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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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good. al-jazeera.
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watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha i'm dead you know coming up in the next sixty minutes. kenya's disputed presidential election gets the go ahead despite growing anger on the street. china unveils its new leadership line up further cementing the power of president xi jinping. a new report accusing israel of the systematic abuse of young palestinians under arrest in occupied east jerusalem. i'm joining with the latest sports news including the most expensive baseball clayton cashel. l.a. to victory in game one of the world series. hello we begin in kenya that's where the presidential election will go ahead on
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thursday despite an eleventh hour legal challenge so the election board says it's received assurances that every voter will be protected no matter who they choose to be there or a new leader well that's all despite an eleventh hour legal challenge to the vote which failed because the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear the case so opposition activists wanted the vote disposed saying it will be credible it sparked protests in western kenya the stronghold of the opposition candidates right . these kenyans say they're angry about the election and they say it won't be free nor fair the poll itself is a rerun after the supreme court an old president a hurricane. afros victory in the first election that was in august they cited irregularities in that vote so right himself is boycotting thursday's poll he's also for his supporters to stay away from a similar joining us from the kenyan capital nairobi so we heard from the electoral
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commission chairman saying yes this election is going ahead on thursday talk us through what else we have to say. well hearing from the electoral of committee chairperson of the commission is very important for millions of kenyans preparing to vote because a just a week ago our political because he had said that he was uncertain the country could hold a free stay and credible election in the current political climate he then met with the opposition leader raila odinga as well as president to work in yatta we know of course railroading has withdrawn from this election we are waiting to hear from him sometime today the national super alliance says that they are having a rally and that they will make an important announcement at some point and the same token we are hearing we also expect to hear from president kenyatta but following that meeting jakarta has said that he's been given assurances that this will be a free and fair election one area of concern has also been the protests that we've
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seen in recent weeks and both political parties say they have been given assurances by police that they wouldn't use excessive force they would respect human rights looking at what some human rights organizations have said they say anything between thirty three and sixty kenyans have been killed in protests and most of them at the hands of the security forces so the opposition is also promising they would have protests on election day with yet to see if this will actually happen but the concern of course has been excessive force by police so looking at what before because he has said these assurances to kenya that the election can be pulled off that he expects the. the election hopes that it would be peaceful is very important but we are waiting for that final word from opposition leader raila odinga around whether or not he will participate he said that he won't because of course we also call into question the legitimacy of the election given that six million people
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voted for a dinger in the previous election and if they don't vote this time around what does that mean it will work in art or will it so we've already heard from the electoral chairman obviously as we're speaking when do we expect to hear from raila odinga. the rally that the national super alliance started earlier in the afternoon in nairobi are there was some confusion whether or not that would happen based on permission given we remember previously the protests that the opposition staged was stopped by police because there was a ban and that ban was later left and so we are expecting to hear from raila odinga before the end of the day he previously said that his supporters should boycott those polls and we have seen difficulties in some opposition strongholds where there's been difficulty in the delivery of ballot boxes any ballots or any in a toral material and it's called into question whether or not elections even happen
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in some of those areas the government has said that if the elections are prevented at any point they would deal with that severely so we are waiting to see exactly what stance the opposition would take just hours before the sarabi controversial election that's due to take place on thursday ok from as a miller we thank you for that update from nairobi or catherine sawyer has more on those protests from an opposition stronghold in western kenya. yes protestants have been out on the streets all morning blocks road using stones and goldeyes lighting bonfires as well they said that very angry after the supreme court. said that frustrate that. they will not. looking out and we will not even wrap up night he. said you know with the police.
