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tv   Indias Miracle Babies  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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in the northeast where i saw has been gathering recruits it's not clear how many of its members were killed fitch ratings agency has cut venezuela's foreign debt to grade the decision follows president nicolas maduro has called for the creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars of repayments which says it cut the long term debt rating to see from double c. based on that request and venice with its history of missed payments argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges. is the second major official from the government of x. president cristina coached to be detained he was taken into custody over accusations of racketeering and money laundering. the u.n. is urging the to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave its decommission prison camp on papa new guinea's monis island services were caught when the camp closed on tuesday but refugees are too scared to move out because of previous attacks by locals. runs offshore prison
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camps to house refugees who try to reach the country by boat those are the headlines after this it's one of one east. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. they may be in their seventies but these are not grandparents. in india the pressure to have children is so great that elderly childless women are turning to the country's boom in vitro fertilization industry to help them conceive
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and doctors are happy to help. mom steve chat up a sort of one of what he used to be explored the ethics of giving birth at any age and asking is this industry out of control. how old is he promotes. the cool and husband man dissing of the proud parents of a baby boy who do you think it looks most like. six years of marriage this seventy two and seventy nine year old to finally have the child they've always wanted. me out of people used to tell adopt a child but i never felt the urge to adopt or have someone else's baby. they've
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named him a mon meaning holiday and in their eyes a little son is nothing short of a miracle from god. the almighty only has made this possible for us it is his skift we haven't done anything he says where and he granted him to us either weiss who wouldn't have caught him. in reality the baby is the product of india's in-vitro fertilization industry conceived with a donor egg possibly donor sperm and borne by syrian in april this year his mother is reportedly the oldest woman in the world to give birth how did. i want everything for him that he should become a big man and bring me things he has already brought me fame. but with fame has
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come condemnation and calls to put an age limit on i.v. of treatment seventy two years is not the right age to have a baby and it was shocking in the way that yes science can do it science can do a lot of things but it is for society to decide whether we are going to let scientists do which are things which are not in favor of the society or which are unethical or which put the patient and the child a great harm and that is what has happened here. in the indian government to many hold responsible for allowing lives to be put at risk. it's almost forty since the first baby was born in india and since then there's been an explosion in the number of i.v.'s clinics yet there's still no noise governing the industry legislation has been pending in holland for the past six years leaving many to suggest the industry has become too big and too powerful to regulate.
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in the place you'd expect to find. these backstory into the national fertility and test tube baby santa on was created the mastermind behind the clinic success is dr. way. welcome here and you have. the very famous in this part of the world. of congo the clinic. the embryologist claims to have treated fell's in the post-menopausal women over the age of fifty and says more than one hundred of them have become pregnant. at the end i feel an affinity. because when they were middle aged forty forty five. the technology was not here.
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they are coming in now after hearing from so many people. can become pregnant. dr bishnoi insists she's older patients have to pass rigorous health checks before beginning i.v.'s treatment we don't need much of. the middle and they were the ones that come from we don't like it said that not everyone agrees the risks are low getting seventy two years while pregnant as putting her life and your party we have a huge crowd freezing you dr mahathir a resident of india's society for assisted reproduction and runs his own high tech i v f clinic i talked to him telephone we met him personally ones and we told him this is not right he says becoming so i'm giving so that someone demands.
