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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking buses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was really going to be a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices. for a mental health we think ok will center us to china but we have to remember that air pollution travel around the globe death by design at this time on al jazeera. the beginning of the end of i saw in syria kurdish led forces captured the group self declared capital rucka.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program where in mogadishu a city still in shock after saturday's massive truck bombing the president is blaming al shabaab and is calling for more international help the philippine president declares victory in the southern city of we after a five month battle against i saw a link fighters and the mass exodus of ranger refugees shows no signs of abating between ten and fifteen thousand cross from myanmar into bangladesh in the past forty eight hours. thank you for joining us we begin the program in syria where u.s. backed forces have driven out i saw from itself the cleric capital. rocca in syria
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after a tough four month battle the kurdish led syrian democratic forces have raised their flag inside the city stadium which i saw had turned into a huge prison for anyone who oppose their rule reports now from the turkey syria border. kurdish fighters triumphantly into iraq they're celebrating the capture of the city which was a main stronghold in syria but taking. wasn't easy. the syrian democratic forces a coalition of kurds and arabs backed by the u.s. began the offensive in june i said fighters held ground for five months but the armed groups defense lines were eventually broken by a continual wave of strikes and shelling. we control rock up but as you know there are mines that we need to clear and we have to make sure there are
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lawyers who fighters hiding in tunnels we are now clearing all the areas we captured civilians continue to flee to safe areas this is a family that has just a refugee camp controlled by the. tens of thousands of people have been affected by the fighting they mostly live in poorly equipped camps north of the city. i heard the news of a ceasefire and took my family but then we came under fire the journey was tough because we had to walk through entire areas reduced to rubble now that iraq is under their control fighters got the order to move south towards daters or i sells last area of control in syria and it burns that is likely to put the kurds on a collision course with the syrian army which is also launching an offensive from the southwest to capture the oil rich province. the two have recently been
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competing to expand military gains in iraq and dealers or the capture of iraq is a major setback for ice which is now trying to hold ground in a vast desert area on the border with iraq by losing fertile lands and all fields the group finds itself deprived of crucial financial means it does perfectly me at this critical moment which was hoping to use syria and iraq as a starting point for its self declared islamic state. we're going to use this is a fellow with the european council on foreign relations he's just come back from iraq and northern syria he says rebuilding the city is now of paramount importance . the main discussion actually in europe and some other places is that as the kurd kurdish that organization whether they will be accepted in iraq but when you speak to ordinary people on the ground they don't necessarily talk about in ethnic terms
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they know that these people went through the regime and under democratic regime under assad regime and then you know free syrian army groups. and now what they care about most is whether they will be governed and they you know. they will have a secure environment and i've spoken to a lot of people in i need a camp which is like. forty fifty kilometers north of raka where most people were from america took shelter in and they were also saying like we waiting maybe in a few weeks we'll go back to our homes but the one problem is the very city center is heavily damaged not only just with the latest fighting but throughout the time in isis so from now on the most important issue will be rebuilding the city and that's where foreign donors or european countries will come in and play more influence and i've been to other areas where the s.t.r. forces took longer go like members other places where you know full well you know almost eighty percent of our population. and the city's population is increasing
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from thirty five thousand two hundred of thousands now so that was the system there was mostly accepted and people weren't talking about an ethnic terms and i didn't see much resentment among the population. iraq's prime minister hyder alibied he says the kurdish referendum on secession from baghdad is finished and the thing of the past this is coming after just over a day since the iraqi army took the city of kirkuk now the body is calling for a dialogue with the kurdish leadership. duty is supposed to all citizens and in force the authority of the federal government a close to how leeson according to the constitution with the help of god everything should be done to dialogue that's the way everybody would be when the. the
