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tv   Changing The Atmosphere  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2017 8:32am-9:01am AST

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secretary james mattis is in seoul to meet his south korean counterpart it's his second visit this year and comes amid increasing tensions on the peninsula that has told reporters the military alliance between seoul and washington is ironclad that the united states did not accept a nuclear north korea make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated uni used of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military effect of an overwhelming in south africa two white farmers found guilty of forcing a black man into a coffin and threatening to burn him alive had been jailed they were both sentenced to more than ten years the assault on a victim without sua was captured on a mobile phone and australia's foreign minister has become acting prime minister in the aftermath of a legal ruling that's forced the country's second in charge to step down now the country's highest court found that barnaby joyce and four other politicians were eligible to stay in office because of their jewels citizenship the prime minister
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has decided against appointing a temporary deputy and his stead named julie bishop as his standard when he travels overseas later in the week of course he is one of those stories on our web site at al-jazeera dot com those were the headlines of be back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's earthrise do stay with us. news has never been more of a liberal but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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the composition of the air we breathe is changing. the source of toxic emissions aboard around us. every year seven million people die from happening and making it the world's biggest environmental concern and that is the dire effects of global warming driven largely by the increase in greenhouse gases and not misspent. in twenty fifty one hundred ninety five countries signed the first comprehensive legally binding pledge to reduce emissions. some countries are currently not following through on the promises but elsewhere the commitment to finding ways to clean the air we breathe remains high. i'm going to robbie and fashion forward me a lot with the cement not only looks chic but it also cleans the air and i'm russell bred in iceland the snow one q will play a very green credentials level. figures
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released by the world health organization show that eighty percent of city dwellers are breathing badly polluted air and this will only get worse as a society becomes more urbanized italy is one of the most polluted countries in europe in two thousand and twelve it had the most pollution related deaths. on the continent with over ninety thousand people in the country dying prematurely owing to bad air quality. like most european cities milan is highly polluted i've come here to meet a team of engineers who's created a product that could revolutionize unhealthy urban environments. well on a glamorous city famous for design and fashion has long been working on ways to combat its air pollution with architects looking towards buildings for solutions. amazingly this incredible work of architecture is cleaning the pollution in the
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surrounding air as i speak and rico berger elo is the innovation director for the company that designed this building the pilot so italia this is amazing what a beautiful building these recombines the situation of the land was being. environmentally and also very good investment and we have very proud to be able to contribute three touches. i swear i wash my hands. for you you can see this is a three in soon to start yeah we have the inside of the concrete that used. the . sunlight to reduce pollution the building is made up of cement that includes an active ingredient or catalyst called titanium dioxide. when u.v. rays hit the cement they react with this catalyst to break down pollutants like nitrogen dioxide in the air. the toxic chemicals are turned into harmless products
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such as nitrates which are later washed of the building by rain and absorbed in the ground. so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with its environment yes exactly when you have pollutants and they transform into hammerless. what kind of pollution are we talking about annoying i think you know some for oaks minded. that would come from combustion. so that's cars in the. industry these are all the major pollutants that can be destroyed by this what kind of impact are we talking about i mean how much pollution is being sucked from the air as we speak yes this is one thousand to square meter of these concrete. this can. be going to exhaust gas from one hundred years in a car or almost three hundred for all my cars thought i think is a significant impact and this is the impact of just one building. one
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person who would greatly benefit from a city made of the cement his resident lara tournament. child of a child she suffers from severe asthma and due to the heavily polluted air here which is now affecting her mobility solera you are a true millon these woman you've lived here your entire life say only soetoro same pre-painted. when did you first start to notice that the pollution in the city was really affecting your health queen vision if i inform each other that it probably may be this bit of your media is my the bottom key to. enjoy a good list butyl be coming to milan machine to do that for us the bad news said the chairman of course we got the new board are you starting to hear of more more cases like yourself seemingly put to work you don't see on the new p.c.
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it's not just the elderly who are affected studies have shown a direct correlation between air pollution and as my children and across northern italy air pollution shortens the life of citizens by an average of fourteen months you need both in the bulletin this is the unknown. morning on the. global email me more. well now died early from pollution related diseases there from malaria each i.v. combined. mass of a boar said is head of the innovation lab at. the company who makes the air cleaning cement. and i'm very nice to me well yeah thank you so much do i get to wear lab coat yeah. that's working with me saying hello oh. oh oh oh oh we are now preparing to field this panel on the floor of the material
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inside spinal ok let's see it happen it's hard to maintain are constantly experimenting with new ideas and distances. but experimentation doesn't always go to plan the right here. over and that's where the mob i can help. them out so no offense or anything but i think this is a good time. oh ok. nice job. there we go look look look look. so this. is made of plastic yeah it's a plastic because so much. of the cement is able to read. with plastics and to replicate it why does it need to be so smooth for two reasons first one for this that the christians the second one because the phrase can reduce.
