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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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yes the go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards and indian mining companies heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza or an ecological disaster. at this time when i visit. al-jazeera where ever you. and your. only deepening spain says it will suspend catalonia as autonomy does
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fail to back down on the succession bid. and our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the taliban killed fifty eight people in the three separate attacks in afghanistan just the latest in a series of taliban assaults that have left hundred twenty people dead. we're live in gainesville florida where hundreds of putting so being deployed ahead of a speech by an uninvited white supremacist. and back in brussels britain's prime minister trees a maze trying to jumpstart stalled breck's it talks with the e.u. says don't expect a breakthrough. spain's government says it will press ahead with plans to suspend catalonia as autonomy alternators there ignored a final. and to back down secession
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a minister mariano rajoy will hold a cabinet meeting on saturday and trigger article one five five on the constitution a measure that's never been used on the bridge to impose direct rule over the region barker's in barcelona. spain's political crisis is deepening after failing to comply with the spanish government catalonia will now be stripped of its autonomy. in the absence of a clear response we note that he has not answered our request and therefore we will continue procedure of triggering article one five five of the constitution to restore legality in catalonia the capital and president. had been given until thursday morning to clarify and revoke any independence claim last week he unilaterally declared independence and similar suspended it to allow for talks but instead of clarifying his position sent a letter to madrid calling for an end to repression and for dialogue. prime
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minister mariano rajoy has repeatedly refused to mediate with the secessionists we're now in uncharted territory article one five five has never been invoked in mainland spain before you can see devolved powers over the raising of taxes education health care in the police soon in madrid hands of the very worst you could see the suspension of the government and the arrest of its leaders it's hard to imagine any of these scenarios unfolding without more massive protests or perhaps even a change of tactics i think there's no possibility of going like taking arms praising arms and or even like. seeing the birth of a terrorist group i don't think that is a possibility at all but some kind of more aggressive i don't want to say by a land but more stronger organized insurgency in terms of political insurgency and organization i think it's it's a problem. but madrid to show restraint amnesty international's urged the spanish
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government to avoid a repeat of these scenes of the day of the cattle referendum. they've also asked for two independence leaders jailed by spanish judge to be released the spanish government expects it to finalize plans for direct rule at a cabinet meeting on saturday. in response the catalan leadership say they'll now formalize independence with a vote of the regional parliament this tense standoff is entering a critical new phase. on the of can join us now from barcelona so you mention that emergency cabinet meeting on saturday which will specify how the central government or take control of catalonia but it's not going to be an instant process is it. though it's not going to be an instant process the madrid government will have to qualify exactly where they believe that the catalonian leadership have transgressed
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the political divide in the rest of spain in terms of what's going on here in catalonia so another reason why it's very likely for article one five five to be passed by how long that will take is very very unclear here in catalonia in response without being invokes the government here have always said that should article one five five come into force than they would take steps to validate independence and that means a vote in the cuts a lonely and parliament as well back to could take some time so although it on the surface it looks as if article one five five is in a process of being unveiled on rolled we as yet have no real sense of the time frame what we're anticipating though in this interim in the build up to that key announcement of a very large protest both for independence and the gains here in catalonia and in other some towns and cities elsewhere in spain and what's your impression about the
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possibility of the hardening of attitude that one of your guests there in your report mentioned this but possibility of kind of a political insurgency can you when you speak to people there do they think that that's likely. well there's a real a ray of responses depending very much on who speak to ok we can look at it like this the worst case scenario is of course we end up seeing a violent uprising whether that's going to happen well many analysts believe that that's pretty much on likely there is a sense from both the catalonian side of the argument the independent side of the argument and the madrid side of the argument that we have to operate within the frames of the law otherwise it could quite quickly escalate quite easily stripped the legitimacy both for independence and against independence completely away but the government in madrid nice to be very very careful indeed how it goes about moderating its response if article one five five is introduced it could eventually