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brutality. during protests thousands of people. have been killed including children. saying that police have killed my. people people. that will not. even to see how things like pulling material will get. to. see the people who would want to gloat. and a lot of tension when government forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of iraq a territory still in isolates hands they've been dropping leaflets warning civilians of the imminent assault i saw her suffer two major defeats in iraq in recent months after fierce fighting in mosul and how we joined the group holds territory in the west near the border with syria while the kurdish regional
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government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its secession referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want a cease fire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near or oil pipeline. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he is in india to meet with the prime minister in the winter modi the three day visit follows a stopover in pakistan on tuesday during a press conference with india's foreign minister tillerson said the united states shared the same regional security concerns as new delhi in our discussions with pakistani leadership yesterday the slav about we had a very open and frank exchange around the concerns of the united states shares with other regional partners and allies india but also afghanistan. that there are too many terrorist organizations that find
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a safe place in pakistan from which to conduct their operations other attacks against other countries so we have extended a pop star on certain expectations we have of their government and their leadership to deal with in particular these organisations china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league that was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but as adrian brown explains there is no clear successor to see. the guessing game over who will be china's new top decision makers is finally over . the line up includes five new faces all over sixty the men they've replaced to reach for a time of day as expected president xi jinping and premier league retain their post but once again no woman was selected for the past week president she has been
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stamping his authority on the party a party he still warns is threatened by the virus of corruption. you know you have a young. just political posturing the c.p.c. must behave in a way commensurate with the status. this is as close as foreign journalists get to chinese leaders the president said he welcomed objective reporting but not apparently from some of the world's biggest news organizations who were not invited to witness the leadership stab you in theory one of these new leaders will replace huge in playing as president in five years time but the presidency is not the most powerful political position in chinese politics party secretary is xi jinping holds that title and is expected to keep it for many years to come analysts say that she can manage that because he's surrounded himself with yes man wants to hear than
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this becomes just one date echo chamber from one small the president spoke of his dream to make china great again and for the party to align itself more with the people people like wang play wa who until a few years ago was a farmer but now sells fruit and vegetables in a beijing market she earns around twelve hundred dollars a month much more than she did working the land and says she's already achieved one of her dream. when i was a kid my dream was to be able to have a steam bun with every meal but today i can eat whatever i want. it has been a defining few days for chinese politics giving xi jinping the authority to push his vision of what china should look like by the middle of this century adrian brown al jazeera asia. or the turkish president. has met iraq's prime minister to discuss the recent kurdish referendum earlier the autonomous region offered to free
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is the result of september secession vote in order to open dialogue with baghdad. and prime minister had a law badly rejected the referendum result calling it illegitimate. jittering our meeting we rejected the unilateral new. if you're taken by the cards with regards to the referendum we regret such a measure we share the same views on the measure from the outset we agreed iraq's territorial integrity must be maintained and we are still keen on that this is why we cannot accept this referendum or the uni lateral measure taken by the kurds sent in kosovo although covering the story for us joining us from istanbul so no surprise that the two men say they reject the referendum that they're on the same page they say they have mutual understanding and agreements but that they say what their next steps were going to be. well yes both both leaders say that they're on the same page this is the discourse since
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the beginning of the crisis that we have the. actual names of the kurdish crisis but there is one thing we know that the two leaders also discussed about mr barzani his decision to suspend they are coming elections for a while but what we heard from our sources in ankara is that ancora is not feeling having those warm feelings towards mr barzani and his government anymore ancora has always been the biggest supporter of parsimony and his political achievements in k r g but it seems for the upcoming term. will avoid its support to mr barzani but of course who will turkey's support in k r g is another question mark who can be a better ally than most of the for ancora is another question mark both sides are that it catered to continue their joint military exercises that they have been
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conducting at the borders and they are going to they said that they're going to continue their fight against terror organizations like ours. but there is one thing there isn't actually there is one concern but she is still a crisis between a bag that an anchor and still there isn't there isn't any specific solution about that back that hasn't been hasn't been having a very strong stance and saying that they want but she comes with an iraqi territory but for now but she seems. for as a very important military camp that has to be preserved within in iraqi borders so race is a question mark also what happened recently is the. one of those hash the xabi commanders has has published
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a video threatening it took as president visits they have done so even though turkey is incorporating with bad that's still there are concerns about such the shabby stance especially towards the turkmen senate took meds in character in that only the catholic is still the binding issue for them because of a little thank you for that from istanbul while still in turkey eleven human rights activists accused of supporting terrorist groups have gone on trial so they include the director of amnesty international interest he a german national and this week if they were arrested in july they were accused of aiding kurdish and left wing armed groups like the fatality girl in movement who was blamed for last year's failed coup attempt the activists face up to fifteen years in prison if found guilty. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud her seen who's now been imprisoned in egypt for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and
