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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such expensive and are poor people will come to us and actually share the information with a team into their. own . and drive from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to bow welcome to the news great saad hariri the man the world wants to hear from
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lebanon's prime minister is due to give an interview in saudi arabia it's the first time he'll speak publicly since his sudden resignation eight days ago saudi's state t.v. has shown pictures of a meeting with king solomon as back in lebanon on those growing support for the absent leader amid suspicion he's being held against his will also on the grid the cloud over trump's white house questions about russian interference in the twenty sixteen election now followed the president on his trip to asia is not to walk back comments he made suggesting he believes russian president putin over u.s. intelligence agencies but when it be enough to quell the fierce criticism back in washington and putting the plastic polluting our oceans to good use a group of boat makers along kenya's coast is making history by building a traditional boat made entirely out of recycled plastics and flipflops plastic pollution is a growing global problem the u.n. says by twenty fifty they'll be more plastic in the ocean and fish and less drastic
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action is taken. and i were him home and there were several political cartoonists in equitorial guinea is putting a spotlight on what rights groups are calling a major crackdown there just as people head to the polls throughout the show use the hash tag a.j. nice words. with you with his great light on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us anticipation is high as the lebanese people eagerly await to hear from prime minister saad hariri in just a few hours future t.v.'s network owned by hariri is an interview with him regarding his political future it will be her first public comments since his abrupt resignation announcement in saudi arabia eight days ago sounded t.v. ed pictures of the prime minister meeting with king solomon it was a third time he really had been seen publicly since these unexpected announcement
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the lebanese president michel aoun has suggested hariri is being held against his will and has refused to accept his resignation now on the streets of lebanon today it was a test of wills as thousands of runners expressed solidarity with hariri in lebanon's annual marathon the race turned into a political rally with many of the run is calling for the return of the prime minister then a harder report from beirut. an annual sporting event a being to bring people closer together unity is needed this year's beirut marathon comes at a time of increased uncertainty and a political vacuum lebanon's prime minister suddenly announced his resignation from the saudi capital more than a week ago since then there has been concern about saddam how to use well being lebanese leaders believe he was forced to step down and is dictated saudi arabia saudi leaders say he's free to go but fear for his safety if he returns to lebanon
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lebanese across the political divide are demanding his return home. tires not to live on them which is a very very very rough problem you know. it's like like a broken poppy comes back safe. it's not like that whole for that hollywood ideal something this mother of two that he's going to think is the prime reason for the battle. and yet to come back these are the most recent t.v. pictures of heidi meeting the saudi king in riyadh airport he has been seen three times in public since his resignation speech but hasn't made any comment people are using the marathon to show solidarity with saddle heidi the slogans include we are running for you we are all waiting for you for now the lebanese are standing together in a rare show of unity but there is no indication of when how do you will return and if and when he does there is no guarantee that lebanon's political crisis will be
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resolved. well seem observer who joined the marathon to support cancer patients is optimistic that this time around the crisis can be contained. things in a positive light unlike in the past the lebanese people are thinking about their own interests in the interests of the country or that of seriously others are less optimistic because lebanon's political parties tend to answer to their regional patrons we don't want other countries to interfere and i would. liberal on we want only the lebanese army to hurt the arms through a tool support and protect this country a clear reference to hezbollah's armed wing an issue that cuts at the heart of lebanon's political divide a divide that has shattered stability and threatened coexistence in a not so distant past that of. beirut are we want to look closely now at the international reaction to the events that have unfolded in saudi arabia and lebanon in the last few days world leaders have waded into the crisis many seeking to calm
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tensions the french president emmanuel michel made a surprise visit to riyadh on thursday where he talks with the crown prince mohammed bin salman president is said to have. rated the importance of france that france rather attaches to lebanon stability security sovereignty and integrity france you know has historical ties with lebanon as its former colonial power before it gained independence during world war two the united nations meanwhile has said it is committed to supporting the security and sovereignty of lebanon warning that a new conflict in the region would have devastating consequences a german official says there is no evidence harry reid is being detained and it assumes he chooses where he goes a government spokesman has also said germany shares sound your abs concerns about iran's interference in yemen and its support for syrian president bashar assad and the lebanese hezbollah the u.s. was criticized for lacking any kind of strategy it took secretary of state rex
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tillerson sixty. to issue a statement on the crisis to listen encourage her to return to levanon expressing concern about how the crisis might affect the stability of the countries front government and the white house finally issued a statement on the crisis on saturday one week after her resignation now on the same day i mean resigned saudi arabia's government you'll recall ordered the arrest of dozens of ministers and princes in an anti-corruption crackdown well two days later the us president donald trump tweeted his support for that decision with no mention however of hariri he said i have great confidence in king solomon and the crown prince of saudi arabia they know exactly what they're doing what i saw bringing him to the news group he's the director of research and analysis at the arab center in washington d.c. is from virginia not far from washington very good with us on the show in mobs you know one of the really heard comments from our viewers on the news great has been you know if iran or any other country had done what sanji arabia has done and that
