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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 170  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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cases of imprisoned activists were raised during the course of a private discussion between the two leaders but both men were challenged on human rights in egypt when it came to the press conference. i believe in the sovereignty of states and so in the same way that i want to accept lessons from any other leader on the heart to govern my country i do not give lessons to others. that digit people refuse all violent practices dictatorship and disrespect for human rights but i'm responsible for a hundred million egyptians citizens in this unstable context which i'm talking about extremist ideology won't accept living with others in peace but it is very important to know that we do not make use of torture practices. and. quite against the proliferation of terrorism they are creating. radicalizing for. egypt is the biggest market in the middle east for france's
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weapons industry but some analysts believe it's the wrong approach to bring back stability to the region. if we can fear that in the short term we will fight against terrorism but in a second phase there is a risk for destabilizing egypt people will naturally ask for more democracy. the human rights group reporters without borders staged a demonstration outside the hotel where dejection president is staying in the french capital their cues jim of wanting to mummify journalists to gag them and blindfold to the head of the group said it was impossible today to be an independent and free journalist in egypt david chaytor al-jazeera powers. u.s. president donald trump has managed to find himself in another war of words on twitter this time with influential republican senator bob corker who's accused him of being quote utterly untruthful trump has responded by calling corker
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a lightweight define meeting his support for vital tax reform plans well from all committee house joins us live from the white house kimberly yet another unpresidential spot but does it matter. it matters because it all happened in advance of a very important meeting between the president and members senior members of his own republican party on capitol hill why were they meeting they were meeting to discuss trying to advantage if you will the president's legislative agenda which so hard so far has been very unsuccessfully hasn't been able to repeal replace obamacare he hasn't been able to get the funding for the border wall along the southern border of the united states of mexico he's really looking for a sweeping tax reform cuts and it needs to happen with the help of members of his own party but just in advance of this meeting as you point out this spat erupted between himself and the senior republican senator bob corker now the president has
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for a long time been criticizing bob corker because he essentially has been criticizing the president's tax reform plan as essential what happened is that bob corker went on the national news chat shows this morning and basically said he doesn't believe the president is acting in a manner which reflects the united states well and here's some of what he had to say. i think people look i think there were many people i was one of those that hope that you know he would rise to the occasion as president and you know spiral to to lead our nation instead of dividing it and you know it's obvious his is political model and governing model is to divide. and he is not risen occasion and now the president we know watches television news quite regularly and responded within minutes in fact by my count there were
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five different social media tweets reactor's of the comments of bob corker in the span of about two hours suggesting that corporate retiree because he couldn't get reelected without tough support couldn't even get reelected to the position of as the president put it dogcatcher now bob corker is not the first person the president has alienated within his own party in fact there's almost a dozen the most recent jeff flake senator from the state of arizona in fact just announcing moments ago that he is not going to seek reelection also commenting on some of the conduct of the president in his words that it is not normal why does all this matter will this bitter back and forth just detracts from the president's policy agenda at a time when he's trying to push things forward to keep some of those campaign promises to the american people but that is all really falling by the wayside instead what is being highlighted is the an easy relationship of the president has with members of his own republican party where they never dull you know be.
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bringing us the very latest from the white house. phil to come on the program sending a message washington announces it's withdrawing military aid from mammal everett's treatment of range of muslims. and a new era for china political thought becomes enshrined in the constitution and then move that samantha power even further. hello welcome to international weather forecast across eastern parts of europe we've got this area of low pressure which is causing some real problems at the moment a line of thunderstorms extending into western parts of turkey meanwhile across more northwestern areas who got these frontal systems pushing in across the u.k. and through into or scandinavia further towards a science working relatively dry and fine across the iberian peninsula and parts of
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france sunshine there temperatures into the twenty's now further north looking pretty wet and windy winds shooting through the baltic region and some colder share with it too cold but still across more eastern areas and there's that low pressure center is slowly filling so the energy of the storms gradually decreasing with time through into thursday storms obadiah that stage this frontal system pushing up against cold air is going to choose quite a bit of snow as it pushes in towards moscow during the course of the day and roughly mild air pushing further towards the north so seventeen isn't too bad for want of this time of the deep low pressure system towards the west into north africa it's looking fine in many areas but we have got this low pressure down through the gulf of sirte give you some heavy showers on the coast of libya in particular further towards the east so it should be fine in karachi in the day with highs of thirty one.
