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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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no president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying that the future of the. story. at this time. looking stronger than ever.
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and. carrying out a ruthless campaign against the. whole of. the war over. china's president. country's fight against corruption remains a top priority the comments were made during the last three and a half hours at the ruling communist party congress in beijing. china must cooperate with other nations to ensure the survival of mankind. when their eyes right now about the situation at home and abroad are only going profound and complex changes the prospects for china are great but there are also
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severe challenges ahead all members of the party must look ahead and be vigilant be courageous and stay innovative. correspondent adrian brown joins us live from beijing so he talked for for quite a while adrian day you know he setting an agenda for for his party and for us country so tell us more about what he sat. well rachele he actually spoke for three and a half hours which is pretty impressive and i think what we can deduce from that is that president xi jinping is very healthy healthy enough to perhaps you know lead this country for the next ten fifteen or twenty years that is certainly the message that his supporters would like to put out now he spoke during that time he touched on a whole range of issues because of course so much has happened in china during the past five years he said that you know china's economy was going to face challenges
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in the years ahead that was a rare acknowledgement that the economy is facing difficulties he also said that socialism with chinese characteristics which is the theory which has really underpinned china's economy for the past three decades or so will continue but it's now reached a new stage of development he also spoke about taiwan you're warning against independence and evolved that his anticorruption crusade that began shortly after he came to office would continue that anti corruption crusade has brought down more than one point four million party cardoso this party has been meeting behind me on wednesday has really been through a to mulch was time in the past couple of years and the president warned again today that the shakeup is not yet yet over and that shake up by the way has also extended to the people's liberation army generals who hadn't yet retired have been purged and that means that president xi jinping has made an awful lot of enemies so the only way for him is to go up which is why he needs to stay at the top of
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chinese politics for many years to come this is the congress michel that is all about president xi jinping whether he's going to emerge. from this congress even stronger than he has been in the past few years ok ed framed around why for us and beijing talking a lot less than three hours thank you. amnesty international has accused me and maher security forces of killing hundreds of men women and children during a systematic campaign to expel rancher muslims from rakhine state hundreds of thousands over head to have fled to neighboring bangladesh and that sparked a major humanitarian crisis amnesty is urging the global community to take action against what it calls crimes against humanity when he reports the exodus continues this drone footage was shot on monday by the united nations refugee agency u.n.h.c.r.
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it shows range of crime down to muddy banks after fleeing me and my across the net to bangladesh and misty international says there are escaping crimes against humanity being committed by the me and my military it says security forces are carrying out a systematic organized and ruthless campaign against the rigging. based on interviews with victims and witnesses amnesty says soldiers are raping murdering and burning their way through villages in northern rakhine states the accusations of backed up by recent arrivals in bangladesh spoken to by al jazeera. i am now security forces are burning all our villages and killing our people which is why escaped to bang the danish they are taking all real hinge a man into forced labor camps making them work without pay and beating them up they also looting our livestock and goods if we protest they beat us and even kill us. this round of violence began in august when running jet fighters attacked
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government security posts the response from security forces was a so-called clearance operation that they said came to an end on the fifth of september but latest satellite images show the burning has continued according to human rights watch the village at the top of this picture was intact after september the fifth now it's completely torched below it is a buddhist village that's been left untouched. me and my government says it will investigate what's happening in rakhine state which the united nations calls ethnic cleansing it also says it will begin a process of verification and repatriation soon but for so many who continue to flee there is nothing to go back to and no faith in what the government says when hey al jazeera there are celebrations in the syrian city of rocca where these are mixed a group has now lost its last stronghold kurdish led syrian democratic forces raised
