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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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nine eleven museum was there and there are now numerous holocaust museums it's not beautiful of museums so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them my decision is not about the political events that led up to by it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome of this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. demonstrates is. capital yangon in support of the country's military.
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hello i'm sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up a fifteen hour siege at a hotel in the somali capital is over at least twenty three dead under pressure after a culture of virtual referendum iraq's kurdish leader reportedly considering standing down. spain says castillo the is the pose the they can run for his old job december's election. rally is taking place biggest city in support of the military which is facing criticism over the rangar crisis thousands of supporters of turned out on the streets of. six hundred thousand rangar muslims have fled raw state for bangladesh over the past two months they accuse the. and. the
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un is called the violence. ethnic cleansing. is. just a couple of minutes ago. right .
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here of. how independent. we were. young.
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and the.
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security forces in somalia have ended a fifteen hour shooting gunman holding hostages in a hotel in mogadishu. the building on twin bombings in the area. three people were killed. in kenya. this is the target of the first explosion the two hole tell a stone's throw away from the presidential palace a car was driven up to the gates of the hotel before exploding causing a blast that was hard across the city at least three heavily fighters then stormed into the hotel shooting anyone in sight and i'm going to rely on you i was driving a took to the front of the hotel i saw a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my clients have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive but i saw four dead bodies. and
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two he's popular with somali members of parliament and other government officials the hotel was also the venue of a meting between the somali president mohammed of the life of the module and leaders of somalia's five regional states. the second count them exploded at a busy intersection in the heart of the city and near security. few expected al-shabaab fights us to cut health such brazen out talks in mogadishu so soon after the recent must've talked the wost in somalia as history. residents of the city are still coming to toms with the talk two weeks ago which left three hundred fifty eight people dead four hundred injured and another fifty. was a victim from the couple in two thousand and seven it has maintained its control in many rural areas of central and southern somalia since then the group has provided resilient able to replace command doesn't fight is killed by u.s.
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strikes and infighting with somali forces and african union peacekeeping i'll shut up flights as recently gained control of several areas outside mogadishu including but even a strategic town forty five kilometers from the capital government officials say preventing attacks in mogadishu is proving the harder district surrounding the cup it'll fall to the flight as one after another mohammed atta well just it will become. the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly planning not to extend his presidential term masoud barzani has been on the pressure to quit following september's controversial secession referendum the vote triggered more than ten days of fighting between iraqi and kurdish forces but zandi is sent the parliament of iraq's kurdish region a letter asking it to redistribute his powers stephanie decker has more from ed appeal the capital of iraq's kurdish region. parliament will be meeting in
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a closed session to discuss that letter we understand the contents of that will be a redistribution of power for this interim period because elections have been delayed here for a period of eight months and that present must be better than he will not be extending his term a term that has already been extended twice controversially since two thousand and thirteen beyond november the first and we do expect some form of press conference perhaps to give specific details about how exactly we're going to move forward i think interestingly we have not heard yet from the president and self he has not addressed the people since the backlash i think we can call it severe backlash to that controversial referendum he hasn't addressed the people will he be addressing his people here beyond you know in the next three days because that is when his term will end to november the first but again now it is hugely significant because of the atmosphere the situation present but as any went ahead with this referendum against the will of even his closest allies the united states even turkey has now
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turned its back on him has been a lot of pressure on him to stand aside but many people will tell you that even if he is no longer president it doesn't mean that his powers here have been curtailed . catalonians deposed leader carlos appears the man is calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to the spanish government's direct rule of law in the region madrid stripped catalonia of its autonomy and dissolve the regional parliament after barcelona declared independence on friday under simmons reports from barcelona. their sinking long live spain this is the response to the breakaway declaration from barcelona on friday the demonstrators are unionists government supporters in madrid waving spanish flags. that i am cattle i am spanish and it is a moment in which we need to be more united be brave and to do something definitive
