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tv   Sudans Forgotten Films  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 1:32am-2:00am AST

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promising to toughen his stance on north korea and revive the economy faster results they are bay's ruling coalition has already won two hundred sixty four seats that easily surpasses a simple majority a powerful typhoon has ripped into central japan leaving today and more than ten injured just hours after minyan struggled to the polls for that national election. made landfall and she southwest of tokyo in the early hours of monday morning spain's foreign minister is urging people in catalonia not to listen to their regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of the region the two governments remain in political deadlock over catalonia is controversial referendum on secession. thousands of protesters are rallying in near miles capital in a show of support for the de facto leader aung san suu kyi has been widely criticized for her government's handling of the range of crisis. polls that officially closed in argentina's mid-term congressional election polls are
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predicting president hertzian makris coalition government could win close to forty percent of the national vote as he seeks the mandate to overhaul the economy. and those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera next to course witness with the story of two elderly men in sudan in a race against time to save the unique national film archive. in india a mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic but names or an ecological disaster. at this time when al-jazeera.
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since nineteen sixty nine i've been working with this really productive. but now i'm walking in the cars. they are all assume. we're being in
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mark right about the idea that you don't kind of diary know when and. if you want beetle feed and yet here yard and mossad. are for. the breed when. well. i would be a sad movie how many i would have a little bit at the actual thought and i am in a lot of little safa before. but either you know so now she asked are you.
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a little bit. crabby the. other with i'm an hour and forty minutes and i you know sudan here. russian is some sort of my freedom and i live in a for the chief. for example feel i should know when i'm alone. here without a. big area. of brick. and then i shall have got the money to be there. yet in mandela.
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so what i'm getting at columbia has a lot in them and their love. so that any doubt passport or doubt that is how i bear. to see the last part of how. you have to. know. the name can mean the family. out such of you mourning them where. they might get email you know they have the letter . men after. all are sure that the thing about a negative or positive will feel pretty eager. to some of a rather good heart and welcome a behave as a. human hearts of iran and would have us of if for instance. a superior sunni. arab to set out
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a new high. tree. have you heard it on the floor a mere mortal. will i said go with secular ziada become zero for. an elephant to zone out in her. right hand island is she of the more free will for the little community one woman who are for community. which are not knows these claims or these children of this and that to see that history which as being recorded in our archive. because as yet
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there was a lot of development in the sedan which as being destroyed. the lonely city away line in africa was made in the sudan it has been neglected. that. we had a lot of cotton. which is not here any longer now. sudan as always. it used to fly from god to london. and was run down the complete. time played a very important role. in medical services free to. what now if you have the money you can be treated in
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a quick time. frame when you go out of. your grip. on. the album that i know that. when you don't have a history of yourself and all of your country then you are not a personality not a country. or
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looking to listen. if you feel you sold your soul. as i now be up with my mother one of the. i tried to show some of the claims in the archives to see near personnel in the nation so bad they see the importance of. my projecting to them important for names announcing the independence of the sudan. then was nineteen could six times the most people get that letter but there was the
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man who was not going to order one. look at him with probably what we know now only . i was born in southern sudan during the blitz resort. and their day we had a bomb what a joy actually. we don't know what. it means to us coming together of different people from the north south wales was wherever they said you all sudanese and being sudanese this is what actually interested. it means to us coming together of different people from the north south wales. wherever you know they said you all sudanese and being sudanese this is what actually interested i say.
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right now i'm not i'm not i'm not on top of the of the writer's manual has the right to make you feel to be diplomatic get up let me through them a little i was there post southern sudanese to join cinema production. one has a feeling that you are of importance in deciding the society. what the job is you're going to mom you know the new i love you talk about a woman i'm looking mommy if you know maybe you could be a picket line. nice of debate night anyway i would definitely understand then to me why that was as. well i'm not going to america and the people around why i did this. or you would be. going up north and also the i mean from my yellow cinema. wrong.
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muffy to. the cinema. a touch of a tower lazard a benighted. hysteria given the holes. i had them to feel how they are with their families to help party common. law on a yellow card military behind. issue four on guard if i'm getting. my work they're not paying for it they say we don't have money.
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before i had it made a good thing every now i have almost nothing. i do a problem the higher position to know his position. down than. the local me. in my fuel economy what are you where i'm in a myth. mother you had my son kit and i was in a number of in a month over the number and they know if you send bullets at. second into nice names you know this is.
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the beginning of a little latter. part of the day in the little that are minutes away or any my time serving you know and to pass we're going to miley miserable little mind louis as you might overlook in the much money did you know there are you know in. our name danny they are now the love of the durable. vessel that may have them as well as real as a man and she lays our. star on the cool well i don't wanna know as i don't want to
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go live again you know be one of the algorithm i'm going to. mind my manners with danny she will little dogs and ornaments and souls all of them sterile and imagine all of you know my soul analysis ansible so when i listen. well have called us back.
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a lot in history. so i'm. just. lawyers and we didn't. know how to lock it just passes and it isn't. for nothing years and have all the lines of she was in am i there. again known catawba done was done now going on a fight and we're going to retire you live. like you mom mom you want to say yeah they were looking as idea mother you were. but he got a. son a symptom in the i mean you had mom had all the muslim arista middle is no mom little mom and i'm a mom. to my and then i let them out anymore i mean
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used my left a lot in the hobby of yours and my god i'm the only. godzilla you know be i'm. just. telling all of you i mean if you want to know. just. our the slept the archives. i remain the only guardian for over thirteen thousand williams. i am using my airport to do what i can do.
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because i know it where i live these william is going to have nobody will do it. i am doing this not for my benefit not for the minister not for the government. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. is a dream that i have in my mind. that one day i remember certain group
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men will say is all benjamin has done a bit of beautiful job give me the courage to go this will benjamin and we will take care of you we will take care of these our ships all the important of the history of our people. is a dream. my dream. was the. was. the. was. the the s.
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a part of a good. lover the. you know. what it is more. than one. when you know the government which is known for his much loved ones on this. i think it out because of the from. the only thing in this office. that say. yes yes.
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yes. yes. yes was done to. her. was. the word. was with. him when i. don't. make. it out of the news does tonight. but i was going to look
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a lot of money has helped. well i mean yeah i mean you know my the mom i do might be a machine. gun and so they're going to give me all my beauty give me. or let me you know i just feel minute i young i should probably know how. i'm going to have about one hundred to one. well. there's a lot how does it matter what. i .
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of friends that matter to you. al-jazeera. she was a society hostess in beirut in the one nine hundred forty she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese the requests to make this work. name was the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon for four. years it was such a brave. al-jazeera while douses story. the beirut spine at this time. when the news breaks. and selection for a chance. to stick to this and the story builds
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steam jobs much better marketers. when people need to be heard they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online on counting the cost china two point zero zero how president xi jinping wants to reboot the economy with ai and robotics well look at what i'd reckon all makes is causing tension along the river nile plus the u k c u divorce is breaks it failing counting the cost at this time.


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