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is forced the prime minister of a sovereign country to resign and told him against his will that be the u.n. would have acted why do you think this is not the case here why have western leaders been so timid in their reaction why this soper lights it seems to be a. thanks for having me this morning you know if it were iran to have done that. broke at those unfortunately but but then again that the same that doesn't mean that the iran is not the feeling the fear is everybody is a feeling that we need to fear as to how the international community is responding this is really baffling honestly you know we have to also but at the same time i'd like to say that we have to keep in mind that done how do you see is also going to be as though the. prince and crown prince will probably have the over and
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problem is this reflects really badly on that in the sovereignty and independence. and integrity in decision making the international community has not responded simply because the international community is vested to best it and saudi arabia and no international actor wants to really antagonize the saudi view to the government or the people and the way. the united states i mean the president from his own basically foreign policy outside of the state department. and union also has a lot of into the saudi arabia economic interests so it's really a very very shameful i mean you know the internet is saying the finger of the reaction in josh and reaction that's been so cautious and timid has been not because you know they don't want to antagonize had eurabia because it's not just with lebanon and really easy i mean western leaders have largely remained silent about the human rights abuses that are being committed in yemen which both assad
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led coalition and what the rebels have been accused of creating is that is that is it just about not antagonizing zajonc yeah. i mean the issue is is honestly i mean the cynical factor is economic relations are determining how the international community response to saudi arabian actions. doesn't mean that saudi arabian actions are always wrong i mean there are definitely actions that are definitely right saudi arabia wants to preserve its interests want to preserve its peace from print to protect itself from the chaos in yemen and yet the same time in doing that it is violating human rights by. the conditions there it's also violating the security the sanctity of human life in yemen by blockading the dems and preventing humanitarian supplies from arriving there. it's important to understand the story but does have national interest in yemen and elsewhere but yet at the same time are
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plenty of ways to assure those interests we don't necessarily. every to do and that's the most what humanitarian laws or are working for national security and i just coming back to the reaction and specifically the u.s. reaction to the events in lebanon to the political crisis that's unfolding in lebanon as you've said we've heard sort of mixed messages from the trumpet ministration the president endorsed the saudi crackdown on twitter the crackdown on corruption but we heard a much more measured tone from the state department what is the current u.s. strategy in the region in area with in the lebanese crisis. you i mean you asked you answer that question for me there is no american foreign policy regarding the middle east there's american foreign policy regarding american relations. international community as well you know the white house wants to go its own way because the white house is being led by someone who honestly i mean i have
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nothing against him as the person the president does not know about international policy he is it read that they rather not be neutral and that is a problem the state department has some knowledge some expertise and disappear and yet the same time the state department is being hollowed out emptied out of those of that expertise so the united states is the been very very bad shape. as you have said so a lot of us may not have said that you know what's happening in this region right now is the doing of donald trump i mean his son jack question which i'm sad to read there just days ago before i read these resignation and that everything just basically crumbled in the region after donald trump's visit to saudi arabia back in may do you agree with that. since there is anecdotal evidence. that supports that i personally don't have any specific information official information
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on this but there is anecdotal evidence that. the president some law has to go in the middle east it's all person to person relations it's not necessarily institutional so general question has his way with the crown prince of saudi arabia and he may be. influencing some things and get the same time we also have to remember that saudi arabia is doing this would all knowledge that this is really bad work saudi arabia for the for the region is specially is bad for lebanon i mean how can you force a prime minister of a sovereign country to just. it's really very it's certainly quite intriguing what's happening right now in this region imad hard from the absentia of washington d.c. thank you very much for joining us on the news great and we've got it we're getting a lot of comments on this story already and saad hariri upcoming interview which is
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due to happen in the next few hours on his own t.v. channel future t.v. brian here telling is what he expects from this interview he says sadly he will not be a man who speaks for the people of lebanon has shown his true colors already you can keep those comments coming use a hash tag a.j. news great on twitter we look forward to reading them and also your questions on the story and the other stories we're covering on the news great today i want to bring in right here mohammed not our social media producer to talk more about the online reaction to this lebanese political crisis and a lot of people today talking about the marathon the lebanon marathon and reacting to her really. what are they saying now as we mentioned as well yesterday folly that those protests are actually restricted in their been on at the moment but are bringing assad back demonstration was also castro's sasson a jew to state regulations that want to day were happy to show their support for hariri and they've been sharing pictures like this on twitter billboards lining the streets saying that we once our prime minister back and you saw some of the