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their flag in the city stadium after a four month battle i met a on the turkey syria border reports. kurdish fighters triumphantly into iraq they're celebrating the capture of the city which was a main stronghold in syria but taking iraq wasn't easy. the syrian democratic forces a coalition of kurds and arabs backed by the u.s. began the offensive in june i said fighters held ground for five months but the armed groups defense lines were eventually broken by a continual wave of strikes and shelling. we control rock up but as you know there are mines that we need to clear and we have to make sure there are no are still fighters hiding in tunnels we are now clearing all the areas we captured civilians continue to flee to safe areas this is a family that has just
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a refugee camp controlled by the. tens of thousands of people have been affected by the fighting they mostly live in poorly equipped camps north of the city. i heard the news of a cease fire and took my family but then we came under fire the journey was tough because we had to walk through entire areas reduced to rubble now that iraq is under their control as fighters got the order to move south towards daters or i sells last area of control in syria. an advance that is likely to put the kurds on a collision course with the syrian army which is also launching an offensive from the southwest to capture the oil rich province the two have recently been competing to expand their military gains in iraq and there was over the counter rocket is
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a major setback for either which is now trying to hold ground in a vast desert area on the border with iraq by losing for thailand's and on. oilfields the group finds itself deprived of crucial financial means that's politically needs at this critical moment and it was hoping to use syria and iraq as a starting point for its self declared islamic state. yes played a key role in the removal of eisel from morocco with president trump claiming credit for changing the attitude of the military but exactly what role the u.s. will take in the rebuilding of syria an iraq that still unclear our state department correspondent miles in jordan has more. for months of ammunition airstrikes and bloodshed. the payoff isis so-called capital of raka is practically in the control of syrian arab and kurdish fighters with a healthy assist from the u.s. led military coalition there still is fighting left there but there's also training
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that continues with iraq internal security force some of that training also includes you know very very aptly the counter i.e.d. training which is allowing them to help remove some of these explosive remnants of war u.s. president donald trump quickly claimed credit for the success of the campaign saying his guidance quote has totally changed the attitudes of the military i totally changed our military i totally change the attitudes of the military and they have done a fantastic job the isis is now giving up it seems that winning the war against eisold may turn out to be the easy part the obama administration would only support those syrian opposition fighters who are willing to fight i sold not take on the assad government and in iraq they were dealing with kurds who felt that they should get an independent state in exchange for taking up arms against the group now it's up to the trumpet ministration to figure out how or whether it should be involved
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in shaping the peace in both countries the u.s. has said before it's not in the business of nation building a point the state department spokesperson repeated on tuesday is to restore basic services that is our plan it's not the sort of the nation building that the u.s. government previously engaged in in other countries right now we see our role as getting the base. up and running and then eventually turning it over to some to other countries and to that host country if you well a long time u.s. diplomat says the trumpet ministration has both the will and the diplomatic and economic tools to help iraqis and syrians rebuild their countries but james jeffrey questions whether the white house will seize the moment as long as there is one isis jihadi fighters out there there will be a temptation to say let's continue doing what works rather than get into this very complicated other stuff where we don't have guidance from above and therefore as
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a same group of people are working on all of these things you tend to go with what's working doing the easy thing at a time when iraqis and syrians may be expecting the u.s. and its allies to help them do the harder thing return their countries to being viable states rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the state department. still ahead on al-jazeera after retaking percoco iraq's prime minister offers a dialogue with the kurds but says their bid for independence is over. all trucks travel ban border for a third time a u.s. charge blocks the ban just hours before it was to take effect. with. hello there we've got quite an active weather system with this around to the caspian sea at the moment you can see it very clearly on the satellite picture this
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wooding mass here it's making its way through parts of ten minutes down a speck of stone and into caddick stand as well bringing heavy downpours as it does say to the south of that though it is largely fine and dry the temperature is a reason as you'd expect at this time of year for beirut will be getting to around twenty eight or twenty nine degrees as we head through the next few days now but for the towards the south that's a no major change for his here in doha it does look like the humidity will stay relatively low over the next few days thirty seven degrees on maximum temperature on wednesday and thursday so maybe thirty six and dropping down to around twenty five or twenty six during the night as we head down to a southern parts of africa a lot of quiet weather here as well plenty of sunshine not a great deal in the way of wet weather a tool for cape town we're looking at around seventeen degrees on maximum on wednesday not a major change even as we head through thursday the showers where they're largely a bit further north of course the central belt of africa and even these are just creeping a little bit further southwards now so we're still seeing quite a few of them around ethiopia stretching down towards uganda and kenya and then all
