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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. where ever you are or.
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spain is to suspend catalonia autonomy after the regions linda refuses to back down over declaring independence. no i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up a taliban storms a military base in southern afghanistan killing at least forty three soldiers we'll have more on that story. protests in pakistan after prime minister nawaz sharif his daughter and son in law are charged with corruption. kurdish fighters tensions with turkey dedicating their victory in iraq to a jailed rebel leader. and his britain's prime minister tries to break the brakes it deadlock over dinner in brussels the head of goldman sachs weighs in with a provocative tweet.
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spain's government says it will go ahead with suspending catalonians autonomy after the region's president refused to back down on independence prime minister mariano rajoy will hold a cabinet meeting on saturday to trigger article one five five of the constitution a measure that's never been used which allows madrid to impose direct rule over catalonia leave barca is in barcelona. spain's political crisis is deepening after failing to comply with the spanish government catalonia stripped of its total me. for in the absence of a clear response we note that he has not answered our request and therefore we will continue procedure of triggering article one five five of the constitution to restore legality in catalonia the catch president. had been given until thursday morning to clarify and revoke any independence played last week unilaterally declared independence when. he suspended it to allow for talks. but instead of
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clarifying his position p.j. sent a letter to madrid calling for an end to repression and for dialogue prime minister mariano rajoy has repeatedly refused to mediate with the secessionists we're now in uncharted territory article one five five has never been invoked in mainland spain before you can see devolved powers over the raising of taxes education health care in the police soon in madrid hands of the very worst you could see the suspension of the government and the arrest of its leaders it's hard to imagine any of these scenarios unfolding without more massive protests or perhaps even a change of tactics i think there's no possibility of following like taking arms phrasing arms and or even like. seeing the birth of a terrorist group i don't think that is a possibility at all but some kind of more aggressive i don't want to say by land
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but more stronger organized insurgency in terms of political insurgency and organization i think it's it's a problem. but madrid the show restraint amnesty international's urge the spanish government to avoid a repeat of these scenes on the day of the cattle referendum. they've also asked for two independence leaders jailed by spanish judge to be released the spanish government expects it to finalize plans for direct rule at a cabinet meeting on saturday. in response the cattle or leadership say they'll call belies a dependent with a vote of the regional parliament this tense standoff is entering a critical you face the parker al-jazeera bus a little. taliban fighters have killed forty three afghan soldiers after storming a military camp in the middle of the night the group set off two suicide car bombs
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at a base in the my one district of kandahar which was followed by a gun battle that lasted hours more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in a series of taliban attacks this week jennifer grass has more from kabul. the taliban attacked the afghan army base in southern afghanistan in my want near the helm on the border in the early hours of thursday morning killing forty three afghan soldiers there elsewhere in afghanistan at about the same time five soldiers killed five police killed the numers and six killed in northern province that of course coming after earlier this week two separate attacks in eastern afghanistan borders impact and in gaza killed another eighty people as well most of them afghan security forces some of them civilians the gardez attack involving two suicide car bombs also wounded three hundred people security forces as well as
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civilians but the fact that these attacks have taken place in the north in the east in the south and the southwest show really that the breadth of. the taliban has across the country the fact that they are able to make launch these significant major attacks across the country and hold certain areas and also that they're willing to attack military posts and inflict large amounts of casualties shows that they really can still fight now afghanistan i think that's the message they're trying to send to the afghan government and to the international community particularly perhaps the united states government which is starting to send a several thousand additional troops here to afghanistan to support the afghan security forces and the and the american secretary of state saying that the united states will remain in afghanistan as long as the taliban don't come to the peace table that is the ultimate goal of the afghan government to make peace with the taliban or fight them so that they're no longer relevant so far that the taliban have shown really no indicate indication that they plan to come to the peace table
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and the fighting becomes more intense. well the leader of an offshoot of the taliban in pakistan has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. tora sonnie died of his injuries after two u.s. drone strikes on monday which also killed at least nine others he was there the head of the gym model a rar which is carried out some of the deadliest attacks in pakistan including a suicide bombing in a lawful part that killed seventy five people last year a spokesperson for the armed group confirmed his death. all in all the developments in anti corruption court in pakistan has formally charged ousted prime minister nawaz sharif is daughter and son in law with corruption the supreme court disqualified sharif from office in july for not declaring a source of income the investigation was smart by the panama paper's leaks which linked him to ownership of luxury flats in london sharif and his family deny any wrongdoing. on. if they have to take revenge
