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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 171  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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his brother or sister is right. and let everyone know that all security agencies. have been deployed across the country. to assure the safety of each. and every. qatar has placed sanctions on eleven yemeni nationals in two yemeni entities in a joint operation with the us it's in line with us measures targeting leaders finances and facilitators of ai so as well as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula the actions of good asset freezes and travel bans iraqi kurdish leaders have ordered offered to freeze the outcome of last month's secession vote the referendum triggered a confrontation with iraq central government which responded by seizing huge areas of disputed territory is unlikely to be accepted by authorities in baghdad who want the results to be a moment. but it's in me
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a lot of blocks human error terry and workers from entering the camp the displaced ranger moves them to northern state meanwhile in bangladesh aid agencies say conditions of refugee camps are deteriorating and they're asking the international community for more help with in six hundred thousand of course the border for me and more in the last two months alone those are your headlines you update the stream as next. i am from the ok you're in the stream now live on you tube and i'm really good
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today what's next for rocker i saw has been pushed out but with the city destroyed its future remains unclear. and. i also represent a lot of where the nation. and i are. it's been a week since the syrian democratic forces with the help of intensive bombing raids from a u.s. led coalition dealt a huge blow to i saw by taking full control of the syrian city of raka in twenty fourteen eisel captured the city and made it the defacto capital of itself reclaimed caliphate the offensive against them which began in june caused widespread destruction leaving roughly two hundred and seventy thousand people homeless and sparking a serious humanitarian crisis and while the fall of russia is a major setback for eisel the ordeal is far from over for the people of this once
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vibrant city joining us to talk about this in germany abdulaziz is a former rocco rest into his now co-founder of rock is being slaughtered silently a group of activists who use citizen journalism to expose the tactics of i still also in germany mohammed coulda is another former resident of rocca he's now c.e.o. a sound and picture a documentary organization committed to recording the violence of i still in syria and iraq in france nicholas ten in a former journalist who was kidnapped by and i saw iraqi that was back in twenty thirteen and helped captive for ten months and in turkey. he's a senior correspondent for al-jazeera he's been covering the conflict in syria for this network good to see you everybody good to see you jed's let me start with some video some footage from about a week ago celebrations dancing in morocco have a look. mohammed you use a little rocco when you saw the celebrations it's mission accomplished what kind of
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victory in states. is. actually showing me because as a rock but before i feel that the those people just dancing in the bodies of four families . or friends they seemed a bit of a break from you know that this is not a true because this is the regime that thousands of civilians will have been killed because it's ghosted thousands of civilians are displaced now many of the civilians are from outside in their camps and living in very bad conditions there are many thousands who are being killed in these operations by us what was your what was the if and why quality strikes and nobody dancing because they don't sing for example and names which is one of the most dangerous schools in the ward there are many executions. but this is this where and now they've done some and
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this is where they should respect the blood of our families and friends and they should not do that it's not so easy and him and i hear what you're saying there want to share this perspective from said he says iraq that being the defacto headquarters of isis or i saw the fall of then is a victory in the sense that question is the dream of an isis caliphate he goes on to say though but the fall of iraq that doesn't signify the end of isis or i still have that what do you make of sense comments do you see it as a victory and does this mean that i saw an iraq that is now over. so yeah i don't see it as a victorian like as mohamed mentioned and like i want to say that ninety per cent of the city is drawing. like i'm from rockets being born and bred there or like the city completely different than the city that i know the city that i grow up in so everything is completely different like as you can see in this photo
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towards this region years. and like why those people are dancing and considerate as well the ration i talked with many people who was the city recently and they said they could like stay there because of the smell of the thousands of civilians are killed and the rubble so i'm like i was just talking with friends here in germany and they told me after second block after the second world war one that your. and lean they they saw you mind so they didn't dance they respect the people who've been caught during the bottle rocket was a completely different and like it's not only me like rock or is it the rock the people who still live in their songs because so there is as liberation more than and your cube action i'm hearing recognized. i was in the square in downtown baghdad as if some of the invasion and i can very
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well. understand the ceiling of the people who. were in there are so mean to their own city and pretending that they are liberating actually just laying there on flags because this is where it's just. because you said pretending and why did you say for time that i mean i think. well just look at these pictures just as you're answering yourself by displaying pictures as you're asking me this question so is this a liberation and then this picture of just answering the question i don't you think covering the story. for al-jazeera i'm just thinking about the coalition's perspective of what do they feel that they have achieved right now with rocca.