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mean the stripping away of all the autonomy and powers that currently wielded by the catalonian government and that could mean a degree of force having to be introduced we could end up potentially seeing police from central government being deployed here we could end up possibly even seeing some arrests or right now the initial stage is to get great a clarification about the nature of article one five five and for the government to present its case to the senate that's what's going to have to happening next thank you very much indeed. taliban fighters have killed forty three afghan soldiers in the assault in the middle of the night at a military camp in reap set off two suicide car bombs at a base in the district of kandahar followed by hours of gunfighting one hundred twenty people have been killed in
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a series of taliban attacks this week jennifer dos is following developments from kabul. the taliban attack the afghan army base in southern afghanistan in my want near the helm on the border in the early hours of thursday morning killing forty three afghan soldiers there elsewhere in afghanistan at about the same time five soldiers killed five police killed the numers and six killed in northern province that of course coming after earlier this week two separate attacks in eastern afghanistan gardez impact and in gaza killed another eighty people as well most of them afghan security forces some of them civilians the gardez attack involving a two suicide car bombs also wounded three hundred people security forces as well as civilians but the fact that these attacks have taken place in the north in the east in the south and the southwest show really that the breadth of. the taliban
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has across the country the fact that they are able to make launch these significant major attacks across the country and hold certain areas and also that they're willing to attack military posts and inflict large amounts of casualties shows that they really can still fight now afghanistan i think that's the message they're trying to send to the afghan government and to the international community particularly perhaps the united states government which is starting to send a several thousand additional troops here to afghanistan to support the afghan security forces and the and the american secretary of state saying that the united states remain in afghanistan as long as the taliban don't come to the peace table that is the ultimate goal of the afghan government to make peace with the taliban or fight them so that they're no longer relevant so far that the taliban have shown really no indicate indication that they plan to come to the peace table and the fighting becomes more intense. police in the u.s. are bracing for protests when a white supremacist gives
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a speech at the university of florida later on thursday a state of emergency has been declared around the gainesville campus at. and of richard spencer's talk it's his first public appearance since he was involved in a white supremacist rally in charlottesville in august which turned violent leaving one person dead and the calicoes live for us in gainesville so and it sounds pretty tense there. it is very tense here in gainesville the security operation is fairly unprecedented you wouldn't get this kind of security for a presidential visit there are police helicopters hovering over our heads as you can see there's a heavy police presence here on campus many of the roads here have been blocked off lots of the classes at the university of florida have been canceled lots of the students leaving to try and ignore richard spencer something that essentially hasn't worked because richard spencer spent about ten thousand dollars to book this venue he's getting attention that will make headlines around the world but let's just take a look at how gainesville has been preparing for this controversial figure. on the
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university of florida's campus students are doing their best to attend classes and study for exams but it's a challenge not to be distracted by increased security as authorities here brace themselves for the appearance of white supremacist richard spencer hailed from hearing our people here victory the leader of the so-called right spencer was one of the organizers behind demonstrations in charlottesville virginia in may the violence there led to the death of one protester this is spence's first major public events in scenes that shocked the u.s. the students just want this to go away and the university didn't invite spencer but have been unable to stop him coming because of freedom of speech laws as much as we abhor the rhetoric that mr spencer. spews we cannot main him from. saying some classes have already been canceled and students are being encouraged to stay away all my professors have been telling me
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about also all the security. i see the national guard around now saw me yesterday so i mean i feel like we're in a safe place a kind of blew my mind when i was hearing about exactly. that kind of things over way you know and it's not so prevalent still local businesses to are encouraging people to stay away this bar is offering free drinks to anyone that receives a ticket dispenser is a vent but doesn't use it i mean it's made things more difficult for us we thought him by our pledge to people who get their hands on twenty's tickets and would like to trade on used tickets for beer i will do that all day which is spencer is the president of the national policy institute an organization labeled as a hate group it's thought his appearance will cost the university around half a million dollars in security there's an overwhelming desire here that richard spencer simply be ignored but he's already getting the attention he seems to crave this venue reportedly cost the national policy institute around ten thousand