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it would be better to announce a punishment once and for all why all these daily hearings this daily simple and the rule of law this charade that they are performing you free day they should stop wasting their own time and the time of the country the nation and also our time. one person has been killed and six others wounded after iraqi forces opened fire on kurdish protesters in qana keen the kurdish demonstrators were protesting against the takeover of the city by iraqi forces and i came as claimed by both the kurdistan regional government and the central authority in baghdad well about one hundred thousand kurds have now fled the cook region since it was retaken by iraqi forces the u.n. says it's worried by reports civilians are being forcibly displaced in their houses and businesses looted and destroyed from air bill in northern iraq stephanie decker reports. in
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a dusty abandoned housing project on the outskirts of reveal these are unexpected occupants. kurdish families who fled their homes in kirkuk and surrounding areas just a couple of days ago now scrambling for basic supplies. to man abdul kareem says she left because she was scared of shia militia fighters called her who arrived alongside the iraqi army but they weren't good with kurds they didn't trade as well they used to take and imprison them even hit women my husband is dead all i could do is take my four children and run away we came to a build it is ours to get the bride was psych routed iraqi prime minister hi there has ordered all armed groups out of kirkuk with only the iraqi army and federal police remaining he insists safe and calls for the protection of civilians the men here tell us they want to return. just like mohammed and his family he was
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a policeman in kirkuk until he fled two days ago. people are saying is safe now but it is propaganda and i they came out and be the you know they have burned houses that's why we got scared because of our families that's why we left a political party sold us out not all kurds are refugees this is all political. hinting at the internal divisions among the main two kurdish political parties the ruling accuse the p u k of colluding with the iraqi government leaders iran and turkey in orchestrating the takeover for cook the complex web of age old kurdish rivalries and geopolitical interests. through her sixty seven years. of. a lot happened to us we don't own our own house now we don't even know if we have a house or out things every year there is a war this war then leads to this fight that leads to this war now they came to our
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homes and burnt. things where should we go now. what is life in iraq she asks since i was a child i've never seen happiness it's we were off to war she tells us. many warned that regaining territory captured by eisel would mean little in solving iraq's complicated territorial ethnic and sectarian tensions it seems they may have been right stephanie decker all jazeera. kurds in syria meanwhile have been celebrating the capture of the city of rocker from i still but the growing influence of syria's kurdish factions is causing concern in neighboring turkey reports from gaza on the syria turkey border. fighters from the popular protection units or y p g celebrating the capture of rock. they are the most powerful kurdish group in syria the y.p. g.'s part of a coalition of kurdish factions known as the syrian democratic forces yeah
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i know that that is the operation to live right rocco was a strategic and ideological battle for our forces we participated in it in a commanding role side by side with our comrades in the syrian democratic forces and the people's protection units behind the job didn't fight stands. the jailed leader of turkey's main kurdish rebel group the kurdistan workers party . and. it's a terrorist organization next to a post is a picture of. a prominent command in the old female kurdish militia. that with solid intentions and a will that hasn't been broken we have achieved our goal which was to pound the strongholds of terrorism in the city we have restored on a to use eighty women by liberating dozens of slides who were taken from single and
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we've also afraid a similar number of children. name roundabout is where isis fighters paraded in two thousand and fourteen when they took over iraq. it was also what opponents were murdered with isis gone these kurds operating on the same spot to a sense of a growing influence their territorial gains stretch from the most east all the way to near the y.p. g.'s show of force in iraq is likely to further stoke regional tension turkey considers the kurds rising role is to. as a threat to its national security and turkish leaders accuse the y.p. jewel being an extension of the. force may be used against kurdish factions to stop their advances to turkey's border. togo's
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opposition says three people have been shot dead as the security forces try to stop ongoing anti-government protests demonstrators have been fighting running battles with police in the capital may for the last three days they are demanding law changes to limit the length of time those leaders can remain in power president. family has been in power now for more than half a century and he could stay on until twenty twenty under the current laws. we're demonstrating today to show our anger fifty one years in power for one in the same family one single regime that's enough we can't remain under this regime any longer that is enough. much more to tell you about on the program going hungry brandy and refugees in the democratic republic of congo fear they're being ripped off by humanitarian workers and the university of florida says a speech by a white nationalist didn't invite is costing it more than hotham million dollars.
