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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera.
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the whole robin this is the al-jazeera news our lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes lebanon's prime minister arrives in paris as the french try to mediate the crisis in this country. also a major protest is underway zimbabwe's capital against president robert mugabe as pressure grows for him to step down. no food no medical supplies and no help from outside of urgency calls to evacuate sick syrians who've been under siege for years. under threat but caught on camera rests no leopard seen in the mountains of kurdistan. welcome to the new we start with the lebanese prime minister saad hariri who's
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arrived in paris two weeks after suddenly announcing his resignation in the saudi capital harare landed in the french capital early on saturday morning with his wife but two of his children remain in saudi arabia hariri has told the lebanese president he'll be back in the country on wednesday he resigned in riyadh on november the fourth saying he feared for his life and blaming iran for stoking tension in the region and his two week stay in the saudi kingdom prompted suggestions that he was under house arrest we have correspondents both in lebanon and france soon we'll hear from the center harder in beirut but first let's go to natasha butler in paris and tasha francoise the former colonial power power so it is a perplexing question to ask how they can ward or even could help in this situation . well there's no doubt france has led mediation attempts in this crisis and it has to be say it will be interesting to
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see what president michael says today when hariri arrives at the least say for lunch because he was supposed to arrive with the whole of his family but when he stepped off that plane earlier this morning he was with his wife but he wasn't with two of his children yes three children one of them studying in london is actually in paris but the other two being left behind in riyadh and that has led some people to say is hariri really afraid of his movements and free of his actions well with me to talk about a listen a bit more is veteran political journalist here in paris pierre haski a pia does it put president in a bit of good situation the fact that hariri is arrived here without his children because of course expecting to greet the whole family i don't think so because indeed it is an awkward situation we were expecting the whole family but you have to remember that there is both of these and so this it isn't that most of his business interest is in saudi arabia and therefore with or without these children
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he could not be expected to be hundred percent free of his movements of his actions and those words. for president this has been seen by many in france and international in many ways as a real diplomatic success it looks as if he's really managed to at least make some sort of breakthrough in this crisis by getting hariri out indeed there was not much expectation when he stepped into this crisis and you remember he stopped in the area. on his way back open in the louvre. and it was. i was in beirut at that time and there was not much expectation is managed to pull through some kind of video at least in the first stage to get out of saudi arabia and back very soon in lebanon there was a lot of diplomatic action there were missionary missionaries in beirut there was the foreign minister went back to riyadh self got on the phone
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a lot and that produced the results the fact is that my course aim was both to reduce the tension in lebanon france is a permanent protector protector of lebanon but also i think he wanted to put france back on the the diplomatic map of the middle east of which it had been more or less excluded since the beginning of the syrian war. p.s.k. thank you very much indeed for that and of course we will see whether or not we'll hear from either hariri or might call in a few hours when they meet here at this point they aren't expected to speak but we of course will be following that. thanks very much natasha natasha there in paris let's go straight over to beirut. senior correspondent is watching events really unfold from lebanon we go to saudi arabia from saudi arabia to paris and we wonder really why prime minister hariri has left his children in saudi arabia.