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basically for the u.s. led coalition against this is quite a significant moment because. as you said was the self-proclaimed capital. in syria for them to. significant because it is the next push will be to take over. which is the last remaining stronghold. in syria also an indication of the growing influence of the as the which is a coalition of kurds and it is mainly led by the white p.s.u. which is one of the most powerful kurdish factions operating on the ground so i think it serves the not a tip of the push by the international community particular by the americans of allies to continue their fight to tighten the noose around in iraq and in syria and for the moment they can manage to evict them from major cities or urban. is quite
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a step forward. and one who is saying in the past just shortly ago this is something that came really with the price we're talking about thousands of civilians were killed we're talking about entire neighborhoods in. which were completely destroyed that is it is it won't be easy it would really take some time for people to be able to go back to their own areas where hashem you mentioned the civilians killed and the houses and neighborhoods destroyed i want to share a picture tweeted to us this is madison has soon he is a syrian journalist based in germany he says civilians aren't allowed yet to come back permanently to the s.d.f. or the syrian democratic forces that hashem mentioned allow them to check their homes and to see the damages only and you can see this picture here that he included so what life is like for those who are still there the very few or those who fled and are in camps outside the city is what this video commenter wants us to
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know about this is her saying that bush and this is what he told the stream. and the camps are not proper places and the people who live in it are full circumstances and everyone is close to zero and they want to go back room but the sad reality is that their homes have been destroyed in the fighting mama can you take us through what the humanitarian situation looks like for those who fled or might still be there it's very matter to asian and even about those who might as i'm speaking about that's as the as a lump sum be able to go back to their homes actually they didn't have a lot of a lot of people was very shows and i'll mention a band and it's about here and there for hoods and last a few days they are meant to go back and begin to see their homes but as the shoots some of them were angry and there is between those civilians they just wanted to go back into their homes to check it to see if there are any maybe people under the
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rubble to see what's happened to their homes what is different rhythm of doing that and above the camps there are no. any kind of human conditions in these camps they deal with them in very broadest way they deal with them they just because they are from rock out from years of they speak with them and rises to a they told them you are isis supporters but in fact that mother isis supporters they where under the pure white of isis and they are the most people also buy them from places that isis executive and there are families executed friends of them and take their home so this is the problem is the see the people of iraq those c.d.'s who are from iraq as isis supporters but this is not a joke we know that they were forcibly just to live under isis going on because they cannot go back. outside of the city. now looking at the same refugees from iraq at they run in the camps kind of
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overseeing lack of like now what do we need to know about. action the syrian democratic forces then overflowed into yet the refugee camps what can you tell us about about the way they operate. well we've been in touch with. live in makeshift camps on the outskirts of basically we're talking about thousands of people have fled the fighting thousands of people who are trapped inside when they managed to flee some of them risked their lives trying to. journey and they were told to go to areas where they might find food and shelter. there was basically nothing talking about many makeshift camps very poor conditions and this is the huge problem we're talking
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about in the coming weeks is going to get really cold in those areas they have nothing international aid agencies. trying to get to those areas to to provide immediate aid to the people so the there really many cases of sufferings among the people the problem is that the if you think of this particular moment no one can go back to because it can so they say that some of the houses might be still booby trapped there might be some miners in different areas of the time the alleyways that lead to the old town so there's absolutely no way for those people to go back home any time soon. so that they might never be able to go to the back to the areas in the near future so we're talking about really a very delicate situation for thousands of people hostage now trapped in the midst of the vast desert areas with nowhere to go you know what you said is actually echoed here on twitter as well this is not there who says even after i saw have