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the way across towards the west but in the northern policy it's fine and it's also rough settled. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called wool jarrah . but is this official narrative. of battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time. zero.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now china's president xi jinping says his country's fight against corruption remains a top priority the comments were made during his three and a half hour speech as the ruling communist party one thousand congress kicks off and they shang on climate change he says china must cooperate with other nations to ensure the survival of mankind amnesty international is calling on the international community to take action to stop what it calls crimes against humanity and me and maher and in a report the group says for a henge a minority are fleeing a targeted campaign of widespread and systematic murder rape and burning carried out by security forces and rakhine state. u.s. backed opposition forces have driven i saw from rocka itself the their capital in syria kurdish fled syria democratic forces raised their flag in the city stadium
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after a four month battle. kurdish forces have relinquished more territory in northern iraq a day after government troops took the city of kirkuk iraqi prime minister hyderabadi says the kurdish hopes for it and dependent state are now a thing of the past he's calling for dialogue strafford has more from erbil. iraqi government troops and shia militia on the outskirts of kill cook less than twenty four hours off the kurdish peshmerga forces withdrew from the oil rich city no one predicted the ease and speed with which iraqi government forces could take control of the oil fields and most of the remaining towns in the disputed areas of northern iraq peshmerga forces withdrew in some areas without even firing a shot the iraqi prime minister says they nord orders from bill i so i wanted to help what they went against your instruction and didn't. exist i said listen
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many people who had fled kirkuk the day before began to return the lights and now we don't know anything yet we're about to enter but we don't know sipho not where else can i go i don't know where to go it's better to go back we're going back to our house and i think it was. some arab residents in this ethnically diverse region celebrated the arrival of iraqi government forces. and. now all of kirkuk is retaken and we are happy some of the peshmerga killed in the sporadic fighting which taken to a morgue in the kurdish region second city ceremony the regional government hasn't released figures yet on how many peshmerga killed the letter and this is to let you know since last night we received twenty five corpses of troops killed in battles of kirk and its suburbs relatives of those killed in battles received twenty one corpses so far the bereaved relatives are gathering at the morgue to receive dead
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bodies of their sons you know bill many people say they are shocked and feel betrayed accusing the international community of siding with the iraqi government against them. it looks like there was an international betrayal of the kurdish nation and that is due to the fact that we had a plan. move towards independence unfortunately we are facing a situation where we lost everything that we had before all this loss is a result of the fact that the kurdish nation is not united evidence of factionalism and rivalry between kurdish groups and political parties is growing in a statement released by the k r g president and head of the k d p party massud barzani said the withdrawal of peshmerga was because of unilateral decisions made by some officials the peshmerga general command is blaming this incredibly quick withdrawal of peshmerga fighters from these territories as being as a result of what it describes as historical treason by some senior members of the p
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u k party one former senior aide to the p k has called for a transitional government and says more constructive channels of dialogue should be set up with baghdad after the iraqi army has taken so much control of territory that the k r g was hopeful would be part of a future independent kurdish state president barzani is facing one of the biggest political crises of his life charles stuff at al-jazeera north of erbil we're getting reports of an explosion and pakistan at least six police officers reportedly have been killed in the city of quetta several more injured it's believed a truck they were traveling in was targeted we're still getting more details on this developing story so to keep it here on al-jazeera. president. to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries. the restrictions which
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would have taken effect and this week targeted people from iran syria yemen somalia chad and north korea legal experts expect a final ruling will ultimately go before the u.s. supreme court but the travel ban still applies to people traveling from. supporters of president. continue to celebrate it there we saw sunday's elections the results continue to be questioned at home and abroad. just as the travel ban by the united states. comes into effect. on its own problems and leave the rest of the world alone. he's a member of venezuela's constitutional assembly he's also on the list of the. control of the united states when you travel ban affects him and his family.