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al jazeera strongly deny her saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. morocco's king has fired four government ministers over delays to a seven hundred million dollar development project for a northern region that's been shaken by protests so the royal palace issued a statement saying the ministers of education health housing and a junior minister have all been removed people in the mountainous area have been holding protests through the past year over their economic situation the demonstrations were triggered by the death of the fishmonger whose produce was confiscated by police. spain's prime minister says restoring normality and legality to catalonia is one of the government's top priorities catalonia faces direct rule being imposed on it from madrid on friday more than three weeks after its controversial secession referendum the catalan regional government plans to
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challenge the takeover through spain's constitutional court. our priority is very important it's to reestablish the rule of law and peaceful living conditions in catalonia it is to guarantee liberty and the rights of all citizens these are the fundamental priorities of our government i want to highlight that the country's economic situation is much better now than it was just a year ago afghan officials said the taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack that killed nine soldiers in the western province of farah an army base was targeted the government says its air force was called in for support and killed seventeen taliban fighters less than a week after forty three soldiers were killed in an attack on a military base in the southern kandahar province here with the news hour on al-jazeera there is plenty more ahead including a deal has been reached to repatriate mean mars probe into refugees from bangladesh details on that in a moment. i'm alison that i'm. about where the government is trying to win the war
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on drugs one coca plant that time and. the late late show with this all argentine semifinal in south america's top club competition joe we'll have the details coming up up in sport a little later on. first of last year a little over two million u.s. workers were paid or below the federal minimum wage that's seventy seven dollars and twenty five cents so in a two part series al-jazeera looks at the growing divide in the u.s. between the earning haves and have nots john hendren has this report from the city of st louis in missouri. until this august betty douglass lived on faith hope in ten dollars an hour. she's the main breadwinner for a son with autism another with a brain tumor
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a nephew and her brother who's recovering from back surgery. last night i didn't. i have a sixteen year old i had to make sure they say that as i saw very homey this morning even though you work for a restaurant. they all live with a doting matriarch and not much else and they let the company that telling me that they want three hundred dollars or that a couple a service or so on just taking that as that take day by day. each work day for ten years she walks to a bus stop to a job serving burgers at mcdonald's at fifty nine she hasn't seen a doctors since her sixteen year old son was born now the state of missouri has taken away the pay raise she and other workers who've earned for months across the u.s. cities like los angeles chicago and washington d.c. are raising their minimum wage. but here in st louis the lowest paid workers are
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actually seeing their paychecks get smaller st louis voted to increase the minimum wage from seven dollars and seventy cents an hour to ten dollars but missouri state legislature voted to override that blocking cities like st louis from setting a higher wage. so as fast food workers across the country fight for better wages here they protest the dollars they've lost two to be exact plus thirty cents every hour. and when the police shut them down they take it outside and i want to cancel that that cost the living is going up every day st louis restaurant a watchman says that's not the american way like the idea of government getting involved in telling me how much to pay my people earn it work hard the american dream i didn't but but to determine how much my employee makes well why don't you build my business then for me and get me out of the mess betty douglas has now
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returned to her old pay and all as i keep getting up in the morning by the time down at night i don't want to get up and buy as she serves others her family will have to do with even less every day thank you john hendren al-jazeera st louis they were some bastard or to the un nikki haley is in south sudan to meet the president and hopes of finding a resolution to their civil war she told a group of reporters that she was mad that the international community has let the conflict go on for so long south sudan spiraled into civil war in two thousand and thirteen after a dispute between president salva kiir and a former deputy nearly three hundred fifty thousand refugees have flooded into gambell almost ninety percent are women and children. this is an international crisis this is not just ethiopia is a problem this is an international crisis and when you look at the thousands of people here and you see that they're supposed to have one hundred clinics for took
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thousand people and there's six thousand people in one clinic and it's from i mean they're they're trying to make ends meet by you know working off of food shortages but at some point you have to look at say no one deserves to live like. morgan has more from the capital juba. as of yet nikki haley is the highest u.s. official to visit south sudan from the administration and this visit comes after it seems like the u.s. is taking a tougher stance on south sudan in september the u.s. government sanctioned two government officials and one former chief of staff of the can in the country are saying that they are derailing the peace process and hindering peace in south sudan now and he made it very clear that she's going to focus on humanitarian access and protection for aid workers in the country more than eighty two have already been killed in this conflict and more than a dozen have disappeared or have been abducted she also said that she's trying to make sure that the aid money that is being spent is spent wisely she's very concerned about how aid workers are spending their money she's met with some u.n.
