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initials is the name one of which i recorded a regular regular music is really going to fit my life. very young me it may come from the make of what i feel that. talks of are just want to talk so often organism are great in music as a message that's deeply relevant to this drug especially frightening i think this is kind of on all the right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers writers me so they've been intimidated from the arrested and people are on the streets and protest has reached our doorstep sort of in whichever way i'd like to attempts to contribute something and it's.
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and live from studio four a team here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha for the back to go welcome to the news grid spain's biggest political crisis in forty years is only getting worse the national government is to begin the process of spending cuts known as autonomy and imposing direct rule after the region's president refused to abandon the push for independence we have a live report from boston and also on the grid the taliban strikes again forty three afghan army soldiers were killed on a military base in the southern province of kandahar is the latest in a series of devastating attacks this week we'll explore why afghan security forces us to combat a reason agents taliban and equal pay for equal play no way becomes the world's first country to offer the same cash to its man and international female football is danish an american woman may is also want their fair share and are threatening
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to strike but can they get a better deal. part of canada to force muslim women to remove face coverings when using any public service even stepping onto a bus i mean or chapell monitoring the online reaction to that and our top story so send us your thoughts using the hashtag. with a news grid live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us has been threatening to do it for weeks now spain's prime minister is taking the first steps towards taking control of regional government money and are always says he'll hold a special cabinet meeting on saturday when the trigger article one five five of spain's constitution has been pressuring catalonia leader to back away from his threats to declare independence after secession was approved during a bond referendum earlier this month now the term article one for. it is being
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thrown around a lot but what does it mean exactly in that shell it's the part of spain's constitution that says autonomy is regions like cuts lonia must meet their obligations to the spanish states if not spain's government can force them to using all necessary measures these measures could include stripping catalonia government of its powers what would happen then while given that article one five five has never been use it's very hard to know one big question though is how madrid would go about seizing control over catalonia and how people might react let's bring in there if need broncos in boston in a forest so leave article one five five we've heard about it for some time now and the threats of imposing it talk us through the process how exactly is a central government in madrid going to do this. well we're into uncharted territory here as you said yourself there is no precedent for this so what could happen next is really down to an awful lot of speculation
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political analysts and constitutional experts who have been looking at the possible options and they say that it boils down to a series of different possible scenarios what's very likely is that we're likely to see a stripping away of some of the devolved powers that the region has to be able to send taxes and and other things like that into including the control over education and health care and so on and so forth that also includes crucially control of the regional police that is you'll probably remember in the wake of the referendum that took place in october the first those members of the regional police actually ended up being implicated or drawn into the dispute between national police obviously representing madrid and the region to so be a big moment if they are suddenly under the control of central government in madrid but there are patchwork of different possibilities the very worst we could and up seeing the whole government here in catalonia being replaced where into uncharted
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territory as a said we're at a crossroads what's clear is we can't go back but what's to come is really i'm certain. spain's political crisis is deepening after failing to comply with the spanish government catalonia it will now be stripped of its autonomy morse eleven o'clock you for in the absence of a clear response we note that he has not answered our request and therefore we will continue procedure of triggering article one five five of the constitution to restore legality in catalonia the capital and president. had been given until thursday morning to clarify and revoke any independence claim last week he unilaterally declared independence and similar suspended it to allow for talks but instead of clarifying his position sent a letter to madrid calling for an end to repression and for dialogue prime minister
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mariano rajoy has repeatedly refused to mediate with the secessionists were now in uncharted territory article one five five has never been invoked in mainland spain before they could see devolved powers over the raising of taxes education health care in the police soon in madrid hands of the very worst you could see the suspension of the government and the arrest of its leaders it's hard to imagine any of these scenarios unfolding without more massive protests or perhaps even a change of tactics i think there's no possibility of following like taking arms praising arms and or even like. seeing the birth of a terrorist group i don't think that is a possibility i don't know but some kind of more aggressive i don't want to say by land but more stronger organized insurgency in terms of political insurgency and organization i think it's it's a problem. but madrid to show restraint amnesty international's urged the spanish
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government to avoid a repeat of these scenes on the day of the catalan referendum. they've also asked for two independence leaders jailed by spanish judge to be released the spanish government six-pack to to finalize plans for direct rule at a cabinet meeting on saturday. in response the catalan leadership say they'll now formalize independence with a vote of the regional parliament this tense standoff is entering a critical new phase. sone of a saturday a crucial day then for both bossanova and madrid how are people in catalonia reacting to these latest developments. well as news filters out through the people who are based here in barcelona or in the rest of catalonia or most certainly amongst people who voted for independence we are of course expecting some big reaction from now here in barcelona itself the weather is