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the country is divided and it's the perfect ground for intervention because we are small and we don't have the power like north korea that has nuclear power can be easily intervened at the local. members of government but also of the police military and intelligence services anyone that could have been involved in human rights. members of the constitutional. the ban in her government. people. months of violent protests that left at least one hundred twenty five people killed having creased international pressure on the venezuelan government that is already struggling with a serious economic right. last sunday venezuelans headed to the polls to elect new governors and again the opposition denounced foul when the government won in at
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least seventeen states. on tuesday. said he's not worried about u.s. sanctions. mr trump i am not a dictator the venezuelan people would never accept a dictator i am a man of the working class not a millionaire. the travel ban is not the first measure by the united states against . the u.s. says it for members of government and banned u.s. banks from buying venezuelan bonds. analysts here say the government has a lot to worry about with. the money of citgo the venezuelan subsidiary oil company in the u.s. cannot be repatriated for me this is one of the most serious sanctions because the government the short of cash. the government has been denouncing the u.s. attempts to put an end to. this revolution and in spite of the consequences many
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remain defiant to the u.s. latest threats. it is how. rescue operations continue and somalia's capital for the still missing after the worst bomb attack in that country's history more than three hundred people were killed in saturday's attack values president has told al jazeera that his country cannot fight on its own and has appealed for international help mohammed reports. a huge crater at the point where the explosion happened rubble from collapsed buildings. the shows so vehicles skated around the blast radius. these images should be familiar to the people of somalia in conflict since the one nine hundred ninety s. yet saturday's attack one of the most lethal anywhere in the world for years has meant. the way we have never seen anything like this
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this was a massacre of the weakest and poorest within our society. students were returning from school and. this changes mogadishu for ever mogadishu has been hit by. and to. have been. here the suicide bomber chose the cities the rush hour of its busiest streets to deter the bomb rescue workers are still searching for bodies some they say may never be found. there's been no official claim of responsibility for the blast somali president mohammad up to life. it's the fight i thought they would claim but maybe they fear. this is a huge. responsibility to be claimed but this is their fingerprint this is what they have done. strongholds are concentrated
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largely in southern somalia with significant presence in many rural. somali troops and african union peacekeepers have been steadily taking back territory from al shabaab in recent years but the loss of territory has not been enough to stop the fighters from cutting out there to get talks the president has this warning for the international community if they succeed here there are easier to. promote their. crazy ideology their political ideology to the youth. in the united states and in europe. the difficult such full body was under the rubble. investigators. say the source of the great explosives to have been used in the talk among the focus of the investigation officials say is with the help in the security forces.
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somalia kenya's top election commissioner has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote won't be credible combat war and that commission is in its current state could not guarantee a credible election she also said staff are facing intimidation and threats are a victory in august sparked regular opposition protests the country's supreme court ordered a rerun saying the vote had been compromised. one of the biggest mining companies in the world it's been accused by regulators in the united states of orchestrating a multi-billion dollar fraud charges against the company and two former executives allege they misled investors by hugely overvaluing coal assets in mozambique the company says it rejects those accusations it's another blow to rio tinto reputation and july u.k.
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authorities find it thirty five million dollars over the same issue. catalonia as president carlos puts them on has walked out of a cabinet meeting in protest against the arrest of two separatist leaders but later said the cattle on national assembly and a minium a group dedicated to promoting the cattle on culture and language were arrested on monday for the sanchez from joining a shark being investigated for alleged the dition for organizing demonstrations they are being held without bail. britain's most prestigious literary award has been won by an american writer george saunders received the man booker prize for fiction for his novel lincoln in the bardo he's a second u.s. author of when that prize happenstance of reports from london. lincoln in the bar. it was a book on the afterlife such in a washington graveyard during the american civil war that was bestowed with britain's top literary honor lincoln in the bardo sees u.s.