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hello there's been a dramatic change in the weather across spain and portugal we've gone from what was really late summer with this cloud coming through to most definitely changed to water not cloud is more one frontal system that means a change in temperature and you just dramatic whether it was this time as well thunderstorms rattled through southern spain and actually all the way through spain there's flooding recorded by video in the southwest this is had a threat from terrorists over the border from portugal as any result of thirty or forty millimeters of rain is channeled down the streets fairly obvious to now that rain is moved on from spain went through the barrier islands into southern france and the next twelve hours or circled more or less lose all its impetus in that part of europe and so we end up with a much drier day in spain in portugal this is friday's forecast is
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a little cooler in spain in france and the seventeen in france but otherwise generally speaking bright because all the excess and she's going to that spinning circle just west of all yes it's a little storm system quanta major one running through quickly probably fairly windy weather as a result and it will throw some windy weather north in france and of course that green is rain on the old cold front but the rest of europe the most part is still enjoying rather late you warm. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the time it was a job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices. for a mental health we think ok will center us to china but you have to remember that
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air pollution around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick look at the stories making headlines this hour spain's government says it will hold a cabinet meeting on saturday to trigger article one fifty five of the constitution that would allow it to impose direct rule over catalonia to the regions president ignored a deadline to back down of a succession. taliban fighters have killed forty three afghan soldiers in an overnight assault on a military camp in the southern province of kandahar and about a hundred thousand kurds have fled the kokoda region since it was retaken by iraqi
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forces the u.n. says it's worried by reports of millions of being forcibly displaced. now european union leaders have welcomed a proposal by the british prime minister to resign may and on blocking breck's it talks but said concessions to ease the fears of e. citizens living in britain and not enough arriving at a two day summit in brussels may sought to shift the focus away from a divorce settlement and on to trade talks just seventeen months before person is due to leave the union and also adding to the pressures this provocative tweet from goldman sachs the. lloyd blankfein who said he'll be spending more time in frankfurt because of brakes it person is currently home to most of the company's european operations but it's pushing ahead with plans to make the german city a major base journalist following all of these developments from brussels for us. and reason they desperately need something to take back home right now any chance of progress for. i think not the progress that
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she'd hoped for and she's had the opportunity or rather is going on now to address her fellow twenty seven e.u. leaders around the dinner table talking up what she described earlier as concrete progress in talks so far she's been hoping to persuade them that sufficient progress by their measure has been made in those talks so far to be able to move on from the very difficult issue of money this so-called brics a divorced bill onto those trade talks negotiations over a future relationship between britain and the e.u. the big companies big business like goldman sachs and others very much want to know about enabling them to plan for the long term effects of breaks it they haven't been convinced that a sufficient progress has been made we know this because a draft conclusion has already been published for this summit saying as much they're unconvinced by the offer made by tourism a to meet britain's outstanding commitments to the tune of twenty plus billion
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dollars over a two year transition period the figure they have in mind is tens of billions of dollars higher so he's not going to get the progress the cheetah hoped for from this summit that much is clear now and the pressure is building on the prime minister all the time are there any concessions the e.u. might make. what i think the hope must be there this summit continues on friday she will leave in the morning to resume a they will meet afterwards as indeed they will do this evening after she's address that and that the hope i think must be there that the e.u. twenty seven do decide to throw her some sort of a bone or some sort of a concession they're all too aware of how politically weakened she is a hope they don't want to damage her further by sending her home empty handed from this summit because that would only make future talks even harder they may well decide to come up with some sort of concession perhaps of citizens' rights to resume or. has told e.u. citizens living in the u.k. just today that a deal is within touching distance of only the e.u.