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drugs. stop him he feels he's the god of the king maker the child maker the when you try to make it in the world. for a family in this village that's precisely what. baby i'm on isn't the first child dr bishnoi delivered to a couple in this seventy. rajoy davy low hand previously held the world record for the oldest first time mother she was seventeen when she had to do it in two thousand and night what was this occasion. when was that. but the way it's going to. play your first post. in this family portrait taken when
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a vein was just one she's surrounded by her many older nephews. need. me. and so. to all of those boys your a very lucky. that's amazing. and that's not the only complicated relationship in the family roger did the married bella rom when she was twelve and he was fourteen. fifteen years later they had no children and so her husband took a second wife or younger sister. but still no children came. when people used to tease us i get angry with them those who are an outside it saying it's god's wish this is your state and nothing can be done about it we would just
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close our gate and light our sleep if we had to do we do it. decades later the family was still childless but then they heard from a neighbor about dr bishnoi i believe. all three of us went to the doctor he checked us and said your younger sister has high blood pressure so i will give you the treatment. i told her you try for a child produce a child it's the same thing with her it's your child or mine she'll come to our family ultimately. it's important to have a baby be it a boy or go to take the family's name forward. so intervene and who's now i was born. yeah that'd be. when she was
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born she was only one kilogram now she has grown so tall and you know. i love her i find her very sweet some of the bigger the busy. she was sweet i still find her looking she is very dear to me she loves real not she is the only one for us whatever it is that it's just for her everything is for her. but the idea of treatment and pregnancy seems to have taken its toll on roger davies body today her family doctor is giving her intravenous medication to ease stomach pain. earlier she was healthy and strong but after she had a baby she turned weak then after a year or two she got cancer. doctor didn't tell me
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anything about the dangers and i never felt that that was any danger i just thought i had to go through. the street. since then was born roger debbie has had three operations to repair a ruptured uterus and remove cancerous tumors as well as many rounds of chemotherapy. i feel the treatment she underwent at this age may have caused all these problems because having a baby means there is some fiddling with the hormones for the woman to grow back and the patient to start menstruating and to give a very high doses of instruction if you get high doses of insurgent or order women they are more likely to have cancer so that could have been easily happen i also cannot say for sure that that is the reason but that's one of the reasons. the dr
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bishnoi his treatments not to blame and claims roger davies now cancer free presently has no problem. she's out of the problem. in another village three hours drive away fertile farming land may have brought a level of prosperity. but nothing like the richness of dr. bishnoi has brought to the long lives of another aging couple. their six year old twins a boy and a girl by having fun and the elderly parents couldn't be more of a joy. people used to tease me what will you do when you take all your wealth i did go for a second marriage. that didn't help with the grace of the almighty nothing's a great children mean the world was a very happy it's
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a good thing. my house has changed. but now it's a happy environment now i spent the whole day with my children and i'm very happy. the teary day is another of dr bishnoi famous members in twenty ten at the age of sixty six she became the oldest woman in the world to deliver triplets. the babies were in intensive care for months. when i saw them i was overjoyed i looked at her limbs and their faces to see if they were all right they were very thin. one of them a little girl didn't make it and the teary did almost lost her own life. when she delivered the babies she was hospitalized she was in
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a very bad condition she was almost on a death bed she spoke only after ten to twelve days. she had a condition that caused her to him rage during childbirth but according to dr bishnoi it was of little concern. another. young adult female also that is not related to the old days it was not a car it will not be if it happens in someone who is over fifty five then it is very dangerous it is it is very very dangerous and you know it is going to happen triplets would carry tripper that is if he had detected triplets at first second month he should have gone ahead and reduce them to singleton so to reduce the risk . but materie did say she refused to let that happen. even the doctor said there was a risk to the children three of them but i told him i want all three. it was very
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important for me to have a child of my own to have a ford family even if it was at the cost of my life. back to bishnoi zawia of clinic the waiting room is packed but not all his patients live with good news. he's only lost two sons one is a child and the other at twenty one just two years ago. today they devastated to hear the i.v.'s cycle has filed. the doctors say that whatever treatment didn't succeed try once again take a second. i am ready to have the money.
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we will take one more chance. for the sake of having. you have. we should get is it. in a positive manner and. i want credibility. and so on the fifth continue the middle class. fulfill their dreams. to fill a bag he dreams of aging parents an egg from a football donor is essential his twenty year old woman is recovering after having her eggs holliston the husband and son all right a bed signed this is the first time she's done. given the but the good news. they can i was told that all these it's not complicated but i'm having being here.
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i do you realize that we also saw for being. out in the cafeteria an agent has brought three potential donors from delhi he's clearly in demond his phone never stops ringing i'm there are so many i.v.'s and this running in or outside delhi whatever they are that in my four adonis without darkness i've sent those just on oprah. he says he has six other agents working for him some of them former egg donors who recruit up to fifteen new donors a day he's making them both to me there's no complications in this proceed at all so my head until i do ladies that we pay a handsome amount for a donation if someone works in a factory and less than seventy five dollars a month but we can pay five hundred twenty five dollars for the ten day process.
