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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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she was a society hostess in beirut in one thousand nine hundred forty she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese the request to make this work. was the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon before. it was such a big break. out just a while douse a story of. the beirut spy at this time. iraqi forces move in on kurdish positions south of kirkuk including oil and gas
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fields. fully back to you watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up catalonia is leader fails to clarify if the region has declared independence an hour before an ultimatum from the central government is due to expire. the philippines army claims a major victory in the battle against isolate fighters in the south and venezuela's president celebrates the outcome of regional elections the opposition cries foul. thank you for joining us the iraqi army is advancing on care coke and has taken a gas facility to the south of the city which was under kurdish control the iraqi military says it's being supported by federal police with shiite militia in a supporting role care coke is a disputed area according to the kurdish regional government who believe it should
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be part of the kurdish region and any future kurdish state let's bring in there is johnny stock photos in erbil in northern iraq for us charlie bring us up to speed with what's happening on the ground for us are they still clashes going on. well we certainly understand that the violence continues by iraqi forces going to stand and it's actually happening coming from the south towards kirkuk the plan we understand is for iraqi forces to retake control of the k. one military base this military base was taken control of by peshmerga forces in two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army fled and i still a faint see if according to our sources that they're saying that iraqi forces have retaken or taken control of an oil company headquarters in that area there's also an area which we actually visited a couple of days ago an area called ela water which was very heavily defended by
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forces huge margin walls much as we saw tanks a lot of deployment a lot of reinforcements being moved into that area we understand now that. i have withdrawn from that area i think what's interesting is that some of these peshmerga some of the peshmerga forces are accusing their fellow fighters of withdrawing too early and it's an indication possibly of the splits already within the peshmerga forces we saw only yesterday after this meeting that was held in silliman a between the various factions kurdish factions and this sort of show of unity it seems as if that unity is beginning to kind of split already so there are some very on the happy peshmerga fighters on the ground there having seen this ground already last week i stand it after k one has taken control of by the iraqi
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military they then will focus on oil facilities and we understand then possibly even a complete surrounding of kirkuk city itself meanwhile in the city itself civilians apparently obviously. very afraid we've heard that the governor of kirkuk has asked civilians anybody basically with a weapon to take up arms to defend the city but it still remains relatively calm inside the city itself schools as you can imagine have been have now been canceled and we're hearing the beginnings of families trying to leave the city toward silliman near and here in the air bill what is the iraqi government chinese saying about this operation what is ultimately their objective here. well there's been a build up and very contradictory kind of language from the government. we saw in the immediate aftermath in the immediate wake of the controversial referendum on
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eventual kurdish session last month we saw parliament iraqi parliament vote and put pressure on the body to basically deploy troops to this very area and we heard very little from him in response to that until about three or four days ago when we saw this gradual build up of iraqi forces in this area after the battle for we over eisel was one at the time they about the government said that this was just a standard troop deployment and that the people of kirkuk had absolutely nothing to be afraid of and didn't know i did any deadline had been put on the k r g to withdraw from those areas and it was last night frankly where we saw the big statement before this advancement for malabar to yourself accusing the k r g of moving p.k. k. fighters to the front there the p.k. k. an organization to terrorist organization not only by the iraqi government but not
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by the turks by the international community itself as well the k r g denying that claim but our bodies saying that it was a declaration of war now we've seen this advance of iraqi forces towards those areas and i'll a body is saying that the people of kirkuk still have nothing to be afraid of but he has a mandate to have federal control of these areas and. all people inside killed cook should cooperate with the iraqi military as they move forward. in northern iraq thank you very much for that update and other world news just hours before a deadline from the spanish government catalonia leader has failed to declare if his region plans to secede from spain the central government in madrid had given callous but you. on until eight g.m.t. on monday to say whether yet proclaim independence after a ban secession referendum area this month the catalan leader has sent a letter to the spanish government calling for
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a meeting with the prime minister mariano rajoy as go to need barca who is in the catalan capital barcelona need what more do we know about what congress which amount is saying to the spanish government. well we know by the looks of it so we took a close look at this letter that was to put it on is given to the spanish government that he's not going to say yes or no as to whether or not independence has indeed been declared the deadline expires in probably just under an hour's time all we have so far is this key letter which sets out a series of demands that completely of the skates the question set forth by madrid completely as to whether or not yes independence has been declared among those key demands is the demand crucially for talks between the catalonian leadership and the hallway and of course his government that's something that the catalonia leadership repeatedly asked for but it's something of a nonstarter mariano rajoy is made it very very clear that negotiations are not on
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the table another key demand is the withdrawal of national police of which around twelve thousand stationed here in catalonia and thirdly another key demands thirds very crucial when it comes to what's likely to unfold in madrid later on on monday is the immediate release of four key high profile catalans we're talking about two sheeny a police officials and two figures that were leaders of civil society organizations that have he links to the catalan leadership they face charges at least the police officials do of sedition which carries with it the possibility of a fifteen year prison sentence so a major issue for the council and leadership to make. sure they can protect their own but when it comes to the key question well it doesn't look like that is going to be answered anytime soon yet and house a moderate government likely to respond to this letter needs.