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president of the kurdistan regional government has blamed the setback in kirkuk on the party he's vowed to preserve kurdish gains in iraq has more now from. president masoud barzani has released a statement describing what he says was one of the reasons behind this incredibly fast withdrawal of peshmerga fighters from kirkuk and the other disputed territories he has blamed that withdrawal of what he describes as unilateral decisions made by some officials now this is consistent with some of the allegations being made by other members of his k d p party against the p u k now the central command today described this withdrawal as a as a result of historic treason from members of the p u k party and interestingly enough a former senior aide to the p u k has said that a transitional government needs to be set up and more effective channels of
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dialogue between the k r g and baghdad a stablished the fallout from this sudden withdrawal is is very obvious when you speak to patients fighters that we've met today they feel very despondent about this bear in mind that at least one thousand seven hundred patients were killed in the battle against i so the political fallout from this crisis is huge and there are some analysts saying that president barzani is now facing one of if not the biggest crisis in his political and military career. rescue operations are continuing in somalia's capital for those still missing after the worst bomb attack in the country's history more than three hundred people were killed by a suicide truck explosion on saturday thirty five seriously injured victims have been flown to turkey for treatment some of the us president has told al jazeera
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that his country cannot fight al shabaab on its own and has appealed for international help the government is blaming the armed group for saturday's attack the home of the dough has the latest from mogadishu. somalia police say that that at least one prospect in connection with that is forming in the company called will get the issue they say they have arrested the or not of the truck laden with explosives and which was used for carrying out the bombing in one of the busiest streets in mogadishu. also details emerging about the final moments before the explosion or car investigator thank god the driver all the talk was hauled out a checkpoint by suspicious security posture that will be accelerated and the vehicle explored the killing. people and injuring hundreds of others now the president has appealed for international support so he got his government is.
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only almost like al shabaab he said that if the international community allowed al shabaab to succeed here and all shabaab will. come people violence abroad. afghanistan's deputy interior minister says that at least seventy one people have been killed in a series of attacks by the taliban forty one people died in a suicide bombing and gun battle led a police training center in fact a province more than one hundred fifty were injured in that attack and at least thirty others have been killed in car bombings in neighboring has knee problems. the president of the philippines has the clare the southern city of liberated after a five month battle against i saw a link fighters were three go to announce the city has been freed from what he called terrorists but his military says fighting still continues as reports the
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threat of violent extremism remains but not just in the wrong way but all across the mindanao region and people are anxious about their future. to signal the end of a month long military operation to take back full control of. an i saw inspired group called the mouth day had taken parts of the southern philippines city earlier this year even though the military admits there are still pockets of resistance. and we. believe. i started with the mountain armed group raised its black flag over several government buildings last may now to fighters wanted to set up an islamic state in the mindanao region. but the
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significance is not lost today has been officially liberated over a thousand people have died more than a hundred soldiers have perished in the battle lasted for more than four months. for the soldiers this celebration is bittersweet. we did our brothers whom we lost in the fighting especially our marine soldiers who died trying to take the bridge of that's where we incurred so many casualties. that our sacrifices have been the work here. that we can finally go back home and be in the arms with our families again i am happy that. this was a difficult mission the damage caused by the fighting is unprecedented even for a region long held back by poverty and armed rebellion. relentless
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airstrikes ferocious gun battles and displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians have turned matter we city into a desolate place this week to malta leaders were killed in a military operation the group's plans of setting up an iso inspired islamic state in mindanao have been shattered but in the region with many conflicts armed groups like the mounted do not remain without a leader for long the government admits it made mistakes and says it will go after local leaders who supported them out a group president has promised to rebuild but are we city people here say they're grateful that they are now free from them out. but they say they would like to know what freedom means to those now more fearful of an uncertain future. on. the southern philippines. stay with us on al-jazeera still ahead anger in me over the killing of
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a high profile journalist whose research into corruption claims had attracted our full enemies tell you about the new influx of migrants heading north into the united states. hello there all storm ophelia has now moved away from ireland but while it was with us it certainly left a bit of destruction in its wake and we saw well people trying to stand up against those strong winds that these pictures are from the west of ireland we can see the waves well they're coming on shore there and a fair amount of wind damage as well so that system as i say swirling away away from us now working its way steadily towards the northeast but is joining quite a bit of cloud behind it as well this actually is fairly good news because in spain
