and more than five thousand buildings have been destroyed dozens of people are still unaccounted for this is truly one of the grace of that the greatest tragedy that california has ever faced the devastation is just unbelievable it's a horror that no one could have imagined high winds on saturday fanned the flames the winds intensified and. the fire just grew in size and
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quickly those conditions forced some families who had just returned to their own house to flee once more and huge sea of police officers from all over the state basically came in with their bills horns mandatory evacuation leave immediately amidst the devastation one family unexpectedly found life if you can maybe. the weaver family's house was destroyed but their dog izzy somehow survived on harmed after running away as the flames approached it was one of the greatest moments of my life it was elation came off around the corner and we can expect to see here we are just there to video the house from my parents and see what we can find and. praying that she might be there she came bounding out of this race tears and officials say firefighters are making good progress in containing some of the
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sixteen separate fires burning in the area aircraft have dropped nearly eight million liters of fire retardant on the flames there is rain in the forecast for later in the week which will greatly help firefighters in their efforts to control and extinguish the worst fires california has ever seen rob reynolds al-jazeera laws.


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