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well this is a question it's not going to put the speculation about the prime minister's freedom of movement to rest because we are already hearing from officials of course in the saudi camp saying that we still believe the prime minister is in one way or another political hostage of saudi arabia he may be free to move but his actions will be constrained and it will be saudi arabia which will continue to dictate what he should do so it's not going to put those speculations to rest we have to remember many in lebanon including the president himself considered him a hostage the president using that word and actually very strong language against the saudi arabian leadership telling them this is an act of aggression against lebanon and we will not accept it and lebanon of course launching a diplomatic campaign to try to secure in their words saddle had it is released so the speculation will not be put to rest especially since his children are still in saudi arabia but the official line we're hearing from the head of the camp is that
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they they stayed behind because they have school of course prime minister hariri is saying that he will return to lebanon for independence day on wednesday so the president himself michel owen has got his way we think for the moment but the sort of larger diplomatic row continues with germany weighing in now criticizing saudi arabia for the way they've behaved at this moment. yes we are hearing for the first confirmation that have you will be coming to vegas he reportedly told the president of the republic that he will be here to attend independence day celebrations in beirut on november the twenty second that is on wednesday you mentioned germany germany also suggesting really the german foreign minister suggesting that in one way or another how did he was being held against his will now saudi arabia responding by recalling its ambassador from germany so it wasn't just lebanon who was talking about the possibility of how the being held in one way or another in
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saudi arabia and we have to remember the lebanese foreign minister he said late yesterday that we are worried that how do people return to beirut with conditions and restrictions and we do not accept that and the foreign minister himself traveling to european capitals trying to rally support for levanon and the words we're hearing from european officials was we support stability in lebanon we do not want to see external interference interference in the internal affairs of lebanon of course europe is worried because you have failed states across the region they do not want lebanon to be yet another failed state because there was something the foreign minister kept telling them time and time again we have one point five million syrian refugees in lebanon and if things they stabilize in lebanon where are they going to go they're going to go knocking on your doors so lebanon really using this card but european countries weighing in this crisis stressing the need for stability here but like you mentioned it's still not clear how did he comes back on wednesday is he going to resign is he going to stay on as
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a caretaker prime minister is he going to withdraw his resignation a lot of questions this crisis is far from over the you've been covering lebanon for many years you said you've got your finger on the pulse if you just turn the clock back seven days you were telling us obviously that many of the opposition groups and even pro-government parties in lebanon were right behind prime minister hariri and the president wanting the prime minister to come back and explain himself what is that feeling right now with with the movements that maybe we haven't gauge it right now as he really arrives in paris but you've been able to gauge certainly the feeling on the ground these past seven days. yes it is still too early he just landed in paris but what we can tell you is that there was a rare sense of unity in lebanon across the political spectrum across the political divide posters everywhere across the capital we want you to return home either the people who are against how do the or with how deeply they saw this as a kind of humiliation even his own supporters we went to his neighborhoods sunni
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dominated neighborhoods where really his support base and people were very upset they felt that what saudi arabia did this sudden resignation which was announced in saudi arabia of course there are some people who believe that saudi arabia forced him to resign and actually wrote the speech but whether that is true or not the fact is he made that speech from saudi arabia so the sunday community who who had really represents they feel that they're being marginalized even further they don't believe that this is going to lead to anything because if their aim is to curb hezbollah's influence and by extension that means iran hezbollah is an ally of iran then that will not happen by marginalizing this in the community you're handing the country over to iran and the they felt robbed they felt robbed from their leader this is what i heard and like you mentioned we've covered the political crisis in lebanon over the years and never before used as you saw this unity people coming together all of them demanding had he returned before this crisis he was not very popular he lost a lot of popularity today he is being seen as
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a national hero if he returns but the biggest question is will this unity remain will it continue because the political differences are deep yes even though they are demanding that how do they return there is a rise of anti saudi sentiment in lebanon even from heidi these camp but there is also concern that hezbollah and iran is growing stronger and that in one way or the other they're running this country well we should wait to see what happens after those meetings in france and come back to have more analysis later for the moment zain thank you. let's move to another major story that we're following here on al-jazeera not such a huge crowd is gathering in zimbabwe's capital in opposition to president robert mugabe. that's been called by the influential move exits association and the ruling zanu p.f. supporters of the party travelled to the rallies from across the country the president is fast losing suppost days after the army seized power colors from her
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in the capital harare and of course the cool to come to the streets to demonstrate seems to be adhered to what's the mood like the. old you mean we just one block away from the house people come out on their own they come out on their own they made them about me in my fifty one came up to me and you think you know the last time so many people were on the people of brazil in one thousand eight hundred of the idea what was now how things was what it was trying to find out
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was a day was another ukraine was and it was they don't have it i don't know with what has gone what you are one and the only thing you know i have. thank you. but not a big rally that happening it was happening on time but i want you know that they also don't take it to the bank read the bible you must hold it now don't go for the moment i will leave it the hour on come back to you as the situation develops through the day thank you. four hundred thousand syrians living in the damascus suburb have been deceived by government forces for the past four years now the area sided with opposition fighters say that's been sued and medical supplies have not been making it and doctors say many residents could die if they're not immediately evacuated as some reports now from. the syrian border.