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leaders will make up the gap will they make up the gap on friday will that would allow heard least a small victory to take home with her and enable her to preserve what is left of her political authority thank you very much jonah how in brussels. maltese police believe a bomb that killed a prominent journalist and molto was attached beneath her car and triggered remotely daphne khurana who is a renowned anticorruption blogger and fierce critic of the government died on monday as she was leaving her house on thursday more than two hundred journalists marched in support of what a group of journalists have also filed a court case to ensure her sources on her phones and computers remain confidential as the investigation into her death continues. now there's intensifying international pressure on man maher over the violent repression of revenge of muslims the united nations and the u.s.
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government hold the military responsible and calling for tougher measures to deal with the crisis some are binge of aid reports. tens of thousands of ranger refugees are coming to bangladesh every day they see their homes are being burned and they're being chased by buddhist mobs. they describe desperate conditions and having little to eat. military denies the allegations of abuse and insists it's going after what it calls terrorists but the international community doesn't believe the claims by the military we really hold the military leadership accountable for what's happening with the writing area what's most important to us is that the world can't just stand idly by and be witness. the atrocities that are being reported in the area. that. there has been no letup in extrajudicial killings rights abuse rape and arson attacks the human rights
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chief told al jazeera the international community must intervene if perpetrators of the violence are not punished this is still ongoing notwithstanding the claim that the military operations have largely wound down this does not seem to be the case but that could be conducted with impunity i think must be put behind us. resistant. security council should consider other measures of course to be applied nearly six hundred thousand people have had to leave their homes and because many don't have any official status in myanmar there's very little prospect of returning . home visit. refugees in the democratic republic of congo say they're not getting enough food to eat about four hundred thousand people a sense a political crisis began in two thousand and fifteen and president announced his bid to run for a third term and send the refugee camp malcolm webb reports. these
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people say they've waited days for food to be delivered live here in the refugee camp in the democratic republic of congo after fleeing conflict in neighboring the only they were keen to talk to us they were issued electronic cards by the un's world food program for them to buy food they say they stopped working and that's why they're waiting for food in trucks. marina bender looks after a family of twelve like many she thinks she's a victim of fraud by humanitarian workers. they give us cards that don't work the stuff the cards that work so when we go to get food we get nothing and we go home hungry more than thirty thousand people live in the camp most of them were issued the electronic cards in july which they're meant to receive fifteen dollars a month to come president told us people are now waiting for food trucks because more than a thousand cars have since stopped working. the first month there was no problem
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then we realized that there was some duplicate cut. block the duplicate but some other people why they did do to these some people have not been southfield for three months then fighting between the army and an armed group in the surrounding area delayed the deliveries for days so when the trucks finally arrived. people were pleased. program told us the electronic card systems worked well elsewhere but here it left some people hungry and waiting yeah every manager told us that could be technical problems in the system makes it difficult and unlikely anything is possible out of this but with the checks that we have to remember this is the first time. everybody you know. it's fluorescent do the best. since the delivery maybe they'll eat from now every family's given some
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sacks of this corn meal some of the dried peas and a little bit of cooking oil and a little bit of so it's a basic science every meal is the same and a lot of the people that we've spoken to here say they immediately have to give some of what they collect away they've been borrowing food from their neighbors in recent days so they have to pay their food. what marie says she'll have to do with some of her she has five children of her own and looks after five others one of whom is a baby she found abandoned when running away from a listener in burundi every day is a struggle here in the camp good at the food they will have a meal malcolm where al-jazeera the democratic republic of congo. the u.s. secretary of state is hit out at saudi arabia for failing to resolve its standoff with cattle rex tillerson says he has little hope the crisis will end soon and
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blame the saudis blog for a lack of progress to listen made the comments a day before you embark on a trip to the region in a renewed attempt to mediate the crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt severed ties with caps are in june accusing it of supporting terror groups present trams middle east envoy says if hamas wants to play any role in the palestinian government it must renounce violence and commit to negotiations with israel the statement from jason greenblatt is the first us comment on the reconciliation efforts between the palestinian rivals hamas and fatah amar says it rejects what it calls the extortion and american bias toward the israeli positions expressed by jason greenblatt. now hundreds of people are protesting with signs in anti nazi chants outside a florida venue where the white nationalist richard spencer is currently speaking this is his first public appearance since the white supremacist supremacist rally in charlottesville which turned violent leaving one person dead hundreds of police