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agencies and she's going to talk to people in the protection of civilian camps and the u.n. protection camps for civilians where people have been displaced for more than four years to see how the axis and how the services are being delivered now us let us remember that the u.s. is the biggest aid donor in south sudan delivering more than seven hundred million dollars a year to the aid community to program to provide assistance to the people of south sudan and we're talking about a population of more than six million that are heavily rely on aid to survive so her visit is quite significant and. so her visit is quite significant and her talks with the president had talks with the u.n. organizations who talk with the people in the displacement camps will decide how the u.s. policy in south sudan will move forward from their large agricultural companies are making big profits in zambia but a new report says vulnerable rural communities are paying the price with small farmers having to give up their land many of them are women as cattle lopez her
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young reports. this community has been farming for years it depends on the land to survive but recently many have been forced out by foreign companies that's why they are going up i'm going on but i'm going to bang on the workers that are going to bulldoze us came to the house and said you have to move from here it's a situation that's becoming more common in zambia hoping to improve the economy the government allowed commercial enterprises to expand in areas including the sarong district which is known for its good soil and water these satellite images show just how quickly domestic and foreign foreign companies moved in to produce corn wheat and soy some of which is sold abroad but families say they're being pushed from the land they've worked on for generations felicia says now her children don't have a problem home. we were told we only had two weeks and we had to leave that's how
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we ended up here my children they sleep in that taint human rights watch released a report forced to leave commercial farming and displacement insomnia that examines the impact these businesses are having or rule families it says a woman in particularly are being blindsided by the problem. we women used to grow plenty of crops and keep it in our storage bins it's a big difference the river was close and we could draw water we grow a lot of savvy and sweet potatoes. rules to protect farming communities and sabia already exist including having families decide whether they want to leave proper resettled and options and compensation but the people here say they're not being enforced. you know i was taken to school because these companies want the land where we live this community says farming is about much more than crops it's about tradition land family and their very livelihood. so the yen
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al-jazeera. mean more in bangladesh have agreed to repatriate hundreds of thousands of for whom just who fled violence in me and mars northern rakhine state more than six hundred thousand have crossed into bangladesh in the last two months meanwhile aid groups are asking the international community for more help as conditions at makeshift camps deteriorates tanvir child reports from cox is bizarre. just try and imagine you're trying to take care of the health care facilities for the population of the city of washington d.c. that is about the size of population refugees who crossed over to bangladesh in recent days from me on my plus those who are in recent years that would make up close to one million the size of the population we're living in squarely refugee camps all across there just isn't and. there's one
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government on hospital with about two hundred bats and now they're in ok about about sixty bad and a field hospital recently opened by red cross and red cross together which has a sixty bad hospital there needs to be a lot of patients. patients would be actually had made at most of the clinics we see on mobile clinics now here we can see woman friendly space with gender based violence as well as maternity issues health related problem for woman dating problem mothers how to take care of their children etc in the long run the government needs to find a solution to provide hospital care facilities for a lot of these people and refugees who are staying in various camps and major challenge. local and international aid agencies as well as for bangladesh government in coming days and will now speak to the secretary general of the international federation of the red cross and red crescent society she's joining us
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as well. as i thank you for speaking to al jazeera so you've been meeting with some of the you in fact tweeted that you met a little boy who broke his leg when his mother dropped him fleeing mark can you just tell us what more you have seen. you know. we talk about six hundred thousand people over the last. by plane they've been walking and when they had arrived they find themselves in a very hot in this situation and then they all got a you know in makeshift you know in a very very tiny space that cannot really contain such a number of people and it is not only those numbers but the numbers do not tell the stories the full studies of the women that have lost their babies and then their children and there has been along the way these children that i've experienced
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things that child has to have never seen including the young boy that we're talking about it is a crisis really of children three hundred thousand children children caring for children children carrying children children carrying bags of rice you know everything up every day trying to survive and then looking for food under circumstances that. well ok all right i do apologize we've lost our connection with and had just see who is speaking to us from the caucuses are we will try and get him back a little later in the program to hear more of what he specifically seen for himself in calls his bizarre we'll move on and a new report accuses israel of the systematic abuse of young palestinians arrested in occupied east jerusalem it says teens are detained in the middle of the night accused of throwing stones at soldiers and their questioned without
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a lawyer present culture john reports. five decades of israeli occupation and many scenes remain the same young palestinians throw stones at israeli soldiers who respond with tear gas but now a report from human rights organization beats salaam and hama kid says israel is ignoring special laws to protect the rights of minors and teenagers when they are detained after a protest that this is an age in which people. are more vulnerable and can actually be scarred for life and traumatized for life through such experiences and so you want to have special protections in place. the report's authors say the justice system in israel lacks any understanding of due process when handling palestinian teens specifically in occupied east jerusalem and the west bank we have