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twelve year old drafts a first from cerebral palsy a condition which inhibits her brain's growth the room is dark because there isn't much electricity in eastern glitter this is what she looked like before the siege and before she ran out of medicine her mother used to give her honey milk and other nutritious food but not anymore. and now a month or a half used to be well and was going to school until there was a lack of. my husband can't work and because of the high prices we can't afford much. that's been the case for the last four years after syrian government forces besieged the area which is home to four hundred thousand people this is the most popular dish these days while corn or for large families a contrast with the luxury of salt for those who can afford it. the assad government has allowed in some aid but the u.n. says that is only enough for around ten percent of the besieged people this year the syrian regime approved around a quarter of united nations requests to deliver assistance the u.n.
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says the plight of civilians is an outrage and that it might constitute a war crime. the lack of food and medicine have forced more people towards hospitals in july doctors identified four hundred fifty two patients who still need to be evacuated as the united nations await approval from the assad government nine of them have died faced with delays twenty nine among them were identified these are people who have one hundred percent chance of survival if they're not given care soon they will die. the situation is so desperate that after operations doctors need to reuse the single use items on this table what's regarded as medical waste everywhere else is sterilized and used again in the same duma. might be useful in saving another life the later gloves which hospitals throw away are limited here so they're washed before they can be used. then they need to be
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laid out to dry because they don't know if and when more supplies will come in the use powder to make sure the gloves don't stick together. the staff say they're also saving other single use medical supplies. we clean them because the supplies aren't available here and they're not coming in with u.n. aid we also stop some surgeries because of a lack of anesthetics the parents say there's no food or medicine for their starving and sick children. so they leave their infants to suck on their thumbs hoping that at least for a while they'll think it's good. plenty more ahead here on the news hour including the philippine president makes a dramatic policy change in his controversial war on drugs. also omar celebrates its forty seventh national day we take a look at his role in the region. and in sports bron james there's up to his
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nickname of the king in the n.b.a. tatiana more in sport. bangladesh is hosting talks about the rohingya refugee crisis with foreign ministers from the e.u. china and japan more than six hundred thousand rangar her escape to bangladesh from me and since the military crackdown started it all guest nirmal has been widely condemned by world leaders for the violence in rakhine state but china has continued to express support for what it calls the amount government's efforts to protect stability. philippine president has made a policy change in his controversial fight against drug gangs and he's ordered local police units to stand down and the drug enforcement agency to take over general allen has more from manila president of the good it or to so-called war
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juggs has been the center of police operations since he took office more than a year ago. but the police have faced mounting criticism and accusations of rampant corruption and human rights abuses. now there is a major shift in the campaign to has ordered all the police drug enforcement units to be disbanded and the philippine jug enforcement agency to take the lead in illegal drugs operations in the capital manila police officers are heading out to set up roadblocks their aim now they say is to cut down on street crime we're. going to. speak. in a certain degree with regard to the right because we could see that. this may seem like a. point but this is now at the center of many operations according to
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governments that majority crimes being committed here are done by those on motorcycles. murders and tests carried out by gunmen on motorcycles have become all too frequent police say gunmen on motorbikes are not only threatening public safety but the police officers own reputation because of claims they are the ones on the border bikes shooting civilians public trust in the police has been affected a survey shows a majority of filipinos don't believe the police acted in self defense when they killed. and president says corruption within the police force is also rife and the top priority is now for the force to clean up its own ranks a purge to get rid of officers involved in extortion illegal drugs protection and
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other irregularities one of the reasons why. crimes are not is because. they don't trust. that trust. everything and. then i think anything more any observation any information that people would see unusual in their communities they would immediately. officers and talk to us about it the police say more remains high and they still have the support of the president but many here believe radical reforms are needed and needed soon. well two cambodian journalists have been charged with espionage and the latest government crackdown prime minister who does and allies of the judiciary have been cracking down on critics the main opposition party dissolved earlier this week the two journalists who work for u.s. funded radio free asia are accused of supplying information to
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a foreign state. although reports that the trumpet ministration has put palestine on notice threatening to shut down their office in washington d.c. u.s. media is saying that officials are considering shutting the palestine liberation organizations d.c. mission unless the group enters into serious peace talks with israel let's go straight over to ramallah in the occupied west bank where our correspondent is serious peace talks. quite ambiguous statement to make at the moment what we know about this market. we understand that the jump of ministration made this threat to crow close the p.l.o. office if the p.l.o. pursues cases against israel or the international criminal court and in terms of negotiating any possible future peace deal in many ways as of now the international criminal court is have a lot the pillows last card on the table the p.l.o. says that it has to have its permission renewed for its presence in washington