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been pushed out of iraq many are still dying by stepping on landmines landmines are left behind as a nasty surprise really just picking up on what you said there another person this is you to live through is right send the biggest problem for iraq that is house and food and that should be fixed first i did as he heard what hashem said about aid agencies knowing that this is a priority right now what are the families feeling in this moment are you still talking to people who are on the outskirts who have fled rucka and what are their concerns. living rock. talking of course about the cams and major chamish. and arresting cam they can't believe that you have. to cry and tease them before they're up to being in their own city and they are kind of arresting can and then like. die
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because of their backs and dishes and scam or their luck and they're already there are they having like their back magicians there are leaving with their services. and other there are no aware that these are all things and like them and problems that they're facing right now even like they consider towards health and food and anything of recruitment quite is the forcing children. to join them and. so those children who were lucky to survive. some of them were not lucky to survive in the their families did them joining. i'm not talking only about children even like everyone there is like the military so they don't know where to go what to do living with all this condition talking about violations that have been committed or that sign talking about the first is there all of the international organization
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like the humanitarian. lately this. is a county site talking about kolob county side areas and so we have controlled things almost two years and while people are dying there because of the back conditions. and like and like talking about more and more of the violations as others mentioned there are lots also ricin can be shouting be forcing people to join them through if you're in a bubble. or challenge the leader which concerns the international league extremism organization talking about ethnically cleanings this was burning power or that things was even not mentioned in the media everyone was watching t.v. but what about the rest of the people who are suffering this. no nicholas i had i would like or i would like also to mention the people who have disappeared.
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during the three years of. ration left wreck of a well according to some organizations around thousand four hundred it's a heavy times of wrecking i've been captured kidnapped by isis. and actually one of the moment since. the collapse of iraq yeah there is a trend. there are a mix of teams from their families or friends. yet some in mission about their fate up some accounts are especially trying to mount the. hash tag where i know we're out of the. or where i was a kid not. even the hash tag and they. release communicate in arabic english and french and many of their. friends and
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families live in the west trying to get information from also the pollution also from western sources the trail looked only to get in touch with the kurds. out of the seven. seven thousand four hundred. prisoners not all of them survived but some of them must be still alive where i have been taken away with the being jailed these are maybe some of them may very well have been mistaken for jihadists and be at the moment prisoners. of the coalition or of the yes like i said glad that you mentioned that actually we received tweets from people alerting us to that this is. and again he says these people are the first who fought isis are i still in iraq long before the world knew i asked the detained
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since twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen we want them not just a few of those pictures of course we can't independently verify any of the faces on this but the twitter handle for more information is kidnapped by isis you can see it on my screen here and they say we also ask that they help us in learning more relevant information about the prisons and jails that were formerly run by isis but with no one actually in charge or at least it being unclear on who's in charge whether it's the s.d. asked for whether it's a vacuum who will they get that information from and do you see that actually being forthcoming. we saw a lot of crisis members lived there since the enemy some of them without any prisoners with them we know that there were a lot of prisoner and this is when i sometimes left the city and is the country and now is the question of why americans say that's not present or we couldn't find any present in the prisons but we know that this is because we could document many of.