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incredibly bad but we have seen a smattering of some very small protests here in front of the general attack where the catalan regional government sits there is also word of a about the smaller demonstration that's expected later on on thursday evening but it seems as if everyone for the time being here is keeping their powder dry until saturday colace put your mom the regional president had warned that he may well give some sort of announcement on saturday we know that key members within his coalition government have been asked to keep their diaries free potentially for emergency session of the government what exactly then next movies unclear we know the push of all have said in the past that if central government doesn't vote on its own five five that they will then officially declare independence and that requires a vote in the regional parliament so that's what we've got our attention on next that we assume will be a very very big moment for the catalonia leadership needs walker in both and i
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thank you very much for that need while next get an idea now how this is playing out online with our social media producer and your ship out well so much of the online conversation over the past few days has centered around the arrest of two independence leaders with lots of people accuse the spanish police of basically trying to silence them now jordi sanchez and you already cuisinart allegedly tried to stop police from dispersing protesters at a rally in late september a video of the incident though seems to show that the man never got in the way of the officers and actually tried to help calm people down that's what their supporters are saying now they're formally accused of sedition that's an offense that can lead up to ten years in jail and both there be. held in pre trial detention now a report from amnesty international has called for these charges to be dropped they say there's no proof that the men did anything wrong amnesty says the prosecution of jordy sanchez and jordi qui short for
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a serious crime such as sedition and their detention on remand constitute excessive restrictions on their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly now catalonia as president president karla's says civil society leaders are being jailed for organizing peaceful demonstrations he tweeted that sadly we have political prisoners again now you may have already seen this next video it went viral called help catalonia it's asking for the e.u. to intervene to end spain's political crisis. we are european citizens just like you and we need your help to defend democracy. don't look away what's happening here in catalonia it's not a spanish internal affair it concerns to each and every european citizen share these videos with your friends. and representatives now before it's too late.
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to save europe. but now this video was created by independent opponents who are calling out what they say are lies coming from the other side basically because we are european citizens and we believe in european values freedom democracy and human rights we stood for social rights public health equality for we. now the spanish government does end up stripping catalonia of its autonomy as power spaniards and catalans alike fear that there will be more violence here is what some members of the central government have said on. the wisest solution will be illegal approved guaranteed referendum we want to fight the depends project but not with strength with votes with the strength of votes. i want to call for unity unity between all political factions and that citizens and the socialist party
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continue to collaborate like they already are to solve one of the biggest problems spain has ever had. if you're in spain we would love to hear from you you can get in touch with me directly. on twitter or simply use the hash tag. andrew thank you very much for that and as madrid and catalonia engage in a political fight over the future of castro and yet we here at al-jazeera wanted to hear from the people of the region craig newton spoke to alderney catalogs about the events of the last month and what their hopes offer the future read about their views on this push for independence very interesting article you can find it on al-jazeera dot com. now on to the gold diplomatic crisis now in his fourth month and will be among the top priorities for u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson as he heads off twenty five nation trip on friday over the following week he'll visit songe arabia qatar pakistan india and switzerland it will be the second time to listen has been in the region since
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bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. impose a land air and sea embargo on qatar accusing it of supporting terrorism allegations that denies let's go straight to our white house correspondent kimberly hulk it was in washington d.c. committee this announcement for this new visit came less than an hour ago what should we read into this how significant is it that to listen is coming back to the region for a second time. i think it's tremendously significant there is indeed a recognition here in washington that this crisis needs to be resolved there is a recognition that erupted after the president's visit to riyadh that riyadh summit and certainly looking at the statements that have been coming out of the trumpet ministration in recent months since then and particularly in recent weeks there is a notable measured tone in all of these statements and the seems to sort of indicate that well we initially saw over the summer the president singling out qatar in a tweet that there has been a dialing back of that language and
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a recognition even an investment by the president to try and see this resolved of course we saw the president hosting the emir of kuwait who is actively involved in mediating but now we see the secretary of state visiting the white house today this afternoon here in washington in advance of this weeklong trip which as you point out will have those two very notable stops one in riyadh the other and as there is this effort to meet with top leaders to try and resolve this so certainly i think what we can read from this folly is a significant recognition that there is a u.s. role to play in trying to resolve this thank you very much for that live for us in washington d.c. and a very interesting opinion piece by our jamal child on the g.c.c. crisis that's been published just today on al-jazeera dot com and he asks whether this crisis will be resolved at camp david looking at the u.s.