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and portugal we've had a lot of wildfires recently and fortunately it looks like the rain will help against those then because this area of cloud should bring us a fair amount of rain and some of that's going to be quite heavy that's where the center on wednesday on thursday begins to pull away towards the east but ahead of it we've got this huge area of high pressure so for most of us in europe especially fine and settled and pretty warm at the moment as well vienna all the way up at around twenty degrees the fine sunny weather also extends a bit further south so most of us along the northern parts of africa seeing that settled spell too but not quite all of us because the rain that's working its way across spain and portugal is also just nudging its way into the northwestern parts of africa too so expect a fair amount of cloud a few showers there in parts of our area wednesday and it turns heavier on thursday . she was the society hostess in be in the 1940's she was in touch with
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a lot of people from the lebanese democracy. work. was the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon. which she was doing it was something brave it's a little bit algis you know we're going to have system we have shown to. be rude spawn at this time. welcome back here's a reminder the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. backed forces have driven i saw out of itself the clear capital of. the battle to take the city from began back in june meanwhile kurdish forces have suffered more
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territorial losses in iraq a day after government troops seized the northern city of kirkuk and rescue operations are continuing in somalia capital for those still missing after the worst bomb attack in the country. the united nations refugee agency is urging bangladesh to speed up the vetting of nearly fifteen thousand refugees said to be stranded near the border with me and more on monday the u.n. h.c.r. released this drone footage showing the scale of the crisis the agency wants people moved further inland that the safer and the better conditions more than half a million range are now known to have fled since violence broke out in myanmar's western rakhine state in late august found their child who has more now for us from cox's bazar near the bangladeshi border with me. the u.n. a.c.r.
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aerial footage shows a large number of refugees on the other side of bother trying to cross into bangladesh now this is corroborated by our source on the other side as well as bangladesh border god on monday a ten to fifteen thousand refugees crossed over into bangladesh and shop where they buried and along their land boundary area influx is continuous maybe not in staggering numbers sometimes but an average of two to four thousand people crosses into bangladesh the fit ration on the other side in myanmar is still very active and volatile what we hear from the refugees talking to them families and other members is that they are very scared to get out of the house that is no food all the food shops are closed there's no aid agency distributing any kind of food specially in western russia there are all kinds state rather and they're trying to cross into buying that there is this take shelter in quite a steady hour filtered island in the not very bright and wait for the optimum moment to cross into bangladesh on the other side the bank of this government is not planning to set up a huge refugee camp which is supposed to accommodate up to eight hundred thousand
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people that is a staggering number of people in one refugee camp how they're going to manage this is a question yet to be seen this is a larger than the population of washington d.c. city one reason the government is trying to do that is that on one the royal refugees to scattered across bangor that they want to confine them in one area so they can have a better planning of distribution of relate aid and other emergency aid into one particular camp but most of this camp around the rule of shanty town to accommodate that many people in one concentrated area is a clear danger of spreading of infectious disease and also a very uncomfortable and i have been in a small concentrated area in one particular place this situation remains volatile and active in both side of the border as up now. let's go more aware the son of a journalist killed in a car bomb on monday says the country is a mafia state run by what he calls crooks africa. a blog
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highlighting cases of alleged corruption among politicians on the island lawrence the reports. had said multi was being run by crooks those mourning her murder agree there's a lot they gathered outside the law court in the capital of a letter the center of the investigation the journalist family has already succeeded in getting the head of that investigation changed she had herself been a target of glaziers work. it is our obligation to ask the state to defenders the state did not defend definitely the state did not do anything. whose car was blown to pieces had alleged widespread corruption and links between state actors the betting industry and the math here in malta on twitter journalists and others expressed their outrage so to do it in a sense the founder of wiki leaks he put a twenty thousand euro reward up for information there was a tribute to from the european commission in brussels president young and the