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president abraham lincoln trying to communicate to his dad eleven year old son who appears to be caught in a supernatural world between the living and the dead the story is told mostly in dialogue by dozens of spirits in the graveyard with a grief stricken lincoln at its center george saunders says the idea first came to him twenty years ago and he had some doubts about bringing it to life if i go in knowing what the story is supposed to be about it will just be that thing in disappoint everybody whereas if i kind of going from another daury which for me is usually you know the sound of the language or in this case a lot of the structural things were kind of talking to me then the story that gets produced is higher than the one i could have imagined in advance so that's kind of a leap of faith that you know you think it a fifty eight you should have some kind of mastery but i think the true master used to be willing to wade in this something and not be sure how it's going to turn out
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the novel was praised for its unusual format and writing style something that many of the shortlisted novels had in common we tend to think of the novel as being a certain frame speaks to cause that is changed over the years and indeed in some ways it's still a relatively new art form a new way of writing so it's inevitable really that it will change transform mutates experiment and so on some take on the political upheaval and societal changes in the world today all across the country people felt it was the wrong thing all across the country people felt it was the right thing like scottish author alys smith whose book is such against the backdrop of a post brags that britain in a city swarming by refugees but still mostly at peace. or at least not yet openly at war. novel exit west which highlights mass immigration oppression and the search for freedom this year's shortlist is made up of authors from the united states and
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britain some of them well established writers others newcomers to the literary world including university students who wrote most of her book on her commutes to work but for saunders he joins a distinguished group that includes salman rushdie hilary mento margaret atwood and yan martell the nugget of an idea he said he had twenty years ago grown into literary gold catherine stansell al jazeera london our website as al-jazeera dot com to get a moment take a look at al-jazeera dot com. these are your headlines on al-jazeera president xi jinping says china must cooperate with other nations to ensure the survival of mankind his comments on climate change came during a three and a half hour long speech at the ruling communist party congress in beijing he also said his country's fight against corruption remains
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a top priority. function. right now about the situation at home and abroad our own are going profound and complex changes the prospects for china are great but there are also severe challenges ahead all members of the party must look ahead and be vigilant be courageous and stay innovative amnesty international is calling on the international community to take action to stop what it calls crimes against humanity and me and maher and in a report the group says revenge a minority are feeling a targeted campaign of widespread systematic murder rape and burnings carried out by security forces and rakhine state. u.s. backed opposition forces have driven eisel from rocka itself to clear a capital in syria kurdish led syrians in a crowd of forces raise the flag of the city stadium after a four month battle. getting reports about an explosion in pakistan at least six police officers are believed to have been killed in the city of quetta several
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more injured it's believed they were in a truck that was targeted will continue to follow that for you. rescue operations continue in somalia's capital for those still missing after the worst bomb attack in that country's history more than three hundred people were killed in saturday's attack there's been no official claim of responsibility for that blast somali president mohammad abdul ali for macho though says that there is no doubt to him that these are all fighters the u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump's latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries entering the united states the restrictions which would have taken effect but this week targeted people from iran libya syria yemen somalia chad and north korea legal experts expect a final ruling will ultimately go before the u.s. supreme court. those are the headlines news continues here on al jazeera after the
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listening post keep it here. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. it's our top story tonight because it involves all. of us how can it come up that might not follow my. own dime talk about the baby and me it was the sense of oh the shrinking space rocks me. hello i'm richard ginsburg and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're tracking this week running scared more and more indian news outlets are shying away from stories the prime minister would disapprove of on the us media and the hard.


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