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role in trying to find a solution to this crisis a very interesting perspective read it on al-jazeera dot com. all right we want to take you to afghanistan now where taliban fighters have killed at least fifty four afghan security personnel in yet another wave of attacks forty three soldiers were killed in my wand where the taliban set off two suicide car bombs at a base before hours of gun fighting followed this is the afghan taliban third major attack this week which in total have killed more than one hundred twenty people and underscores the spiraling insecurity in the country the worst attack was on tuesday in the city of gardez south of kabul fighters stormed into a police compound with guns and bombs killing more than forty people half of them police offices the same day fifteen security forces personnel were among twenty people killed during a time just to the west of gaza and earlier this year in april taliban fighters hit
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the military headquarters in the northern city of mazar e sharif killing more than one hundred sixty afghan soldiers let's get the latest from jennifer grandson correspondent in kabul jennifer it's been quite a brutal week for afghan security forces what do we know first happened today in kandahar how are the taliban able to get close to this military base. well that's exactly what the afghan military is investigating tonight the afghan army two of five who are in charge of much of southern afghanistan looking into how that attack happened just before three o'clock in the morning in southern afghanistan and my wand on a small military base there home to about sixty afghan army soldiers the taliban attacked exploding car bombs and then assaulting the base in that assault forty three people forty three afghan soldiers killed nine injured six still missing and only two soldiers of the whole base take a skate that attack an injured ten afghan taliban were also killed according to the
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ministry of defense here in kabul and that attack. propecia waited we believe because those cars were humvees now the minister of defense was asked about that how they how they not only that attack but the ones from the ones earlier this week and guard is that you mentioned though the worst attack this week that killed more than sixty people that's that also used humvees and a police vehicle captured from afghan security forces and that's a continuing problem here right and how to protect how to prevent these kind of attacks from happening right before we continue i want to give our viewers a better idea of where the taliban are in afghanistan take a look at this map on al jazeera dot com the areas in gray are the areas under the control of the afghan government and that includes the capital kabul of course and herat in block you have the areas under taliban control that includes can do is in the north and in this big area in the south here and then there are also the disputed areas seen in red so jennifer what we see on this map that the taliban
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still are in control of a lot of territory why are we seeing this upsurge in violence by the group and why are afghan forces struggling to fight them. we know the afghan controller contest almost forty percent of the country now some of it is done in attacks like the attack checkpoints along along major roads and make those roads impassable or simply harass travelers along those roads we've seen the taliban increasingly take control of territory over the last two and a half years or so of course after nato drew the withdrew the bulk of its forces from afghanistan and afghan security forces struggling in the fight against them this year we've seen an uptick as well in the fighting against afghan security forces they are working very hard in taking terrible terrible casualties an average of about twenty soldiers and police forces
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a day being killed in fights against the taliban but the taliban have been able to infiltrate if you remember could do so before the taleban fill in two thousand and one was one of their last strongholds and they harassed could use for quite a while before they were able to move into could use two years ago in september in the for the first actual capital provincial capital they were allowed to be able to take it all of the previous if previously they've only been really holding rural areas and small villages but they've become more bold in the last year or so getting more getting closer to bigger areas with with more higher population levels and of course much more aggressive more recently attacking afghan military bases jennifer grass in kabul thank you very much for about jennifer will of ghana stand managed to find peace watch this excellent interview mehdi hasan did on outfront with the former afghan spy chief. he says pakistan is to blame for the violence in
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afghanistan is quite got quite a few interesting things to say watch interview by clicking on shows on al-jazeera dot com and then click on up front. now we're out on multi view wall here on the news grid taking a look at the different pictures the news agencies are feeding us this here is sochi. in russia where the russian president vladimir putin is speaking at a conference attended also by the former afghan president hamid karzai you can see him there and we're keeping a close eye on this press conference because putin has been speaking on a number of issues and we were waiting to hear whether he says anything about the election next year in russia and whether or not he will stand we'll keep a close eye on that for you in the meantime though let's check in with our colleagues in london lauren taylor is here with the day's other news lauren for you thank you very much a pakistani court has indicted the ousted prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter and son in law over corruption allegations opening a trial that could see the former leader jailed the supreme court disqualified
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sherry from office in july not declaring a source of income this after the twenty six thousand papers revealed the family had used offshore companies to buy expensive properties in london the sharifs say the corruption proceedings a part of a conspiracy fueled by the opposition. if they have to take revenge it will be better to announce a punishment once and for all why all these daily hearings this daily simple and solve the rule of law this charade that they are performing you for a day they should stop wasting their own time and the time of the country the nation and also our time. female kurdish fighters who help to defeat our soil in the group self declared capital rocca when celebrating in the streets of the city dedicated their progress against arsenal to do the actual on the jailed head of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party in neighboring turkey the all female forces vowed to continue fighting until all women are freed from rule. yes. that