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brazenness there are families for them outside of rockwell and there were members of as the call them and ask them to pay money to get information about these of brazenness so this is not a true they have information and they have maybe also many of those prisoners may take them as i saw what we know that this is not possible because they show a lot of photos for hundreds which they say they are isis members came to his death we know most of them got city against and now they became a brazen i was with is the is one charge of supporting isis but in the back there were many isis members who i said i know specifically one of them who was a single who i says and became a singer for is the if so that's wrong about of i says joint is the is ups are making some deals and c.d.'s became brazen i was just on
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a charge of supporting this is something about the situation and is the if they don't show the full reality of the situation ok i guess let me just remind our audience about how the quest made the headlines generous mostly don't want to be in the headlines this is a headline some three years ago from the guardian newspaper kidnapped french journalists were changed to get a change look at an underground cells he was nicholas being reunited with his family they still picture looks adorable i want you to the video of him because actually getting off the plane and seeing his family right then because he was a rocket for ten months. not know momentarily i mean what help i still so this this idea that i so is now being pushed or pushed out of rock and that must resonate for you personally when you know that that's what next for the city does i mean of course a well it's extremely important for me to actually move that this is no longer and
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work hard because this was. holding the city just like. they are i mean. it was a colonial state. this is colonial they tend to think of dream stapleton must names but actually they asked people from all of us a warrant to come and occupy land that was previously already occupied. and to keep the as a previous inhabitant out this is the reality of it yes so yes that's a great satisfaction for me to know that these people who have urged me and me or so many of my friends very hard on now out. well of late. but. i don't want them to be out for good meaning i don't want them to either stay in the mind of the people that's one reason or are nuts
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are people regrets and so it was it wasn't so bad i mean if if he just wrong maybe in two years he had to be kind of reckons he will be willing i suspect. so i don't want that and i want to get rid of them for good and that's just that missions appear and the most yes we must yes. but we also have to solve well believe in solutions. because as long as there will be a little while syria well there will be tourism about me just a question of so many people are asking right now i mean let me just pull one off and mohammed cicadas twenty feet who will pay for the reconstruction of iraq or you've been watching during part of this program how devastated rocker is another al-jazeera headline exactly the same question the reconstruction of iraq are hashim what are you hearing about that there's so much work to be done no infrastructure
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no facilities no power nothing nothing iraqi right now what are you hearing about how it's going to be rebuilt. when you understand that the united states of america has no interest with different countries like saudi arabia they're hoping to tap into the deep pockets of saudi arabia to play a significant role in rebuilding iraq but i have to say that the political landscape in rock paper says remains complex and i personally have doubts that they might be able to move forward anytime soon if the console some of the problems they face now rocky is under the control of a local council and they are science which is the local police unit however because you know in iraq there is the community and the kurdish community and there is this growing divide because the arabs out of tribesman now feel that the kurds are now expanding their territory again and influence and then they feel somehow. sidelined
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and discriminated against by the kurds number two during the celebration of the video you are showing earlier the kurds were displaying the huge posters of the lot was ellen who is the leader of the. d.k.k. and this is something which has backfired here in turkey turkey considers. the some of the kurdish factions in syria as a terrorist organization so they're really concerned that they've made it clear that they would never allow them expand further or create a corridor out of the old or the border with turkey unless those problems are solved i can't personally see the international community stepping in pledging some making some pledges are starting the reconstruction now for the reconstruction to start also you have to have to find a permanent political solution to the crisis in syria and this doesn't seem to be the case any time soon so we're talking about why the way of complex shaaban. means that i have zero interest right now who i think would pick up on the wider
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paint or a a problem trainer says who will rebuild which will take years restoring basic essential services clearing up explosive devices and then who will govern graca. so many questions so many ounces on arts of right now but before we go we want to make sure that you know how to get involved in our show every day we're streaming live on al-jazeera english page and you find the show link on the the upcoming life streams and say join ak munity engage in a discussion and you too could be on the street gentlemen thank you very much for your insight today really appreciate you being on the string today take everybody.
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november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the i had. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. one.
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girl as america struggles to contain its worst of a drug crisis four lines looks at the devastating impact it's having on the children who are left to pick up the pieces of. heroin children of this time on al-jazeera are. facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time.
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hello there i'm julia mcdonald's in london the top stories here. kenya's president .


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