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but we know our legal regulation of the i.v.'s industry egg donor news may end up playing with their lives at least two are known to have died in recent years. in twenty ten handy died in mumbai she was only seventeen despite i.v.'s guidelines that egg donors should be at least eighty. no action has been taken against the clinic. then in twenty four to twenty four year old human died in delhi she and her husband had left the young daughter with family at home in goal and came to the indian capital to. yuma was working at the moment when she was recruited as an egg donor she was the main on off for the family but she did all this just for thirty thousand rupees to raise money to travel home on a trip she was
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a nice friendly very bubbly person she shared not only her hopes but also her fears with her colleagues we started checking on the internet what are the side effects you know what you can possibly you know. a woman. getting really. finally said i'll stop doing it so she went to the doctor and i think the doctor heard that it's she cannot back down in the middle because it's already. left. her. that she called her husband very distressed he rushed to her bedside he says by the time. she was unconscious. this present. was and it was he was good
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about you know which gallop oh yes really going to want your daughter to live and of what i. thought was no doctor will. either and. i felt i judged her hand and. was also know there was nothing actually i felt she was by that time. and a half hour before she was taken to hospital where she was pronounced. this robot of the soonest possible you're running such an institute you're supposed to be prepared for such an emergency and the fact is it's a known fact that. so when there is such a why would you not be prepared for that what amount of. the money comes when undertaking such a pursuit. is acting for unishe of his husband and he's taken on the case pro bono
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after being contacted by the government where you know. about the likeliness of an overdose is taking place. which i injected into the woman and in the end the conclusion the autopsy sure human suffered a variant hyperstimulation syndrome these can occur when high doses of i used to produce high numbers of eggs and he's potentially five in an average if they're supposed to. maybe twelve. depending on the woman's b.m.i. is what is supposed to be harvested but right now there is no law and there's nobody there leading them there's no one supervising it so what. so that ends up putting the woman's life in danger. the clinic director in doctor refused to talk to us then it's business as usual. the tragedy. every day. difficult. to explain.
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that there was. never again. my wife whatever's happening to her i know that. i don't want happening. again. is where conception begins for his elderly patients it's here donor eggs a fertilized and embryo is a creation but the genetic make up of embryos is not discussed.
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and that seems to be precisely how roger davey and her husband have come to terms with nothing. what do people know about the cuts from no one can see. everyone knows that she is my child. it's all written by god. god is a constant comfort for these elderly parents with life expectancy in india at sixty seven for men and seventy one for women they're already living on borrowed time. that he will be around after. someone challenges her she turns back and gives them back that this is my house when she is
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still independent. legal she is sensible. that. singh also hopes god will provide his health is failing and he struggles to keep up with. he says it's something that worries the little ones. because. they say to us that you have probably know who will look after us i tell them all will be taken care of by the almighty. his children but he now thinks that no one over fifty five should have an i.v. if. percent of the children born by age women suffer a lot even if there are a lot of resources at home parents die that who takes care of them.
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despite nearly dying in childbirth his wife doesn't agree. that's no guarantee of life someone can die a thirty years of age fifty. or even older. what's the harm what do children have to do with age children will be no. problem. in the family you can nurture the family the family will keep running it won't stop. i'd only two months old little i'm on has a long way to go before he's out of nappies let alone ample to fend for himself. he doesn't think i keep wishing he grows calm has become so that we can get a good grip. looking after a newborn is exhausting it. but clearly for
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a seventy two year old belgian to cool it's overwhelming. for a man or the river weaver i have been feeling very weak had a really tough time at times he keeps on crying and doesn't get pacify then i get very nervous i mean but i've had would have gotten a dog you know and i know. people have someone to help from others and i do everything on my own. with no close friends or extended family who would look after my mom when she and her husband. gave out the good. don't talk to me about this i don't like this i don't want to talk about it i haven't talked and when god is god and i cannot trust and in any.
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industry and i have made history delivering miracle babies to these elderly couples . the big question is at what cost to the mama donna and ultimately to the child. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing in me in march for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries when used investigates what their future holds at this time on al jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are.
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where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small what spartans in the desert and this was this is a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days who came in. and under orders against all odds an ageing population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time on a. driving out i saw big advances against the armed groups in syria and iraq.


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