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with solid intentions and a will that hasn't been broken we have achieved our goal which was to pound the strongholds of terrorism in the city we have restored on a to use eighty women by liberating dozens of slaves who were taken from single and we've also freed a similar number of children a saudi government minister has headed straight to rocker reportedly to discuss his country's role in reconstruction efforts there. and who's the minister of state for arab affairs as did some of the churchy captured by kurdish led rebels activist photos show him with brett mcgurk the u.s. president's special envoy against eisel action has vera has more from gaziantep near turkey's border with syria there's been no official explanation of the visit by mr. this argument for gulf two. area but however we do understand that at this particular moment then there will be
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a need to rebuild. iraq and the united states of america is hoping to tap into saudi arabia's deep pockets to be able to rebuild the area that has been damaged by months of fighting between the. now. we know from activists whole solar thermal in iraq have this ever him battle with local officials and also with a reconstruction committee but this is an issue that could raise concerns here in turkey because turkey considered they want to do with one of the main kurdish factions operating within the as the a coalition as a terrorist organization it could be also an indication of a saudi arabia is definitely going to play a bigger role now in the future in syria kenya's opposition leader says he may reconsider his decision not to run in next week's presidential election if proper lecture reforms are carried out by noting that made the comments after talks with kenya's election commission. a week before the the shed your rerun of the august
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vote kenya's president hurricane yet or refused to attend the crisis meeting saying he'd spend the day campaigning instead the commission has warned political leaders that it cannot guarantee a credible vote under the current conditions. new zealand has a new prime minister third female leader and the youngest in one hundred sixty years as you know arden will need a center left coalition government with support from the new zealand first party and the greens and thirty seven year old labor party came second in last month's election behind the incumbent center right national party she's about to address new zealand housing and inequality issues i feel extraordinarily on it and privileged to be in a position to form a government with a labor with labor it believes i want to thank all those who gave labor support throughout the election and through this period of negotiation we campaigned hard
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on issues that we believe strongly on and now we take very seriously the responsibility that we have to deliver on them britain's prime minister has demanded urgency from e.u. leaders on resolving the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. after it leaves the block to resume made the comments in brussels ahead of a key e.u. summit threatening oshea sions a moving slowly and european union leaders want britain to pay a higher divorce bill but it wants seeking to clear the hurdles may says she will make it as easy as possible to e.u. citizens in britain to stay there. that's it for me for news grid now but you fall into how you know and thank you very much coming up if you're watching us on facebook live and are still intriguing take on famous smile and still ahead on the grades. i've got us with artists with guards especially when they just in which they can fish try to extend by israel's military.
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welcome back as we look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia is all looking dr fine at the moment temperatures not too bad for this time of the year back you there enjoying the sunshine and temps of twenty we were all across turkey is also looking fine and what the conditions across the society the mediterranean also particularly good at the moment will seeing temperatures drop away across iran iraq through into kuwait so just into the low thirty's so very pleasant here here in the arabian peninsula too temperatures are dropping more importantly the humidity is dropping so thirty seven degrees as a high in doha and heading on through into the tail end the weekend temperature of thirty four in abu dhabi is also pleasant on the other side of the peninsula but temperatures in mecca are still close to the forty mark across into southern portions of africa for the most part we've got fine weather during the course of
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friday but there is a little convergence line where the winds will come together not to well develop into a more active system as we head on through into saturday we showers for durban some heavy ones johannesburg too but it should be largely dry and fine in capetown elsewhere plenty of sunshine in evidence central parts of africa looking fairly lively still with shows towards karbala and cameroon further west looks should be largely fine and i crank out our highs of thirty. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the aspersion a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember
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that there felicia travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. and the story builds steam jobs much better marketeers. when people need to be head they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mole and ward winning documentary and live news on and on nine. yes yes yes. yes.
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yes. yes. yes yes. yes. yes. yes. i have lines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website www dot com at number one there google honoring the scientists behind the chandra said car limits the indian american astrophysicist subrahmanyam chunder sick of the first astrophysicist to win a nobel prize today would have been his one hundred seven spro stay on do you want to be happy diwali by the way to all of us who are celebrating number two north korea threatening unimaginable strike on the u.s. on a u.s.