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a system in which on one side police officers prosecutors judges the jails will all and always be israeli and in this case you have you know that a student teenagers who are always on the receiving end of this of this reality sixty teenagers suspected of stone throwing were interviewed for the report some were arrested in the middle of the night which is forbidden under israeli law seventy percent of the boys arrested did not know they had the right to remain silent a third of the boys did not speak to a lawyer they said they feared being harmed and were pressured to sign involuntary and sometimes false confessions in ninety five percent of the cases the boys were questioned without a parent or relative being present most were threatened and interrogated and could be held in harsh conditions in a cell for days or weeks human rights groups don't see israel changing its abuse of palestinian teens any time soon sad and difficult conclusion that we are unlikely
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to see any meaning. changing. in the absence of any documentation. is really police say the report is inaccurate and misleading. let's speak to. an israeli human rights lawyer since joining us live from occupied east jerusalem thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so from what you've seen. are the violations when it comes to palestinian teenagers. in these really low for juveniles allowed many many benefits for their interrogation the parents should. be interrogated late at night and of course it should be. but the young palestinians it doesn't happen because exception the exception says the.
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high ranking officer of the police can decide that in this specific case. and in this specific case he gives the permission to interrogate them at night in this case they don't get. they should get a lawyer before going to doesn't happen always or it has been hastily you know through the phone for half a minute. and we have many many youngsters who are intimidated and then of course they plead guilty to whatever is been told to them and then they will be sentenced but this new drug on this report shows that nothing has changed we seem to see a report every single year by different organizations and nothing ira and so what sort of protections can be put in place more than just what i have to tell you more than that there are all the nice cases by the police in order to detain kids
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in a specific village for he says it could be so we it can be general cover i have. clearly we know it's needed by the police that policeman were dressed as soldiers put into a bus and the bus was sent to enter. the village here in jerusalem and when people told the driver please go out for you. don't be in this village but of course it was a mission they had cameras all over the bus. those who will react to the bus full of soldiers and indeed the bass was passing through the main streets. and kids here and they throw stones. at the bus and then they were identified photographed by the cameras around the bus and
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then detained then so i say to them it was a clear. the intention was to the train those people and last week they made changes of about forty eight youngsters in the village. it's supposed to. stop them from any action revolt right or any reaction to the police or the government is doing right and to keep its status of always. be they should ok it's time i would have liked to speak to you know more about sort of what protections need to be put in place but unfortunately we've run out of time we thank you very much for speaking to us when i was here i thank you. meanwhile israel has approved the construction of one hundred seventy six new settlements units in occupied east jerusalem this move aims to add to a ready existing illegal settlement structures in palestinian neighborhoods.
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so back to our earlier story and that is about the plight of the ruined joe we were speaking to and had a c. he is the secretary general of the international federation of the red cross and the red crescent society is joining us from cox's bizarre thanks very much for sticking around and speaking to us once again so before we lost the connection you were telling us about some of the stories about you had heard and what you witnessed and cox's was are were you prepared at all for the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe that you've seen and that's being described to us here at al-jazeera. of course you know our work we are confronted with similar situations but we'll never get used to it you'll never get used to it facing a hungry child you never you get too used to seeing this so many people coming they are hungry they're frightened they're exhausted and you know they're questioning
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what will happen to them tomorrow and not to talk about you know the next week or next month and this is a situation that we're seeing today and people are living in conditions that really hurts our humanity that calls on each and all of us you know to try first of all to find solutions to the problems that are pushing them out but until then to do everything we can put it bluntly this very very very urgent need need a simple food as simple as water as simple as money based on the hygiene as simple as that it's because people they come into it they come with the diseases and the proxy the promise quickly within which they are living is also threatening some of the gains that are being made in terms of going to some of the other controlled diseases that doesn't move those united either so we're focusing pretty much on health and accompanying people you know psycho from a psychosocial point of view as well as you know providing feeding and those basic needs you know that that every day needs until we find
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a solution ok and how just see we'll leave it there we thank you for seeing to us on al-jazeera apologies once again. for the poor connection earlier on. time for the other stuff with news of some very hot weather that's happening in the states the second is should be cooling down at this time of year here it is in doha we've got to thirty five degrees and me as a maximum yesterday but nobody told california so look at what's happened we were up to forty one point two that was in fulton just very near l.a. incredibly hot there and that's actually the hottest temperature that we've seen so late in the year anywhere in the u.s. so incredibly hot here and it's all thanks to some santa ana winds they blow down from the mountains they're very dry winds they're very hot winds and when they blow strongly that's when we get the highest of the temperatures so very very hot for the southwestern parts of the moment but it is all going to change thanks to this weather system in the northwest that's going to disrupt the entire process of the weather so is it topples it's way and it's going to stop this high pressure over