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dollars to book and spencer's appearance will make headlines around the world however for those at this public university in northern florida the primary concern is the safety of students and ensuring that if there are protests they pass off peacefully. spencer is due to begin speaking in about two and a half hours and as you can see at the moment things are fairly contained we haven't seen too many protesters either for or against spencer but this is a post charlottesville world remember the governor of florida declared a state of emergency because they don't want to see a repeat of the scenes that we saw a couple months ago in charlottesville they are basically taking no chances but as i said before many people here simply want to ignore spencer's president and the hate that he spews but really essentially he's managed to get lots of attention just by booking this venue and it's important to make the point again that the university did not invite him but they cannot stop him because of freedom of speech
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laws and that has once again ignited the debate over freedom of speech. in the united states and thank you very much indeed. you stay with us on the program still ahead female kurdish fighters celebrating victory over i saw in russia and promised a free all women captured by the group. and thanks for the string catch a fisherman who has to be reconciliation or turn the tide on their fortunes. welcome back the weather across much of southern and eastern china and taiwan is looking gerri not too bad to be got a circulation just on the edge of your screens there which is typhoon land that's heading towards japan in the coming days but for this region gerri things are looking fairly quiet although we have got what will become
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a tropical depression forming just the west of the philippines so we may see an increase in rainfall here otherwise for northern parts of vietnam five pounds for a central parts of vietnam and across much of laos it's looking fine into me and mark and certainly we're getting showers coming in off the bay of bengal with that circulation now let's move across into south asia circulation in a bit more detail so really all around the north and the bengal there's a big sharp potential at the moment the general monsoon is retreating quite nicely so we are fine conditions across northern and northwestern parts of india through into pakistan but kolkata and northward into nepal will see some very heavy rain developing of nice twenty four to forty eight hours and eastern parts of port particularly wet cold cuts i think will see some flooding further southward showers for sri lanka but the western ghats draw in mumbai should see sunshine of course here in the arabian peninsula it's looking fine humidity is dropping nicely temperatures are easing it's beautiful day in doha highs of thirty seven.
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time the harvest is not negating the dangerous rapids from the time with you part two thousand we finished scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go i call from my family to meet the man who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's certainly risking it all vietnam at this time on al jazeera. and one of the top stories here not just syria spain's government says it will hold
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a cabinet meeting on saturday to trigger article one five five of the constitution that will allow it to impose direct rule over catalonia after leaders there ignored a deadline to back down of a session. taliban forces have killed forty three afghan soldiers in an overnight just sold on a military camp in the southern province of kandahar. and police in the u.s. state of florida are bracing for protests as white supremacist richard spencer has to give a speech at a university that nature on thursday. britain's prime minister is in brussels trying to restart still brecht's it talks to resume is calling for urgency on resolving the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. after it leaves the belt negotiations have been hampered by disputes over citizens' rights and the size of britain's divorce will join the whole joins us live now from brussels to join it and a chance of progress at this meeting. progress i think
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that the reason may would very much like this is a summit of course of the european union breaks it is an issue at the top of the agenda and crucially for the e.u. twenty seven minus to reason may to decide whether sufficient progress has been made in the talks so far talks of centered around as you said there the nitty gritty difficult issues like money settling britain's outstanding commitments and liabilities whether progress is made sufficient to be able to move on to more substantial issues like trade britain's future relationship with europe crucial of course to big businesses in the u.k. who are putting big pressure on the government and the reason may because they crave confidence and certainty as they stare down the realities of breaks or the problem is that the realities of these negotiations are that many people here in the e.u. in europe believe that the negotiations are essentially at a stalemate that they're not going anywhere and won't go any further to resume a has failed to convince with the offer she made in florence three weeks ago of
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a figure in excess of twenty billion dollars to be paid over the course of a two year transition period that britain has asked for the figures the e.u. would like to see is probably tens of billions of dollars higher than that so it's already clear in the draft completions already published that the reason isn't going to get the breakthrough that she had craved she knows that of course but that isn't going to stop her from trying to the leaders over dinner in a short while and here's a flavor of what she will say her comments arriving here in brussels a little earlier. this is about this stuff it's also about. how we can tackle the challenges across europe that means for instance cooperation cooperation which is the heart of the strong future partnership that we want to build together also be looking at the concrete progress that's been made in our excitement. and looking at sitting out. and this is fine for this week's time it's actually for example want to see an urgency in reaching an agreement on this is