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ship and number three still trending again today the life and death of someone gentleman author all those stories and much more on our web site al-jazeera dot com . it would be news great on al-jazeera and we've got people watching today from malaysia egypt's pakistan thank you so much for being with us remember you can have your say on today's news by sending your questions your comments for us correspondents as well as i guess you can do that on facebook live facebook dot com slash a.j. news great on twitter at a.j. english. a.j. news grid you can also call us the number on your screen right now to know what's up call it's nine seven four five zero one trip or one forty nine not to the u.s. send police in the state of florida bracing for protests and violence as of our white supremacists. richard spencer prepares to speak at a university there the governor has even declared a state of emergency and france's first visit to a college campus and other organizes organize
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a rally in charlottesville virginia about two months ago there was violence at the time one person a woman was killed let's bring in andy gallagher was at the site where protests are expected to be held in gainesville florida and a first for our international audience tell us spencer is and why his appearance is so significant and controversial. well richard spencer would like us to call him the so-called leader of the alternative right someone who is involved in identity politics but the truth is much harsher richard spencer is a white supremacist he's the president of the national policy institute a group that has been branded as a hate group by the southern poverty law center is someone who first came to the national stage following president victory when he gave a speech in d.c. and he was saying heil victory trump and some of his supporters were throwing up
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nazi salute he is also someone who led those demonstrations as you were saying in charlottesville a couple of months ago that led to scenes which really shocked the entire united states divided this already divided nation and led to of course the death of one of those protesters right it is significant that he is here today because it is his first public appearance since charlottesville and i can tell you here it's fairly tense in the city of gainesville but one key thing to remember is the university of florida did not invite richard spencer to this event it's a public university and because of freedom of speech laws they cannot prevent him from appearing he booked a venue behind us here for about ten thousand dollars and already he's got a victory in some ways because the attention here is enormous strain he spent a little amount of money the national stage the world's press is already wants. and he's already said look the state of emergency is fairly flattering to me in comparing himself to a zombie a cop. what's the security like when in gainesville i had of this
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speech because there was violence as we said in china as well as a lot of security what's the atmosphere like right now. this is pretty unprecedented probably i have to say this is a post charlottesville world i haven't seen this kind of security even when there's a presidential visit on the police helicopters hovering around as there are barriers all over the place there a place lighting all the streets a lot of the streets are actually blocked now what they want to do here is put protesters both for and against in this contained area behind us but then taking no chances here not part of the reason why there's been a state of emergency declared for this county they don't want to see scenes that we saw in charlottesville happening here and i have to say with this kind of security i can't see things getting out of hand but there is a tension here in this city a city that really largely wants to ignore spencer's presence a lot of the students here are have gone away for the day some of going to disney
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world others have gone to the beach that's a deliberate move by students here to ignore richard spencer to not give this hate speech fuel person a platform for a century that's failed because the world's press is here the security operation is going to cost the city of gainesville about half a million dollars and once again it raises that whole issue of freedom of speech and just how far it goes and on that an interesting question from one of our viewers and he is richard spencer dreams of an all white land he quotes nazi propaganda why is he being provided a public platform at a public university why is the media covering this. it's a great question and the question we've been asking ourselves the first part of the question is this is a public university they cannot stop anyone from coming here and saying what they want that's essentially what the first amendment is all about all the universities have tried to stop spencer from speaking and in the end of the day it's cost them in legal fees some of them of even paid spencer themselves out of their own pocket
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because they tried to block him from speaking at a place like this so that's the first part the second part is it's important i think for the media to cover what richard spencer has to say because it raises the question of race relations in this country it raises the question of where this country is headed because he does have his supporters we saw that in charlottesville so the best we can hope out of a situation like this is it gets a conversation going about race relations in this country about the direction of this country not about where people like richard spencer belong because the majority of people in gainesville and i think the majority of people in this country don't want to hear this man speak they don't want to hear his hate filled rhetoric they simply want to ignore him but he has become an important figure in the so-called right movement so essentially i think we have to cover that event in hopes of raising questions that make this a better country and egalitarian game telephone i thank you very much and i'm sure we'll be talking to you throughout the day today on al jazeera and andrew is back
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now with another story that's gaining traction in the americas. controversial law that bans the use of face veils has been approved in the canadian province of quebec according to a bill approved on wednesday by the provincial parliament anyone wearing a face veil face veil rather will not be allowed to access any government service and that includes even getting on a bus public workers are also banned from wearing them that includes teachers doctors police and so on and although the law doesn't mention any religious group in particular critics say it's hard it's muslim women. we can't have the state tell people what to wear what not to wear and not. particularly when it's applied in the way that will disparate disproportionate impact some people other than others that's me reflects a law that is discriminatory and that. it breaks the fundamental principle of human rights the national council of canadian muslims said the government is pandering to
6:37 pm