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. as the demonstrators in madrid called for the jailing of the catalan leader. he was freely walking around his home city of jerome surrounded by supporters and media the prosecutor general is set to announce charges. pushed him or made a t.v. address to catalans calling for peaceful support. it is clear to us that the best way to defend what we have achieved so far is to have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the response to the deliberate action against catalunya who have for many centuries felt different we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civil and peaceful manner. for those watching in barcelona there seem to be as many doubters as supporters. and i don't agree with making unilateral declaration because in the end even if the people who participated in october first
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have moral legitimacy they don't have legal that say here at the seat of power the palace of the generalities that it was unclear who was really in control one secession activists said large numbers of students had contingency plans to guard the building it would have to to defend. the people. that the police not be able to arrest the president right now the spanish national flag still flies here unlike the city of jerome where push to mourn is spending the weekend it was unceremoniously lowered it pleased a lot of people. are not afraid of independence because this is what we wanted and we're behaving according to our politicians are leading us down the right path . in my opinion i've never felt spanish i've always had a catalan identity so i felt very excited and at the same time worried what events
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may come next which may be complicated and hard. back here in barcelona the government palace is guarded by mosses the regional police force its commander. trip arrow who is already on a charge of this edition has now been sacked along with a director above him officers have been warned they have to be neutral we're hearing now that some ministers have had their police protection withdrawn and pushed him on his head is security reduced should be returned to his office here it's possible he could be arrested and it's very likely that his supporters will come to his defense and to some of the al-jazeera barcelona now the spanish government says will be allowed to take part in the snap of regional elections planned for december but you know he has no power no competence there's no financial means. insist that if you want to continue in politics which is his
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right i think he should prepare next elections to be held us have mentioned before the first of december and there he can exercise the opposition. still ahead on al-jazeera cuba continues to deny involvement in the bizarre case of sonic attacks on the u.s. embassy in. refugee facilities in greece a buckling under the pressure that's all people arrive on its eastern island. by the springtime flowering of a mountain late. to the first snowfall on the winter. we've got so much colder weather taking in across northern parts of here say the cloud just making its way from north to south always
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a cold direction and tucked in behind this cold front we are going to see these target practice about introducing some very strong northerly winds that really will feel basically told just around the low countries through denmark it's jamey cold enough to cross the british isles london fifteen celsius south of the channel well just fifteen degrees there for paris as well you can see the line of cloud of rain associated with that cold front that makes its way further and south was here comes and all the next a single figure and for vienna at that time a little bit of snow on the back edge there just around the baltic states just four or five celsius for stockholm and for moscow it take that around twelve degrees when the thirteen degrees for london and paris the warmth stays further south we're still getting up into the low twenty's across much of southern europe with some pleasant sunshine isn't pleasant sunshine to work across much of north africa with the temperatures from the back to around twenty three degrees some of the values that two for algiers and also fortunate meanwhile well the showers continue to make
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their way further south for central parts of africa we sent back down poles into the gulf guinea. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. as native amazonian is increasingly struggle to survive in today's world. top to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time. on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for. us.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now a rally is taking place in myanmar as biggest city in support of the military which is facing criticism over the ring of crisis six hundred thousand rohingya muslims have fled record state for bangladesh over the past two months united nations claims the military is conducting textbook ethnic cleansing. the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly planning not to extend his presidential term that's been under pressure to quit following september's controversial session referendum . spain says carlos fused him on the posed leader of catalonia will be allowed to run in regional elections in december to mali is calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to madrid's direct rule of catalonia following the region's declaration of independence. the u.n.