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pictures as well in zain as report now this picture shows hariri running in the twenty sixteen marathon with other billboards saying waiting for you with a picture of harry and many also will hats say that they were running for the prime minister there also posting saying that as well now this journalist says that you can run against cancer you can run against sexual health you can run against harassment but in levanon you run for your prime minister there's also another video that's been making the rounds on twitter as well of people allegedly burning a poster of the saudi crown prince and this is. ports of the happened in the lebanese city of tripoli on saturday that was surprising really because tripoli is known for being largely supportive of the saudi government and on friday with this tweet people were posting on a photo of mohamed bin psalm on a poster really on the tripoli beirut highway. and also joseph route from the
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carnegie endowment of international peace says a rift has opened up among saudi leaders in lebanon now what happened in tripoli could be evidence of that and as a hoot says such a rift could weaken the lebanese community what do you think come to the us using the hashtag or message me directly i'm at raynham it and a very interesting opinion piece on what's happening in lebanon in the wider region on al-jazeera dot com helene should buy a beirut based on list has some very good insight on harry reid's resignation how it came about apparently tensions have been brewing for some time now between her release future movement and soggy arabia a cold war he says is happening in the middle east and only deescalation can save the region read his piece on al-jazeera dot com and don't forget if you have questions or comments on this story and others we're covering on the great today connect with us using the hashtag a.j. news grid all the ways to get in touch with us on the bottom right obvious queen right now at a.j.
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english on twitter on whatsapp also press one seven four five zero one triple one four nine now another regional crisis involving arabia is the dispute with qatar later the sa the king of morocco as it is expected to land in doha and topping the agenda will be the g.c.c. conflict crisis rather and trade qatar and morocco have enjoyed a close to teach it partnership for more than forty five years in all fields including agriculture transport media and security. in direct foreign investment in morocco both countries set up a joint venture fund in twenty leavenworth or a forty two billion dollars pledged more than a billion dollars in foreign aid to morocco when the gulf crisis began in june it was a source of great unease for the moroccan king who has close ties with all countries involved and he took a neutral stance preferring to play a mediator reroll but morocco did send planes loaded with food to qatar after blockading countries shut off their air sea. and landlords to the country let's go
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live to our. who's on has waterfront. so the king of morocco before arriving in doha was in abu dhabi do you think we're going to see a high level of engagement from morocco in this g.c.c. crisis is he going to try and become a mediator now will definitely follow the gulf dispute is going to top the agenda of kings of morocco morocco's meeting with the emir of qatar he was before that in the united arab emirates and he met with top officials in the u.a.e. there's been no statement from the moroccan authorities about. the trip except that were it was said in the past of the start of this crisis that it is willing to step in and offer a mediation if asked by all the parties urging the gulf countries to resume
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talks and to put it to this crisis on the basis of mutual respect and non interference in turn affairs the king of morocco also sent in june a top advisor to kuwait to meet with the emir of kuwait his country is mediating a. learn to this crisis moroccans don't want to be seen as trying to interfere in any sort of mediation but i think they would love to step in and offer a solution to this crisis yet and you wonder. if the moroccans can succeed where the others the eighty's and the americans have failed so far what can morocco bring to the table. you know folly i mean ways because of the geographical implication is that it is trying to push all the parties to negotiate a settlement has been taken some time the americans stepped in but in the past you have those the us administration divided about the crisis in
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a way or another. donald trump of the beginning making some tweets the state department or the minister of defense saying something different a broker comes from a different perspective it has very strong relations with the royal families in this part of the world has been coordinating with most of the g.c.c. countries in the past when it comes to issues like palestinian issue cooperation the arab league the challenges the region faces he's been active also in the saudi led coalition in yemen and the workers would like to say to all the countries you know what we have very strong relations with you in fact there. saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have huge investments in morocco this explains where the moroccans would like first of all to maintain a very unusual position these all want to take sides but also they would like to ask all the countries to get their act together and set aside their differences and move forward and i think this is the message which is going to be made by the king of morocco throughout his visit to the region we don't know whether he's going to
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after go to saudi arabia or not but i think the general sentiment is that the moroccans would like this time to tap into their historic ties with the different countries in this part of the world and try to bring about an immediate solution to the crisis in the region ok hashem thank you very much for that hashem i have live for us here in doha and as always all the latest updates on the crisis on al-jazeera dot com we've got a special page up with a timeline that i've dated interviews interesting opinion pieces on the crisis and where it's all going on al-jazeera dot com. time now to check out the other stories making headlines around the world let's turn to our london news center and julie mcdonald thank you fully now spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed direct rule over the region well we travel to barcelona to campaign ahead of december's regional elections the spanish central government to solve the capital