bigoted populism and rather than facilitating inclusion this legislation excludes citizens from the public sphere it reinforces the marginalization of canadian muslims and it risks and boldin ing those seeking to sow divisions and hatred between canadians to amplify an us versus them narrative now the canadian council of muslim women told al-jazeera muslim women and kid back are feeling targeted and the message the government is sending is to the to these women is basically stay home and don't come out on line many people have different things to say about this mona here says it's a sad time when liberty and freedom is taken by our government because of ignorance and evil doing well heather here asks what about winter where will that be banned as well but others are saying look western women have to adapt to appropriate clothing in some middle eastern country so what's the difference finally vincy or vinci excuse me commented on our facebook post and said if government can legislate
6:38 pm
under dressing or public nudity they can legislate over dressing now this law comes into effect next summer but we'd like to hear from you now if you can especially if you're watching us from canada or another place in the world that's and acted a similar law get in touch with us using the hash tag age in his grave. thank you very much for that pressure is piling on young mars' government from iran the world about the crisis and this chorus of criticism now includes america's chief diplomat u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says he holds myanmar's military response of all for violence as for six hundred thousand six hundred thousand or so range of muslims to flee over the border to bangladesh the un and several rights groups have been gathering evidence of crimes against humanity osama bin job it has all reports . tens of thousands of ranger refugees are coming to bangladesh every day they see their homes are being burned and they're being chased by buddhist mobs.
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they describe desperate conditions and having little to eat. i mean most military denies the allegations of abuse and insists it's going after what it calls terrorists but the international community doesn't believe the claims by the military we really hold the military leadership accountable for what's happening with the writing area what's most important to us is that the world can't just stand idly by and be witness. to the atrocities that are being reported in the area . that. there has been no letup in extrajudicial killings rights abuse rape and arson attacks the human rights chief told al jazeera that the international community must intervene if perpetrators of the violence are not punished this is still ongoing notwithstanding the claim that the military operations have largely done this does not seem to be the case but that could be conducted with impunity i
6:40 pm
think must be put behind us and then if. resistant. security council should consider other measures of course to be applied nearly six hundred thousand people have had to leave their homes and because many don't have any official status and it's very little prospect of return. some. of the sick. and we heard the international response to the ongoing crisis let's not get a sense of what's happening on the ground. spoke to refugees that they could to prolong temporary shelter outside the city of cox's bizarre in bangladesh. all this going to a residence in this temporary shelter crossed into bangladesh within the last two to three days now they were confined in a place called about ten to fifteen thousand going there for the last three days they were not allowed inside one of the start treaty because the burning of the border guard confined them there not to. allow them in buying other star trees
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designate a certain places for this nearly. take shelter and we spoke to some of the injured as it is right there tells of atrocities similar to what other residents who came in recent days told us. that burning our homes and we can't do any business or work there anymore the security forces are driven assad survived. told us go to bangladesh you're not from hand. this corroborates with the amnesty international latest report about it find me on my arm a systematic approach of driving the most women out from myanmar into burning of the us this plight all the international pressure and diplomatic pressure on another. man maher army since they were determined to drive everyone you're muslim into bangladesh leaders of iraq's kurdistan regional government say they welcome
6:42 pm
prime minister bodies call for dialogue this follows iraq the iraqi military's offensive against the kurds in the disputed areas of northern iraq kurdish residents meanwhile is celebrating the withdrawal of shia militia fighters from a city in northern indiana. had aided iraqi army's efforts to push out the kurdish peshmerga fighters from mr body had ordered shia fighters to pull out of areas around kirkuk and sin jar and the rocky interior minister spoke to our sister channel al jazeera arabic he admitted some people have been hurt during the military operations but blamed unknown armed groups for the violence. also today while mr about he the iraqi prime minister has received information that some armed men whose affiliations unknown have attacked some civilians of course the prime minister does not accept such violations we also emphasize our commitment to the orders of the prime minister to protect the safety and security of all citizens
6:43 pm
in the governorates without exception the interior ministry will take all measures to stop those who commit such violations but as stephanie decker reports from a bill the capital of the kurdish region people are still worried about violations by shia militia fighters. many families kurdish families from kirk cook in the surrounding areas of come here on the outskirts of erbil and at the moment there's handouts being given out that's been going out throughout the morning we've been speaking to some of the people here as to why they fled and they're all telling us similar stories they're difficult to verify by saying that hash to a shadowy this is a shia militia came in threaten them we're being told stories about houses being burnt down violence very difficult to verify but what is clear is there is a real fear here of the shia armed forces and we have been costing them well the exactly prime minister high that a body has called for them to leave the city that now it is only the iraqi army and
6:44 pm
federal police forces there will you go back with a lot of people here have been saying no and they say well we've been fighting together we have suffered the pressure america that of the kurdish forces have given up our own blood in the fight against isis also together with the iraqi army they feel that they have been stabbed in the boxes certainly for the people here a very dire situation a lot of women breaking down in tears and we spoke to them and they are telling us that even if it's just the iraqi army incur coke they say they will never go back and an interesting opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com on the future of the kurds of northern iraq. believes that after the loss of oil rich kirk ok iraqi kurds will be forced to put their dreams of independence on hold and also a very interesting debates on our discussion program inside story on the same issue what does the future hold for iraq's kurds watch it on al-jazeera dot com.