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the central belt quite so high that will cut off the wind supply to the west coast and that will allow those temperatures to stop getting quite as high as they have been because forty one point six is far too hot it should be near a twenty four at this time of year so that gives you an idea of just how extraordinary those temperatures are so they were dropping now and they're far less during the later afternoon when they will be. during the day just because those winds easing but as those winds ease you go towards the next system that's working its way down from the northwest calgary sixty down to seven on thursday and that snow them worked its way towards winnipeg lots of heavy snow on that. staff saying q well the russian defense minister is visiting qatar to meet his counterpart for bilateral talks in doha. covering the story for us to tell us what more they'll be discussing general. well there in this is meant to be a significant step in terms of the russian military corp
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a relationship or rather there is a signing of an agreement between the two countries which opens the door for thought of to start purchasing procuring and buying russian weaponry another miter produce as well as maybe possibly opening the door for joint training between the two countries what they're signing today is an agreement in principle which is something that is stipulated by russian law the russian parliament requires that any foreign country that wants to do military business with it's signed this agreement as a for a step before they can then go on to more details and this is something quite significant considering the fact that many other arab countries have already military ties with russia the fact that qatar didn't have prior to today but is decided to embark on that is something important not least in light of the current g.c.c. crisis but that has been trying to show that it can diversify its options it's not limited to maybe u.s. and other countries that it used to depend on when it came to defense and other
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security issues but also wants to show that it is business as usual and that the blockade imposed hasn't really had any impact in terms of the way in which that country is governed so right now behind me that agreements and things time between kind of the last year the company defense minister and his russian counterpart they will then or the russians will then go on to meet the amir of qatar where there will be also a photo op there so the significance here like i say is the diversification of qatar its options but as well as the message is trying to show it to its neighbors that have been imposing this suit for several months now that they haven't been able to succeed in i said it's in qatar that that is still able not only to continue with its relationships internationally but build and forge new ones ok ed thank you. the violence against syrian refugees in lebanon has risen sharply in recent months so there have been several attacks on the growing number of politicians are demanding syrians return home and this report from they were.
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kicked beaten and thrown to the ground the syrian refugee pleads with his attackers to stop the assault was filmed and posted on social media by a group of lebanese men who can be heard on the video accusing their victim of joining protests organized by refugees against the mistreatment they face in lebanon and demanding that he prays the country i'm going to. have faced similar violence originally from aleppo and rocca they've been sheltering just outside of beirut with their families since shortly after the syrian uprising began more than six years ago last year both were beaten not far from where they live i do says after speaking out about the attack to local media they face repeated threats by the lebanese neighbors. we came here to save our children from death and illiteracy we came in to survive an expected to be treated
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with respect and live safely but it's been the other way around we now live in fear every day and. human rights groups have warned repeatedly about returning refugees back to a country still at war and many refugees fear if they go back to syria they may face arrest or conscription into the syrian army but that doesn't seem to concern a growing number of lebanese politicians. across lebanon the syrian refugee sentiment is now plastered on posters and billboards like these put up in recent weeks by a political party demanding they go home earlier this month president michel own also said it was time the world help syrians to return back to their country if you continue to do is this not if you continue to exist today then mobilize your community against the unions and ensuring that the you know the impact of the scene is and created this fear. and now in the next four months until the elections comes
4:44 pm
this is really concerning lebanon has a long and complex relationship with refugees as well as almost one and a half million syrians there are also more than four hundred fifty thousand palestinians many descended from those who fled after the creation of israel. years ago together communities make up almost a quarter of lebanon's population of six million which is why some politicians say they want the syrians to leave morning lebanon's own history of sectarian divisions will be worsen if they remain well entails tired is joining us now from the bekaa valley near a syria's border for us he's in fact at a refugee camp so i'm sure that you've been speaking to syrian refugees how worried are they. the situation. they're in they're extremely worried mainly because many of them have faced violence in the streets but perhaps more importantly they have also received verbal attacks but are you hearing increasingly
4:45 pm
on lebanese media whether it's radio television and in newspapers this really growing sense that politicians very powerful politicians want them to go in fact the prime minister or rather the president i should say michel alone said only a few days ago that syrian refugees need to leave but you have to consider the very dire conditions they live in the region if we just take a look you can see here in the bekaa valley many syrians the in extraordinary poverty but many many of them say that they would rather live in this poverty than to go back to syria a country which they want to go back to but given the fact that it's still at war that many of them fear that if they do go back to syria that they could be arrested by the syrian regime or be forced into conscription by the syrian army they say that they can't go back even though they want to and we know that the lebanese government has rejected any sort of implementation of formal refugee camps when it comes to syrian refugees in t.