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every six months and that successive u.s. administrations have done this ever since the 1980's and that this was when you always do two days ago when the permission hasn't been granted in any case this shows a change of direction from previous u.s. and ministrations and it looks a lot like the trump of ministration is trying to put pressure on the p.l.o. which in the event of any peace negotiations taking place is something that would very likely favor israel it either suppose we wonder what the response will be from the p.l.o. . well the p.a.'s foreign minister has said it won't succumb to any such pressure and palestinian officials have told us even though trump ever since coming to office has said he will secure a peace deal in the middle east he's never said what kind of deal that would be if it would be a two state solution or otherwise palestinian officials we've spoken to today told us they've never had any offer officially from the u.s. nothing's been put on the table ahead of these you know supposedly goshi ations on this deal that might happen so they're left wondering whatever you know whatever
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this pressure is for they're wondering what it's going to lead to and what's going to come next or for the moment malcolm we'll leave it until we get more news certainly from the palestinian authority thank you. have to be completely sealed off since august the rafa border crossing from gaza into egypt has reopened but only temporarily run through is meant to open indefinitely later as part of a palestinian reconciliation deal brokered by egypt. let's stay in the region now it's so man's forty seventh a national day and the military parade will be watched over by its leader sultan qaboos been sayed celebrations are held every year on his birthday not saluting abuses the longest serving ruler in the middle east he's now seventy seven years old and rarely makes official appearances he doesn't have any children and hasn't publicly appointed a successor his nation's been a key mediator between other gulf countries and iran both in the war in yemen and
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negotiations on iran's nuclear program and it's also take the diplomatic stance in the gulf crisis between cattle and the saudi led bloc which includes bahrain the u.a.e. and mans a member of the six country gulf cooperation council and the ari is a professor of international relations at sultan qaboos university joins me now via skype from the capital muscat good to have you with us live on al-jazeera the country it is one of the most stable to all intents and purposes within the gulf region it's not one of the richest but the local people seem to be happy with their lot that's all down to the stability that the sultan has been able to bring to the country in over four decades. in the. country create a. very. meant. for. not only peace. but also i want different components of your own mind.
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where she. stands. what. a region that you mentioned and yet. i believe in many nations around the world indeed i mean he's managed to do that at a time you might say in the seventy's when the communists back to regime in yemen and was putting pressure on parts of. the got the iranian crisis during the one nine hundred seventy s. while those crises around his country have you might say come gone or still there that the big crisis you might say in amman at the moment is who will succeed him he doesn't have an apparent also not one that he's named publicly how much of
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a concern is that to the public at the moment. fact that he did he not recognize. anybody as he shows. type of mentality and a character. has. based on the constitution. if you follow. the process. but then. beside that. there are. mass but the other one is set out in the general. you may depend. he. didn't name but he struck the government. not to. be counted as to make it to.
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be done next. if they counted. to do that then they can open the letter otherwise. and so in that sense. fact that money people are. going to use this core team. i think. given all. or some of the. trees going to be in this country as you mentioned leaving the program at the present we shall wait to see what does up the sultan's the so many more years to come for the moment thank you very much for your insight this half of the hour yes . well in a few moments we'll have the weather. still ahead here. weeks after its troops left haiti the u.n. says it's worried about violence getting the police it's going is important points
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plus. chile will be holding general elections on sunday amid widespread fears of a very low voter turnout i want to see anyone in santiago and coming up i'll tell you about a new generation of candidates that's trying to make a difference. splits from his cage for a second time tatyana has that story. by the spring time flower of a mountain lake. to the side snowfall on a winter's day. hello there looks like vietnam is going to have a bit of a wet time of it over the next few days as we have another storm heading towards us shows up quite clearly on the satellite picture is this blob of cloud here gradually it's tracking its way towards the west it doesn't have a very well defined eye a tool as you can tell is company make out where it is and that's an indication
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that it's not a particularly intense system however it could still go with a problem with some flooding as it tracks its way towards the west so this is the center of the storm and it's gradually working its way towards the west i think it will reach us at around about midday local time so that's when we're expecting to see the worst of the storm has to offer around the coast there currently it is very weak but it is strengthening marginally i'm by the time it makes landfall we're expecting the winds to be around ninety five kilometers per hour those are the sustained winds of course the big gusts of wind on top of that is moving towards the west as i say thirty one kilometers per hour so not particularly fast or you know to the soon as it makes landfall it will weaken because it gets its energy source from the sea so once it's over the land it will lose its energy source it will be cut in half and it will gradually be shredded as it works its way across the mountain in this region here so that means for many of us here we see some heavy rain pushing its way northward that could well be some flooding certainly some prolonged and heavy rain. the weather sponsored by cats are always.