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european commission condemned this attack in the strongest terms possible. the right to free journalist to investigate. and for uncomfortable questions and report effectively he said the heart of our values and needs to be guaranteed to fit all the time it's reported extensively on the panama papers the giant leak of information about how the global rich cover up their wealth in offshore shell companies in the biggest indication of how far her allegations went attribute came into from the maltese prime minister joseph muscat his wife had been accused by of running a company out of panama muscat and kill his year. i hated each other it's when i worked bloody said if i condemn without reservation the barbaric attack on the person and against the freedom of speech in our country everyone knows carolina galicia was
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a harsh critic of mine both politically and personally but nobody can justify this barbaric attack in any way. as workmate are countless powerful enemies it is a fact that some of them now have to investigate a murder and do it properly gloriously al jazeera al jazeera journalists know what to say and has now been in prison in egypt for three hundred days human rights and media organizations have joined the network in the now and sing his the pension and they're calling for his release at that reports. in the three hundred days mahmoud hussein has been imprisoned his family says he's grown depressed he's accusing the egyptian authorities of denying him legal rights and medical treatment and providing inadequate food and clothing he is father to nine children my sisters and brother face social stigma every day in their schools everyone posting that they are sons and daughters of petitioners. and they are not tool or flipping during
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egypt they are not safe each one of us is not safe yeoman. hussein is an egyptian journalists who is based in qatar working for al-jazeera he was looking forward to going home for a vacation last december instead he was arrested in cairo egypt and authorities have charged him with what they call disseminating false news and receiving funds from foreign authorities to defame the state. has denied all allegations while human rights and other media organizations have denounced the accusations and are demanding his release we struggle to face the life without my father. it's a story of a man who was kidnapped by the government before being officially imprisoned. he was unjustly enabled as a terrorist by egyptian media hussein is the latest al-jazeera journalist to be
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imprisoned in egypt last year a former editor of al-jazeera arabic website was sentenced to death in absentia in two thousand and thirteen an international campaign was launched after the arrest of peter greste mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed the three spent more than a year in prison in all cases al-jazeera says their only crime was being a journalist natasha going to al-jazeera. thousands of people are protesting in barcelona against the arrest of two separatist leaders the leaders of the catalan national assembly and a minium a group dedicated to promoting the catalan halter and language were arrested on monday and are being investigated for alleged the sedition they're being held without bail demonstrators are calling for the release of the two process session figures the first to be imprisoned since catalans controversial independence referendum. three days of national mourning have begun begun in portugal after
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forty one people died in wildfires rain and lower temperatures on tuesday are helping emergency teams fight the forest blazes some people are accusing the government of not being prepared to deal with the latest fires sixty four people died in blazes in central portugal back in june and meanwhile across the border in spain firefighters there are contending with seventy three separate blazes in the regions of the studio us the spanish countryside is going through an unusually hot and dry summer and early autumn leaving farmland and forests susceptible to wildfires israel has advanced plans for more than a thousand new settler homes in the occupied west bank and others are likely to follow the government has promised to push ahead with more illegal construction schemes with u.s. president donald trump far less critical of settlement expansion expansion than his predecessor barack obama herefore said has more now from ramallah. well at the end
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of the first day of a two day meeting of the committee which deals with these planning approvals we have some initial numbers one thousand two hundred and ninety two housing units approved plans for those housing units approved at some stage what on what is a fairly lengthy series of approvals on top of that two hundred and ninety six tenders for construction approved the illegal israeli settlement of beit il behind me here in the occupied west bank this does represent a real excel aeration of the settlement business under the prime ministership of benjamin netanyahu this is one of four. planning meetings that take place during the year and this announcement alone what's expected to come over the next couple of days rivals or even exceeds what happened in the whole of the last year now we have a new president of course in the white house many on the process film and lobby in