4:46 pm
up so what is the lebanese government then proposing that's a problem we've heard a lot of talk but very little policy very little in the way of a meaningful strategy which could see syrian refugees go back home safely go back to parts of syria which may be safe at this stage that for many here seems a long way away but again we've been speaking to political analysts here in lebanon and they're looking at this narrative that is being spun by these politicians saying that they're eyeing the elections in a few months from now and that they're using the syrian refugee issue as a way to deflect from their own serious failings ok and reporting from the bekaa valley thank you. cocoa cultivation the base ingredient for cocaine is booming once again in colombia so the government is trying to slash production by employing farmers to destroy the crops by hand but it's dangerous work facing the wrath of
4:47 pm
drug traffickers and armed gangs at least seven people have died in recent fighting . against exclusive access to an anti drug operation and that's on the border with ecuador. coca fields extends for kilometers through this stretch of one spirit in jungle where flying with colombia's and thing that caught the police to look at the latest efforts to eradicate the country's biggest cash crop. farmers hired by the police are destroying the plains by hand in this region on the border with ecuador the grows more coca than the entire country of the levy and. we have at the moment seven hundred policemen and three hundred twenty two civilians who are doing the eradication job here the themes moving at dawn splitting in pairs when they exist shovel deep underneath the bush roots the other pulls it out of the soil it's a laborious intensive effort but they move at
4:48 pm
a brisk pace most where coca farmers themselves at track to buy the five hundred u.s. dollar a month salary but there are many dangers. gangs plant land mines underneath the bush they tie it up to a syringe so that when you pull it it explodes. that's why there are sniffer dogs first and then the mining personnel with metal detectors. but cavernous domingo's the group scored teenager says at least four farmers were injured in recent months i don't know cement and you are in the wolf's mouth you never know if they missed a land mine and we also have to face the local population protest can start at any moment seven farmers were killed in one recent clash as local growers often backed by drug traffickers increasingly protest against the removal. on this day farmers looked out the windows of their shack as the police took over their coca base laboratory. here a lot of talks about substitution programs but it's just
4:49 pm
a tale all they do is run over us we've never seen the government here offering any real projects or help there's no roads here we can't grow anything else but many observers believe that this remains a mostly futile exercise rather than this drawing the crop and just pushes it into new territory and i never ending game of cat and mouse. this is a really silly policy in terms that it creates a lot of. damage a great a lot of money turning conditions we observed that more than ninety percent of the coca that has been a right included manually it's been replanted in a very short period of time yet the country's under increasing pressure to show results fast however temporary they might be a voluntary substitution program is underway to provide alternatives for farmers but needs time and big investments in the meantime via eradication will continue even if it will not be enough to uproot the problem for good i listened. to michael
4:50 pm
steele heads on the al-jazeera news hour how a book by one of the of holocaust victims is helping italian football confront anti semitism joe we'll have that story that's coming up in sport.