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and parliament after it declared independence last month avoid praised efforts to on a spanish law in what he called difficult times. we have done exactly what any other country who respects itself would have done or france or germany do if one of their regions suddenly wanted an autonomous referendum or one five five is there to defend the constitution the law and the general interest when they're home and in a clam on a four hundred refugees who are refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island i've had to build makeshift fences from cloths to keep people out papa new guinea's dismantle large sections of the fence at the former australian run camp in a bid to force the refugees to leave and then are refusing to move saying they fear man asylum locals could attack them some of the refugees have moved to new accommodation i'm side of the facility united kingdom is marking remembrance sunday which commemorates all of the soldiers killed in conflicts two minute silence was
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held across the country as political leaders past and present attended a ceremony at london's senator war memorial in a break from tradition the heir to the throne prince charles laid a royal when he took the place of his mother ninety one year old queen elizabeth who is gradually reducing her public duties the region in western germany is the traditional industrial hub of europe's largest economy it's called mines and steel plants of powered the nation for more than a century but a new recent years heavy industries been in decline and the sick live reports from the region's capital s. and now being forced to live in a different directions. his stands a ghostly relic to a time now just one of the largest industrial monuments in europe the silver and coal mine the last miners descended the shaft in one thousand nine hundred six but in its time was a key cog in the german economic machine for many getting on the ground was
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a way of life the region was the beating heart of the nation's industry its coal mines and on and steel plant the country for more than one hundred years. this is the largest of the region's disused coal mines and back in the day it employed eight thousand people around the clock producing twenty three thousand tonnes of coal every twenty four hours now it's a unesco world heritage site and the old coal washing is the room museum where once machinery thundered and tens of millions of tons of coal were processed now there's an impressive curation of the region's history we sought for people who came from outside to build one place to have a window to look in the history of this region beginning at three hundred fifty million years ago when cold starts to exist today to the present so these days there mining the tourist dollar sees one and a half million visitors
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a year bringing in more than sixty five million euros. seventy. and i think very important. like a lot of money. everybody can come here today and just. a process in green space now blankets much of the city's industrial past with here and there a looming reminder this fight back against environmental degradation has led to the e.u. naming the city as a european green capital for two thousand and seventeen. we are a model for change how to create something when a complete branch of industry breaks away first we're interesting for europe and the rest of the world how if a crisis or evolve the chancellor and we are now entering a green decade. of course is not all good news despite some major energy companies
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still being based in local unemployment remains high at nearly eleven percent but there was a time when the river was a toxic flow now it's a stunning clean immunity with no end of profitable potential by honoring its industrial heritage while shaking off the coal dust and looking to tourism this is story city may just reinvent its a little al-jazeera essen germany and said for me for now it's back to fully in doha journey thank you very much for that night you're watching us on facebook coming up a look at more of addiction and how one clinic in rio is helping people recover and still ahead on the news great thousands of civilians flee their homes in aleppo province syrian government jets hit rebel targets to stay with us.
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hello things changing slowly from iran back towards advances a lot of cloud in the sky and it's not the levantine side that has been some in the sky but this is largely a dry picture now because temperatures still hovering around the low twenty's even higher in beirut temporarily is the wind comes up from this size but as a cloud goes across iran it develops into bit of rain for afghanistan or course of horrid evasions snow that we will see a few showers running through the caspian but monday looks a dry picture as does to say the same time you saw that massive grey cloud over lebanon and jordan that's heading slowly sayas into north and south in fact that has been something of a breeze picking up recently all this. side of iraq and the gulf it's a northerly breezes down to near. honolulu had not way abu dhabi it's clear the snow dusted it just feels a little bit chilly i know look at that in this part of the world otherwise the
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picture is a dry one twenty two best. on the ties disappeared that potential rain here has gone. in southern africa we're watching the rainy season develop developing quite nicely now. south africa up through mozambique and zimbabwe zimbabwe is a focus of heaviest rain among. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing in bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries. want to investigate what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. whether someone telling. me truth i think it's how you're. doing it. folksong you can think i was sold by the pakistani army to demerge and we got held
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in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan and has continued to grow for years without trial we have a paper that some of the grimmest. or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in a concentration. of one ton of mode twenty two at this time on al jazeera.