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israel is temporary expanding the waters off gaza where palestinian fishermen can cast their nets the zone will grow by about six kilometers for two months but fishermen say it will do little to improve their tiny incomes there's been a smith spent a choppy night out on the mediterranean sea with the fishermen. it's sardine season in the waters off the coast of gaza but along with high winds and heavy seas the fishermen here have one extra challenge that no other fishing community in the mediterranean faces they risk being shot if they stray outside a narrow zone imposed by the israeli navy. i never said to somebody i've been fishing since one thousand nine hundred seventy i used to enjoy it we used to make good money and now i don't enjoy it as you see we're sweating all night for nothing . the competition for the fishing has grown as the blockade of gaza has tightened
6:46 pm
with unemployment at around forty percent more men turn to fishing desperate for any source of income. there are no jobs so all i could do is help my father and i make six dollars a day to help feed my family. israel has expanded the fishing zone from eleven to seventeen kilometers from now until mid december twenty years ago this boat would only need to cast its net swarms to catch up to eight hundred kilos of fish tonight the net is thrown out three times the total whole just eighty kilos what gaza's fisherman really want to be able to do is to sell out deeper into the mediterranean where there's more valuable fish such as sea bass and shark and it's one of the hopes of this palestinian reconciliation to be israeli military considerably relax these maritime restrictions. during israel's occupation of gaza the fisherman sailed up to thirty seven kilometers off the coast since the have must take up.
6:47 pm
it's been restricted to eleven seven fishermen have been killed and more than one hundred wounded by israel's navy for allegedly straying beyond them. as long as we're under occupation i don't see there is any solution the israelis control everything it doesn't matter if the palestinian authority or hamas is in charge. the cost four hundred seventy dollars in fuel and rent to take this boat to see the catch gave a profit of one hundred dollars shared between the crew of eleven burn it's made out is there a gaza. and if you want to know more about what life is like for gaza as fishermen take a look at this on al-jazeera dot com they they struggle as you heard there to make ends meet because of the blockade they used to be able to go to egypt lebanon libya but can no longer do that because of the rest. are in constant fear of being fired upon by the israeli naval forces read their stories on al-jazeera dot com.
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coming up on the news grade the issue of the gender pay gap it's a big deal in football as well on country has just become the first to pay its men and women equally touch and i'll be here to tell us more after a snapshot of the world.