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emergency relief coordinator says he's shocked by the humanitarian conditions in yemen he made the comments at the end of a five day visit and called on all sides to do much more to respect international law yemen's been in the state of civil war for years victoria gate and the reports . shocking and horrendous that's how the u.n. emergency relief coordinator describes the suffering he's seen in yemen during his five day visit to severely malnourished children hospitals with barely any electricity and met health workers who have not been paid for months it's been shocking to say the terrible impact of this manmade conflict all parties in yemen and those outside who support and have influence over them must do much more to ensure they respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians. saudi arabia and its allies launched
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a military campaign in march twenty fifteen against toothy rebels of forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh the saudi led coalition has been bombing the capital sanaa and other parts of yemen to try to restore the internationally recognized government of president abbott rebbie man so heidi heidi based temporarily in aden says that he these must disband but they insist they yemen's legitimate authority and accuse him of being a saudi puppet that. we already to work towards a solution we say to all yemeni groups let's find a solution the foreign powers involved are i'm here to fight for you here for their interests we're ready to walk towards a solution but that should be at least a response from the other side instead of waiting for decisions to come from abu dhabi or saudi arabia. well the heat they say they're ready to talk also threatening to intensify their retaliation against saudi arabia and strike
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military targets in the u.a.e. more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured over the two and a half years of fighting human rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities. the un is urging all sides to negotiate a political deal until they do the world's number one humanitarian crisis may only get worse victoria gates and be al jazeera. kenya's main opposition leaders are expected to issue a statement unofficial results from the pizza election suggest the president has won more than ninety seven percent of the vote the election has been marred by violence with voting suspended in some opposition strongholds for me the miller reports from nairobi. this is all that's left of these businesses and homes in cologne west of nairobi they were burned down by protesters throwing petrol bombs. in phantasm one guy worked here he says they knew the attack
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was coming but they couldn't stop it he says the attacks a based on ethnicity often targeting people who have voted on friday one man was beaten to death here. demonstrations have followed thursday's presidential run which was boycotted by the opposition and the areas which are opposition strongholds are bearing the brunt of it. mary oma a mother of two says it was peaceful until now she spent the night out on the street scared she and her children would be burnt in their home. while mom had to go on what we as women are so angry because we slipped out sighs our kids were scared they were even storms being thrown one just missed my son's i you can imagine tear gas being thrown and i have children we heard more of the same from other people living here. quickly turn to the political tensions they say they don't want president. to stay in office while just
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a third of voters turned out results of the presidential rerun so far indicates that kenyatta has more than a seven million votes and many in this area are angry it's not easy moving around this area groups of protesters are blocking roads ready to stop anyone they don't want to round stops are closed some boarded up their owners here they'll be looted . there are many police officers patrolling the area but many here say they don't feel protected police are accused of using excessive force when dispersing protesters human rights groups say they've killed between fifty and sixty people following the election sometimes the huge fire tear gas canisters at close ranks there are also goes to die because police are cutting out operations investors are adults house to house operations sometimes kicking the boss in and out but didn't
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demand and getting them. the police say they're trying to stop the violent protests and criminals a reality for many here though is trying to survive a political battle being fought on the streets from al-jazeera. cuban officials deny any involvement in elected sonic attacks that led to more than twenty u.s. embassy staff being recalled from heaven or the u.s. says the staff were injured at their office and residences washington says have been a failed in its obligation to protect diplomats on its territory cuba says there is no evidence the attacks took place mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . relations between the u.s. and cuba continue to deteriorate in the wake of what u.s. officials described as a covert sonic attack last month the u.s. withdrew all non-essential personnel from the embassy in havana following what they
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said was a series of staff falling ill because of some kind of sonic attack now the u.s. did not provide any evidence and said that it could not establish exactly what the so-called attack was but now cuba is fighting back the foreign minister is visiting d.c. at the moment and this is what he had to say a lot of that is surely the so-called attacks are on just whatever the type of attack whatever the incident it is completely false. the foreign minister also described the whole incident as and i quote political manipulation aimed dead damaging bilateral relations now important to note that the u.s. has never directly accused cuba of being responsible for the illness of its diplomats however it did say that cuba has not done enough to investigate the causes of those cuba's position very clearly there is no such attacks underway
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there have been no attacks and even if there were certainly cuba has got nothing to do with it but all of this is got to be seen as well in the context of the trumpet ministration relations with cuba we're reestablished under a bomber under the trumpet ministration things have changed substantially from the very beginning a president making very clear he's not that happy with these increasingly warm relations with cuba now we've seen a continual deterioration emerging from these claims of some kind of covert sonic attack the number of refugees heading to greece's surged in the past two months putting a huge strain on resources camps built to host seven thousand refugees are now dealing with twice that number most arriving on the island of less force and where john reports. these afghan syrians and africans are living in