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piece of pollutants that remain untouched since a freeze and baking was stopped by the rain so if it was porous they would find their nukes and crannies to hide in with the smooth surface when it rains it just easily washes off excess you're right ok producing cement accounts for five percent of the world's carbon dioxide emissions this push a catalytic cement may produce the same in. while being made but it reduces pollutants within a three metre radius by more than twenty percent. it's small games like this that can really make a difference and believe that this can contribute to the problem some of the pollution for sure is not. what i want to find out what proof the team has that this cement actually does clean the atmosphere this is a plastic this part of the time. as being. this is it represents the sun and so when the light when. the sun reluctantly for
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the planet. and also in that. right. yeah. you can check that this number of the number of the pollutants in the news for this is monitoring the gas yes the limit without reaction is one hundred fifty thousand and ninety eight now because of the actual stuff to. decrease it. as it's the u.v. rays that cause the reaction even on a cloudy day the cement is still reducing pollution look how much it gone down to forty percent of going down and then we are going to get the fifty percent over the auction approach but consider if that if you hold a fifteen percent of the town with his for six man you can reduce the fifty percent of the pollutants of the city he tells you minty may have come up with an
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innovative product but it is expensive one paving company has devised a cheaper and more practical application for it. the most and any has collaborated with it tell jim mentee and devoted an entire factory to the special cement. of a man. with. more noise. than for the company. that made the moros ok. last. just a fin layer of the first atomic dignitary and let's go to the surface of each time now you will. know you come with me ok i see my demand you show me your hands great massimo's invited me to visit a health center where his bricks are paving the new carpark. persona and
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this did go. on at the bottom end of a moment then down the road yet. somebody name up but if you don't move the constructing photo catalytic paving this close to traffic the prime source of city pollution ensures its effectiveness so here they are are all of these photographs a little rest of the mantle shit for the political give you know you quest. quest upon the mantle in a pose i. lash out of it and i join up to out of the lock well to help ok. then in fostering. frodo tony but ended up i mean that's when a photocopy. no this is exactly like tetris i'm so glad i'm busted all those hours as
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a child playing that video game. that. these are you know the the sidewalks and the roads that we walk and drive on all through our lives and this could have a massive impact on human health. because nobody even. the mental health care and the new york people eat or even pass it on to for water that i'm there and. milan isn't the only city using this technology. from the new i have headquarters at shell the go airport to paving in chicago the application of this cement is on the rise. with innovations like this applied widely enough already been environments could become a lot healthier. countries around the world aiming for greener future. new zealand's investing heavily on
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uber energy taking hikes and actually. costa rica's time is environmental dreams into reality running on a new bill and for two months and twenty sixteen. the first country to commit to the id for station and has plans to ban the sale of over fossil fuel cars within the next decade will bhutan is the only country to have succeeded in becoming fifty carbon negative. entire country image just two point four million tons of carbon dioxide a year whereas forests. are a huge carbon sink and therefore i used the word carbon. we don't have a choice but to come together as one. world as one people addressed the escalating threats of climate change it is urgent that we
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use the technology the wisdom the resources our combined resources to tackle this global problem once and for all. i said my novel the largest island in the world in the fight to cut carbon emissions this unlikely environmental champion is punching well above its weight. its unique role can exceed original doesn't just create prestige and siri is unable one hundred percent of its electricity to be generated by renewable sources much of which is juice or. ice and is the only country in the world to exceed this i'm here at the edge of the arctic circle where scientists are combining geothermal activity with a new technology to try and help ice and become carbon neutral for good. this
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is cure and couldn't. it's very famous restaurant and its parts they apparently they cook on do with their more energy and i've been told the kitchen is round the back. well. maybe everything's going to taste like egg i don't know. it is. hello right i only heard how i welcome the life i have thank you. thank you thank you only seem that we're seeing here yeah you're not boiling water this is steam that's coming yeah yeah it's come from earth really and this area under here goes straight down into the ground yeah we are lucky we are warm up the building with this heat power of the water in the sinks and everything and now we take one more step into the actual use of the green powered we'll learn to make food with it does that mean
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everything that you cook tastes like eggs. the smell of eggs stems from the sofa on the ground released with the steam to be only in them if i might you know. this is good ice and one spoiled dependent start to use renewables after being hit by the oil crisis of the one nine hundred seventy s. hasn't it back so we just have to open this year's survey sample. the overlays like this. and now we are given the one hundred seventy or so says steam coming in here in this pipe and then between here and now is start boiling already allow ten to fifteen seconds to boil i mean that's fantastic as a business that is free energy you know we love it i mean do you think about the environmental impact of your business afterwards not in the beginning yes the person talking the beginning but after the horse you think about it maybe or do is
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a good thing maybe you're helping out to save the world little bit them save the planet you know maybe there's a lesson in that as well this doesn't really matter what motivation is a mother at the end of the day it is an environmental we're cycling and that's an environment with all of us you have to think so big. not be afraid with it you have to think so but. yeah. geothermal activity underground is also being used on a larger scale. this volcanic island of by sol take rocky's power and geothermal energy plants all over the country one. with the capacity to supply all of the country's domestic outre steve hadley say the geothermal power plant is iceland's largest facility. ok so we're looking for a book or think position he said you chemist with i floundered energy expecting us this is going to be him i've is all the way. back and as