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it sank to the so. six years after the death of gadhafi. soldiers their lives travels to libya. to hear from some of those who fought his regime and contributed to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this time on al jazeera. welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the united nations secretary general antonio tyrus has arrived and central african republic for four day visit
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his supervising efforts to keep the peace between rival factions roughly split between the christian and muslim populations. the french and addiction governments have pledged to strengthen their economic and military ties during a visit to paris by president abdel fattah el-sisi that's despite accusations that c.c.s. regime is responsible for torture and repression. u.s. president has again come under attack from a republican senator bob corker of tennessee. a bully who is actually untruthful. the u.s. says it's considering sanctions against top military officials over a crackdown against her hinge on muslims washington also says it's withdrawing military aid from army units and officers involved in the violence and it won't
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allow a senior security officials to attend u.s. sponsored events the u.n. has accused me on mars army of ethnic cleansing the military denies the claims. bangladesh have agreed to work together to repatriate hundreds of thousands over him who fled violence in northern iraq and states more than six hundred thousand rangel have crossed into bangladesh in the last two months alone but if lois lerner reports from young gong there's very little detail about how the repository ations will take place the end of one journey but the start of another struggle hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been making their way to bangladesh since the myanmar military launched a brutal crackdown in august the rohingya say they had no choice but to leave. we left our homeland because the people in rakhine were killing us they shot at us they took our cattle and burnt our houses so we have come here they're safe here
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but life in bangladesh is difficult the camps are overflowing people here are entirely dependent on aid the country and humanitarian agencies are feeling the strain bangladesh and myanmar have now taken the first step towards repatriating recent arrivals they've signed a memorandum of understanding but there's very little detail about how the process of returning rohingya to me and ma will take place. myanmar leader aung san suu kyi in an address to the nation last month said myanmar was ready to start a very for cation process following the same principles as the one nine hundred ninety three agreement with bangladesh under that deal rohingya could return if they could prove their residency and had national identity cards or other relevant documents issued by the authorities but the myanmar military still a very powerful institution here said in a statement that the verification process would also have to be in accordance with the nineteen eighty two citizenship law
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a law that's been used to deny citizenship to the arabia. but after what they have lived through and many refugees have been given consistent accounts of murder arson and rape at the hands of myanmar military and buddhist mobs many were will choose not to return to a country that seems intent on keeping them out florence. yangon a two day conference is underway in sicily focusing on what's been described as the world's deadliest migrant crossing the organization for security and cooperation in europe first despite the risks people are still making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean to get to europe often on overcrowded unstable one hundred forty seven thousand people have crossed the mediterranean into europe so far. if we look at the tragic situation in the mediterranean last year over five thousand people died or went missing in the desperate attempts to cross the
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mediterranean in two thousand and seventeen the death toll remains an accepted lehi with almost two thousand eight hundred raked him. in addition to that nobody can say how many people died while taking the similar dangerous nand route through the sahara against this backdrop it is clearly in the interest of all parties concerned not least of migrants themselves to prevent irregular migration. the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the constitution cementing his status as one of the most powerful leaders in decades you know that was made on the final day of the communist party conference the vote to establish a thought on socialism as one of the country's guiding principles mails that any move to challenge him will be seen as a threat to communist party rule. from.
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the chinese people and the chinese nation embrace brilliance prospects and a bright future living in such a great era we are all the more confident and proud and also feel the heavy weight of responsibility upon us we must have the courage and resolve to build on the historic achievement made by the chinese people under the leadership of the chinese communists generation after generation and create a new accomplishments befitting of this great park and stride forward to an ever promising future. andrew thomas has from beijing. after their week long kong these are the members of the communist party pouring out of the great hole of the people behind me getting onto buses and to go back and spread the message of a china what is that message that's come out of this congress well first and foremost that president is an absolute control. only is his name going to be in shrine into the communist party's constitution that was confirmed on his bolt will
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be part of the he's also stamped his authority on the personnel in the there was a seventy percent in the membership of the central committee of the communist party the four hundred members of that the overwhelming majority of the new appointees officially elected to the point they are the supporters on wednesday will find out the membership will be a wimple. and the seven member standing committee again we can expect to see. that the next five years will be absolutely he's new era as he states the specifics well this congress was very light. but this will be she's a hero so an important time perhaps to take stock look at where she has come from. the really he says turned him in to the man he is today. when she's paying waved in liang jai ho in the early one nine hundred seventy s. it was a rural village where people lived in caves and in poverty now people riding on
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electric shuttle buses most villagers have left their home turned into an open air tribute museum honoring the man who's now president. some very young tell a sanitized version of the she story what he learned here what he did here and how loved he was visitors see the bed in which those flea infested she is said to have slept they hear how he built downers and duct welds most groups are brought here by communist party workers and photographed in front of she's wise words. she's young thing was born the son of a senior communist party member in beijing but in one thousand nine hundred nine his father fell out of favor the family was banished by chairman mao during the cultural revolution at fifteen she was sent to remotely angle her he spent seven years farming in fertile land living and working alongside some of the poorest
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people in china they were his formative years she became a leader of the local branch of the communist party he'd go on to more senior roles all over china until becoming president five years ago she never forgot her returning for a visit to years ago the village has become an important part of who he is the president with the common touch i surveyed had you done happy and excited this is where uncle she started his long march all his hard work began here the official she story one of hard work on a state innovation and empathy means the president sounds authentic when he demands those qualities of party members and of the chinese at large this is essential thing park extension of the shooting ping brand what these people have come to see for themselves is the setting for a story that hundreds of millions of chinese people are reading about daily in
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state media and learning about in schools at the entrance to the enjoy her workers are expanding the car park and building a grant ticket whole two and a half thousand people already visit every day but a lot more expected for many years to come after thomas al-jazeera liang jaya her central china. hong kong democracy activist joshua wall has vowed to continue his struggle against what he's calling or tyrion rule from china wang and his fellow campaign at knife and law have been granted bail while they appeal against their sentences for inciting illegal assembly in twenty fourteen they took part in a demonstration which helped spark hong kong's pro-democracy umbrella movement actually experiencing the work of music ground maestros like mozart bach and walk into involves a trip to massive concert holes and sixty four piece orchestras it's relaxing for
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some but for many it doesn't quite hit the right notes in the us the minimalist orchestra wants to change all that. explains. the flowing musical composition emanating from an orchestra but here they're taking classical music out of the concert halls to reach new audiences they're called pegasus and they play all the classics but differently instead of dozens of musicians in a fill her.


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