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officers have been deployed outside the university of florida auditorium to ensure the event passes without violence the school estimates it spending six hundred thousand dollars on security while florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for the event and he gallacher is live for us in gainesville now and andy a great deal of anger and tension surrounding this event can you give us a sense of what's happening there now. well richard spencer is currently still on stage in the auditorium behind me i've been dipping in and out of the live feed of that nice seems to spend most of the time on stage yelling at the many protesters that have made it inside to make their voices heard he said he wants to be here to start some kind of a conversation but let's no make make no mistake about it this is a white supremacist this is someone who really has been influenced by the german government of the thirty's the neo nazis but so far the security operation is huge and so far it's passed off fairly peacefully there are
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a few hundred protesters here behind me and and down the street there we've only seen one scuffle and that was because a young man who looked like a neo nazi had swastikas on his shirt turned up in the middle of a crowd was punched in the face by somebody and then basically a scored off the premises by the crowd that turned up here to make their voices heard against richard spencer one of the key points to remember here is that university did not invite richard spencer here because of the first amendment because of freedom of speech he is able to come here and only spend about ten thousand dollars to do so but yet generate headlines that have gone around the world but this is a fairly unprecedented security operation of a scene less security at presidential visits than we're seeing right now. roads blocked off all around the campus many of the classes are closed many people simply want to ignore the presence of this white supremacist but others as you can see here have come to make their voices heard loud and clear. yes and of course this has sparked a great deal of debate around first amendment rights and freedom of speech what are
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you hearing about the best way of the most what are people saying about the most effective response to the type of views expressed by richard spencer. it's a very difficult question because universities public universities that have tried to stop spencer speaking before of being ruled against by federal judges because of the first amendment some of them of even being fined and had to pay spencer out of their own pockets so that is a key question is how do you handle someone with views as hateful as richard spencer and balance out against the first amendment balanced out against freedom of expression freedom of speech and i think probably florida have done it in a pretty good way the problem is the security bill here is about half a million dollars and that will be passed on to the taxpayers there but so far things are passing off fairly peacefully all right thanks very much andy gallacher
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in gainesville well there's much more on everything we're covering right here. at recap of the top stories now spain's government says it will press ahead with plans to suspend catalonia autonomy after leaders there ignored a final deadline to back down on secession prime minister mariano rajoy will hold a cabinet meeting on saturday and trigger article one fifty five of the constitution a measure that's never been used before allowing madrid to impose direct rule over the region. is in barcelona. it's not going to be an instant process the drip governments will have to qualify exactly where they believe that the catalonia leadership transgress their normal parameters where they basically essentially broken the rules they have said repeatedly that they want to bring the region back to the galaxy that so are the prime minister mariano rajoy those close to him have
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phrased it but exactly how long it will take to pinpoint the detail where the transgressions of the raid it's very unclear taliban fighters have killed forty three afghan soldiers in an overnight assault on a southern military camp the group set off two suicide car bombs at a base in the my one district of kandahar followed by hours of gun fighting more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in a series of attacks by the taliban this week. about hundred thousand kurds or fled the region since it was retaken by iraqi forces the u.n. says it's worried by reports that civilians are being forcibly displaced and their houses and businesses looted and destroyed. the u.s. secretary of state has hit out at saudi arabia for failing to resolve its standoff with cata rex tillerson says he has little hope the crisis will end any time soon and blame the saudi led bloc for a lack of progress to listen made the comments a day before embarks on a trip to the region in
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a renewed attempt to mediate the crisis. and britain's prime minister is in brussels trying to restart stalled brecht's it talks to resume a is demanding urgency from e.u. leaders on resolving the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. after it leaves the blog seeking to clear the hurdles may says she will make it as easy as possible for you citizens to stay in britain the stream is coming up next i'll see you after that twenty five minutes. hi i'm femi has hi i'm the hoods of adin and you're in the street what is it like
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to be in the middle of one of the world's biggest humanitarian emergencies on.


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