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israel were expecting and hoping for the brakes to be released and its construction to be accelerated still further benjamin netanyahu saying that no single israeli settlement will ever be uprooted in the future trying to shore up his credentials in his coalition however there are those among the processor lobby that say this even this isn't enough that construction isn't moving ahead at fast enough a pace of course for the palestinians is more bad news for anyone hoping for a two state solution it really does cement the key problem they say which is israeli settlements china's ruling communist party says its five year only congress will ensure a president vision ping's thinking is imbedded in its constitution president z. is expected to map out his ambitions for china and further tighten his grip on power at the congress which opens on wednesday he's also expected to outline a major overhaul of the people's liberation army. now it's one of the more unusual immigrants to the united states and one believed to be driven by
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global warming the nine banded armadillo is native to latin america and until relatively recently only encroached across the border into texas but as john hendren reports from illinois they're now being spotted more than a thousand kilometers loss they come by night recognizing new border cloaked in dark armor in the past few years the armadillo that nocturnal armor back mammal from latin america has marched ever northward there is actually armadillo in l a law. we're just seems crazy it does seem crazy this is not their territory they are just following the natural source of climate and if they've got a habitat they're going to move on as the population gets warrender they
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are in the cleaning process but augustan jimin is grew up with armadillos in his native mexico he's now is just it's southern illinois university he had planned to travel to study the mammals farther south in texas and florida i never expected to be in this position of starting out of the u.s. in illinois now one time the nine banded armadillo his arrived at his doorstep at least in part he says due to global warming they tore their winter is that where experiencing them are more likely it is for them to survive. that one is consistent with up out down of change of. weather patterns. chances for them surviving. rooms. some scientists believe it isn't just the climate that's changed enough to lure the creatures but also the mammals themselves global warming almost certainly has an element to it but it may involve both an interaction of warmer climates and . adaptations by the animals themselves that allow these rain shifts to take place
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the first armadillos appeared in the united states in the eight hundred fifty s. in texas and had been spreading ever since it took one hundred fifty years for the armadillo to reach this far north of mexico but now it's one immigrant that seems to be expanding throughout north america one reason may be that unlike further south where it's preyed upon by bob cats and humans for food here it has only one major predator the car. we found this one on the side of the highway too late for it but not for a species that is thriving in its new home john hendren al-jazeera carbondale illinois. you can find much more about that story and everything else we've been covering on our website there it is the address al-jazeera dot com.
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in other headlines on al-jazeera u.s. backed forces have driven i saw out of itself the cleared capital of rock in syria sidran them across the forces of raise their flag inside the city stadium which i saw had turned into a huge prison to hold anyone who oppose their the battle to take the city from my soul began in june civilians have been free for weeks as the fighting intensified kurdish forces meanwhile have lost more territory in northern iraq a day after government troops seized the northern city of kirkuk they've withdrawn from the towns of. more kirkuk and can a key in as well as giving up control of several oil fields tension has been mounting in the oil rich region since the kurds how the referendum on secession last month well iraq's prime minister hyderabadi is calling for dialogue with the kurdish leadership. the watchman i mean what we need in our responsibility and duty is to protect all citizens in force the authority of the federal government
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a close to how lesion according to. the help of god everything should be done to dialogue. everybody would be a winner. the philippine president says his forces have retaken the southern city of daraa away after a five month battle against eisel linked fighters there you go to ted ten ounce the city has been freed from what he called terrorists but his military says the fighting still continues the un's refugee agency is origin bangladesh to speed up vetting of around fifteen thousand range of refugees said to be stranded near the border with me and new drone footage showing the scale of the crisis has been released the agency wants the people moved further inland to safer and better conditions thousands of people are protesting in barcelona against the arrest of two separatist leaders the two were arrested on monday and they're being investigated for alleged sedition they're being held without bail demonstrators are
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calling for the release of the two process session figures the first to be imprisoned since catalans independence referendum i'm going to have more of the day's news for you in under half an hour stay with us coming up next the it's the scream thank you for watching us you very sort of i. i'm for me ok canada's national inquiry into missing unloads its indigenous women and girls is hearing from victims' family members this week and they're demanding just.


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