4:51 pm
time for sports heroes joe durian thank you very much the l.a. dodgers have opened their first well series since ninety eight when the victory over the houston astros stop at chick place in cashel who ends a thirty three million dollars season to live it when it mattered most to lease
4:52 pm
home and report the agency's status at thirty nine degrees celsius the world series began with the warmest on record players in kushal was in hot form two. strokes. lifted in the air base in contrast the stoppages opposite dallas kind cool was hit for a high run of his opening pitch. to chris tyler the fourth player to hit a little hard in game one of the world series. well by spalls most expensive player continue to rack up the strikeouts and time share. on him only to change the way and that is that kushal made a race slip in the fourth inning to allow the astros to level the guy just like that it's the end of the. justin tunnel put the doj is back in control in the sixth
4:53 pm
inning handball. just. because you all struck out eleven bad as are the seven innings and allowed just the ray hits as the dodgers went on for three want a victory. campbell. was too. is really good having team you know they do a lot of homes they don't strike out and so there's a lot of. there's a little room for error so you know it was important for me to establish pitches be able to throw multiple thanks for strikes and. thankful as able to do now tonight and i made a few mistakes obviously broken got me in and threw one pretty much down the road a career that he popped up they could've gone a long way to so. you know for the most part though it was it was you know i'll take it the contents dropped into when i was in twenty eight minutes the shortest won't series game since ninety ninety two go back up again on wednesday with gang
4:54 pm
to have the best of seven series home and just zero. while italian police say they've identified sixteen people one as young as thirteen believed to be involved in posting anti semitic pictures of anne frank in a row much during a football match the incident during last year's game against calorie has forced to tell in football to examine how it deals with anti semitic behavior by supporters this week's fact matches will begin with a reading from the diary of anne frank the jewish teenager who was murdered in a nazi concentration camp during the holocaust in two months signed copies of the diary ahead of their game with some doria on tuesday let's hear who found spock the outrage of said they will jerseys featuring frank's face this week and will begin by taking young funds to visit the auschwitz nazi camp in poland every year. is the author of the book football italia and he's also the director of the anti discrimination division of football supporters in europe he told al-jazeera that we
4:55 pm
shouldn't be surprised by the actions of this group of your fans. last year has a particularly interesting fanbase. there's a small group there did she believe who have connections to far right politics nationalistic politics and there is a connection then to. instruments of politics about say we are anti semitic but it's also historically linked with roma being seen as the club of the working class in the city and having connections to the local jewish population so it's about saying we're not roma we are different from the people of the city and they was really surprising about this is just what the club has done in particular which is to of credibility taking a couple of players into the local cigarettes and dogs and talking to the local people and engaging with those communities i think it's really symbolically very very important i think what's also important and i think is a really good example of best practice is where they've said they will take some
4:56 pm
young fans to auschwitz this is something that's been done in germany dormant for example regularly take young people on education trips what i would also recommend they do is they connect it to the local population because what doormen do is they link the nazi jails in dortmund to auschwitz so what they're showing is logical consequence consequence of if you treat someone and victimize and demonize the other then the consequences could be something quite catastrophic where the holocaust prosecutors in switzerland have begun questioning the head of cattle sports network being sports now sourly for he is being investigated over accusations he bribed former fee for general secretary jerome valcke a to win the right to host the show the world cup on the t.v. network al holy feet he's also president of parasite amanda noyes wrongdoing he's been he's been facing switzerland's attorney general in bern to answer the question . wasn't time football giants river plates are on track to reach the final of south
4:57 pm
america's top club competition the copula better though it's the two. thousand and fifteen champions were up against. the noose in the first leg of their semifinal in-born osiris but it wasn't until late in the second half that river got the break nastiest gold coast scored in eighty second minute to give them one victory. while the battle to finish the women's tennis season as world number one just got even more interesting the current incumbent simona halep suffered a shock defeat in the season and in singapore she's been beaten in straight sets by caroline. six out of the other seven players taking part in this event have a chance of claiming the world number one sports mean wall in switzerland roger federer gave fans a thrill of his home tournament in basel federal who's looking to overtake rafael nadal to finish the season as the world number one north teenage opponent francis francis. federer a strong six one six three when he faces pressure but pair. and
4:58 pm
that is all useful for now i'm with peter later during ok i thank you very much for that and thanks for watching evert news hour on al-jazeera back in just a moment with much more of the day's news coming our way for you in a minute. and witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the child is going to be. managed well and for the forces
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that are available what makes an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subjects of the story want to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. in the most heavily armed country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been at war for four generations al-jazeera explains the reason those drones are there assist the innocent civilians they exist in often drawn even they're not firing is them frightening because any moment they come bomb living beneath the drunk but this time al-jazeera.
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