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tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the moment where we hear lies that nothing worse first will be in the way the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits of all of in their sectors and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn a less are gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is either very challenging liberally but declared because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't
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feel inferior to the audience across the globe. but the market watching the al-jazeera news hour i'm so robin a reminder of our top story is lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has arrived in paris to example suddenly announcing his resignation in the saudi capital he's there with his wife but two of his children remain in riyadh hereis told the lebanese president that he'll be back in the country on wednesday. also a huge crowd is demonstrating in zimbabwe's capital in opposition to president robert mugabe the protest was called by the influential war veterans association
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and the ruling zanu p.f. party the pressure is growing on the president to step down days after the army seized power. also ahead doctors in syria's eastern go to say many residents could die if they're not immediately evacuated four hundred thousand syrians living in the damascus suburb have been besieged by government forces for the past four years the area sided with opposition fighters so that's been food aid and medical supplies have not been making it. let's just take you straight over to the british capital london where senior british politicians past and present are speaking at the crisis in saudi arabia war succession and the future of course the united kingdom very concerned about what's going on with saudi arabia the war in yemen the conflict in the middle east and of course the g.c.c. blockade of cattle let's just listen in and in front of you now is paddy ashdown the former liberal democratic leader speaking at this event as
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a weapon of war but the differences there are not. we do not support whereas riyadh is alive and one to whom we supply weapons of. i am not ladies and gentlemen i'm so naive as not to understand there are other factors involved here trade at a time when thanks to the folly of brecht's it we have a desperate urgency to grow our foreign trade quickly assistance in the struggle against terror which far too often causes us to turn a convenient blind eye to human rights abuses in those countries which are allies maintaining the balance in the middle east broadly favorable to the west the threat of the politicization of nuclear weapons in the region i understand all those complexities but i doubt whether bending our principles in favor of short term advantage on all these fronts will deliver anything of use to us in the long term
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but even if it were so even if it were to be that such hope for life comes if and when they arrive do arrive then they would have long ago been blotted out by the horrors of a widening religious war into which the great powers of our day allowed themselves to be dragged in support of one side or another. that is the danger it seems to me that now confronts us and it is time that the world states men and women should wake up and realize if this conference of yours helps to make the case and helps to make that understood it will have a very important. thank you very much in the. atlanta. area to be formally rather liberal democrats seen as the third political for same british politics speaking at the crisis in saudi arabia war succession of the
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future we are expecting other senior speakers such as the former british foreign secretary jack straw and david hurst from middle east a leading publication. and it's not too nitty certainly for the british public as well to be able to hear what their veteran politicians think of what's going on in saudi arabia considering the war in yemen has been highly publicized certainly through the british press we believe now that paddy ashdown is taking questions from the floor we'll listen back in a little bit later in the program in the royal family. do you think there is hope now that we're going to see you see change in terms of reforms i mean when you when you driving education and we are reservations of course i mean yemen which you mentioned.