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headlines on al-jazeera and the stories you're looking at on our website on jazeera dot com at number one top trending the lebanese political crisis and sides have really held for refusing to confront hezbollah an opinion piece on our website also at number two the never nice crisis with lebanon become saudi arabia is next in yemen and number six a story that we're going to be talking about in just a moment is u.s. president donald trump's trip to the philippines his just arrived in manila an opinion piece said on the body in rome a bromance between president chump benefit of peace president were to go to ted. read about it on our website al-jazeera dot com. here with me is great on
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al-jazeera we've got people watching today from bahrain germany and pakistan don't forget to connect with us on facebook live facebook dot com slash a.j. news great on twitter as well and what priceline seven four five zero one triple one four nine all different ways to get in touch with us on the bottom right of your screen don't forget to use the hashtag ha news great now on time merican protesters in the philippines have given an angry welcome to the u.s. presidents. the. riot police and want to cannon held back hundreds of demonstrators attempting to storm the u.s. embassy in manila they held a card saying done bend down with u.s. imperialism trump is in the philippines capital on the final leg of his asian tour he flew to manila from vietnam ways caused more controversy about russian meddling in his election last year donald trump says he believes denials of interference by
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russia's president vladimir putin but he also says he accepts a cia report which details kremlin collusion when he reports on vietnam's capital one or two themes dominated donald trump's visit to vietnam competing with china for influence in asia and offering conflicting messages about russian influence on his election win last year i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer hours earlier he spoke off camera with reporters and said something different following brief discussions with blood amir putin at the apec summit in downing he said he believes the russian president didn't meddle in the election comments were criticized by some in the united states government intelligence agencies have concluded that there was russian interference
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in the campaign in his meeting with the vietnamese president in hanoi trump said he believes a strong relationship with russia can help fix the world's problems we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine itself terrorism it's now time to get back to healing a world that has shattered and broken those a very important thing donald trump backs himself as a deal maker someone who can make things happen and while much of this trip was about trade and business he also offered to help keep the peace between vietnam and china vietnam and china are in a long running territorial dispute in the south china sea along with other neighboring countries donald trump told his vietnamese counterpart. that he could help make things better while also touting u.s. weapons contracts. you.
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know. this is. donald trump says he's not interested in multilateral trade deals china's president xi jinping who's also in vietnam's capital says he's not interested in multilateral talks on the south china sea wayne hay al-jazeera hanoi. well let's take a closer look at what president trump actually said about putin any twenty sixteen election that cost controversy and causes own cia director to contradict him the president told reporters every time he sees me he says i didn't do that and i believe that when he tells me that he needs it he added that he thinks he is insulted by it let's not bring in my here's in a law to the news great his the editor in chief of the low post and is live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us president trump trip to asia had until now been seen
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as successful they were in any major gaffes how much damage do you think the comments on putin and the russian investigation of cause his tried to walk back to clarify them do you think he succeeded well you're absolutely right that he had a very disciplined and scripted trip to far until the weekend when he sent a couple of tweets and also made remarks to reporters about hope meant what he said about the russian collusion it's astonishing that president term trump would prefer putin's word. rather than the chiefs of three intelligence agencies and it's unthinkable that things that he said how russia could be corporative in syria and ukraine it's because russia is the problem in ukraine it is the problem in syria and i don't i don't see how putin could be helpful in resolving the conflict in ukraine ukraine was
6:36 pm
a peaceful country and until russia annexed crimea and destabilize ukraine just because ukraine wanted to navigate a poor western agenda right now what about the timing of these comments i mean he made the comments when there's an active investigation right now in the u.s. into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election do you think he might have done that on purpose. well of course whenever. whenever he sees that the mole or investigation is closing in on him whenever he sees that there's a new development and he is being encircled is always sending out a couple of tweets just to distract their gender it's it's his new york times he can be air force one and just tweet incendiary stuff and it will be on c.n.n. the in the in the next five minutes so he's a calculating pragmatist he knows when to tweet he knows what to tweet and he knows how journalists will react he knows their instincts and it's not surprising that he
6:37 pm
would twit things and and again it's a funny thing that he will take putin at face value when i says that that russia did not meddle and undermine american democracy he said he said he wanted to be able to get along with russia he called critics of his relationship with moscow hate isn't true he also in tweets yesterday can tell the north korean leader kim jong ordered these different messages who are they meant for who his audience. well he has his own fan base obviously here in america but also he's a very impulsive leader we really can't interpret what he means what's behind his mind and ration out for these tweets the tweet about the about the insult that kim jong un called him old and then he said that he would not call him short and fat
6:38 pm
that was even by his standards that was surreal we first thought that there was a pair of the account and then when we saw this blue verified battery i thought that was a tweet from two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve there was a front with until you realize that he is president of the united states and it's very dangerous that miscommunication could lead to a very dangerous collation of conflict in the korean peninsula and we had a very bad example in the past in one hundred ninety one american ambassador april glaspie miss communicating miss communicated the american position to saddam hussein he invaded kuwait five days later and america is in a irrational act or north korea is a rational actor but this miscommunication is very dangerous especially when trump is using this high school jargon bullying name calling and trying to pit one can trigger another is very dangerous for such a high stakes conflict very good to get a fast on this thank you so much for speaking to us my head is in a lot of chief editor of the globe post joining us from washington d.c.