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but i think there's going to be a tremendous amount of frustration of course that is another layer of frustration that money on arroyo has faced in dealing where with mr push him on there are of course key options open to the spanish government the nuclear option is the invoking of article one five five that as we all know would see lonia stripped of its autonomy there is no historical precedence for that it was briefly invoked over a dispute with the canary islands but never got further than the first initial stage so what this will actually look like nobody really knows they'll be several suggestions possibly the government here could be replaced with a technocratic government possibly led by the deputy prime minister they could also be an expulsion of the catalan leadership and of mr pidgen on himself there is also legally the option of the madrid government even arresting mr push him on although many believe that would be
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a step too far another option could see other opposition political parties essentially known as the session is forming a grand coalition to lead the region going forward religion very hard to imagine any of these options happening without large numbers of people turning out on the streets once again to protest neve barker in barcelona thank you very much for that neve to the philippines now where the defense minister says two senior isolate commanders have been killed in fighting in the southern city of merari is neon happen on the lead of the group abu sayyaf which sees parts of the city in may his fighters were held why another group of them out one of its leaders on the day has also been killed government forces have been fighting the andro for control of murali for several months now jamie lynn the gun has more from murali. well the secretary of defense that delphine lorenzana has confirmed the death of is me alone happy alone and all more about what they both are leaders of the mao to group they
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pledged allegiance to i still a few years ago and they raised its black flag over several parts of america we see it see the siege has been going on for more than four months now since the crisis began more than a thousand people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced now the brother of omar met with the abdullah mosiah was killed a few months ago also in a military led operation seventeen other hostages were also released today and the government admits that even though the conflict the fighting is not officially over there is still an unidentified number of fighters and hostages right inside the small battle zone now according to the philippine military they're expecting liberation to happen any time soon now the president is expected to show up this week where the philippine flags at the heart of what are we city will be raised for the first time in months. still ahead on al-jazeera. they celebrate a bumper harvest after years of drought but we'll tell you why some are still
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skeptical about their future plus. i'm jake wood in california in a moment i'll explain why the government is looking at smacking something. into something that size to save the earth. hello and welcome to your international weather forecast now we've got some quite interesting weather across europe many central southern areas looking really woman moment temperatures way above what they should be for the middle part of october meanwhile out across western parts of the british isles we have an extremely deep area of low pressure which is incorporated the remnants of hurricane ophelia within it this storm is going across on and with wind potentials of up to two hundred kilometers per hour in terms of gusts come tuesday though you see is gone because
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this shot away up towards parts of scandinavia so other states the warm air is still very much in place we get a lot of dust coming up from the sahara at the moment so some sets could be quite interesting across parts of france or towards more central areas showing up as a sunset so watch out for that otherwise cool conditions still for more eastern parts here twelve as a high in moscow north africa but wanted to showers coming in from the gulf towards the coast of libya otherwise fine conditions further east inkaar with temperatures topping out at thirty for central parts of africa we have a fair few showers around cameroon and towards the gulf of guinea reaching leader of times and across parts of it west africa still some showers likely here for the north into mali should be largely dry bamako thirty six.