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i. i think you know about this more than i do. i i like you can see some of the signs. when i was in last year i was asked to differentiate the western target hundreds of picking their friends particularly their friends i'm going to sound history as is the case with many seniors in the conservative party. i only started i was a very not a policy i judge people by what they do. and so i'd like to wait and see but the early signs as you say are good and that is good for saudi arabia if indeed they are carried through with sincerity and with political will so in that sense yes i'm hopeful but what i want to see if i can is not just somebody who recognizes the reforms that need to be made this aside you're ready i'm not sure i don't want to defend it but the reforms that need to be need to be made domestically but also
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has the strategic view to see that it is in no one's interest to see a confrontation between riyadh and tara break out in the middle east no one would benefit from the. i'm sorry if he delivers on the appears to be approaching domestically i welcome but i hope he'll do more than that he's a great leader who will be able to see that the strategic issues in the in the in that area in the middle east are today at least as important and probably for the wider peace the world more important hope to die by vision to. question. thank you paddy i think it's very unlikely indeed that the beer no out war between iran and saudi arabia whatever the quality of leadership that is just too big and too dangerous but so i'm challenging partly your analysis but i do think this
1:38 pm
division and the inflaming all of it is disliked stabilizing the whole region and the wider muslim wound and distracting everyone from getting the great progress on human rights the values of the arab spring israel palestine and it's really divide and all that is holding back the region if i mean i'm interesting your response because that is my analysis and if so what should the western policy be can we ever hope for a day when we stand up for international law and human rights in the region whether or not but. with elevating. what we call a confrontation. as i said which is bolder walls elsewhere around the world develops into something greater. we don't know but the policy should be the same either way the reality is it is not in the west's interest. it's not in anybody's interest to stoke up this confrontation because it's already led to enough blood
1:39 pm
and unless we can come to some kind of understanding. then i think it's a divine to do more so you're right and i the case by the way. it may or may not happen but i do draw your own and again please i'm not a believer in historical determinism the fact that there are set of similarities between what occurred in the balkans does not need me to say that's going to happen i'm not saying and i'm simply saying we should remember that those interconnections exactly existed in the balkans nobody wanted to go to war in the balkans. but one a vent led to another led to another and those piles of tender ignited into why they come for aggression and frankly with these two nations now or eyeball to eyeball is not too strong a word probably it is just but nevertheless it would not take much for some inadvertent event to lead to a consequence which are entered into
1:40 pm
a series of events each of which feed on each other i'm not saying it will happen i'm just saying the hype the higher the height of this tension and it's pretty high now take a look at what's happening in lebanon the more likely that some mistakes are missed . this action in a hurry and leads to something much more and i think it's important that we should recognize that whether it does or whether it doesn't there's enough conflict in the middle east driven by this confrontation for us to know that the time has come if we can do it to put it to put it to bed and i think the actions of the west in this matter are extremely blind so far i've been warning about this for four years now i was saying it was inevitable that russia would come in on the side of terror on there was an opportunity four years ago to build some wider stress framework within which you could have solved the problems of syria and iraq more adequately that moment may well have passed or nearly passed but let's at least not let it pass without some attempt to do something more sensible than we're doing at the moment.
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the former leader of the liberal democrats at this conference on the crisis in saudi arabia was taking a question actually there from short voice i recognize the former british minister of international development but the assembled audience has a list of speakers the good and the great you have a former british foreign minister you have a senior lecturers both pro or against you might say saudi arabia in this particular conference of simon constable economics contributor for forbes magazine sorry founder of the saudi arabian human rights organization. who's a professor at edinburgh napier university and hugh miles much respected journalist and consultant on the middle east will be going back to that conference throughout the day to see what news lines come out of it. but we'll leave it there for now. the police operation in the haitian capital has killed at least seven people but
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residents say the number is higher and some of accuse the police of carrying out executions haiti is in the middle of reestablishing its own forces after the withdrawal of u.n. peacekeepers trees about a report from the capital port au prince. it's been four days since the police entered this school in port-au prince. is still recovering from the shock trying to understand why her nephew was killed by the police. i am asking myself why they kill him when they know he was not one of the bad men he was someone who wanted to study and had principles. the school is located in the grand dragon area in port au prince. witnesses say there were no armed men inside the school during the raid that ended with professors and students killed some insist that some of the victims were executed two police officers had been killed earlier that day we're told of the haitian national police was carrying anti gang operation in the
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neighborhood not far away from here that operation ended in this school where the police had me at least seven civilians were killed you can see some of the bullet holes on that wall these are some of the leftovers of what happened here. u.n. troops officially withdraw from haiti one month ago leaving the haitian national police in charge of security here. at the grand ravin neighborhood fighting between gangs and the police is frequent but. this time it was different her son was also killed at the school although this. was my only son i want to kill myself my son is not part of a gang president sent the police to kill our children people in the area insist that more people died in the raid than the your thought is are admitting to myself . we visited the center clare morgue where eight bodies were brought in after the
1:44 pm
incident not seven which is the official number. but when you i'm sure there are more people dead than what we have here maybe the police removed some bodies because we had five or six people coming here to ask if we had their relatives. yeah but what human rights groups say the situation can easily get out of control especially now that the government is reinstating the haitian army. titian's an authority they are not innocent on what happened because they play their part in the violence impurity is the key to the problem because the justice system does not exist he has no multiple international missions and they've not been able to change anything. for thirteen years u.n. troops have been in charge of security in haiti but with them gone the challenge well now be how to prevent situations like this one happening again.