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thank you for your time and the syrian province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the air raids have forced thousands of civilians to feed the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside algiers asama been javid has more from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. the war in syria is far from over. the army and air force of president bashar al assad and his allies continue to attack opposition positions in the southern countryside of aleppo province regime forces are advancing to secure an important supply route a highway that connects damascus to an apple city. opposition fighters as well as. which is why there are fighting to retain control of small towns villages. days of fighting has displaced thousands. we don't have any shelter no tents no cover when
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we left we didn't take anything the syrian army went after us with airstrikes and now the children sleep there while. there's no water no power no roads just we move a lot for god's sake have some mercy we run with just the clothes that we wear now we're here in a tent in the spring and. the reuse tents are not just for people from southern level but also from hama province in the north around three thousand people in all . many here haven't seen any help from international aid organizations because the front line is close by local aid workers say they are doing what they can but don't have enough provisions and you had again. the villages and towns in the southern countryside of aleppo faced a wave of civilians fleeing towards the east or one thousand seven hundred thirty four families from the south and one thousand three hundred families from the northern countryside of hama after visiting the random camps in the area we evaluate the humanitarian situation as
6:41 pm
a disaster people need tends to protect themselves from the freezing winter and the united nations says at least one point one million syrians have been displaced in the last year the u.n. is concerned by the escalation there were strikes in aleppo and it led provinces and is calling for the protection of civilians. the fighting is continuing on the edges of the deescalation zones agreed by the united states and russia the opposition says that the government is taking advantage of the zones to target them while the government says that is going to go after what it calls terrorist groups and this goes on millions of syrians continue to suffer. in the turkish syrian border and update now on the humanitarian situation in yemen the airport director in yemen's capital sanaa has told agas era that several aid flights have been turned away from santa or to the united nations and the u.s. are calling for the saudi led coalition to lift its blockade of yemen saying it's punishing millions of people pushing them close to salve
6:42 pm
a shell around seventeen million people are not getting enough food in yemen every day seven million of them on the brink of famine more than two and a half years of war as force almost a million people from their homes and disease is spreading more than two thousand people have now died since april in the world's worst outbreak. cholera the u.n. and aid agencies say nothing but a complete lifting of the blockade will improve the situation algeria's mohammed ardor has arrived in djibouti where aid destined for yemen is waiting to be sent mohammed bring us up to speed with the latest any indication from where you are when the aid agencies will actually be able to move this aid and those soft who have been stranded in djibouti for some time now to yemen. well nothing of the moment paula but aid officials say they are hopeful they will get the get in life soon and to land these foodstuff that they are logging onto the
6:43 pm
ship behind me into the portal all the data which they say is the port they will ideally want to take these food which is meant for people whose as well as affected by the whole of i'll break in the north of yemen now the food stuff being sent on these ship include sort of preaching from a lot of children that also include collapsible wartell tongues as well as water purification tablets as well as much needed medicine in various health facilities across the country ideally the agencies will now that is the oh the world health organization and unicef will take these supplies by dollars from djibouti here to aid the whole day other than but right now they do not have the green light to walk into the port of aden that's why they using the ship loading
6:44 pm
will continue for another day which they hope they will be able to get the permission to do so also stranded in djibouti which has become a very important hub for the yemen humanitarian or push and up to sixty members of staff all from the only the you and but other international organizations like save the children and the international red cross and today the u.n. humanitarian services up to four flights belonging to two of them belong to the u.n. humanitarian services on the red cross what didn't i to londe in the couple's son thank you very much for that one ideal for us in djibouti. now a more positive story now out of kenya where a douai wooden boat made entirely out of recycled ocean plastics and flip flops is being built on the coast it's being assembled using two hundred thousand recycled
6:45 pm
flip flops and twenty to twenty five twenty five tons of plastic waste from the ocean once completed it will make history as the first boat built entirely of recycled ocean plastic catherine so i went to see it. it may look like an ordinary boat being built on the shores of the ocean in lumber along came a skull but there's nothing normal about this boat. you know called bookmakers a building what they call flip floppy using mostly plastic waste and discarded flip flops that are often washed up ashore if it works the plan is to eventually build a sixty foot down like this one which is usually build with wood it will sell to south africa with the hope of creating awareness about the devastation brought about by plastic dumped into the ocean it would be a good message to the world because this is