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right. there watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour the iraqi army is advancing on kirkuk and has taken a gas facility to the south of the city which was under kurdish control the military says it's being supported by federal police with shia militia in
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a supporting role kirkuk is a disputed area according to the kurdish regional government. just hours before a deadline from the spanish government cuts alone years leader has failed to declare if his region plans to secede from spain the central government in madrid had given collis would you want until eight g.m.t. monday to see whether he had proclaimed independence after a ban secession referendum earlier this month. and the philippines defense minister says two senior icily means commanders have been killed in fighting in the southern city of merari the abu sayyaf in multi groups have been in control of parts of the city since may. more now on our top story in the tensions in the disputed iraqi city of kirkuk where they've been scam issues between iraq he forces and mega fighters let's bring in political analyst ahmed rushdie he's in baghdad
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joins us now live from there on al jazeera thank you very much for your time sir so on last week the iraqi government was denying that they had intentions to take over oil fields in kirkuk province the prime minister even claim that they were going after i so if there was an operation to be launched and now we have iraqi forces in an operation taking over oil fields apparently in care called what is the objective here and how difficult a battle is this going to be think. well it's according to the agreement between the peshmerga and the iraqi forces starting from i think in two thousand and fifteen is that the iraqi forces will return to their positions before the terms of june two thousand and fourteen before the invasion of isis to the iraqi territories now according to that agreement it's supposed to be the redistribution happened after the liberation of of most of the iraqi soil specially the how we judge which means that according to the sec remained the iraqi forces is going forward to they
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are looking. in before the tenth of june two thousand and fourteen but the the most important thing is that who is leading this attack it's merely the iraqi for many of the iraqi army with the federal police now there are talks that the pm of the shark militia is already engaged but there are all sorts some sort of fear now inside the city of kirkuk is that if the shot militia of the city there will be some sort of massacre seconds to against the kurds that's why we are hearing that there are the kurds inside the city of kirkuk they are fleeing to what money. for there is there is a rail there conveyed the theory being a sad real problem and the end of the day they are conflicting reports as to what is happening exactly and whether or not the kurdish forces are retreating i want to ask you about the timing of this operation there because i mean this comes at a time of heightened tensions between the central government in baghdad and the kurdish leadership after that controversial referendum last month presumably this
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was in the plans for some time now and this is what some would say the iraqi government simply trying to put more pressure on are the kurdish area in the north . which is true it's already. a lot of pressure happened now against on the shoulder of muscle but as ani. precisely because of the end of what's happened in the twenty fifth of september as actually pave the way to a new era. in the relations between baghdad and never be able in a way that who are going to win the conflict and now we want we are actually in baghdad there are so many stories about there are already negotiations launched yesterday between baghdad and out of below in a way that the iraqi forces can take on let's say can we those
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locations in a way or another but not and to link the center of kirkuk and not going forward to take all of chemical that's why mr about he said yesterday is that we can share the security between the iraqi forces we can share the security with the peshmerga go which means that between the iraqi forces and the pressure monitor but who's pressure not to go so many oppression to go out to bill press my car this is a huge question because at the end who treat is actually still a money a pressure monitor which means that maybe there is under the table agreement between sulaimani and baghdad very complex situation indeed thank you very much for speaking to us ahmed rashid from the iraqi expertise foundation joining us from baghdad thank you for your time. to somalia where three days of national mourning have been declared after at least two hundred thirty people were killed in a massive bombing in mogadishu local authorities say the blasts is the deadliest single attack on record in the country it's not clear who is responsible still catherine so why has this report from nairobi in neighboring kenya. when people in
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somalia's capital mogadishu are trying to come to terms with one of the worst car bomb attacks ever a truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at an intersection lined with government offices restaurants and shops hours later a second blast struck another business district in the city most of the buildings in those areas have been destroyed still being pulled out of the rubble president mohammed up to live from a jew visited the scene of his government has declared three days of mourning and they said you are the. target of these terrorist is not government officials but civilians as you see here there are no government buildings only civilians who are going about their daily life we have to come together and fight these monsters until we eradicate them from our country. speaking to al-jazeera the united nations deputy special envoy to somalia say despite such attacks the security situation