1:45 pm
south american who argentina's navy is searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board the. horn who was last in contact with officials on wednesday it was headed from a naval base south of argentina to the platter around four hundred kilometers south of port osiris a navy spokesman says it's too early to declare the vessel lost. staying in the region voted in chile will go to the polls in presidential elections on sunday but many say they've lost trust in politicians after a series of corruption scandals four years ago a group of former student leaders ran for congress vowing to improve politics you see in yemen has this update to santiago. six years ago the university students in chile captured the world's imagination by undertaking a peaceful revolt proofread quality education for all. the british newspaper the guardian named communist party student leader come eleven the person of the year
1:46 pm
and the most glamorous revolutionary since che guevara. georgia jackson became a poster boy for education reform but unsatisfied with progress four of the student leaders ran for congress and won promising to hold chilean politicians accountable from within the system and. four years later congressman george or jackson concedes it's been harder than he did expected there's no satisfaction because. the expectations are too high so i feel that the people hearing loses hope in politics to change their lives. jackson is running for reelection at this time as part of the new left wing coalition dissatisfied with the pace of change under the current center left government and. former communist student leaders come either by your call and carol. who are also running again have been criticized for
1:47 pm
not pushing hard enough. at the university of chile these architecture students lament that their former leaders didn't achieve their promised goal one hundred percent free education. they felt the corrupt resent us from a high position but they don't listen to us anymore we haven't seen. jackson or burridge on the streets protesting with us. we try every very very very with every action that we may jackson argues they need more time here and many other former student leaders are pinning their hopes on the no broad front coalition which is loosely inspired in spain's leftist or their most party and even bernie sanders in the united states for a coalition that was just formed in january doing surprisingly well in the polls particularly amongst the disgruntled who. which is why jackson continues to insist
1:48 pm
that the only way to push political limits is from within as he runs for congress again you see in human are just sita santiago. well still ahead here on the new. my sister told me have disposed. of. the most successful female race car driver in history and it's walking away from the sport. the new era in television news. and those insights into toss to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you would. just stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time i'm going to have to give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty
1:49 pm
thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and felt was interesting about that as was i donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation with how the guy. actually firing canisters of gas i just want to believe that best to prevent the behavior getting anyway let's get a call that. he achieved something that never happened before. welcome back one of the world's rarest big cats has been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable on the international list of threatened species scientists say there
1:50 pm
are more snow leopards than previously recognized but not everyone agrees robyn forestay walker reports now from a nature reserve in kurdistan. snow leopards in these mountains are protected by the people of this village. so. in exchange the snow leopard trust wildlife charity buys their handicrafts. week i've seen with my own eyes a dead snow leopard but now nobody kills snow leopards we're protecting them for our children to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat after. wild sheep and other big cat prey a plentiful. and camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards. used to set up.
1:51 pm
conservation is helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of the threatened species the information which is used for that is coming from the little. person there. and that's not. enough to judge. all right i'm no snow leopard expert but i'm going to take credit for this i just spotted that snow leopard hair from a snow leopard rubbing itself against the rock yeah i would love to see the elusive cat and i'm hoping the memory card from this camera trap will reward me with a picture. this is. a link selfie also extremely rare but no snow leopard for me this time.