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right. while concrete plans as the reason may put it there is not the same as sufficient progress concrete progress rather as the e.u. will see it they are likely instead to set a new deadline for the state of play to be reassessed of the fourteenth of december at the next council summit but note in her comments there the reference she makes to ambitious plans particularly for citizens' rights this is a sort of new gambit for to reason may trying to push progress trying to force progress because on thursday she wrote an open letter to e.u. citizens living in the e.u. in the u.k. she said we are within touching distance of a deal that will secure your residency your security your voting rights you'll be able to bring your family over to live with you if but only if the leaders here allow that progress to happen you know how in brussels thank you. female kurdish fighters who helped defeat i saw in what was the group's self declared
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capital rocka have been celebrating in the streets of the city they dedicated their progress against arsenal to a dinner they jailed head of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party in neighboring turkey all female forces vowed to continue fighting until all women afraid for myself will yet be met. with solid intentions and a will that hasn't been broken we have achieved our goal which was to pound the strongholds of terrorism in the city we have restored on a to use eighty women by liberating dozens of slaves who were taken from single and we've also freed a similar number of children. a saudi government minister has visited rocco reportedly to discuss his country's role in reconstruction efforts there. who's a minister of state for arab affairs went to some of the territory captured by kurdish led rebels activist photos show him with brett mcgurk the u.s. president's special envoy against isis national harbor has more. there's been no
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official explanation of the visit by mr. this argument for gulf two. area but however we do understand that at this particular moment then there will be a need to rebuild. iraq and the united states of america is hoping to tap into saudi arabia's deep pockets to be able to rebuild the area that has been damaged by months of fighting between the eyes now we know from activists whole solar thermal in iraq have this ever him battle with local officials and also with a reconstruction committee but this is an issue that could raise concerns here in turkey because turkey consider why fiji which is one of the main kurdish factions operating within the as the a coalition as a terrorist organization it could be also an indication of a saudi arabia is definitely going to play a bigger role now in the future in syria. five people have been killed and sixty
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arrested in a new wave of protests in the west african nation of togo police shot tear gas at protesters in the capital no me but demonstrators put up roadblocks and set tires on fire demanding a lot changes to limit how long toters leaders can stay in power president for nesting family has been in power for more than half a century it could continue until twenty twenty on the current laws. kenya's opposition leader says he may still contest next week's presidential election if proper electoral reforms are carried out riding or pulled out of the race a week before the vote saying a credible election isn't possible because of kenya's election commission but he says if urgent changes are made he may reconsider it will be kenya's second presidential election this year the supreme court and now the first one declaring irregularities in the counting process and mismanagement by poll officials.
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israel has temporarily expanded palestine's fishing zone off the coast of gaza and local fishermen say the extension will do little to improve their already meager income and it's better for. its sardined season in the waters off the coast of gaza but along with high winds and heavy seas the fishermen here have one extra challenge that no other fishing community in the mediterranean faces they risk being shot if they stray outside a narrow zone imposed by the israeli navy. i never said to somebody i've been fishing since one thousand nine hundred seventy i used to enjoy it we used to make good money and now i don't enjoy it as you see we're sweating all night for nothing . the competition for the fishing has grown as the blockade of gaza has tightened with unemployment at around forty percent more men turn to fishing desperate for any source of income and. there are no jobs so all i could do is help my father and
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i make six dollars a day to help feed my family. israel has expanded the fishing zone from eleven to seventeen kilometers from now until mid december twenty years ago this boat would only need to cast its net swans to catch up to eight hundred kilos of fish tonight the net is thrown out free times the total haul just a ticket. what gaza's fisherman really want to be able to do is to sell out deeper into the mediterranean where there's more valuable fish such as sea bass and shark and it's one of the hopes of this palestinian reconciliation that the israeli military will considerably relax these maritime restrictions. during israel's occupation of gaza the fisherman sailed up to thirty seven kilometers off the coast since the hamas takeover it's been restricted to eleven seven fishermen have been killed and more than one hundred wounded by israel's navy for allegedly straying