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around the country has improved a great efforts have been made by the government to particularly secure city but also other areas and in the country but nevertheless when one is desperate enough to get through these kind of things do happen and we've seen it yet again into mali and fortunately doctors are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the many people who have the injured dozens are in critical condition several have lost limbs so. what happened yesterday was incredible i have never seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable corpses were and no one could recognize them. attacks on soft targets like markets and restaurants have become common in somalia and what sets this one apart is just how large it was and the devastation it has caused right now people are in short hospital supplies like blood are i did he needed many are wondering how someone is able to drive
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a year called packed with explosives into the heart of the city catherine saw all dizzy narrow the kenya. venezuela's electoral board has announced the president socialist party has won most of the governorships in regional elections nicolas maduro is hailing the rest of the result as an emphatic victory but the outcome. is a fraud from the opposition traceable has the latest from caracas or here the opposition headquarters in caracas where members of the opposition have just announced that they're not acknowledging sunday's results they're saying that they have completely different figures from their own headquarters in different parts of the cities and they want a full audit into the electoral process here they're all so asking their supporters and candidates to take back to the streets to put pressure on the government overall the opposition have won in six states and the government has kept the rest the big surprise here is the state of media and the governor of. the leader of the
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opposition and former presidential candidate earlier today dressed the nation he asked the opposition to acknowledge the results he's saying that they're acknowledging that they lost in several states he also threatened with the jail time to some key opposition figures and he also said that the governors elected this sunday will have to be sworn in at the constitutional assembly this is something that most of the people here among the opposition are saying will not happen because so far the opposition has month change that the constitutional assembly that was elected three months ago. it's not constitutional and it's not legal. austria's conservative leader sebastian carrie's has claimed victory in the general election at just thirty one he'll be the world's youngest leader his people's party won more than thirty one percent of the vote but he'll need to form a coalition government and as david chaytor reports there is also
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a marquee shot move to the political rights. and emphatic victory for sebastian kurtz just thirty one years old and already the chancellor of austria in way to his first call to party headquarters and i thank you to supporters he described as making the impossible possible. today the voters men and women in this country gave us a great mandate we must be aware of this opportunity the women and men are putting their hopes into this movement we will use all our strength and all of our fight to bring about change in this country i invite you to go on this path with us there is much to do to establish a new style a new culture a politics political analysts say his victory makes it clear that turbulent rise of right wing populism is far from over of course this is a thanks of course. saw and to be.
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labelled the whiz kid join the campaign the leader of the conservative people's party achieved his ambition by being tough on what he called illegal migration kurtz's been accused of ruthless opportunism via his former coalition partners stealing the clothes and the policies of the hard right. no one party has an absolute majority in the national parliament circulation will have to be formed but who will kurtz now choose as his partner. most bets are on the hard right freedom party led by heinz christian struck it's been more than a decade since they've been in a governing coalition but tonight they were celebrating a significant. in support of the little people are coping because of people see this shows the tree as it looks or will be able to celebrate the best result in the history of the party and it also shows that the wish for change is strong in austria. that feeling might not be shared by austria's muslim community the card of
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islamophobia has been successfully played in this election leaving them more isolated and vulnerable chaytor al-jazeera vienna kenya is our visitation coalition says it will continue protesting for election changes despite a government ban thousands of people came out to hear opposition leader speak in mombasa on sunday his supporters say they are prepared to continue protests against the electoral commission demanding its reform a rerun of the presidential election is set for october twenty sixth but there is confusion as to whether the vote will happen after. now after a long drought several countries in southern africa are enjoying bumper harvest zambia is even exporting excess maize but for farmers remain vulnerable to unpredictable weather patterns. course. callista christo says this maize is the last of her reserves if the rains come late the season or if there is