6:46 pm
a moving object you know people have done different types of recycled things but this is not one hundred percent everybody sees it but rain is a moving object to ridge to many parts this is one of the cleanest beaches on the coast local residents load trash they've collected for the last two months plastic bottles polythene bags flip flops which will be used to make the boat. the waste ends up in a factory in mali more than two hundred kilometers away this is where plastic waste is crushed or threaded then melted using that machine and molded into planks the dow will need the factory receives trash washed ashore from countries in africa and asia and also rubbish collected locally. getting an end product that is strong and safe to withstand the ocean has been tough we are making the first. nobody's ever made of being amount of traffic that's ten meters long you know twenty two
6:47 pm
centimeters wide twenty five centimeters deep that's a huge piece of plastic. we have tried multiple ways of doing it. what types of materials stabilizers and all kinds of things to make sure it gets better better and. back in alice corner and his workers give us an idea of how the boat and eventually the dow will look like it will be covered using this colorful print made from more than two hundred thousand used flip flops they say they're not only campaigning against ocean pollution but also for what is a dying culture of traditional. catherine soy al-jazeera on the kenyan coast and we're going to stay in africa non-retail is back to tell us about a story in editorial guinea that's getting a lot of reaction online here and there's so many different elements to the story to the story for us let me just break it down for you the parliamentary election
6:48 pm
equitorial guinea expects to be dominated by the democratic party of the president this tear or be young and he's africa's longest serving leader this is off thirty seven years and his party currently controls majority of seats there and some members of the opposition have threatened to boycott the election and some have tried to partake as well like the citizens innovation party but they were also restricted as you can see in this post they said that there was electoral fraud being carried out in the elections now the said restrictions imposed on various campaigns with phones being blocked social media limited and no free press and opposition parties in general have no access to broadcasting on state media in ecuador oconee and the president has come under heavy scrutiny of the government's crackdown on dissenting voices now according to the twenty seventeen world press freedom index a controlled guinea is ranked one hundred and seventy one out of one hundred and
6:49 pm
eighty countries now one hundred eighty being ranked the worst where it says that self-censorship often replaces reporting. and one story that exemplifies this issue is the arrest of a prominent political cartoonist this is ramon and say. he's been in prison now for fifty six days and he was arrested on september sixteenth and he rights groups say that he was arrested for criticizing the government and releasing as the turkel comic book and twenty six thing called opie's nightmare which he says imagines what the president's life would be like if he had to live as an ordinary person in his country that could throw guinea's defamation or dates back to his time as a spanish colony but it makes it a crime to criticize the president our friend ramon's their money still in jail we want his government to freedom and ramon has been in jail now for fifty six days he
6:50 pm
has not committed a crime on his and artists who draw images of president obiang and for that he's being punished the challenges are the. session that he was engaged in money laundering in counterfeiting are completely fabricated by the government of equitorial guinea however this is a government that is used to fabricate in those types of acute sessions for the sole purpose of imprisoning citizens home try to speak out against human rights violations against corruption in what auriol killing. but the according to the equitorial guinea embassy in the united states where one was actually arrested i quote after a large a sum of counterfeit money was found in his vehicle and this action was part of an ongoing investigation that has nothing to do with this person's political activities he has been formally charged with possession and conspiracy to distribute counterfeit money now the arts have traditionally served as
6:51 pm
a safe space for independent voices and the cartoonist right network international have started a campaign using the hash tag free in say ramon and this is to spread awareness and push for his release so who do you believe ramon's family all the governments would love to get your thoughts get in touch with us on twitter using the hash tag a.j. news great almost as me directly i met rain a moment. right i thank you very much and still ahead on the great the sports take a look at the a.t.p. finals taking place in london is the year and event for the sport's mail has some of whom actually have more social media fans than the a.t.p. itself to stay with us. in the united states rights activists are still being targeted we have enough information that you felt you were being watched raising surveillance from both the
6:52 pm
police and the f.b.i. this is not law enforcement. fault lines investigates the scope of these agencies tactics and the impact on civil society. confidential surveilling black lives at this time on all jazzier one of the really special things about working for al jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging even if but if you are because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
6:53 pm