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beyond the. as long as we're under occupation i don't see there is any solution the israelis control everything it doesn't matter if the palestinian authority or hamas is in charge. the cost four hundred seventy dollars in fuel and ready to take this boat to see the catch gave a profit of one hundred dollars shared between the crew of eleven birds make out a zero gaza. new zealand has a new prime minister its third female leader and the youngest in one hundred sixty years yes and arden will lead a center left coalition government with support from the new zealand first party and the greens a thirty seven year old labor party came second in last month's election behind the incumbent center right to national party arden is vowing to address museums housing and inequality issues a u.s. aircraft carrier is patrolling waters near the korean peninsula in a show of military strength to pyongyang u.s.s. ronald reagan a one hundred thousand ton warship has been launching super hornet planes from its
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deck as part of drills with the south korean navy north korea has described the joint exercise as a rehearsal for war. south korea is looking to strengthen its defense system to combat the nuclear threat from north korea president mungy in made the announcement as he outlined plans to boost the country's military exports discreetly some reports from the president's first job is to root out corruption she says has been limiting growth in the arms sector. there is rarely a better time to sell weapons in south korea at a time of regional instability almost every military need was catered for at the international aerospace and defense exhibition providing an opportunity for local developers to show their ways. we cannot say their harness weapon systems are the world's best however performance compared to the price is our standing in particular we can provide solutions customized to each country's needs
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was many of the state of the weapons used by south korea a purchased from the united states but the government wants to change that south korea aspires to become a military giant strengthening the industry by improving its competitive age exports of the locally manufactured t. fifty training in the past ten years have brought in two point three billion dollars but the company which manufactured the t fifty has been mired in a corruption and embezzlement scandal involving major defense projects. they're being corruption allegations involving the process for manufacturers however was set up institutional mechanisms to root out corruption and boost integrity in the long term we'll be able to develop weapons well integrity security will be able to win the trust from south korean people and also the international community the escalating tension with north korea has placed
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a stronger focus on the exhibition thirty three countries are showing off their military hardware here president moving jay in has used the event to contend that the country needs to advance its defense systems to counterbalance north korea's nuclear threat. we urgently need to secure enhanced capabilities for our own aerospace and defense industries we must deploy advanced weapons systems with superior capabilities that can protect the people from north korea security threat . korea will direct all efforts he says into a three pillar defense system comprising the top three named kill change a strike system designed to preemptively target north korean missile sites the korean air and missile defense system and the korea punishment and retaliation systems designed to target the north's leadership if south korea comes under attack . craig leeson al-jazeera some south korea. and when you
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can catch up any time with our website address that is al-jazeera dot com. one of the top stories on al-jazeera spain's government says it will press ahead with plans to suspend catalonia autonomy after leaders there ignored a final deadline to back down on secession prime minister manmohan it will hold a cabinet meeting on saturday and trigger article one five five of the constitution a measure that's never been used and i'm madrid to impose direct rule over the region and as there is new backers in barcelona it's not going to be an instant process the madrid government will have to qualify exactly where they believe that the catalonia leadership transgress their normal parameters where they basically essentially broken the rules they have said repeatedly that they want to bring the region back to the galaxy that the prime minister mariano rajoy and those close to
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him have phrased it but exactly how long it will take to pinpoint the in detail where the transgressions are be made it's very unclear. taliban fighters have killed forty three afghan soldiers in an overnight assault on a southern military camp the group set off two suicide car bombs at the base in the my one district of kut kandahar followed by hours of gun fighting more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in a series of attacks by the taliban this week police in the us are bracing for protests as white supremacist richard spencer prepares to give a speech at the university of florida and later on thursday a state of emergency has been declared around the gainesville campus is spencer's first public appearance since he was involved in a white supremacist rally in charlottesville in august which turned violent leaving one person dead female kurdish fighters who help to defeat i saw in what was the
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group's self declared capital rocka i mean celebrating in the streets of the city they dedicated their progress against arsenal to. the jailed head of the outboard kurdistan workers party in neighboring turkey britain's prime minister is in brussels trying to restart stalled breaks it talks to resume is calling for urgency on resolving the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. after it leaves the bloc. there's the headlines over the city can hear now to zero risking it all vietnam is next i have more news for you after that thanks for watching back now.


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