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another drought her family will be in trouble it won't be enough if i can't get a job washing clothes i won't be able to buy food if the maize runs out the united nations estimates that small scale farmers grow about eighty five percent of zambia's food. and her sister say it's been a frustrating few years the drought and a pissed invasion earlier this year by the fall army were destroyed some of the maize production costs are also high so lovely do so are growing less than we used to grow even garbage is for it because no of reduced because of way. electricity price so high. she pays on average four hundred dollars a month for power ten acres of land despite the challenges zambia has had good crops of maize the country's staple food which it sometimes sells to other countries in africa we had a crop of maize. three point six million tonnes compared to last year where we had a drought of two point six million tonnes so means that you have. moments in
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time but weather patterns in southern africa keep changing farmers know at some point they will be another drought despite relative political stability and more than a decade of consistent economic growth them still has a lot of talent has the world food program says more than sixty percent of the population is it's also is to make it forty percent of children under the age of five in zambia have stunted growth because of money tradition the government is already more may storage facilities and also trying to encourage farmers like alice to grow drought resistant crops such as millet sorghum and. alice says she's considering making the change but convincing enough people to do the same could take time. now earlier this month referred to metre long asteroid passed close to earth it could have been devastating if it slammed into our planet with thousands of objects passing through space scientists
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are working on ways to push dangerous rocks away checkerboard reports from san francisco. space is not empty it's full of objects most of the ones that smack into earth are tiny and they burn up in our atmosphere but even small asteroids that get through have had devastating effects you may remember there was an impact over siberia three or four years ago that was caused by something that was only twenty meters in size or so in fact a private foundation has begun raising money to build a satellite the sentinel that can track smaller so called city killer asteroids these hit the earth about every hundred to two hundred years. so flip a coin that's the odds that somewhere on earth during your lifetime it's going to happen again nasa even has a department called planetary defense no really that's its name and the agency tracks asteroids larger than
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a kilometer across those big enough to end human civilization now the agency has greenlit the next phase of the dart project which will try to push a nearby asteroid called didn't most be off course the asteroid they were talking about is about the same size as the ship you see behind me just shy of two hundred meters long and i am roughly the same size as the projectile they're going to smack into it now in this context that seems ridiculous right i mean for me to just kick as hard as i can is going to have no effect at all on this ship but in the vast openness of space and the slippery in this of a vacuum smacking me into the bad at something like three times the speed of a bullet well you get the effect you want basically it would be using a spacecraft to ram the incoming object and change its orbit so it would not hit. so this would be kind of a dress rehearsal for a first show we hope never to stage the test will take place in twenty twenty two
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here's hoping we won't need to knock anything off course in the mean time take aboard al-jazeera san francisco. now again i'm fully back to the way the headlines on al-jazeera iraqi state media is reporting the army has captured the strategic k one base from kurdish forces near the city of kirkuk the military is advancing on coke and has also taken a gas facility to the south of the city which was under kurdish control coke is a disputed area but is following developments from apple. this military base was taken control of by. forces in two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army flowed leisel of france. according to sources. there saying that iraq you forces have retaken taken control over oil company headquarters in that area
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just hours before a deadline from the spanish government catalonia as leader has failed to declare if his region plans to secede from spain madrid had given kallis would you mind until eight g.m.t. on monday to say whether he had proclaimed independence after a ban secession referendum earlier this month the german test sent a letter to the central government asking for a dialogue with the prime minister mariano rajoy and in the letter he's also asked the central government to stop court proceedings against some of the people behind catalonia secession plans for men are due to appear in court in madrid on monday they include two senior council on police officers and two politicians who are facing sedition charges and could be punished with up to fifteen years in jail the philippines defense minister says two senior isolates commanders have been killed in fighting in the southern city of merari the abu sayyaf and maté groups have been in control of parts of the city since may venezuela's electoral board has announced
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the president's socialist party has won most of the governorships in regional elections nicolas maduro is hailing the result as and phatic victory but the outcome has sparked accusations of fraud from the opposition the update with the headlines on al jazeera coming up next year it's inside story stay with us. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. syrian democratic forces launch a major operation against isis proclaimed the capital u.s. backed rebels say it's the final push for a so what's next for syria and for thousands of civilians trapped in the conflict this is inside story.


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