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and out of touch for three here's tatiana and football and women and men getting equal pay in norway quite a good thing they are indeed in denmark now want to follow suit so thank you very much for the the gender pay cut as that is a big talking point across the globe and this includes sport that mugs women's national football team could be expelled from wild cup qualifying offer they called off a game with sweden on friday in a dispute over pay and conditions this just days after that neighbors no way became the first nation to achieve equality police explained. on a level playing field at last the norwegian women's football team training for a world cup qualifier against another lens have just secured a world first off the pitch. becoming the first female national team to receive the
6:51 pm
same pay you deal as their male counterparts first i was i was really surprised because i didn't know about it i read it through the newspaper so i was really happy and they're really respect and they want something where women's football hopefully more nations will do the same and i and i'm really proud and know is the first nation to do this. the team's pay is set to almost double going up to seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year there's also twenty five percent of revenue from major tournament that's less in women's football than in the men's game but no white women qualify much more often now not only is they still the first of its kind in the world it's also been very friendly while other countries such as denmark have been quite bitter disputes with their football associations over better pay this deal was suggested by the norwegian f.a. and it includes a financial contribution from the men's team the players here say they feel an
6:52 pm
important sense of unity from norway's myal internationals who volunteered seventy thousand dollars towards the agreement for the men's then through this give us money to make it equal pay it was just. really gentle and it's just really really big esther jester from them and we are really thankful this is like just a really good thing to have in the way because you don't have to worry about the money it's coming in or whether you should quit football or rather study so hopefully there will be more women playing football longer in norway and then we will have more really high level players so we can. norway's qualify in coning in is against the dutch side that one euro twenty seventeen a few months ago with the dutch men meanwhile failing to qualify for next year's world cup holland's women may help a better deal may soon be on the table for them as well paul reece al-jazeera and the netherlands. well the issue has drawn attention of many including that of
6:53 pm
american women soccer goalkeeper hope solo solo took to twitter to express her view or no way saying say at u.s. soccer equality is possible ethical and lawful and it's the right thing to do she also uses the hashtag equality in a tweet as you can see there this is an open letter behind me posted online by brazilian women's football urging for equality five of brazil's top players quit last week after the first woman to coach them emily lima was fired while inequality in football is also happening in england national team player and a luko claims she hasn't been picked to play since she spoke out about racist remarks made to her by her former coach the f.a. tried to cover up the scandal but it's come to light in a government inquiry luko says she would have been treated differently if she was a male player. there's a huge question amount. over the hundred caps. these top players
6:54 pm
have got over the country if. that. is written by. a leading. this is this. is a separate issue all the issues the female players country where they can play for the league with. things like this. can only feel good about. sitting here when a person with one hundred caps for it. thinks they've been really really badly treated not just boys established substantial to racist remarks before the process would really like to hear your view on the a.j. news great generals sent us this in response to norway's equal price he says brilliant now we just need another code in countries to start doing the right thing as well very apt aaron in australia at the moment hash tag a.j.
6:55 pm
news good as well so i thank you for that jim she might be referring to the australian national women's team the matildas they have fifty three thousand followers on twitter as you can see here but they're also using facebook and instagram as well as they connect particularly with a younger audience who are a big part of the team's growth in popularity they've recently attracted the largest ever home crowd of seventeen thousand people for two consecutive games against brazil well those goals are posted on that twitter page for fans to see. don't forget you can share your thoughts and videos of us using the hash tag a.j. news great or tweet me directly at i am tatiana folly is back to touch and i thank you very much for that now an indian energy can run rate is set to break ground on a massive coal mine in australia later this month in a country heavily dependent on resource exports it's great news for the economy but environmentalist saw furious they say the company has a bad reputation at home and allegation the company denies marion surely has been
6:56 pm
to the site of the mega mine in northeast australia and went to visit family in india. rome tula's family have fished near the town of mundra in india's school direct state for more than a century he says fish stocks of plummeted since indian energy giant adani build a coal power plant and port here well that was on your own over the years they have taken our livelihood away. we pray god sends a tsunami puts an end. to the. independent investigations for government departments and the judiciary have found adani has breached environmental laws by destroying mangroves and blocking creeks to reclaim land it's left fishermen like ron tula struggling to make a living from the local waterways. we want relief from the situation. we feed
6:57 pm
our children. such desperation in india has many australians worried adani is planning to open a massive coal mine in the galilee basin in the strait is north east this is where adani proposes to dig australia's biggest and one of the walls largest coal mines it will spend some thirty kilometers and it paid capacity produce sixteen million tonnes of coal a year for farmers in this drought stricken region groundwater is vital but they fear the donny mine could destroy this precious resource if you guys said it's going to be devastating cattle farmer bruce curry is fighting hard against the indian company's plans to open the mine they've got no concern for the paper in their own country why would they have any more concern for people in a country in his statement to al-jazeera the adani group denied all allegations
6:58 pm
that it caused environmental damage in india it says the new mine will bring jobs and deliver royalties that will benefit a strike marianne jolly al-jazeera central queensland australia and interesting report and we've only shown you the short version see mary on jolie's full program australia's mindgames on one on one east thursday at twenty two thirty g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera and that's it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times ash has ever aging news straight from me fully back to one outing thank you for watching i'll see you again tomorrow fifteen j. . high-pockets
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it or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york here has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the kook love one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty minute is in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call
7:00 pm
a walking us to try to take them to gun violence i lost my son cooking while i'm doing years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers forced to act as security guards in india the mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza or an ecological disaster. at this time went out to zero. zero where ever you. what's in your political crisis is it any deepening spain says it will suspend
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