1:52 pm
using non-lethal traps researches have caught and g.p.s. call it seven snow leopards to monitor their movements in the saudi charted attash reserve that's really enabled us to start to build models of snow leopard populations that before we were just guessing as the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected that is why most experts stand by the snow leopards reclassification from endangered to vulnerable because the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged around four thousand left in the wild i did eventually see real snow leopards behind bars in this sanctuary for animals rescued from poaches. then numbers are still in decline vulnerable still means threatened robin first the
1:53 pm
walka al-jazeera in the saudi chats at attash nature is a. well for one beautiful creature to another you couldn't resist to do it they call him the king live bron james is arguably the biggest name in basketball and he's putting another dominant performance for the cave and cavaliers their bronze gold thirty nine points on friday against the los angeles clippers and he had to rescue his side too after a fall from party performance two late three pointers from james tied the game at one hundred five apiece four thing overtime there kevin love had a pair of three pointers as well to clinch a one hundred eighteen to one hundred thirteen win for the cavs they've won four straight games while the clippers have now lost seven in a row. ten is now and andy murray has split from his courage and lendl for a second time the parent and the mutual decision on friday that was despite the czech born lendl leading the scot to all three of his grand slam titles including
1:54 pm
to wimbledon and an olympic gold medal the former world number one mari is currently ranked sixteenth in the world will mario on just a single title this year compared to his golden twenty sixteen season that victory without the divided tennis championships in march the thirty year old has followed with an ongoing hip injury which played a big part of his quarterfinal defeat at wimbledon in july he was then forced to pull out of the us open in orchestra to the same injury and hasn't played since then laurie's hoping to make his return at the present international in january. well it's semifinal day abbey a.t.p. world tour finals in the london grigor dimitrov will face jack salt that's later on saturday the ball garrion wild number six produced a stunning performance against spain's popular qur'an you will start on friday six one six one was the final score. also moved into the semifinals of the season ending event the belgian seven the seed beat dominant team in
1:55 pm
straight sets to set up a semifinal with six time champion roger federer. we try to. to play the yeah to the best and if i can i would try to do something different because in the past i'd never beat roger on the phone solution against him that i would try something different because i have nothing to lose. so yeah it seems to be it's going to be tough because he's playing so well for the moment he won so many matches in a row so. yeah we do my best the north london dobby between austin ill and tottenham at the emirates highlights saturday's action and english premier league spot as a currently third in the table four points ahead of us in benghazi team who have won ten straight league games at home which one of the fixtures yes but of course is a very potent force and. you want to win because but basically as well because. in the table we have to make some ground up you know with the top teams and. told
1:56 pm
we have been very strong in our homes ranks would certainly be vital to decide where we finish at the end of the season ok this is how the table is looking as the premier league resumes after the international break manchester city are the only on beat and tame they hold an eight point lead at the top with money united in second traditional big teams tottenham chelsea liverpool and also no or complete the top six all of those teams are in action later on saturday manchester city are at leicester level how southampton and meant to stay united host newcastle in the light kick off. many of the walls best rugby teams are also in action on saturday with autumn internationals taking place in europe scotland debating to be the world champion all blacks for the first time in the history they meet and marry failed italy hosting argentina south africa springboks are in france while england me to australia in token of. and glinda ranked second in the world behind new zealand
1:57 pm
should they lose this game though australia will overtake them the wallabies are unbeaten in seven games. meanwhile there's been a big upset at the rugby league world cup tournament co-hosts new zealand were beaten by fiji four two in a remarkably low scoring quarterfinals will meet the winner of england papa new guinea in the final for australia and tonga will contest the other semifinal. ok the most successful female in the u.s. motive racing history says this nascar racing season will be her last to make up patrick says she's done thirty five year old was the fourth highest earning sportswoman in twenty sixteen behind serena williams maria sharapova and make our run to rossi patrick is the only woman to have lead labs in both the daytona five hundred and indianapolis five hundred and the only female driver to start from pole position in the nascar cop series my sister told me it was supposed to.
1:58 pm
be so they would. i'm going to do the daytona five hundred next year and the indy five hundred so i'm really excited about that i think it's going to be a great way to capitol and that's all the sport for now more light up a taste of how thanks very much tatiana and of course i will continue to follow. in they reached paris and saudi arabia just on the other side of the break you stay with us here on just a. right
1:59 pm
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provoking debate the corporate taxes not job growth on the barack obama the well we're going to let it happen that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you giving me room didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute you didn't charge them to show them one thing join many has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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a major protest is underway.


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