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a tent city there isn't enough room for them in moria the government run camp on lesbos and they are vigilant about refugees who are in the camp crashing their lunch arrivals on the eastern islands in the aegean sea have increased from an average of fifteen a day to almost one hundred a day in the last six weeks all seeking asylum in greece in the terms of the agreement between turkey and the european union turkey promises to prevent as many people as possible from entering greece illegally anyone who makes it is forced to stay here of sure if they wish to apply for asylum on the mainland that says the mayor of lesbos is turning the island's into an effective buffer zone for the e.u. . in turning this island into a prison is the wrong policy it punishes those who showed solidarity instead of rewarding them it's criminal and unfair to divide europeans into first and second class citizens and we are definitely in a second class we don't have the same rights as other europeans or even other great
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. authorizes won't allow us to film inside moria camp currently hosting five thousand people more than twice its capacity and the record high since the e.u. turkey agreement came into force in march last year that's because the agreement for the greek government for moving new arrivals to the mainland they sleep ten to a tent not everyone has a mattress or a blanket there are no washing facilities so the areas rank overcrowding and waiting a deepening the mental health problems of people who've already fled war discrimination imprisonment and rape and mentality of the people living in the camps as one of the prisoners here and he's say. a lot of the activities that one would see in. any normal prison situation. gangs threats of violence violence and sex. it's drug abuse and the problems go beyond mental health says
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a nurse who works inside moria we see a lot of upper respiratory tract infection. just the common cold that's given to everyone so if. a virus that's just spreads superfast across europe refugee numbers are down on last year but not here and in this corner of greece the people forced to look after the new arrivals are feeling the strain jump al-jazeera lesbos. police in mexico have been tasked with protecting one of the world's most endangered creatures every year thousands of female turtles return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs nearly all species of turtles are at risk though due to poaching and habitat destruction. tourists with a taste for adventure in the democratic republic of congo are in for a treat not only is now one of the most active volcanoes on the continent it's home
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to one of the world's largest lakes. malcolm webb went along with a group of tourists to its summit julio kember's job to take tourists up an active volcano. lava lake creator at the top of its forested slopes in the democratic republic of congo goes up every day and never gets boring. i see i can see the lake you like a new feeling because it's very beautiful nearly one hundred fifty people were killed in the nearby city of goma when it last erupted in two thousand and two. and this is where it started. inside in this and they when they arrived here it's good. but don't be afraid it will not happen today. takes about five hours to climb much of the way following an old larger stream. of
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plates of molten rock blasted out long ago form the part. written directions of come from split side ranges say from here it's better to go up and down if it happens again from here at the summit and you can just about see hills in the distance which are in neighboring rwanda the borders between here and there and here is a crater for my previous eruption lake just about visible and on it sure is congo's eastern city of goma and here is the rim of the crater of mount. and down there is a lava lake and from where we're standing you can feel the heat and smell the sulfur it was the noxious gases that killed many in two thousand and two and whose plumes attract tourists today congo's conflicts have affected access in the past but it's been open to visitors since twenty fourteen us just amazing mindblowing.
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so beautiful the walk up here and then you come and see the spectacle it's just amazing that visitors can't get up here without the help of the porters from the villages below the volcano tourism is growing at it but by the much needed income for about eighty families. this work as a lot it does space school fees for children build our houses by you seeds for farming and also to cattle the need to. put it when the sun sets and the smoke clouds clear but it glows brightest it across constantly cracks the liquid rocks him as below and reveals the beauty of a lethal lover. malcolm webb al-jazeera mt you are going go in the democratic republic of congo. and time to take you through some of the headlines here now dizzier and now
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a rally is taking place in myanmar's biggest city in support of the military which is facing criticism over the rangar crisis six hundred thousand fled state for bangladesh over the past two months they accuse the army of rape murder torture and arson the u.n. is called the violence textbook ethnic cleansing security forces in somalia have ended a fifteen hour siege after shooting gunman holding hostages in a hotel in model issue five stormed the building on saturday after twin bombings in the area at least twenty three people were killed as claimed responsibility is the second attack to hit the capital in two weeks the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly planning not to extend his presidential term masoud barzani has been under pressure to quit following september's controversial secession referendum the vote triggered more than ten days of fighting between iraqi and kurdish forces are
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designing a scent the parliament of iraq's kurdish region a letter asking it to redistribute his powers spain says huge demand the leader is opposed leader of catalonia will be allowed to run in regional elections in december the man is calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to madrid's direct rule of catalonia following the region's declaration of independence. but you know he has no. answers no financial means. just that if you want to continue in politics which is his right i think he should prepare next elections to be headed have mentioned before the first of december and that he can exercise the opposition kenya as main opposition leaders are expected to issue a statement as unofficial results from the repeat election suggest the president has won more than ninety seven percent of the vote these are live pictures from the
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kenyan capital nairobi opposition leader my loading goes expected to address the gathering the election has been marred by violence voting suspended in some opposition. talk to al-jazeera now stay with us. al-jazeera. and for you. the brazilian amazon rain forest known as the lungs of the world because of its
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luster education but this is not a story about the dangers of to fly.


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