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a media. outlet and others go cause. all these folks never that. that's a thing of energy big gray right i mean if they go on any other kind of power station whether it's new. homes or getting them it's a few well yeah what he meant was that there was the steam even then i guess being better at it from the ground i ran in from the back yard. by adding geothermal to their already advanced hydro capacity ice and became world leaders in renewable energy. basic question how does it you have some a plan where anybody starts it in the whole into account every three down to maybe two to three kilometers and there this team is over pressurized and it comes by its own pressure through the production lines and we collect this theme of the surface and then you produce power. just like that just like that every be enough aids in
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the crust for millions of years to come we are only using kind a fraction of the heat that is being generated then the every day. the potential of this heat is so big the plans have been discussed for helping to supply the u.k. with geothermal energy from iceland. it might be fully renew but there is a downside. in the process of accessing the steam naturally occurring gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are also brought to the surface. for a while there's a day i mean i've never seen any color parts they say like this before but of course when you compare it to more conventional kind of coal gas stations the emissions are absolutely minimal but there are missing that so we're going to go meet another geoscientists here and he's going to talk to us about
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a really exciting new aspect of the project called car fix. envy going to sin is a geochemist with conflicts it's brutal. it is our race and i say to you hey thanks very good say this is that it will be better oh my gosh any pollutants emitted from the plant captured and sealed on the ground in the form of rock and we can tell it's about corporate or is copper out thanks. to. the power plant means that they get back into the south we want to do our part in trying to solve this problem will be increased conservation and she has been. don't want to get stuck here. i guess is. what really feels like another planet here and pass the gas emissions are transported from the main energy plant pipes to these geometric
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towards where they're rejected into the ground. and i think that will lessen the reason it has the smallest meissen what is it yeah. so we do it in this wonderful almost labor this is what we call early injection well basically what comes from the public once we have to do is just the hot water and gas and we need to just. if you would not be captured in the middle east ok ok and contributing to climate change what. re injecting the waste products of water and gas into the ground and tables of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide to permeate the volcanic papa salty rock and transform it into stone. and we have an example of that here a bit of an example of water flows through the rock fixing this huge tree in these
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rocks you have these cavities and each pause filled up with a couple millions you're turning their pollution into the rock. the current fix project replicates the natural process of weathering but instead of taking hundreds or thousands of years to turn into stone fix a cheetah in just six months. show me how successful the project is we first have to brave the weather again to take a sample of the gases which we cannot dense into liquid this is a vital part of. this year still. in the dark i think we should just close of life right now and getting very good you can feel the heat that can then. apply. and we have to have analyzed the c o two is for us
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here. back in the lab the samples ready for analysis if the reinjected gases have successfully turned into stone then the sample should only contain the naturally occurring background levels carbon dioxide it's to us or hydrates over here we measure this year doing the and yet yes this is a water per unit we collected. we turn it on so when. you hoping to see because obviously there is a background level of suit already yeah what we're hoping to see that we see zero tolerance in birds the does not advisable or the bark on those ok here is the concentration of c o two in the sample and here is the concentration of high the fight in the south which is about the same level as the bark on those ok garces. to stop rocks. for me this is the what it cool approach to lowering the gas
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emissions this isn't necessarily looked to geothermal energy is it long as you have are relatively pure stream of c o two which you can capture this all been water then you can take that water and be interacting in the ground are so long as you have favorable composition in your area. approximately five percent of the continents when the earth is possible. and then you have the ocean event which is all because of. my feeling is that more people should build. more companies should be. more interest you should do that. the potential is there . people all over the world are dedicated to reducing our pollution. innovations a device. powered by wind alone the seven meter to touch design tower in china
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sucks in the local smoke field and compressing the particles of pollution to be recycled as jewelry. and american companies has found a way to convert carbon dioxide into plastic pellets which are then used to build carbon negative furniture. and entrepreneurs in india have devised a product that captures ninety five percent of the harmful pollutants emitted from vehicle exhaust pipes this suit is then. in fact contained. these technologies might be reducing pollution from the atmosphere and this hunger financial and political commitment to producing clean energy were asked to stand have a chance. in colombia transforming. into building blocks in years just to the west blasting the war finished. in just ten years and in singapore fredricka farms
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and living building anything you do on land on the ground it doesn't make sense to do that on a building can we mike of not just decorative but feeling like a biologically productive earth rise discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time on al-jazeera. november on al-jazeera. and a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the region just. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one zero one east brings captivating stories and award winning fields. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump in the box in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera.
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right. you're watching all just there on the hill robin these are all top stories that historically have these.


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