i know people talk about sports they talked again. today is the start of the a.t.p. finals in london the tennis it's a traditional year end event featuring the top eight men's plays for the year the tradition going back to nine hundred seventy although the tone of it has had a few different names over the years you won't be too surprised to learn the roger federer is the man with the most number of a.t.p. finals titles federer has one of the year in title on six previous occasions going back to his first crown in two thousand and three the o two arena in london as the venue for the event in the stadium seats twenty thousand fans ticket for the opening match featuring federer on sunday which is going on right now sold for between ninety four and three hundred thirty three dollars each federer is the only man in this year's field to have actually won the tournament ever before but whoever wins and twenty seventeen will collect a minimum prize of one point two million dollars if the champion is undefeated
6:54 pm
through the competition then he will pocket two point five million dollars. earlier on i spoke to former british tennis player marcus buckland about the commercial value and the significance of the a.t.p. finals i thought about by asking him if he thought anyone could stop roger federer the only man in this year's draw that previously won the event. you know honestly not very likely roger federer is the overwhelming favorite he's had this remarkable year at the age thirty six has been so clever it's been a lot of talking about in the last couple of weeks he won the title in his hometown of basel decided not to go for the last indoor monsters which effectively ended his chances of being the year and number one it meant that rocky on the balcony only had to win one match that he did before of course getting the better a set that was not the priority his priority for winning the world tour finals for
6:55 pm
a seventh time this but it's a written record against everybody else something will have to go very wrong but him not so when and somebody else will have to play the very best tennis of their lives as well we are still in the midst of perhaps coming towards the end but still enjoying a golden era in a men's game and when you've got the likes of wrapper and much of this year in the past talked of it's in an andy murray dominates in the events and it's always been at the supreme court but it's clear that. an icon is one of the greatest players for a time unbelievably popular and in the past when he played in the championship seems to be sorely missed out on the fact factor and the doll on here this year has been a huge boost of course for everybody involved so if he goes out there's no question that is a setback of us it's great news public arena goes to his father's family the first alternate but the rap is a legend of the game and for that reason anyone treated we don't want to move and
6:56 pm
yet even this so i think it's becoming hugely important it's a changing world everybody knows where the industry you're in social and and could tell you technology is changing all the time these essential particularly the younger clans and we know that some tennis has some a lot of established followers and you know that when they make it doesn't necessarily mean. instructs using digital technology so the a.t.p. is fully aware looking for the next generation that they will go to work as effectively as they can in that department and of course look at last week at the cost of next gen finals in experimenting with a lot of rule changes. and also experiments in the low technology as well so i think they're at the forefront of development that's not the more general that will see a lot more. than that. and that's the most news they say that no player is bigger than the sport itself but i want to show you some information that might suggest
6:57 pm
otherwise the a.t.p. has close to one point four million followers on twitter but one of its a biggest stars rafa nadal has an incredible fifteen million followers on twitter that's even more than roger federer the two have legendary battles on court and they're also evenly matched on facebook as well by the rough and roger have fourteen million facebook likes ok that was tennis featuring the current stars and now i want to show you some of the rising stars who took part in the first ever next-gen a tipi final in milan a week earlier and a huge moment for this player here south korea's chung hyun he's the event's fast ever champion young be the top ranked player russian number one under a group left to win the inaugural event in milan on saturday winning the match in a fourth set the twenty one year old also collected three hundred and ninety thousand dollars in the process not bad for rising star don't forget as always you can share your thoughts with us using the hashtag a.j. news great or tweet me directly at time tatiana it's now back to you tatiana thank
6:58 pm
you very much and that will do it for today's news grade remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times all the different ways to get in touch with us not there but don't forget a.j. use great and we will be back here at fifteen hundred g.m.t. at studio fourteen for the news grades tomorrow for. me fully back to when the whole team thank you very much for watching i hope you just stay with us on i'll just there. to end.
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facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt here their story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old in time be sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and decide like this and like that i really love there's a dose like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. we feel a. bit more energetic feel alive. what began as
7:00 pm
a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we looked at those in bed to from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. tried out yet why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing of displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origin you eyes of. at this time on al-jazeera. new calls for sad hariri to return to lebanon as the prime minister prepares to make his first public comments since his resignation.


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